Letter To Attorney General Merrick Garland From Matthew R. Elders, July 12, 2021

Civil and Human Rights Complaint US Attorney General Merrick Garland 07 2021 FINAL

US Attorney General Merrick Garland
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main
Washington, D.C. 20530

I am writing this correspondence and criminal complaint having exhausted all other available avenues that I am aware of.

I am a whistleblower that has exposed extremely serious corruption and criminal politics at both a corporate and government level many years ago and continue to get terrible and heinous retaliations including various types of very severe physical attacks with technology based weapons(Microwave DEW etc ). I also experience complete and utter manipulation and sabotage of my career, and personal life. This organized crime and corruption case originates out of NJ, but continued into NY State. I just moved to North Carolina in July of 2018 to get a fresh start, and begin a new career(also avoid another NY winter). With the welcomed exception of the first few months, the attacks and manipulation on many levels have steadily worsened since moving here. I have filed so many criminal actions over the years it is hard to count. i have also approached the Police here in Raleigh about this, and they either cant, or wont, do anything about it. I have also recently filed another round of various additional criminal complaints including the Attorney General’s office, The FBI in Charlotte, a local prosecutor, and even with the House Intelligence Committee that I will share with you.

I wanted to contact your office to make you aware of these attacks and hopefully meet with a representative to discuss this and any options that may be available for whistleblower protections. I would be willing to be a part of any task force that is ultimately assembled to prosecute and combat these organized criminal and corruption groups. Just one of the many criminal initiatives in this horrific conspiracy against me and my family is the effort to try and make me homeless and sabotage my ability to make a living. I lost my house in NJ via deed in lieu of foreclosure back in 2007 due to blacklisting, corruption etc following a lawsuit I completed, and there have been constant attacks and efforts to make me homeless and/or attack my peace, privacy, rights and the lives of me and my family ever since… My situation is so bad, and the corruption and criminality is at such a serious level, that I may have to seek asylum in another country. I really need your assistance and hope there is some kind of guidance or help you can provide…. please advise as soon as possible.

I had contacted the FBI in Newark NJ in early 2005 regarding the emergence of these mafia groups that apparently span both a corporate level and several levels of government. Soon after doing so, my family and I were attacked in several ways including physical attacks that we believe are related to the whistleblowing and corruption reporting…

I am virtually certain my family and I have been targets for many years since standing up to corruption in NJ decades ago. The obviousness of the attacks from every angle have increased yet again in recent years, particularly from an income/career standpoint in recent months. The hacking, racketeering, and misconduct involved in sabotaging so many different aspects is to the level of treason. The latest of sabotage and corrupt CIA choreography(obviously hired by dark, corporate mafia connected money) has resulted in my becoming homeless last year, again. i recently got back on my feet yet again…somewhat. However, there have been further attacks and conspiracy related criminality and the corrupt government/mafia has once again placed and/or manipulated others around me to harass, attack, and sabotage me at several levels.

The interference with my career/current job, and even job search, is once again at an all time high. And the timing of the escalation of the political attacks on my income and career once again directly correspond with making breakthroughs in other aspects of my life, including socially and whistleblowing/ activism. The latest organized criminal sabotage involves my job as VP of Sales for a digital marketing agency, which has escalated to the point of such obviousness, that several senior members of the company now recognize that there is a conspiracy going on at some level!….It includes obvious hacking, racketeering, and organized corrupt government defamation and sabotage. It is equally obvious that these mafia corruption groups are working toward derailing any progress in straightening out various aspects of my life — particularly exposing them, holding them accountable, or expanding my support system and prosperity. It has gotten to the point of Conspiracy Against Rights(18US Code 241), and the ongoing effort toward “lying in wait” to do harm to me, my family, friends, loved ones etc..,Murder 18 U.S.C. Section 1512, as well as Treason 18 U.S.C. § 2381 ongoing placing people and situations around me that are meant to make it look like they are there to help me, but are really stabbing me in the back, or doing me some type of orchestrated harm….Or, if I do get someone genuine in my life, it is utterly sabotaged in some fashion soon thereafter.

