One Reply to “Ex-CIA Officer Kevin Shipp Exposes the Shadow Government and Deep State (2018)”

  1. at 26’40” fortunately enough they are intelligent; let’s figure out what would have happened if they were stupid (well considered the immense Damage they are causing through Gang Stalking against innocent Victims and even, precious Geniuses); verily, this is an immense Problem (probably Humans have still to evolve, and just few of them are capable to ”see” it; see ”seeing” in the Work by Manly Palmer Hall, that is different than ”staring at”, and the former is for wise People, while the latter is for ”the big Brother” which is about ignorant or malignant Voyeurism); anyhow it is most probable that Gang Stalking is practiced by several Groups, of different political Parties, religious Institutions, economical Lodges, sanitary Businesses, nanotechnological Managements, so that Ignorance and Malignancy indeed concerns Humans altogether, and Intelligence has still to be acquired (see Intelligence in the Work by Jiddu Krishnamurti, and we were born with, then Indoctrination suffocated it, as a Flower/Intelligence under Concrete/Indoctrination, and we need ”Flowers from Concrete”); may the Light who is G.d enlighten, guard, sustain, guide every1, simultaneously, eternally-and-infintely

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