Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today

James Michael

Satanic bastards. You have got to hope that one day they will be stopped. And all their sick behaviour brought out into the open. These people are the low-lifes, and the victims are the real people.
2 years ago

Raymond Johnsen
tjek under “trgeted induvidual” on youtube and se the effekts of this! we are all living in the matrix all ready
3 years ago

Digital Beat Music
Made by NSA, National Satanist Agency
3 years ago

Shai Sum
Anyone who doesnt believe this is crazy…i tried to convince myself i have a mental illness but deep inside i knew i didnt and kept on looking for an answer for what ive been going through and now i know…this is crazy!
3 years ago (edited)

Nina Gonzales
You can count on the Latin People to be more brutally honest about these kinds of government atrocities. Bravo for their strength and perceptibility! 
5 years ago

Take a look upon the future and weep.
5 years ago

In America it is under the program called IARPA. The so called “research” of brain washing, modification, manipulation through torture is performed by Universities (University of Maryland and John Hopkins here in Maryland, USA) in coordinated with the FBI, police departments and whole communities. Obama’s Brain Initiative = IARPA the parasite to the body and brain. Probably became a global program by using military installations as well as the Universities around the world. And as a side comment, that BAM program – that’s bs that it PROTECTS. How the hell are you protecting society by TORTURING citizens on the street without their knowledge, consent or legitimate reason for safety? Since when does torturing citizens without reason equate to protection?
4 years ago (edited)

Eric Dexter
i am getting harased here in cc Texas. I get audio abuse from it and attempts at conditioning using Pavlov dog technique’s with some sort of audio abuse. I am getting a lot of abuse about money nonsense about gods Calling and claims about cocain sales by the sound.
3 years ago

JR Servo
The globalists have a trump card which has been kept hidden from constitutionalists and freedom fighters. There is a world-wide army of unaware, innocent, wirelessly-controlled saboteurs. Thousands upon thousands of brain-chipped. patriotic. morally-just, good people who don’t know they are infiltrators that haven’t a clue they are directly connected to the shadow government’s supercomputers. It is hard to fathom (for example) that an awesome leader and organizer of, say, some patriotic group or militia is unknowingly transmitting everything he hears, sees, smells and thinks to his sworn enemy.
Not only is their human body turned into a multimedia wireless device their consciousness can be instantaneously turned off while still standing, walking, driving a vehicle where the nano super-computer installed into their brain takes over control almost seamlessly. The bio-robot can speak gibberish or address an audience with a Oscar-winning speech, commit an assassination, or self-inflict wounds. Then the brain-chip can bring that person back to a conscious state, seamlessly, or nearly so. This person will not feel any passage of time even hours later. There may be a hint of disorientation during the switching process, but this can feel as insignificant as the feeling of leaving a day-dream and back to the task at hand. Subliminal suggestions can also be injected into the brain while consciousness is regained. This will help make the consciousness transition feel more seamless. A robotic saboteur and an almost perfect spying tool.
This is a mostly over-looked yet huge tool that the globalist have been setting up for a decade. The people who figure out that they are not crazy after the nano chip is covertly installed may not think it is there (like Sean Stinn of USA); instead, thinks it comes from . But the rare person may automatically sense its presence and know their life will suddenly be difficult to live.
4 years ago

These scumbags will be outed. The truth will come out. You are making our lives hell!
2 years ago

João Batista Barbosa
Vejam os vídeos Papa Francisco matou Centenas de bebês em missas satânicas e Bomba Atômica explodindo denúncia contra a comunidade figueira de trigueirinho no blog do mauricaomuitahipocrisia.
1 year ago

Richard Streeter
The Voices Are Created Using Ambient Low Volume Sounds On A Subconscious Level. They Pretend To Be God. They Are Also Trying to Create Drones Or Avatars Out Of Their Victims..

They Profile Their Targets And Write Scripts For Their Actors And Anyone Working With then during the attacks… They gave themselves away by pretending They were God, saying it’s been happening to me since I was 13 years old.. but i believe its been happening for longer since they have had this technology since Mk Ultra.

They are trying to convince me of being someone evil, they tried to put the mind of a psychopath into my mind, trying to replace my thoughts and memories with a psychopaths thoughts and memories….

Its mind control technology like seen in the Movie avatar but more advanced because you don’t need to wear a neuronal device..

They had me convinced that that I was the psychopath, trying to place his personality in my head.
1 year ago (edited)

Stephen O Neill
Mainstream media ,I know its only RT but it is a start.
3 years ago

OS Chennai
Organized Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Hacking of Cell phones, Computers, proceeds to, all the typical Gang stalking tactics and Electronic harassment via Satellite.
Google : OSInformers, ProtectLifeNow, And Dr John Hall Satellite terrorism.
4 years ago

by a brainscan the listenparts are activated [ like you are listening to someone ] so that is proof that the voices you hear are not your inner thoughts or inner dialog but something or somebody else is talking to you telepathic and they know everything about the brain and how to handle it to get a reaktion from you they have in their mind. 
4 years ago

Richard Streeter
their trying to transfer Consciousness with this technology, human to human possession.

think about this, David Rockerfeller is being Helped by Sarah Rockerfeller to try and Transfer David rockerfellers Consciousness Into another human being..

The Elites And 1% are trying to live forever, and they are doing it by trying with transhumanism technology, to create Avatars of their victims.

they are attacking me right now.
1 year ago (edited)

Bernie is Dead
merge Russia and China
1 year ago

my friend that smokes meth brought me here.
2 years ago

Dick Cheney
Yeeaaahhh . haha feeling like an animal in the Z00, reference: movie: ‘to live and die in L.A.’
5 days ago

tom buckner
Lexington Kentucky has this going on here
1 week ago

Etienne Van Der Schyff
Yo soy victima de esto. Vivo en Asuncion/Paraguay y la policia y el ejercito en conjuncion con agentes civiles, entre los cuales esta una de mis ex profesoras de sexto grado, estan usando esta tecnologia por mi persona. Mis vecinos tienen algo como un pequenho aparato spray con el que me chorrean en spray finas gotitas desde su balcon, sospecho que esas finas gotitas en spray son las nano que estan esparciendo sobre mi para poder tener acceso a mi cerebro y asi poder/intentar controlarme.
6 months ago (edited)

elisabetha rodriguez
Austria is making this to citizens too, especially the ones who like Germany?
I think this all sounds stupid, but after tracing some facts anyone could say so !. I am a foreign, I came here as a student and really should not be a Targeted individual, I a quite and reasonable person who does not like to give up easily. I don’t know why these ugly people are attacking me by sending stupid uneducated proletarians from the region or even foreign women that sound like latin servants making me hear their proletarian voices. I suppose I will never find out who these evil servants are- gang stalkers?

You will never be out of this, says one of these foreign voices.