There are even attempts to interfere with my credit and identity. I have reason to believe this is the corrupt CIA, corporate/local mafia groups, and/or the rogue law enforcement end of the corruption orchestrating this particular part and participating in Targeting Individuals. One of the more prevalent criminals in this entire situation is Vincent Nolan, who was one of the subjects in the aforementioned lawsuit. I cannot emphasize enough that this psychotic criminal needs to be investigated and prosecuted immediately. The former President often referred to the swamp and draining the swamp. Trust me, these mafia connected companies, individuals and the corruption in these entities …ARE THE SWAMP. It appears that my situation, and other Targeted Individuals(TI’s) are at least in part….what the “Deep State” is trying so hard to cover up… They are abusing, their positions, security clearances, and tax payer money to commit heinous crimes against the American public and continue to further their criminal enterprise of Targeting Individuals for stalking, harassment, murder and it’s link to big business… As far as draining the swamp is concerned…Please start here! I also cannot stress enough the obvious control grid put into place to control/attack people’s lives from nearly every aspect, using military grade technology.

The neglect and efforts to cover up this criminality has contributed to this human and civil rights tragedy for me and my family — and many others I am including links to our whistleblower group, and an interview with one of our constituents who is an NSA whistleblower. The attacks that I continue to experience virtually cover the gamut, from relatively minor harassment to attempted murder. The very latest obvious corrupt government and political crimes include more Microwave/DEW attacks at my new apartment(its not much, but at least i have roof over my head again…for now), as well as financial sabotage and conspiracy violations,ongoing lack of due process, manipulation, and racketeering with my current job and employment efforts….The microwave DEW attacks have gotten so severe that I beleive that each attempt would rise to the level of attempted murder….There are definitely several levels of corporate mafia and corrupt government involved in this horrific conspiracy…
Here are the facts, and what we have excellent reason to believe:

I noticed that several people, including myself, were being targeted for harassment, stalking and sabotage in both my personal life and career. I was working at Meow Mix Company and then Hartz Mountain in the 2004/2005 time frame (although in hindsight there were other signs of this earlier).

> As I started to piece the various aspects of the targeting together, I began getting death threats from Vincent Nolan, and others concerning harassment type behavior.

> i began getting followed, stalked, and harassed by strangers, and local Police.

> Nolan took credit for some of these incidents, even bragging about it.

> Nolan bragged about using his corrupt law enforcement, organized crime and corrupt CIA contacts to do these types of targeted attacks.

> Nolan also bragged about having a role in the murder and attempted murder of his in-laws, and then also threatened other members of the work team with the same fate.

> After going to the Federal authorities in the middle of all this, bullets were fired into my home under highly suspicious circumstances. The local Police supposedly caught the person responsible, but refused to do a full investigation into a possible link between government corruption, Hartz, Nolan, Meow Mix etc.,,

> despite following the right steps to report all this, I was fired from Hartz Mountainin 2005 in an effort to retaliate and cover up these circumstances. I successfully filed and completed a lawsuit against Hartz, Nolan and others which was settled in 2006. Although the circumstances and handling of the case was also suspicious in terms of evidence handling, and wild swings in certain positions regarding same and apparent influence peddling or coercion of some sort…

> My family and I started experiencing large amounts of medical and dental malfeasance/malpractice….primarily from doctors that had previously done a great job and treated us very well. This got to the point where my parents were being medicated improperly with conflicting medications , in the wrong amounts etc..,I believe this caused or contributed to both their deaths prematurely.

> I was completely blacklisted and this started a pattern of virtually any job I began being completely and utterly sabotaged and manipulated, much of the time. And, when things would go normally well for a period of time, there was always something major that would derail it, and each person that supported me, my work etc., would be retaliated on…

> While living in NY State, I began to get followed and pulled over excessively. It got to the point that I was pulled over 13 times in a 4-5 month period, and I knew that somehow there was some kind of choreographed stalking going on. I wrote to one of the judges that heard my case, and the crazy pullovers stopped abruptly.

> There were also many obvious harassment attacks that were also intentionally botched or mishandled by local Police. Also had my vehicle’s brake lines damaged by a local tow company that I had an excellent reason to believe was intentional while living in Troy NY.

> I also was followed by one particular undercover vehicle in Waterford NY so often that it got to the point where it was nearly every single time I left my apartment and he always had his hi-beam headlights on. I was pulled over by this officer and he wrongly impounded my vehicle mistakenly stating that my license was not valid — even though I furnished a court document showing I had temporary valid driving privileges. He left me with my belongings on the side of the road. There were civil rights charges filed, and it was determined that the officer was in the wrong and the citation, vehicle impound, etc were reversed. I am virtually certain this particular vehicle and officer were assigned to follow and harass me due to the whistleblowing and corruption reporting. Why else would he go out of his way to stalk, harass and treat someone so cruelly and ignore court documents?

