Kay Griggs (Ex-Military Wife) Interviews: U.S. Military Is a Mind-Control Operation Run by Sexual Deviants (homo, bisexuals, pedophiles)

ETK Introduction: Historian and political insider, Kay Pollard Griggs is the former wife of Colonel George Griggs, Head of Special Operations under Admiral Kelso of NATO. Col. Griggs, a Princeton graduate (class of 1959), and graduate of the NATO Defense College in Rome, was a spy and Special Ops assassin from the period of the Vietnam War onward. Based on innumerable revelations Col. Griggs made while he was intoxicated, Kay Griggs reports in an extended interview in 1998 that the U.S. military is run by sexual deviants, mostly homosexuals, and that the U.S. military itself is a mind-control operation. Because this information is so extremely important and has a direct bearing on the gang stalking system (GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO) used by the military, I include my notes from these interviews that follow each of the four parts of the interviews.

This post also includes several shorter interviews that Kay Griggs conducted with Jeff Rense in 2005 and with Daryl Bradford Smith, of “The French Connection,” in 2005 and 2006, as well as my transcriptions of high points from these interviews. In all, this post includes 8 interviews and transcriptions that cover the period of 1998 to 2006. The 2005 and 2006 Griggs interviews with Rense and Smith shed considerable historical perspective and background information on the Jewish-Zionist power structure that: 1) controls the U.S. military, and 2) is behind Operation 9/11.

Part 1 of 4 of the 1998 interviews conducted by Pastor Rick Strawcutter includes Grigg’s descriptions of her own (military-organized) gang stalking harassment as well as the mind control operations and cults that operate in the US military culture!!!! That she was “flagged,” profiled, targeted, surveilled and harassed, by standard “gang stalking/electronic torture” protocols is conclusive proof that the US military deploys these psychological warfare (psycho-terrorism) tactics and nonlethal weapons to destroy/dispose of whistleblowers, dissidents, “disposable wives,” “troublemakers,” etc. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 all contain references to the draconian gang stalking system that the military employs to silence its perceived enemies.

The extended Kay Griggs-Rev. Strawcutter interview is here (other versions have disappeared from the internet)

ETK comment: The revelations that Griggs makes are phenomenally important- and, based on my research, very accurate. Hence, the interviews are well worth watching in their entirety.

ETK Notes from 1998 Kay Griggs Interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter: Part 1 of 4

I. Mind Control

“He’s a robot, my husband…. except when he’s drinking. He says he’s an existentialist.

My husband, Col. George Griggs, had gone through four years of mind control (at Princeton). And I believe his brother was killed to keep him in. Bill Clinton was also one of those profiled boys. It’s mind control, MKULTRA, somebody said. Even my husband’s roommates in Princeton told me about it.”

Vietnam was really important because a lot of experiments were done on boys (young soldiers) who went over there.

Joint mob-military partnership operations were conducted in Korea and Vietnam. At the highest levels of the Marine Corps and the Army in the Special Operations forces, the individuals are all actually in the Brooklyn-New Jersey mob. My husband, General Al Gray, General Sheehan, Heinz Kissinger, Caspar Weinberger… are part of a group of Zionists who came over from Germany (ETK: in “Operation Paperclip” and others). They do a lot of money laundering in the banks, cash transactions in the banks for the drugs they are bringing over. The military (personnel) are all involved once they retire. They go into drug and secondary weapons sales.

II. The Military Cults’ Gang Stalking of (whistleblower) Kay Griggs

They are psychologically and financially trying to destroy me because I’m telling the truth. I was being handled psychologically. On the 4th of March, 1996, my home was broken into. They tried threatening me and so forth. Each time I was totally traumatized. They were sabotaging my car. They are doing psychological operations in my home. And this is being done to other women and wives and men who don’t go along with the program. They poison people. They would mind jag me, having fun with me psychologically.

This is why I got “flagged.” I stopped the topless go-go dancers in the officer’s club dining hall. General Gray had me marked as a troublemaker.

When the “psyching” (i.e., gang stalking) was beginning, I had white blouses but they would paint black dots on them. Later they would put lots of batteries in a drawer. Then they put about 12 screwdrivers on the table.

You can’t believe what a horror I went through to try to get this man to believe what Christ’s love is about. I sacrificed a lot. I was in a big wrestling match with a crazy guy.

I called the police after a number of little break ins. The policeman they sent was a short guy with a short haircut, named Shorty Satterwhite…. And he said, ‘Mrs. Griggs, you are just traumatized, you’re making this up.’ And now I found out, he was a 20-year marine. He’s still reserve.

So I called Torrence, the head of the FBI. He sends out Dan McNally, another 20-year marine.

All these top people are existentialists…. They believe in doing whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter what the law says.

You see the organized crime-Meyer Lansky-Jewish Kabalist group, who don’t believe in God, believe they have to get rid of all the good people… and they get brownie points in their little cult for doing that. They really do this. They are killing good people on purpose.

III. The Cult Identified; and Names Named

They know they are protected. They know they are above the law. My husband is above the law. Judge John Moore (who had his first wife thrown into a mental institution), Col. Barry Cantor, Grover Wright, Marine Corps. It’s a very small cult/secret society. I have heard what they do when they become Colonels. It’s the same thing that they do in Skull and Bones, and Cap and Gown (which has a lot of intelligence officers and boys who have been raped)…. They do a lot of homosexual enticements. This keeps them from telling secrets. The crème of the crop are doing this; they are having sex parties, orgies, etc. The men who rise to the top are the ones who are picked to have the pool parties, etc. This is General Alfred M. Gray, the main prime mover. (They start off with the wild secretaries) .