3 months ago (edited)

king karl
it ruins lives and destroys people garbage technology i enjoyed life before it and now i feel like i want to hack my brain for infinite pleasure/and kill the creators slash controllers from time to time I literally live to hack my pleasure censor now I hate my life and have decreased brain functionality to fix it. no one ever believes me when i talk about it and if they do they just talk nonsense. one day I will have that pleasure button hacked.
1 year ago

Antti Kantola
WIRELESS implants, virtually a person in another person, digital senses data traffic. About WIRELESS implants and popular “gang stalking” subject goin on youtbe and internet. gang stalking is part of disinformation as well as a tool . Real reason wireless implants subject: Person virtually has another person inside him. they copy the persons brain signals, and learn to do motoristic actions he does. the remote controll guy inside the person, starts to do actions of his own, slowly learning to do more. he can restrict the emotional state of the person, or even make him instantaneoysly laugh loud without reason. make him look crazy. way to shield the secret. real reason is they try make person medicated, so his own will is less, and he dont distinquish his own actions from the remote-controll actions. important information: short (and lengthening) flashes of imagination, happens many times in minute, and such moments the remotecotroll guy / system, tries to make person do action. it often works. They try make person mind visit into the imagination side often. gain control of that guy. person starts having hard time distingquishing his own actiosn from the remote-controll actions. They talk to his ear nervous system constantly, and derive attention from real life. Person is threatened the remote controll strangles him at night, with his own hand. The more informatical actions person does, the more the remote-controll system learns. psychiatrics are used to shield the secret. My state is , someone is learning / taught to forcefully speak, in the speaking synthetizator in this system. he tries to say opposite things i say: making me look crazy. ( they see my writing, expect disinformation ) About microwaves: the communication frequency is in microwaves frq. The senses transmission: they see the implanted peoples data, and know passwords and can remove data from internet. antti markus kantola only letter comes through ! tilhenkatu 14 20610 turku. i got active implants. just cant afford skilled medical office to study them. you can reach someone who wants study them?
2 years ago (edited)

Thomas O’Shaughnessy
There’s little speaker like devices I’ve seen in the hostel I was last in by a neighbour doing the same things so many people have done to me and whether you think it’s anti-Semitic to say so or not, there are jews involved and it does include powerful people and they’re not on the better side of humanity if you know what I mean… At #12 wright drive when I was listening to the recordings I sent to the police from the wall cavity (can hear what they say and do a bit better…) apart from throwing up, shitting (no doubt anal sex went too far too many times…), drugs and orgies and farting on the walls (apparently not the most decent of women or men…), there was a lot of electrical equipment being plugged in under the stairs in Martin George Boyce’s house, which does make me think a bit of the possibilities but they do it everywhere and people get killed for it… I hope people have the sense to wake up from what they’re doing to themselves and their countries as there’s something else going on against the countries that stood against something else, even inadvertently or by accident due to not believing or understanding (even the seriousness) of what was and still is going on. Other’s in blind ignorance, whatever part of the hierarchy they are in…
2 years ago (edited)

Robert Castle
The new world order satanic pedovores will stop at nothing to enslave us
1 month ago

People need to understand how wrong and evil this agenda is and come to an agreement that Nazi-like atrocities are not acceptable in the 21st Century, for any reason, especially if it’s done in order to finish off what’s left of our collective humanity. We, the People, need to demand answers to what is really being done to further these aims behind the veil of secrecy and with our own money, while our society is collapsing around us. Enough with the conjecture and the guess work concerning the methods, we need serious investigations into these matters by calling those involved in this on to the carpet, under oath, to provide a long needed review into the activities of various agencies both national and international in scope. The perpetrators who have acted unethically, thinking that their unique positions puts them above the law, need to face Nuremberg type trials before more lives are destroyed and full on mental enslavement of the world’s population is complete. Shut it down.
5 years ago

Gblili H
They spray nanopaticles from airplanes
1 month ago

?? this are overlapped in mind hacking..hijacking portling..⚪⚫???This is what they look like today or a skull like shaped greyish ? coal like color to bronze like color. I have pictures of this project used..And possibly bioplasma to via plasma vortex beams….in canada anyways. There is a vortex satellite that remotes it..and portals.
2 months ago (edited)

Andrej Kusnir
Hello Mr Olsson,
I just read the posts under your videos … I know exactly how this technology works and I’m still involuntarily part of it … Like I’m still in the posts … I look at you are from Norway, I’m staying in Stavanger in Norway too
Are doing some meetings about it?
7 months ago

The World is not what you think it is
Technology has me enslaved.

I have a story to tell and it may seem a little hard to believe
however this is a true story that continues today I am living
proof of a technology that can enslave every man, woman and
child for generations.

I have been in this 24 hrs a day 7 days per week for years. I am
continue to been tortured and I can not escape! I am asking you
to contact whoever you can and tell them to release me from this
technology that has me enslaved.

I have lost everything my wife, family and business. Financially
and emotionally destroyed. I do not know what they want. I
believe that they are trying to get me to comment suicide or
(Google) “The Manchurian Candidate CIA operation mind control”.

FSU Shooter Myron May Left Message: ‘I Do Not Want to Die in
Vain’ His social media activity revealed that he believed he was
a “targeted individual,” the term used by people who think the
government and shadowy gangs are attacking them with mind
control and invisible, remote weapons. In subsequent days, he
made several posts on a Facebook page for “Targeted Individuals
International,” including one that asked, “Has anyone here ever
been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of
freedom?” I believe they are deliberately creating potential
domestic terrorists. This is not a joke! It is real! All of
which is being orchestrated and funded by U.S. tax dollars.
There are victims in the U.S. It took me a couple of years to
get back online and they have been trying to make me homeless. A
lot of the targeted individuals will not have access to the
internet or phone as their Controller – Technicians control all
communications and redirect your calls. They control my computer
even when I don’t have internet access.

My Controller – Technician’s spoke of “The Manchurian
Candidate”. They put me through drills and conditioning. Just go
to the NSA and review my file, it has been a few years ago but
if they are still using the same techniques trying to create the
Manchurian Candidate or have the targeted individual commit
suicide they would have succeeded many times. They told me that
if it is within the individual they will pull it out of them!
They can do whatever they want to just about anyone without
recourse because according to them “this does not exist”. Which
indicates to me that they do not have any over-site or
accountability. This must change, someone must review what they
are doing and how they are doing it. They must change their
destructive techniques that I believe to have been in place for
a very long time. It needs a complete overhaul and update of the
entire system. Including the use of community stalking and
Anonymous the loosely associated international network of
activist and hacktivist entities. We will not be able to remove
it from existence. We can only pray that we are able to put
control’s in place to protect the Worlds population from the use
of devices like these.

I am not sure of the destructive influence that this will have
on humanity but we can not set ideally by and wait for the
system to change itself while millions of people are being
tortured daily.