>There have also been several attempted setups that include orchestrated assaults and defamation, including filing false police reports one of which was confirmed to be complete fraud by the New York State Police. However, when I went to press charges and/or do FOIA requests to get their info for a lawsuit, I was denied, or when I did finally receive a response… the info was blacked out?!

> Beginning in approximately 2014, I started experiencing electronic attacks with Directed Energy Weapons(DEW’s). These attacks eventually became so severe that I would have burn marks on the areas of my body they were attacking a the current time(e.g.., side of my chest(heart palpitations), neck area/head(extreme headaches,etc), Legs/knees(sustained knee injury – now recovered).

> There is an extreme effort to control, limit, and manipulate any and all relationships that I have formed or try to inform. This particularly includes internet based efforts, but is inclusive of all in person efforts as well. In some cases, these criminal efforts include placing people around me to harass, defame, or cause some kind of physical, psychological, or emotional harm. The patterns of this over the last 16+ years is nearly replete, undeniable and well documented.

> There have even been extreme efforts to interfere or block my securing legal representation and/or support/assistance. This includes an extremely strange “about face” by an attorney who was assigned to me by the NWC — The National Whistleblower Center.(which only takes on very significant cases). After contacting him, he wanted to meet me asap after he returned from a trip. However despite tremendous multiple efforts to finalize the appointment via phone and email…he never called me again. The NWC was baffled as well and could not tell me why this occurred.

> I contacted Experian over the fact that my credit file was mysteriously blank. Transunion and Equifax seemed to be untouched and had previous, mostly accurate data in their reports. When I contacted Experian, they confirmed that someone had intentionally deleted my credit history, and he was virtually certain that it was done by someone within Experian, but could not search the history.

> Perhaps the most pervasive organized crime and corruption related attacks I continue to experience is complete and utter manipulation of my work/income related efforts. Because I have recently taken steps to protect myself in other areas, the mafia corruption groups have amped up the attacks and sabotage at my current job whereby I have not been able to close any sales…in over 2.5 months!….dozens of potential sales have dropped off in an obviously manipulated fashion with some of them making the same excuses using the same terminology. Nolan also bragged about being able to use his mob connected contacts to submarine a person’s career. The pattern I am experiencing is also consistent with what he pulled on his in-laws before their bizarre death/attempted “suicide”….

All these criminal and misconduct, treason related maneuvers center around an intentional effort to try to make me homeless on a repeating basis and try to keep me in a defensive posture so they can try to not be held accountable — and to allow for this high level murder, harassment, and targeting conspiracy and criminal enterprise to continue.

There is tremendous evidence to support virtually all of the above. However, I also believe that these same criminals and special interest groups are involved in targeting many other citizens which in turn have caused or contributed to the many mass shootings around the country. In many of these other cases, the perpetrators have mentioned being targeted by corrupt CIA or other criminal groups for harassment, experimentation, politics etc..etc. I realize this is one of their criminal goals ….to get people to snap…I just simply remain calm and cool enough to keep functioning, document everything and try to move forward. But make no mistake about it…..this has gotten to such a human and civil rights crisis point, that it is affecting me and my family’s lives over a long period of time(as well as many other “TI’s” — targeted individuals). There must be investigations, prosecutions and lawsuits form these atrocities.

I am requesting a full civil and human rights investigation into these matters, individuals, entities and companies. This includes the intentional mishandling, influence peddling, corruption, neglect, lack of due process, misconduct and treason. I will be filing yet another Federal lawsuit in the coming months. This situation is too serious and has such far reaching ramifications for the American Public that this must be acted upon immediately….

Specifically —

> We are requesting a full civil and human rights investigation beginning in New Jersey and continuing into NY State and North Carolina.

> We are requesting a full review of the criminal connections and collusion between corporate organized crime, and corrupt government collusion and their involvement in our case, and other cases.

> We are also requesting the full investigation into these criminal group’s involvement into the criminal enterprise of targeting, and its link to the financial markets.

> The use and tactics contributing to torture, physical injury and milkitary grade weapons including Directed Energy Weapons(DEW’s). I am virtually certain I have and continue to be attacked by these weapons at my current apartment residence
— Hospitality Studios(address below) and that various staff members are involved in these attacks.

