Mind Control: Monarch, MKULTRA, MindWar, Gangstalking and Phoenix Program Videos (Marshall Thomas and Dr. Michael Persinger, 2009)

Webmaster (ETK) Comment: Marshall Thomas is author of the excellent and ground-breaking book, “MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program” (2008). He also has put out an excellent videos on the Phoenix Program, MKULTRA, MONARCH, MindWar Papers, and Gang Stalking.

The MONARCH program consists basically of the military applications of CIA Mind Control program (MKULTRA, Bluebird, Artichoke, etc.) findings. The following short videos are highly recommended.

Mind Control part 1 Monarch pt 10A MK Ultra Mad Scientists (repost) / Blue Beamers

Mind Control part 2 Monarch pt 10B Russian Mind Control (repost) / Blue Beam

Mind Control Part 3 Monarch pt 10C HAARP amp Star Wars Weapons (repost) Blue Beam

Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

MKULTRA Perpetrators #11 a by Marshall Gregory Thomas

MindWar Papers

One Reply to “Mind Control: Monarch, MKULTRA, MindWar, Gangstalking and Phoenix Program Videos (Marshall Thomas and Dr. Michael Persinger, 2009)”

  1. Prof Karlstrom, thank you for all that you have done to educate people and expose the gang stalking problem.

    The following is a pubic record of something i have just written in private, i hope you understand why i chose to post it here:

    Greetings, and apologies for breaking my word by writing again!

    “When you think you’re thinking you’re not, you’re really listening. Now think about that!”

    I first got told that in a bar in Bangkok more than a few years ago… And, if i’m not mistaken, you too have personal experience of what its like getting hit with V2K tech.

    I know they used it to hijack my ‘thinking’, rationalising and decision-making with Tiew. This is why my perception and interpretation of events was completely fucked up.

    They were using it on me at uni, most memorably when i was in the company of Jennifer Cartwright, and she was 100% definitely working with them… That was when and how i first got told, in a very sinister tone: “We’re going to have a BIG party for you.”

    They were using it on me in the weeks preceding 19/12/14, and in the flat in Plymouth: “Spastics, spastics, spastics” “Slap them with a wet fish” “raped by dogs, raped by dogs” “David Beckham is coming to get you”; and again in the allotment shed last month “Jooz, jooz, jooz… Give him the book, give him the Henry Ford book…”

    They’ve also used it on my family – my parents, brother, aunt and cousins. And me some more, loads more times, more than i care to list.

    No doubt they were using it on me while i was drugged, kidnapped and being raped a couple of years ago… I have hazy recollections of saying some very strange things. Did they fly me somewhere? Extraordinary rendition? Was it altitude that caused the pain in my ears that i remember?

    The people using it are the ‘David ‘Cable’ Salt’, Jenny Cartwright clique. Jamo Hope has also been recruited to use it post-19/12/14, but there are older, more sinister and professional people directing and timing the attacks – likely military intel at source.

    It is obviously a subject that is very difficult to talk about because if one tells anyone at all then it can rapidly lead to getting sectioned with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis.

    I am sure they were using this tech to manipulate many of the people involved in 19/12/14, before, during and since the event.

    The people doing this need to be caught and prosecuted. The public needs to know the extent to which this is going on and exactly who is responsible. The psychiatric services need to know. Thousands of patients need to have their cases reviewed.

    The tech was famously used against the Iraqi troops defending Baghdad in 2003, but aside from that I am not aware of any other acknowledged use of it.

    This is a truly evil weapon and the people deploying it against civilians are responsible for masses of untold misery, violence and corruption. If you have experienced it like i have, and like i think you have, then i think you will agree with me that these motherfuckers need to be taken out and the world needs to know what is going on.

    A couple of other things i was told by V2K – Simon Loxton was ‘car crashed’ and Tiew threw herself in front of a train. True or false? I have no way of knowing.

    Tiew and i were both used like puppets. Neither of us had anything close to a proper grasp of what was going on around us and we made amends with each other right at the time. It is highly likely that we were both being manipulated by V2K tech at the same time.

    The people exploiting us and adversely engineering the situation for their own ends are the people responsible for all the pain, misery, tragedy, murder, deception and theft that has happened as a result of our being set up, which is why i will forever refuse to accept sole responsibility for what happened and why i absolutely insist that this mess cannot get sorted out by anything other than completely honest, open, direct and respectful means.

    All you people who think or thought that i was evil or crazy for walking out on 19/12/14 – i hope you are starting to understand the full gravity of the inverted nightmare that i was trying to save you all from: a full on Satanic global cult movement of mind control spearheaded by a fully compromised, puppeted, owned and involuntarily inverted Manchurian candidate.

    Do you now understand why i absolutely insist that this mess can only be sorted out by way of wholly honest, civil and respectful communication?: “Hi Ed, there’s a bit of a situation, let’s try and sort this mess out…” And still, to this day, not one single solitary person has had the decency or sense to approach me in such a way – start playing gang stalking silly buggers and you can go get fucked, every single time!

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