You need to find out who designed and where these techniques are
generated from including the duration of time they have been
practicing these archaic techniques. There is no need to put the
civilian population through this. The local Law Enforcement
communities need to be made fully aware of its existence and the
possibilities of these technologies. Use me as an example
request my file and find out what they have done to me and how
and why they are still doing it today.

The NSA records everything except what the controller –
technician’s do not want them to in real time. But in the
instance of the FSU Shooter Myron May they may not have
deliberately deleted the events leading up to the shootings in
real time. So the NSA should have a recording of the events and
a log of what they were doing to him leading up to the shootings
and more importantly why they didn’t stop him and who his
controller – technician’s were. The same scenario of a targeted
individual plays out over and over and has gone on for years.
Find the culprits behind what they call games!

They take over your mind . Your mind enslaves you because they
control it. You could adsorb it as yourself. Unless they do not
want you to. Then they reveal themselves. Through voices and
actions that let you know they are in you and can see out of
your eyes and take control of your body.

They are always deliberately creating emotional triggers which
in itself would not be bad however they only use negative
triggers instead of positive reinforcement even in my dreams.
The easy way to think of the controller – technician’s are
modern day Demons. Everything is negative without remorse or
logic. It would be easy for them to say “We Have You And There
Is Nothing You Can Do About It” instead they torture you. It is
not logical to be tortured without a purpose other than they
enjoy doing it.

They even control my dreams and emotions during the dream. I
receive visions when I close my eyes even when I am not asleep
and I have seen a hologram or a person standing at the foot of
my bed. Sleep deprivation and pain.

There is military technology that is invisible to the naked eye
that can reach down inside of me, grip and create pain. They
start the torment (torture). They can “lock you down” in pain
and keep the pain constant for a very long time and there is not
anything that can be done about it.

I have been in it for years and I do not know how to extract
myself from it. They have enslaved the human brain.

They are me and I am them and they are many. They are
inhabitants that “ARE ME” for all practical purposes. They have
the ability to take full control of my Mind and body. They could
take my body outside and go somewhere and when they returned
they could return me to my self and I would not remember where
they (or myself) had gone or done. Creating fragmented memories.

They know what I am thinking as i think it. I do not have to
verbalize it with my mouth. They know my subconscious thoughts.
They see, feel, hear and taste what I do. They speak through my
mouth and even over ride my own voice to the extent that if you
call me on the phone it may be them you are communicating with
instead of me. Conversations with my now ex-wife were exactly
that or they can talk to me in my mind. They can pull you out of
yourself and put you into someone else.

As a inhabitant you would then have the ability to know what I
know and my thoughts in real time. You must trust whoever is on
the controls there is a down side to being an inhabitant. The
controller of the technologies can kidnap your spirit and hold
you hostage as an inhabitant. They will not let you go or end
your existence. You feel what they feel as they feel it and it
is unpleasant to you and to them because you share the same
emotion and become self conscious. I have inhabitants within me
that have been in here for years.

There is a cricket noise in my mind most of the time, that
speaks from what sounds like the out side of my head (from a
distance) but it is all from within my mind. It is not tinnitus
it is actually words communicating to me through their
technologies. They can turn up or down the volume.

They can pull the inhabitants forward to the point where you can
feel the emotions of individual inhabitant and its personality.
They can pull the inhabitant forward to take more control or
move them back to allow me to have control. My inhabitants are
pulled to far forward and have been a long time.

They control my energy level up or down, extreme fatigue,
involuntary yawning, confusion, hunger, emotions and complete
mental state. They diminish me to the point I can not work or
hold down meaningful employment.

“I am not who you think I am”, is what they always tell me and
also “you can’t ever do anything the remainder of your life”.
Whatever I try to do they will not let me. They can put me to
sleep and wake me up, I am by all practical purposes a
biological robot! I am asking you to stop the torture. Contact
whoever you can and tell them to release us from this technology
that has enslaved me.

This is just technology. Please help, before it enslaves the
world and future generations. They put something invisible that
I can feel on my head that the military uses to help their
troops in the field, it can apply pressure, pulsate and heat
different parts of the body. They target a weak part of the body
so they can easily create pain. Manipulating joints, groin,
bowels and other sensitive areas.

They have the ability to lock you down in extreme pain and
harvest pain sensors from other people and give them to you and
adjust the extreme pain up and down. They have the ability to do
whatever they want whenever they want to with any aspect of your
body. This has been going on by the same group of people for a
very long time.

Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which
false information is presented with the intent of making victims
doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity. All Targeted
Individuals will have similar but different stories because they
have a basic procedure (format) that they wrap around your
individual circumstances. Because they pull things out of your
own mind and use it to pull your conscious mind into the story
line to facilitate their mind control agenda that they have
perfected over a very long time. It would not surprise me to
find out that they are using techniques from POW’s . Mind

In this scenario they call themselves Mason’s and according to
them they control the World as we know it. They do skits similar
to a screen play with all sides covered and all the inhabitants
and participants participating that goes on for days if not
weeks. While they put you to sleep nodding off for fractions of
seconds so that you miss “a word” within the conversation and
cause confusion. Also cause sleep deprivation. They bring a very
large group of participants that are both inside of you and
outside of you. Even from early child hood that you have not
communicated with since childhood. The majority of my family are
inside of me as inhabitants. But remember it is all pulled out
of your own mind.

They use “False Flag”,false scenarios, manipulation and outright
lies about yourself your family community and their ability or
willingness to help you. However everything they do is to
destroy you. It is different from having an outside influence
attack you or try to influence you this is internal and for some
reason you trust it because it is coming from within your own
mind. I can’t find words to explain how easy it is for them to
manipulate me over and over again. Why would I even begin to
trust them. And yet that have done it so many times. But they
are with me 24/7 and control thoughts and emotions. But somehow
it is embarrassing to know they still manipulate me.

They created extreme pain in my head and they would not stop
even though they knew it was just torture. I asked them and they
did not want me to do anything. It was just torture. I believe
that they are trying to get me to comment suicide. Why else
would they just cause extreme pain to someone who is defenseless
against this technology.

This technology should not be used against the American
population. With remote neural monitoring and other technologies
they have complete control of everyone. So there is no need to
induce pain on anyone.

They are torturing me. But if they were not they have the
ability to do everything perfect. They can raise anyone to a
mental and physical state that would allow them to be at their
peck performance 24/7. I am sure that some of the congressman
and woman are at their very best because of this technology.
They have the ability to give you words that you speak out of
your mouth and those words would not be your own. But could be
very helpful in public speaking venues because you would not
miss a word. I want to let you know that you and your staff my
not be your own.

They have the ability to bless you or curse you within the same
technology. If you are already one of those that have been
blessed by this I sincerely pray that you remember to protect
the rest of the civilization from it.