In addition to the obviousness of the ongoing attacks we are experiencing, I have had the unfortunate(and fortunate) experience of catching, documenting and exposing many of the individuals involved in this horrific conspiracy, misconduct, treason etc. and the mafia connected companies, as well as the associated corruption. These include several individuals who bragged about their corrupt contacts in the CIA, law enforcement, and their brazen connections to the companies involved. This emanates from Northern NJ, continued into NY State, and has now blossomed into a full blown case here in North Carolina. Not only are their attempts to cover this brazen misconduct, criminality and treason, but efforts to further the organized crime and corrupt enterprise of targeting individuals and its link to the financial markets. Many lives and livelihoods are at stake here, and we have caught many of the individuals, companies, and corruption responsible for this heinous criminal tragedy…..in some cases directly.

The attacks, misconduct, and treason are ongoing. We will be filing a Federal lawsuit as soon as possible, however, there have been efforts to stymie or block that effort as well. We are asking for the following criminal actions, review, and investigations:

> The criminal Enterprise of targeting and it’s role in this type of corruption(local,State, and Federal) and the associated criminal politics at a Corporate level.

> Vincent Nolan’s role in the criminal enterprise of targeting, stalking, harassing, sabotaging and attacking , and influence peddling with regards to me, my family and in general.

> The myriad of civil and human rights violations committed against me, my family(and other TI’s as possible and necessary). This includes the action or inactions associated with each criminal and civil filing I have made over the last 16+ years in NJ, NY, and NC.

> The illegal use of Directed Energy Weapons, as it pertains to targeting, harassing and attmepted assault, murder, and conspiracy against rights of me, my family, and other Targeted Individials(TI’s)

> A thorough review of the State fusion centers in NJ, NY, and NC as it pertains to their likely role in the manipulations of personal data, emails, phone calls, location data, and texts for targeting, harassment, control and conspiracy against rights.

> The overarching presence of a multitude of Conspiracy Against Rights charges that involves the complete and utter manipulation of TI’s lives, including job/career/income activities, relationships, legal filings, destruction/vandalism of personal property, and many other rights and privileges. This is ongoing. I am currently being blocked from forming any new relationships via the internet and in person, as well as being blacklisted, sabotaged, and steered away from jobs that would give me wide open opportunity, and being forced to stay toward opportunities that are either currently being manipulated and controlled and/or future opportunities that have a high likelihood of being manipulated and controlled.

> The tracking, stalking, and criminal choreography of various criminal attacks using official security clearances to gain access to traffic light timers, personal data, and military grade technology to be used in targeting , harassing, and choreographing various criminal attacks on TI’s. This should be looked into at a local Police, State(NJ,NY, and NC), and Federal level(CIA). > There are many cases stemming from NJ and NY that we are virtually certain are related to this misconduct and treason and the criminal enterprise of targeting.

> The patterns of stalking, retaliation, job loss or interference after whistleblowing, mistreatment, civil rights violations, or even death while in police custody, obvious interference with Court proceedings, due process, and/or evidence is overwhelming in NJ and NY. And, again, Directed Energy Weapon use appears to be an emerging pattern for use by these corrupt criminal groups. Some of these issues have also started to be more prevalent, and are a factor here in NC as well.

>There are many persons, companies, entities, etc that are involved in this horrible criminal enterprise of targeting and the associated mafia corruption and criminal politics. The following persons are either participating in, or at least have direct knowledge of these horrific ongoing crimes, misconduct, and treason include: Vincent Nolan, Michael Larney, Craig Lucas, Tom Farina, Tom Arcieri, Jerry Arcieri, The corrupt cronies that they bragged about should also be looked into very closely, and apparently span several counties in New Jersey, New York…..and quite obviously beyond. The influence peddling involved in carrying out the attacks and targeting in general is a significant part of the ongoing issues here. This is by no means an exhaustive list,, but at least a cross sample of some of the higher level individuals involved and/or the widespread nature of this conspiracy and atrocity. And, it is quite certain this is not an isolated incident!

Through our unfortunate horrible experiences, we believe that the obvious link between organized crime, the corporate criminality and the corrupt government colluding and orchestrating much of this can be easily uncovered, and prosecuted. In some cases, they have been brazen about their torture, harassment, sabotage and kill programs. This is undoubtedly one of the worst organized crime, corruption, civil/human rights tragedies that our country has ever experienced….and it is ongoing.

