Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont (book by Karen Wetmore)

Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont – April 3, 2014
by Karen Wetmore (Author)

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About the Author

Karen Wetmore was born in Brandon, Vermont and has lived all her life in Vermont. She was treated at psychiatric hospitals in Vermont starting as a teenager, but did not begin treatment for dissociative identity disorder until she was an adult. She has been integrated since the late 1990’s. She continues to investigate CIA experimentation in hospitals in Vermont, of which she was a victim. She also continues to struggle with the effects of the experimentation on her.

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Think for Yourself

5.0 out of 5 starsThis is an amazing reference for anyone who has been targeted with electronic …

June 14, 2016

Format: Perfect PaperbackVerified Purchase

This is an amazing reference for anyone who has been targeted with electronic brain torture. It provides a legacy view of where the work and intentions were begun and developed over time. The references in the back are good – I was suprised to see that the department of vocational rehab had funded lobotomy projects by the CIA in order to induce amnesia – most likely to help vitims forget the torture, (p255) as is being done today. The fact that this is SO INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to document, and that there is no way to get medical records of what has been done to your brain, is a sign of the state of affairs in America today. I would guess that it is on par, if not worse than the other top level totalitarian countries. There is no help anywhere – legal or otherwise, for the innocent victims of neuroweapons. This is just plain wrong.

My heart goes out to Karen for what she has suffered, and for the amazing job of putting together this book after all she has been through. She is incredibly strong – and a great writer. I am sad that she had to spend her brilliance on this for her whole life – this is tragic and it should be significantly compensated for and a huge appology from the people who did it and our government who sponsored it. Our taxpayer dollars at work to enslave and possibly exterminate us. It is truly terrifying what has been created out of this research.

As a victim of the current day torture in the extreme – suicide programming and lobotomy, I can see all the outlines in her experience in my own. Character assination is the first step – by making you a mental patient. Then destroying the rest of your life by torture, financial destruction, rape, forcing suicide, arresting, jail time, stealing of business, isloation and family/friend shamming, you name it, they’ll do it. It’s a government-wide program making LOTS of money off the victims – by corporations and medical/law enforcement sectors. It is far beyond what they did in NAZI Germany. These crimes against humanity must be exposed and prosecuted – they are so very very horrible – beyond anything you can possibly imagine.

See all about it at People need to figure out what is going on – quickly.

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Jim Boccio
5.0 out of 5 starsThe CIA has been hiding behind “A Matter of National Security” far too long
December 5, 2017
Format: Perfect PaperbackVerified Purchase

What has the CIA been up to since WW 2? Pure evil perpetrated against the American people which begs to question who the heck has been in the White House all these years? Nazi’s? The book takes place in Vermont and as all these CIA books the horrendous crimes take place against Christian children.Karen was 4 when she thinks the abuses start, from all accounts she seemed like a normal child but in and out of Psyche wards her whole life that included incredible torture and sexual assaults at the hands of CIA Doctors bent on Cleaning the “Cortical State” and installing “New Behavior Patterns”,from reading this book and others like it here’s what takes place, the child is brutalized with physical torture and drugs then chipped for tracking their relationships are terminated as they get older and are forced or steered into a homosexual relationship in Karens case her boyfriend was killed on their engagement day then they are followed everywhere they go by good and bad agents of the split state American government their mail is monitored their money played with and jobs lost.During Karens time at Vermont State Hospital 3000 people died at the hands of the Psychiatry dept. Freedom of Information Act has released that even Radiation was used on patients or victims they also tried to come up with a “Chemical Lobotomy” on unwitting psyche patients the people they said were discarded from society with little or no family or a father with military ties, the attempt of all this torture is to create “Traumatic Amnesia” in these people and hopefully find one to be a “Manchurian Candidate” otherwise just create a homosexual, in Karens case it was both she had a knowledge and accuracy of guns she couldn’t explain, when she went to Lawyers or Politicians only 2 people would help her and her F.O.I.A. request either got denied or heavily edited.I congratulate her on having the courage to write this very important book and highly recommend it to all Americans.
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Diana Lee
5.0 out of 5 starsCredibility Regained
December 28, 2014

Format: Perfect PaperbackVerified Purchase

Karen says it all when she states, “the first thing they took was my credibility.” That is true of everyone who has ever received a mental illness diagnosis. Our culture often does not allow the mentally ill to recover and we certainly do not want to hear what made them ill when they do recover. Karen understood what she was up against and that is why she documented, documented, documented. This is a chilling story of utter betrayal that needed to be told and Karen does a great job—especially given that her experiences prevented her from getting a normal education much less a college degree. She is an extremely intelligent person. Her recovery is amazing and her tenacity to tell her story is remarkable. Her story, of course, confirms the recent Senate Torture Report. CIA torture did not begin with 9/ll. Karen’s most important point is this, all Americans were [are?] potential victims of CIA, academic, pharmaceutical and military experimentation. Diana Lee

5.0 out of 5 starsA Praiseworthy Effort
July 3, 2014
Format: Perfect PaperbackVerified Purchase
What was done to Karen Wetmore would have killed most people and silenced the rest. Against all odds she prevailed and doggedly built her case, logging the documentation of how she was victimized. This is the sort of tale people cringe from, too shocking to believe. That very reflex provides a cover for the perpetrators because it’s too distasteful to pursue. Those who persevere and continue to bring out these sordid crimes are resisted, discouraged and silenced in other ways.

5.0 out of 5 starsWow.
Wow. Definitely worth getting. What I really appreciate is the documentation which establishes this is no mere tale, but an actual experience. What a terrifying specter this leaves on every American. our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the only shield we have to a country going insane.

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  1. P. 260
    In 1956, Dr Milton Greenblatt conducted 116 lobotomies on schizophrenic patients. (Women)

    The documents describe the criteria for selection of the patients for the VSH-UVM research:

    “Nearly all of them had been declared financially incapable of paying anything for their own care and were committed to the hospital at state expense. They were middle-aged, poorly educated, lower class individuals…”\

    They were seldom visited by friends or relatives. They received very few packages or letters. We feel that nearly all of these patients could reasonably be considered to be hopeless cases as far as any social recovery and establishment in homes and jobs outside the hospital are concerned.”

    …I spoke with a person (who requested anonymity) who attended a conference held in Vermont years ago when Dr. Milton Greenblatt was the featured speaker: This person told me that Greenblatt bragged about all of the lobotomies conducted at VSH. Greenblatt’s 1956 Boston Psychopathic hospital Special Project funded the lobotomies of the 116 “schizophrenic” patients. The CIA was interested in the use of lobotomies as part of their experiments on how to induce amnesia.

    The patients being used without their knowledge or consent were contained on the locked adult women’s ward and were the most severely mentally ill VH patients.

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