They control everything electronic, meaning all communications
and everything else. If someone is targeted they may not have
the ability to complain or notify anyone. If they do they may
choose not to reach out to friends and family because of the
fear that the controller – technician’s might enslave anyone
they come in contact with. I cannot communicate in any way
without them knowing it. If I know it then they know it. No
secrets of any kind. Not a password, account number or anything!
They are me.

Access DARPA “Defense Departments Advance Research Project
Agency” the information listed above is from one of their
projects. Free me, Free yourself, free the world from this
tyranny that has the world enslaved. By passing laws to protect
every living thing by placing rules and regulations around the
use and deployment of these technologies. We are asking you to
stop the use of these technologies against the united states
citizens and global community. Thanks for your cooperation.

The shootings previously mentioned could not have happened
without the controller – technician’s knowledge or direct

It is just technology that reads and controls the brain and inhabits the human body without any technology on or inside the body. It is all technology and it can control every man, woman and child. We are no longer our own! Protect us all. Every man woman and child that lives today or that will ever live! Today’s decisions within the government will affect mankind for generations.

I am trying to give you the information that would allow you to ask the proper question to the right government organization that could lead to the full disclosure of the information that you need as a congressmen that could lead to the official sanction of organizations that use this technology to commit crimes against humility and we are not allowed to tell you all the information that you require but consider this the insider information and consider this whistle blower dialog. Please take this seriously I will be in touch with you in the near future to prove this is real.

Why isn’t there at location in the United State of America that I can Travel to and be tested for electronic weaponry and the devices used to facilitate the abduction and torture of the minds of the population of the United States Of American?

I am asking you to stop the torture. Contact whoever you can and
tell them to release us from this technology that has enslaved

Thank you for your help.

I am not in your district however I have sent this email to each
member of The Judiciary Committee and Science, Space, and
Technology committee and wanted to include you. Thanks for all
your help.
3 years ago

with a phone…
1 month ago

Delta Foxtrot
Olor a vinagre vía ondas de fm?
Claro que si…..
7 months ago

1 month ago

Vern Eggerud
My name is Vern Eggerud, I am a victim of nano implants and have been for 9 years. I know the computer program that operates the nano implants. It’s called the Avni Computer Program. It can be purchased at Nintendo. You must tell them you are a devoted Anti-Christ in order to purchase it.
2 years ago

La mayoría de las personas desconoce de todo esto.
1 year ago

divyesh rao
You dont need brainimplant. Everybody can get mind control
3 years ago

Amy Tudor
Just seeing this for the first time..but wanted to share that they have done this through nano fibers= Morgellons…Sprayed on Everyone…Now everyone on the planet is plugged into the super computer….I am positive this is how they controlled the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes..Above Is The Link…
3 years ago (edited)

will this cause war or have no choice but to have war.
10 months ago

Franziska Schimanski
Ich kann dies nur bestaetigen- leider!
4 years ago

MKultraNeverStopped TorturedWithVoiceOfGodWapons
Great. Now this should be commons sense: Make and English version and put it on the mother fucking TV even if you have to do it illegally
3 years ago

bedanta bora
no implants is required for remote neural monitoring.faster people accept the facts and understand about rnm and organized gang stalking safer humanity is.have been a rnm & organized gang stalking from 2012 moreso in India we targeted individuals are getting no help at all with majority of people ignorant about remote neural monitoring and organized gang stalking.
4 years ago

Great video Magnus ! very explicative to understand ! Thank you !
2 years ago

I am an expert to recognize if it is “mind cotrol” with fMRI & PET tech.to STG auditory region was active by unclear outsides stimulation, but too expensive. I can teach victims to use opposte psycology test to confirm it.
4 years ago

Ahmad Howari
I am victim of remote neural monitoring since 11/2013 i’v been harassed by them all that time and they still attacking me they say words in my mind swearing at me ,apply heat on my internal organs that look like laser 4 years and they always existed, they never stop even for seconds they stopped just 1 time in 8/2017 for 20 minutes then they came back to harass me again
8 months ago (edited)

Marin Pitu
Hi everyone. I live in Denmark now, and I am a long time U. S. victim of Greed, Collective Madness and Cowardliness of today, which makes Hitler and Doctor Mengele to look small criminals. By complaining and publically exposing illegal experimentations, illegal clinical trials on humans and assassinations, by Kaiser Permanente, an U.S Insurance Company, I became targeted, according the FBI’s new standards, and the undeclared War on Civilians. By changing side the FBI, scientifically tried to silence me and others (have evidences) the victim, to protect the perpetrators, and over 20 Billion, of blood dollar profits, each year. The U.S perpetrators condemned me to death, for the same reason the communists did: Free Speech!
Because I continue to expose THEM, they are attacking me now, with deadly force, targeting my head, lungs, liver and the rest of internal organs, to induce organs failure or cancer. Remote torture and inducing cancer, is already a New American Classic, to torture and assassinate, “will be dissidents” as Snowden espouse U.S. War on Civilians. Check: “Snowden Reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda”. I have visible burns on my head, chest and legs, no cancer yet, but I endure terrible pain every day.
Following is my comment and my message to the perpetrators of the worst human rights violations on human history; the future clients of the next Nuremberg War Criminal Court, that will become a reality, sooner than later. Are you holding new readings on illegal implantations? Please let me know when and where, and accept me as a member of the Victims of The New Genocide List.

Marin Pitu
11 followers| 8,658 views
Commented on a video on YouTube. Shared publicly – Jan 8, 2015

Marin Pitu: Twice Political refugee is too much to swallow! Tortured by the Romanian CIA – Securitate for resisting arrest, I escaped, in a bloody pajama and still bleeding, with 6 fractures and injuries all over my body I went in to the Unites Stated Embassy in Bucharest Romania, on April 13, 1977. US Consul saved my life by exposing the Romanian NSA, using torture and assassinations against political dissidents. I joined my parents in USA, already political refugees since 1975. I enjoyed the American dream that transformed in to the actual American Nightmare that confirms that we humans aren’t the victims of any ideology, political party, any country or any nation! We are the victims of Congenital Greed, Collective Madness and Collective Cowardliness; victims of defective genes transmitted from generation to generation; genes of ferocious predatory beasts hidden inside human bodies, victims of the Psychopaths!

What is happening in the world right now is nothing new! We the humans are again and again, the victims of the Evolution of Greed, Collective Madness, and Collective Cowardliness, victims of corrupted science, technology and draconian weapons like the Directed Energy Weapons and an arsenal of Electronic Torture and Manipulation Weapons, used against civilians! Google Victims of Directed Energy Weapons, watch ”The Cooking of Humanity” all of Dr. Barrie Trower’s videos, and a New Sick World will appear in front of you! Watch”The Birth of HMO”, War on Health”,”The Marin Pitu Story”, see my graphic pictures,” The Lonnie Shrum Story” to understand why, by exposing this time, Gross Violations of Human Rights by the United States of America, I became targeted, and the victim of the FBI, NSA, CIA, HAARP that are repeating Stalin’s, Hitler’s and the Communism Final Solution: the assassination of the fabricated enemies!

