Secrets of the Kabbalah and 666 (youtube)

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1 year ago
This is the synagogue of Satan spoke of in revelation.

Raleighwood DriftwoodManor
1 year ago
OK: so, regarding Kabbalist EXORCISM: a number of these statements about “evil” (quoted) are contra-indicated by the cannon of Exorcism (including Kabbalah, Apocrypha and much much much more). But: you know how Rabbi’s are. They like to argue about stuff (putting it mildly – lol). So, I think it would be a fairer (more accurate) summary to say that they have more or less (artificially) created a dualism, in which THEY themselves have “divided” various holy names / angels, etc into either good or evil, but, these divisions go in and out of vogue with the generations. The “no evil” statement is vague and fairly easy to disprove~ The Kabbalah is absolutely ANCIENT. Certainly it dates back to at least the 10th C in Europe, and most people agree, probably predated Moses. Scholars postulate that Moses used the Kabbalah to create the serpent rod with which he over came Pharaoh in Egypt and brought about the 10 plagues. These discussions of good / evil are quite ephemeral in the Kabbalah ~ having to do with EXORCISM, for the most part. I am not a jewish scholar so my summary would be imprecise: but essentially, there is an elaborate philosophical reasoning behind various “Scourges of God” (including Death) which vindicate these plagues through the Holy Name. So, you can sort of follow that around the mulberry bush, where you get to a point where the speaker states that there “is no evil”, but this is a deceptive statement. Examples: Judgement of the Earth (such as in Deuteronomy ch 32). Part of the problem is that Latin translations of Hebrew often substitute the term “devil” for very precise words: like plague, scourge, contagion, the bite of serpents / scorpions, the phantom of death, etc. Its fairly confusing when you start translating syriac or Hebrew into greek and latin, since each of these cultures has different traditions of “The Grave” (sheol) the underworld, The Phantom of Death, The Abyss (tehom), and even the demons of these places can be substituted (by name) for simply adverse conditions that are being described in a story. To make things even more complex, the Kabbalah quite readily embraces adverse concepts like “The Cup of Wrath”, or “The Right Hand of God” (in just judgement) or “The Unsheathed Sword” of God, etc. If you read through the books of Ezekiel, you will find all of these mentioned FREQUENTLY (for example). And they are not random, the Kabbalah not only provides a rationale for them, but explains how they are part of the “balance” of crime and punishment. There are just so many metaphysical things going on, and so many metaphysical “players” involved, you need a score card. Another example is the very famous portion of Daniel, who was held captive in the court of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (probably one of the most famous kings ever to live on Earth). In the first 7 chapters of Daniel, “the Watchers” (????) decree both against Nebuchadnezzar and against his son, both times Daniel is present and has to explain to these rulers why they are going to be punished. (The obvious question is : WHO ARE THE WATCHERS?). This is where we get the expression “The Writing is on the Wall”, since “the Watchers” write in a disembodied hand, upon the wall of the banquet hall a decree against Nebuchadnezzar’s son (for using the golden plates and vessels from the Temple to serve the people in the banquet). There are rabbis that do nothing else in their whole lives, but “debunk” these supernatural events in scripture. Other examples abound: the book of Job is another well written about example. So, in the vein of the discussion of exorcism in general, I feel that it is pertinent to mention that many of these nagging questions are settled in Christianity. For example, the speaker mentions the right and left hand path of the Kabbalistic tree of life ~ but in reality, these are hardly what you have to worry about. You need to worry about the “underworld” tree, the “adverse” tree, which is entirely demonic in nature and eminates out of Hell itself. It is in this way that Christ conquers: because he has OVER COME DEATH and the rulers of death. (For those terribly interested in this, please read the Lost Gospel named “Nichodemus”. )

Prophecy – End of Days
3 years ago
It leads to one people, which are Kenites. They were the pharasees and Saducees that murdered Yeshua. Yeshua called them their father, the first murderer, who is Satan and his seed from the garden of Eden. They are the real Satan worshipers and they get their power from him. These people are now in political powers, in the education, and running the money. Their last gain is the seat of Jerusalem to gain complete control over the world with religion. The false messiah is Satan, who will take the throne.

ONE (Eileen Colts)
7 months ago (edited)
Sabbatai Zevi decided it was easier to controll believers through sin rather than through right living or righteousness – today’s cabal practices … (9min 03 seconds) but only in secret. Evil or insane? Yes.

Johnny Aingel
1 week ago (edited)
I am little late on here but WOW thank you so much robert sepehr you gave me new information and i see the connection in the most AMAZING way thank you so much god bless you

22 hours ago
Who is being interviewed here? Would be nice to know and get more revelations. Thanks.

The frog
1 week ago
Than we must smash them with the right-hand of God.

Carmine Corrente
1 week ago
1666? The year of the Great Fire of London…as well as the HEIGHT of POWER for another “Isaac”…Sir Isaac Newton — S.I.N. He was, in the words of John Maynard Keynes, a “Judaic monotheist in the tradition of Moses Maimonides”. If you revere Sir Isaac Newton, you are revering a liar….an antichrist. The alleged force of gravity is a fiction (i.e. all observed phenomena based on mass are due to RELATIVE DENSITY. ) NASA is an evil cult under the spell of Newton, and the Earth is NOT a “globe”, neither does it spin. PERIOD.

