Ramola D Interview with Engineer, Dave Case, Inventor of Anti-Tinnitus and Anti-V2K CDs (August 2, 2018)

Message Update To Webmaster on 5/2/21:

I would like to update every one on my jammer CD. It has been studied by a neurologist in the United Kingdom . it has been found that the sound file produces 2.8mhz of ultra-sonics when played on koss ktx-pro1 headphones. It is stopping tinnitus, stopping hyperacusis, stopping TTTS, stopping the hearing of voices, gives deeper sleep. This CD is causing neuroplasticity (neural healing) , this is why it jams v2k and targeting equipment. The jammer CD has now helped over 1000 people stop electronic torture and is still free at antitinnitusv2k.com

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