My husband was Chief of Staff for Al Gray, who runs all the dirty tricks for the Army. Linda Tripp (of the Monica Lewinsky scandal), formerly of Delta Force, worked for General Carl Steiner… She’s a dirty tricks expert.

General Jim R. Joy, was the one who was behind the whole Panama Operation (with General Sheehan), that got Noriega out of Panama. They trained all the guys who did what they did to David Koresch at Waco. He and Generals Steiner and Sheehan are the ones behind the black helicopters.

It’s all to sell weapons, to sell weapons, drugs; it’s all about funny money.

They were Army and Navy together. George calls them the “members of the firm.” I’ve heard them called “the brotherhood.” They are very close. It’s a small group and it’s very hierarchical. I’ve had Caspar Weinberg “farm” me. They are doing profiling on me. They knew I loved international people. Because I’d already demonstrated that.

Seal Teams 4, 6, and 8 are on the east coast. Odd numbers are on the West Coast. The Israelis train with the Seals. They do a lot of wet ops, murders, over here because of some sort of arrangement. The taxpayers are paying mercenaries, young men who are not citizens of the U.S., to kill innocent people, women and children. They get on a flight from Norfolk, then they go by a special helicopter to countries like Turkey, Iraq, or Algeria. And they do wet ops, they murder 5, 10, 20 people. Then they blame it on the Arabs. But these are actually NATO rogue assassins. They are from Australia, Britain, South Africa, etc.

There was a group of sexual psychologists and psychiatrists from Vienna. I was their expert. There’s a whole range that study sexual perversion; Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and this Colorado group. A lot of these guys got their experience in Vietnam. They took these little boys, that’s what they’re doing in Bosnia right now. They are training future leaders in perversion. The British has a school that George was working with in Indonesia. There was already a program in East Timor that had been set up by the Australians during WWII.

T. Parker Host now controls my husband along with Bob Edwards. T. Parker Host was the Finnish Council (at one time he was Norwegian and Icelandic Council). He brags about being with the mobs.

The ports are run by a homosexual hierarchy. Albert Einstein was in that little ring that the Saudis were in. George and Einstein partied together. Parker was in the Burma Special Operations Command. And he bragged about this. Parker plotted and did me in.

My husband is so close to Bush, MacFarlane, and Scrowcroft and all these guys.

My home and car were broken into while I was in court. Very strategically, I was called by a Marine Colonel named Jack who involved with this maritime shipping business. I had been invited as a guest to a banquet with George Bush and John Warner. Guess who introduced George Bush? T. Parker Host. He made it to the big time.

The Skull and Bones induction methods are now used in the Army. This goes back to the German thing, it’s what the German High Command did. They say it goes back to Greece. They do the bowling ball trick. Now the Chiefs (of Staff) have to do this. They get everybody really drunk. Sometimes they call it “dining in.” Not everybody does it. But the ones who do it, they get right up to the top. They do anal sex. They put someone in the coffin and he’s the recipient of all the oral and anal sex acts.

Now, the young Army Seals, Delta Force, Buds (the emerging Seals group), their training exercise is to break into civilians houses… for practice. They broke into my house.

They will do anything necessary to get what they want politically and economically. In other words, killing a leader, killing 20 people, according to them, is a lot better than war… this is the way they rationalize it.

IV. W.W. Rostow and the Jewish-Kabbalist, communist revolutionary terrorists: From WWII Dresden bombing to the JFK assassination, to control of US military today

Walt Whitman Rostow (Jew) and his crowd were behind the Dresden bombings in Germany during WWII. Rostow is a very dangerous man, a communist. He was one of the “wise men” in the Kennedy administration. I think he was probably responsible for the movement that got Kennedy murdered.

I believe it was an Israeli group that did it, with some of these rogues.

Kennedy’s “wise men” were the Harvard crowd. Rostow got us into the Vietnam war because he wanted to sell the weapons. Victor H. Krulak, the present commandant’s (Charles C. Krulak) father, was his lacky. Rostow went with General Taylor and wrote the report that got us into the Vietnam War. All the time the Pentagon was saying “no, no, no.” He and Heinz Kissinger were cheerleaders for the weapons sales. He and Eugene Debs Rostow. These were all (Jewish) communists.

His brother runs the big Boston mob port, Nicholas Rostow, they’ve done the drugs business with Mexico for all those years. This had to do with William Weld and the involvement of the Mexican government.

Russian Leon Trotsky (Jew; real name Lev Braunstein) became a Christian at the end of his career…. and you aren’t allowed to do that. So he was murdered in Mexico by the same Parisian, Spanish, Czech, Georgian Russian group which are all part of the former (German) Abwehr (ETK note: now DVD?).

This revolutionary terrorist group, the German Abwehr, is still controlling the Marines and Army, Steiner’s group, they all operate together. The man who started this program during the Vietnam War, William Donovan, used communists who were in the Spanish communist movement. They actually promoted communists in the OSS, which was started by Donovan. So they were promoting and using communists who wanted to get rid of our form of government as a stepping stone to world domination.

So this group now in the Army and the Marine Corps has communists at the very top who are really existentialists. They don’t believe in God or Christ, they live for the moment. They believe in one world which has no religions in it. This group is still being run out of Paris. They put Napoleon in power. And Oliver Cromwell in England. They were probably behind the Roman and even Egyptian Empires. They put puppet people in power and they run it from behind the scenes.

