28 TI Statements (2011) From Arlene Johnson (Ed.)

I. Targeted Individual Becomes Author

By Phiem Nguyen
May 18, 2011


Dear Arlene Johnson:

In this email I am sending to you the excerpt from my book Criminal Psychotropic Weapons, it was Stalkers, Targeted Individuals, Directed Energy, and Nonlethal Weapons, I hope you deliver this crime to governments and public.

I was under this abuse, but I did not know what it was. Then recently I asked about this crime; nobody knew it. I thought public should be educated to defend for themselves as victims now fight for liberty and human dignity.

First I did not know who they are; the only thing I knew they are is a network, powerful, and rich, and they were following me wherever I went. Now, I thought they are China intelligent and research on my body and the two others from 2005 United States of America and Sinbad Israel.
I am so sorry about my English but I have to advocate for my human dignity.
I appreciate your work to help this sadistic crime be stopped.

Best regards,

Phiem Nguyen

Excerpt text from my diary:

I came back to the USA in 2004.

They were from USA following me to Viet Nam; then they were following me back to the USA.

I lost my diary 2003 to 2005 from Hurricane Katrina. I could not remember the date. I just noted down the things they did to me.

In Viet Nam I ate fish sauce I could feel the popup inside my body.
Once a day I review my lesson, I could feel the force shot to my head and behind my head at the neck. I kept working. Sometime later the process repeated.


I had lived in New Orleans.

When I stood at the kitchen sink, I could feel the pull out at my cheekbone, at my mouth, at my lower cheeks. I could feel the shot to my head. It paralyzed me in seconds. When I sat at my table in my room to work on my computer, I could feel the shot on my head. When I heard the noise on my roof and outside my room, I came outside of my house to look to see what was going on. I saw nothing on my roof and outside my house.
Once a day I saw the tiny swollen bag at my eyebrow.
I saw my eyelids were changing to sagging eyelids.
I saw my cheekbones grow higher.
I saw that my two cheeks (under the cheekbone) were changed into saggy cheeks.
I saw the cheekbones grow higher again.
I saw my two cheeks more saggy.
At that time my two cheeks were to tighten muscles. My two thighs were tightening muscles, athletic muscles. My entire body, my face, my hands were young too.

I had lived in El Paso.

This was the first time I had experienced a normal dream since 1993 or 1994 when I lived in Austin. I noticed my dreams have been deprived, controlled, and I dreamt someone’s dream or an artificial dream.
I smelt smoke, and I had to cover my nose with a tissue. I saw the smoking pot brought out from my next door apartment.
The force just began shots to my body; then I moved.

The brain function can cure, and it also can control the entire body.
The implant of cells or tissue into the body could be a lively growing process into the body. It could transform the shape, the young and aging even the health physical function. The injection fluid or chemical formula has the same effect.


This smell did affect the body like a drug. It could be an organic smell or chemical smell and so on.

I had lived in Irving

Once a day I smelt cooking food; then I saw my skin turn brown gray. It looked tired. Then, it had another smell and was turning my disastrous skin back to my normal skin.

Directed energy weapon

I was shot. I thought so because I felt nothing touching my body or smelling of any kind at that time. I immediately lost all of my energy. I was so hungry. I was so tired and I could not do anything.

Enter into my apartment

They must have entered into my apartment when I was sleeping, because I usually saw the shot on my face, at my leg, and on my teeth. My face was turned aging, wrinkled. My leg became swollen. My teeth were sore, my jaw was uncomfortable.

December 18, 2010 1:01 AM

They attacked Phiem’s ear canal when she was in her bed in heavy flu. She wondered if this flu symptom was similar to the Russian flu symptom of which she just saw the title on the internet news.

December 19, 2010 10:41 PM

They attacked Phiem’s mouth when she was in her dining room. The patch of dark color at her mouth was shown in this picture. Now, she knew they instantly created age spots as it was over night that she saw them on her face when she woke up. She could say they are spies and they were using spy technique to camouflage, and now they used it to degrade natural human beauty to punish targets. In this picture readers could see clearly they made her cheeks sag as she described it before, but she did not take pictures of them to show.

This evening they shot her sole before they attacked her mouth, but she could not take a picture of it clearly to show the tiny chip she could feel which she could not take out.

This evening Phiem saw that a plane was passing by her window following the attack, but she did not know for sure if it was from the air base or if it was from the ground base.

January 29, 2011

Everyday when I go to bed I shield my body with metal sheet, sponges, blanket, and jacket as I show these pictures.
I enter this diary at 5:35 AM, I went to bed at midnight; then they attacked my head, my ear, my stomach and two side organs, my lower abdomen, my female parts, and my spinal cord. I felt hurt; then I massaged my back because I felt pain in my back.

January 31, 2011

Last night I went to bed early because I was too tired for cooking; then I woke up at 12:45 AM. I went to the bathroom then back in my bed I was attacked so I got out of my bed to go outside of my bedroom. They shot my head. I could not work with my brain. They used Micromagnetics to attack my thighs to burn my cells at my thighs, my hang, my ovaries. They damaged my buttocks and my hang; people could not see because it was private and it was in my back. I could not take pictures of it.

I could not upload the pictures I took because of a memory card problem. I just ordered a new one. I will show it in this diary.

A few days ago, my computer was affected with virus files. How can this crime be stopped? I asked it on Facebook. This is not only causing the victims to suffer, but it could be the authorities too because you could not escape that, your privacy, your body, your life and your passwords and also your plans could be read, you created a fire wall, but when it is an affected virus like the case on computer, you will be defeated.

February 1, 2011

This morning when I was brushing my teeth they attacked my lower abdomen like they cut inside my abdomen through to my female organs. I did not know what they did to me. They shot my leg, my toe. This evening when I was eating at my dining room table they shot my back head, my top left side head then two sides of my lungs so hard, so hurt. I took two metal things to cover it.

April 10, 2011 4:42 AM

Phiem was scared to go to bed; she did not know what they would do to her body, so she tried to stay awake all night, they attacked her head through her ear canal this time.
Phiem went to bed at 6:00 AM. Then they busted something that smelled forcing her smell it, but she did not know what it was. They used to do it; she had to cover her nose with Kleenex or a handkerchief or hold her breath. She was so tired then that she fell asleep easily. Then they woke her up about one hour later by attacking her lower abdomen so painfully and they cut or pin or tear at her female parts to make her wake up having to go to the bathroom. Phiem said that she can not live like that, these evils should die quickly.

They attacked Phiem’s heart when she was in her kitchen; it was painful. They tried to kill her. She knew that they kill people immediately; they claim it is a heart attack. She wants this open to the public to ban this ill science; it was developed for spy agents and now is being used on civilians.

May 9, 2011

Today when Phiem took a shower, and when she washed her intimate parts, she found out it was hurt and a lot of hairs dropped out at the place they made sensation all days and nights. They use Nanomicrochips implanted into that place; they were working themselves inside. Then her side female shape was misshaped, damage when they remote it to itch then trigger the sensation not at that place alone, but she always refused it by placing things on it to prevent it from itching.

Four years ago they began to implant Phiem’s two side female parts. Then a year or more later, they began to implant Nanomicrochips on top at the center of the two side female parts. Then the process was the same; they did to her two side female parts then they remote itch it in place; then they cause the itchy sensation. They cut to change shape or change gender, they heat to make her female cells die due to aging. They are sick evils. Phiem wants them to be destroyed. She was so angry at their savage actions.

Now, I knew they made my stomach look like Jesus. A long time ago when I saw my stomach like that I thought it might be because I was hungry; so I told myself I must eat more food. Then later I saw it develop more. I wondered then and thought it might be because I bore my children but I said I did not see my stomach like that because I did not know their secret plans to harm, to destroy people’s body like that until now I understood what it was.

They shot and cut inside Phiem’s head yesterday and the day before; it made her dizzy, unbalanced.
Today at noon they attacked Phiem’s rectum. Then when she had lunch they attacked her stomach; she felt pain. Then she had to go to bathroom right away.
Today when Phiem took a shower they attacked her right wrist, she felt hurt then she covered her right wrist. A few days ago Phiem fell on the ground; she got hurt on her right hand; she could not do anything.

They attack Phiem’s legs and her whole body every day and every night, each time she is in bed they attack her legs all the time; they want her to be handicapped.

May 10, 2011

Last night Phiem was afraid to go to bed because she knew that they would do something on her body, but she was so tired so she went to bed in that condition. They are sick evils and they created sex dream, I want them to be destroyed.
During the day they attacked Phiem’s head then hands, legs, to create pain in her hand and leg. When they attacked her stomach side and center of her stomach that made Phiem have diarrhea.

May 11, 2011

Phiem was shocked when she saw her body; they deformed her stomach to create an ugly body. Everyday she was so angry that she curses them to be killed and to be destroyed. They are the sick evils and savage evils. I pray that they will be destroyed. Phiem took pictures of herself, but she cannot show her privacy here.

May 13, 2011

Phiem went to bed last night. She thought they would do something, but she had to do it because she has work to do today. She could not stay awake for the whole night as usually she did when she was afraid of going to bed. That was exactly the same they did it, they let her sniff the air busted in chemical or drug to create sex dream. Last night was a rape nightmare.

Phiem said her subconscious does not have a fire wall, it does not have the door lock, the rod lock, security system and the motion detector that she secures for herself at her home. They invaded her subconscious. Then they did everything they wanted to do. This processing who will be condemned on, the victims or the Controllers, she wishes for the sick and rude savage evils to be destroyed.

This afternoon, Phiem took a shower; she felt and saw a difference to her parts. They changed the female intimate part to smaller. She does not know why. They are rude, crude, savage, and sick evils.

II. Another TI in the United Kingdom (Rod)

Rod Says:

October 18, 2010 at 7:50 am

I have been thinking about Voice to Skull a lot simply because I have voices in my head. It could be mental illness or there could be a technical explanation. However, it is not only voices in my head that have affected me; other strange occurrences have taken place going back to 2005, and it is strange that I should be struck down with mental illness at exactly the same time as these strange events began. In this case strange occurrences include people entering my residence and car, career being ended and problems with various items of electrical equipment. There is also the suggestion of satellite surveillance.

A consequence of this is that I have become involved with mental health services and have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Firstly, if I had been aware of sites such as this one I would have had useful information and would have been able to evade the psychiatrists. I would have realised that all these strange events occurring at the same time that I started hearing voices in my head would rule out mental illness. However, I did end up in the system and was forced to take anti psychotic medication. The only advantage to this was that it proved to me that I was not mentally ill because there was no correlation between the medication and the voices in my head. I was on large doses of medication but the strange events and voices continued. So MENTAL ILLNESS IS RULED OUT COMPLETELY. On a side note having spent six years in mental health I question if there is such a thing as mental illness. For a more detailed discussion on this topic read Thomas Szasz’s Psychiatry The Science Of Lies.

So I conclude that there is such a thing as Voice to Skull or Synthetic Telepathy that I am being persecuted with. The problem is though that on the face of it they can do a lot more than transmitting thoughts into a person’s head with their electromagnetic frequencies. From my experience this is what they can do:

Inject thoughts into my head.

Possibly know what I am thinking.

They see what I see.

They hear what I hear.

They can detect when I touch something. In general they know what I am feeling.

They can blur my vision.

They can make me see things.

They can prevent me from urinating.

They can prevent me from ejaculating.

They can shrink my penis (restrict blood flow presumably).

They can cause my muscles to cramp.

They can cause a burning sensation on my skin.

They can control pain and detect pain. I was instructed to burn my arm with a naked flame from a cigarette lighter (1000 degrees Celsius if not more). Initially it was not possible due to the pain but they said to try again and it was possible. There was initial pain but it suddenly subsided and I was able to hold the flame close against my skin without any problem until they told me to stop. I now have two third degree burns on my arm.

They can affect physical performance i.e. they can make me weak and make my whole body (muscles) very stiff.

They can cause bruises to appear on my skin.

When I think about all these things that they can apparently do to me with EMF, I begin to have doubts. Transmitting thoughts into a person’s head may be possible, but some of the other things are surely not possible.

There have been times over the last five years when I have been convinced that I am in fact possessed by some spirit. But I always come back to the technical explanation. Now, however, I just cannot believe that technology can do all of the above. I am also considering the possibility that a higher form of intelligence is at work here i.e. aliens.

Coming back to the possibility of possession. Remember Noah’s Ark. God looked at man and realised man was evil and so destroyed man by flooding the earth. We have had many natural disasters in recent years. The Chilean miner’s incident, 33 of them trapped underground. Chile is predominantly Roman Catholic and Jesus was crucified at the age of 33. How does God view the Roman Catholics? Also the location of Copiapo is strange as it contains the letters ap which is the name of a serious condition afflicted on me by man that has struck me down for decades.

I will not rule out a technological explanation but must now consider the other possibilities.

They say that people who are targeted with voice to skull sometimes mistake it for the voice of God but maybe that’s what it is.

I am in the UK. I have been subjected to a particular type of directed energy attack since 1977 when I was 7 years old. The first time I experienced this was in hospital when I was recovering from a routine operation. It is obvious that whilst under anaesthetic they performed some procedure to determine the frequency required to target me as I am the only one affected by the attack even when in the vicinity of others.

What they can do is to prevent me from urinating with their EMFs. They targeted me from an early age making sure that I could not go in the presence of other people. I will not go into the psychology behind this or how damaging it is but take a look at http://members.boardhost.com/paruresisUK/ to get some idea of what other people with this “condition” have to say. So it would appear that other people are being targeted in this way. It is an extemely effective way of ruining someone’s life leading to social isolation, lack of self esteem etc etc. Also if sleep deprivation is torture then so is preventing someone from urinating. They have done this to me for 33 years. The condition is known as AP for short but the people who suffer from it do not know that this is because the way it works is to block the Action Potentials (AP) in the body so AP is a play on words.

I also know how they hide the necessary signal generators in the rest rooms and offices around the country.

The only reason that I discovered that this was caused by EMFs and was not a psychological condition was that the people that are now using V2K to communicate with me demonstrated how it worked to me in my own home. In short they prevented me going on quite a few occasions in the privacy of my own home so that I would realise that it was possible to stop someone urinating with directed energy.

Anyone reading this who thinks I am crazy bear in mind that I have an MSc in Computer Science and have studied Mathematics at degree level including probability theory. I used to be a contract Software Engineer earning £80,000 a year until they also decided to end my career. I will tell you how they did that shortly. So I am more than capable of figuring all this out.

In short then I have been psychologically and physically tortured in the United Kingdom for over 30 years.

Editor’s note: The above was posted on Robert Fyfe’s blog. http://warofillusions.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/smoking-gun-proof-of-existence-of-voice-to-skull-technology-from-the-us-armys-website/#comment-4344


By Robert Wood
January 29, 2011

My name is Robert Wood and this is my true life story regarding being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target/victim in the United States of America. This is only a partial account as I could write a large book about my experiences, but do not have the time or resources at the present time to do so.

First let me state…, I am not a criminal, I am not a terrorist. I have not been charged with a crime, nor am I connected to anyone who is, to my knowledge.

There are covert crimes being committed against innocent and virtually defenseless American citizens and citizens of other countries as well. I am one of these persons.

These crimes all follow a similar pattern and are advanced technology based. The foundation for these crimes is COVERT SURVEILLANCE. Once the TARGET/VICTIM has been CHOSEN, they are put under covert surveillance. This includes, their residence, vehicle, place of employment, or anywhere else. As much information as possible is gained through that surveillance or in any other manner, i.e…. illegally going through target/victim’s journals, personal papers, possessions, interrogation of friends, relatives, employers or anyone else connected to the target/victim. After a period of time what can only be described as “a campaign of terror and assaults” begins. These crimes run the gamut from what is called “ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO” operations to “DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS-ASSAULTS.” The end result of these CRIMES can range from virtually ruining someone’s life, institutionalization, to death. Considering the severity of these crimes, it is a wonder anyone survives at all. There is almost complete secrecy surrounding this horrendous situation.

There is much information about these crimes on the internet and elsewhere. Simply research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO – DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS. Also, many of the tactics used are documented in government records i.e…. COINTELPRO, MK ULTRA and many other programs. There is ample documentation regarding ALL the advanced technology referred to in this statement/report, including “DIRECTED-ENERGY-WEAPONS” or DEW. Patents exist and can be found. These weapons are a standard part of the military arsenal and are advancing all the time.

The tactics and technology used on targets have been pulled out of these various government programs, COINTELPRO, MKULTRA etc, and the military, and are being used across the board on anyone put on the LIST.

In essence these are covert-government/military-counterinsurgency-operations being run on/against private citizens. The recipe or formula for each target is different which adds to the confusion.



My story starts about ten years ago. Though at the time I had NO idea what was happening or what I was in for.

I started noticing that someone had been entering my truck at various times. I would come back to my truck and SOMETHING would be left inside the cab that had not been there before; the truck had been locked at the time. This is the first thing I remember. Obviously the perpetrators wanted me to know they had payed me a visit…things progressed from there.

I remember feeling angry, violated, and fearful, but at the time did not think too much more of it.

I then started noticing OBJECTS being left in and around my truck or anywhere I went. They were usually the same objects…, so it seemed obvious they were left there for me. This increased until there were objects left everywhere I went. Also, around the residence where I lived. There was no place I could go where this did not happen; things were escalating.

I was becoming alarmed, something was definitely going on.

About nine years ago [12/01] the stalking activity increased dramatically. That is when the residence in which I live was electronically bugged or I was put under audio and visual surveillance inside my so-called home. (how depends on the technology) Apparently, the perpetrators gained access to my home (the perpetrators have keys to my car and residence).

At this time I started noticing strange things happening INSIDE the residence in which I was living, my HOME. Personal things started showing signs of having been gone through by someone. My books, personal papers, journals etc…, had pages folded, were marked in various places or in some cases were actually missing. Other items began to disappear…, keys, things from my wallet, etc… , also various items were moved around. Now I was really starting to become concerned. I talked to the people I was living with at the time, family; no one knew anything about it.

Anything I did inside my residence was subject to feedback when I left or at a later date or time.

Things continued to progress…

All these things were happening multiple times a day. It was negatively impacting me mentally, emotionally, psychically, spiritually, and physically. I was getting physically sick at times. No one to whom I spoke knew anything about it or could offer an explanation or help.

I can not at this time go into all the tactics of ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING /COINTELPRO operations, because there are too many. A quick internet search will reveal a great deal of them, again, research ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO. I have been tortured with almost all of the classic tactics plus a few. For the sake of brevity I will quickly list some of those with which I have been assaulted.


Twenty-four-hour-seven-day-a-week surveillance, including the so called home in which I live. I live in an ELECTRONIC-CONCENTRATION-CAMP.

Feedback from that surveillance.

GPS or “Global-Positioning-System” on vehicle, for tracking.

Followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted everywhere I go, including nine states.

Residence and car illegally entered and items moved, marked, broken, or stolen. (The perpetrators have keys to both the residence in which I live and the vehicle I drive). I now have a sophisticated surveillance and alarm system in the residence and use combination padlocks for the car.

Land-based phone at residence tapped.

Cell-Phone hacked.

Tampered outgoing and incoming mail

Email and internet interference

Harassing phone calls

Vehicle-Tampering: Water removed from the radiator, gas removed from the gas tank, bulbs removed, tires slashed, scratches and various other things. (I now have a locking gas cap and lock the car with combination pad-locks.)

Feedback: This constitutes a wide variety of ways of letting me know I am being watched. Anything I do anywhere including the residence in which I live is subject to feedback.

Directed-Conversation: (a type of feedback) This is where people talk about your personal business (knowledge gained through covert criminal surveillance) out loud in public places around you, like grocery stores, gas stations, or anywhere else.

License-Plates: License plates have been and are used as weapons and tools for harassment. I have found at least six other target/victims on whom license plates have been used. My tormentors have made these one of their favorite tools.

Car/Vehicle horns: I have been sensitized to a number and letter system and car/vehicle horns are used in this operation.

Street-Theater: This has been used extensively by my stalkers. Street Theater is a fairly common ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO tactic. It involves setting up or staging various situations (skits)…. including, but not limited to, vehicle accidents or potential accidents. This can involve all sorts of possible scenarios. Here are a FEW I have encountered… vehicles coming at me the wrong way on a one way street (many times), vehicles trying to run me off the road (many times), various staged potential accidents where I had to take quick-action to avoid contact/crash (many times). And lots of other incidents…, too numerous to mention here, I cannot even remember them all. At times this happened on an almost daily basis… very stressful.

PsyOps-Tactics (Psychological-Warfare-Operations-Tactics): This includes a variety of psychological tactics including but not limited to sensitization to various stimuli. If necessary I can go into detail.

Friends, acquaintances, neighbors and family members have all been coerced/recruited into going along with the plan. This is common in ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations.

There is no place I can go and nothing I can do where I am not followed, watched, harassed and/or assaulted.

Again…, this is not a complete list as this is not a complete report/statement. If necessary I can go into or list in detail anything not complete in this report/statement.

I have gone to the Police and they have been no help whatsoever… OF COURSE. Since ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations are perpetrated and condoned by the government, the police are involved. They may not perform all the deeds/tactics but they are at least partly responsible. And they get many others to cooperate… that is how these operations function. The police will do everything in their power to try to discredit the target/victim and try to provide evidence that the target/victim is mentally ill.

The government does not recognize ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operations and related technologies because THEY PERPETRATE IT AND PROTECT OTHERS THAT PERPETRATE IT.


The effects of this type of treatment obviously are devastating:

One is harmed mentally.

One is harmed emotionally.

One is harmed psychically.

One is harmed psychologically.

One is harmed spiritually.

One is harmed physically.

One’s nervous system is harmed. [tremendous stress]

One loses TRUST in people.

I am afraid to put certain items down or leave them for fear they will disappear as has happened numerous times in the past. I keep an extra set of keys around my neck, and lock my car with combination padlocks; this seems to have helped. I now have a sophisticated surveillance/alarm system in the residence.

There was at least a two year period where I got little or no sleep, sleeping is still a major problem.

I left a job because at the time I didn’t know what was going on. It is only the last four years that I found some of the websites that expose these atrocities and am now in touch with other target/victims. I dealt with this situation alone, not knowing what was going on, for almost six years, damage was done.

The ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO operation has cost me and my family at least tens of thousands of dollars.

I have had various physical ailments (sickness) as a result of being an ORGANIZED/GANG STALKING/COINTELPRO target.

As stated above, if necessary, I can go into detail about anything not complete or clear in this statement/report.

I am treated like an animal or insect in a science experiment…, NOT HUMAN!

I have not had a day off in over nine years.





For a long time I did not know what was going on and damage was done. Recently, thanks to the internet and contacts with other target/victims I have been able to put some of the pieces of this nightmarish puzzle together and put a face on this otherwise faceless monster.

As stated earlier in this statement/report, many target/victims are being hit harder than I am. Many are being assaulted with Directed-Energy-Weapons (DEW). Right now I don’t believe I am, but it is possible I am being hit with some form of microwave or RFR [Radio-Frequency-Radiation] waves. All part of the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM WHICH HAS BEEN WEAPONIZED.

All this cowardly, deceit based criminality is being done covertly/remotely. It is all done behind the target/victim’s back, when they are not there or from a distance. The target/victim is basically helpless and defenseless. If the target/victim complains to the appropriate authorities, they are likely to be labeled “mentally-ill” or worse, thus giving the target/victim no recourse (credibility), and making the situation that much worse. This is all part of the master plan, of course, it is an almost perfect trap. This is not an accident, it is all done by design, the formula is basically the same for ALL target/victims.

The target/victim can be harassed, abused, assaulted, and even killed in ways that are only limited by the imagination and technology… and there is virtually nothing the target/victim can do about it.

If these same tactics were used on a foreign citizen they would be considered an “act-of-war” as it is… it is treason. It is one or the other.

All this is nothing short of what went on in Nazi Germany before and during World War Two. Or Stalin’s Soviet Union or other authoritarian or totalitarian regimes. Only in the year 2010 it can be done much more effectively because of advancements in technology.

This is an outrage to say the least, something has to be done about it; people need to be informed about what is going on and it must be stopped. Innocent Americans are being tortured to death in their own homes and country. I believe the vast majority of Americans do not know this is happening. It can and will be done to you or a loved one if something is not done to stop it now.

Editor’s note: I do not think that Bob would mind if I shared with you that he lives in Connecticut. I turned to him first when I made the decision to publish TI’s stories in mass, because he had informed me that he is a TI and what he had done to be dealt with in such a manor by the US government. Seems that he wanted to study philosophy. That is all. I know that Bob is in Connecticut because he has gone to his local branch of my bank to deposit funds there for my benefit. His being targeted, however, began long before he gave me one dime. Thank you Bob. God bless you.

IV. Successful Business Woman Bankrupted

Provided by http://victims-unite.net/our-cases-as-stories/4-sample-cases/paulette%C2%A0cooper/
Paulette Cooper (no. 9)
Paulette has not only been bankrupted but her thriving company was also fraudulently liquidated.

This is one of the properties she owned.
Here is a one-page forensic analysis of her trials and tribulations.
And here’s a list of what she has experienced:
a fraudulent liquidation forced by false accounting, causing losses of £2.5 million
a ‘phantom hearing’
Court Orders as ‘forged instruments’ – used by Richard Savill Liquidator to extort money, stocks and properties from her six properties that she owned in Nottingham were vandalised and tenants driven out incredible violence by an ex-partner forcing her to sign whatever he wanted, in collaboration with accountants and solicitors – including a shotgun in her face Nottingham police ignoring her pleas for help for 12 years Lincolnshire police doing exactly the same 10.5 years later petrol bombing of a van of hers eviction and possession thanks to a ‘mob of 9 on camera her insurance company refusing to cover her because is bankrupt an Insolvency Practitioner purporting to be a Trustee in bankruptcy and taking the rent from her tenants being exploited by four Insolvency Practitioners: Richard Savill – partner in Begbies Traynor Actons solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners Geoff Carlton Kelly of Baker Tilly London CRG Insolvency – Charles Ranby Gorwood, Lincoln & Grimsby.
Here’s the list of individuals and organisations who have contributed to the financial rape of a millionairess, either by fraudulent actions or by not taking responsibility for justice, remedy or compenstion and burying evidence or passing the buck instead:
o Rogers / King (thieves)
o White / Savill (fraudsters)
Local Company
o Davenham Trust plc
Solicitor Firms
o Acton’s Solicitors, Nottingham
o Brown Jacobson, Nottingham
National Insolvency Practitioners
o Baker Tilly
o Charles Ranby-Gorwood
Local Institutions
o Nottinghamshire Police
o Nottinghamshire Police Standards
o Nottingham Official Receivers Office
o Nottingham HMCS Crown Court
o Lincoln Court
o Judge Cooper
National Banks
o NatWest
National Insurance Companies
o Zurich
National Institutions
o Land Registry
o Independent Police Compaints Commission (IPCC)
o Inland Revenue
o Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
o London Metropolitan Police
o Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police
o London City Police
o The Legal Ombudsman
o Office of Fair Trading
o Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
Paulette writes: “I think these are pretty important things which show the extent they go to in order to destroy your life.” She is now worried for her mum and her daughter as the next level of violence the “authorities” may be willing to “rise” to.
Paulette’s case is no. 9 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

Forensic Analysis: Paulette Cooper (PC) – Tel. 01400 231473

1.1999: Fraudulent Liquidation of Mansfield Scaffolding Ltd. (1990 – 1999)
The Process: Ex-partner Rogers and former Contracts Managers King strangled the company’s cash flow (£1 million turnover, £333,000 net profit) by holding back the billing on major jobs, causing £2.5 million losses in 1999. The intent was to re-bill those works for which wages had been paid, through their new companies. £1 million of steel stocks went missing and liquidator Savill only realised £60,000 in the liquidation which he sold on paper to Rogers.

