Neuroweapon attack on me and my family (Letter to Government of India; 9/20/18)

Email message (1/24/21):

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please look at the attached complain letter in brief to understand main theme of my grievance. You may type “targeted individual/ Mind control technology/Brain computer interface for targeted torture” in google search engine to know more about it. There are different groups who are fighting against it all over the world including India. One website such as ”” will be handy in this regard. In brief, the whole human civilization is at stake of losing its identity. After you go though this I will contact you. Please reply back to this e-mail address if feasible.

Sincerely yours,

Sudip Dasgupta



Department of Defense is always on their feet to lick the feet of these underground academic criminals to cause blatant harm to ordinary common civilian. University people is an index to determine how civilized a country is

Dr. Sudip Dasgupta (PhD, WSU,USA)
Assistant Professor
Department of Ceramic Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
e-MAIL: [email protected]

PMOPG/E/2018/0516057- Grievance to PM Modi

To, Dated 20th September, 2018
Honorable Minister of External Affairs
Govt of India

Dear Madam,

I have been a victim of indiscriminate use of quantum internet based directed energy weapon by some people or organization from University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA considerably supported by other US based criminals of Indian origin who have deep roots in India. It cannot be explained over the phone or e-mail, but it is of complete reality and 100% true. Anyway, it needs a very good scientific attitude, instrumental and strategic base to understand this crime. Having said that I am 100% sure and actually have practical experience for long time that they have access over my every mobile phone and computers that have internet connection and hardware compatible to the wave frequency/ies that these criminals use to physically and mentally torture unfortunate common people like me. Of course, please be sure that I have no secrecy and no personal freedom, because these criminals virtually know all about every phone call, every e-mail and everything about me. For God’s sake, please donot think it is weird imagination and that is the ultimate destruction of all human values that I possess. And for your information, it has not happened automatically with me. There are plenty of reasons and backgrounds behind this captive life with loss of all basic human rights. My sincere pledge to you, will be to take my valuable inputs to handle this crime and approach accordingly to investigate into it. Without proper and satisfactory scientific investigation, please donot discard all my statement/s.

A brief detail of the features of the technology that is being used against us is given below.

(1) Acute audio visual spying because they have live biohologram of my body.
(2) Even a little bit of whisper from mind can be detected because they have access over my brain signalling and activities ( biohologram of brain’s neural network).
(3) Electromagnetic impulse can be directed towards the specific part of the body (Directed energy weapon)
(4) Different kind of sensation like pinching, itching, hard impact etc can be given to my body that have gradually become very much specific to my talk, whisper and activity.
(5) Can give pain even in the internal organ and different parts of the body
(6) Can suddenly give acute pain to my neck by bending, twisting and stiffening it so that I cannot erect it.
(7) Can accumulate smell from one part and spray it to other specific part
(8) Can control the performances of my brain. Can make me sleepless night after night.
(9) Can attack me with different hallucinations and dreams during sleep because they might have a control over your visual cortex.

There are plenty of websites on this crime and many people in the world are victimized with this weapon. There have been specific companies who have developed quantun leap technology to prevent this crime and genetic and psychotronic warfare.

If you have any doubt please visit—105810451054105610481071.html ( Company name is wave genome).

Please have feel and give me and my family freedom from this heinous, unprecedented crime.

With Regards,


Your Honour, I sincerely believe that you will understand the urgency of the situation and hopefully keep no stone unturned to convince Government to fight this electronic terrorism by brain, by law and by power. Following persons, but no way limited to this list, must be interrogated strongly to get to the root of this crime. This is complicated because US government is intentionally not recognizing this crime and allowing them a free space to snatch everything from any human that they want.

1. Some employees of University of Pennsylvania, USA (in particular Dr. David Eckmann and P S Ayyaswami, they can certainly give you clues.) (Undoubtedly this is the main strong holder and whose identities are apparently not clear to me).
2. Bryan Allen Chin, Auburn University, Alabama, USA ( strong holder and probably influencing Indian base including government officials)
3. Yogendra M. Gupta, Washington State University, Pullman, WA,USA ( strong holder and probably influencing Indian base including government officials)
4. Amit Bandyopadhyay, Washington State University, Pullman, WA,USA ( strong holder and probably influencing Indian base including government officials)
5. Susmita Bose, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA (strong holder and probably influencing Indian base including government officials)
6. Sankar Jayaram, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA ( must be interrogated)
7. Uma Jayaram, Washington State University, WA, USA ( must be interrogated)
8. Kerry W Hipps, Washington State University, WA, USA ( must be interrogated)

I am sure that there cannot be any exchange of favor, personal or country’s interest by allowing these heinous criminals to exploit not only India, but also all human values of Indian citizens. By hook and crook, if Govt cannot find these criminals out and take appropriate measures against them, then the help of international court must be adopted. Beforehand, we must try to give our best or even to take other country’s help if required, to find evidence against it. One thing with which we must be cautious that there cannot be any oral commitment or oral assurance to stop this crime, only way to eradicate it is to find measures to detect this crime whenever required and take the help of appropriate law to punish these criminals.

In rule, it is said that always power is associated with good and noble work, but in this case, surprisingly only sheer power is the conqueror behind these heinous criminals and surely some spineless Indian (probably affiliated to IISc Bangalore) have helped on this. Because of this, even committing this kind of heinous crime for years after years, these criminals have no hesitation or repent at any point of time. It may so happen, that the people behind this, are partly controlling USA’s defense weapon virtually by research or by money and concerned government may so be reluctant to raise finger to these criminals, but even accepting that, all economy and human civilization cannot go on meaningless, dreadful evil power. We have to accept that money is nothing to truth and reality. Every country has to follow the rules and regulations of human civilization, otherwise money cannot save it from its destruction. And the magnitude of this crime cannot be understood by simple word, only after careful investigation, government can understand its impact and magnitude. I must say this crime has a permanent impact on human society that is irrecoverable and as soon the govt accepts this reality, it is better for human civilization.