I escaped and saved my life, ONLY because of my former extended experience with the Communist Psychos, and managed to live United States in the last minute and back to Denmark after 25 years. BUT, the Long Arm of the Psycho’s of today, can reach anybody, anywhere on Planet Earth, using military grade weapons, like the Directed Energy Weapons, to torture, induce illness and assassinate. STOP being a naive, inform yourself and Expose the Perpetrators! STOP the Silent Holocaust! Save the next generation, save humanity, from extinction!
“All man-made big disasters started with a mad man’s obsession with money and power and his ability to corrupt others”.
Marin Pitu
3 years ago

bastard alien
I never did anything wrong, and my life has been made hell and ruined by the hands of these nazi satanists. I cannot explain to you the torture they have put me through.
2 years ago

แมวแจว กับ มุดสังแย้ว
stop mind control Thailand
1 year ago

Ted Huntington
its remote neuron reading and writing rnraw and direct to brain windows d2bw – many millions receive it – and all could but most are denied getting consensual d2bw.
4 years ago

Thomas O’Shaughnessy
had some unusual occurences last night at cath kidston, what does the united nations or the european union even mean about human rights anyway or the uk… its not just me but what it does back to other people and most wouldnt know if people said things to them in their sleep and fed their subconsciousness with all kinds of negative thoughts and nasty or unwanted and or badly intended things, affecting mine, their own and everyone elses reality in a kind of negative feedback loop to reality that is unique and really quite interesting but also very serious… these are the sorts of things that once done knowingly, they have to be judged so severely, they’ll probably work it out when it gets too late…
1 year ago (edited)

Laila Majanoon
I am a victim. Because I am Pro-Palestine, so I am political dissident. For my case, CIA,Mossad,NSA,local agents etc get involve with me. over 6 years,it has proofed me that Mind is our sub-conscious and we can control it. Brain is nerve. So they control my nerve only. I like to call this project,”brain-control”. I can ignore what they have tried to communicate with me through 4 senses by focusing my daily goal and less attention to what they saying. If they call me several names,I counter back by teaching them the moral or call them a several names either. 
4 years ago

Andrej Kusnir
Jeg leser bare innleggene under videoene dine … Jeg vet nøyaktig hvordan denne teknologien fungerer, og jeg er fortsatt ufrivillig del av den … Som jeg fortsatt er i innleggene … ser jeg på deg heller jeg er heller ikke bor i Stavanger, Norge
inn i noen møter?
7 months ago

Well I have no idea why he brought Magnus on since he hardly spoke to him! I wanted to know how Magnus was affected, how they implanted him, and why him?
3 years ago

Sergio Martinelli
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)

Emissions of signals intelligence NSA has developed a program to decipher waves EMF (electromagnetic frequency) present in the environment for non-invasive techniques (ie without implants, electromagnetically, by radio waves) recorded on computers currents power of bodies of people and track them.
Signals intelligence is based on the fact that everything in our environment with an electric current has a magnetic field around which emits EMF waves.
The NSA has developed the Advanced Digital Equipment that can remotely analyze all object or body having electrical or electrochemical activity.
2 years ago

Mindcontrol Yo
Youtube Search: targeted individuals – to see how this is already exponentially growing throughout the world. It is torture, mind control, spying, theft of intellectual property, pre-crime, and includes ritual abuse, religious propaganda, and more. It is the most talked about crime on the internet, but the mainstream media, world health organization, and government deny that this is going on around the world.
4 years ago

Wolfgang Trubshaw
Just that none of this actually requires any such nanotech “implants”.
4 years ago

amine amine
Fck ?????????????? science technology all crazy strange brain talking to me? eux rôle game life
1 year ago (edited)

akty de la luna
chuiii atroz
1 year ago

bastard alien
Hitler’s minions, nazi bastards, they torture innocent victims and once you catch them torturing you, they prove you psychotic or whatever to continue their evil and to avoid feeling guilty and being caught violating human rights. I feel like I live in a damn concentration camp, I feel like a zombie all day with brain fog. This is the work of nazi satanists.
2 years ago

Sevan El Bey
Unfortunately, I feel the remainder of my life will be directed towards removing them from my mind.
Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice
1 year ago

Chad Allen
Remote Neural Monitoring is a result of the National Security Agency.
1 year ago

Javier Del Río
ciencia real
2 years ago

แมวแจว กับ มุดสังแย้ว
Use a compass to find it
1 year ago

John Medes
A man named Matthew Ryan Sloan who lives in Phoenix Arizona thinks he is a victim of remote neural monitoring. The voices asked him to do things like confess to a crime he didn’t commit. He ended up jumping off a bridge to try to kill himself after hearing these voices for over a year. He broke his face and legs. These voices still talk to him.
3 years ago

Thomas O’Shaughnessy
There’s some illegal mind control reading and implanting of thoughts in #12 and #15 Wright Drive in East Dereham, Norfolk, England and it’s being used against people’s full awareness in such a way most people wouldn’t quite recognise what was going on… and they drug the tapwater to make everyone more suggestible and possibly controllable… People don’t know of the harm they’ve played on society yet with this stuff…
2 years ago

chili jojo
mir wurde auch chip implantiert, die machen experiment, gedanken lesen, isolieren mich sozial, ich habe neuelich erfahren dass ich gefälschte oder ungültige e mail adresse habe. Ich bin ausländische Studenten an der TU Berlin. 
4 years ago

Would tin foil hats work to defeat this? loool
4 years ago

Psychické obtěžování a gangstalking
Thanks for your support.
5 years ago

Musicistwowords Mu
@5.10 “Yes, they can completely control the mind. Although it is a really difficult task when the victim, as in this case, is aware of the situation.”

I became aware of it at one point, but have no idea of how long these implants have been used on me. Probably throughout my life, since I was adopted (sold) into this sick program, in the late 1960s.

Against this kind of technology, the mind has no firewall.
5 years ago

Musicistwowords Mu
Dr. Jose Delgado began his research in the 1950s & was able to make a cat lift its leg with brain stimulation, then, as the video says, he did his bull experiment in the 1960s.

I have implants in each ear. I haven’t been able to get any help & I am being tortured daily. I was born in the late 1960s… my RFID-sized implants (what I can feel & see) go thru the cartilage of each ear & I suspect they are connected to something going into my ear canals. They ruined my life, stole my freewill.
5 years ago

Thank you for the info. I think I know someone who was a victim. But nobody believed him. He suffered very much. Even though he never showed any signs of mental disease before, he was brutaly handled by police after behaving strangely. He was drugged to unconsciouness and labelled a squizofrenic. He said he felt strange after an encounter with a man who had a kind of cell phone directed at him, and then his own cell phone had strange signals. I May God protect the good people of this earth.
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Read the article “Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?” They use psychotronic weapons that look like a cell phone to register your electronic brain signatures. These “cell phones” can trace people by receiving data from satellites. Those people who have been registered can be identified. They receive brain evoked potentials already processed from satellites and use cell phone antennas to send V2K.