2.1999: Extortion of Properties through Blackmail and false charges
The gang of Rogers, accountant White and solicitors Acton’s colluded to transfer properties to Rogers with the aid of the Land Registry and a false Affidavit. Acton’s Solicitors used forged legal instruments and Nottingham Crown Court was used for a hearing that was never recorded. Rogers used violence, incl. gun, and broke in nine times to steal papers. Notts Police was informed but never investigated. Alan Radford of Browne Jacobson transferred property which had been extorted from Paulette, to Rogers’ new wife, when Rogers died intestate. After discussion with Savill, Radford perpetuated the fraud ensuring she couldn’t recover her properties. White’s company Dobb & White was bankrupted, allegedly to prevent victims from recovering compensation, and White was imprisoned for fraud. Rogers committed suicide and Paulette was advised to recoup properties from his wife. In her words: “they took it in turns to hold me down whilst the other financially raped me.” More on http://bit.ly/c9XeVI
The Accused:
1.Baker Tilly, Insolvency Practitioners, London were given £10 million for compensation claims, but never paid Paulette. She has a claim as accounting creditor of Dobb & White, but they say that any monies should go to liquidator Savill. They were always aware of Paulette having been defrauded and Savill was party to this since she first made her claim, but still insisted that monies go back to Savill, in order not to have to pay her.
2.Acton’s Solicitors & Insolvency Practitioners, Nottingham, for forging legal instruments
3.Richard Savill, Insolvency Practitioner, now a partner in Begbies Traynor, for committing fraud
4.Savill instructed Paulette to go to Sentley Wilson, solicitors, now in prison for fraud against miners, in order to sign to convey her property to Rogers and to sign for the sale of her home Inkersall Manor, the proceeds from which went to Savill without Paulette ever seeing a penny
5.David Rice, Nottingham, accountant, for losses from Revenue & Customs
6.Alan Radford of Brown Jacobson Solicitors, Nottingham who executed Rogers’ intestate estate.
7.NatWesst for not releasing bank statements.

3.October 2009: Fraudulent Bankruptcy and Possession based on a non-existing debt
The Process: a non-functioning alarm system was used as a pretext for a non-existent loan or debt which then was used as a reason for bankruptcy and possessing the property of her B&B. Lincoln Court and Halifax (HBOS) refused payment of the ‘warrant fee’ which would have prevented the possession. See http://bit.ly/cVdB3p Also behind the fraud that White fronted – a Ponzi scheme called Vavassuer, which he as imprisoned for 7.5 years for in 2007/8.
The Accused:
1.Davenham Trust plc who claimed first a hire agreement and then a loan of over £10K when she has never received any goods of any value or any money.
2.Judge D.J.Cooper, for pronouncing bankruptcy without checking the evidence and refusing to give a legal reason for keeping her in the fraudulent bankruptcy, giving her properties to HBOS.
3.Charles Ranby Gorwood, Insolvency Practitioner, Lincoln, oversaw the current bankruptcy, knowing it’s fraudulent, purporting to be Trustee without producing an Appointment as Trustee as required by law.

4.Two insurance claims: totalling £100K
1.Zurich, insurers of Savill, turned claim for £20 million with 11 years loss of earnings into legal case.
2.UGIS has reneged because she started a case without informing them.

Dear Tim

Please find below a form that Paulette was sent by UGIS to submit a claim for legal costs. She thinks it’s worth trying it again, even though somebody claimed she started on it without informing them.

You will see from my A4 summary that the case is not only drawn out over many years, but also includes quite a team of ‘players’. And what is worst: the main culprit killed himself, two are in prison and the key accountancy company has been bankrupted – to avoid paying out compensation for another major fraud that is very well known to us.

What is especially bad for you is that not only two solicitors’ firms but also four insolvency practitioners were acting fraudulently, besides two courts and a judge! So, do you want to go for the ethical fight and find ‘compensation money’ to put it where it is due?

One of the key victims claims that only the culprits should pay for compensation and not the government. But it seems that the government does need to act as the ‘compensator of last resort’!

Viewed from the monetary angle, the government believes it needs an ‘austerity budget’ which I have contested here. According to its Coalition Programme, the government wants to take white collar crime seriously and wants to set up a single agency to complain to. I put all this together in 4 pages on Watching White Collar Crime which I also attach. You may want to read that as my ‘policy statement’ of where I want to go with victims under the ‘stable currencies’ umbrella. I am working on four more forensic analyses for presentation to the Ministry of Justice.

The ultimate white collar crime is of course the national debt that we have been contesting ever since the Forum was set up, without calling it that though. Repudiate this lie is about the strongest I’ve read.

I had thought that the Big Society Bank could be used for compensation monies. But since it was announced to become a wholesaler, the time may have come for the suggestion that the money should be provided by the Treasury as M0, i.e. interest-free Cash.

Because Paulette’s case is complex, but I’ve gained a certain degree of insight, I am happy to act as filter between you and Paulette. She is full of all the details you may require, but it does take a while to attribute them to the right action, and even more the right claim! Here’s how she formulated the proposition:

There is as you know a huge loss from 1999 of £2.5 million and in addition 11 years loss of earnings and aggravated damages, all of which combined amount to over £20 million.

I need a solicitor, a barrister and a forensic accountant to present my cases and am willing to give 50% to them of the proceeds (to include all their costs and court costs) if they will do the following utilising insurance cover on costs where appropriate:

1)Get the CRO (Civil Restraining Order) set aside and overturn the current fraudulent bankruptcy caused by Davenham Trust plc, suppliers of faulty alarm system.

2) Take a case against Davenham Trust for a million or so (which would put money into the pot from a 50% – 50% split to help finance the remaining case/s).

3) Pursue my claim and court case to its conclusion against fraudster liquidator Richard Savill and his insurers the Zurich, for my losses and 11 years loss of earnings and aggravated damages which amount to more than £20 million. The proceeds of this would again be split 50% – 50%.

4) Claim against Baker Tilly for them withholding my compensation to the point where I end up bankrupt when they knew full well that I had been defrauded in 1999, that all the so called court documents were false and that the hearing was in fact a phantom hearing, as was the Alan White bankruptcy case! So there should be some serious damages to be claimed there too.

They need to have the services of a forensic accountant, a solicitor and a barrister and an honest judge who is not a member of Lloyds or an underwriter!

£10 million plus is a lot of money for a legal team to earn but it is there for the taking if they can present and pursue the cases and claim properly, which would have to be at their expense as I have obviously been stripped of all my money and assets at this time through these frauds and am subject to the CRO so therefore I cannot represent myself.

Paulette adds that I should go for at least 1% of the net profits that you make from the cases. But let’s get the money on the table before we distribute it, shall we?

It occurs to me that I could ask Professor Prem Sikka at Colchester whether he or one of his students could do the forensic accountancy job. He’s always been most helpful and outspoken in the Guardian.

Looking forward to your comments.
Editor’s note: In a private email, Paulette informed me that the medical profession has caused her paralysis. That appears to be the way that she has been targeted.

V. Former Teacher and Banker

By Sadie Judge
September 21, 2009

50 year old woman. I have been a targeted individual for 1-1/2 years. I don’t know why I was targeted or who tagged me. Actually I don’t even think it’s important who tagged me or why. I know enough now to recognize that anyone who would participate in tagging, following, or harrassing people in this horrible manner has to have lost all sense of humanity.

The only thing I do know is how this evil crime has completely changed my life. I was a teacher for 20 years and a banker for 10 years. I have never not worked and always supported myself. I was known in my family as the “independent one.” I was also a very social person and very open to meeting people and experiencing new things.

Due to this crime which basically enslaves you by roping you off from legitimate society, I have become homeless and live in a shelter in New York City. That is how devastating this crime is.
Every single day of my life I am watched, spied upon, harassed and physically tortured by electronic equipment. I am basically a tool to be used by all levels of this “secret organization.” The everyday, low level perps get to harass me, the gangs get to follow me and set up crime around me, the police get to use me and try to frame me, the higher government gets to use me to see how their spying ques work, and ultimately on the highest level I am used to practice mind control and electronic equipment on.

I can’t begin to explain what this crime does to your psyche along with the damage to your physical health. You must have a very high spiritual level along with a complete picture of exactly what is happening to “deal” with this daily hell of an existence. This crime against me and millions of other victims is about a new world order that is trying to be established.

I want others to understand that they are the next “target” if they don’t stand up now and take action and find out really what is going on in this world.

There is no real help out there in society for me or other victims. I have reached out to almost everyone you are suppose to go to when you are a victim of a crime; police, public advocates, agencies etc but imagine when you find out that the very groups that are suppose to assist you have been infiltrated and offer minimal assistance.

I intuitively know that this Organized Gang-Stalking will not survive much longer. All of its activities go against humanity and universal laws. They will implode and die. This gang-stalking I am convinced became very out of control with the inception of cell-phones and computers. It made it easier for stalkers to follow and locate you as well as increase the number of people who joined in harassing their fellow citizens.

I am doing everything in my personal power to expose this crime and these people. I encourage others to do the same and I look forward to the day when we will all live with peace, respect, and love for each other.

VI. Gang-Stalking in America

By Sadie Judge

Living as a victim of a particularly terrifying crime has completely changed my life. It’s like looking through a mirror and seeing the old world still going on but unable to get in it or access it. Add to this the fact that the detection of the crime is almost impossible, and you have the perfect illegal act happening to millions of citizens on a daily basis.

What is this criminal act that’s so deadly that it can actually occur right in front of non-victims without them being aware of it? It’s the latest invisible crime called Gang-stalking, Multi-stalking, 24-hour stalking, Organized-stalking etc. Whatever its name it is the same terror day in and day out for the victims who have been given a life sentence, a slow death of physical and emotional harassment.

If you google the name you will find tons of information on this crime; yet most officials will deny that it exists. An international phenomenon that is taking hold right here in America with a frightening intensity. One that has increased dramatically with the advent of the cell-phone and the computer which has allowed organized stalking groups to be able to “track” their “targets” more efficiently and expediently.

Sounds like a science fiction movie you saw recently? Well, science fiction is now reality and functioning quite readily in our ordinary daily lives. Who is gang-stalked? Why anyone and everyone meaning the possibility of you becoming the next “target” is real. Why would anyone want to stalk you? Isn’t that reserved for persons of importance are the questions most people ask themselves. Well the answer is that just as in our society everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame or success, you also now have the opposite opportunity in the arena of what I affectionately call “The Shadow World.”

These Organized stalking groups like to pretend they have lofty reasons for tagging you. You have been deemed an unsuitable citizen by their less than moralistic standards. They hide behind groups with names like Neighborhood Watch or Community Watchdog groups; groups that receive funding from the federal government and private sources. At one time many of us may have supported such groups who seemed to weed out criminals who were put into our neighborhoods such as pedophiles. People we had not necessarily been completely rehabilitated and needed to be carefully watched. These so called undesirable people would be watched every second and followed everywhere in the neighborhood until they got the message “You’re not wanted!”

Now the neighborhood watch group is watching you! Tracking down regular citizens for a lifetime of harassment and torture. Your name has been submitted by an anonymous individual and their identity will never be revealed to you, the target. The information submitted to the group does not even have to be verified. The identifier has perhaps reported that you make too many complaints, you’re one of those activist/grassroots people, a whistleblower, a family member/friend of another target or even just to simply get revenge on you because you made the “wrong” person angry. Whatever the reason you were selected, the offense does not fit the torture that will now be doled out to you for the rest of your life.

One day you wake up and find you’re being Gang-stalked. There’s no mistaking what is happening to you, but almost impossible for anyone else other than the victim to know what is going on because of the “unseen” methods inflicted on the target. Unidentifiable strangers will now feel free to walk up to you and using a particular everyday action
they’ve been instructed to play out will then proceed to harass you. The type of actions inflicted on the person will be everyday happenings that we the ordinary citizen witness on a daily basis; a cough, whistle, person jogging, accidental loud noises exactly as you walk by, a flashing cell-phone, and the list goes on and on.

Obviously these type of actions in of themselves are not frightening. However if on a particular day there are 10 strangers who cough as you walk by and this happens everyday then you can start to make the connection of the psychological torture inflicted on a gang-stalking victim. Ten coughs a day mean 70 a week and 280 times a month. This includes the other signals; whistling, loud noises etc being executed on your person on a daily basis. A single gang-stalking victim will be victimized easily thousands of times in a single month’s period.

After subjecting you to this type of emotional torture for a period of months you now move into the mental stage called “sensitizing.” This means that you will become so overly-conscious of these everyday actions that when anyone does these purposefully or not you will now react. Think of Pavlov’s Dog that we all learned about in school.

The persons participating in this very ugly crime do not always comprehend the depths of their actions. They may think it is easy money and they are not really hurting anyone if they cough one time as they walk by an individual. They’re just helping to identify a ‘criminal” or “bad person” not realizing their single action is multiplied hundreds of times by others and they have simply been told a lie about the person to get their cooperation in helping to destroy and decimate someone’s life.
The stalking victim will find it virtually impossible to escape the clutches of its “stalkers.” You are identified through cell-phone signals and can be located wherever you are. The number or citizens who participate as “stalkers” is staggering. They are located in every our daily lives. This means your mailman, grocer, doctor, teacher, neighbor etc. will be equipped with a phone that will ring at any time of the day that lets them know that they are in the vicinity of a gang-stalking victim. They will then be given specific instructions of an everyday activity they should then mimmick which has been selectively cultivated for the target they are harassing. The individual then performs their specific action and waits to see who will react. They cough and you automatically cringe which identifies you to them as the “target.” They now also proceed to give you inferior service or treat you in a manner which is different than the ordinary customer, person. You are on the line and it is moving quickly but once you have been identified as a target and get close to the top of the line the service slows dramatically.

The targeted individual is basically a blacklisted citizen. Yes, Americans in this country of the free our government is keeping a list. Once you have been identified you are on the list for life and you will be punished in political, social, physical, and technological ways that result in a slow death. Thousands of people have committed suicide rather than live this daily hell or became mentally ill because of the harsh unrelenting mental and psychological punishment.

I myself am a perfect example of how Gang-Stalking can decimate a life in a short time. In my case within one year I found myself homeless, jobless, and living in a shelter.

Since it is virtually impossible to convince anyone the crime is happening you do not get support. If you are able to convince your loved ones and or friends this crime is happening then the terrifying aspects of this crime makes them afraid to be around you and many fear with good reason that they may become the next target.

If you try to work at a job, the harassment makes it difficult to concentrate and work effectively. Since gang-stalkers are just ordinary citizens, this means it is highly possible the co-worker sitting next to you is a gang-stalker. There is no escape.

Well, reader I know this information is disturbing and scary and I can only encourage you to google “Gang-stalking” on your computer to get all the information about this growing, pervasive crime that our Government and authorities say does not exist. Ask your family members and friends about this crime and see how many victims you actually know but were not aware of their gang-stalking status.

We can only stop organized gang-stalking activities from suffocating our culture and the world by (1) telling our governments that we know it is happening and (2) empowering ourselves and finding out why this secret crime was allowed to flourish and what real role it plays in today’s world.

This position will bring a long time societal ill that has existed for longer than most people realize finally, to an end.

VII. Industrial Designer Flees for Life

By Andrzej Suda

I was born in Poland but for the last 24 years lived in the USA. I witnessed a treason committed on the highest levels of the American government and law enforcement. Fourteen years later I am finding myself with my career and my life destroyed, forced to run away just to save my life.

I am an Industrial Designer. Graduated in 1982, one of the two first professionally trained car designers in the Eastern Block. The London DESIGN Magazine wrote in March of 1983 a short article about me and my class graduation. In 1985 I immigrated to the USA, looking for normal life away from communism. Unfortunately I didn’t know that the Polish government did not forget about me. Approximately a year and a half later, through a string of arranged “coincidences,” I met an attractive girl, also a Polish immigrant. Her role was, as I found out later, to become my girlfriend, perhaps eventually wife, use me (this naïve artistic type) as her cover and do her intelligence work. As far as I know her role was to penetrate the highest levels of the U.S. law enforcement (especially DEA, FBI, and Air Force Investigations), politics and defence industry by befriending and compromising their members. Some time during the spring of 1995 I started to realise my situation. It wasn’t because I suddenly became smarter than usual. I was already very sick, dying from the slow poisoning with RICIN. My girlfriend knowing that I could die any day, became less careful with her actions. This helped me to wake-up and to understand what was going on. I began to quickly collect evidence, hoping to go to the Police, FBI, and other agencies, and to end the nightmare I was living in. WRONG!

All the law enforcement agencies were initially extremely interested. They had no doubt my case was real and very serious. The Criminal Intelligence Unit of the San Diego Police even helped me to get a Concealed Weapon Permit (permit to carry a gun all the time) because the evidence they collected indicated I was in a grave danger. After a few months all the law enforcement agencies I approached were forced by somebody to stop investigations. The most dramatic was my experience with the FBI. The FBI wasn’t interested in investigating my case at all – instead they informed the Polish intelligence network about my actions. You can understand why I feel lucky to be alive today! I asked the highest law enforcement agency in America to help me in this situation – to investigate the FBI betrayal and to bring the guilty to justice. This highest law enforcement agency is not widely known. It is called the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice (shortly O.I.G.). O.I.G. was created to investigate crimes committed by agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA and other federal agencies. With the help of the O.I.G. I was able to collect hard evidence of FBI treason. What do you think happened next? Well, the O.I.G. investigator was transferred from San Diego to San Francisco and stopped his investigation! In 1999 he was interviewed by a journalist Jeff Nyquist and admitted (I quote): “There is a problem at the Justice Department in Washington. Things were being short-circuited at the top. For some strange reasons, spies connected to Eastern European Mafia organizations were being allowed to operate freely on American soil.” (end of quote).

Through my painful experiences I learned that my survival depends on how quickly and how widely I can publish my evidence. The Italian association against organized and institutionalized abuse published my case on its website and, additionally, in 2005 in a book titled “IT’S ABUSE NOT SCIENSE [sic] FICTION.” In the USA two journalists investigated my case and wrote articles. Also, I was a guest on several radio shows of independent radio stations. This prevented me from having so popular between unwanted people “deadly car crash” or a “heart attack.”

Now my suspicious death would only confirm the seriousness of my case. Instead of getting eliminated, I became a target of all imaginable forms of harassment: from a string of never ending “bad luck” events to set-ups with car crashes, lawsuits, and IRS investigations. All were based on fabricated charges, aimed to destroy my life (at the best) or (at the worst) to make me an ordinary criminal and put into prison. With the extreme amount of effort, help of a few (still existing!) good people and some good luck I was able to avoid the worst. Nevertheless, my career and my life was finally destroyed.

What is my conclusion? The Cold War wasn’t real. The ruling forces of this planet need a perpetual enemy in order to keep the general population under control. Those who have read 1984 by George Orwell remember Emanuel Goldstein and his role. That’s all….so simple. Even before I had begun to suspect my girlfriend, some honest people at the State Department discovered her real profession and attempted to deport her. Nobody else, but a Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces Committee of the U.S. Congress, Congressman Duncan Hunter stopped the deportation procedure and gave her a Green Card with a new “A” number. The old file under her original “A” number (where the reasons of deportation were attached) simply disappeared. This is treason! A treason committed by the American official with the highest, equal to the president, security clearance! Was he punished for betraying his country? No, he was one of the presidential candidates during last election.

So, my conclusion is that the Cold War was a staged performance necessary for the maintenance of existing Status Quo. Everybody who discovered the truth (or just asked too many questions) was eliminated. Now, after the “collapse” of communism, much more full-proof and universal “enemy” was created – terrorism, and “the show goes on….”
Below is a link to my documentation published on the website of the Italian association against organized and institutionalized abuse:
Click ENTRA/ENTER to go to my testimonies. Click on those “click-able“ numbers to view individual pages of documentation. The book “It’s abuse NOT science fiction“ containing the same material is available by mail order from:

Corso Marconi 34/a,
10125 Torino, Italy
email: ordini@cortinalibri.it
Link to an article written for the http://www.WorldNetDaily.com about my case:
A quote from this article:
“Both Andrzej Suda and Mikhail told their stories to the FBI. But in both cases the FBI did nothing. A ranking law enforcement official familiar with Suda’s case, whom I interviewed while researching the Suda story, thought there was a problem at the Justice Department in Washington. Things were being short-circuited at the top, he believed. For some strange reason, spies connected to East European mafia organizations were being allowed to operate freely on American soil.”
An article about my case written for the www.Rense.com:
A quote from this article:
“American citizen, Andrew Suda of Poland, has been poisoned and almost killed by his girlfriend, working as an undercover operative with apparent assistance from Homeland Security and the U.S government ”

VIII. Addendum to the Previous story

Winterthur, 24th March, 2010

Two weeks ago something very suspicious happened to me. Always I come home from work on the same commuter train (S-12 from Baden to Winterthur) at the same time (17:15), so it is easy to find me there. I enter the train relatively early (3rd station from the start) and most of the passengers come in later at other stations. On the seat directly in front of me (and facing me) one young woman sat down. Ten or 15 minutes later, tired after a long day of work, I fell sleep. Suddenly I felt a quick, very strong impact into my solar plexus. It was like somebody poked me with a finger (or a pencil). It was too strong and painful to be by accident. I opened my eyes and saw the woman quickly putting away an electronic device into her purse looking like a mobile phone (or rather larger like a Blackberry). What could I do? I am sure it wasn’t a physical attack – the train was full of people, some standing perhaps 20-30 cm from us. She would not dare to touch me. Half an hour later, at home, I checked my skin in this area. There was no bruise, not even pink skin. Clearly nobody touched me physically. It was some kind of energy sent into my body. But for what reason?

Editor’s note: Even with a packed train, people would not become cognizant of an attack on a Targeted individual because people are not aware of targeted individuals for the most part and are also more interested in their own problems than they are of others.

That evening I had blood in my stool. This does not happen to me at all – it must be connected to the attack. My intuition tells me that somebody tried to kill me. Perhaps the burst of energy can cause veins to break. Perhaps she was aiming at the heart and because of the train moving and shaking she missed.

Please let me know if you have any information about the aforementioned device (weapon). Perhaps I am not the only one who has had this type of “accident.” Any feedback, any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share my experience with everybody. The more people know, the safer I would be. Also, the more people who know, the lower the probability that the “Blackberry” will be used again.

Sincerely yours,

Andrzej Suda
Guggenbühlstrasse 2
8404 Winterthur

IX. A new fraudulent attempt to get money from TI’s for impossible litigation

By Bob S, JD, Retired Attorney
May 17, 2011

Warning to all TI’s:
Judging only from what Greg G (mothership) has sent, this appears to be a fraudulent attempt to get money from desperate TI’s by offering them false hopes of an impossible solution.

Editor’s note: I have removed what Greg G sent as I agree with Bob S that it is fraudulent and will only cause TI’s to lose their money.

First, a Canadian law firm cannot represent US Citizens in a Canadian court who have suffered harm in the US from a US federal agency. The Canadian court does not have jurisdiction over such a case, and Canadian lawyers are not authorized to undertake such representation in a US court.

Second, if the lawyers had agreed to take such a case, they would have written to Greg explaining what they would try to do and for whom. Greg would send a copy of this letter instead of his own vague email.

Third, the MK-ULTRA evidence cannot be used to prove CIA responsibility for new forms of experiments using entirely different technology today. We have no way of accessing new evidence of responsibility by ourselves or through an attorney or a private investigator. It can only be accessed by a congressional investigation or by an appointed Independent Prosecutor. No legitimate attorney would make the false claim that a detective can get such classified evidence. If the detective could actually do this by some illegal means, he would be subject to severe criminal penalties.

Fourth, the claims of TI’s are far too diversified to be lumped together in a class action law suit. Any attempt to do this would be dismissed by the court. No legitimate attorney would claim that a class action lawsuit would be an appropriate form of legal action for the TI situation.

These are only some of the reasons why this letter is an obvious fraud. TI’s lost $27,000 on a similar fraud arranged by Derrick Robinson with a dishonest attorney who was willing to go out front with the false pretense that he could win in court without having any evidence to prove responsibility for harm. TI’s wasted two years on this legal nonsense before the attorney finally withdrew, admitting what I had told him at the start and what I had told Derrick before he hired the attorney — that there was no evidence to support a case in court.

It appears that Greg is acting by himself and not with the authorization of any attorneys in trying to do a repeat of Derrick’s fraud. Hopefully, TI’s have learned a lesson from their past major mistake in falling for the phony FFCHS litigation.

If Greg wants to maintain his claim of a legitimate offer of litigation, he must produce a letter from these attorneys stating what they will attempt to do. If he does this, I will then analyze it further.

X. Open Letter To: Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics
Amy Gutmann, Ph.D., Chairperson

Re: Non-consensual Human Subject Testing

By Bob S.
May 2, 2011

I am a retired attorney who has been working as an activist with hundreds of US citizens who have been used as involuntary subjects of federal agency experiments. I am also one of those involuntary subjects.
I have submitted separately to the Commission testimonies from 17 victims of non-consensual experiments who have suffered and are continuing to suffer severe pain and permanent harm as the result of lengthy, highly advanced electronic experiments carried out on us without their consent and against their will by federal government agencies.

Because we understand that our submissions will be made public, we are not including identifying information on our statements. We have, however, provided you with contact information. We are more than willing to provide full identifying information to the Commission in investigating our complaints, and we are willing to make identifying information public if it serves a useful purpose.

I want to make it clear that I am not providing legal representation to any of these victims of illegal federal agency experiments. I am speaking on their behalf only as an activist, not as their attorney.

In this letter, I shall discuss the following points:

1. Federal agencies have engaged in nonconsensual human experimentation over the past 110 years and are continuing such experimentation today.
2. Experimenters within federal agencies are permitted to literally get away with murder since their crimes are protected as classified government secrets.
3. Present Federal Regulations and international standards provide no protection whatsoever to the victims of government experimenters since government secrecy barriers make it impossible for the victims of government experiments to obtain proof that Federal Regulations and international standards are being violated.
4. The Department of Health and Human Services, which has been given by Federal Regulations the responsibility for investigating complaints of nonconsensual human experimentation by any federal agency, has evaded its responsibility by using a ludicrous excuse for refusing to investigate complaints and for covering up the violations of Federal Regulations which it has the duty to enforce.
5. Only government agencies have available for use the highly advanced technology that is being used for current experiments on involuntary subjects.
6. Responsibility of government agencies for the current advanced electronic technology experiments is established by the participation of federal agencies in covering up responsibility for these experiments.
7. Massive evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the FBI is actively participating in the cover-up of nonconsensual experiments that are torturing citizens.
8. Historically proven COINTELPRO operations of the FBI are now being combined with nonconsensual experimentation so that victims of the combined programs will seem to be paranoid and delusional when they tell the true story of their bizarre total experiences.
9. The COINTELPRO experiences of nearly all victims of present nonconsensual electronic experimentation are proof that the total program is being carried out by federal agencies.
10. The massive available evidence of highly advanced electronic technology experiments, causing extreme pain and suffering to hundreds of involuntary subjects, necessitate a report to President Obama concluding that present Federal Regulations and international standards do not adequately guard the health and well-being of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government and that a thorough, independent investigation of this evidence is mandatory to determine which federal agencies are presently engaged in nonconsensual experimentation on US citizens so that the torture of this involuntary experimentation can be brought to an end.
11. Since the FBI and DHHS have both refused to meet their responsibility to investigate reports of violations of Federal Regulations and of the Geneva Convention and since the FBI has disqualified itself as an objective investigator of its own misconduct relating to these experiments, it is imperative for the Commission to recommend to the President the appointment of an Independent Prosecutor to determine specific responsibility within federal agencies for carrying out illegal experiments on hundreds of involuntary subjects.


