Operation G5: The Quasi-Quantitative Equation (Audio Narrative, Music, & Text; Insights of Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Webmaster, TI)

Operation G5 (Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO): The Quasi-Quantitative Equation; Music: Oregon Coast by Eric Karlstrom From Guitar Reflections Vol. 1 Solos (4:23)

Track C04: From Free Audiobook On Organized Stalking-Electronic Torture: “Lifeline- Essential Insights And Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Citizens” (Experts’ Testimonies Narrated W/ Music & Songs by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

From gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com website:

Two initial quotes of Interest:

“Based on my research, the public front of the program is simply a façade used to recruit the public into a very cleverly disguised program of torture and murder.”

“The Hidden Evil; The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against the Civilian Population,” by Mark M. Rich, 2008)

“The state, with the aid of psychiatrists, can effectively silence people who oppose its policies. State manipulation of psychiatry for political ends is a reality in many countries.

From: “The Breaking of Bodies and Minds: Torture, Psychiatric Abuse, and the Health Professions” (1985)

I. Here is my lightly tongue-in-cheek and very, very quasi-quantitative equation that helps describe the what, who, how, and why of G5:

G5 (The Global Government Gangstalking – Genocide GESTAPO) now being deployed against innocent “Targeted Citizens” worldwide =

S17 + T7 + M9 + N6 + D5 + DODDHSFBISSD17 + I9 + P9 + C17


S17 = satellite-supercomputer-synchronized surveillance, stalking, street theatre, Stasi-DHS-security services-special forces-secret spying, subjugation and slavery with secret weapons*

(what) T7- tracking, targeting, terrorism, torture, termination, and transhumanism technologies

M9 = microwave-microchip-mind control, mind-zapping, mind-mapping by Mossad-mafia-military minions

N6 = no-touch torture, nonlethal and neuroweapons* of National Security Racketeering Network and Neighborhood Death Squads

5D = “Deny, Deceive, Disrupt, Degrade, and Destroy” – the 5 D’s of the United Kingdom’s General Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

= (Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security-FBI-Stasi Supplementary Ds) = deprive, discredit, defeat, defame, destabilize, deter, decompose, disintegrate, deconstruct, denigrate, devolve, damn, devastate, dehumanize, demonize, deprecate, de-legitimize

I9 = implant, isolate, intimidate, incarcerate, institutionalize, immobilize, irritate, insult, infiltrate

P9 = Pentagon (POG) psychological operations groups’ profiling, psychological warfare, psy-acts, psychotronics, and psychology professions’ psychiatric reprisal

C17 = corrupt, cruel, clueless, cell-phone-carrying cowardly Cops-citizen-spies coordinated by “counter-intelligence,” “counter-terrorism, Fusion Centers and corporate criminals, and C4ISR* causing civil conflict (*C4ISR = command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance)

My second attempt to render “the program” as a quasi-quantitative equation is this:

II. Quasi-quantitative Equation-Description of “The Targeted Individual (TI) Program” (per A+B+C = D):

(From: WHAT, WHO, WHY, and HOW Of Weaponized Radio Frequency Surveillance System (partial transcriptions of 5 ‘Lookoutfa Charlie’ videos w/ BONUS videos On US Air Force’s “Chart of Coercion”))

Organized stalking/electronic harassment’ (TI) program =

– CIA’s MKULTRA (1953-), MHCHAOS (1967-) & Phoenix Program (1968-) + FBI Cointelpro (1956-) +
– 9/11 and “Global War On Terrorism” (battlespace is everywhere, everyone is potential target) +
– ADL, SPLC and other Jewish lobby groups advise DHS who to place on Terrorism Watch List +
– DHS-FBI Fusion Centers issue secret “hunt & kill contracts” on “terrorists”/”dissidents” +
– TIs stripped of civil liberties and targeted via gangstalking and “nonlethal” EM weapons ops +
– Zersetzung (“decomposition”) & STRAHLENFOLTER STALKING (radiation torture/electronic surveillance, abuse) +
– Involuntary test subjects required for EU’s Human Brain Project and DARPA’s BRAIN (Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) INITIATIVE (2013-) +
– “Whole of nation” needed to target brains: DARPA neuroweaponologist, Dr. James Giordano +
– governments & organized crime asset-strip TIs via “abusive conservatorships” +
– Psychologists/cognitive researchers/POGs (Psyop Groups) “tailor”/“monitor” mc/torture of TIs +
– US Air Force’s ‘Chart of Coercion’ (no-touch torture used at Guantanamo Bay) used against TIs +
– EM Frequencies from satellites, power grid, cell towers carry voices and images to TIs’ brains +
– DoD hybrid warfare/unconventional warfare deployed to hunt & kill TIs
– military-grade directed energy and neuroweapons (neurowarfare) deployed against TIs +
– NSA Global (Five+ Eyes) Spy Network’s SIGINT (signals intelligence) spies track, stalk TIs +
– DoD-CIA-FBI-DHS-NASA-NATO and other agencies’ “counterterrorism” spies track, stalk TIs +
– Jewish groups receive over 90% of grants/contracts from Dept. of Homeland Security to stalk TIs +
– NSA/Mossad Promis/Prism/Palantir software, metadata, & supercomputers used to hunt & kill TIs +
– Private sector spy/security agencies (Infragard, Blackcube, etc.) hunt & kill TIs +
– Civilian-military perps on-the-ground and online (cyberstalkers) harass, abuse, stalk TIs +
– SIGREDUX, police, first responders, & Neighborhood Watch vigilantes abuse, stalk TIs +
– psychological trauma and manipulation can result in TIs becoming mass shooters and “assets” +
– legal system and the press aid in cover up

= State-Sponsored Terrorism, Torture & Mass Murder Of Innocent Civilians
= HIGHEST TREASON (no statute of limitations on these “crimes against humanity”)