Operation G5- (Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO): 2019 Synopsis (Audio Narration, Music, & Text: Insights of Dr. Eric Karlstrom, webmaster, TI)

Global Government Gangstalking Genocide GESTAPO (G5): 2019 Synopsis (5:25); Hobo’s Daydream From Guitar Reflections Vol. 1 Solos by Eric Karlstrom (5:29)

Track C03: From Free Audiobook On Organized Stalking-Electronic Torture: “Lifeline- Essential Insights And Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Citizens” (Experts’ Testimonies Narrated W/ Music & Songs by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

From the Home Page of www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com website, webmaster, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography

“Organized gang stalking” (aka “counter-intelligence stalking”) comprises psychological-psychotronic operations, torture, terrorism, war crimes, and “crimes against humanity” committed by governments and their private subcontractors against millions of innocent civilians worldwide. Victims (aka “Targeted Individuals” or “TIs”) are secretly and extra-judicially “blacklisted,” tracked, and targeted with no-touch torture, “nonlethal” (directed energy) weapons, and mind/behavioral control (neuro) weapons which have been developed since the 1940s under such top-secret mind control programs as the CIA’s Project MKULTRA and MONARCH. This DOD-CIA-NSA-NASA-NATO-DHS-FBI-DNI program is the modern extension of numerous previous programs, most of which have been outlawed. These include the East German Stasi’s “Zersetzung,” the FBI’s COINTELPRO, and the CIA’s MKULTRA, MONARCH, MHCHAOS, and Phoenix Programs.

“The Program,” apparently the short version of “Monarch: The New Phoenix Program” (Thomas, 2007), constitutes “unconventional”-“information”-“cyber”-“psychological” and “psychotronic warfare,” “low-intensity conflict,” and so-called “peacekeeping operations” justified under the guise of fighting the phony “War on Terrorism” and “National Security.”

The program is entirely unconstitutional and illegal, consumes trillions of taxpayer dollars, and conscripts a large percentage of Americans as “citizen-spies” who are paid, enticed, bribed, and/or coerced to participate in the harassment, torture, terrorization, and destruction of fellow citizens whom government has secretly designated as “political enemies” and/or guinea pigs for DOD weapons testing and brain mapping. Millions of “whistleblowers,” “dissidents,” veterans, Christians, Constitutionalists, and other good people fill the ranks of the classified, top-secret “Terrorism Watch List” generated at DHS/FBI Fusion Centers. These citizens are labeled “potential terrorist threats” and “non-investigative subjects”/”Code 4: silent hits.”

Apparently, the Deep State/intelligence/military complex will pay virtually any amount to keep “the program” going in order to test, develop, and deploy their military weapons on non-consensual experimentees even as they simultaneously eliminate potential opponents of the New World Order. Many of the “perpetrators” drive brand new vehicles! The government’s “missing” $43 trillion in “unaccountable adjustments,” recently “classified” as a State secret under cloak of “National Security,” may be one source of funding for this mammoth “black” operation.

Although the existence of “the program” is officially denied and its victims are routinely labeled and institutionalized as paranoid/schizophrenic/delusional, innumerable books, articles, official military documents, patents, and the testimonies of thousands of credible individuals prove it has existed in various forms for well over half a century. Currently, government and media are engaged in covering up “the program” by deploying many of the same psyop-organized stalking-information-cyber warfare protocols as used in previous coverups, for instance, of Operation 9/11.

This website is dedicated to educating the public to the dangers of this evil, totalitarian system. I especially hope it will help save the lives and livelihoods of many “targeted citizens” (aka TIs) and will contribute to the exposure and total dismantling of this diabolical program.

The U.S. Constitution is still the law of the land in America as per Madison V. Marbury (1803) which states: “All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” “Perpetraitors” must be exposed and held accountable; there is no statute of limitations for these crimes.