1. Federal agencies have engaged in nonconsensual human experimentation over the past 110 years and are continuing such experimentation today.
The present investigation was ordered by President Obama in response to the discovery of government agency experiments conducted between 1946 and 1948 in which nearly 700 Guatemalan prisoners, soldiers and mental patients were intentionally infected with syphilis without their knowledge or consent, in an effort to test penicillin’s effectiveness against the disease. This was only one small part of the long and sordid record of illegal and unethical programs of experimentation carried out over the past 110 years. An account of this shocking history may be found at:


The President has asked the Commission to determine whether present Federal Regulations and international standards adequately guard the health and well-being of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government. The answer to that question is that federal regulations and international standards may provide adequate protection to voluntary participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government, but that they provide no protection whatsoever to hundreds of present involuntary participants in federal agency experiments.
The human subjects of the Guatemalan syphilis experiments were all involuntary participants. They did not know that they were being infected with syphilis. They certainly would not have volunteered to be the subjects of such experimentation, but they were given no choice. I will prove to you that the same thing is happening today to hundreds of US citizens who have been made the involuntary subjects of severely harmful government experiments using highly advanced electronic technology.

The present victims of government experiments did not volunteer to be participants in experiments. They were not informed that they had been selected as subjects of government electronic experiments. They were not informed about the risks of participating in the experiments. They did not give their consent to participation in the experiments. They would have refused to consent to the experiments if they had been asked. They have no possible way of ending their participation in the experiments unless the Commission recommends to the President procedures that will enable these involuntary participants to withdraw from experiments that they never consented to participate in.

2. Experimenters within federal agencies are permitted to literally get away with murder since their crimes are protected as classified government secrets.

Federal agencies have a 110 year record of engaging in secret, harmful, often deadly, nonconsensual human experimentation. Wikipedia summarizes the record in these words:

“There have been numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects.

Many types of experiments have been performed including the deliberate infection of people with deadly or debilitating diseases, exposure of people to biological and chemical weapons, human radiation experiments, injection of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation/torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children and mentally disabled individuals. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor racial minorities or prisoners. Often, subjects were sick or disabled people, whose doctors told them that they were receiving “medical treatment,” but instead were used as the subjects of harmful and deadly experiments.
Many of these experiments were funded by the United States government, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, United States military and federal or military corporations. The human research programs were usually highly secretive, and in many cases information about them were not released until many years after the studies had been performed.”


Many of these secret federal agency experiments produced serious risks of death of the human subjects and many of the subjects did in fact die because of harm inflicted upon them by the government experimenters. The federal agency personnel who produced these deaths could have been prosecuted for murder if the facts could have been proven.

The crime of murder is defined by law as the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.

Malice aforethought exists if there is intent to inflict grievous bodily harm short of death. Malice aforethought also exists if there is reckless indifference to an unjustifiably high risk to human life.
Government experimenters who deliberately infect an uninformed, involuntary subject of their experiment with syphilis are inflicting grievous bodily harm short of death. They are also acting with reckless indifference to an unjustifiably high risk to human life, which may eventually result in death. They meet both these definitions of malice aforethought. Therefore, when death does occur as the result of the syphilis infection, the government scientists who produced the death are guilty of murder!

The same is true for a great many of the other government experiments on involuntary subjects over the past 110 years, and the same is true for the highly advanced electronic technology being carried out on hundreds of involuntary subjects today. None of the evil government experimenters who committed countless murders over the past 110 years could be prosecuted for their crimes.

Neither can any of the present government experimenters be prosecuted because the evidence needed to prove their guilt is shrouded behind the impenetrable government walls of secrecy. These government-funded criminals have been getting away with murder for 110 years. They are still doing so today.

The victims of non-consensual government experimentation cannot go to court to obtain a remedy. If they die, their heirs have no civil remedy available. Government secrecy barriers prevent them from accessing the evidence necessary to prove responsibility for harm. The evidence they need is classified and thus cannot be accessed through FOIA requests or through discovery procedures during litigation.

If victims of non-consensual government experimentation or their heirs attempt to bring a legal action against government officials who are believed to be responsible for the severe harm or death produced by nonconsensual experimentation, the government has the power to tell the court that the case must be dismissed because litigation of it will result in disclosure of “state secrets.” Courts will then dismiss the case, relying only on this statement by government and without any need by government to prove to the court the truth of the assertion that litigation will disclose “state secrets.” The “state secret” that the government does not want disclosed is the murder by government experimenters of involuntary subjects of their experiments.

It is thus easily possible for government scientists to get away with murder. Our government has given them a license to kill as well as to inflict prolonged physical torture upon anyone that they choose to be an involuntary subject of their experiments.

Whatever happened to the constitutional guarantee that government may not impose punishment upon citizens without due process of law? What happened to the guarantee that the government may not impose cruel and unusual punishment upon anyone? Those constitutional rights are now only an illusion. They have been superseded by government secrecy laws which authorize government torture and murder as long as it is done under the protective cloak of classified government secrets.

3. Present Federal Regulations and international standards provide no protection whatsoever to the victims of government experimenters since government secrecy barriers make it impossible for the victims of government experiments to obtain proof that Federal Regulations and international standards are being violated.

Now we come to the specific question that the Commission is responsible for investigating: Do present Federal Regulations and international standards adequately guard the health and well-being of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government.

The Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits human experimentation by government without obtaining advance, informed consent from the subjects of the experiments. The Geneva Convention is equivalent to law in the US.

Federal Regulations now also require that advance, informed consent must be obtained from human subjects of experiments authorized by the Federal Government. Federal Regulations are also equivalent to law.
However, no penalties are provided for violations of the Geneva Convention or for violation of the Federal Regulations. For 110 years, government experimenters have totally disregarded laws against murder, which carry very severe penalties. So how could we expect them to comply with Federal Regulations or with international standards which provide no penalties for violation?

Of course there has been no compliance whatsoever by federal agencies with either the international standards set forth in the Geneva Convention or with the Federal Regulations. Exhibit A describes the deadly, nonconsensual experiments that continued after the fourth Geneva Convention became binding on the US. The international standards prohibiting experiments on involuntary subjects were entirely ignored by federal agencies. Federal agency experiments on involuntary citizens are now being carried out on a massive scale, far in excess of anything that has occurred in previous US history.

4. The Department of Health and Human Services, which has been given by Federal Regulations the responsibility for investigating complaints that any federal agency is engaging in nonconsensual human experimentation, has evaded its responsibility by using a ludicrous excuse for refusing to investigate complaints and for covering up the violations of Federal Regulations, which it has the duty to enforce.
Present Federal Regulations require that every experiment involving human subjects must be registered with the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS). DHHS has an office responsible for investigating complaints about experiments which fail to comply with the regulations.

I realize that the Commission is operating as a part of DHHS, but I must tell you that DHHS has been covering up the truth about the federal agency experiments, which it has the responsibility to investigate or to arrange to have investigated.

I know exactly how DHHS handles complaints about nonconsensual experimentation. I have made one myself, and I know of other victims of nonconsensual federal agency experiments who have done the same. We present to DHHS a complaint that we are being used as involuntary subjects of federal agency experiments. We offer to provide evidence to prove our allegation. DHHS then sends us a form letter, saying that before it can investigate our complaints, it is necessary for us to identify the specific government experiment about which we are complaining.

DHHS is making the ludicrous assumption that if we are participants in a government experiment, then we must have been informed about which experiment we are participating in because this is required by Federal Regulations and all agencies are required to comply with Federal Regulations.

I wrote back to explain to a dimwitted bureaucrat that my complaint was that I had been made an involuntary participant in a government experiment and that this meant that I had not been given any information to identify the experiment. I needed to have DHHS investigate to identify the experiment which was being carried out on me without informing me or obtaining my consent. The dimwitted bureaucrat wrote back, ignoring what I said, and repeating the same refusal to investigate a complaint that did not identify the specific experiment about which I was complaining.

It was not just my bad luck in encountering a dimwitted bureaucrat. Every other involuntary participant in government experiments who has sought investigation by DHHS has received the same form letter response. By this ludicrous method, DHHS has evaded its responsibility to investigate all complaints of nonconsensual experiments.

Imagine a city enacting an ordinance requiring that burglars must leave calling cards at the scene of their crimes so that they can be identified and arrested. When a burglary victim tries to report the crime to the police, the police ask to see the calling card left by the burglar. When the victim says that the burglar failed to leave a calling card, police tell the victim that there could not have been a burglary since burglars are now required by law to leave a calling card when they commit a burglary.

That is the kind of irrational response that the victims of nonconsensual experimentation are getting from DHHS when they try to report nonconsensual experiments being performed on them without being given an identification of the experiment in which they are involuntarily participating.

5. Only government agencies have available for use the highly advanced technology that is being used for current experiments on involuntary subjects.

The advanced electronic technology, which is being tested on hundreds of involuntary subjects, is available to federal agencies. They are at the forefront in developing advanced technology through their contractors. The contractors supply the new technology only to government. The contracts prohibit them from furnishing the technology that they develop for government to independent outside sources from which it could be transmitted to other nations. We can thus conclude that the the most advanced forms of electronic technology used for experimentation on involuntary subjects is available only to government agencies and to their contractors.

I do not have the technical expertise to say which kinds of experiments involve such advanced technology that it could only be available to government, but there is no doubt that a large amount of the technology would fall into this category. An analysis of the technology being used in the experiments should be done by experts who have the capability of determining which forms of technology are available only to government. This will establish the certainty that experiments using those forms of technology are being performed by a government agency.

It is highly unlikely that people outside government would be testing any of this technology on involuntary subjects. The risk for them would be too high. They do not have the protection of government secrecy.
The only safe way for government agencies to carry out these experiments is to do the experiments themselves. This is what they have always done in the past. There is a very high probability that the present experiments are being performed by federal agencies. We don’t know which ones. It is likely that more than one government agency is responsible for conducting the present experiments. A thorough investigation will be necessary to determine precise responsibility within government agencies for these experiments.

6. Responsibility of government agencies for the current advanced electronic technology experiments is established by the participation of federal agencies in covering up responsibility for these experiments.

As discussed above, we know that DHHS is using absurd excuses to cover up nonconsensual experimentation by agencies and to evade its responsibility to investigate or see that the allegations are investigated. The way that DHHS handles such complaints violates the purpose and intent of the Federal regulations and of the Geneva Convention.

The other agency that has a clear responsibility to investigate is the FBI. It is the responsibility of the FBI to investigate violations of federal law. The Geneva Convention and Federal regulations requiring advance, informed consent by participants in federal agency experiments are equivalent to federal laws. The FBI has a responsibility to investigate the violation of these laws, but whenever the victims of nonconsensual experiments by federal agencies have asked the FBI for investigation of their experiences as involuntary test subjects, the FBI has flatly refused the requests without any explanation.

Why will neither DHHS nor the FBI meet their responsibility to investigate the reports by hundreds of people that they are being tortured in violation of the equivalent of Federal Regulations and also in violation of the Constitution? The FBI also has an obligation to investigate serious misuse by federal agencies of federal funds for engaging in the torture of citizens in violation of the law and the Constitution.

7. Massive evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that the FBI is actively participating in the cover-up of nonconsensual experiments that are torturing citizens.

The FBI has not only refused to investigate these extremely serious allegations, but it has actively engaged in the cover-up of the experiments by carrying out covert COINTELPRO operations in conjunction with the experiments.

COINTELPRO operations are programs of crime and harassment developed under the leadership of infamous FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for the purpose of combating and repressing political activists whose views Hoover considered “unacceptable.” These unconstitutional operations by the FBI were investigated by congress in 1976-78 and again in 1989. Court cases and the work of investigative journalists revealed additional information about the massive program of illegal and unconstitutional covert warfare waged against innocent citizens by the FBI from 1956 to at least 1990.

I was targeted by the FBI in 1954 because of my activism against McCarthyism in college and because of my intention to enter the legal profession for the purpose of advancing and protecting constitutional rights. I can testify that these operations did not end for me in 1990. They have continued without interruption to the present day.

Examples of typical COINTELPRO operations are:

• Interception and tampering with mail in both directions. The Senate investigation of 1976-78 revealed that USPS had been giving the FBI illegal access to mail since 1940. Our experience establishes that the illegal access still continues.
• Access and thefts from safe deposit boxes at four banks on repeated occasions. Banks are supposed to permit access only when shown a search warrant, but in practice, they grant access whenever they are asked by the FBI.
• Ability to bypass any lock or security device on any home, office, or car without breaking in. Common thieves must physically break in, and they steal only things of value. Our burglars stole things of great personal value to us but mostly of little value to anyone else.
• Ability to obtain cooperation and participation by local police. Local police have always been a part of COINTELPRO. They cover it up and sometimes participate in it. The LAPD refused to take burglary reports, claiming that there could not be a burglary without a physical break-in. This is not true legally. Police misstated the law about this and other subjects to evade their responsibility to take reports. The LAPD openly harassed us for years. They followed us wherever we went until I wrote a letter to the Police Chief. That stopped the harassment, but they still refuse to take reports of COINTELPRO crimes.
• Ability to arrange for numerous local people to participate in elaborate harassment operations. The FBI maintains an army of people throughout the nation who work full time at regular jobs but who are available at any time to carry out whatever special work assignments the FBI gives them to perform. The FBI calls these people “informants.” The victims of harassment by these people call them “perps” (short for perpetrators).

Around 2000, I made contact with people on the Internet who were experiencing both COINTELPRO operations and electronic attacks. I had not previously been aware that I and my domestic partner had been experiencing electronic attacks, but now I realized that they had long been going on for us for years without our recognition.

I realized now that there had been a merger of two government programs. Electronic attacks had been added to COINTELPRO operations as an additional weapon to use against those such as myself who had been politically targeted. COINTELPRO harassment and crime operations had been added to government programs of experimentation such as the MK-ULTRA mind control experiments of the CIA.

8. Historically proven COINTELPRO operations of the FBI are now being combined with nonconsensual experimentation so that victims of the combined programs will seem to be paranoid and delusional when they tell the true story of their bizarre total experiences.

The purpose of combining COINTELPRO with the experiments is to weaken, debilitate, and confuse the subjects so severely that they would not be able to fight back and achieve a solution that had been achieved twice previously when COINTELPRO victims took proof of the truth of COINTELPRO operations to the public and created public pressure that forced congress to undertake the two COINTELPRO investigations.

COINTELPRO operations have evolved over the decades into harassment activities that are designed to seem utterly impossible and unbelievable so that anyone who hears reports of the truth will think that the victim must be utterly paranoid and delusional. When unbelievable COINTELPRO experiences are combined with unbelievable electronic experiments, the combined experiences of the victim are far beyond belief by all normal standards.

Even close friends and relatives of the victim do not believe the truth. If victims go to the police to seek investigation of the crimes being committed against them, the police, who know what is really happening, have a good excuse for treating truth as insanity.

Victims of these combined programs are being viciously tortured, but they have nowhere to turn for help. It is a horror beyond the imagination of someone who has not lived with these experiences. Some of the victims have committed suicide. Some have turned into vegetables. All of them have been hurt so deeply that they will never get over the pain even if the horror stopped tomorrow.

I am reluctant to try to tell the Commission truth that seems so unbelievable, but it is truth that I and hundreds of other victims of this combined program must live with day and night. We must try to make this unbelievable truth recognized and understood by the Commission.

We must try to make the Commission understand how COINTELPRO operations are being used by the FBI for the purpose of discrediting victims of the combined programs and giving local police an excuse for refusing to investigate any of the true horrors to which the victims of these programs are being constantly subjected.

The Commission is likely to receive submissions from other victims who do not understand their true situation and who use the wrong terminology to describe their experiences with COINTELPRO operations. Some of the victims who know nothing about FBI history believe that they are being persecuted by “local gangs.” They describe true experiences with delusional terminology such as “gang stalking,” “citizen stalking,” “organized stalking groups,” etc.

The Commission will no doubt do Internet research and find websites that use this delusional terminology. It’s not because the people are mentally ill. They are describing real COINTELPRO experiences but misinterpreting what they see and using the wrong terminology to describe it because they do not understand COINTELPRO.

The primary purpose of COINTELPRO operations today is to cause the extremely serious problems of nonconsensual testing to be treated as paranoid delusions because the accompanying COINTELPRO experiences seem unbelievable and because these experiences are misinterpreted by the victims in a delusional way. Both the experiments and the COINTELPRO operations are totally real and both involve very serious violations of the law and the Constitution by federal agencies, but the truth has been made to seem unbelievable so that no one will believe the truth and so that the truth about federal agency crimes will be dismissed as paranoid delusions.

9. The COINTELPRO experiences of nearly all victims of present nonconsensual electronic experimentation are proof that the total program is being carried out by federal agencies.
The COINTELPRO experiences which I have described above and other harassment and crime experiences, which I can describe in more detail later, prove that the COINTELPRO operations of the FBI did not end in 1990 and that they are still continuing today. The COINTELPRO operations that I have described have never been used in this country by any organization other than the FBI. They could only be carried out by a federal agency with the capability of the FBI. That is a 100 per cent certainty.

If we know with 100 per cent certainty that the FBI or another federal agency is supplementing non-consensual electronic experimentation with COINTELPRO operations, then there is no need to prove independently with 100 per cent certainty that the electronic experiments are being performed by a government agency. The fact that the FBI is supporting the experiments in the way that I have described means that a government agency is responsible for the performance of the experiments and for covering up the truth about the experiments regardless of who is actually carrying out the experiments.

10. The massive available evidence of highly advanced electronic technology experiments, causing extreme pain and suffering to hundreds of involuntary subjects, necessitate a report to President Obama concluding that present Federal Regulations and international standards do not adequately guard the health and well-being of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government and that a thorough, independent investigation of this evidence is mandatory to determine which federal agencies are presently engaged in nonconsensual experimentation on US citizens so that the torture of this involuntary experimentation can be brought to an end.

It is impossible for the Commission to conclude that there is adequate protection for involuntary participants when DHHS and the FBI both refuse to investigate allegations of nonconsensual testing and when the FBI is reported by an attorney and by many other victims to be participating in the nonconsensual experiments by engaging in COINTELPRO operations to discredit the victims.

I am submitting herewith testimony of the experiences of 14 other victims of nonconsensual advanced electronic experimentation. Many other victims of these nonconsensual experiments will be submitting their testimony in separate statements and at the forthcoming meeting of the Commission in New York.

Their experiences involve many different forms of advanced electronic experiments. I know from my communications with these victims that nearly all of them have COINTELPRO experiences in addition to the electronic experimentation. Most of them will not discuss the COINTELPRO experiences because they do not recognize the relevance of this information in establishing government responsibility for the total program. Some of them misperceive the COINTELPRO experiences as harassment by local gangs, but all their experiences are similar to what

I have described and explained here. I am giving the only possible correct interpretation of the common experiences of all present victims of nonconsensual experimentation and COINTELPRO operations.
The conclusion that must be drawn in the report by the Commission to President Obama is that present Federal Regulations and international standards do not adequately guard the health and well-being of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government.

11. Since the FBI and DHHS have both refused to meet their responsibility to investigate reports of violations of Federal Regulations and of the Geneva Convention and since the FBI has disqualified itself as an objective investigator of its own misconduct relating to these experiments, it is imperative for the Commission to recommend to the President the appointment of an Independent Prosecutor to determine specific responsibility within federal agencies for carrying out illegal experiments on hundreds of involuntary subjects.

The third reason for discussing COINTELPRO evidence is that it demonstrates the FBI must not be assigned the responsibility of investigating the issue of adequate protection against nonconsensual experimentation when the FBI has previously refused to meet its responsibility to investigate this issue and when it has engaged in COINTELPRO operations that have added to the torture now being endured by victims of nonconsensual experimentation. It is essential to have an independent investigation of the FBI’s role in covering up non-consensual experimentation by COINTELPRO operations.

The only possible way to obtain an independent investigation of FBI responsibility in the major government wrongdoing that I have described to you is by the appointment of an Independent Prosecutor. This appointment is normally made by congress or by the Attorney-General. Since this report is being made to the President, the normal course of action would be to ask the Attorney-General to make the appointment, but since the Special Prosecutor will need to investigate the Bureau within the Justice Department, it would be more appropriate for the President to select the Independent Prosecutor and recommend his choice to the Attorney-General.


I realize that I am attempting to convey to the Commission a government horror story that may seem beyond belief since it has been buried beneath layers of government secrecy and known only to several hundred victims who have been suffering the horrors of a covert government war being waged against them for years.

The history of COINTELPRO crime and harassment is now a faded memory for nearly everyone but the victims of the continuing reality for which they have had no possible legal remedy for years. For me the horrors of covert COINTELPRO torment have extended over 57 years.

No one else has lived through this much secret government torture. No one else has the knowledge and the experience that I have with this subject. I stand ready, willing, and able to answer any and all questions that any member of the Commission or the Staff may wish to ask. I can provide documentation to support anything that I have said. If anyone has doubt about the truth of what I say, please give me the chance to prove the truth to you.

I am speaking on behalf of several hundred victims of modern government torture who have had nowhere to turn to find a remedy as the torture has continued year after year with no hope of an end in sight. Now at last, we do have hope. We do have a Commission looking at an issue that no one else has been willing to investigate. You are our last chance. If you do not give us a solution, we have nowhere else to turn. There is no other possible solution that we have not tried.

The Bioethics Commission is our last hope. That places a very great responsibility upon each of you to investigate what we tell you fully and thoroughly and to ask questions about any question or issue that may cause you to have doubt or disbelief. I assure you that I can answer any question you ask and that I can document and prove anything that needs to be proved to your full satisfaction. Please don’t make assumptions against us without giving me a chance to prove the truth to you.
You now have hundreds of lives in your hands. Please save those lives.

Please make those lives worth living again.

Sincerely yours,

Robert S, JD


1. List of Secret USS government experiments on involuntary subjects since 1949.
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16. Testimony of Nicholas T (File: 16_NicholasT_Testimonial_Mar_2011)
17. Testimony of Breanda B (File:17_BrendaB_COINTELPRO_stmt_Sept_13_2010)
18. Testimony of Robert B (File: 18_RobertB_Stmt_Feb_2011)
19. Testimony of Naomi H (File: 19_NaomiH_Statement_May_2011)
Bob S. submitted this statement:
I am a retired attorney who has long been an involuntary subject of federal agency experiments using Directed Energy Weapons. I filed a complaint with the Office of Human Research Protection (OHRP) about four years ago.

The answer by this office was that it could not investigate my complaint unless I identified the specific government experiment about which I was complaining. I explained that I had no way to identify the experiment since I had not been asked to volunteer to participate in it. OHRP replied that it could do nothing to help me without identification of the experiment.

OHRP has been denying to me and to all other victims of non-consensual experiments the protection that is supposed to be available under Federal Regulations. More recently the excuse given by OHRP has been reworded as follows in a letter to another victim of non-consensual experimentation:

“OHRP evaluates all substantive allegations of noncompliance involving research projects or institutions over which it has jurisdiction. OHRP has determined that it does not have jurisdiction over the matters referenced in your letter. Therefore, OHRP will not be able to pursue this matter on your behalf.”

The internal policies of DHHS require OHRP to investigate complaints about experiments being performed by DHHS. If a complaint is about experiments being performed by a different agency, the policy of OHRP is to refer the complaint to the head of the Department that is engaged in the experiments.

What remedy is available to the hundreds of victims who are being used without their consent as subjects of unidentified experiments involving directed energy weapons or implants? These experiments are very likely being performed by the CIA or by DOD, but involuntary participants in the experiments are never told who is experimenting on them. So they have no possible remedy from DHHS or elsewhere.

OHRP is telling all these hundreds of people that OHRP does not have jurisdiction. No other government office will accept jurisdiction to investigate. So the victims of these experiments are being tortured year after year by painful and permanently harmful government experiments with no end in sight and no legal remedies available to them.

This government torture of citizens will continue indefinitely unless the Commission meets its responsibility to report to the President that these people are suffering terrible harm as non-consensual subjects of government experiments who are desperately in need of a means for ending this government torture.

But the members of the Bioethics Commission are ignoring all the pain and permanent harm that is being inflicted on innocent citizens by government agencies. Instead of meeting their responsibility to bring an end to this government torture, Commission members are stating in their public discussion that something like the Guatemala experiments cannot happen again because of the present requirement in Federal Regulations to obtain advance, informed consent. This conclusion is directly contradicted by an enormous amount of evidence that has been submitted to the Commission.

How effective would laws against robbery be if we did not have police who take responsibility for enforcing these laws? That’s how effective Federal Regulations are in prohibiting experiments without advance, informed consent when there is no one in DHHS or elsewhere who will enforce the regulations.

Every person who was permitted to make public comments at the March and May meetings of the Commission reported personal knowledge and experience with years of harmful government experiments being performed without obtaining advance, informed consent. I am familiar with a great deal of written evidence submitted to the Commission by myself and by others to document massive federal agency experiments being performed on involuntary subjects. Oblivious to all this reported reality, the Commission is stating publicly that the risk of such things happening has been eliminated by the present requirement of Federal Regulations to obtain advance, informed consent.

The Bioethics Commission is covering up the truth that is being reported to it by citizens in overwhelming oral and written submissions.

My letter of May 2, 2011 to the Commission is at http://www.CointelproToday.org.

Bob S

Content copyright 2011. CointelproToday.org. All rights reserved.
Editor’s note: Permission to reprint this News release has been granted in writing.

XI. Nurse Forced Into Retirement Due to MK-ULTRA

By Linda Johnson
May 26, 2011
San Antonio, Texas

I have been targeted aggressively for over twenty years. My father was targeted, and died in 1999. I am unaware of the selection process that caused me to be targeted. I am a victim of non-consensual human testing. They use non lethal directed energy weapons to attack me and my mother who lives at my residence. This causes marks on the skin, that I have photographed, and they have since changed to pulsed energy. The marks are red, and resemble burns, or are linear, and appear spontaneously.

I believe I have an implanted tracking device, as I have an unmanned vehicle, or drone above my house for surveillance, that moves with my body, following me when I am in the yard. These devices, and equipment were developed and are owned by the federal government, so this operation uses vast intelligence, and expense not available from any other avenue.

This is a slow kill method of torture that has caused pain in the back of my head, headaches, toothaches, itching of the eyes, dryness of the eyes, and red eyes. There is pain in the spine and any place the energy is directed. The pain goes away rapidly when I move location in the house. They often focus activity at night. The use of energy weapons is accompanied by a program that involves thought surveillance, GPS, Remote Neural Monitoring. The torture is physical, mental, and psychological. The energy weapons include electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and Radiation. The mind control weaponry includes EDOM. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) or selective memory. It is necessary to stop the proliferation of physically invasive electronics to harm, survey, capture through the use of electrical current or alter humans.

The non-lethal weapons cause long term damage to tissues, and organs, and have triggered autoimmune illnesses. I had been working as a nurse for over 20 years, but was forced into retirement. The methods used against me were an MK-ULTRA, or COINTELPRO type of operation, of character assassination based on lies, effectively destroying my reputation, tampering with foods, poisons, theft, vandalism, affecting communications of mail and phone, and much more. This is an international occurrence that is torture, that amounts to social control. This is a human rights issue, and must be stopped.

