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Operation Gladio (Government False-Flag Terrorism, 1969-1987)

After Richard Nixon became president in 1969, the strategy of tension gained more impetus. National Adviser Henry Kissinger issued orders to Licio Gelli to carry out terror attacks and coup attempts. The United States and the Vatican channeled millions of dollars for these operations. Most of the money was raised in questionable ways. The first major attack in Europe took place on December 12, 1969 when a bomb went off in the lobby of Banca Nazionale Dell’ Agricoltura in Milan, Italy. Seventeen people died in the explosion. Within an hour, three bombs exploded in Rome. According to official figures, 14,591 acts of violence with a political motivation took place between January 1, 1969 and December 31, 1987. In these terror attacks, 491 people died and 1,181 were injured. A large number of terror attacks took place in other European countries from 1965 to 1981. After a series of assassination attempts to kill French President De Gaulle failed, he denounced “the secret warfare of the Pentagon” and expelled the European headquarters of NATO.

From “Operation Gladio: The Untold Story of the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia”,
The Millennium Report, April 6, 2017

Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, murdered May 9, 1978

Operation Condor (early 1970s-

In the Latin America, the CIA and the Vatican launched Operation Condor as the Latin American version of the Operation Gladio. The label was applied very liberally by the US intelligence agencies that “any government risked being so labeled if it advocated nationalization of private industry (particularly foreign-owned corporations), radical land reform, autarkic trade policies, acceptance of soviet aid, or an anti-American foreign policy.” The CIA and the Vatican started Operation Condor in the early 1970s when Opus Dei elicited support from Chilean bishops for the overthrow of the government of President Allende. The Catholic group was closely working with the CIA-funded organizations such as the Fatherland and Liberty, which was later turned into the dreaded Chilean secret police. “In 1971, the CIA began shelling out millions to the Chilean Institute for General Studies (IGS), an Opus Dei think tank, for the planning of the revolution.” Many members of the IGS joined the government after the coup. Hernan Cubillos became the foreign minister. He was the founder of Que Pasa, an OPUS Dei magazine, and publisher of El Mercurio, the largest newspaper in Santiago which was subsidized by the CIA.

From “Operation Gladio: The Untold Story of the Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia”,
The Millennium Report, April 6, 2017

Recent American History

President Abraham Lincoln
President John F. Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963, CIA MKULTRA mind control involved
Presidential Candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., murdered 1968, CIA MKULTRA mind control involved
President Ronald Reagan, assassination attempt in 1981,


Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered April 4, 1968 (FBI harassment, death threats, and near fatal stabbing beginning in mid-1950s
Malcolm X, murdered Feb 21, 1965, FBI electronically surveilled him
At least 29 Black Panther members are known to have been murdered by COINTELPRO between 1968 and 1971, including Fred Hampton, Bobby Hutton, George Jackson, Arthur Morris, and Babatunde X Omarwali.
Jean Seberg, Actress and Civil Rights Activist
FBI COINTELPRO secretly spied upon and disrupted student activists, the black liberation movement, the women’s liberation movement, and socialist organizations, as well as more “mainstream” religious organizations and political candidates. 26,000 individuals were on a list of people to be placed in concentration camps in the event of a “national emergency.”

CIA’s MHCHAOS (Operation Chaos) Program (1967-1974)

The CIA secretly targeted over 300,000 people, mostly anti-war student and black activists. However, the CIA would never be able to prove communist involvement in the demonstrations against the Vietnam war.

CIA Phoenix Program in Vietnam (1967-1971)

20,000 to 80,000 Vietnamese civilians tortured and murdered for defending their country against the U.S. invasion that spanned the years between 1952 and 1974

John Lennon, murdered Dec. 8, 1980, in New York City by Mark David Chapman, probable MKULTRA-MONARCH mind control assassin (Manchurian Candidate).

Middle East

Iran’s Major General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force (1997/98-2020), a wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) responsible for IRGC foreign operations