Purpose, Structure, and Methods of Organized Gang Stalking: From “Gang Stalking and Mind Control- The Destruction of Society Through Community Spying Networks”

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  1. Look on the internet for instances of police impersonation. Within the last 10 years or so, this, too
    has become a quiet epidemic when one realizes that these growing numbers only reflect the criminal
    posers who actually get caught — by the REAL police! I believe the government is only involved in
    this criminal activity because their well-meaning programs have been co-opted by the criminals who
    infiltrated our justice system from the inside to get away with entertaining themselves on the lives of
    those they know are innocent as a distraction while they pull the rest of society apart. I have seen my
    OWN file, where a lawyer hired on recommendation from a person I do not know conversed, via email,
    with corrections officers in states where I never lived about ME, specifically… and they were talking about
    digging up anything in my entire life, from as far back as my childhood (they had a pictorial dossier of me
    in the same file spanning DECADES, from when I was only 3 years old! The content of the email I’m
    referring to from that file included comments about how a track record is not necessary, and hence, by
    extention (contextually and circumstantially) PROVES this is a takedown program, where the purpose of
    destroying a singled out person via artificial means (the deliberate defamatory-driven hate-mongering that
    ALL genuine G.S. victims know and can’t prove, because our Due Process rights are all but completely
    subverted. This file was deliberately kept from me, and once I fought to come into it’s posession, it was
    pilfered of all documents proving the true nature of the file. All electronic media were also compromised.

    My only saving grace was the fact that I stored hard copies not in any of the many houses I lived in while
    trying to find any refuge at all from the many unlawful intrusions, whose purpose was never rooted in any
    kind of legitimate surveillance, but rather in destroying evidence I was trying to collect, like god knows how .
    many other targeted individuals also do, as we are held down this way, silenced thru artificially created
    prisms of appearances created like avatars for us (T.I.’s) to “wear” like “kick me” signs that both advertise a
    rube anyone can abuse with impunity, while we (T.I.’s) cluelessly try to figure out and understand how so many
    people in our lives suddenly become so hateful towards us. The attorney hadsome kind of vested interest in
    influencing my family to pay her to do this to me, as she and her staff constantly portrayed me using incendiary
    language couched with a professional sounding tone. As if she, HERSELF, was qualified to characterize me in
    terms foundin the DSM.

    This CRIME is about disenfranchising people from the rest of the population, aggressively, manufacturing
    the appearance of cause, and shoring it up thru set-ups meant to portray targets in a bad light. It is a takedown
    program of the most malicious kind. They changed my sexual orientation, my political leanings, and more, without
    MY having anything to do with it. No knowledge, no consent, no notice… just drummed up, hateful, indescribably
    damaging long term abuse. These CRIMINALS kill the collective perceptions of others living in the same
    environments as targets, because that brutal torture enables them to both hide behind the distraction they use
    T.I.’s for, while ripping entire communities apart with their own consent. When they destroy targeted individuals,
    they are LITERALLY destroying the evidence of their sadistic, often greedy crimes. I have had plenty valuables
    stolen, where these pervs knew no one would listen or care after what they did to my reputation.

    My first perp, a former college acquaintance, referred to them as “serial killers,” and (this was all over 20 hellish
    years ago) she suggested mirthfully that I get a gun, where she expected me to either snap to kill a lot of
    people, or commit suicide. Her mother was a psychiatrist whom had given me a recommendation to law
    school, which never happened because suddenly my life was made so “busy” trying to defend myself against
    effectively a guerilla army of strangers who hated me and lived only to force me into marginalization and
    disadvantage for other’s complete leverage.

    No where else has the power of hatred been used to neutralize the truth than with G.S. targets. Plenty of us
    have plenty of proof that something foul and freedom-robbing is afoot, and despite having physical PROOF,
    we are still dismissed for the sake of the phony construct the DSM has been used for, to grow money made
    thru fraud on the lives of the manufactured disenfranchised.


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