More about electronic brain signatures on IEEEE, only the abstract is free.
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
The device that is used to trace you using satellite information looks like a cell phone and can be carried about and people around will never suspect that the device is a psychotronic weapon.

I believe the device to register brain signatures is just as small and looks like a cell phone, too, so people can be zapped by a person supposedly using a cell phone.

Psychotronic weapons can receive the picked brain evoked potencials already processed. They send V2K using cell phone antennas.
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Cell phones can affect brains and the over use of cell phone can cause brain cancer, especially in children.

I don’t think they can register your brain signature using a cell phone call. I do believe that they have too be near you, maybe an upstair apartment or so.

Those people whose brain signatures have been registered don’t know exactly where or when it was done, at least most of them.

This registration opens the way to psychotronic attacks and satellite tracing. 
5 years ago

Sorry, I meant do you KNOW if cell phone can affect brains and pick up electronic signatures?
5 years ago
Monica, do you do if cell phones waves can affect brain waves or pick up electronic signatures? I had a strange experience and I am just wondering.
5 years ago
Mônica Miranda
Mônica Miranda
There are satellites that can trace everybody non thermally, but people receiving information from those satellites can only identify the people they have registered, ie, those people whose electronic brain signatures they have picked.

No microchip is needed for people to be traced and spotted and no microchip is needed for people to be identified.

There is an article on the web you should read, “Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?” It is about ex NSA staff Tice
5 years ago

Mônica Miranda
Susan, no implant is needed to target and trace you. Just your brain electronic signature.
Some people are spreading disinformation concerning implants. Where I live there are no chemtrails, but there are TI’s. Some of them believe they have been implanted with microchip.
It is hard for me to convince them that a chip is not needed. There is more about electronic brain signature in the electronics journal IEEEE. Only the abstract is free.
5 years ago

Loyal Justice
Muy veridico
5 years ago

The Sick Pelican
This is real through smart dust and chemtrails.
5 years ago

Sad but true. Lots of websites with items to protect you from EMF just google EMF protection
5 years ago

antix beam
Excellent show. It’s too late though. 
5 years ago

El libro -y la película- “Los Hombres que Miraban Fijamente a las Cabras”; está basado en investigaciones sobre el tema del interés militar por el tema del control mental.
5 years ago

luciana sosa
Hola.aqui en LaPlata,Argentina hay un médico que ofrece una terapia alternativa una inyección que va al torrente sanguíneo,supuestamente es un activador de la hormona de la felicidad que uno cuando padece depresion,supuestamente el cerebro no anda liberando.es muy costosa esta terapia asi como mágica y prometedora.
5 years ago

El microchip ya lo tenemos implantado en nuestro cerebro, a través de la nanotecnología y por medio de las fumigaciones. Si has visto este video anteriormente merece la pena volverlo a ver. Control mental psicotronico de los seres humanos y cierra neuronal. Una realidad que parece ciencia ficción pero que se está aplicando desde 1950 o 1960.
5 years ago

mdm Dm
Ellos son RATAS deshumanizados transformados físicamente en humanos, de ahí que se ensañen experimentando con seres humanos, sodomizándonos, RATAS, RATAS, DESTRUCTIVAS, son mucho peores de las pobres ratas literales.
5 years ago

Rafael Oter
Mujeres femeninas que denuncian el “feminismo”
Buscad en “circulo Atenea” wordpress /jornadas-feministas-o-de-masturbaciones/
(Aquí no se me permite insertar el enlacd
5 years ago

Susan Littleton
Kevin, the fight against this is a collective effort. We must all help find ways to fight against it and then spread the news. 
5 years ago

Susan Littleton
We are being infected with nanotech and parasites (as well as other poisons and heavy metals) from chemtrails. We are breathing it in, it is in our food and water. The nano tech attaches itself to the parasites which seek each other out. This enables the nanotech to collect together to make larger micro-nanochips.
5 years ago

Susan Littleton
The continuous microwave frequency pollution then charges up the nanotech and causes us to feel tired, lethargic, irritable, anxious, depressed, confused, unable to concentrate, and also aggravates the slow microwave cooking of our bodies and causes the drying out of our bodies our muscles causing all kinds of problems including fibro symptoms. 
5 years ago

Susan Littleton
Regular detox will be essential until infection of the populations ends. Take Wormwood Combination to kill the parasites and buy Bentonite Clay. It comes in fine powder form in a large canister. Take a tablespoon in a large glass of water. Bentonite Clay attracts and absorbs like a magnet heavy metals and radioactive particles and other impurities, pathogens and expels it. You will feel better the very first day of treatment.
5 years ago

Susan Littleton
Be sure to replace your nutrients with a good whole food multi-vitamin/mineral supplement and take extra essential fatty acid supplement such as fish oil or flax seed oil or both, take a lot of it, be generous with yourself. Drink only distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water.

The government is controlling our minds and behavior with the use of this nano tech. Refrain from allowing yourself to be shackled. Break free.
5 years ago

Melissa S
Magnus, I think you are a brilliant star. You are helping so much to end these atrocities. Contact me if you can. I am no longer on facebook. Get my number from Derrick. My name is Melissa.
5 years ago

For the real German Wunderwaffen, the wonder weapons see my videos:
German directed energy weapons of ww2: Lt. Hitts report
German directed energy weapon: The magnetic ray
German directed energy weapons of ww2: US countermeasures
Directed Energy Weapons of the 1930s: The Death Ray
German brainwashing equipment being used abroad
Galvanis Frog reacts to radiowaves
And with a real frog:
Galvanis Frosch: Radiowellen steuern Nerven und Muskeln
After ww2 Germany offered its services to other countries
5 years ago

Kevin Canada
5 years ago

5 years ago

Halvor Raknes
… of God into my work as a navigational implement as ethics need some immovable reference point as I venture into unchartered ontologies.)
5 years ago

Halvor Raknes
… can (and should) do by oneself, without the need for contacting a therapist, is the modality which will overcome these nefarious, but mostly short-sighted, agendas.

I have now some nine years of experience doing this with complete dedication and integration into all aspects of my life, and I take on all the elites (basically) so I do get targetted in all sorts of ways. Working all these incongruent energies out, through my body, is a totally sustainable method. (I also bring the concept …
5 years ago

Halvor Raknes
…projected by the factions who promote and develop these kinds of things, which are also Malthusian. There is a perception of the human being which is terribly warped on the part of said faction, but even among the woefully passive groups that I also mentioned there is, in my opinion, lacking a consciousness about the body-as-a-whole. People who call themselves holistic are often mostly heady.