XII. Whistle Blower is Targeted with Directed Energy Attacks and Mind Control

By Amy Anderson
May 26, 2011

To Dr: Alim I, Amy Lee Anderson, is suffering from directed energy attacks with these symptoms. I fight off mind control technology being used upon me. I am a targeted individual because of being a whistle blower on my former job. I was employed with Inter-Con Security Systems. They removed me because I had discovered ally spy Jonah Matranga. The CIA had assigned me to him as, his human subject with using mind control technology upon me. Inter-Con Security Systems is a part of this government conspiracy, when I started describing hacking activities were committed upon my place of employment at Department of Health Services; they removed me and refused to investigate.

I am fighting for the judge to assist me with this legal issue pertaining to all who are involved with this government mind control technology being used upon me. I have information tracing this ally spy in using mind control devices; plus I first discovered his pictured identity over him hacking my cell phone. Once anyone discovers their cell phone is hacked, it is normal for them to investigate why would this person do this to my cell phone and what is their purpose in not wanting to remove themselves out of your life; after being exposed and constantly being told by law enforcement, FBI, Department of Justice, Internal Affairs, Department of Energy, District Attorney, Department of Defense, ACLU, and the local police, (NOI-student Ishmael and yourself Dr. Alim) I could not get rid of this demonic man because he is a part of this government conspiracy in using mind control technology upon me.

The reason he will not go away is because the law is protecting him with this illegal human experimentation. I am on the government BLACK LIST. They have made me a targeted individual in their mind control program as a whistle blower. I refuse to stop fighting for my life. I suffer from this technology being used upon me everyday. My face is always burning when I write about this demonic man or try and seek help in removing him out of my life. He also sends electric shock waves to me that sting my skin; my skin is always having a burning sensation. I and other victims are suffering right under other American citizen’s noses while these demons in the government torture us and kill us. This demon and other demons within the government are trying to slowly and secretive kill us targeted individuals.

We want a March on the White House about mind control technology being used upon us. These weapons are designed to be undetectable devices yet, we are being victims of them. I don’t like the fact that the DNA of my body is placed into a remote control device as a cloned blueprint of my mind to be able to reach my brain wave functions by a cell phone tower or satellite connection device technology. (Look up microwave hearing OR Government PATENT MIND CONTROL technology). “I did not know that; I was a victim until………… I wouldn’t stop looking to see what was going on. With these psychotronic weapons….Now I know!” Help! Allah’s doctor servant.”


Microwave hearing
Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations
Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves
Manipulation of emotions
Reading thoughts remotely
Causing pain to any nerve of the body
Remote manipulation of human behavior from space
Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead
Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly
Control of sleep patterns
Computer-brain interface, control and communication
Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

How Symptoms Manifest

1. Microwave hearing. The hearing of voices in the head from an outside source, but nobody else can hear the voices except the targeted individual.

Frequency vs depth

The depth of penetration depends on the frequency of the microwaves and the tissue type. The Active Denial System (“pain ray”) is a less-lethal directed energy weapon that employs a microwave beam at 95 GHz; a two-second burst of the 95 GHz focused beam heats the skin to a temperature of 130 °F (54 °C) at a depth of 1/64th of an inch (0.4 mm) and is claimed to cause skin pain without lasting damage. Conversely, lower frequencies penetrate deeper; at 5.8 GHz the depth most of the energy is dissipated in first millimeter of the skin; the 2.45 GHz frequency microwaves commonly used in microwave ovens can deliver energy deeper into the tissue; the generally accepted value is 17 mm for muscle tissue.[2]

As lower frequencies penetrate deeper into the tissue, and as there are only few nerve endings in deeper-located parts of the body, the effects of the radio frequency waves (and the damage caused) may not be immediately noticeable. The lower frequencies at high power densities present a significant risk. The human body acts as a broadband antenna, with a number of resonation frequencies dictated by its size and position.[3]

The microwave absorption is directed by the dielectric constant of the tissue. At 2.5 GHz, this ranges from about 5 for adipose tissue to about 56 for the cardiac muscle. As the speed of electromagnetic waves is proportional to the reciprocial value of the square root of the dielectric constant, the resulting wavelength in the tissue can drop to a fraction of the wavelength in air; e.g. at 10 GHz the wavelength can drop from 3 cm to about 3.4 mm.[4]

The layers of the body can be approximated as a thin layer of epidermis, dermis, adipose tissue (subcutaneous fat), and muscle tissue. At dozens of gigahertz, the radiation is absorbed in the top fraction to the top few millimeters of skin. Muscle tissue is a much more efficient absorber than fat, so at lower frequencies that can penetrate sufficiently deep, most energy gets deposited there. In a homogeneous medium, the energy/depth dependence is an exponential curve with the exponent depending on the frequency and tissue. For 2.5 GHz, the first millimeter of muscle tissue absorbs 11 per cent of the heat energy, the first two millimeters together absorb 20 per cent. For lower frequencies, the attenuation factors are much lower, the achievable heating depths are higher, and the temperature gradient within the tissue is lower.

The tissue damage depends primarily on the absorbed energy and the tissue sensitivity; it is a function of the microwave power density (which depends on the distance from the source and its power output), frequency, absorption rate in the given tissue, and the tissue sensitivity. Tissues with high water (resp. electrolyte) content show higher microwave absorption.

The degree of the tissue damage depends on both the achieved temperature and the length of exposure. For short times, higher temperatures can be tolerated.

The damage can be spread over a large area, when the source is a relatively distant energy radiator, or very small (though possibly fairly deep) when the body comes to direct contact with the source (e.g. a wire or a connector pin).[3]

The epidermis has high electrical resistance for lower frequencies; at higher frequencies, the energy penetrates through by capacitive coupling. Damage to epidermis has low extent unless the epidermis is very moist. The characteristic depth for lower-frequency microwave injury is about 1 cm. The heating rate of adipose tissue is much slower than of muscle tissue. Frequencies in millimeter wave range are absorbed in the topmost layer of skin, rich in thermal sensors. At lower frequencies, between 1-10 GHz, most of the energy is, however, absorbed in deeper layers; the threshold for cellular injury there lies at 42° Celsius while the pain threshold is at 45° Celsius, so a subjective perception may not be a reliable indicator of a harmful level of exposure at those frequencies.[6]

XIII. American First Abused by Illegal Drugs is Now Targeted by the Government

Author wishes to maintain anonymity
May 27, 2011

I ordered the American Free Press, and I am going to send Mr. Ted Gunderson pictures of me. I feel my stomach swelling, and as I type this I feel a flim over my eyes and also my insides ache. I feel like they are attacking my colon. My daughter has helped me to send pictures to Tulsa World and the editor omer.gillham@tulsaworld.com

I have even sent pictures to the chief medical-examiner and the governor of Nevada, Mary Fallon. I feel that if I don’t get my story out these people are going to get away with murder. I have had a number of yeast infections; also when my veteran friend had me hold a sheet of aluminum foil in front of my face and it reflected a reddish color and then a blueish color, it scared me, but I maintained. I have had terrible nightmares, stink smells, my lower back has hurt, but when I go to the doctor they check but find nothing.

I am in pretty good health, and thanks to peggassy my liver is in remission; my eyes have been real glassy, also I have had visual what looks like jagged lines, and when I have been almost asleep I have had my body jerked and I believe that they are using some kind of satellite for this to follow me from Oklahoma, Kansas to Nebraska to Arizona to Colorado. When my daughter flew me to Phoenix Arizona on Southwest Airlines, I still heard the voices and reconized some of them. Also I believe they are targetting some of my family. I am going to get my story out. I’m not giving up, neither will I give in. The reason I sent pictures to the medical examiner was to ask him if they were doing an autopsy on someone, would they be able to tell if they had been the victim of direct-energy-weapons? I have had the middle of my chest hurt so badly. I ask God please don’t let them kill me.

Dr Lahr, who I am seeing in Tulsa and a therapist has said they believe in me also, and Dr. Lahr said he was going to turn this over to his investigators. I have not received any response to my letters yet. They picked me because I was on drugs and they were trying to put a jacket on me and they didn’t want anyone to believe that what I was saying was the truth. They turned false information in on me to get me under investigation. All I was was a user not a drug lordess. I didn’t traffic drugs, and there are 7 people involved in this that are drug snitches and they all lived under one roof, and there are more involved. Also they did not think that I would fight back like I said patty-impossible is fighting back. I’m going to get my story out and they are going to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder with dew (Direct Energy Weapons) and attempted murder. There is more to my story. Editor’s note: I received a fatal error when I tried to respond to this woman’s Email. If any of you know how to locate her, please let me know so that I will be able to get the rest of her story. She stated that her name is Patty July.

XIV. Californian Targeted Individual in Dentist’s Office

By K.Y.

I sent in a story to Peacepink a few years ago after suffering since 1971 at the age of 16. This was only the start of my targeting and ongoing MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO. Was it a coincidence that the Stanford Research Institute (SRI)started the remote viewing project that year?

The Stanford Research Institute, 1010 Heriet Street in Palo Alto California, is now PSI Tech. SRI was the start of the remote viewing program, or so they claim (really an implant center) I was taken in for violent nose bleeds, they sat me in a dentist chair and made an incision in my right nostril at the very back, the man then walked over to a table and with a tong picked up a capsule about the size of an aspirin, I said what the hell are you going to do with that, and he said, “if you try to fight, it won’t go well for you.” He proceeded to push the implant up into the incision with the tongs and put some powder there to stop the bleeding, I went out like a light, and I think he did the other side while I was out, and my life has been hell ever since!

If any one has had a similar experience please contact me,

More on my implants to come.

Many people have been implanted while at the doctor’s office, a surgery,
or through shots, here are some links of when & how

http://www.biotele.com/ Search Delgado.
http://www.larsonmedia.net Cheney torture bio implants, used by the CIA invented by the Alphard Mann foundation some good links to check out

XV. Writing Colin Powell Causes Veteran To Be Targeted

By Kevin Canada

I started having all this weird shit happen to me three months after I wrote Colin Powell in 1998, like an idiot again I try to do something good for my country and it turns into a nightmare (getting a black president). The day before the DNC convention in Denver I had a formation of Apache helicopters fly right over my house at around 500 feet off the ground, I lived at 14,000 feet in the mountains (Norwood, CO) we don’t ever get helicopters flying over anything up there. You can speak with Annie Johnson the Social Worker for San Miguel County, Telluride CO; she was my next door neighbor at the time; she saw them. They recruited her to harass me too the sick bastards.





MY OTHER YOU TUBE SITE http://www.youtube.com/user…
About Me:




Kevin, your friends from U.S. Army Special Forces Command (Airborne) are waiting for you on Facebook.





XVI. Engineer in Huntsville Alabama Targeted

By govharass
August 14, 2006

What I am going to describe is happening to me 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.

For quite some time it has been apparent people in Huntsville, Alabama with the ability to communicate through thought (telepathy – ESP) have been following me, attempting to get me in with them. I believe these people are part of our US government under the Homeland Security umbrella. Could it be the CIA, FBI, local law enforcement? I can not say for sure at this point. Although when it started I believed whole heartedly these attacks were coming from people within the government, I believe they have dispensed this capability to others (in Huntsville, AL) to inflict these attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By taking some type of chemical substance (gogo juice, I once heard it called), orally or intravenously, a chemical imbalance is
instilled in the body or brain giving them this ability. These people were initially after me because they saw some ability I possessed which was strong and therefore useful. Through this process they contacted numerous people within Huntsville, AL, including, neighbors, gas station attendants, store workers, family members, my previous employer, and golf course personnel. They gave numerous people at these locations this gogo juice giving them these telepathic abilities to some extent. Once this stuff started getting distributed more and more people heard about it and were administered the substance.

To my understanding there are several levels of getting made-up, starting with being administered this entry-level gogo juice. The further you go through the process the stronger you get. This process probably requires more or different types of chemicals. I believe these people were after me because they saw some ability I possess which could make me very strong; whether it be my ability to hear and see them without the use of the chemical, or the ability to pick up their communication at far distances. I could also have the ability to receive and transmit visuals.

At some point instead of these people trying to get me in, or associated with them, they changed their strategy and began using their abilities to inflict pain in my head and other parts of my body. Somehow they have the ability to send signals into the head causing several types of pain, including stripes, dots, blunt force, as well as a wiggly feeling which enters and extends deep into my skull. It appears this wiggly type is due to the signal taking the form of a sine wave, hitting the head and entering. I also encounter a burning/sandy sensation that feels similar, I am sure, to a sand storm. This usually occurs directly in the face or on the top of the head. The final head attack is to my eyes, causing localized pain to my eyeball as well as a sandy burn feeling. I believe concentrating for some length of time on one location or part of my body inflict these pains.

These attacks are now occurring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wake up with welts on the back of my head, severe pains to my temples, or stripes on the side of my head, wherever the attacker of the day decides to concentrate. Most recently my eyes have been assaulted during the night; therefore, I feel severe pain and burning in and around my eyes every morning, which usually is accompanied by one or more other forms of attack. They have a cute name for these nighttime assaults; they call it getting sacked.

I believe at this point their objective is to hold me captive in Huntsville, AL and torture me with head hits, 24 hours a day.

Origins of Attacks

At least this is when I became aware of these attacks and how they worked. They started while working at United Space Alliance here in Huntsville, AL. I was located at Marshall Space Flight Center in the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Level II department.

I am an engineer with a mechanical engineering degree from Loyola Marymount University. I contacted my employer and explained in detail what was occurring. (As I stated above I believe my employer was contacted by these people and administered the chemical at MSFC (including NASA personnel) as well as at the United Space Alliance complex.) The head attacks were so severe I had to leave work sick on numerous instances. At the time these attacks were not occurring during the night, only during the daytime while at work. My employer decided to move me from the MSFC location to the United Space Alliance location just off the base. These head attacks continued, and my complaints continued. At my employer’s request I submitted to physicals, blood tests, an MRI, and visited with several counselors/psychologists, all of which cleared me for work. Ultimately the decision was made by my employer to terminate my employment because these attacks continued, and my complaints and sick days continued.

Although I became aware of these attacks
and how they worked while working at
United Space Alliance, it is entirely possible
they began prior to this point. It is however
clear they became severe and pronounced
while working, since this is how I learned the
mechanics behind them. I clearly recollect
prior to this time, however, feeling sick and
dazed on more than one occassion. They
could/probably were using these attack
techniques to cause these feelings.

As I indicated on the “Background” page, it
was my understanding they initially
attempted to get me “IN” with them. I
frequented numerious locations, such as
golf courses and parks, to attempt to make
contact, or get in; however, it never
happened. For whatever reason it is my
belief they used this telepathic attack
capability to begin the harrassment during
this initial time frame.

Telepathy & Technology – Coast to Coast

Written by govharass
Sunday, 21 June 2009

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Date: 06-03-09
Host: George Noory
Guests: Nick Begich, Steve Alten
Part 1 Play >>
Part 2 Play >>
Part 3 Play >>
Editor’s Note: If you cannot access these links here, please go to

My personal beliefs as to where these attacks are coming from are directly in line with what Dr. Nick Begich has described in his interview with George Noory. As my blog indicates, I believe these attacks are are coming from people via telepathy, and the primary purpose of this is Psychological Manipulation of the subject to force them to do the Perp’s wishes. Also to tear down the subject. These attacks may also be to be to suppress the capabilities one TI may possess. These attacks are in the Paranormal area, similar to to Remote Viewing, but different.
Lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich discussed the latest research on telepathy in the battlefield, where brain waves alone can give commands. Today’s science-fiction may be tomorrow science-fact, he commented. Begich described some of DARPA’s far-out experiments which could allow military communication through analysis of neural signals rather than vocalized speech, using EEG to read the brain waves. A similar technique might be employed with “mind reading binoculars” which could pick up threats faster than the conscious mind can process them. Begich noted that other branches of the military such as the Air Force and Navy were also experimenting with mind/brain technologies.
He raised ethical concerns over the use of such neuro-technology, and the possible imposition of learning people’s inner/private thoughts. People wrestle with their thoughts, which are later formalized into behavior, so analysis of the thought process may not yield accurate conclusions about a person’s actions.

Down the road, it may be possible to create or delete memory sets– but how could one discern the truthfulness of testimony such as in a court of law?, he asked. We are now seeing the convergence of computer, biological, and electronic systems allowing the unprecedented interface between humans and machines, he pointed out. Begich also touched on research into mind control, and how sound, light, or currents can cause changes in mental states. For more on his work in this area, check out this YouTube video clip that features excerpts from some of his lectures/demos as well as an appearance on the Canadian TV show, Undercurrents.

Sea Monsters

First hour guest, author Steve Alten talked about his new novel, MEG: Hell’s Aquarium, which deals with a devastating sea creature called the Megalodon which could weigh up to 100,000 lbs. Though thought to be extinct, it is possible such creatures could exist in the deepest ocean abyss underneath the Philippine Sea Plate, he suggested. Alten also discussed his research into the Loch Ness Monster.

– earthpulse.com
– stevealten.com

– Mind Control

– Controlling the Human Mind
– Angels Don’t Play This HAARP
– Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul
– Meg: Hell’s Aquarium
– The Loch

How they Stalk and Harass
Written by govharass
Monday, 14 August 2006

Head Attacks:
These attacks have occurred from a number of sources:
Vehicle Drive-By’s:

I am currently staying in a house about 100 yards off a busy street. These people drive by up and down the street sending pain signals at one location on my head. After 20-50 hits the pain can be quite extensive. As I stated I believe these people were after me for a reason, including my ability to receive signal transfers at extended distances. Unfortunately through the course of this process they discovered I could receive signals from drive by hits.

Neighbor Houses:

As I stated I believe these people have contacted neighbors and have one or more people located within homes around where I am currently staying sending pain signals once every so often, all during the day and night.

Vechile Tails:
I believe my car is marked or tailed to some degree. As I drive around Huntsville, AL I am followed and hit. They are also stationed around Huntsville, in parking lots and stores. As I drive by they send the hit signal, or follow me at some distance concentrating and hitting for an extended period of time.

Support form Rep. Jim Guest

Written by govharass
Saturday, 23 August 2008

Letter found at http://www.us-government-torture.com/
Last Updated ( Saturday, 23 August 2008 )


XVII. U.S. Silently Tortures Americans with Cell Tower Microwaves

By Scrivener |
December 2, 2009
23099 views | 24 Recommendations | 1024 comments

• Regional Homeland Security- administered fusion centers use a nationwide microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation “directed energy” weapon system to silently torture, impair, subjugate unconstitutionally “targeted” Americans and their families — an American genocide hiding in plain sight.
• Victims’ own cell phones may be used to target them.
• How a young FBI agent’s ‘I believe you’ gave victim the faith to go public.


President Obama has told the nation and the world that America does not torture.

President Obama is wrong — and security/military/intel officials in his administration know it. America tortures. Not just Gitmo and Bagram “war on terror” detainees, but its own citizens. Each day, a nationwide microwave/laser electromagnetic radiation directed energy weapon attack system employing “phased array” cell tower antenna transmitter/receivers and GPS satellites — under the apparent command of dozens of U.S. Department of Homeland Security- administered “fusion centers” — is used to silently and invisibly torture, impair, subjugate, and degrade the physical and neurological health of thousands of unjustly, unconstitutionally “targeted” American citizens…

…and most of the victims have no idea what is making them sick, tired, exhausted, irritable, confused, lethargic; plagued with painful, debilitating head and body aches, sharp, piercing, painful ringing tones audible only to the target, temporary or permanent cognitive impairment……leaving them unable to function normally and lead a happy, healthy life.

Victims of this government-engineered, stealth genocide are robbed of the most basic of human rights — free will, freedom from external manipulation of their physiological and mental functions.
Medical experts have confirmed that irradiation with microwaves and other radio frequencies can induce injury, illness and disease, from strokes and aneurysms to cataracts and cancer — and death.
The military aptly applies the descriptor “slow kill” to these weapons systems, capable of targeting and delivering a wide array of electromagnetic microwave and other radio frequencies with extreme precision — not “faster than a speeding bullet,” in the parlance of “Superman,” but at the speed of LIGHT. According to publicly available patents upon which the system is based…

http://freepatentsonline.com/7629918.html, http://freepatentsonline.com/4456912.html…. this “multi-functional radio frequency directed energy weapon system” generates precision “directed” bursts of pulsed microwave energy using the combined power of multiplexed, phased array antenna installations that generate “scalar” electromagnetic waves. Scalar waves are “out-of-phase” radio waves that have the unique ability to extract variable amounts of microwave energy from a vacuum state. The technology has its roots in the pioneering work of the scientist Nikola Tesla, whose “Tesla coil” invention first demonstrated the awesome energy-producing properties of scalar waves.http://www.teslasociety.com Some scientists believe that scalar wave technology, if exploited for peaceful purposes, could provide a cheap and efficient solution to the world’s energy demands. But the companies that hold the patents appear to be withholding the technology exclusively for military and national security applications.The scalar waves produced by the microwave/laser radio frequency directed energy weapon (RFDE) are capable of carrying multiple “subcarrier” radio frequencies that affect human physiology, at variable power levels (or “amplitude”). In effect, the RFDE arms security forces with a “God machine” that can manipulate, disrupt, or destroy the biological processes that govern the functioning of human beings. The God machine can do even more than allow its military and security state operators to lord over the world’s population. The Raytheon patent states that this weapon system can be used to alter, or eliminate, “undesirable atmospheric conditions.” In other words, these cell tower installations can manipulate and control the weather — harnessing the world’s climate, turning the weather into a potential military super-weapon. The old adage, “You can’t change the weather,” no longer is true. The covert installation of RFDE antennae everywhere across America explains the profusion of cell towers, and why so many towers are clustered so close together, from urban neighborhoods to expansive rural plains and farmlands.

The cover story — that these are just cell phone towers — amounts to nothing less than a big government lie. Yet the system is inextricably and ominously linked to consumer cellular communications.
It appears that a human target’s own cell phone may serve as a covert targeting device for this attack system. Those who are marked for electromagnetic attack could be paying for a telecommunications service that enables their silent torture, impairment and potential injury.
(For more on targeting technologies, see the footnote at the bottom of this article.)

This cell tower attack network has been deployed under the cover of “national security,” apparently as a means to instantly and covertly disable electronic devices that could be used as weapons by terrorists or hostile forces. The technology requires a continuous stream of microwave and laser radiation — meaning that the entire population of the United States, as well as other nations, is now being bathed in microwave emissions every minute of every hour of every day.

Because the system has been built out only in recent years, no entity has studied the long-term health effects of having a stealth cell tower weapon system clustered in populated areas.

Victims of this attack system maintain that silent assaults directed at a targeted individual can cause “induced dementia” — symptoms that mimic Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive dysfunction, but which can dissipate when and if the attacks cease — or if the “amplitude” of the microwave frequency is turned down by its clandestine government operatives. “The idea is to make the ‘target’ look mentally ill or emotionally unstable, so that the person can be shunted into a mental hospital or otherwise marginalized and removed from society,” says one alleged victim, who says that the silent attacks rendered him so weak, disoriented, and fatigued that he was unable to work for a period of four years. This victim says he slowly regained his full cognitive abilities only after repeated visits to a local FBI office, where he pleaded with agents to intervene on his behalf. But he reports that the attacks have continued, causing both fatigue and sharp momentary pain that he says amounts to torture. He also maintains that his local police chief is aware of the covert attack system, but appears to be powerless to stop the attacks. “What kept me going when the attacks were most severe, from the summer of 2004 and into 2008, was when I went down to the FBI and literally begged a young FBI agent to help me, and she looked me directly in the eye and said, ‘I believe you.’ “When she said that, it gave me the confidence to go public despite my fears that I’d be treated like some kind of a nut case. Now that the truth is getting out, I’m grateful to that young agent for giving me the faith to fight this.”

Editor’s note: Now, do you think that this is just an opinion as it states at the top of this story?

By the pervasive deployment of these weapons systems as a tool of torture and enslavement, the U.S. government is denying thousands of its citizens the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The U.S. government has enabled the “slow kill,” torture, or impairment of thousands of its own people while cruelly stripping them of free will — the very essence of what it is to be human.

This classified weapons system functions in every community in America. Some local police officials know about it. Apparently, they have been sworn to secrecy on “national security” grounds. The mainstream media has its collective head in the sand, buying the government propaganda that a new generation of directed energy weapons is “less lethal” and thus “saves lives.” That is another big lie. This covert torture matrix is every bit as heinous as the death machine of Nazi Germany — perhaps even more so, because it is silent and invisible.

Victims of these silent assaults also are subject to relentless “community stalking” harassment, vandalism, and terroristic acts performed by government-enabled “community watch” and policing organizations that have been transmogrified by a secret multi-agency federal program into a vigilante American Gestapo.
Victims also say they are subject to financial and career sabotage enabled by government agencies that have deemed them to be “dissidents” or undesirables — or have slandered them as suspected criminals or “enemies of the state.”

President Obama: Wake up. You and other top officials also may be in the cross-hairs — and this stealth technology, when applied using Pavlovian methodology, can even be used to covertly influence behavior and decision-making — maybe even your own.

Editor’s note: By now, I hope that everyone realizes that Obama was put into power by Rothschild who is a Satanist. See http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-30/9.html or http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/bloodlines/rothschild.htm Texe Marrs stated the Obama Rothschild connection, and if you look at the cover of the 35th edition () you should agree, especially if you scroll down on that cover.

“These are crimes against humanity and the Constitution, being perpetrated under the cover of national security and ‘safe streets’ by multiple federal and local agencies and commands — an American genocide hiding in plain sight, enabled by the naivete of those who think ‘it can’t happen here.'” — Victor Livingston, former reporter for WTXF-TV Philadelphia, Philadelphia Bulletin, N.Y. Daily News, St. Petersburg Times; producer/host, MSG Network Sports Business Report; columnist, NowPublic.com/scrivener.

FOOTNOTE: TARGETING SYSTEMS This cell tower- based microwave attack system apparently uses various advanced technologies to target human beings. According to information obtained from unclassified patents, defense industry trade journals, as well as an analysis of victim accounts, it appears that a three-dimensional, invisible infrared laser targeting sensor array secreted in or near the victim’s home or place of business makes possible precision-placed electromagnetic frequency attacks, prolonged or sudden and momentary, to specific body parts — internal or external. The literature states that laser targeting systems can be trained on vehicles or moving targets, facilitating precision attacks even if the target is traveling at extremely high rates of speed. http://www.defensereview.com/lucid-dimensions-spherical-detection-systems-sds-3d-passive-infrared-ir-spherical-sensor-array-detects-and-tracks-high-speed-ballistic-threats-aircraft-vehicles-you-name-it/If such a sophisticated targeting device is not available, it appears the microwave attack system is capable of acquiring targeting coordinates from the intended victim’s cell phone or GPS unit. In that case, the targeting is believed to be less precise, but still able to produce disorienting and painful attacks, such as prolonged and unremitting headache and induced weakness and fatigue. Some victims of this stealth technology now use their cell phones and GPS units only when absolutely necessary, and remove the cell phone’s battery to prevent the broadcast of their location coordinates. (Just turning off the unit does not suffice, since a cell phone’s power can be turned on by remote control.) If neither a 3D infrared laser targeting device nor a “live” cell phone is available, the system still appears capable of delivering painful, disorienting or even disabling frequencies. It is believed that the government has equipped certain personnel — either its own agents, or, some victims believe, local law enforcement or civilian vigilantes — with portable laser-equipped devices that can “paint the target” from a distance. It is possible that some sworn officers may be under the impression that this technology is used merely for “through the wall surveillance,” not to attack citizens they are sworn to protect. The literature also indicates that the microwave weapon system can engage the target by way of tiny RFID tags covertly placed in or on the target’s possessions or clothing. These film-thin RFID tags are ubiquitous in everyday commerce, used for inventory tracking of many consumer products. “GPS-linked” video surveillance systems, in public areas or inside commercial establishments, also could be used to transmit targeting coordinates to government command centers.