Trotsky had escaped from Russia and had become a Christian. So he was working with agents in the U.S., Israel. And he was considered a threat and so he had to be silenced, killed. There is an excellent book I have called “The Mind of An Assassin.” This about the young man named Ramon, who killed Trotsky. He was trained and Soviet paid; he had experience in Spain. They organized it in Paris. Up to the present time, there have been assassins operating out of Rome, Milan, Naples, and Paris.

All these assassins are anarchists and are all mob related. They use mob funding, and of course, drug money to pay for the brand new weapons. This is the reason we had the war in Bosnia. This was simply a stage to train assassins to be a market for brand new weapons – to be a marketplace so that the drug money can be used. And the Army runs the whole show. CIA is a bogus thing to confuse us and get us off the track.

It’s Training and Doctrine Command, it’s NATO, it’s SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), started by President Eisenhower (a Jew). It’s a totally independent corporation. It’s main function is to sell weapons and launder money. It’s all being done by Army people who are now JOINT. The word JOINT is used (Paperclip) to describe the people who came over illegally to escape Nazi Germany.

You see the organized crime, the Meyer Lansky, the Jewish Kabalist group, who don’t believe in God, believe they have to get rid of all the good people… and they get brownie points in their little cult for doing that. They really do this. They are killing good people on purpose.

V. Operations Paperclip, the “German Disease,” and the Subsequent Destruction of America

This funding group in New York would pay for passports which were illegal. In fact, my grandfather was involved with that. He was told to keep silent, but he told my grandmother, and she told me. and I’ve told my children.

Everybody knows they brought in probably more than 200,000 Nazi soldiers and SS, and whacko scientists, and psychologists. And all of them, most of them, had the “German disease,” because it was their culture. It’s what the Pink Triangle boys were. Marine Col. Ron Ray, a Christian, writes about this “cherry marines,” the homosexuality, and group sex orgies, which brought down the German government.

Today, in Naples, where the Navy is doing their playing, these orgies are going on.

It was where Krupp, the German’s weapons manufacturers, would take the German High Command and they would go the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capris. And they’d bring in little boys and rape them. When the mothers of these boys went to the wives of these guys in Germany, it brought the German government down.

What they were doing is pedophilia. They were raping little boys. They involved the Catholic Priests.

Then this whole group came over to the United States. It’s an old culture. It is the reason there are a lot of things going on with children these days. And it explains why it is being covered up. Because police officers are playing these games. Even Eisenhower played these games. Even Mike Kemp at the Bohemian Grove.

There was also a big one in Washington called Rush River Lodge where they used to go; and there are lots of places now.

But the problem is I think they are trying to destroy America and the basic Protestant Christian culture. Because where you have a militaristic society where the rules are only for those people… Keep in mind that Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano (mob) chose to go Italy… They weren’t banished. They went there because of the weapons industry. That’s what the military is doing. It’s totally controlled by the mob.

Look at this. Little Caspar Weinberger spied on General MacCarthur in Korea. Every move MacCarthur was going to make, Weinberger broadcast through his little intelligence network. And he got brownie points with the group because he brought down the big lion. They needed to get rid of MacCarthur because he didn’t want to keep the wars going. He wanted it over.

It’s like General Traffay, who took over after the Vietnam was over. He was on CSPAN in August, 1996. This man let it all out. He said he took over at the end of the Vietnam war, and told the Pentagon to cut of the shipment of weapons. But he got a call from Henry Kissinger, who said the weapons are going to continue at wartime rates. That’s when all this stuff with China started. Because the New York-New Jersey mob had already been training Mao and Pol Pot.

(China’s) Mao Tse Tung was trained in Paris. So was Cambodia’s leader, Pol Pot. As boys, they were “turned” psychologically, that is, (raped) by priests. This is the pattern. This is why it’s so important to know what they are doing to innocent little boys in the Army and Marines. Why is it that the homosexuals rise up so much faster than those who don’t? They are called “rising stars.” This is what the State Department calls those who are “controlled.”

I tried to become part of the State Department family. But since I was a Christian, I couldn’t be a part of that. Even though I had lots of experience.

I lived with Chief White House Correspondent, Sarah McClendon, for a while and she told me that Ron Brown, Vince Foster, and Forrestal were murdered.

ETK Notes to Part 2 Interview:

Part 2 of 4: . Please note that at about 1:10 minutes of this interview, Kay Griggs shows and explains the “Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Field Manual” (1983) of the US Army and she explains its importance in gang stalking operations conducted by the military.

“Mary Clark Yost Pallab is my husband’s handler. She is an American double agent who was put on my husband’s case because she could handle him. They had had a long-term affair while she was married to an Arab intelligence agent.

If an agent marries an agent from another country, the State Department loves that.

When I was living with Sarah McClendon, helping her in 1986. I went everywhere she went because she was the senior White House correspondent. I wanted to go to what I thought was the Middle East Department… So I meandered up to the Near East Section of the State Department.

I went into every office of the State Department Near East Section because I’m very interested in peace. As a Christian I want it and I know it’s possible if people are reasonable.

I wanted to find out who the leaders were. I knew about Aaron David Miller. I knew about David Satterfield, who really wasn’t David Satterfield. His family were Zionists who changed their name to Satterfield, who was a Virginia Senator back in the 30’s, who had a wonderful name. It’s like Jonathan Pollard. He took the name Pollard, which wasn’t his name, because of Governor Pollard. They take the names of honorable people and then they’re not honorable. It’s like a snake changing colors for the moment.