I think that integrative body work based on Wilhelm Reich’s seminal sex economy, work which one …
5 years ago

Halvor Raknes
I found this video through the article “Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today”. In it it reads “…complete disrespect, despise and underestimation of human beings, at least when it comes to their bodies, abilities and biological functions”

I don’t see anyone else either standing up for the body and biological functions among either lightworkers, the exopolitical crowd or New Age people in general. At least not against the attitudes …
5 years ago

Alejandra Covarrubias
These are those Pentagons International Nazi Projects under MK ULTRA, and all the UNCONVENTI0NAL WEAPONS in use.
De Pentagons Internationale nazi prosjektene startet IKKE med José Delgado.
De tortureksperimenteringene startet i Latin Amerika.
De skandinaviske tortureksperimenteringene satt i gang hva CIA hadde behov for.
Og sosialdemokratiet er en del av de hemmelige nazi prosjektene.
Agenda til de Pentagons Nazi Prosjektene er fram til 2025, som Obama legaliserer nå.
5 years ago

Phoenix Gold
I’m a TI receiving remote neural monitoring Gangstalking, DEWS, V2k and more.takeca look at my vids,going through hell.peace out.
1 year ago

Adriana Flores
I am a victim here in California. I have a group of Brazilian from Goias doing this evil crime to me. America need to know that there is a group of Brazilians using it to destroy our society, if President Donald Trump don’t control the Brazilians illegals here in the United States they will take over the country mind control the American and read the mind of the ones that works in advance technology to steal the ideas and take it back to develop it first that the USA. Investigation urgent on those Brazilians here in the Bay Area. I am a Brazilian myself, and being tortured by people from my own country. I would like to join some American victim to find this Brazilian terrorist here in the Bay Area. They got me in San Francisco.
1 year ago

Kavitha Eisha
I from India my husband harassing me to much I want stop it please help , e
1 year ago

Kavitha Eisha
Please help me .harassing me to much I need solution .
1 year ago

Vern Eggerud
I’m a victim of nano implants/mind control. Please check out my facebook timeline. I’ve discovered the computer program that operates the nano implants. I have posted thorough instructions on how to activate the computer program which is installed on Windows 8, it’s called the AV1 computer program. I’ve also discovered who our harassers are. I have several posts on my facebook timeline, they are the Antichrist. They are 55 powerful republicans, one powerful democrat who is their Leader, the democratic CIA, the SAPO in Sweden and many, many perverted drug addicted murders. They are contracted killers. You’ll be shocked at what I have discovered. My name is Vern Eggerud
1 year ago

Glen Hancock
2 years ago
Tom Goldman
Tom Goldman
I found this online…

My name is Matthew Ryan Sloan and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a victim of remote neural monitoring. People believe this is where the U.S.A and several governments around the world use E.L.F. radio waves to go into people’s minds and torture, brainwash, and mind control them. I however have reason to believe remote neural monitoring actually partially uses seemingly magic powers from evil beings. These evil beings tell governments they will do them favors or grant them powers if they torture select people. Supercomputers endowed with some “magic” powers are used in this program to automate things. These programs also follow people who have been granted powers by ascended people from another plane of existence. These programs keep these people from using their powers to keep the world from knowing the truth. I have reason to believe at least some people who are tortured by these programs have the potential to use powers such as healing, teleportation, and restoring missing body parts.

I started hearing voices in early January 2014. These voices lied to me continuously but told me they were the government using telepathy to go into my mind. They would know what time it is exactly before I looked at the clock and often say “phone” right before the phone rang. They made me really stupid and threatened to kill me and mutilate me. They would perform mock executions where I laid in bed and thought I would die. They threatened to castrate me too. They shocked my genitals and head with what felt like electric shocks. They started to make me feel like I was having a heart attack and told me they either kill or sterilize the mentally ill. I ended up being involuntarily hospitalized because of this.

I left the mental hospital around February 20, 2014 and wasn’t hearing voices. I took my medication. I thought I had a psychotic breakdown. I was suffering erectile dysfunction ever since the voices started in January and it continued into this time. I just sat at home and watched Hulu and worked out with dumbells until around March 20. This is when the voices suddenly said they were the CIA and to confess to a particular crime and the president would pardon me. I told them I wasn’t guilty and they said “Just confess”. I told them “I’d rather die” and they said “We will see”. They made me really stupid and told me they erased my “word dictionary” so I couldn’t read anymore. They made vibrating sensations on my skull and told me they erased all of my memories. They vibrated my feet too. They did mock executions where I thought I was going to die and I prayed to Jesus Christ while they did this.

They one night told me something like “Nobody challenges the United States” and told me they’d ruin my life. One night they had me see a room while I lay in bed where they had U.S.A generals, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. The generals had a small device with a button that they pressed that felt like it shocked my head. They said they were shocking my frontal lobe and would keep me from remembering things and bring me to the IQ of 85. I appealed to President Obama to stop. He asked me to do some things for him. I obliged and would do them because they were insignificant but then he said “Will you say you confess”. I told him no. It is at this point that the fantasy ended (as I’m now sure it was a computer simulation and not really the president or generals). They told me since I wouldn’t confess to a crime that would have got me six months in prison that they will then talk to me for six months. They said “Think of this as purgatory”.

They were in my computers during this time and did things like crash it, change screensavers, and replace parts of videos on youtube. They also had my phone tapped. I remember opening it up and the phone automatically took flash photos of me (The camera program opened by itself and took many flash photos of me). I think this might be a feature on some government tapped phones to monitor who is tampering with phones that are being wiretapped. I merely opened the phone and looked at it inside.

They stayed in my head this whole time making me inept and my memory worse. One night I saw many hands reach out in the dark while I was in bed and take muscle from my bones. That night my muscles got substantially smaller. They gave some of it back later but not as much as they took. They could change the shape of my face or body instantly too. One night they “quartered” me as like they do with draw and quartering. They removed internal organs over and over and my genitals. They would remove them and restore them to me over and over. They made me incapable of running and made it felt like I was having a heart attack if I exerted myself much. They could somehow make it so my consciousness would skip hours or days. I could be doing something and the next thing I know it is hours, days, or weeks later. In the meantime I would apparently act like myself and do things.

They told me one night that they had hostages and they could get hurt if I didn’t kill myself. They also seemed to imply I’d ascend to a higher plane of existence if I killed myself. I took 27 Klonopin (a tranquilizer). I felt like they teleported some of them out of my stomach after I took them and laid down. I survived and went to the mental hospital for attempted suicide. In the mental hospital they tormented me and told me to yell “I love castration” as loud as I could or they would hurt my genitals. I refused to yell it while I felt a force in my mind trying to compel me to yell it. I resisted and they finally stopped trying this. As soon as they stopped I lost consciousness and woke up a couple hours later. While they were trying to compel me to yell I felt incredibly exhausted.

