Robin Grossworth Message to Webmaster (May 29, 2021)

1) My son is Zachary Grosswirth
His fiancé is Toni Marie Liberty
One friend is Thomas Janover
And then they had a female name Michele but I do not know her last name but I can tell you that they have plenty on this girl in order for her to have performed as evil as she had.

They use that house to recruit more kids.

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2) Eric

They set up my kids with rent a room baiting to innocent minds and much more so they could frame them on a multitude of things by having a Hispanic team on the attached side to a one family illegally set up rent a room scam at 589 Merrick Road in Rockville Centre, New York, a one family divided into one side for a role playing surveillance team that illegally entered daily and killed off the dog and set the kids up. Entrance on Oceanside Road for the kids but the only address was on Merrick Road where the team resided. They script the kids. They set my son’s fiancé up in a civil job as a librarian in Hempstead BY to control her but they have things they hold over their heads in order to control them and to have separated them from me and use them as tools.

They contaminated the dog’s food by me when I was in the five towns and at the rent a room house that also included two of their friends. My son and his friend had their cars totaled in their driveway.

I want you to know that these sadistic teams also know medical histories captured from the NSA and more illegally and they use same to harm people to death, even having nurses hired to infuse things into these vaccines as my sister was made quite ill from the preservatives that I believe were upped knowing her sensitivities.

They are heavily equipped here with stingray dirtbox technology and backdoor keys as well as iOS pirating into iPhones.

They sabotage gmail and all mail even proton and VONs like express.

Print it all

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3) How people with innocent minds are set up

Trade professionals
And all professions that ordinary citizens utilize for every service possible are lied to by scripted recruits so a person asks for the advice of these licensed and trained professionals on how to proceed as any common intellect would in the situations that require these people and the innocent persons are told these lies so they proceed in a wrong direction unknowingly to them and become tangled in this web targeted and on kill lists by organized gang stalking and experimented in as well as much more.

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4) Eric please include trade perps.

Habberstad Huntington BMW Mini Cooper NY
Freeport BMW Mini Cooper NY
VW Huntington NY
Fairfield Properties 60 Front Street in East Rockaway New York via Fairfield Properties of Melville NY Broxmeyer Family Owned 100 Village Square RXR Real Estate Glen Cove, New York,
Royal Homes Blue Complex 349 Central Avenue in Lawrence, NY, and their office at 147-11 Union Turnpike Flushing NY Shalom Charles Malul

These landlords provide black sites of extraordinary rendition

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> On May 29, 2021, at 10:30 AM, Robin Grosswirth wrote:
>> 5) On May 24, 2021, at 3:20 PM, Robin Grosswirth wrote:
>> They utilize the cleaning staff and maintenance staff to illegally enter and carry out the bequests of the organized gang stalking operation that is being run out of unit 335 by a Hispanic team.
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6) All of these civil and military as well as federal agencies with their community based CBAs descend upon an innocent victim setting up, baiting them, theft of payments and doing what they are supposed to do in order to set up a black budget operation that funds off of this innocent person who becomes a human host to these parasitic scums.

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On May 24, 2021, at 3:20 PM, Robin Grosswirth wrote:

7) Subject: Organized Gang Stalking by the IRS as Kill Squads

Cointelpro Gangstalking Harassment Manual
No touch torture
Human exploitation manual
Parts of Kubark
Social isolation for many years
Sensory deprivation for many years
Destruction of all property and relationships
Murder to your dog by illegally entering and injecting animals to shut down organs
Killing feral animals and leaving them mafia style for you
Screws and dirty tissues as well as cigarette buts left at car and homes for metaphors that you are trash, screwed and a cancer
Vandalism to all property cars and homes and all belongings and then trashed
Kidnapping and abduction
Illegal entries
Illegal surveillance even while naked becoming intimately involved in your genitals and mire sexually exploiting, harassing and torturing you sadistically
24/7 stalking and harassment by criminal teams to bully you and engage in crimes against innocent victims
Trafficking you from one team to another
Extraordinary rendition black site setups and they are currently using 100 village Square in Glen Cove NY, previously 60 Front Street in East Rockaway via Fairfield Properties, before that blue complex Royal Homes, and Villaggio Reserve in Delray Beach Florida
Financial sabotage and ruin
Identity theft to sabotage your online banking and all banking in real time
Setting up of baiting to innocent victims by licensed professionals knowingly scamming the victim and extortion plots too along with the landlords who theft security as well as do bait and switch charging more to victims to extort and pay the residuals to the crime faction of organized gang stalking
Ritual and ambient abuses with sadistic abuses and tortures
Mail tampering and theft
Convoys on the road to cut off, commit crimes engaged in endangerment to vehicular homicide and crashing into the victim United with bike patrols, foot patrols, motor bike patrols
Stasi Zersetzung recruiting police, fire department to intimidate and bully as well as abuse the victim and enter into scams, street theaters and noise campaigns to torture illegally
Department of works to port in toxins into the air, heat and water assisted by utility companies and site managers
Every store, every place a victim goes they are surrounded by attackers who have been schooled and contracted as to how to harm the victim as for years these protocols have been set in place through a sensitization process
Reverse profiling to put and set up diversity against Caucasians and visa versa
Anchoring is a process premeditated to use objects and colors by assassins against the target so the target knows that these are the thugs hired
Real property theft and sold for profit but loss to victim
Parental alienation as kids are set up and harmed so as to survive they comply to the scripting
This is an electronic concentration camp carrying out ala carte genocides called soft kills.
And so much more as they have backdoor keys into the cells and stingray and your tv and your homes have noise sound bytes as well as apps to control all in your home easily creating a concentration camp rather than a home.

Stop this illegal unconstitutional Nazi Midel proliferation here in the US.

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On Jan 2, 2021, at 11:39 AM, Michael Waldman, Brennan Center for Justice wrote:

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  1. moved into diff. room in house, hit by electronic weapons again, use shielding foam/foil and did not feel them above, must be coming from satellite. went away after few hours of using shielding. how do webecome freeof this? how cansomany new peopleintown thatare unrecognizable,survive financially- do they move them arount from town to town? aretraffic patterns tracked? isFlorida controlledby foreign powers? not its citizen home owners? howdoso many3rd worldvagrants survivefinanciallyin such aexpensive place? rampant increase tobacco use, alcohol, marijuanna, etc. most connect with covert groopspossibleto survive. need citizenreviewof enforcement methods. evaluations. everythingbeing done indark. free the people.

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