High-powered military satellites are believed to be capable of detecting ground-based tracking devices from low Earth orbit.

The article linked below, from the web site of the conservative Heritage Foundation, describes a directed energy weapon system that sounds much like the cell tower- based system described here. The article discusses a microwave/laser weapon system capable of both tracking and engaging a speeding target at the speed of light.http://www.heritage.org/Research/BallisticMissileDefense/bg1783.cfmThe Heritage Foundation article describes directed energy weapon systems as “under development,” despite the fact that the cell tower- based system is fully operational. Also, sentences referencing the effectiveness of directed energy systems against “human targets” such as “terrorists” apparently have been expunged in recent weeks — after this author quoted the article in the “comments” section of this web site.


OR (if links are corrupted / disabled): http://www.NowPublic.com/scrivener RE: “GESTAPO USA”


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XVIII. Filing Complaint with Police Department Leads to Individual Being Targeted

By Jeff Murray

I lived in Nashua, New Hampshire in the same townhouse since 1986 and had paid off the mortgage by decades of hard work in sales.

In 2006 I hired a plumber to fix a toilet and that plumber ended up stealing many hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings. I went to the Nashua Police Department to file a complaint. That is where my problems began because once they had my cell phone, employer name, and other information they began their own continuous surveillance of me wherever I drove in my car in Nashua and would show up in uniform at Dunkin Donuts or wherever I was.

My formal targeting had not begun at that time. It was more police harassment. They did not get my possessions back – I should have never made the complaint. Shortly after that I had to leave my Buick at Tulley Buick in Nashua overnight. When I got it back there were Nashua police cruisers wherever I went. I could not figure out what was going on. I had read about police all over covertly installing GPS in people’s cars since the PATRIOT Act was passed and I figured maybe that was what was going on. I bought a GPS jammer that plugs into the cigarette lighter and then had the vehicle hard wired while I stayed with it. The police who had been intersecting me at streets all over the city were now gone. That ended with the GPS as long as I did not have my cell phone with me. This cat and mouse harassment/surveillance went on from 2006 to April 2009.

At that time, I read in the Nashua Telegraph the new mayor announced that the city was not going to be using the police resources for all the things they had done in the past and were going to use “community policing” more. I note that all this time I was charged with no crimes, neither was I under any investigation for any crime, nor had I committed any crime. I was a Sales Manager for a machining company. I do not do drugs, I don’t even drink anymore.

In April of 2009 the heavy Community Organized Stalking began in full and involved neighbors at Kessler Farm Condominium Complex where I lived and many of the same at Mines Fallls where I walked an hour at noon for excercise. It is a large part off exits 5 and 6 in Nashua with long walking paths. There many many what I call ambushes were done to me. The Organized Stalkers who were at that time following me 24/7/365 would run their small toddlers from behind me to in front of me while an adult would be filming off their cell or taking a picture to make make me look like I was chasing little children. The next time I would go out in public there were 3 times as many very angry community organized stalkers coming at me. This happened 6-8 times. I went into the Nashua Police Department to complain and spoke with Sargent Paulson. He said “I can see why you would not want to be implicated in that.” That was it. But it stopped after that.

Other tactics were used such as when I crossed a narrow foot bridge the Organized Stalking would run 5 bikes coming full speed at me with nowhere to go but water on each side as the bridge went over a river. Each time that happened I was barely able to dodge them. The OS (Organized Stalking) happened at stores, restaurants, and any and everywhere I went. The OS character assassinated me at all these places, and I did get one person to tell me that he knew “they are saying all sorts of shit about you.” But he would not tell me any more.

At Mines Falls they vanadalized my vehicle. I bought a used Nissan Murano. One week they put some substance on it, and I had to have it repainted at a shop. Cost: $600. And then 2 weeks later they put a screw in the rear tire. I went to the Nashua Police Department to report it, and the officer said “Could it have been a disgruntled lover?”

Mines falls, at night was a hang out for gays and druggies, but I was there at noon and it was to walk, and I never was involved in any of that. I walked and did pushups and abs along the way then went back to my home office. This officer took the complaint on a 1 square inch piece of paper so I knew he was not serious. He was trying to tell me the screw must have been laying on top of a curb and if I brushed the curb then the screw would have gone into the tire. Preposterous. It would take some force to get the screw into the tire.

The week before Thanksgiving at my townhouse in Nashua, New Hampshire I was hit with what I now know to be directed energy assaults. At the time I did not know what it was other than it caused a lot of pain to the head and eyes and it dehydrated me severely. I was drinking 20 ounces of water every 2 hours. I wore out a path going in and out of the Nashua Police Department and was communicating with Captain Peter Segal. He said I should go see a psychologist. He also called my then 77-year-old mother and was asking her for the phone numbers of my sisters. The police knew I was being hit with directed energy assaults which is what I think based on their mocking attitudes.

I lasted 3 days under those conditions and then I made a decision to stay in a hotel in Salem, New Hampshire – La Quinta Inn. I took a room there and later that night I experienced the same pain. I moved my room and the pain was gone. I drove to Massachusetts after that to try to get away from this and took a room at the Fairfield Inn, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. During that night I was hit with painful directed energy. I walked down 5 flights of stairs to check out the vehicles in the parking lot to see if I could determine where this may be coming from. I quickly spotted an older model van with RI plates and 10-15 police stickers on the front and back of the van. There was no way to see into the van as the windows were darkened. I could see into every other vehicle in that small parking lot. I went into the hotel to change my room. There was a 65ish looking man with grey hair and a navy blue wind breaker sitting in the dimly lit breakfast dining area smiling at me. I changed rooms quietly and moved my stuff. I looked at my watch and 10 minutes had gone by. I went down the 5 flights of stairs and into the parking lot and the van was gone. The directed energy was also gone. Two hours later I experienced the same drill again. This time I found a Chevy Tahoe with darkened tinted windows, Missouri plates and military stickers parked directly behind my Nissan Murano. Less than thirty seconds after I got out into the parking lot a Chelmsford police cruiser pulled up at my feet and the cop was smiling at me. I told him I was checking on my vehicle. I changed rooms and again the directed energy was gone after changing rooms. I went back into the parking lot ten minutes later and the Tahoe was gone and Wendy’s wrappers and garbage had been thrown all over my Murano.

I moved to San Diego, California to live with my mother as I could not figure out where I could live due to this. I was laid off due to this from the company I was working for because the owner knew I was going through something. At her home in northern San Diego my mother and I were hit many nights and days with painful directed energy assaults. I was literally hit there every night from December 2009 until I moved out in October 2010. I was forced to sleep on the floor as the pain from directed energy weapons is increased by the metal bed frame. Our family friend and hall of fame retired college baseball coach as well as University of San Diego alumni, John Cunningham sat down with Sheriff Bill Gore. He told John that they get a lot of complaints about painful electronic harassment but there is nothing they can do about it. He told him he even has people show up at his home about it. In San Diego I had to have a lesion frozen off my head due to all the nights of getting hit with directed energy. I had this done by a dermatologist. Like Nashua, New Hampshire I was Organized Stalked 24/7/365 in San Diego and anyplace I went by foot or car.

I was able to land a job in Greenville, South Carolina and all the same things with the OS and DEW assaults have gone on here in this apartment as well as in the hotels where I travel on business. I have been hit hard at hotels in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Nevada.

In the Tampa area I was hit so hard with DEW I woke the next day with a bright red in what looked to be a sunburn on my face. But in reality it was another night suffering through the pain of directed energy. I had wrapped my head in a wet towel that night. That was at a Hilton Garden Inn.

In Charlotte, North Carolina at a Marriott Courtyard I was hit so hard at 11 PM I decided to change my room immediately. In the lobby the desk clerk told me the hotel was full. There was one other person in the lobby that night at that time and it was a fully uniformed Sargent of the city police who was sitting watching the big screen tv. I sat down next to him and asked him if he knew anything about directed energy weapons. He said he did and that they use them. I gave him a short testimony of what I have been enduring and then left and went back to my room. The directed energy assaults were gone.

The Organized Stalking, the police and community watch surveillance, the directed energy assaults and the character assassinations all continue to this very day and there has not been one day from when this all started when they have ceased.

All the same things described above that occurred in New Hampshire, California, and now South Carolina occur to this very day. The one aspect that gives me solice is half the Christian Bible God used me to pen as directed by the Holy Spirit who killed men for much less reason than that of any person has who is being daily tortured.

Moses killed an Egyptian who was abusing an Israelite slave, King David, who God called a “man after his own heart,” killed his faithful Army General because he wanted to bang his wife, The Apostle Paul who kicked down the doors of Christians and had them either thrown into prison or killed (like Steven, Book of Acts)– these 3 men are in heaven for eternal life. In this state of no control over the torture that is being daily inflicted upon me it gives me great comfort to know my salvation like theirs is not based on my performance ( Ephesians 2:8,9 and Titus 3:5) but rather based on justification by faith, and I can opt out to take down the torturers I can get to at anytime I choose and be in my eternal life with these 3 murderers who penned half the Bible. I hope this gives some perspective to my daily torturing perpetrators to know they may be the chosen ones too.

XIX. Even the Elderly are Not Exempt from Being a Targeted Individual:
76-year-old has been Targeted since Age 7

By xzimppledink

My family migrated from dust bowl Oklahoma in 1939. We worked the fields for a while until the ship yards on Mare Island opened up. Mom and dad both got jobs building ships for the war. I was in 2nd grade. The teacher took us on an outing; we marched in single file singing some little song about ducks marching like solders. When we returned to the school, we stood in line for a cup of lemonade. One kid in the front of line drank his lemonade and threw the cup down at my feet. When I got to the front I was denied a drink because someone thought I had already drunk mine.

A voice came to me loud and clear, so clear and strong that I have remembered it for all my many years. It said “in this life you will bear the burden of being falsely accused.” I remember that incident more powerfully than I remember what I had for lunch today. It was so powerful. On looking back I realize that was exactly what has been happening to me for these last 25 years. It’s scary but reassuring that this all is happening according to a divine plan and for a reason. I may never see it, I’ve already outlived my mother, but it’s great to know it’s all foreseen and I was warned.

They will not allow my wife or me to sleep. Whenever we drop off for some rest they peck on the walls with pellets, BBS and pebbles. We haven’t had a full night’s sleep in 25 years, and we are very tired.

Two people have replied to the mr_ed address. I closed that account three years ago. Even then it would not open in another account like att or yahoo. It was a non transferable cheap basic account. It couldn’t be happening, but it is happening. Another thing that’s even more incredible, is that I was having trouble with my windows 7 computer so I loaded with a fresh Linux distribution of SuSE 11.2. I looked at the partitioned software and saw a message “additional storage on edwardmalina computer. I hardly know the man. He’s a 93- year-old recluse who lives in a trailer on a vacant lot. I fixed his computer 5 years ago. How in the world has his computer gotten linked up with mine? I smell a rat; in fact I smell a whole nest of rats.

XX. Christotherapist Targeted Who Tried To Do Good

By Kevin Burnor

My name is Kevin Burnor. I am a victim of US violations of national and international laws regarding torture under the auspices of “research” apparently condoned by the National Security Department via the US DOD, US VA and the University of California, US NIH, US DHHS, US FDA, etc. (Please google DOD and non-lethal weapons, particularly directed energy weapons. Also google torture “research” of innocent US citizens via directed energy weapons.)

In 1992 I was a pastor/Christotherapist committed to the service of God and community. One of my clients was the wife of a US agent who was allegedly molesting his minor daughter. Shortly after this set of circumstances I was apparently identified as a national security risk and enlisted into a US government “research” program in which I was subjected to direct energy weapons which caused me to have a stroke and incapacitated me even until present.

In May 2004 I was directed by the US VA to have a colonoscopy during which I was implanted against my will with biochips. They were burned to my colon, and injected into the roof of my mouth and my ears while I was conscious. I went to an attorney when this happened and was informed that the University of California was involved in this travesty. I am apparently their cash cow for “research” for the DOD even though this is against all national and international laws. Is this an example of executive orders that are above the law?

I have lost everything, my family, my home, my career, my health, my freedom to be private, and etc. I am guilty of no crime other than to be a pastor which falls into the criteria of “charismatic personality” and is reason enough in modern day “home of the free” America to be subjected to this under the National Security Act. The agent who was allegedly molesting his child still has full access to harm her with no worry of being stopped, and I have had no contact with my children ever since August 1994 when they gave me the stoke and kept me tortured since. The VA has stolen $5,300 from me when I fled from California to Puerto Rico even though I have a fiduciary and my funds are supposed to be in “safe keeping.”

When I attempt to advocate for myself I am subjected to phone calls and emails being re-routed. I have been abducted from my house and jailed after being beaten with bats by police at gunpoint for absolutely nothing, and charged with terrorist acts and resisting arrest when I tried to breathe as they were holding my head under pillows and pepper spraying me. I was jailed for five days and was denied all my medications when at the time I was on 35 pills per day. I was never allowed to return to my house and it was a section 8 rental agreement. My care provider still lives there after stealing my deposits and some of my belongings. I was so incapacitated when this happened I was barely ambulatory. In fact, I was asleep when they broke my door down and attacked me. I bled internally for months and have many witnesses but was blocked from making reports to the proper authorities which is the case every time I am harmed in this manner.

I have been taken to a mental ward by police when I called and reported prowlers who were actually using behind the wall surveillance equipment to hassle me. My VA doctor refused to contact the facility where I was taken and verify I was on medication as per his orders for my medical condition, and stimulants were one of the medications which then showed up in my urine sample. During my incarceration, they illegally injected me with haldol against my will and medical condition as depressants are harmful to me. The facility was a 25-bed facility and the census was 65. There was no place to sit or lay down and I was not allowed to sit or lay on the floor. I was forced to stay there for 72 hours as my VA doctor refused to intervene on my behalf.

My VA compensation was hindered and is to this day, and when I complained of crimes and corruption to the DOJ and DOJ/ADA I was implanted as I reported above. After being implanted I was immediately subjected to torture which includes being forced to experience my operatives molesting and raping children via holographic imaging and voice to skull technology. Severe headaches, part of the directed energy “research” as well and being generally incapacitated is a daily experience and is increased in intensity, frequency and duration upon my attempting to advocate for myself and get it stopped.

I have reached out for legal, medical, social, etc. services, and my access has been blocked at every turn. I have been defamed on several occasions in order to be denied services, and some of these service providers have verified this for me. The VA gave me a fiduciary against my will and without due process of law, supposedly in order to say I am not capable of giving consent to be used in these ways, even though having a fiduciary does not give any right for such actions. In fact, nothing gives anyone, including the US officials under executive orders, to do such things to anyone according to national and international laws regarding torture.

Persons involved are: Mike Seitler, Oakland Regional VA IG; Niel E. Nielson, VA Field Agent; Ted Gunderson, Former LA FBI head now ?; Dennis Uldrecht, VA Fiduciary Department Head; Mike Green, Lisa Green, Mark Mirowski, Sally Riggs, Cindy Bustillos, Matthew ?, Marcus ?, all operatives supposedly embezzling my funds as they are considered to be “helping” me as my “care providers.”

I am guilty of no crimes and I am certainly not a danger to national security. Investigations by the above have proven this and yet they continue to harm me under the guise that I am a danger to national security and, therefore, subject to being used for this “research.”

I have informed every related department of the US government and have had my story proven by the governor’s office in Puerto Rico where I fled for my life, requested amnesty from the US government and had a congressional investigation prove what I am saying to be true with x-rays and CTscans. I kept the actual x-rays and CTscans which show the implants which is consistent with the CTscan reports but inconsistent with the x-ray reports. That proves the corruption continued even there. After we proved this, I was told they could no longer help me. Since then, Mr. Trigo, liaison to VA for Mr. Fortuno’s Congressional Office has told investigators I did not follow through. I filed claims regarding the above with Mr. Tirado of the Puerto Rico VA office on three occasions and have all the copies and he “lost” them everytime. To this day no claims have been filed and he still has no explanation with regard to where they are. I turned to the Washington DC office for assistance, and they referred my case to the National VA IG office for investigation, and I am still subjected to torture and nothing has been done to file my claims.

I have turned this in to the Department of Juctice and got nowhere but implanted illegally. I have made reports to every current US senator at this time. I have informed the DOD I am aware of their program and want this stopped immediately as it has caused and is causing irreparable damage, and according to torture laws that is grounds for immediate action to stop it. I have informed several congresspersons including Mr. Fortuno of Puerto Rico who told me I was in the correct hands with Mr. Trigo who has dug his heals in the ground and says I have not followed through when I told him they were torturing me daily and he refused to intervene and get my three-month later medical appointment moved up to address the issue.

I can go on forever recounting the many travesties of justice this most corrupt and criminal US government conspiracy has committed against me in these past twelve years in order to allow their agent to continue to molest his children at the expense of me and mine.

I am seeking help with regard to this issue. I have requested an investigation with some fifty US goverment agencies to date and have gotten nowhere. Please assist me with this most grievous situation. My life is in danger and I apparently have nowhere to turn as my “protector” is my perpetrator.

Thank you sincerely for your assistance.


Kevin Burnor

XXI. Innocent Bay Area Woman Targeted by CIA

I Amy Lee Anderson (AKA) Burgundy Chaffon do not know how long I have been a targeted victim of government mind control electrical activities, technology. I know these government Department entities are all involved at different levels within our government system. They are the shadow government which uses mind control and directed energy raiding and invading American citizen’s body, mind, and soul with this directed energy technology. Department of Health Services, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation and Telecommunication. All are spying on USA citizen’s brain waves by poisoning our food chain with radioactive magnetic nano dust particles and chemtrails. This creates radioactive human beings. It makes the USA government easy to use a GPS tracking system, monitor and activate a human’s body functions at a subconcious stand point function. This technology can cause involuntary movement; all your thoughts are not all yours. They use technology to alter and modifiy your behavior. This technology traces back further than MK-ULTRA.

The first mental case was James Matthew Tulley. He was driven insane from the AIRLOOM GANG. He knew what was going on back then. We are just living in a different time period. It is the world of electronics.

I have studied various kinds of directed energy, microwave hearing from which I am suffering, magnetic frequency of acoustic and sonic government patent devices which are crowd control military weaponries. I study that my brain wave activity is cloned from my DNA cells and copied on a CDrom disk which mimics my behavior. I hate what the CIA/FBI demonic forces of evil doers are about. They enjoy torturing and attacking human beings with directed energy…like now they are attacking me with directed energy. My skull feels like it is on fire, and I feel needle pricks to different parts of my body.

No one should feel like they are on fire because directed energy could stimulate their solar anatomy system. I know the CIA ally spy who is torturing me with directed energy weaponry. His name is Jonah Matranga; he works for the CIA being assigned to human subjects solar anatomy system. He breaks their body down with directed energy. He creates authenticated illnesses in them.

Lupe Fiasco featuring Jonah Matranga, “The Instrumental” … sort myself out,” Chaplin said on the band’s Web site … on his first album, Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy.

www.musicsnobbery.com/2006/week34/index.html. This ally spy hides as a muscian who uses directed energy on his victims. He is very wicked, and the way I discovered him was because he used CIA tactics of spyware over my cell phone. Once I discovered his identity, he has been torturing me with a female ally spy. They have invaded my life using this mind control technology. I discovered last night on my mattress with plastic that I could bring electrical sparks to them. I was able to see my fingertips light up as a police stun gun taser. That is how much directed energy I am being exposed to. I also have discovered with him using this technology he and other ally spies are causing a (SID )in my family history with authenicated illnesses of creating cancerous DNA Cells. They have altered my family’s life. Several of my family have died by them altering T-cells in their body calling it cancer. They have killed my son, Larry S. Dorton 111’s, father in Vacaville, California state prison with giving him (renal) kidney faillure. They experimented on him as a lab rat; after they used mind control technology on him like they did the to man who is in prison stating that he did not kill Robert Kennedy; it was mind control technology. They used that technology upon him with Mhz in altering his behavior in stirring up anger for him to kill someone after they created a set stage event. Now they are trying to set my son up in some mind control experiment in jailing him. I have retrieved mind control forums of his identity being used as him being a human subject of the government. I have retrieved a forum that states how to sex drive to inmate Larry Steven Dorton’s brain by satellite. These evil malicious beasts create forums in decode. The blessing out of it… is you know things about yourself that points out your being a targeted individual victim of government illegal human experimentation of mind control technology. I am being shocked and targeted with electricity currency attacking me 24 hours a day.

I know somewhere in my childhood it started. Two years ago I was working for Inter-Con Security Systems first at Department of Transportation, next Department of Health Services. That’s when it all began. I was targeted for observing me being under satellite surveillance and a human subject for ally spy Jonah Matranga, and I did not know my former employer was behind it. If they had not been behind it, they would have demonstrated protection for me at the workplace. They demonstrated guilt because they have many government contracts within government departments with above mentioned. I know they would not give them up for a minority former employee; therefore, they keep up this satanic masquerade. I was not hired for doing the job. I was hired as a government human subject. At the time I knew nothing about gang stalking or electronic harassment torture.

I just received a phone call at 3:13 PM from a childhood friend, (Pamela Reynolds) who is a targeted individual victim, stating that she was reading something and it was being mimicked through her television. This is evil, and they use to trip me up with psychotronic weaponries trying to make me lose my mind through electronics. I would not have thought that the government had an evil shadow within that attacks their own citizens with directed energy technology in trying to make them seem crazy. Jonah Matranga used a psychotronic weapon on me trying to trip me up by turning all electronic devices into a nightmare around me. At the time my mind could not register what was going on. I did not know that my mind could be sub-controlled with electronic devices. He had me admitted through Kaiser Permanente Hospital to Fremont behavior hospital. He even tested my IQ to see if I would catch on to what was going on and how he was tracking me by satellite surveillance brain mapping. This demonic force of evil has the ability to keep up with men because he knows my DNA blue print to my brain wave activities. I ask the Creator not to allow me to hate that beasty creature. He really upsets me because he acts as though he has rights to harass, torture, and spy on me. I hate what the USA does to their citizens’ solar anatomy system. I trust in GOD-ALLAH- etc the Master of all judge ceremonies. All will get what they seek, they shall find; maybe not today, however, very soon be not deceived GOD is not to be mocked or played with. He will DESTROY THE WICKED THE DEMONIC FEMALE WHO WORKS WITH JONAH MATRANGA-CIA ALLY SPIES. SOLOMON AND GOMORRA. NO MAN OR WOMAN SHOULD WATCH OTHER WOMEN IN NUDE FORM SHOCK THEIR PRIVATE PARTS WITH ELECTRICITY, OR SHOULD THEY SPY ON THEM WHILE MATING AND OPERATING THEIR THOUGHTS TO BE SATANICALLY NOISY TO KNOW HOW THEY FEEL. INDIVIDUAL’S SEXUALLITY SHOULD ALWAYS REMAIN SACRED BETWEEN THE TWO AND NOT GROUPS AS A SATANIC RITUAL. IT IS SICK AND PSYCHOTIC AND NOT A JOKE. NO ONE SHOULD USE TECHNOLOGY UPON ANOTHER MIND AND CREATE THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM WITHIN THAT PERSON MAKING THEM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. THEY TRIED TO TURN ME INTO A LESBIAN. I REFUSED. THE FEMALE ALLY SPY IS ONE. I STUDIED THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM FROM THE ACTIONS THEY MAKE INTO OTHER ILLEGAL HUMAN SUBJECTS. I CAN TELL YOU MORE TOMORROW. BYE ARLENE FOR NOW. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO STOP THESE DEMONIC FORCES OF EVIL. THEY USE MIND CONTROL ON SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE IN LOCAL AND AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL. THEY ARE TRYING SO HARD TO BLOCK ME FROM EXPOSING THEM. THAT IS WHY YOU HAD 6 VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER AND A FEMALE PICTURE WAS NOT JONAH MATRANGA. HE IS A JEWISH MAN BORN IN MASSACHUSETTS ON AUGUST 11, 1969 WHO WORKS FOR CIA AND HANGS OUT AT PLUSH CLUB IN AUSTIN TEXAS, 617 RED RIVER STREET.

XXIII. Connecticut Native is Targeted

Author wishes to maintain anonymity

I am a woman of fifty, born in 1961, Norwalk, Connecticut USA. I was born during the days of the Martin Luther King uprisings and lived in the middle of world chaos. The days were filled with prejudice for most races, the world seemed years behind in modern needs, at least to my view. The disparity of what was available and what could be had. Modern appliances were everywhere yet few could buy them. I was fortunate to have been born with a love for languages, and reading. I went to school at 4 and one half. In first prekindergarten I was passed onto kindergarten and then first grade in one year. I can still remember the dunce cap. It was used to place unruly children in the corner. I can also remember the long ruler being used to slap the desk, students were not beat by their teachers, I believe due to our adopted school policy.

I always found unusual events happened to me. I can remember some radio like talk in my room, when I was in bed. My grades were A plus in all areas of learning. Then suddenly I could remember how to execute a box on paper, or draw, or spell. My strongest subject, math, settled in forgetful episodes of summation while able to understand other areas of math. It seemed odd to hear about what would happen in a dream state and the next day each event sequenced as in my dreams complete with where events would take place. Yet not always was predictions the case. When I thought, who was speaking it was not my thoughts. Yet sound was clear as thought. When I asked who it might be the answer was “your president,” or NASA. In the last years the answer is DARPA, ARPA, NASA, CIA, Homeland Security, the NAVY, the army, and any base there is. As a child I could not understand NASA until I understood space flight on television at around five. Then I understood when I was told the conversations were from space who it was speaking. Watching a space flight one day my father told me trips to the moon were lies, I answered him this was not so, the reason was the men from space told me they are there and talk to children.

I had a high IQ, my teachers asked me to go to MENSA after I asked about the classes in 4th grade. Suddenly after this, events took place, my memory failed, I could not remember much, not even where I lived, or my school bus number. I had dreams and goals, I wanted to go to a space school for children. In fact, I cried when I saw at six it was too expensive to go to space school run by NASA, I felt the impulse to understand as many subjects as there were, and failed them all while I understood, yet forgot what I learned. I asked my dad to enroll me in a special school to learn about space so I could see what was up there that did this strange feeling. I wanted to know why a man from NASA would speak to me. The only grasp I had of what a space agency was, was from watching missile launches. Feeling that these were sound to my room came from a rocket in space.

Time passed and kinetic events followed my childhood, lost homework, it disappeared. Lost everything in my possession, forgotten, dropped, unable to remember to take something with me, and altogether disappeared, as in vanished. Even today things will vanish from a completely closed bag after checking the bag a few times, or re-appear out of nowhere. Besides kinetic accidents, my family was affected, child molesters seemed to haunt our family. I found this to be something I feared, then my children grew up, and rapists found them. Over a dozen rapes between two female children, no matter where they hid as young adults, or what I taught them the odds of math were in conflict, the perps always got away. Then an automobile accidents took on this form of events. I had a straight drivers record when I drove, yet other drivers veered in my path over five times, and once my car steered itself onto a patch of ice (the only one for miles). I lost time and slept in one wink. All this after a full night’s sleep, at 9 am in the morning I hit a ten foot wide maple tree, and almost died with my son at 13 in major trauma. Then this began to repeat, vehicles taking on life and shutting off, and finally after a near miss I understood this was more than abnormal; it was meant to kill. I quit driving. My bicycle a few months ago went into a wall of nothing and bent its handle. I fell over, and there was not one disturbance to cause this. I felt as if I had hit a pocket of air that pushed back. By this time I had Voice To Skull loud; it said I hit matter energy.

