TIs Speak to Presidential Commission On “Unregulated, Non-Consensual Human Experimentation and Electronic Weapons-Testing, Torture, and Assassination” Program

TI’s Speak At a U.S. Presidential Commission on Bio-Ethics (May 18 and 19, 2011).

Part I:

Some important TI Questions:

1) What penalties are in place for the incarceration of researchers who create deadly viruses?
2) When are we going to start incarcerating researchers?
3) What is going to be done to stop unregulated radiation studies and human research?
4) Why does human research allow injection and electronic induced seizures?

Part II:

TI statements particularly to the point are:

My name is Robert Laboudiere. I’m an eye-witness to victims that people are tampering with and retaliating against and this is my public comment concerning noncompliances of bioethics and other codes of ethics. These non-compliances are a grave pre-planned, premeditated breach of international conventions, are intentional heinous atrocities of war crimes against humanity, domestic terrorism, domestic espionage, and genocide. We, the victims, are a group of U.S. nationals that are being directly affected to the extent of attempted murder. That is genocide.

The means and methods that are being abused are electronics and directed energy that unlawfully harness human subjects for unlawful experiments, research and other exercise. The unlawful practicing and patterning of organized war crimes. The means are electromagnetic, radio frequency, psychotronic fields, Voice-to-Skull techniques and other energy weapons that harness unwilling humans against our will and criminally conspires against our rights. Their use of remote viewers is one of the means of unlawful surveillance with criminal intent to terrorize, injure, harass, intimidate, and murder. That’s called stalking with the same intent. Also, unlawful human service trafficking that steals an individual’s bio-energy signature through signal splashing, unwilling human subjects, then using synthetic telepathy. That’s a theft of human intangible property. And other directed energies causing physical and mental pain, suffering, and trauma.

These perpetrators torture victims in their physical control. This is cruel unusual treatment and a terroristic hate crime that damages a subject’s health, finances, dignity, employability, reputation, and human property while disrupting our mental faculties. Where is the equal protection of the law that is constitutionally ours? Is it not unethical to keep that from us? Our country’s government helped develop these technologies and they are forbidden to be used on American nationals. That is law. To not execute laws concerning these crimes is seditious conspiracy and treason. These unlawful acts are in direct violation of UN General Assembly resolutions, International humanitarian laws, and a slew of U.S. laws and is completely unethical and irresponsible.

We rightly seek disclosure through prosecution.

Lynn Barenburg: I’m another person who is being used being for nonconsensual experimentation. Stanford Research Institute, Lockheed Martin, and University of California, Berkeley are the criminal organizations and university that are involved in this. There are no ethics, there is no morality, rules and regulations.

2 Replies to “TIs Speak to Presidential Commission On “Unregulated, Non-Consensual Human Experimentation and Electronic Weapons-Testing, Torture, and Assassination” Program”

  1. This is my hypothesis:

    Did the J Edmund Safra Foundation support the Bioethics Committee? Aaron Swartz sat on that Foundation’s board when he was making tech to identify government corruption, and committed suicide.

    J Edumnd Safra owned the Bank of NY in the ’90’s during their alleged architecting and implementation of the Rape of Russia by a group of Harvard MBA bankers.

    This Rape of Russia it seems, has been overlaid on America with updated technology, and the inclusion of the Prison Industrial Complex’s profit models, incorporated into the Obamacare and Obama Brain Project scheme.

    The 2008 HUD mortgage scandal has been moved over to Medicare (Obamacare) from whence they got their funding, although it is now running out. This money to fund Obamacare really funded Russian Gulags in America in the form of “Mental Institutions”.

    If you read Kennith Goff’s Psychopolitics, you will find that Mental Healing and ReEducation are Torture and Brainwashing. This is what is being experimented on in our Mental Institutions in secret today. See Jon Rappaport’s blog entry for March 30, 2018.

    The really insidious part is, as in the Phoenix Program, a computerized “Fusion” center shared list of humans (9M) in Obamacare has been culled through and those identified as “Vulnerable” have been put in the Mental Institutions for SAMHSA’s “Trauma Informed Care” and “When Bad THings Happen” via the CIA.

    These people’s profiles are: no inheritor’s, lots of land, no real support. They are then thrown in the mental institution, their legal status changed, and the bankers can now collect on the national debt by transferring the titles of property when that person dies, into their balance sheet and onto their holdings. They can also take out “Dead Peasant Insurance” for when they die for $1M.

    No one will ever know. It’s all being done in secret. The mental institutions are largely private, and held by elite interests. They garner enormous funding for psycho-correction and dumbing down the population in secret. There is no one in society who will stand up for the Mentally Ill as their social status is at the bottom of the bottom of the triangle. They are rock solid bottom status in society. So they are PERFECT targets.

    Meanwhile, those who feel slighted and helpless to the fact that their homes have been stolen, their retirements stolen, and their healthy careers destroyed, and their children are on the streets, can now join those who ripped them off in destroying the lowest of the low, the “Mentally Ill”. This is the TI. This is the gangstalking program.

    And anyone who tries to help this out group will be shoved into it. If powerful enough, they will be murdered. How nice.

    The bankers have also taken the precaution to collect information on bizarre and brutal human experimentation, DNA and patenting the genetics of those they carefully target, steal the intellectual wealth of the individual and their family members, and capitalize on it for 1000 years, (ie infinite).

    All this is being done under the rubric of the “War on Terror”. No one will ever ever know. Those being destroyed and mutilated in unimaginable ways are just plain SOL. DARPA has made a machine that is 10000% human dominant. The justice system is a closed loop benefitting criminals 10000% of the time. The medical community has become evil by default, and the psychological/psychiatric community is 10000% fraudulent.

    On top of that, the Secret Services or Deep State, has become our operating government. It is running the show. And there is not one crack of light that they are letting get through that is not on their goal sheet. Totalitarianism in the Matrix is 10000% ABSOLUTE. It is psychologically the most destructive force that has ever existed in human history.

    These bankers from the Bank of NY, and Goldman Sachs, and others. They are connected to the Fed. It’s where all our money goes. This is just another iteration in how they can steal from humanity without humanity ever having a clue. Only this time around, it’s everything a human has that is being harvested. Birth certificated name, property, intellectual property, brain experimentation and mutilation, torture, social experimentation, human experimentation, theft of time, theft of businesses and life relationships. Everything a human holds dear. And no one who isn’t directly experiencing it knows anything about it.

    The Bioethics committee used the same methods of “Ethics” that the J Edmund Safra Foundation uses – stringent review and analysis, zero morality.

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