Vicki Noeske
1 year ago
How on earth do they explain murder? Is it all in the gentiles mind?

22 hours ago
Amazing that “they” have kept to the plan over the centuries and that we can actually see it playing out today. Blaming everyone else (false flags) and dividing everyone continually as the diversion, while the plan to rule and commence the next holocaust for another final solution into the NWO. Everyone else that survives exists to be a slave and serve these parasites: it is written!

4 days ago
Pharisees. Jesus repeatedly Warned us, & exposed their Satanic ties. They ARE “Children of the devil”/”Vipers”. Jesus always rebuked them, & exposed their wickedness. This truly IS a Spiritual battle. Jesus is the ONLY Way, the Truth, & the Life.

3 weeks ago
RACH I’m struggling to catch me breath gonna have to cut down

Bobby Collins
1 week ago
The great fire of london was in 1666 when it was burnt down & from it’s ashes came the City of London. Don’t know if there’s a conection. But it seems that there could be? Many people died. Maybe Robert Sepehr knows something about this.

Colleen Casey
1 week ago
Was this a conversation recorded by other people that can be found in its entirety? It’s difficult to know if Robert was part of this or not. Thanks. Look forward to reading the book.

chris cameron
3 months ago
A muslim or die? what’s changed to certain; they!

8 months ago
What type of Kabbalah is that? Delorean?

SpaceCake Recipe
5 months ago
This is a good video !!

Anthony Salvatore
5 months ago
We survived 6-6-1966

Mitchell Golston
6 days ago
There is a family called the payseurs that we’re extremely wealthy had a hand in the Rothschilds gaining their fortunes

8 months ago
he had the jews……………………..but he didn’t have the juice.

truth seeker
5 days ago
If you read the bible and diligently search the scriptures you’ll find God told the Israelites not to intermarry with the countries peoples God was giving them and instructed to take over! In fact a good story about it is in Jeremiah. When ARTAXERXES gave the final decree in 457 B.C. started out by king Cyrus earlier, to let the Israelites who were in captivity by the Assyrians then the Meads and Persians were to be there for 70 years as prophecied…go back and rebuild the temple and walls around Jerusalem. While there they were there, they were treated fair just as God had said they would be if they gave up and acted nice, they even married those people. When all were released…they brought their families back to Jerusalem! Even some meads and Persians came back…but Ezra noticed this and called a great meeting and told them they had erred and were to put away with their intermixed families. GOD HAD INSTRUCTED THEM TO NEVER LET A FLATMIR JOOKED NOSED PEOPLES TO COME IN THEVTEMPLE! After the meeting most of them did with great remorse! This caused another migration of those banned peoples. Many went back to Babylon and many struck out searching for new lands up over the Euphrates through Turkey and to Kazakhstan…to Germany, italy and Russia and other countries and keep on spreading carrying their languages and cultures new found religions (false ones) with them, of course. All this biblical history is there..have to research it before its gone or swiped from history!

3 weeks ago
My thoughts on making a living example of the wicked is much more effective plus keeps the lords commandments. Police do their part, so it’s time for the people of church to do theirs. Times are now that they can avoid our courts laughing in our communities faces, this cannot continue without the fall of the community. Police’s hands are tied so people step in ,numbers an good charactor stand strong in the court system. What we must remember is anarchy is the churches enemy also. We fight to keep peace, one bad egg spoiling the batch is manic living. Crack that egg an the good become more United. God bless our church world wide.

3 years ago
I’m a True Christian and that I will stay.

5 days ago
Present day in USA ( so-called Christians and Moslims infiltrated in all high positions)

9 months ago
Of course what they say about relativism and the impartiality of ‘God’ is true…
Of course the world’s personality is what we make it, there is no objective good or evil… BUT, you do not tell a child that… you do not promote it as a general life path. It is not a template for a functional society. It is higher thinking for disciplined higher people who already have the moral basis their culture provided in the first place having already overcome trials and served their community in work/war the way youth should.

The problem with Jews is that not being based on soil / fixed society they do not recognize the practicality of ‘good’ and the danger of selfish ‘evil’, living as they do off the work and culture of gentiles who concern themselves with such things because they actually have to maintain societies, and foster trust and good will among one another.

As a parasite in other’s lands the Jews have nothing to do but engage this indulgent kind if philosophy but without the basis in reality or the grounding influence of practical necessity. Their brainchild, communism, contains the same flaw… grand abstract ideas of brotherhood and universal sharing but when it comes to getting down an working and providing for each other the whole thing falls apart.

The issue developed in the first place because Jews have long lost any creative capacity and instead took the rich mythologies of the more socially advanced Europeans/Aryans and misinterpreted them in the way a teenager might misinterpret trust for a free pass to wreak havoc…

The height of Jewish philosophical thinking and spiritual motivation in recorded history can be summed up thus:

‘My God is the biggest and baddest so you must bow down to me and do exactly as I say’.
This is why they are the chief violators of their own laws… the lowest performers according to the criteria they impose on the rest of humanity.

Forzion Know if you
4 days ago
Hey guys we had crypto Jews in Pakistan they were originally from bagdad Iraq we used think they are bagdadi Moslems most of lived good comfortable life in big cities like Karachi we even have a synogoge or Temple and a Jews cemetery in Karachi you can go Google on internet and check it out I am saying this that you don’t think I am giving false history facts good luck best wishes from America khoda hafez az Shahbaz gondal America