I went into the Near East Section of the State Department, and I found there was not one single Palestinian, not one single Moslem, religious Saudi, Jordanian, not one Christian Protestant, not one Roman Catholic, not one plain old American. Every single person in all of those offices were either Zionists, Israelis or whatever. And they had pictures, maps of Israel all over the walls and magazines, all Israel, Israel, Israel. They wore yarmulkes.

The spokesman for the whole State Department at that time was a Zionist. There needs to be a fairness in the State Department. All the weapons sales under the table are going through the State Department.

That’s why Ron Brown was murdered. He tried, for the first time, to take away the unfair State Department monopoly on illegal weapons and drug money. The drug money is paying for the weapons. The brand new weapons are sold by agents of Israel.

My husband was Chief of Staff under General Al Gray when Oliver North was moved from the Atlantic Command to the National Security Command. When you work in the White House, you work under the Army. The Marines have no overlord. They can float, but they are run out of New Orleans. Just like Oswald was. Oswald was homosexually-recruited by Clay Shaw, David Ferry, Jack Ruby.

All the funding for these operations goes through the Joint. The mob. Oswald’s mother had moved to New York and he came under this Zionist psychiatrist. He was a brilliant loaner and a perfect candidate. And his psychological and physical profile is almost identical to that of my husband.

These foreign-born young men are training with SEALS. They aren’t under the laws of the US, so they can do the murders or whatever.

Most of the intelligence people in Russia, Germany, and here, for a long time were Zionists and they recruited a lot of boys from Eaton, England, homosexually.

Princeton is/was the Mecca for Jewish/Zionist intelligence agents over here. All of the movie moguls started out in Princeton. The Psychological Operations crowd from the Nazis came to Princeton. And they spread out from there. This groups includes Oppenheimer and others.

George Griggs had a French teacher who was a friend of French existentialist writer, Albert Camus. Camus was also an Arabist. You see Lawrence of Arabia and his group was started by this small group of (Jewish) Kabbalists who were trying to take over the oil. So they’d find these Sheiks who would go along with them. The Brits were more interested in finding someone who was fair.

Columbia is an intelligence school. Nussbaum went there, who was across the hall from Vince Foster. I believe Ezra Pound went there. Ezra Pound knew too much and so they threw him in Saint Elizabeth hospital. And it was a wonderful Virginian (Eustace Mullins) who brought him out.

Clay Shaw was OSS, he was also in intelligence, and he was homosexual.

This non-fiction book “The Widows” has four double agents. The spy Goletsyn was in there. Paisley was murdered like William Colby. He was also hanging out with homosexuals. So did Bob Woodward. Henry Kissinger is a well known homosexual. In Cambodia, Kissinger was actually raping young men. This experience destroyed the lives of at least 5 young men. My feeling is that this one young man, Bob, was flagged and labeled a troublemaker like I was flagged after I blew the whistle on the go-go dancers in the officers dining hall.

I know there’s a big Mason connection in the warfare weapons selling group because the head Admiral in Norway is running the drug lords out of his prison. He is a friend of George’s. He has a house near where they have one of their underground bunkers. I know they are doing weapons shipments out of Norway.

In Timor, they have a little school for terrorists that was started by Mountbatten.

At 1 hour and 10 to 1:13 minutes: Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Field Manual (1983) of the US Army

Griggs shows the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations Field Manual (1983) of the US Army.

“This shows how arrogant they are about subversion and deception. Deep operations and deep cover. Deception is so important to them.

My husband was head of Special Operations.

Reading from the Manual: “An important part of electronic warfare is deception”.. and knowing everything about the person who is designated as the target….

Human beings are called targets. Women, wives like me, are called “targets” and are being “targeted” by the military. So they’ll have a team trying to find out everything about me and my family, my grandparents, my friends, etc., to try to discredit me. And of course everybody who is flagged who is a target (is subject to) “jamming”….

From the Manual: “Jamming” is the deliberate radiation or re-radiation of electromagnetic energy to prevent or downgrade the reception of information by a receiver.”

Multi-spot jamming is directed against more than one frequency. I’ve had my car ID downloaded. Sarah McClendon said she couldn’t reach me.

MED: Manipulative Electronic Deception.
SED: Simulative Electronic Deception.

MED (Manipulative Electronic Deception) is conducted by altering the electromagnetic profile of friendly forces. It seeks to counter hostile electronic warfare and Signals Intelligence (SIGENT) activities by manipulating friendly electronic-magnetic emissions. This is done by magnifying the technical characteristics and profiles which would provide an accurate picture of friendly intentions by deliberately transmitting false information.”

In other words they are interested in deception as part of their line of attack. It just goes on and on and on.

Showing photos of her family, George, etc.

“This is George in one of his rages. I’m scared, you’re talking major injuries I’ve had… broken bones. Here, he’s in a total unbelievable state… It’s called the berzerk state.

Then I reach out for help and I become the target. I was trying to get someone to help me protect my life and I was scared. This is the normal look (of George- looking berzerk). “

ETK Notes From Part 3 of 4 Kay Griggs Interviews (1998)

Pre-recording conversation: Griggs: I know they called him (General Al Gray) “the Commissar.” He was the one who did all of the training. They had a halo school in the Philippines where they trained the Delta Force, the assassins in the Philippines. The Australians also had one on an island in East Timor. It’s in the mountains. And the Portuguese (former colonial power) are involved in this.

Moderator: We are having a fascinating conversation talking to the wife of the former…

Griggs: Former Chief of Staff Marine-Atlantic, Head of the Intelligence Group that went to Beirut. They were already meeting over there before the Beirut bombing.
(Also) NATO intelligence wet operations/psychological operations guy.

