Bryan Kofron, Whistleblower, Exposes Private Firms (SIS, SAIC, Amazon, et al.) Behind Organized Stalking/Neuro-Warfare Operations Against Dissident Citizens

MAJOR WHISTLEBLOWER – BRYAN KOFRON, Former Security Agent at Security International Systems, Inc. (SIS)

“A major whistle-blower called Bryan Kofron who recently used an alias called Justin Carter has come forward with intelligence about the surveillance network and total individual control technology which is in operation throughout Ireland and the wider world, unbeknownst to the majority of the human race. This technology has the capability to influence thoughts over a wide geographical area. This capability is more commonly known as remote influencing technology. Bryan asserts that this technology has the capability of locking into the resonant frequency of the DNA of any individual in order to monitor the thoughts of said human being and reply to that individuals thoughts in real time. This capability is common place throughout the world at this point in time . It is now believed that this technology was used on both President George Bush Jr. and President Obama.

If fifth generation wireless technology is ever installed in our country, then this surveillance capability and total individual control capability could then be made to transmit pain signals to any targeted individual who refused to comply with the instructions of the surveillance network staff.

In order to protect ourselves from this human surveillance and control grid it is my belief that we should dismantle the telephone masts. We should re-engineer all public street lighting. Both of these constructions currently could be used against us to bathe us in frequencies of any emotion of the choice of the would-be controllers such as apathy or inertia. This is already happening in Ireland.”

In the enclosed link Bryan Kofron is being interviewed by Derrick Robinson.

Interview of Bryan Kofron by Derrick Robinson

Bryan Kofron interview with Ella Free

Bryan Kofron Interview with Ella Free

ETK Note: The videos I originally loaded onto this post have been taken down, as have all of Bryan’s youtube videos on his website. Bryan Kofron is a whistleblower and former employee of Security Industries Systems, Inc. (SIS), who was doing contract with to torture homeless people in Seattle, among other atrocities. His presentations are extremely informative and he is apparently very sincere, credible, and compassionate. Thus, he was acclaimed, accepted, and even financially supported by the “TI community” until he recently “discredited” himself by making some strange youtubes in which he interviewed himself, adopting strange accents for other personnas. The TI community now believes that the “evidence” that Bryan Kofron presented in his serious videos cannot be used in court proceedings. This is the position that Deserie Foley of PACTS expressed to me in a recent phone conversation.

In our phone conversation, Deserie informed me that Bryan took down his youtube videos from his website. I called Deserie to get her impressions on the “Kofron Scandal” in order to try to understand what really happened. After some thought, I sent Deserie an email expressing my following (theory):

“It seems to me that Bryan Kofron could be a classic CIA-type sting operation…… Here’s the scenario: He comes along and gets lots of support from the TI community and then he puts out lots of seemingly very important information on his youtubes….. He becomes an instant star in the “TI movement”- (BTW, “they” like to get their people to come in and more or less commandeer these truth movements, like the “9/11” truth movement, geoengineering-chemtrials movement, etc.- and I’ve seen the dynamic before.)

Then when he deliberately discredits himself by acting schizophrenic, which he was perhaps scripted to do all along, he discredits the movement too…. all TIs then become suspected of being “schizoid” – as he portrayed himself in some of those videos….

And not only that, as you say, this makes it virtually impossible (at this stage) to use the new information he put out in legal proceedings…. Pretty clever, a? That’s how CIA does it….. This maneuver, then, may have succeeded in discrediting all TIs and actually providing protective cover for the perps, like his “former?” employers SIS and Amazon, etc.-

Or at least that’s what I suspect now. Could it be that that cackling laugh he makes in those strange youtubes was the real Bryan Kofron after all?.”

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  1. My name is Rakeem Union. I am bravely adding my contact info because we need to talk. I’m a victim and have known about it for 6 years. And it’s probably been happening to me for a lot longer. I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically torn from the weapons. Dramatic weight loss, joint deterioration, muscle deterioration, skin problems, and I am also concerned that I might have cancer due to the radiation. I’m more than sure that they want to kill me and the fact that I play tour pods out loud makes em pissed. I became homeless 5 years ago and I honestly feel that they used the weapons to turn my parents narssasistic. They kicked me out specifically so I don’t have a house or “safe house” to go to. I have no where to run from The stupid scenarios they like to pull out every single fucking day. Not only Petty high school kid crap but there’s also the fucking voices and the voices ricocheting off of walls and cars and I remember about four years ago I tried to bring this up and everyone thought I was in some kind of meth psychosis but sad to say it’s the truth they just don’t want to accept it in learn how to grey Rock it per say. It’s bullshit and I’m not helping them hide it anymore. I’m a victim ! I can feel the heat on my forehead from the radiation! My nose is literally out of place and can’t even smell anymore ! We feel that we sound crazy because the crap they’re doing is crazy. God please help us. I understand people shouldn’t do certain things in public ECT ECT but you don’t do this shit. I can feel the vibe of them. I can sense them. And they want to publicly humiliate me and make me a joke to the world because they’re fucking jealous little punks. I can sense them trying to look through my eyes. I’m a crystal child just to clarify. It helps and I can tell the different between myself and the pathway they’re trying to create. Smfh they’re pissed right now because I’m typing this while playing the pod aloud. Right now they’re trying to make me think that someone is going to sneak up from behind and kill me. Us victims have to and most band together and shut this shit down. And no, not like some action movie. I’m talking about real life real shit cause they want to take my real ass life. I’m already becoming crippled so it’s only a matter of time. If I disappear. You’ll know why. Love y’all

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