I began to research this and came up with patents to do all of these things and more. Any human, or thing, or live thing including matter or biology can be used as a weapon, with Q’cued energy, that behaves on cue, using quantum scalar, quasi, fission, fusion, electromagnetic, kinetic solar, pulsed kinetic, and any energy vehicle cause by electromagnetics, and or plasma waves of which there are many types. Regular everyday people with enough money to get scientific degrees, usually the descendents of past scientists made the military weapons better and better, and everyday new projects compile on old ones to equip the weapons schematic ladder. These were all weapons of destruction used by the Global World Security Space and Aeronautics’ Military. With injury to both animals, insects, and humans, the military made those patents better, sometimes beforehand.

Any persons who believe they can destroy these weapons systems have their algorithms read and endanger themselves. I saw the facts trail through history tell of events to prevent others from desiring to join in the weapons creation, many inventors soon fell into their own accidents soon after the patenting process. This intelligence agency “eats it’s [sic should be its]own young,” this is one of many examples, there were many who after creating weapons died in kinetic or illness accidents. One example is the creator of the CRAY underground supercomputers tells a little known secret of who the major culprit in the game of intelligence still is. This is the Department of Energy and its biogen super government branches, Seymore Cray died also of an automobile accident in 1966, and it is well to note many in the field of intelligence die of accidents, which is a mainstay in the programs of PSYOPS to kill using kinetics.

Today I research for ten hours a day, and write about the facts. The fact is auto accidents are related to mental and mind control equipment pulsed to the neurotransmitter, and any vehicle, all appliances also can be dated by interface EM waves. In one of mine, in 1983 I was told Voice To Skull in silent mode how it would happen. Sure enough a woman taking prescribed medication crashed into our vehicle. I, a passenger 7 months pregnant, could not walk thereafter, and my son was born with learning disabilities. I later learned dyslexia is caused by a minute depression of an area of the brain before birth, this can only be laser weapons. At seven months old my daughter who could not sit upright unaided walked down a full case of stairs after crossing a twelve foot room, in five seconds, I could not reach her in time to stop her fall. I had no idea a child’s walker could move with a just made seven months. My second daughter at the age of nine months learned how to potty train in fifteen minutes, watching her sister. In fact all of my children went from very intelligent no hassle children to learning and visually impaired. This coming from 4 grandparents with 20/20 vision, and I as a child went from great vision to poor, to excellent all in a period of 3 years.

By the age of six, it was intriguing to understand about politics. I could read the entire New York Times. I had a good grasp of life also, because I lived outside of Hell’s Kitchen New York during the days when heroin was like the weeds I blew on, it was everywhere. I lived in Connecticut, just an hour away without traffic, in those days. In my neighborhood no one was safe from violence, I grew up in the projects. Today I have a vast knowledge of what words are and where the meanings came from. The interface has been around longer than I have, underground computer was there creating language and collecting algorithm and sending TWIX before the 1930s. The fact is the word project comes from intelligence to house people in government run housing and place them under situations to test equipment much the same way as projects MK-ULTRA, Artichoke, Bluebird, Monarch and others did. In fact mental health systems were placed in Europe by the Teutonic Knights Order in the early 1400s. This is relevant to the fact the knight’s orders studied every type of disorder a body can have, they collected all types of intelligence. The projects I grew up in are known to me as simply an extension of intelligence projects to conduct human experimentation. The word project gives a great clue as to what the government had in mind, and the word Hispanic was another simple code word created by the government to bring in Hispanics by the thousands to test them with underground equipment. Living near one of the largest test grounds with the project called the Manhattan project of our intelligence agency tells much of my story ahead of time. The fact of creating events around events planned by the government is operational procedure.
Many will believe the Manhattan project was confined to simply the atomic bomb project and forget the capacity of S-quad sound through television. Subliminal sound showing over and over again to all school children to duck and cover. In fact the nuclear agency of the USA is also the US Department of Energy which is a major contributor and head of mind control. The brain functions on nuclear energy, and the control of all nuclear would, of course, be included in one of the “underwood” offices by the 1960s including the OSS and central intelligence. All of these offices are connected. Oscillating pulsed sound and collecting algorithm is energy. Today we all know the office of the navy has the laws which manifest that any human in the USA can be used for experimentation by law.

I can remember the rages of anger my mother had, I never understood how she could remain in a state of frenzy and talk all day. At times this talking would hit me. As if my mind could think miles a minute and say intelligent things. I was no dummy, I taught myself Latin with medical books and encyclopedias my father would bring home. His first gift to me was his giant 1900s Noah Webster’s dictionary, a man who created a dictionary for the US government. He went to Washington DC to do so. These are all relevant facts when I traced history, the White House would have been the perfect place to write and collect algorithm. In a book I am finishing, I relate the history of algorithm collecting devices and the ability to create quantum physics mind control devices by the early 1800s in Austria and Germany. I can remember remote sexual stimulation as if it were a natural fact of life in a three year old. I could remember being three and had visual pictures of myself that were as clear as television. Without much thought I could remember drinking from a baby bottle, having diapers changed and eating food, even the taste. I could ask my brothers where we lived before I was born, and hear what it was like exactly as when I would imagine the places. Brought home from the hospital, rides in vehicles and not being born yet. All this was sent to my mind, and I believed it natural.

I learned multiplication between five and six. My favorite toy at three an abacus, and popcorn popper push toys. I began to experience events like eating salt, or sugar as if these were food. Events that transpired would play out in my mind over and over. I would awake in the middle of the night after hearing in my sleep there were mice in the living room. Mice with head snapped in traps and find these exact events. Knowing events before they happened seemed normal. My health would fail, earaches with infection, in fact any mucous membrane infection, including urinary tract. Anal intrusion like a knife of matter energy.

My health began to fail at seven. I had attacks on my breathing for 30 years, and very bloody nose issues. So bad in fact, my nose had to be plugged deep inside to no avail. I remember my arms growing fat, and when I asked how arms could get fat and not the rest of me with my super thin wrists, and my hate for food, how could this be? The answer I heard was it was in the air. I remember getting so many upper respiratory infections my mother placed my bed in the bedroom by the window so I could breathe. Our apartment still had gaslights, so that tells you how antiquated existence for me was. I know today the reason why these antiquated lamps were there is the way intelligence operated using signs. Gaslight was an old 1944 film the CIA used to train with. The pulsed sound in homes could create scenes of violence and horror using humans as Manchurian candidates. Manchurian is the oldest expression word telling of mind control. At this very time I am told the very next stage of my life would involve my son’s death, he has spoken many times of a belief in his head that he would die in his thirties. Our family many times have coincidental understanding of events that have not yet happened. Lately I have taken to mentioning these things, ever since I have had episodes of loud Voice To Skull (V2K). I knew I had subliminal all my life, but the V2K has taken on speaking in many languages and speaking out loud like a radio when turned on high volume.

Throughout life, I have had five near death car accidents. Two near death episodes, a near death experience. I had a car accident in October of 1988 that is a miraculous survival. In testing humans’ ability to survive, the organs were tested with choreographed kinetic accidents. One in which I was involved was a head on collision with a vehicle at around one hundred miles per hour. Head on, this vehicle struck me while I drove 30 miles per hour. I had multiple trauma, lost over half the blood in my body, had liver lacerations, lung lacerated and one third removed, my heart contusions to the point of heart attacks. My brain so damaged I was in a deep coma, if I had been two points deeper I would be a permanent comatose patient. I had my femur fractured, with multiple fractures, ankle fractured, wrist fractured so badly all the bones were involved. I lost the ability to speak, read, write, and my vision loss was so great I was blind. I lost the ability to straighten my right hand, and I later suffered so many infections, and disease it took thirty years to be able to breathe without assistance from the hospital I have been diagnosed with both emphysema and LUPUS to my entire system. I have had so many odd events, loss of hearing, loss of vision, and the incredible impulse to eat, then be able to wear size seven clothing to gain all my weight with fits of eating. My body will go through scratches that appear from nowhere, burns, welts, infections, itching, loss of coordination, loss of ability to move hands, feet, eyes or anything in a coordinated fashion I even now struggle to write, then out of nowhere I can write, or do anything well.

I have times when my body is heated and cooled at the same time. This is fusion and fusion, weaponry assault. The ballistics sent from the Quantum weapons are many types, the other facts on the ballistics (such as size) are not known by me. I suffer memory loss, loss of will, loss of any biological function all of which are explained by physicians to the point I fear any hospital in case they commit me for insanity. The very well known way to defeat the human is to use some type of incarceration event. This is what is being done to all of us, at least in my family. It is 2011, most of the media knows about these covert weapons of Global world Security, they have the department Space and Aeronautics. The next thing I will explain is why this is being done.

In the game called Deus Ex Macchina Black Operations PSYOPS are war games are played out all day on the stage of this world where we are players with Q’cued strings of cosmological metaphysical matter energy live streamed by equipment. The choreography of life delivers metaphysical metempsychosis nihilism to the air live streamed from a variety of equipment found in space, underground, in buildings, on roofs, in the sea, above the sea, and ground; it includes satellites in any stage of launch. If you believe your pulsed stages of fugue states it will tell you it is impossible and that the writer is insane. If you trail through the many pages, reports of attacks, volumes of evidence and listen to this, the Human Rights division of the United Nations knows everything about these weapons. In fact congressmen, the President, the seat of Senate and every parliament and rogue leader worth their salt knows all of the details. Newspapers and reporters know all of the events. In the early stages of this country the US presidents knew; in fact all of the Free Masons knew. The reason why my family and I are chosen is that the intelligence agency can choreograph events, and have the events play out as if they were to blame. I could be given over to an intelligence agent of US Intelligence to write this story be killed, and it would seem as if it was because I wrote the story when it is all choreographed. Who understands the facts and believes the reporters, who gets through the pulsed stages of fugue to open their understanding, who even reads my writing or reports? It is all through chance of being there sometimes, but to understand well the covert controls, it is a choice of the Intelligence interfaces of INT SIGINT signals and TECINT weapons which are intelligent weapons with their own set of intelligent plasma interfaces.

I studied the pages where DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects (ask yourself what research?) shows their own INT interface. It is massive, larger than a whole city block building. It is two – three stories high. The bright blues emitted from the plasma lights race around so quickly the photo shows it is something awesome. It looks like the lobes of the brains positioned if you use a little imagination staring at the compartments; its features are identical in compartments. In fact if you look at the satellites and imagine interfaces inside, on the outside is plasma, matter energy. This matter behaves as a weapon, they are ballistic in nature. The whole reason why we were chosen is due to the military desiring to recreate humans. So, to do this they collected algorithms.

Today, I sit here wondering if the scabs on my head will cease to burn with new ones, or if I will stop eating. I would go to a hospital and tell of another wondrous assault, but it would seem as if I could do something about this and stop eating, or it is normal. A short while ago a pulsed stab in my abdomen, keeled me into unconscious activity and brain seizures. The doctor explained it was due to constipation. Something, I had yet I had just finished emptying bowels through medication. The stab was never diagnosed. I have not been found to have anything abnormal, all of my tests for organs indicate failure and recovery. When I complained two years ago about unending hunger, it was ignored, my doctor took on a glazed look. Since I have gained eighty pounds.

I cannot keep my body down when it is moved. My brain says “Yes,” and my body says “No.” I have been contacted via airwaves by Voice To Skull bases, from Arlington Virginia, the North Pole, nearby NASA, the CIA, the Pentagon and space bases never mind a few other bases who all helped me do my research. I have had military pages open up give me authority to pass and use the pages. I have had every type of scientific word needed to complete the study and give accurate information handed to me by the INT SIGINT bases. They will awaken me and when I first started out writing, I was impulsed to write what I was given as fact. When I read of all the dead people who dove in and helped themselves to write and died of mysterious events, most of which I could explain, I realized I was in dangerous territory I could do without. After a lifetime of watching the Martin Luther King pulsed frenzy and the very many events of violence on myself and my children I decided not to write. I am impulse not to stop. I am hit by weapons when I do not write and the same if I do.

The interference of my fingers on the keyboard, interference and destruction of five laptops, the listening every second I will be killed for telling all this. The waking with blood spots all over my clothing, scabs on my scalp. Hair and teeth falling out. It is too much to do, and yet I still write. The INT bases have said all this is to ensure the survival of all species. Yet five years ago I found dust was not counted as Global Warming, well, NASA said Voice To Skull told me they would take care of it. Today I found the earth is naturally pulled in from the kinetic energy created from, volcanic activity, deglaciation of the earth’s poles, the surface glare from the sea, artificial pulsed energy of scatter matter pollution, the use of scalar everyday creates enough events to miscalculate your own systems, deforestation, and all of these if miscalculated bring about the need to once more move the earth kinetically off its poles, axis, and vortice. The winds created from all the turns of events and the Q’cued events to operate on the scars left behind on the natural coordinates of matter energy. The winds like a vacuum further the earth’s decay, can the earth experience these winds, over and again in short periods of time without aging? The earth and Sun do a dance, and advance towards each other faster than calculations can record when placed in choreographed human events, thus the events of the Sun moving the Earth closer, and the Earth also moving closer. Who will enjoy the inventions? Are the other space bases prepared to give life once more to the Earth when it begins to scream its last woes? Humans must be of great importance, because we are still here in spite of such close calls of extinction.

It is interesting to note during WW II Antarctica became a place where the British, German, and USA intelligence agencies placed bases, for over fifty years deglaciation has taken place. The military believes they have all of their bases covered, after the fact they can move the Earth. It was moving ever closer to the Sun, so the coordinates were pulsed to move. The planets hang in zero gravity. How many magnets can you move in zero gravity, and how much will earth mass weigh? Nothing is impossible when electromagnetic current is controlled. Any matter in space follows and obeys rules. None go out to commit acts of self destruction unless they are faulty. If humans are so faulty they will push their own Earth to extinction. Then there should be great controls regarding the psycho social order of those pushing the action. All matter has intelligence, simply by act of behaving in an ordered fashion it is intelligence. The fact seems the universe is in for a rude awakening when a matter particle called human, has created its own self in a replication as a weapons, and without regard for the inability of the substance that claims its life as safe, it should be held up to a light and examined like a rotted egg is checked out.

My answer to all this is, if the biogen and human INT GWS cannot get their understanding of where they stand in regard to the future quickly, the time wasted collecting all this information, the centuries of suffering and all the intelligent choices will amass to equating to an interface you desire the worst for yourselves. My family has very few children, one is the number of grandchildren I have. My brother has one also, who have an extended family, I only have one. That is who is suffering your new round of testing and capital CONTROL, all seven billion of us and perhaps twelve if we count the entire underground population.

Today is May 9, 20ll. I cannot tell what event will transpire next. My father died of alcoholism, unable to stop the pulsed desires so many have. Some for other lusts. Disease runs through my entire history with bouts of total health. It could be cancer, an accident, auto human combustion, well the list for events are so many— it could be anything. The list for culprits is the Council on Foreign Relations, all know the satellite networks, and the Black PSYOP projects, the many conglomerates who are inside the Trilateral Commission, biogens who lead the government as shadow intelligence, conglomerates who lobby at the highest peak, National Security Council, The United Nations and our allies who all know the events, NCS, National Program Office of nomenclature (secure underground), the FEDS, INTEL SATS, SIGINT, NSA, CIA, NASA, BLACK OPS (They do have separate underground departments), Central Security, Departments of Energy, the covert Black Underground bases military, ILIMNT INSCOM, DISCO, DIS, NIS, Department of Naval Intelligence, Air and Aeronautics Command, Los Alamos and the entire War Department, and Menwithhill who ties all together with every country and their forces’ Intelligence. So, if anyone cares to know what can be done… I say BEWARE!

The Coming Battle

The Black take note: nanotechnology and quantum physics devices you are using are not taking many factors from the past into account. You missed them, you missed the matter particle defense units of intelligence all their own, shadow engines that age planets with you and your quantum forces pushing and speeding up aging of our solar system. The earth’s viable time does not compete or compute against the Sun’s kinetic forces, and aging that is part of the vacuum of space. Not in space, OF space. Without proper equipment, you guess what you are doing. Black Wars rage on, I dare not say which wars these are. If you value the projects get the entire race on the face of this planet moving towards creating weapons to get you where you will be in the future. By using the outside in method approach of researching the most outer edges of the smallest space matter particle of energy, the vellum called space, the vellum called the Universe, and work your way in. Head every scientist I can only remark on Einstein and Colonel Bearden who have expounded on the word oblivion enough times to say you do not have the answer. I say you do not have equipment large enough, modern enough, or even with enough intelligence to finish this round.

The past cannot, and must not be repeated, recycling events using live bodies and painful events on us all. Animals all in near extinction awaiting biogen repopulation. By continuing to create wealth using a scientific society geared towards hiding facts for fear, and creating wealth on inventions that are innovative and cannot even get to where you want, except the old stockpile. Is this a method of creating crop circles of torture and pure fear, to harvest what? THINK

Time has been lost on excluding women, excluding thoughts, controlling every emotion without allowing the feelings of victory to shadow you. The shadow effects of time will reveal these haunts and return a likewise. The fun in life is to explore, learn, and die no matter if you are in space, or on this tiny planet, which is all you have. You can reconstruct the beings inside the planet, but have lost intelligence that was once there waiting to be culled like treasure you once had understood its values long ago. The art of life is not in the looking backward, it is in going far forward and reaching glimpses before they glimpse at you.

Yours sincerely, Liberty Bg Ordeal

XXIV. Whistle blower Targeted with Chemical Weapons

Author wishes to remain anonymous

I am under heavy chemical attack day and night. If there are any other TIs likewise attacked please let me know what they are doing to stop or counteract these chemicals. Thanks for your help.

I was targeted for extrajudicial torture and COINTELPRO operation as a result of being a whistleblower exposing the theft of funds from state of California accounts into the account of a major drug company. A former FBI agent said that it was money laundering, but I do not know for sure if money was being stolen for that reason. An audit was authorized by the governor of California that determined a criminal investigation of the stolen money had to be undertaken. The President of my company was fired and 500 million dollars in misappropriated funds and other audit irregularities were uncovered, and the Highway Patrol and the state attorney general were asked to investigate.

A number of retaliatory actions were taken against me for whistleblowing including denial of transfers and over 40 promotional attempts, discrimination, false accusations and attempts to discharge me and discredit me. The employer failed to discharge or discredit me. My former employer then began to mob, harass, gang stalk, and electronically torture me on the job to the point that I became disabled as a result of headaches, pain, and the other pressures. It was determined that the headaches were caused by a brain tumor from the non stop electronic assaults to my head and ears for over a year. I had to retire when disability benefits ran out.

The COINTELPRO operation continues today, along with the gang stalking, electronic torture, and chemical assaults. In 2008 my car was totaled by a staged accident which I believe involved the state police and the filing of a false police report. My mail is nearly always delivered torn, busted open, and damaged in some manner or intercepted and stolen or delayed in delivery for no justifiable reason. I am being monitored by the local and state police every time I leave my house and within my house. I need to wear gas masks in my home and use air filtering equipment day and night, due to chemical assaults that cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, lung burning and other reactions. Attempts to have an FBI investigation has resulted in a lack of action, and I have made requests for Congressional investigation but my Congressional Representative will not speak to me on the phone or follow up on my past requests for assistance after making referral to the FBI.

My telephone calls are blocked and intercepted, computer phone services denied, cell phone services illegally interrupted, and voice mails deleted or rendered incomprehensible, social relationships destroyed by slander by government operatives.

I was not politically active before becoming a COINTELPRO target, outside of voting in elections. I belonged to no political organizations.

XXV. Accomplished CPA Targeted by Both US and Iranian Governments

By Michael K. Yazdian, CPA
June 19, 2011


My name is, Michael Kamran Yazdian, CPA, & I am a Targeted Individual (TI). I am an Iranian American with dual Citizenship, but without a country! I am being targeted by the Military Industrial Complex. I am being electronically targeted, tortured, and injured via remote Electromagnetic Weapons and Gang Stalked by Covert Spy Agencies, Organized Crime Syndicates, & Cults. On August 11, 2007, I sponsored this petition: “Ban Electronic Warfare On Civilians“ now with more than 1,075 Petitioners who are also TIs. Go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/synergy/ to sign it. This Petition entered the 2011 Human Rights Awards with only ten days remaining, and finished as a Top Rated Nominee http://humanrightsaward.strutta.com/entry/163175. I am also a member of a human rights organization called Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, www.freedomfchs.com , with more than 1,100 members. In the last month, I have created open Facebook groups called: TIs Support Group, TIs Legal Taskforce, Implanted TIs Group, US TIs, & Iran TIs.

Editor’s note: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) is an organization that has been co-opted to defeat TIs’ goals. If you are a TI, please print out a copy of the very last page in this edition, and send it to the Speaker of the House whose address is also in this edition at U.S. Congress Addresses and Fax Numbers. Then, boycott every state in which you don’t live for tourism and products. This does not include seeing family, just tourism and products.

Clearly, the US military and its intelligence agencies, and various other countries are responsible for these covert crimes against humanity! Thus far, in my case all roads lead to the CIA & NSA. By 1975 I was already implanted by a biochip in my neck as a child in Iran during an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) visit by a CIA & Savak agent. Again in 1989, during an outpatient “nasal polyp” surgery in Los Angeles, by Bijan Tagavi, MD who is Iranian-born & French trained. Then again two more times on, July 2, 1999, during an outpatient left ankle surgery where in addition to placing another biochip in my left ankle joint, they also implanted my right ear with an electronic device, in Irvine, California, at “Doctors’ Foot & Ankle Centers.” This time by a trio: Stephen D. Smith, DPM; Garey Lee Weber, DPM; & Karin Northfield, MD.

http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/synergy/ 1,050+ Petitioners!
Please Copy & Paste your Testimonies, Affidavits, Blogs, & Websites, in the Comment Section.
2011 Top Rated Nominee http://humanrightsaward.strutta.com/entry/163175

XXVI. Animal Lover is Targeted

Author wishes to remain anonymous
July 26, 2011

I became a TI 12 years ago. I was targeted because of a neighbor. I would take my dogs for a walk. This neighbor came out one day and asked me if I had seen anyone around his place. He said that someone had broke in and stole some tools out of his garage. I hadn’t seen anything, but told him that if I did I would let him know.

A couple of weeks later he came out when I walked past and asked me if I had seen anything because someone had broke into his truck and stole some stuff. He also told me that he and his wife could not open up their curtains because some guy down the street was using binoculars to look in their windows.

What he said sounded believable to me. I began to notice things. Like the street should not have been a high traffic street, but was on various days. There was tons of traffic. I was walking one night with my dog when there was at least two men hiding in the dark behind a boat that my neighbor had parked in his yard. This happened frequently that there were people hiding in the dark around their house.

One day as I was walking past their house I overheard a conversation between a neighbor who was a very good friend of theirs and another guy in a white pick up truck. This neighbor sounded like he was reporting to this guy. He was telling what he knew was going on with these neighbors. Things like what they were planning, saying, and doing.

The guy in the white pick up said to him, “This is what I want you to do next….” I never heard what that was as there was silence because he was admonishing his partner to be quiet, so I began to suspect foul play, so I told my neighbor.

That is when I became a TI. It began with my being followed everywhere I went. Someone prowled around my home at night…tapping on windows or pounding on the doors and vandalizing my car. Mostly draining the oil out and deflating the tires just enough that if I drove on them it would ruin them. (At no time during this period did I have any home invasions..that began when I started to rent.)

I called the police but the cops who were on shift when it would all happen were no help at all. They would not address the reason they were called out. When I would tell them that someone was tapping on my windows or banging on my doors all hours of the night they would not respond to it which was the reason that I called them out. I did not tell them about anything that did not make sense…nothing unbelievable. It was like they knew what was going on and were not going to do anything about it. I even at one point pointed out something to them that was suspicious but they did not respond…not a word. I was ignored then too, but after that what was suspicious became quite normal for that neighborhood.

A few years later I left my house hoping to get away from those who were targeting me. I left my house leaving it to go into foreclosure.

When we were moving into the place we had rented we came back one day and found the portrait of my dogs on the floor in front of the door, a clear message that they knew we were moving.

Things got worse until I enlisted the help of a neighbor who had connections with law enforcement; then it got better. When he died a few years later, it got worse.

The weapons began and home invasions increased. Things like forks, spoons, knives, wash cloths, computer programs would come up missing, sheets would be cut, towels disappeared. Important papers and documents like W2’s and my birth certificate disappeared.

The weapons were the worst. My little dogs were tortured. They would go running, yelping through the house trying to find a safe place under the bed, table, chairs anywhere they could get. It never worked. I would have to let them outside to stop their torture as I could not keep them in an enclosed space to be tortured. It hurt me so much not being able to protect them.

Eventually I was targeted with the weapons all the time I was at home. They never let up. I was sleep deprived. I slept on the job and got threatened with dismissal for sleeping. I would drop off to sleep without knowing it. I also overslept for work several times. I ended up quitting my job because I was close to being fired. My joints ached so badly that I could barely stand and walk which also affected my job performance.

The weapons would cause my joints to ache and weaken. It was at this time that I would get mail from places that sold wheel chairs.

I also found that someone was listening in on my phone. They would press buttons or make vocal sounds to let me know they were there, or if I talked about something they would find a way to let me know they were listening…like getting a lawyer for something and it would not be long before I got an advertisement from an attorney in the mail. It was not uncommon for me to get porno in the mail from women. I am a heterosexual woman and so have no interest in women in that manner. (So glad that I saved this because something suddenly happened and it was deleted off the screen.)

My little dog is very sick and dying. He was hit so hard several months ago with the weapons that he is sick. In fact we have three dogs and all three are sick with the same symptoms. Isn’t that strange? I took one to the vet and he said that he did not know what is wrong without $700.00 worth of tests, but that it is very bad. I personally think that it is the result of the weapon attacks but cannot prove it.

Editor’s note: I think that the dogs are sick as the result of the weapons too. Moreover, the author indicated that when she was typing her story, any unsaved portions were deleted by the government, such that she could not type anymore at that time. Ultimately, she was able to finish her story fortunately.

XXVII. Refugee Targeted by CIA, CISS

By Ahmad Fani

In 1994 I went to Canada, and 1997 they accepted me as a refugee. Not knowing what was awaiting me, I thought that all my problems were over, and I was going to live a happy life. Somehow for six to seven years my life went on as I was expecting, studying, working, and so on. In March 2001 the perps which I believe are CIA and the CISS of Canada agents targeted me for the first time when I was living in Toronto, Ontario and that was the beginning of most horrible era of my life.

First I was not sure what was going on, but it started with horrendous nightmares every night; then I realized some people that were following me around, residing beside my apartment and coming to my work place before that happened were CISS and CIA agents. After that I moved around, and every 5 to 6 months I changed my apartment, but they always targeted me, and I only was able to run from them whenever I was not sleeping in my car or in my apartment. But from 2005 they never lost me for one minute, and that was when the horrible tortures started.