Moderator: Now when you refer to wet operations, does that stand for something?

Griggs: Yes, it means murder, assassinations groups. NATO has a group of assassins and Psychological Operations specialists who work in combined operations to destroy targets. My husband tried to explain to me during the first three years of our marriage how it all works.

I was Assistant Director of the Chamber of Commerce. I was the first woman on the Board of the Foreign Commerce Club in Norfolk, Virginia. He thought I was a worldly woman who understood how the world worked. I had dated a number of guys who were high-level guys in Army intelligence. I had been married to a governor’s grandson whose family were all in intelligence. Norfolk is the largest military complex in the world. We have Langley, the Air Force Base that does intelligence work, Camp Perry, all the Navy bases, Army Fort Story.

I have intelligence guys who tell me truth; they know they can’t talk. Togo West…. The wonderful thing about some of the African American men I’ve met is that they will tell truth. Because psychologically, they are innocent and naïve. They cannot believe that our government has got hit squads, that there is group sex going on, that they are giving people money in exchange for their services, and that mercenary training is going on in the Army and the Air Force at the highest circles.

Col. John Ryman, Dr. John Ryman, they had him targeted as a crook. Col. John Ryman lives in California, he was on the high track, the rising star track, he was in Great Britain, when he found out about a murder over there. And he had the crazy idea that we ought to have a Peace College in Cambridge. That we ought to be working towards peace. When he got back from Britain he gave this idea to Colin Powell. Powell took it to the National Security Council.

Shortly thereafter, Ryman was targeted and put in a funny farm. I think it was Saint Elizabeth’s hospital, where they put Ezra Pound. Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, like the Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, has many Army intelligence people as targets, people who have decided to tell truth, i.e., people who believe in the American dream, who are Christians, who are trying to get things straightened out.

If they transgress that line, where they upset somebody in the high command, just like in Germany, they all of a sudden move from being a person to being a “target,” from being a human being to being a “target,” therefore “the enemy.” Which is also what happened in Germany.

God makes us all wonderful and beautiful. So why are good people silenced? Why are their papers gone through?

Moderator: OK. They are silenced because they are in a conflict of good versus evil.

Griggs: What’s happened to me, what’s happened to people like Debra Von Trapp, and others….

When you are a Christian, you take people at their word, until they lie to you.

From my experience, this CIA thing is bogus. Everyone I know who works in the CIA was in military intelligence first. For instance, my husband. He’s under all these Army people so I assume that all these people who are handling my husband when he’s around me….

David Ley was my brother-in-law for 27 years…. His family came over from Germany, I think his family are Zionists. He’s doing war gaming for this global monolith, writing articles about the Middle East from the Israeli perspective.

Every single Marine wife that I know is in that same psychological state of terror. Make the women fearful.

My husband is psychologically sick. I believe he killed his first wife, Sue. He had many affairs with both women and men. General Sheehan’s wife told me “you just have to get used to it.”

It was a spiritual battle going on. And I was subjected to shock treatment. For example, you are all dressed up and you’re speeding down the highway. He’s speeding down the highway at 90 mph and he’s speeding up and then he gets out and runs.

George Griggs was involved in the Halo Program… which had to do with training assassins and special operations specialists in the Philippines and Panama. They strip these guys nude and train them to kill.

I believe these men are redeemable. They are held by the secrecy, by the power of this adolescent group that controls them.

But we’ve got to stop the growth of this stuff. It’s a growth industry and it’s growing exponentially. They are intending to destroy America. The frightening thing is that this exactly the same pattern that happened in Nazi Germany. (It starts with) the exclusion of mothers and women who love their children.

They’re cloning people. Then, why do you need women?

When you target good, strong people who can figure out what to do in certain situations… The leaders who pop up…. Are just the people who need to be involved in the process of leveling things out (restoring justice). And when you marginalize (and target and gang stalk) women and good people…

There was a gang rape and murder (by strangling) of a female doctor by a group of SEALS in Virginia Beach. She was beautiful, this girl, from Georgia. She went into what used to be Poppy’s, a nice place on Virginia Beach that I used to go to when I was single. But the SEALS (SEAL Teams 4, 6, and 8) are taking over Virginia Beach. It’s been hushed up by the local courts that are controlled by Army “JAGs” (Judge Advocate General) and Marine Corps.

And the wives of these judges have all been handled and gotten rid of. Meanwhile, the judges are participating in group sex. They’re sleeping with a bimbo woman or another man. There are lots of them.

I have no lawyer. I’m trying to fight for all these other women. I wanted to believe there was someone good out there who’s going to help me fight this thing. Because I’ve got photographs of being battered, I’ve got doctors’ signatures. Sarah McClendon, the Senior White House Correspondent, has an affidavit where she tried to call my house and men answered the phone and said “this is a military base and the Griggs don’t live here anymore.” Sarah McClendon couldn’t call me for two months; she had to go to another phone. So I knew that all these other people I had called in Washington and who were trying to call me have also had their phone calls re-routed. Now that and all of this is in this book I found at a Good Will, “Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations.” It explains why they’ve been raiding my library.

This book, “Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations,” is all about what happened to me. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps. Where is the FBI PsyOps unit? The only FBI agent who was allowed to come to me was Dan McNally, a 20-year marine, homosexual, I’m pretty sure. I was not allowed to have any other FBI agents come and hear about the break-ins to my home, the batterings that I went through, nearly killed, the murder of my husband’s first wife, serious business, she’s in a grave, Susanne Workman Griggs. She died on April fools day, 1987. And the doctor wanted to do an autopsy. Couldn’t do it. Because the two men who were doctors in that hospital, Dr. Lawrence Smith and Gene Lamb, Army officers, wouldn’t allow it. Of course, they take orders.

