The Torture-Mind Control Agenda Exposed; MK-ULTRA, Gitmo, Gang Stalking, and The Electronic Concentration Camp: Dr. Paul Marko video

Dehumanization and Devolution: The Torture-Mind Control Agenda Exposed (Dr. Paul Marko, Mindy Urkin, and Pinecone Utopia)

Dr. Paul Marko’s education and professional career have been in the field of psychology.

Some Highlights from Documentary:

A working definition of “organized stalking/electronic torture:”

“The goal is to create a nationwide system of “vigilantes” who do not think for themselves but follow orders- the Evildoing, US-Govt-paid “defense” contractors’ private army of “shooters” (not thinkers). The network is run by contractors and by DHS’s (Department of Homeland Security’s) 78 fusion centers. The propaganda is that they are fighting terrorists (and that is what they tell these vigilante suckers.) The truth is that they are constructing a nationwide GPS/cellphone- directed prison system that now contains ALL Americans.”


“As a lead-up to globalization, it’s obviously necessary to perfect techniques of torture to terrorize and eventually eliminate anyone that might present opposition to the grand Satanic design. A well-known incarnation of this technique of extreme fear-based control wielded by fascist states came into the public awareness through the activities of the German Stasi and the Red Terror in Russia under the Bolshevik Cheka, which ran an arrest, internment, and execution campaign that institutionalized the gulag prison system. In America, this fear-based mind control program of torture and execution was rolled out and perfected for use against Americans and citizens worldwide in South Vietnam in a program known as the Phoenix Program.”

Dr. Paul Marko asks the question: “Who authorized the U.S. government to produce mind-control slaves? I didn’t. Did you?”

Why do psychopaths torture?

Torture does not help extract accurate information or protect national security!; This is the disgrace of the Guantanamo Bay Torture Center and the 100s of other CIA black torture sites throughout the world.

If it is not for the extraction of information or for defense, what real purposes does torture serve for psychopathic elites? These include:

1) The fabrication of false confessions for the creation of false and deceptive narratives used to provide “evidence” to justify various types of deception scenarios,

2) It is useful for the extraction of low-vibrational energies that Satanic elites need to appease the demands of the Luciferian interdimensional entities that they feel give them their power. Torture, wars, starvation, disease and other horrors are also useful for this purpose,

3) “Transformational torture,” the most common type, is used to wage war against humanity and is designed to destroy humanity as we know it…. Among several types are: a) “Beta tests,” used to find the breaking points of the human species, b) mind and behavior control, and c) “torture normalization.” Like pedophilia, this deviance must be made acceptable in order to usher in the New World Order, advance the BEAST system, and facilitate the transhumanist (or post-human) agenda. Technological advances will allow constant monitoring of humanity and the controlling of deviant elements through torture.

Examples of 1-3 above:

1) Fabrication of false evidence: In an article entitled, “Tortured Confessions,” Santiago Alvarez explains that torture was used against Germans at the end of World War II to create a false history that supported a false narrative, namely, that the Anglo-American Empire had benevolent agendas throughout. Ex-CIA torture whistleblower Ray McGovern, reported on a TV interview that torture was used to get people to confess to the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that there were ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda… All these were lies.

2) Extraction of low-vibrational energies: The world’s governments and major corporations are run by a cult of “psychopathic pedo-Satanists” who admit that they gain much their power by performing rituals to Satanic entities. An example is the annual “Cremation of Care” ceremony that is annually enacted at Bohemian Grove in California. This is an ancient Babylonian ceremony in honor of their deity, Moloch, i.e., Lucifer. They believe this ceremony guarantees wealth and power to those who perform it. They often deliver human sacrifices to these entities. This is the basis of the recent pizza-gate and other pedogate scandals- which are just the tip of the iceberg. Torture plays a major role in delivering these low-level energies to their gods (demons).

David Icke comment: Satanists and pedophiles are radically over-represented in the upper eschelons of society. Why? Because this reality is controlled from dimensions beyond what we can see. Entities that don’t take a human form or take a reptilian form feed off of human energy within a certain frequency band, which are low-vibrational human emotions; fear, anxiety, violence, depression, and psychopathic behavior.

Compassion and empathy is the fail-safe mechanism that regulates extreme human behavior. But psychopaths have no empathy. These are the people running countries, NATO, Britain, the U.S. They are machine-like software, rather than human like.

Murals that recently appeared in Brussels, Belgium, the seat of the European Union, remind one of a 2007 movie, “Hostile Part II,” the study of three American college students studying abroad. One scene depicts one of these students who is murdered and sacrificed in a ritual.

Jimmy Savaille, Tony Podesta, etc. are individuals involved with sex trafficking and pedophilia… and in all likelihood, ritual Satanic abuse as well.

We are all currently held in a Luciferian matrix. Technological advances can now facilitate the satanic elite’s ambitions. Every thought and emotion and even our movements can be controlled electronically for the benefit of the controlling psychopaths.

The deep history of torture-based mind control on children throughout the Western world, especially emanating from the U.S., goes back to Project Paperclip and the CIA’s MK-ULTRA programs. (MK-ULTRA is a term that includes many experimental operations including ARTICHOKE, OFTEN, Midnight Climax, and hundreds of others). The goal has always been to create mind-controlled slaves.