They were directing sharp microwaves at my head that I had to remain still and could do nothing. I wrote a letter to Paul Martin Prime Minister of Canada at the time and sent copies to my doctor and UNHCR but it reached nowhere. Later they increased the torture by directing sharp microwaves at my eyes and ears. It was absolutely unbearable; my eyes were turning red full of blood and I lost almost 1.5 visual acuity of my sight causing my eyesight to reduce to 20/12 approximately, necessitating my having to get glasses. At that time I was working for a pizza store as a supervisor and I found it impossible for me to continue my work there or live in Canada.

So in April 2005 I left and went to India; unfortunately they reached me there just as badly, and the harassment continued. After that I moved to Iran, Turkey, and U.A.E. but they are still torturing me. Sometimes they don’t let me sleep for two consecutive nights by directing microwaves at my eyes, abdomen, and other parts of my body.

When I look back to see what went wrong and what was my mistake, I can’t exactly figure it out, maybe I should not have gone to Canada and just remained on the stove instead of jumping into the fire. I am not sure if they are tracing us by our DNA or if there is an implant. There is a possibility of implant because when I am praying, running, playing soccer and some other times they are able to increase my heartbeat, and even one time when I was x-raying my right foot there was a small object showing in the sole of the foot but when the clinic did a CT scan there was no trace of it, in which I guess they are able to move the implant around.

Why do they torture us? Well, please read the articles about a project called MK-ULTRA. You will realize that they use Electrical Shock and LSD at that time to brainwash the victims, now they are using torture and electromagnetic radiation instead.

XXVIII. Solicitor from Greece Living in the UK is Targeted

By Joanna Iatridou
June 27, 2011

We live in a world of seven billion flesh units= “human bodies”. The commanding drive of a flesh unit- is self-preservation and the command drive of self-preservation is to be right, therefore never to be criticized or made wrong or belittled-invalidated-suppressed.
There are four races of beings (being=existence of intention to be fulfilled) hidden under the dense flesh appearance of the seven billion “Homo Sapiens”:
The motives and intentions of these individuals show what race they belong to: Arlene wants these TI persecution and torture horrors to stop worldwide: therefore her race is from the Kingdom of Heaven.

The torture squad with the hand-held directed energy weapons (infra-sonic pain shock fields, EMFs-electromagnetic frequencies, high frequency hand held microwaves-range over 6,000 Herz, and ELFs-Extreme Low Frequencies are also Homo-Sapiens but they express their self-preservation by being hidden next door, in other houses at the back of my place, across the street and all corners of this block in North London. Their flesh self-preservation is to thrive on torturing their targets (my ex-partner and me) and their delight is that Police Officers will never raid them and the non-ionizing radiation departments will not allow their segmented computational dosimetry scanners which locate the energy stuck on the flesh body part (head, lungs, lower back etc) to provide the factual scientific proof of these attacks done by beams through walls with a range up to 200 feet. To shoot through walls, they need high resolution through wall military cameras, which they have plus a “law-enforcement” or “retribution-revenge” excuse which is the glue that makes the Local Councils, the Local Police and all the other Authorities stick together in silent but persistent complicity. The complicity concerns four points:

1. Denial that there is a photo database where the TI is vilified with false heinous allegations: the caption under my photo, which is constantly updated is THE WHORE: the subscribers to this photo-database include McDonalds franchises, local shopkeepers, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Public Libraries, Hostels, private security companies, local councils and others. I made several Freedom of Information Act queries on an aggressive database called “security register” which had persecuted Jane Clift as potentially violent. The LGO (Local Government Office) denies knowledge or existence of this database although there was litigation where the Slough Council paid 500,000 GBP in Court expenses plus 11,000 GBP compensation to Jane Clift for being branded-targeted-discriminated-vilified as potentially violent. Yet the LGO and all Councils denied the use of this database. Why?

Because under their human flesh they belong to the snake race and snakes are about extremely narrow self-preservation and rightness. These snakes do eat the same food as we do and wear the same clothes, and live in the same society, but their snake self-preservation dictates that they must keep the secret slander database a secret to preserve their right to brand-stigmatize and destroy anybody they like. Snakes are afraid of their crimes and MUST keep doing them secretly as they cannot hold back their criminal intentions-this is what feeds their individual rightness and self-confidence. So denial of photo-databases continues.

2. Denial that directed energy weapons are being used. This is done by snakes under human flesh first and foremost within the Police as instructed, because their self-preservation dictates to keep the denial going, and being snakes they consider the torturer snakes with the weapons an ELITE because they torture the target safely hidden and double-locked from flats next door.

3. Denial that directed energy weapon attacks can be proven by segmented computational dosimetry and watt per kilo weight electricity measurements by the computers of the non-ionizing radiation departments. The issue is not that TIs will not be believed, the issue is that proof methods are blocked by snake-scientists who want to keep their high salary position in the various Agencies and Departments.

4. Denial by doctors and judges that electronic torture is being done with a variety of weapons and total refusal to even look at evidence.
The demographics of the snake race are the same as the Milgram experiment, at least 65 per cent of the population.

February 2007, The Set Up:

One night in February 2007, while I was housed at Leabridge House in East London, I went to the nearest A&E Whipps Cross Hospital and reported that: for three days I had no sleep and that there is an external electrical device that aggressively raises my blood pressure to cause me a stroke and that both the sleep deprivation and sudden rise in blood pressure are being done against me with electronics secretly by the American Church of Scientology. I had joined the Church of Scientology in 1975, had served in their elite Sea Org from 1982-84 and was still in touch with the Saint Hill Org in East Greenstead, whose manner was impeccable and therefore I was suspecting the American Church and their OSA=Office of Special Affairs= black operations unit, because I was getting the voices of David Miscavige, Heber Jentzsch, and Guillaume Lesevre asking me questions or making statements straight in my head. (By then I knew the basics and the name of this technology: V2K (Voice to Skull) and pulsed microwave hearing). Other factors that made their involvement obvious was a bragging of American scientologists that they can “remote kill” with their Operating Thetan=supernatural spiritual abilities, plus a list of mysterious and suspicious deaths of Scientologists plus the fact that my Emails, on the average 3 per year to the Church of Scientology in Florida were met with a wall of silence, to make me look like a paranoid-obsessive freak who is harassing the Church because of “delusions”.

My blood pressure was higher than normal but not at lethal or high-risk levels, so I was given 3 tablets of Zopiclon 3.5mg by a psychiatrist to go back home and get some sleep. This was my first encounter with a psychiatrist, my age was 49 then, the Zopiclon tablets were a good quality and well matching medication, and so I agreed to by interviewed and go along with the psychiatrist, because he did not seem to be a threat to my health and safety.


Can you fly to “health, and happiness with Citalopram?”

The interviews with the psychiatrist were an effortless agreement that I am a middle-aged lady from Greece, right handed, articulate, married but separated, who has low tolerance to high blood pressure bouts and feels severe discomfort when her BP goes suddenly high (malignant blood pressure). The psychiatrist, (was he mind controlled, was this a verification test to check if indeed I am being attacked with electronic and directed energy weapons by the side effects of medications or was he indoctrinated by the FTAC?= Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC)
Quote from wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixated_Threat_Assessment_Centre

In the United Kingdom, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is a joint police/mental health unit set up in October 2006 by the Home Office, the Department of Health and Metropolitan Police Service to assess and manage the risk to politicians, members of the British Royal Family, and other public figures from obsessive individuals. )

The stress factors we had listed were: being aggressively verbally abused as a whore and suffering unemployment, mounting debts and a crash in living standards because of all this and not getting any help from the complaints I had submitted to the Leyton Police already by December 2005 and suspecting the Church of Scientology and electronic devices behind my present “health crisis” and adverse living conditions because of an organized mob revenge verbal aggression and blacklisting as a “Fucking whore” which the Police had used to interview me, to size me up if they could call me crazy, but turned a blind eye to crime stopping it or giving me genuine information they had, to submit subject access requests and obtain all data held about me, to locate which data controller is criminally feeding all electronic databases that I am “THE WHORE” attached to a photograph of mine. This matter is now with the ICO= The Information Commissioners Office, who, of course, is dragging his feet due to a large backlog of complaints. (By now, I know that this covert vilification is called “gang-stalking or cause-stalking, and the goal is to make me suicidal or make me curl up and die isolated, impoverished and hated by society).

The psychiatrist’s attitude was: “Why do you keep being tormented by the “whore” accusations, suspicions about the Church of Scientology and frustration about your human rights being destroyed as the Police sit back and says that maybe you are crazy and none of this is really happening to you? Just fly with Citalopram above all this.

With the false security I felt, because I was an outpatient, interviewed by the psychiatrist, no sectioning threats, I agreed to try one course of Citalopram on the basis “ I have nothing to lose, if it proves harmful I can stop it”, it was not an enforced medication.

Now this is why I call this THE COMBINATION CRAFT:

While a data controller is feeding all electronic databases that I am “THE WHORE” which had caused me to be fired from three financial administration contracts ranging between £20-23,000 salary per year and getting my mortgaged home repossessed, and while this data controller’s crime against my basic rights of non-discrimination demolishes any chance of me getting back to normal living standards and life, the ICO and the Police and other Authorities keep the criminal data controller hidden and well protected by the fact that I got to search 700 databases and disclosure is not guaranteed if it is deemed to hinder “the prevention or detection of crime”. This data-sharing crime against me had prevented me from getting Legal Aid from Citizens Advice Bureaus, made it impossible to obtain Housing independent of Social Services, made it impossible to hold a corporate job as I used to, and makes my communications hell as it enforces a distorted communication, where the doctors, local MP, housing officers, legal aid, police, home rental and employment agencies, and hospitals are talking to a “secret hooker, half-way prostitute, former prostitute” which might make their corporation or property into a secret brothel. While this crime is still covered in complicity since 2002 when I first complained to the human resources of the corporate permanent post I held, I consented to try a box of Citalopram, to “ignore” it all.

The psychiatrist had clearly stated in his report that I have low tolerance and feel severe discomfort when my blood pressure goes malignant. Citalopram, like all antidepressants raise the blood pressure, it is a standard side effect.

While I felt like a million dollars with the first tablet, I had to stop Citalopram and clean up its residue with laxatives after 14 days-tablets only and go on incapacity as it was causing me random nose-bleeding and forced me to get a CT-scan to check if I had suffered minor strokes.

Phasor Pain Field Blaster

Miniature electronic device intended for personal protection or field research work. Complex sonic shock waves are internally adjustable for maximizing on target subject. Operating frequency is 18-19kHz (right at the edge of human hearing). Effective range of up to 15 feet.
125 db Directional sonic shock waves
4″ x 3″ x 2″ Shirt pocket sized
Operates on a 9 volt battery
Assembled and ready to use $ 94.95

The torture squads are telling the truth that the electronic torture equipment is Police property and Police protected

This shape of ultrasonic (=DEW-Directed Energy Weapon) with its pocket size dimensions is being sold from what I saw when I was attacked with one in a Paisley Park, like a brick mobile: 4″ x 3″ x2 Fits the description. The Home office should look under ultrasonic, or infrasound weapons in the ILEF (International Law Enforcement) less lethal weapons database. This weapon should be there. If it was omitted, that means that Interpol, which trains the Police Forces in 188 countries has told the national Police forces to omit it intentionally. Therefore, that means that the ILEF database is biased and incomplete.

What else is known about this: this particular model is used by the torture squads for demonstrations when they move in a new area to harass a target. The criminals make it clear that:

1. This weapon is Police property
2. They are Police protected
3. They are telling the truth about 1 and 2
4. The criminals shoot women to demonstrate to them that it causes a lot of intense pain. They also challenge the women to go to a Police Station and complain about it or call 999 and try doing a crime complaint. The criminals warn the women truthfully that if they complain about it to the Police the Police will “WORRY ABOUT THEIR MENTAL HEALTH AND SEND THEM TO THEIR GP WHERE ALL NHS WITHOUT EXCEPTION HAS INSTRUCTIONS TO SECTION THE VICTIM AND ENFORCE ANTI-PSYCHOTICS, SO POISON THEM IN DETENTION (AND POSSIBLY KEEP TORTURING THEM WITH THE SAME WEAPON FROM UPSTAIRS OR NEXT DOOR. THE CRIMINALS TRUTHFULLY WARN THE WOMEN THAT ANY COMPLAINT CAN GET THEM DETAINED AND FORCIBLY POISON-MEDICATED FROM ONE TO SIX MONTHS.
5. From that moment on the women ensure in the community a total CODE OF SILENCE
6. Men are never attacked for demonstration unless they disobey the gang.

The way they find women, is, one or two perps from the gang go out late at night in the park looking to buy sex. Then they demonstrate it on the hookers they chat up. They also chat up foreign women working in hostels, and that is how they secure total silence about it. This feels on the head like a baseball bat with full force and causes dreadful pains at the lower back. The threat of up to six months psychiatric detention secures total silence in any community.

This is an extract from my blog:


The squad surrounding me in Wood Green North London are very trigger happy this evening; they have similar pain shock blasters but shooting at longer ranges, from up to 200 feet away, and they tend to shoot me when I am washing up the dishes or washing my face in the bathroom. Both the through wall surveillance equipment and the infrasonic pain shock blasters should be criminalised with heavy financial fines as they are used purely for gratification torture, “fun-sessions” the disgrace for this goes to the Police who do not warn the public or enforce the Criminal Justice Act. Plus, the Police should have discredited the criminals who claim Police protection and NOT the victims. Segmented computational dosimetry scanners can verify if a victim was shot in the back or head with this, as the energy sticks locally for 24 hours at least, but the non-ionizing radiation departments keep their computers and expertise locked-up to leave the victims defensless and without scientific proof of assault.

XXVIII. Whistle Blower in Aerospace Industry with Impeccable Work History

By Edgar Gillham
October 26, 2008

Urgent Health Issue
Urgent Financial Issues
Urgent Security Issues

I became aware of my exposure to Directed Energy Weapons and organized crimes in May 1986.

I, Edgar Gillham, Says publicly the following Testimonial:
I am 73 years old and have been unemployed for 23 years as the result of blowing the whistle on corporate corruption. I refused to sign off falsified environmental test data on electronic countermeasure systems that protect military aircraft from enemy missiles during hostile engagement. These devices are used in more than a dozen countries around the world and will probably be used on civilian aircraft in the future. Failure of this device would place aircraft and crew in imminent danger.

Health Issues:

I enjoyed excellent health until approximately May 1986, when I was exposed to the DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS & ORGANIZED CRIMES abuse and aggression causing my health to deteriorate. My wife and I are subjected to many kinds of harassment as a result, consisting of but not limited to the following: sleep deprivation, tortuous chemical attacks, being dragged in to the legal system on false and set up accusations, having my reputation defamed and being falsely listed as bisexual, thereby preventing me from obtaining a secret security clearance necessary for my line of work, being “punished” for attempting to get legal help and advice by violent retaliation, my telephone tapped and my computer “keystroked,” and monitored 24/7. Telephone calls and computer communications are monitored, edited, and often prevented and/or interrupted at important events. I am stalked and harassed 24/7 both domestically and internationally. I have had blood samples taken illegally while I slept and have had genetic samples of blood and hair taken from my home without legal consent or justification. My wife and I both experience a high pitched very painful ultra audible squealing sound we cannot escape, mostly when we attempt to do something of which the perpetrators do not approve. We are also subjected to chemical attacks that produce various painful symptoms such as severe internal bleeding and diarrhea. The ultra sound is making me deaf, my hearing is now down to 20 per cent and dropping fast. Sleep deprivation has caused severe symptoms consisting of a stroke and type 2 diabetes. Not least, we are socially isolated and not allowed employment of even to volunteer for non profit charitable avocations. We are virtually under house arrest and torture. This is facilitated by falsely informing our neighbors that we are hardened criminals. Absolutely untrue, neither my wife nor I have ever been arrested. Nor have we even been questioned about any such crimes. I was implanted in my left hip while sleeping. This was captured on disk and is available upon request. This causes severe pain and inhibits my mobility. I have begun walking with a cane to ease the pain. Two months after being implanted, my doctor found two skin cancer growths and I underwent surgery to have them removed. None was there before the implanting. I now have abdominal pain, possible colon cancer, waiting to have another colonoscopy done. My previous colonoscopy showed no signs of cancer. This “implant” seems to have triggered a number of maladies. There may have been a deliberate infection, the USA government has done that before both domestically (Tuskegee experiment) and internationally (Guatamala).

Punishment for being non cooperative can be brutal. For many years, if I sought help from the sheriff or other authorities, I was punished by a chemical attack that brought on severe bleeding in the urinal tract. Blood formed huge clots and it was difficult and painful to void them. Often they stayed in my bladder for days preventing my being able to urinate while pressure built.


I am subjected to constant unending surveillance both domestically and internationally. During these times I am subjected to all forms of torture listed above. The stalkers go to great lengths to make sure I am aware of their presence while being stalked. I have no privacy, even in my bedroom. Perpetrators use “through the wall” technology to follow me visually from one room to another and shoot pellets and throw stones at that portion of the house. They know not only where I am in my own home; they actually know what I’m doing there. There is no escape, the technology they utilize has followed me deeply into deserted high desert and deep into redwood forests, where I am harassed during the night and not allowed to sleep.

As mentioned previously, vandalism consists of, but is not limited to the following: Chemical attacks causing many illnesses such as a stroke, enlarged prostate, and type 2 diabetes, resulting in unnecessary surgery, loss of hearing, loss of privacy including intimacy with my wife of 55 years, damage to the exterior of our home requiring repainting due to stone and pellet damage, many flat tires on automobiles and motorcycle. International stalking and harassment ruins costly international vacations. On a trip to Ireland, I was not only not allowed to sleep the entire week, but was subjected to all night stoning the hotel room and attacked with chemicals that caused much bleeding. I had to stay in my room to deal with the bleeding, and in one case was prevented from boarding an aircraft for that reason.

Financial Devastations:

I have not been allowed to find work since May 1, 1986. My attempts to find employment are met with total silence, as if I did not exist. I was negotiating to buy a beach front home in Half Moon Bay California when I lost my job. The price of the home was $180,000; now that home would be worth $2,000,000. That, and my income as an Engineering Team Leader in advance development for these 23 years, adds up to about a $3,000,000 loss, a direct result of harassment.

Organized Crime:

The perps are well organized and well funded. They have access to personal information and high tech equipment that only law enforcement and/or Government agencies could possess. They are international; crossing borders has no effect on the harassment whatsoever. Some, including myself, believe this is a covert army funded by International Corporations in cooperation with governmental agencies to further the morphing of individual nations into the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are subjected to an ultra high pitched painful buzzing sound that is delivered in a way not yet understood. Such notable persons as Chess Master Bobby Fischer had commented on the sound and gave this annoyance as the reason he refused to Defend his championship. We also consider the probability that we are unwilling participants in a “new Tuskegee Experiment.”

Agencies Approached:

I have contacted many individuals and agencies over the 23 years I have been subjected to this torture. These include, but are not limited to the following: state and national Congresspersons, the president of the United States, the governor of the State of California, the local private security patrol, three doctors who treat the resulting medical conditions, legal council, the sheriff’s department many times, and numerous newspapers and magazines. Several articles on the subject have been published therein. I should note that every time I contact the Sheriff’s department, I am subjected to severe urinary tract bleeding the following day that cannot be explained by medical examinations. This “punishment” has resulted in unnecessary prostate surgery. This has happened more than 10 times. I have been told by the Sheriff to “not call them anymore” even though I gave them and the District Attorney copies of videos of the house stoning.

The Reason For My Being Targeted Per My Experiences Are:

I’m convinced the reason for my being targeted relates directly to my whistle blowing experience. That happened just prior to my 50th birthday. I had no problems prior to that event, and my life has been completely shattered since then.

1. I have been falsely labeled as a Homosexual, preventing me from being able to secure the secret security clearance necessary to work in the electronics countermeasure field.
2. I have been falsely labeled a sexual offender even though I have no criminal record.
3. I have been falsely accused of stealing classified documents; completely false. No proof has ever been presented and none can be; it just didn’t happen.
4. I have been falsely accused of vandalism and dragged into the legal system. All charges were dropped when I proved that I was undergoing surgery at that very same time these offenses were committed.
5. I have been accused of being insane, without undergoing any kind of psychological evaluation having been done and without any chance to hear any charges or accusations against me and without a chance to present any kind of evidence on my behalf.

Under Which Law I May Have Been Accused To Be Categorized Of Criminality:

I have never been charged “officially” with any crime except the vandalism charge that was dropped by the district attorney and never went to trial.

Under What Circumstance I Was Accused of being Mentally ill And Which Agency Is Responsible For Such Accusations:

I have never been officially charged with any misdeeds except as noted above. I have never been found guilty in any court of law in my entire 73 years on this earth. I have never committed any crime except for driving above the speed limit, and that is only an infraction. I have never willfully and knowingly broken any law. The above accusations were made covertly and completely without my knowing at the time. The results were only gleaned over many year’s time.

Which Court Of Law I Have Filed And What Was The Out Come?:

No lawsuits have been filed.

The Reason I Did Not File A lawsuit In Any Court of Law:

I have been unable to find competent legal representation. I hired a lawyer to investigate but he spent all his time trying to get me to seek psychiatric examination. He was convinced by the official records that I was insane even though no examination of such had ever been done.

Editor’s note: This is more proof that the psychiatric profession is being controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation, because the very idea that anyone who blows the whistle is insane is preposterous.

The Reason I Did Not File Any Official Complaint:

See above.

The Road Map To How We Were Taken From Our Normal Path Of Life and WE Were Forced Into This Never Ending Detour:

My first encounter with the vengeful nation of Corporate America was when I refused to falsify documents relating to aircraft and missile countermeasure systems. I was unfairly blacklisted for life without warning of any kind. I wasted 5 years and thousands of dollars trying to find a position, time and money I could have used far more profitably had I known about blacklisting. I discovered many years later that I had been accused of being a violent criminal even though I am definitely not violent and have never been convicted of any crime in my life. It appears that a social “kick me with impunity” notice was proverbially placed in my record, and kick me they did. I have been harassed into leaving my home 5 times. When I settled here in Lake County, I experienced the same kind of harassment, but had learned that moving was not the answer, I was always followed wherever I went and harassment was only temporarily interrupted. The cost of moving is very high so I decided to stay my ground no matter the harassment. Since there was no escaping it, there was no purpose in moving again. As I withstood the ever increasing frequency and intensity of the harassment the neighbors seemed to grow more and more desperate to force me to move again. This led to false charges as they faked criminal activities and dragged me into the legal system, point being to jail me and force me to sell my home at far below market value. My wife and I have been defamed far beyond measure. Neighbors think we are desperate insane criminals and refuse to even talk to us. We are denied social contacts, volunteer activities, as well as employment. We are subjected to a multitude of assaults of both chemical and electronic nature even though we have never been examined by a psychiatrist or accused to our face of any crime. I have witnessed for our State Congress concerning Gang activities and initiated two laws, both now active in the State of California. I have cooperated with the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department in eradicating a massive illegal drug manufacturing operation. My wife and I are presently in the protection program with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s department in connection with these Civic and ricky contributions on our part. My wife and I, being 73-years-old, are supposed to be protected under Elder Abuse laws, but these are not done; no help is forthcoming from any of these agencies.

Attachment #1 Perps block my email by a black bar across viewer. Can’t read messages
Attachment #2 Paint beat off my wall by pellet guns opening between trees. Where pellets hit.
Attachment #3 Mensa test. Mensa is the club for those who have an IQ of genius level. Ed wrote, “I lost my driver’s license after a stroke 5 years ago. In order to get back my driver’s license, I had to prove my mind was not adversely effected. I took the Mensa test for my doctor. Perps say we’re ‘crazy.’ I believe this result shows the opposite.”
Attachment #4 Varian HELIX ENGINEERING ‘OUT-THE-DOOR’ AWARD Ed wrote,

“As a senior engineer I headed a team of technical engineers and scientists in designing a sophisticated electronic countermeasure system for US and allied aircraft. Check ALQ-131 on the internet.

Urgent Demands and My Petition:

1. Restore our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America to face our accusers in a court of law, to hear any and all charges and to have an opportunity to present a defense, examine all evidence, and call both friendly and hostile witnesses to cross examination.
2. That Nazi-like biological experimentation on unwilling and uninformed subjects be stopped immediately.
3. That affirmative enforcement of United Nations Chartered Human Rights regulations be enforced by an Inspector General with power to make effective changes.
Editor’s note: Ed doesn’t realize what the UN was established to achieve, or he would not make any demand of it. See http://www.truedemocracy.net/td-17/index.html for the reason the UN was established.
4. That a “safe harbor” be established for present and future victims beyond the reach of offending Nations and/or Agencies.
5. That the Medical community be informed of the existence and use of bio-electromagnetic weapons, their use, symptoms, and treatment methodologies.
Editor’s note: It is my feeling that the medical profession is well aware of these devices, but chooses not to admit it.
6. To extend the freedom of information laws to include all accusations made against a Citizen. If this information is part of an ongoing investigation, there would be a reasonable time limit allowed before releasing this information.
7. To insure “transparency,” the lack of which has led to this present financial crisis. The staff of the Inspector General should be substantially increased and placed on notice to investigate all credible accusations and deliver a written conclusion to all concerned. The Inspector General would have authority to direct credible cases to legal entities for disposition and monetary settlements.
8. To file violation of Human rights charges against any and all Governments which sanction, tolerate, and/or encourage biological experimentation on Human Beings without their informed consent. To provide legal council to all credible victims. To investigate euphemisms such as “enhanced interrogation techniques” which is just another more polite and socially acceptable way to say torture.
9. The prohibition against unwarranted search of a Citizen’s home, property, and/or personal possessions shall be updated to prevent the use of high technology to do the same. Searches by through the wall, computer Trojans, Spyware, and/or any future technological developments shall be illegal unless authorized by a duly empowered Magistrate. All information thusly obtained shall be held in strict confidence and all information not covered by said authorization shall be destroyed.
10. Any derogatory information about an employee or former employee of any corporation shall be available to said person for scrutiny. The act of “Blacklisting” whistle blowers is contrary to the Public well being and facilitates corporate corruption. Blacklisting is usually accomplished by the devious means of making secret false accusations and character assassinations. Transparency is a most vital ingredient of a just society.
16. To legislate that any Biologist, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist who knowingly participates in Biological experimentation on any Human Being without their informed consent be blacklisted from theirs and any related disciplines. That these persons be financially liable for remuneration as necessary to restore said victim to their former state of medical and financial health. That any pain, discomfort, financial loss, psychological trauma, loss of self esteem, loss of family intimacy, and loss of the pursuit of happiness shall require just compensation. That the commission of these offenses shall qualify as criminal activities and perpetrators shall be tried as criminals for said offenses in a court of law.