The judge in my case, Judge John Moore, his first wife was put away because she was telling truth. And I found out from Kerry Brown, who was an Army officer who had a purple heart. Across the street lives another judge, Jefferson Davis Reed, Naval intelligence, taking orders. I’ve known his family forever. His family are intelligence people, but they are not Americans. Why are all these judges being under a chain of command?

And why are they breaking into honest people’s homes using these electronic warfare tactics? Diverting phones, downloading caller ID, having bogus people answer the phone. This is stuff that went on in Germany. Fear tactics.

It can be straightened out.

I was led spiritually to good people, to light, and truth. I didn’t understand the weapons and drugs military culture that’s running our country and I believe, our world.

I have this book with the names of the members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)… All these names that I’ve underlined are friends of my husband or who I know personally. It’s an interesting list of elite political, military, and banking people.

You know Bill Clinton, you’ve got the Rostows, you’ve got 11 Cohens, you’ve got the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

The common goal is global uniting, global control. I can see how one could sort of get sucked into it ideologically.

Did you know that most all the Virginian founding fathers were only Gospel Christians, (the Books of) Mark, Matthew, Luke and John? (They) didn’t read the Old Testament or the end times stuff.

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was a born-again Christian for the last 7 years of life? He was contributing to the American Bible Society. He was corresponding with Adams in Massachusetts. That he took the New Testament and tried to find out everything that Christ did. And I believe he was murdered and it had something to do with Admiral Levy, a Cabalist Jew, Mason, and weapons dealer and reserve military officer. Levy took a mortgage on his house so he could build the University of Virginia so they could take his papers, his correspondence with Adams. Now I’m the only one you will ever hear this theory from. Jefferson was searching for truth and he was martyred. He was murdered the same day as Adams, July 4th.

My undergraduate degree is in Virginia history. I have a masters degree in (Scottish) history as well. And I’m a descendant of James Madison. I studied at the University of Edinburough. I received a grant in the 1970s to work on Lord Dunmore’s papers. Lord Dunmore was the last Royal Governor of the state of Virginia.

Think about this: John Paul Jones, supposedly the founder of our Navy, was a criminal, why would they twist it like that? He was also a Cabalist (Jew) and also a Mason.

Likewise, Lafayette was also a weapons merchant. They raise up people who are questionable.

The point is that I know a lot about the “Triangular Trade”- the illegal weapons-drugs trade that is still going on today. Israel is basically running it with the New York bankers. It has something to do with Cabalism because the Pentagon’s symbol, the brotherhood…. they feel so compelled to not think for themselves. They are not looking at anything except on their particular focus- on sex… they go back to the symbols of the Greeks, the Washington Monument, etc. But homosexuality is actually debauchery.

The simple answer is to repent. I don’t believe that targeting people is the answer.

I’m fighting the Cabalist group in Virginia Beach. Because I was nearly battered to death. I was nearly killed. I’m a totally psychologically and physically abused wife. All I wanted was for my Marine Corps husband to say I’m sorry for doing this. But if he’s got men behind him telling him to do this, they aren’t going to want to let him say he’s sorry. If my husband is meeting with Pastor Phil Holwager, that says that Phil Holwager is a programmer and he has power over my husband.

And then there’s Tye Crowl, who’s in the same church with my husband. He’s a good guy, but he’s a pedophile. Then there’s T. Parker Host, who’s running around nude at his farm, and he and my husband are taking 2-hour boat rides together.

Just after my husband got back from Norway…. They wanted to keep me away from the King and Queen of Norway, because I believe they are Christians, honorable people.

When you have group sex and homosexual sex by the top people who are running the military and government in my town, Norfolk, VA… San Diego the same thing. San Francisco. Key West. Boston… that’s the major homosexual capital of the world. Of course, Washington, D.C.

James Angleton, CIA, was homosexual. The head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was a homosexual. All of British intelligence are homosexuals. It’s a sign of weakness.

Caspar Weinberger is involved in a lot of evil stuff, he pulls a lot of strings…. Weapons sales, drugs, the hit squads-the motor cycle gangs (run by retired military guys). They are stirring up people, murdering people, so they will sell the weapons.

Of course, Lady Diana was murdered.

I didn’t know how organized it all was.

Moderator: If your husband hadn’t been a raging alcoholic, you wouldn’t have learned all this.

Griggs: When you go through hell on earth, Jesus is giving us strength and wisdom too. He is the Truth and Light and when you walk in the Light you walk with him and it’s not bad, it’s great.

There were murders around John Warner…. There’s a homosexual clique in Norfolk. They get rid of the good guys.

Moderator: Don’t they refer to this as “Murder, Inc.”

Griggs: Yes, and the Marine Corps are the assassins for the mob. The mob in Virginia Beach is very strong and well organized and connected with the military. The military is the mob.

The individuals go to truck driving school (they are always moving things around) and then they go to Harvard Law School?

I talked to William Colby (Head of the CIA) on the phone, who knew my husband well, and he told me that all this stuff about Israel and the Phoenix Program was coming out. And he was going to be doing it. And Tedson Meyer’s law firm was across the hall from him.

