Letter to the United Nations by a “Targeted Individual”

ETK Introduction: In this letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, a “Targeted Individual” points out that the UN’s complicity in Global Organized Stalking/Electronic Torture/Mind Control Operations (what I refer to as “GOG’S NeW GESTAPO) completely belies and contradicts its official, stated function and destroys its legitimacy and reason for existing. The same argument can directed against the nations, militaries, intelligence agencies, and other institutions that profess to serve their citizenry and abide by national and international law, but, in fact, are covertly complicit in conducting and covering up these heinous and genocidal crimes.


Dear Sir,

I am contacting you in regards to the ongoing and escalating State-Sponsored Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (torture unto murder by means of advanced Military Weapons Platforms utilizing directed energy and frequency-based delivery systems) being perpetrated against the civilian populations of the USA and Europe by their respective governments through the intelligence agencies as well as with the direct involvement of Defense/Military and International Defense/Weapons Contractors. The pretense of this being a so-called “shadow operation” with plausible deniability is no longer even remotely viable. The wide spread evidence, victim testimonies and whistle blower exposures make such pathetic attempts of the perpetrators at denial utterly ridiculous. These atrocities and crimes are the most heineous and egregious offenses ever to have been committed against the human race.

It seems to me that the validity and purpose of the UN itself is now on trial. Having been born of the necessity for Justice and future prevention of the Nazi Murders of WWII, there has never been a more pertinent need for what the UN declares itself to represent than right now. Yet (from you) there is only silence. While the atrocities grow every single day, it is only the responsible and truly courageous citizens and whistle blowers whose voices are heard amidst the cacaphony of political rhetoric and outright lies spewed forth from propagandizing banana republics as they cowardly declare their citizens to be “threats to national security” and militarize themselves and every level of government/law enforcement against the populace. Escalating daily, (they pass unconstitutional) new laws and legislation, just as their Nazi predecessors did. (These have the effect of) “legalizing” baseless incarceration, institutionalization, torture, atrocities and crimes against humanity on an unprecedented scale, ultimately ending in the murder of innocent citizens deemed “persons of interest”, “suspected terrorist” or some other baseless, unfounded and unproven accusation which under the broad auspices of “security” requires no explanation, validity or provable facts.

This is all very familiar, is it not? The innocent citizens who are so wrongly suffering and being persecuted/tortured/incarcerated and murdered daily are not on trial. Their cowardly accusers will not and cannot openly accuse them without exonerating the innocent and convicting themselves of capital crimes even greater than those presented at the Nuremberg trials back when the UN was in its infancy. No, the true trial here is about Justice, and those who claim to represent and uphold it on behalf of humanity and the inalienable human rights that are absolute to all. In short, if the UN does not represent Justice and Humanity, then it no longer has a valid purpose or reason for existence. Perhaps that is the true trial that is underway.

Having started out so silently and growing into a roar of outrage and open accusation with each passing day, the accusers (are) growing in number every day. With each new victim of this despicable and cowardly campaign of banana republics attempting to silence dissent through genocide while establishing and further embedding dictatorships and the endemic tyranny so typical of them. I am disgusted with and ashamed of those who claim to represent Justice and are nothing more than complicit collaborators, whether in silence or participation, in the greatest Crimes Against Humanity in the history of the planet.

These crimes will not be forgotten. These crimes will not be unpunished. Those who are guilty in these crimes, regardless of the role or silence, will be held accountable. There is an old saying that goes something like this: “The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” Words of wisdom, perhaps. Do you have anything to say for yourself and the institution that you represent? If so, please feel free to correspond with me, I look forward to your response.Sincerely,

Ed Certalic

Dunn Center, North Dakota (USA)

5 Replies to “Letter to the United Nations by a “Targeted Individual””

  1. Well said. I’m a target since 1986 when I came to the US, and my family has been targeted in Former-Yugoslavia since 1945 when Tito became president.

    Idriz Ajeti
    Phoenix, AZ

  2. Hello, I’m a targeted individual living in Houston TX. I’m a former employee of DHS and believe they have put me on a terrorist watchlist. I believe CIA Is also involved and are using mk ultra on me at my job which is with Amazon. I took a picture of the security vehicle at my job and the the license plate read CIA. I’m seeking help and also with directed energy weapons being used on me. Harassment by perps and street theater

  3. Hello, it is with my strongest belief, evidence, the similarities of patterns in behavior; and with the overwhelming research that I have done on being gang stalked that my entire immediate family including my child who is a minor have endured the grossest, demeaning, humiliating, and out right inhumane treatment within our community due to being subjected to being gang stalked, harassed, being surveillanced, street theater, home invasion, property damage, invasion of privacy, character assassination, and slander. I myself have been dealing with all of this since 2013 and they have started targeting my 11 year old child this year (February 2020). This all started with my younger sister and a guy she was involved with and once she started telling me about it and I started becoming aware of everything, I then became a target. We are respectfully seeking justice and compensation for the pain and suffrage that we have had to endure for so many years. We are not terrorist, we are law abiding hardworking tax paying citizens! We always help others and do not cause problems for no one. This whole crooked operation needs to be shut down once and for all!!!!

  4. My name is Marilynn I live in Kettering, Ohio I am tortured 24 hours by synthetic Telepathy perps. These are the names of the black scumbags from Dayton, Ohio torturing me and the white trash that follow. Michael Warden, Edward/Edmund Hamilton, Reggie Angel Jenkins, Todd Evans, Anthony/Andrew (Patterson?), Natasha Williams, Keisha Williams or Jones. Pedophile Gary Albright molested a little black girl, Robert Lewis pedophile, Reggie gay, Randy (gay) Walkman, Todd Evans, Michelle Yvonne Miller, Virgil Pearson pedophile mom was a black prostitute. White perp Brian Schaffer.

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