Harassment history:

1. Long term unemployment after an excellent work history.
2. Retrained but was expelled from college only weeks before graduating head of class.
3. Finished 3rd in California on civil service test for new job. Didn’t even get an interview.
4. High pitched buzzing sound cannot be stopped by ear plugs. Often starts on cue just after rock strikes. An obvious attempt at Pavlov’s experiment.
5. Not allowed sleep for 25 years. Nap time and night time constant barrage of pebbles, BBs, and pellets. Pellets hitting my walls 24/7/365.
6. As you can see, constant unending messing with my work on the computer. They constantly rearrange my letters and change formatting while I type. If they find it objectionable, they simply delete all my work sometimes costing me hours to replace.
Editor’s note: Ed provided me with the page from which I am typing these items. It proves what he indicated in the above (#6).
7. I have 4 computers and must work on at least one every single day. It leaves little time for doing chores or anything else. Now they just switched me to italics. Ed’s note: He is telling the truth. They did.
8. Constancy entering my home at night and when I’m away. They steal and disable my cameras and other detection equipment.
9. I have been poisoned, bugged with what I assume are RFID chips, injected with unknown chemicals, had my drinking water filled with ammonia.
10. All my conferencing calls are interrupted; I’m not allowed to confer with groups of targeted people.
11. My car is bugged; I’m even followed to remote locations where I go to do photography. See, they are at it even now. They have changed my formatting many times trying to discourage me from writing this letter.
12. I just reoriented to write from the left side again; they love to change that to center and right side typing to distract me while I’m working. It is just about impossible to write a c( [see] they just switched me again. I [c]an’t get this done, sorry. I’ll try to do it longhand tomorrow.

Then, in longhand, Ed wrote: Sorry but as usual the perps will not let me write. I’ll have to do it longhand tomorrow.
Ed wrote in longhand, decided to send a statement made 4 years ago for the United Nations.

XXVII. Unbelievable, But True! TI Since Birth

By Pam Anderson
July 8, 2011

Editor’s note: In a telephone conversation with the author, she told me that she has a 32nd degree Mason in her family. This is why she has been targeted since birth. She did not assign this title to her story. I did.

The program I believe I’m in is MK-ULTRA sub project 119 which is a declassified CIA program and experiment of remote telecontrol of a human being. In layman terms that means a mind control experiment. These experiments are well documented. My first recollection was in 1961, I was remotely controlled; my parents even noticed something was very wrong.

In 1965 while my father was stationed in Texas, my sister and I where asleep in the same bed. I was remotely electroshocked awake, I looked out my bedroom window (we lived outside of town and the bed was next to the window) I saw a hovering UFO in the field. It looked just like the type that the propaganda machine was generating to the public back in the 1960s. I woke my sister and we sat on the bed for several minutes watching it. We then fell into a deep sleep and never told our parents or anyone. My sister can verify this. Part of the program back then was to also subject test subject children to many UFOs for some unknown study.

Part of the program also includes extensive psychological operations on the test subject; this is also documented.

I am very sick; the doctors can only diagnose what I have, but do not know from where it came.

This is just one of the various open sores that appear on Pam’s body.

Before 1974 when they got me at Ellsworth AFB (air force base) as stated in my letter to Bioethics, many weird occurrences would happen to me, in which later I found to be experiments conducted by the military.

1. Doors slamming by themselves. No draft, wind, etc. especially when I would try to say a little prayer that I taught myself. Please note that this is part of a LONG term program involving religion that they have used and still do.

2. Objects rocking and spinning off a shelf or flying off a shelf. Etc.

3. Continual sleep disturbance
But my mother would Never take me to the doctor about it. Although while stationed at Cape Charles Virginia. We went to Langley AFB quite often, and although I was around eight or so years old I can’t remember ANY Thing about Langely.

My mother knew what was going on, but not my stepfather who was in the USAF (United States Air Force).

While in Oregon at 18 years of age, the doors and windows would open and close by themselves, my clothes would be rearranged or missing. Extreme sleep disruption and intense feeling that something was not right. More fatigue and feeling of uneasiness. One night I was trying to fall asleep when an unseen force hit me in the chest and completely knocked the wind out of me ( I have heard other TIs talk about having been hit by a weapon) then they projected hundreds of voices in the room that sounded like some sort of Arabic language….this was done externally. They harass Tis with this technology continually (not only TIs). I was so scared I sat up in bed and was drenched with sweat. Then the United States Military used their hologram weapon to project an image of a man standing about 6 feet from my bed; his appearance was that of a middle eastern and was dressed in a suit. The image lasted less than a minute then sort of broke up. The next night I slept in my friend’s room. At 12 A.M. my friend woke me up screaming, I jumped up and heard the hundreds of projected voices outside the closed bedroom door. I was so scared that I ran into the closet in order to hide. Connie was screaming for us to get out, so we climbed out of the bedroom window and drove to her father’s house. Later that night was my first memory of forced speech.

Please be aware that these are programs carried out on a test subject, very well planned and orchestrated by the United States Military, Government contractors, and Universities. This is in no way a religious experience.

In 2010 after discovering what was happening in my life, I received a mysterious article via email that told of many unexplained and random suicides occurring in the town of Medford Oregon. It went on to say that it was later discovered that the Military was testing electromagnetic weapons in that area. Which was at the same time I was there. I have searched for that same article many times but cannot find it.

In 2009 through bio communication they told me that I have been a good test subject and that they would tell me what has been happening to me since birth. They made reference to MK-ULTRA and my mother.

They said that in my case they were stationed at Fort Detrick Maryland in a bunker.

I have received mysterious Emails like the above many times that would explain events.

XXVIII. Patriotic American is Targeted

By Lisa Becker
August 11, 2011

My name is Lisa Becker and I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You may find my story difficult to believe, I still can’t believe this could happen in America.

My story begins in 2001- how I came to be involved is really a matter of speculation. I truly do not know why I was chosen for targeting, other than I am opinionated and contacted the White House and my representatives whenever an issue interested me. I was a landlord and a business owner and frequently had to make decisions that impacted other people’s lives. There is also the possibility that local law enforcement needed a target to utilize their new equipment from the NIJ.

I was happily married to my soul mate of 20 years, I had my own business and our primary residence, an 8 unit apartment building was almost paid for. Life was looking good.

Almost overnight strange things began to happen.

I began getting phone calls where the caller would hang up after about 20 seconds.
My home and my business were being vandalized.
My husband became depressed and had difficulty sleeping along with headaches.
The neighbors near my residence and my business began dumping garbage on my property.
The City of Racine closed the street to my business forcing me to close for several months.
My husband began an affair with a co-worker, (not in character for him)
I had what seemed to be a seizure.
Our dog began defecating on the carpet.
My automobile was being vandalized.
After my husband moved out, someone began entering my apartment and stole personal items, vandalized walls and furniture, and left a penny in unusual places. This was done repeatedly for almost two years.
I had developed what seemed to be neurological problems and extreme fatigue.
I had a sensation of vibration and electricity running through my body.
I felt ill, very ill.
Red marks began appearing on my forehead and the bridge of my nose.

At the time I did not see the relationship of the above issues. I simply adapted to my new situation and coped well under the circumstances. I quickly found that calling the police was of no help. They treated me rudely and disrespectfully. I realize now that I was being targeted with COINTELPRO tactics, gang stalking, and directed energy weapons.

At night I would hear a hissing sound and would awaken to find pink dust everywhere. It was as if someone was blowing insulation into my bedroom at night. I had had enough; I was not a criminal, or even a bad person. I have always lived within the law and have treated all people with respect. Someone was trying very hard to destroy me and everything I had worked for. I decided to sell and get out of Racine, Wisconsin.

After the sale of our real estate assets I moved to Florida to start a new life in a new location. I moved to Orlando and purchased a lovely condominium at beautiful Bella Terra. I made a number of friends, many who were recently divorced and my age. It looked like my problems were behind me and I was going to get a second chance at life. My neighbor, Brenda, and I became rather close and spent a little time together talking almost daily. One day she mentioned that the people above me had moved some very large equipment into the apartment just above me. She said it appeared to be very heavy, as it took two men difficulty to get it up to the 3rd floor. Once again strange things began to happen.
Pennies once again started appearing in odd places, like my bathroom sink.

Red marks on my walls began appearing again.
Strange odors that seemed exceptionally strong and toxic emitted through my ventilation system.
Books, clothing, batteries and tools began disappearing.
It seemed someone was tampering with my food.
I became very lethargic as if I was drugged.

I now realized that this was very serious and inter-connected.

In June of 2007 I went to bed as usual and was awoken about 2:00 AM by a sensation of electrocution. I jumped from bed to look for the source of the electricity and heard people laughing. I realized that whoever was laughing was somehow responsible for what I believe was a tazer attack. How did they tazer me right through a wall or concrete floor I wondered? I moved to the living room sofa after my heart stopped racing, only to hear a heavy cart roll on the floor above me. I was hit over and over again with this directed energy weapon.

This went on night after night. I began sleeping in different places, like neighbors’ homes, my van, at work, at hotels, but I could not escape the attacks. I believe they were coming from a land based source because I could hear people outside moving around. One evening at 2:00 AM they started at me, and I got up and went to Charlie’s condo on the 3rd floor. My dog and I were always welcome there. We stood in the shadows on the enclosed patio while I heard men running down the stairs saying, “where did she go?” After 5 minutes a helicopter began searching for something with a spot light all over the area I was observing. It was at this moment that I realized the search was for me and this was more than just a rogue gang, these people had resources.

I began to look on the internet to find out about these weapons and found out more than I ever wanted to know about directed energy weapons, (DEW) and mind control.

I also discovered that the only people that had them were: military personnel, law enforcement, and the numerous security agencies.

WHY WAS THE GOVERNMENT TRYING TO KILL ME AND WHY TORTURE ME FIRST? This is a question that still is unanswered.

The sleep deprivation was nearly the end of me. I went to a doctor who performed what he called, “an informal psychological evaluation,” he did blood work as well and said I had low potassium. He found me to be mentally, “sound as a bell.”

But I became so impaired mentally, I had to call home and ask for help. I was near a point where I would not be able to make my own decisions. My ex-husband was a God-send. He came immediately and moved me lock, stock, and barrel back to my family in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, my family did not believe what I told them. They assumed there was something wrong with me. They grasped for any answer, except the truth.

After returning home I began a phone campaign to legislators and anyone I thought could help me. In December 2007, I received a call from Investigator Zimmerman from the Washington D.C., Capital Police Department. He told me to stop bothering the legislators, that they could not help me and if any of them tried to help me he would take action against them. He said, we consider you a threat. He was threatening and abusive. None of my elected officials would return my phone calls, much less give me a meeting. When I contacted the FBI, I was told that what was being done to me was not illegal. They said there was no jurisdiction. They were unbelievably rude and abusive.

I returned to the internet to find others in my area. I quickly found many others. To date there are approximately 25 people in Wisconsin that are actively being targeted with directed energy attacks and mind manipulation. Four of us from Wisconsin went to Washington D.C. to provide testimony to the President’s Commission on Bio-ethics. We were politely received, but to date they have not stopped the attacks on our bodies or our minds.

What has held me together through years of torture has been my faith.

To this day I continue to sustain burns to different parts of my body, particularly my hands and feet. I have ear shattering pain and splitting headaches. They vibrate my teeth and rack my body with pain. I am an law abiding American citizen, a taxpayer, and yet I am denied the basic human right of sleep. I am tortured in my own bed within my own home. As I write this they are burning the end of my nose and penetrating my rectum with burning directed energy. This torture has gone on for a decade. If those of us that have been targeted are unable to expose it and stop this, the rest of the public, will find themselves in a similar situation, as they perfect their techniques on us.

One of the first things they do to targeted individuals like myself is to isolate us. My Mother and my friends have not let that happen. My God has sustained me through His word. The following text describes my situation well:

We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Cor.4:8-9

In conclusion, I have learned the motivation behind all this is control. Those that crave a one world government want to be able to control humanity, (mentally and physically), they do not have the same ideals of honesty and cooperation that the rest of humanity shares, they want to own you and all the rest of the resources on this planet. They believe their money makes them superior to you and me in every way. They have utilized terrorism as a tool to convince cowards to give up freedom in the name of security.

XXIX. Humanitarianism by Arizona Woman Causes Her to be Targeted

By Brenda Zastoupil
August 12, 2011

In 1996 I worked for a vitamin company. I had an appointment with a doctor at the Phoenician, a world renowned resort. But, unknown to me, the appointment cancelled. As a result, however, I met a doctor who was the medical attache for the Saudi Royal family. I met him several times for the purchase of vitamins for malnourished families and children overseas. After that, I began experiencing people telling me what I had done in my apartment the next day at work as though they had been physically there with me. Also, my brain felt like I was in a cyclonic whirlwind in which my instrument panel, like one on an aircraft, went haywire in this funnel of compressed electromagnetic force field, like that of the Bermuda Triangle as though I was trying to regain my sense of balance. Also, some of my things were moved around, and the government would change channels on my TV set, anything to have me know that I was being watched.

Later my brain was blasted with a high electromagnetic EMF frequency impulses/ tones like a sound test in which the volume and intensity varies daily. Sometimes it is so piercing to the brain that it has a “beserk” effect, a very compressed scrambling “synthesizer” effect, whereby I am holding my ears and running around flagrantly in circles. In addition, it also disorganizes my thoughts when trying to organize my day, speech, and makes it difficult to write; also my voice tone is altered and controlled at a level of an IQ of 25-50, extremely excruciating suppressed pain which makes me nonfunctional at times.

I continue to be heavily hit with electromagnetic weapons, and I am fully controlled like a robot, where all the other TIs to whom I have spoken are not voice controlled, character controlled, facial controlled, and they control me to speak as though I was practially brain dead, as though I cannot construct a sentence normally, or make a decision as to what to do such as which shoe to put on first. They can cause a shower to last one hour instead of 5 or 10 minutes just to make me late for work when I was able to work.

They can make me raise my hands in the air, in which I cannot drop them; only the mind controller can drop my hands, because he has control of my mind; basically it is like having a brain transplant of a low intelligence man, and tell me what can you do if your hands up in the air and you cannot lower them; not a lot, you cannot type, you cannot even use the restroom, and then they have my brain heavily plated, again to where, I don’t know the meaning of the word the or bus. Do you know what that feels like? Then, they pulse me with holograms and emotions in a cluster such as anxiety, irritability, and even childlike emotions. My mind controller is afraid of dogs, so he causes me to react as he would. He is also afraid of height, water, and public speaking too.

Also they are able to read my mind at the same time as they are implanting thoughts in my mind as the manic individuals they are, because they have mental issues that consume them, utilize electronic mind control, pain gun, microwave, and DEW (Directed-Energy Weapons).

They will even block me from calling the authorities just like a paraplegic, brain becomes paralyzed, and then they can scramble my speech to where everything comes out incoherently with slurring words; faulty speech coordination.

“The Active Denial System (ADS), also called a pain ray, is a directed-energy weapon used primarily for crowd control. It works by firing a beam of high-frequency microwaves that excite the water and fat molecules in the body- just like a microwave oven heats food. It causes immediate and intense pain. The temperature keeps rising as long as the beam is applied, and it makes the skin feel as if it were on fire. A Reuters correspondent who volunteered to be shot with the ADS during a demonstration said it was “…too painful to bear without diving for cover.” (13)

Through this frequency, voices are beamed to my brain via voice-to-skull technology, in which they also read my very thoughts, and see through my eyes, view my body whether clothed or not, implant thoughts, inject holographic images and dreams. They also monitor external and internal movements, hear and record one’s conversation. Basically they control my every move, speech, thought, nerve, facial expression, and body movement, (electronic mind control technology) as well interfere with my electrical household appliances, and manipulate my cellphone and computer, while also “gaslighting” me.

There is also sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, which is a “wired” effect, and then sometimes there is an induced heavy, sleepy effect, implanted dreams, not permitting any mental privacy, as well as constantly attacking my mind with sickening physical abuse threats along with electronically sexually assaulting me. They continuously recount past memories that they are constantly altering, and berate, demean, and degrade me incessantly, and then with a flip of a switch, I am forced into a listless, lethargic zombie vegetable mode, whereby I cannot open a door, basically a paralyzed, paraplegic effect for years chained to my bed like a prisoner of war in which I am trapped inside my head whereby the mind controller creates an internal dialogue between a first person and a second person, a third and fourth person coupled with an emotional signature cluster of undeveloped emotions that strikes at your brain and takes complete hold of your mind and body like being demonically possessed. Depending on the intensity, it can raise the roof off my head and change the pupils of my eyes.

In addition, these torture techniques are also applied: pin pricks to the eyes, shoulders, face, feet, elbows, as well as induces a “crawling insect” effect, intense itching, also biologically pulses diseases including fleas, intense throbbing in my head, partial loss of eyesight, sudden temperature rises in body including microwave burning of face/body that feels like acid being poured on my face, it also causes my heart to flutter, irregular palpatitations which lead to a heart attack, induced coughing with a tickle in the back of my throat, sneezing which causes blockage in my esophagus and makes it difficult to swallow or salivate, causes binge eating, as well as they restrict my breathing while eating, stomach aches that include induced “growl” noises in the intestines, indigestion, nausea, restless legs, with occasional numbness, whereby my legs will jerk involuntarily and then at times, a “charley horse” effect to my toes, twitching of my fingers and clicking in the ear, electrical jolts to the entire body which feels like a low voltage electrical fence to my brain, a Frankenstein effect, that includes a zapping in and on the head that sounds like a welder’s torch which produces constant tremors and vibrations throughout the body.

Defense contractor Raytheon has developed a smaller version of the ADS, for which it was granted an FCC license in 2004 to demonstrate the technology to “law enforcement, military, and security organizations.” Contrary to Raytheon’s claims, Michael Hanlon, another volunteer, said the finger he offered for a demonstration “was tingling hours later.” (14)

“It’s uncomfortably easy to imagine peaceful, civilian protesters, e.g. “rioters,” being sonically blasted or brought to their knees with pain rays before street-clearing operations by SWAT teams. NLWs (Non Lethal Weapons) like gas and tasers are presently used to subdue people in civilian settings. A lower threshold of use may lead those armed with NLWs to use them as casually as they use tasers. (15) In addition, weapons with the primary purpose of inflicting pain make excellent torture devices. It’s for this reason that the Active Denial System was rejected for use in Iraq. The Pentagon feared it would be seen as an “instrument of torture.” (16)

Editor’s note: But it is allowed to be used on targeted individuals around the world by these evils.

In addition, it literally incapacitates and scrambles the mind, whereby they can take control of the brain through a “signature emotional cluster” of another human mind that is frequencied/wired into the victim’s brain, where the victim feels like they are “possessed.” It also causes victims to misplace items, blank out names, dates, and events, make errors while calculating and writing, say things out of context while talking with others and act in strange ways that are completely alien to their usual demeanor and behavior in an attempt to discredit them in the community.

In addition to this electronic torture whereby the victim is practically left nonfunctional/incapacitated, the majority of the time with this ray gun (17)(18) to your head and where they are able to control you like a human robot, feels much like a Linda Blair Frankenstein, they also gangstalked and work mobbed these victims, which is done by the local community police department, in this case, Scottsdale/Phoenix Police Department, in which these law enforcement officers organize gang members to stalk victims as well as set up break-ins, in which they have broken into my apartments several times, create accidents through street theatre, as well as spread false and malicious lies about the victim such as they are gay, or they do drugs, or they are an alcoholic, or have AIDS, or they are a prostitute, which again, all of these lies are false, untrue and unfounded as to cover up what they are doing with the electronic mind control or to silence the victim from talking about it. In addition to community members involved in this gangstalking, family members sometimes get involved in turning on the targeted individual because of greed and jealousy, like my mother had done to me in which she tried to lock me up at a mental institution and tried to throw my face through a window.

They also try to incarcerate targets on false charges which damages their background check for employment, such as they have done to me by throwing me in jail for “Trespassing” when I had permission onto the property and had a “guest pass,” and worked at the property when I went to visit the Saudis at the Phoenician to end this ESMC (Electronic Stalking and Mind Control activities) torture. At that time, the Police confiscated my car and belongings, whereby I was in the process of moving, in which my car and things were never returned to me, but in the interim, I returned to the Phoenician to retrieve my belongings believing my car was still there, because I was never told where my car was located, only to be put back in jail again and again, and again. Once they released me from jail, I was beaten up and left on the street homeless, badly bruised, missing toenails and fingernails, swollen legs like an elephant, and I have been homeless ever since. The trespass charges were later dismissed by the Judge. They also threw me in jail again when I went to pay for getting my nails/toes manicured at a salon, claiming non-payment of services/theft, when my check had cleared the bank that day, and I had asked prior to the services if they accepted checks as a form of payment. I was later found not guilty of the non-payment of services/theft by a Judge. Prior to these court proceedings, I was ordered to take a psychological evaluation in which the psychologist’s findings were that I was normal and stable, and it was stated to me at that time by the psychologist that I was being done wrong by the “system.”

Most recently, in the past month or so, the Scottsdale Police Department Mark Reinke, Jeff Montgomery, Lisa Cunningham, Sargeant Ganz #07816, Stephanie Ganz, his daughter, Chief Jim Burns, Kim Burns, his daughter, Jennifer Senbach Watkins, Louisa Senbach Watkins, Judy Senbach, Jerry Weinbach (Former FBI), Rick Gastineau, Susie Botnik, Kevin Pineda, Gary Reeves, Amy Fullerton, and Joe Reid have made threats that they would “cut my face with a tin can,” “make me eat rocks in prison,” “gang rape me,” “make me leave a suicide note,” “put explosives in my car,” “spread a lie that I had AIDS,” or “I am a prostitute,” which are malicious lies to discredit me in the community, and they have most recently threatened me again that they would frame me for drugs which will influence the Judicial Review to prevent me from leaving prison once falsely incarcerated, because I had last summer reported suspicious drug activity in the Tatum and Shea area because I once lived in the area and felt something should be done about it. The Saudis have also threatened to kill my mother, father, brother, and his first born.

These victims are targeted because they DO NOT take any drugs or alcohol or are gay or prostitutes, or take any prescription medication; they are single, highly intelligent professionals that may have sensitive information or are privy to information they would like to keep silent which this electronic mind control is now all over the internet and news.

Again, all of this torture is to get the target debilitated/incapacitated to where they are nonfunctional in society and prevented from earning a living, so that they are ultimately destitute and homeless like myself for the past four years; it is complete and total destruction of the victim’s/target’s life–career/finances, health and looks/appearance.

Below is a website regarding Obama’s healthcare bill in which these implants will go into effect by 2014 and additional websites validating this slow tormented, tortuous death, gangstalking/work mobbing and other victims’ testimonies.

There are also additional websites to view when entering electronic harassment/mind control at CNN, and Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Editor’s note: This is an excellent YouTube lasting 9 minutes 13 seconds. I highly recommend you watch it.

Now coverage under the New Health Care (“ObamaCare”) will require an implantable microchip

If you are not able to open the above website, this website below has it listed as well:



Also, under this website of http://www.educate-yourself.org please look under “mind control” for a more in-depth explanation, as well as http://www.wanttoknow.info under mind control or electronic harassment.

http://mikematloff.com/activism.htm – a victim’s testimony

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXo5ea2hRFE&feature=related – a victim’s testimony


A document by http://wwwMindJustice.org which reported:
Mind control symptoms and descriptions include: “a slow death,” “unbelievably sophisticated,” “vicious, amoral, sadistic, and cruel,” and “appear to be the development of weapons to neutralize the enemy without killing.”
Victims from all over the world have contacted Mind Justice with reports of being targeted with mind control technologies, although approximately 75 per cent of victims are American and Russian.

For example, people around the victim have repeated verbatim, the victim’s immediate thoughts, or harassing and personalized statements are repeated by strangers wherever the victim may go. Emotions can be manipulated. Microwave hearing, known to be an unclassified military capability of creating voices in the head, is regularly reported. (19) Implanted thoughts and visions are common, with repetitive themes that can include pedophilia, homophobia, and degradation. Victims say it is like they have a radio or TV in your head. Less frequently, remote and abusive sexual manipulation is reported. Almost all victims say repetitive behavior control techniques are used and include negative, stimulus-response or feedback loops. Some type of outside force can strike heavy blows to any object, or set any object including the body into strong vibration while nearby objects are not vibrating at all. Wrenching or house/building structures cause loud snapping or crackling noises, often heard at precisely the point where a victim is starting to doze off to sleep. Victims regularly report many types of bizarre and harassing remote manipulation of electrical equipment, phone, car, TV, and computers. Mail tampering is reported as well. Black bag intelligence tactics–tire slashing, break-ins without burglary but at times including sabotaged, modified items also appear on the list of invasions. Victims agree: the experience of mind control phenomena is vicious, amoral, sadistic, and cruel. Most victims describe the experience as very debilitating and compare it to mental rape, an electronic prison, or total destruction of the quality of their lives. Many have been labeled mentally ill and live with financial ruin, loss of health, social life, and career. Victims theorize that the goal of the experiments would appear to be the development of weapons to neutralize the enemy, with killing them. All say the technology is unbelievably sophisticated and effective. To them, it is like a slow death.


Microwaves, perhaps modulated with low biological frequencies, are used from a distance to cause performance decrements and disorganization by interfering with neuro-electric function; or by causing central nervous system effects, subjective feelings of ill health, or health syndrome associated with periodic exposures at intensities below 10,000 microwatts/cm^2; (2) that microwaves are used to create organ specific effects, e.g., tissues with less blood circulation, like the gall bladder, lens of the eye, etc., can compensate less to increased heating; heart malfunctions can be caused; lesions or necrosis of internal tissues can be induced without a subject necessarily feeling heat, and symptoms might manifest later, at certain frequencies, slight heating or “hot spots” can be created at the center of the head; there is an ongoing Navy contract to find parameters to disrupt human metabolic functions; or (3) that they are used in an interdisciplinary approach to remote conditioning by creating information processing effects, as Dr. Adey’s work shows, or to induce “feeling” or “emotional” elements of cognition, such as excitatory reactions, subliminal stress, behavioral arousal, enhanced suggestibility by inhibition of higher function, or various other EEG or behavioral effects.

(4) In the Fall of 1984, things changed dramatically; many, if not most of the women began suffering illness; and, simultaneously, the massive police and military presence at the base virtually disappeared, and new and different antenna were installed at the base. In a report prepared by Rosalie Bertell, commissioner for international Commission of Health Professionals for Human Rights, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, the unusual patterns of illness ranged from “severe headaches, drowsiness, menstrual bleeding at abnormal times, or post-menopausal, to bouts of temporary paralysis faulty speech coordination and in one case apparent circulatory failure requiring hospitalization.”

Defense Agency, Intelligence and Security Directorate, use of low intensity microwaves was considered for application as a “psychological deterrent.” the report stated, “…microwave radiation has frequently been cited as being responsible for non-thermal effects in integrated central nervous system activity. The behavioral consequences most frequently reported have been disability, listlessness, and increased irritability.” The report fails to mention just as frequently cited low intensity microwave health effects as chromosome damage; congenital birth defects; autonomic nervous system disregulation, including disruption of bio-cycles; impaired immune function; brain damage and other neurological abnormalities, including leaks in the blood brain barrier and depletion of some neurotransmitters; among a host of other health impairments not to be taken lightly.

While most of the radio frequencies, a considerable number (between one and two per cent) live or work near emitters, such as radio and television transmitters, military and airport radar, and industrial tools utilizing these frequencies exposed to these levels have been proven to be very unhealthful or downright dangerous.

For Survivors of Mind Control Programs: We are not able to offer professional advice for those seeking help in recovering from mind control trauma. We can, however, recommend some excellent resources which provide information, assistance, and support. Besides reviewing the many documents recommended in this information center, we highly recommend the excellent, supportive website NAFF at . Other potentially useful websites for survivors are , , and . We also highly recommend opening fully to divine guidance, and asking only for guidance that serves what is best for all of us. For more on this, see . If you spend time with these recommended resources, though there may be setbacks at times, we know that you will move more towards ever greater healing, integration, and connection in your life.

In addition to this torture, I am also organized stalked and work mobbed, in which everything in my life has been tampered with.

The ultimate aim is to completely destroy the TI’s life, career, finances, social life, and health.

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