Colby was murdered a week or two later. He was an insider, a good guy… He knew of my husband’s involvement with Victor Krulak, Former Commandante of the Marine Corps, Gen. Al Gray, the Russian double agent, who was called “The Commissar,” who was running everything, the murders and assassinations. These people think they are special and elite- like the German SS- they took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany… with the 200,000 who came over here in Operation Paperclip. Hitler was homosexually recruited in a brothel. A Cabalistic (Jewish) doctor came in and said you look special and great.

(Gray?) He was running everything in Vietnam…. They were training boys to kill using mind control.

This is why the Army has so many special operations specialists.

Truth is a liberator. The power of their operent conditioning is all in secrets. That’s the one way to tell who the cowards and bullies are now at the top of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps…. Especially General Charlie Wilhelm, who is doing awful things with men and women. They are called “cherry marines.”

If they are one of “Gray’s boys,” they rise to the top. General Al Gray…. It’s all New Jersey mob.

Remember, Woodstock, guess who arranged it all? General Sheehan’s father (Gen. John J. Sheehan) the head of NATO. Woodstock was a testing ground for drugs. Like the Jim Jones cult (People’s Temple) down in Guyana. Like little David Koresh. He had a Mossad handler…. But they always get away don’t they?

Noriega was an Israeli double agent. Anyone who is Jewish is automatically a member of the Israeli military.

Something is very strange here. Why are there no Moslems in the Near East Section of the State Department? Or Christians? Something is strange when you have a State Department run by Israel. No wonder we don’t have peace. They want to control all those little countries around there (Israel).

The head of the Marine Corps in the 1850s and 1860s, who was a Cabalist Jew…. He’s the guy that changed the Marine Corps emblem.

George Griggs told me, “we’ve always been the murderers.” They have money, limitless money, I believe it’s mob money…. His uncle was his handler.

George’s cousin, Bob, handled an account for George. George says he’s got so many passports with different names. Merrill Lynch is involved with the mob… They have people who launder cash money through drugs.

Col. Barry Cantor, who is a Cabalist Jew, who lives around the corner from T. Parker Host, who’s a Commando assassin mob guy and brags about it. And who has 7 or 8 businesses and all of a sudden is a friend of George Bush’s.

My husband is a gross perpetrator. John Moore is a perpetrator. He was a Commando guerilla. There is an elite clique that runs everything…. And it’s not the CIA. George calls it “the Firm,” “the Brotherhood”…. it’s Army, it’s White House…. But the presidents don’t know about it necessarily.

I know it is General Jim Joy that authorized the terrorism of my life. And General Carl Steiner, General Hartzog, General Abram, Damon, and Sheehan, I know…. And General Krulak, Krulak, Krulak. These men are the perpetrators. They bugged my phone, downloaded my caller ID. These are the ones that have authorized and given money to Alexander Robinson, Reynolds, JAG, worked with the Justice Department.

The Justice Department is involved in this. There are rogues in the Justice Department who think they are handling people by using cruelty, tricks, psychological games.

Katherine Pollard Griggs Interview 4 of 4:

Moderator: You have been telling us that the US military itself is a mind control operation.

Griggs: Yes! They’ve gotten rid of the good folks. One by one. People like MacCarthur.

My husband told me that we were never really enemies of the Soviet Union.

My husband was mentally incapacitated but he was running half the world’s Marine Corps. But he could follow orders.

They use electronic warfare against me. (ETK note: gang stalking or GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTAPO). It’s all under a big operation…. They now have an operation to totally ruin me.

General Jim Joy was in charge of all the psychological operations at Panama and Waco.

They do cold murders when they graduate from SEAL school.

This “brotherhood,” all belong to the New Jersey (Brooklyn) mafia, so many are Masons now. The Marine Corps guys are the hit men; they’ll work for anybody. They switch hats, from the Army to the Navy to the State Department, just like that.

The man who started the OSS was recruiting German existentialists… what are they doing running our nation? They have more affinity for the state of Israel than America. The judges are not independent…. They are part of the military hierarchy that follows orders. Marines control powerful Congressional committees.

I know that our present Governor in Virginia was an Army officer. He takes orders.

The team that broke Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein, were (intelligence) operatives.

I met all these drug lords. They cultivate the sons of prominent families, they are called “rising stars.” The State Department finds them then they “turn” them. And then let them know if they ever get in trouble, come on over here.

Huge planes loaded with drugs would land at military bases (ETK: for example, at Mena, Arkansas during Bill Clinton’s governorship during the 1980s). They all brought them in; the Norwegians, the Brits…. The drugs, they would come down through Burma, Turkey; the banks were in Beirut, Panama, Mexico, in St. Thomas…. the laundering of cash… You can very easily find out who the drug lords are….

The guys who are controlling the flow of drugs are military officers. I wondered why Ray Moore was going down to Lake Chapala Mexico or Guadalajara. There would be another Ken Millis, these are guys who are part of “the brotherhood.” And they are all going down to Mexico. Ray and another guy got cancer all of a sudden.

This is an elaborate big business. All the chemicals and biologicals. We manufactured the chemicals and biologicals that were in Iraq. They were manufacturing deadly chemicals. The Marine Corps, Al Krulak, Gen. Al Gray, Brent Scrowcroft, Ed Wilson, Carl Monday, who was CFR. His father was a German Nazi. These are the people who sold the biologicals and chemicals to Saddam Hussein. They are members of “The Firm.”

Lt. Col. Randy Aybear is a real hero. His testimony says it all. He should take over our Marine Corps.

In Special Operations, all people are part of this “Firm.” Once they get Colonel, they get initiated; they get drunk, “dine in,” “shellback”, have anal sex, group sex.