Dr. Paul Marko asks the question: “Who authorized the U.S. government to produce mind-control slaves? I didn’t. Did you?”

Senator Frank Church, of the Church Senate Committee stated in 1975: “These various CIA MKULTRA programs resulted in substantial violations of the rights of individuals within the United States.” Among those who attempted to blocked the effectiveness of the Church Senate Committee were President Gerald Ford and his Chief of Staff, Richard Cheney.

CIA Director, Richard Helms, had ordered all MKULTRA documents destroyed in 1973. However, not all documents were destroyed; and a 1977 FOIA request by John Marks of the U.S. State Department turned up 10 boxes of heavily redacted documents that revealed that MKULTRA had included 149 subprojects that occurred at some 80 major institutions by some 185 highly trained private researchers.

One lawsuit that resulted from these programs involved a CIA-paid psychiatrist/medical doctor, Dr. Ewen Cameron, Head of the American Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and the World Psychiatric Association. Based on a class action lawsuit filed by non-consensual experimentees (victims) against the U.S. and Canadian governments and the CIA, the CIA settled out of court and paid $750,000 to 9 plaintiffs.

Another lawsuit proved that Dr. Cameron had administered LSD to unwitting 23 female inmates at the federal prison at Kingston, Ontario. Another victim, a 19-year old female student, received multiple electric shock treatments, and regressed to the early childhood stage.
She eventually received $100,000 recompense.

Although the MKULTRA program was supposedly terminated in 1973, a mountain of evidence indicates that these programs continue today.

“Scientists” and administrators of the Human Ecology Society Who Were Exposed at Church Committee Hearings by female victim of MKULTRA/Artichoke/ORD (Office of Research and Development) program (“The Ultimate Hall of Shame”):

Richard Helms, Deputy Director of CIA
Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Head of CIA’s Technical Services Division (TSD)
Dr. Josef Mengele, German Nazi programmer
(Dr. L. Wilson Green = Mengele?)
Captain George H. White
Dr. Steven Aldrich
Dr. Morse Allen
Dr. Martin Orne
Dr. Ewen Cameron
Dr. James Hamilton
Dr. John Gittinger (Personality Assessment )
Dr. Robert J. Heath (Tulane University)

3) Psychopaths use torture to cause their victim’s minds to dissociate and create “dissociative self states” or alter personalities/identities, which are custom-made for demonic possession. Some 70 to 75% of victims of trauma-based mind control are women because they can stand higher thresholds of pain.

One female victim: “I’m pretty sure they like to suck off of your sexual energy. I’m pretty sure that the Ford (President Gerald Ford) family supported this nefarious program.”

According to Schaeffer, R. E., and Cosolino, L. G., in a 1992 report in the Journal of Psychology and Theology, common types of abuse used in torture-based mind control programming include:

1) Use of blood in abuse
2) Electoshock
3) Forced to murder babies
4) Witnessing physical abuse on other victims
5) Forced drugging
6) Sensory deprivation
7) Witnessing murder
8) Witnessing animal mutilation/murder
9) Use of feces in abuse
10) Being caged
11) Forced to abuse other victims
12) Forced to abuse other victims
13) Blinding lights
14) Forced cannibalism
15) Buried alive
16) Bondage
17) Spinning
18) Sleep deprivation
19) Sexual abuse by multiple perpetrators
20) death threats
21) “marriage” to Satan
22) bestiality
23) near drowning

These nefarious, black mind control programs “went completely dark” in 1974. Thus, today, there is no oversight, accountability, or moral limitations placed on the psychopaths now in charge of these programs. We now know this is being carried out by the sociopathic deep-state matrix.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in England, the world’s premier brainwashing institute, has always been dedicated to the study of trauma-based mind control, began with the systematic study of shell-shocked soldiers at the end of World War I. The fire-bombing of innocent civilians in Dresden, Germany at the close of World War II was also a program designed at Tavistock…. This occurred after Germany had lost the war and was carried out to determine what the human species can stand in terms of torture, depravity, and trauma. The bombing, directed strictly at civilian targets, killed over 125,000 people, mostly older men, women and children. Similar atrocities against civilians were performed at the close of World War II after the Japanese government had surrendered when the first atomic bombs were dropped over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, who at the time was head of Ford Motor Company, was involved in designing these “experiments.”

These Tavistock programs represent the embryonic stage of all subsequent Satanic, trauma-based programs. They then morphed into micro-wave weapon experimentation to control human populations, the MKULTRA mind control programs, and to today’s “asymmetrical/unconventional warfare” wherein victims are secretly and silently tortured in their homes, through microwave radiation, smart technology, HAARP pulses, and other high tech electronic devices.

Today, the goal is to control of all humanity through microwaves, electronic torture, smart technology, nanno-particles, cell towers, and other high tech devices. But Tavistock lurks in the background.

And today, torturing is a main component of covert citizen neutralization programs, often termed “organized gang stalking/electronic torture.” (Dr. Eric Karlstrom has dubbed this program: GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO; for Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro-Warfare Groups Electronic Surveillance, Slavery, Tracking, Targeting, Torture, Terror, Tyranny and Psyops Operations).

The second half of the video features interviews with Targeted Individuals (TIs), including Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Ramola D., Karen Stewart, Dr. Millicent Black, and others, who describe various aspects of “the program.”

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