There is such a long list of direct evidence and malfeasance that it cannot be ignored any longer. These evil criminals need to be prosecuted and sued, particularly the ones committing heinous misconduct and treason in attacking, torturing and sacrificing people’s lives….and then working to cover it up like a bunch of cowards. If we are ever going to be safe and free, left alone to make a living, have normal uninterfered-with relationships, and not have to be concerned with our own government attacking us with microwave weapons or undermining our rights, this situation must be addressed directly —- no matter what corruption, politics, criminal groups or big business is involved.

My family and I were attacked out of nowhere in many ways, in both a covert and overt manner, with some of the most serious crimes imaginable. I do believe our targeting originally started many years ago, when my father successfully stood up to the Unions who were trying to take over his company in NJ….He prevailed in Court there as well. And, in hindsight, there symbols, and signs of my targeting starting to emerge early on as well, with my career sabotage and manipulations starting to occur perhaps as early as the late 80’s or early 90’s…Either way, this has gone on far too long, and it is still ongoing. There are many thousands of targeted individuals being victimized by this heinous program and criminal groups. The more of a good standup person you are, convservative, the more evidence you have, the more of a political target you are….the more you are tortured, abused, setup, railroaded and targeted. My case happens to be an extreme example and we have caught them red-handed many times over..

We must also add-in the fact that we believe that this targeting network has such extensive global ties to organized crime and big business that they will stop at nothing to preserve their sick criminal enterprise. It seems that just when our TI whistleblower group gets close to a major breakthrough in holding some of them criminally accountable or exposing them further….there is some domestic or global terror attack as a diversion or bait/switch as a way to deter or change focus on this issue. There is indeed alot of corrupt CIA, corporate, local level corruption etc etc, with their hands in the honeypot here. There are also elements of religious discrimination, bias, and contempt for me and my family’s lean toward conservatism and Christianity it seems.

The more we try to simply do the right thing, the more they try to turn everything upside down and undermine our lives.
Between the DEW microwave and physical attacks, career/income/job search sabotage and manipulation, the isolation/alienation due to blocking/sabotaging my relationships, and the Conspiracy against rights….it is too much for anyone to handle. Some of the very latest sabotage and direct interference appears to be even being blocked from applying for a PPP loan, and discriminatory/predatory insurance practices involving an auto settlement claim from
a company after having my parked vehicle struck under suspicious circumstances(again). It is designed to try to kill me in a covert manner. These criminal groups pick people to become targets, and do these horrific things to…in a never ending manner. It appears that you can be chosen by these sick, evil criminals for various reasons…..or no reason at all!

In my family’s case, it is certainly political in nature —- however either way this all equates to heinous human/civil rights violations, torture, and misconduct and treason on the government side of the involvement. If you dig into each crime, incident, and the handling, non-handling, or mis-handling of each one of these issues going all the way back to circa 2004/2005….you will see intentional botching, lack of due process, obvious influence peddling, misconduct, treason, mishandling of evidence and even a concerted effort to cover up the corruption and criminal politics in this case(with a few exceptions) —- but worse yet…..allowing the heinous crimes to continue against me and my family, friends, supporters etc..,And again, these attacks, sabotage etc is ongoing, albeit mostly covertly, but sometimes overtly, as well. Many I have spoken to about this use the expressions like this is a big mess, or a “train wreck” — why?…because I did not just die like a good little political target? Or we just did not rollover and let ourselves be stalked, harassed or not stand up for our careers, rights etc? From our standpoint, it is a train wreck because we should not have to be reporting the same things over and over again, without appropriate action, or that this level of evil criminal politics, big business malfeasance and corruption is allowed to go on — in our case…. for 16+ years.

This entire situation is akin, or even a part of, human trafficking in terms of folding people into their targeted individual program,. They continue to attack, sabotage, and try to pick apart individual’s lives in retaliation for being good people, whistleblowing, politics, retaliation, experimentation, or control purposes. Again, there is tremendous misconduct and treason involved..In many cases, the devil is in the details, although there have also been many vicious overt/obvious and orchestrated aspects to the attacks and/or conspiracies as well. In many cases the corruption and evil politics were so bad…that the exact opposite of what should have been done was in fact, done. We demand that the individuals, companies, corruption, the associated political influences evident here, along with the criminal enterprise of targeting be investigated, prosecuted and sued.

We will be filing another Federal lawsuit on our own, in pursuit of justice and injunctive relief. However, please let us know what action, assistance and/or whistleblower protections are possible vis-’a-vis your office. Please reply asap, or on or before 7/23/21.

Matthew R. Ehlers
2800 Brentwood Rd. #217 Raleigh, N.C. 27604
ph.# 518-364-8384