I got out of the mental hospital in March 2015 and one day the voices told me they’d do something really bad to me. I told them I would jump off the freeway bridge next to the house if they didn’t change their mind. They told me they wouldn’t and to jump off the bridge. I jumped off the freeway bridge that day and broke every bone in my face, one knee, and both legs. I now have forty titanium plates in my face, a titanium plate on one knee, and a titanium rod in each leg. They are still making me inept and won’t go away. No psychiatric medication will make them go away.

They have brought back many memories they say were repressed by them. They tried to tell me how I received some powers by ascended beings at around the age of four. I was sitting in a van with my parents and wished upon a star “I want to be rich”. I suddenly lost the ability to hear my thoughts and heard a voice tell me my wish would be granted someday. I remember teleporting to Pluto at 10, and Mars somehow at 12. I now remember them teleporting me rubies that I was led to believe came from another planet in my twenties and they asked what I wanted to do with them. I said I wanted the government to have them to study them because they came from another planet. The rubies disappeared and they said the promise had been fulfilled as I had been rich at one point. I wanted the government to have them as I thought I could get more but didn’t receive more.

They let me remember filling a glass of empty soda by praying to Jesus to do it. I remember controlling a geyser by praying to Jesus Christ at Yellowstone National Park and telling it when to erupt and it did every time I told it to. I saw a woman there in a wheel chair and I tried to heal her mentally and said “Jesus please tell her I the Lord your God have healed you. Stand up.” This woman stood up and yelled “Thank you!”. I remember now predicting an earthquake a couple minutes before it started and telling it successfully when to slow down and stop by praying to Jesus Christ with enormous faith. I was reading the bible everyday and was a devout Christian. These people tried to get me to stop reading the bible and managed to do it by putting thoughts into my mind.

Shortly after this a being that looked like an angel that was glowing in bright yellow light appeared to me one night and said they wanted to ascend me. I told them I wanted to be with Jesus in heaven. They told me something I didn’t like to hear about Jesus and I thought they were a demon. The being that looked like an angel told me I was going to be tortured. I declined ascending because I thought it was a demon and it went away.

I believe I am being tortured by the remote neural monitoring program. For the first year I thought the program was purely using technology and radio waves to perform everything. However they eventually visibly made body parts disappear and reappear and they appear to have powers that seem like magic. To me magic is just science we don’t understand yet. It seems like these people that are torturing me have a deal with an evil being that likes to see me tormented. These people and the government are getting something valuable by doing evil things to me continuously. I have begged them to stop but they won’t. I right now am trying to heal from the suicide attempt where I jumped off the freeway bridge. I have a broken face and two broken legs.
3 years ago

paul B
My stalkers are filthy pedophile obsessed turds with an RNM seriously
3 years ago

Greg Swamp
Anyone who watches the Jew controlled Mass Media is mind controlled.
4 years ago

Natanael Dadiva
Greetings friends you I have a strategy to denounce the torturers criminal mind control looks the videos from my channel on you tube, together we will win this fight
targeted individuals in Brazil
4 years ago

One Reply to “Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today”

  1. Hi
    Did you ever hear the statement: “ We are from the government and we are here to help.”
    The follow up is to slam the door and run.
    But you have to understand that it is not governments… it is the secret-societies that infiltrate the governments that becomes your tools of torment.
    I said they are “tools”… your tools toward your growth.

    First of all, my angle of attack is what the secret-societies don’t want you to know. And that is… you are all spiritual beings who are manifest into a physical reality to explore yourselves… but stick with me if you have been totally sold the ticket that there is only the here/now space-time… I know, I used to be that way, a solid atheist.
    I puzzled over what religions had hidden in them to make others believe in their printed text of spiritual claims… I couldn’t find anything in the organized religions that felt right. Why? Because the real source of your spirituality can only be brought forth from within yourself (religions typically takes over and harness inner spiritual yearnings, with many false-preachers from the Cult) and then, for those sturdy atheists, it will make more sense and feel right.

    You see, you have secret-societies working against you discovering yourself. The control the educations systems and the universities… you are in bit of a bind because there will not be many who will try to help you… so I guess you are in luck, but actually, luck does not exist in a spiritual world

    You could join a cult, but the cult uses brainchips to go into your thoughts and even your dreams… just pay attention and learn from these monsters in order to make yourself spiritually powerful by defying their hate. The Cult fabricated religions to preach to you how to become more spiritual or something… but you have a larger problem now.
    In the new millennia since now brainchips are being covertly implanted to read your mind and “speak” their voice of god into your brain through the microwave towers everywhere. Suicide is not a viable way out because it doesn’t expand your spiritual self.

    So here is where we begin. The secret-societies are many many branches of an ancient cult called the “Mystery School.” They were guys like Plato, Pythagoras who studied the school in Eygypt. It spans bake to Babylon. It joined up with the Assassins Sect while the Templars(1st international bankers) and from there all the branches of secret mind control cults.

    Their who history is about mind controlling the newbies and only the truely sick make it through the ranks into controller designer class… they are bloodline families that span from the great cataclysms that you are not taught about. Study thunderbolts.info to understand the cataclysms. Homo sapiens has roots to a very, very ancient past.
    So that’s enough history, but there is lots more.

    The organized Mystery School Cult attack by their brainchipped, gang-stalkers was given the go-ahead in Sept. 2003. Magnus Olsson and Solaris BlueRaven are a couple of the first brainchipped that I found that are still going, but lots leave this probability. Jeff Rense is brainchipped now, the cult attempted to assassinate him in his truck, but he survived, which is significant. Try to connect with his work if you can.

    Why did I say probability? Because Jane Roberts accomplished a psychological-bridge with Seth just a week after the secret-societies assassinated JFK… this is spiritually significant for you while in this probability, I surmise. I’ve survived many assassination attempts and poisonings which is important.

    Seth’s message to you targeted brainchipped gang-stalked individual souls… it happened for a reason. You have chosen and are now in an accelerated learning probability and you are actually in control… well, you and your oversoul are in control and it is your job to take control or you will learn from your “failure” by choosing not to take control.
    My suggestion is you definitely have to read “The Nature of Personal Reality” asap and here is a link to download the audios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GkzYqJmpGM&list=PLPDTOFbrYdqBBIu1k5ubY7OBKcy5Xc5co

    How could this world be so horrendous to have an ancient organizations of thugs and pirates taking over all the world… Well in this probability you have chosen to defy them for the benefit of your spiritual expansion.

    You actually live in a “safe” universe where you get what you desire and believe. This is a spiritual reality and you have challenged yourself to power-learn just how powerful you can become.
    You have also found your most powerful training-program from Jane Roberts… for free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GkzYqJmpGM
    This is your world!
    Congrats… now you have soul work to do. get to it!

    James Sidaway

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