Organized Gangstalking/Mind Control Predicted and Justified in New Global War Against Individuals and Groups Called For In “NASA 2025: Future Warfare” (Strategies and Technologies, 2001)?.

Gang Stalking predicted in NASA’s 2025: Future Strategic Issues and Future Warfare power point (2001)?

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

By Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center (July, 2001)

ETK Introduction: This power point presentation, compiled by Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist at the NASA Langley (CIA) Research Center in July of 2001, references many of the “new war technologies” available to our military and “interagency” forces. And it stresses the importance, in future wars, of combating individuals and groups with these technologies. It is common military practice to refer to current technology in futuristic terms. Hence, we may assume that many, if not all of the “new technologies” referred to here were actually functional at the time the power point was prepared (July, 2001). The presentation also calls for ramping up this new war using a strategy equivalent to MAD (“Mutual Assured Destruction”) of the Cold War.

Information regarding the “new war” technologies in this power point presentation certainly corroborates the information and conclusions presented in Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” (2011) and Marshall Thomas’ “MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program.” Taken together, these three references provide verification, at least in the opinion of this researcher, that the program commonly referred to as “gang stalking” is actually Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW)/Information Warfare/Irregular Warfare/Political Warfare/Psychological Warfare that is waged by the global military-intelligence-corporate-police state (“interagency” or “Multinational Force”) against individuals and groups that have been designated as “adversaries,” potential terrorist threats,” “insurgents,” political enemies, etc.

Regarding the topic of “gang stalking” (aka Fourth Generation Warfare/Information Warfare), certain pages warrant particular attention. Ideas and terms on pages 3, 27, 43, 48, 49, 50, 55, 72, 93, 98, 104, 105, and 109 may be particularly applicable to the current worldwide gang stalking program.

Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

By Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center (July, 2001)

Page 3: The thirty-eight named agencies and programs on this page constitute a major portion of “the Interagency” that carries out 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare) aka “gang stalking” against individuals and groups

Page 27: “The Ultimate Education Approach- Plug and Play: Direct Silicon (or Other Such Device) Connection to the Brain; Very rapid uploads, direct education in minutes instead of years.”

Page 43: “Micro-Dust Weaponry: Micron-sized mechanical dust which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into the lungs and carries out various “Pathological Missions”…… A wholly new class of weaponry…”.

(ETK comment: Apparently, the author is here referring to “chemtrails?”)

Page 48: “Volumetric Weaponry” includes info/net/psy warfare, radio frequencies

(ETK note: These technologies are being used against TIs and TAs in America and around the world.)

Page 49: “Antipersonnel MW/RF Weaponry includes: Brain interactions/low frequency modulations”

(ETK comment: These technologies are being used against TIs and TAs in America and around the world.)

Page 50: “Effects of Low Power Microwaves (US Army, SRI, Walter Reed):

Behavioral performance decrements;
Gross Alteration in Brain Function;
Lethality (interactions between low power (microwatts per sq./cm/0.4 – 3 GHz) MW and Brain Function”

(ETK note: These technologies are being used against TIs and TAs in America and around the world.)

Page 55: “What is Apparently Legal?

Microwave/RF Anti-Functional Anti-Personnel Weaponry;
Chemical Anti-Functional Weaponry;
Chemical “Psychological Effects” Via Sensory Organs Weaponry (e.g., smell); Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry (“Non-Warfare (e.g., Terrorist/Hostage) only);
Accoustic Weaonry;
Mechanical Micro-Dust”

(ETK note: All these exotic weapons are being used against TIs (targeted individuals) and TAs (Targeted Audiences))

Page 72: “Non-Explosive Warfare: IW/IO (Irregular Warfare/Information Warfare); PSYWAR “In the Large”;

Anti-Functionals (MW, Chem, Bio, Mico-Mechanical);
Anti-Personnel MW/RF;

(ETK note: These technologies are being used against TIs and TAs in America and around the world.)

Page 93: “Exploit “CNN Syndrome”

Sink Carrier(s) via “swarm attacks;”
Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time.
“Terror” attacks within CONUS (continental United States)
(binary bio; critical infrastructure, “takedown,”
IO/IW (Information Operation/Irregular Warfare),
EMP (electromagnetic pulse),
RF against brain, etc.;
Serious “Psywar” (collateral damage exploitation, etc.)”

(ETK note: Here, the author is apparently advocating the use of synthetic, state-sponsored terror against American citizens, as was carried out on 9/11 and many other contrived terror events in America and throughout the world.)

Page 98: “Typical Scenario- “Takedown” of U.S. by 10 people and Less Than $10 Million;

Binary Bio (via (imported Vitamins/Clothing, etc. food supply(s),
– Terror Bio (e.g. Aflatoxin),
– IW (“usual plus physical against key nodes such as Railroads- take down the economy);
– Selective anti-personnel RF/MW (Towers);
Water Supply Contamination via Intercontinental UAVs;
Accompanied by SERIOUS “PSYWAR””

(ETK note: Here the author is apparently justifying the fact that the New War will target individuals and groups rather than nations.)

Page 104: “Future(s) of SOF (Special Operations Forces): Becomes THE only Survivable HUMAN Strike Force; (Army/Marines forced to become SOF-like); Increasingly the “Overseas FBI” to Counter the Increasingly Capable (IO/Bio/WMD) and destructive power of INDIVIDUALS and groups.”

(ETK note: Here, the author is justifying massive increase in Special Operations Forces to counter the POTENTIAL destructive power of individuals and groups.)

Page 105: “Future “Warfare;” “Defense” against the “thenyear” multitudinous conventional and unconventional delivery methods for volumetric and precision munitions is essentially neither doable nor affordable.

Suggested National Defense Approaches:

Work Technology, Intel, Diplomacy, SOCOM for detection/interdiction/deflection of the “pre-delivery” phases (causes of war, motivational and decision processes, design and construction, test)

– Work and ADVERTISE a REALLY EFFECTIVE RETRIBUTION to deter delivery (ala MAD, “Mutual Assured Destruction”-“ i.e., we need the modern equivalent of the outrageous overkill buildup of nuclear offensive power to deter use of the nuclear bomb)

(ETK note: Here the author is apparently justifying the military’s radical overkill capability to destroy of “potential threats” posed by individuals and groups worldwide)

Page 109: War between mass armies weighed down with baroque equipment has become a third affairs by the Rapier–by the threat or use of world sport. The advanced world, too vulnerable to survive a war of attrition or mass destruction, must learn to conduct its small specialized forces exploiting high tempo and strategic surprise”

R. E. Simpkin, “Race to the Swift: 1985