Moderator: The U.S. is becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah. And it’s not only the military that is top heavy with degenerates, but also banking. The people that are moral can’t move all the way up because they can’t be controlled. So they are killed or disposed of.

So the drinking comes before the initiation when you become Byrd Colonels- and then all the sexual debauchery. Do you suppose there are people there gathering information on them when they go through this?

Griggs: Of course, the chaplains are intelligence people…. Guys who go to Yale, the Chaplain Corps, these people collect all the information on people. If the Marine they are monitoring tells truth, is a whistleblower, or if the wife is a problem, they collect them, the throw ‘em in, they fill them full of chemicals, they’ll implant them. I believe my husband had a chip in him.

If they are in Special Operations and they are Marines, they are all homosexuals. It’s kind of like the fast road to the top. SEALS, etc. This is the norm. There were Israelis at these parties, intelligence people. Intelligence? There’s no intelligence there. There’s perversion. They’re all nudists. Makes it easier, you know.

But (at these parties) the women leave at about 11 pm. And the guys all stay around there. It’s just the ritual. This is what they do. These are the big guys who send their boys to war.

The Saudi boys were encouraged to do this to corrupt them. And they would have a strong tendency toward morality. And who do you think did it? Charles Caddock, Alexander Robinson, Cheeseburger, who was at Russell House. Who was the young man who was partying with them? My husband, George Griggs. He was 9th grade in high school when they first got to him. He was a cheerleader and a French major. He was in this school with homosexuals. They sent his parents to California. He didn’t see his parents for 8 solid years.

And who was in the group with them? Albert Einstein. This back in 1952, 1953. He was in that bisexual group (with the existentialist authors, Camus, Sartre)….

Bob Edwards, who is a Marine Corps Colonel, was part of that group. He went on to Fort Benning (the School of the Americas); he was in psychological warfare.

I started to document the violence. He (George) socked me in the breast and I had to have surgery. He had already broken my leg. This guy had murdered his first wife. He was doing that to me. I started taking notes and taping things. I wanted somebody to know so I wouldn’t die. I was trying to get him to realize what he was doing to me.

He started getting scared. He had clout in the State Department. He knew I loved showing people around. So he would plan something that I just had to do. He had some dignitaries, parliamentarians from one of the Latin American countries, Panama. And we had to go Richmond. And George didn’t want to go with me. It just so happened that Bob Edwards invited him to come up and meet with some of the guys.

He had already been talking to Phil Holwager about the abuse. Because I had already talked to him about the surgery. Holwager was there during my surgery, kind of holding George’s hand. He was the Chaplain for Fleet Marine Force Atlantic and he was the Chaplain at George’s first wife’s funeral. So he knew what George did to his first wife. He had gone to school with Gary Hart at Yale and was a colleague of Pat Robertson’s.

So George started knowing that I was going to do something. Looking back, I can see why. If he had been convicted of battering me he wouldn’t have been able to carry and use his .45 pistol anymore.

My husband was way above Bo Gritz’s level, who I believe was an Army Guerilla Commando. My husband’s circle included Kissinger, Crowe, Haigh, MacFarlane, Victor Krulak. You see, Gray is the control guy….. Gray and Joy are the big guys…..

He (Gray) was at Moral, Welfare, Recreation… It’s kind of a money laundering thing. They run all the officer’s clubs. It’s run by the military even though it’s supposedly not.

They all make a lot of money. This is tax payer money. Hard-working people who are just wondering where their money is going to come from. Mother’s of children who are having to work three jobs. And they’re spending ten million dollars on phallic-shaped weapons.

Israel (IAI) has a joint venture with TWR that does all the credit reports on Americans. They have the computers together. The Israelis stole the whole Inslaw system and sold it back to the Justice Department. Mike Fuller knows all this. Mike Fuller is a former assassin who is talking. I met him through Sarah (McClendon).

Do you know the author, Victor Marshenko? I read his books to see if it lined up with what George was involved with.

This conference I attended had probably 1000 SEALS at it. Their graduation exercise is to do a cold kill. Just go into a hotel and whack somebody.

And all my underwear disappeared. I don’t know whether it was Michael O’Boyle doing it. Between 1991 and 1993, Michael was 3 miles from my husband. My husband saw him all the time. He and his first wife had divorced. He was having an affair with a secretary. But in order to get into the system, he was my husband’s “younger friend.” And that started when he was in the 7th Fleet under Krulak and Buel in intelligence on the ship. My husband never invited him over, but he saw him. You can guess what that means.

(Showing photo): The team, the biological-electronic warfare school…. After my husband left FMF Lan, he went to this school, the special operations school which ran the whole team’s foreigners and everywhere.

MAC-SOG. Is a code word for sending out platoons to kill people in Vietnam. SOG is Special Operations Group. If you know anything about the German High Command, they are connected with the Opus Dei, they are kind of a business group that works within the Vatican.

Most of the (military) wives are scared to death. Because they know what happened to Sue Griggs. They’ve had their papers stolen. We talk anyway. You are talking about some really brave women here.

When I started this, it seemed like a 2000-piece puzzle…. Now, it’s like a 6-piece puzzle. I’ve had death threats. It’s been hell. But truth and light…. These women are going through hell because their husband’s are cowards and bullies.

This is in the Constitution. You don’t steal their papers. You don’t try to destroy the core that God has given them when they’re born.

The mother’s are finding out. McVeigh’s mother has talked. The unibomber’s mother has spoken out. Michael Gnu is a MacCarther. Aybear is the new Patton. These modern day Sadducees and Pharisees are saying; ‘We’re going to get rid of Patton,” but for everyone like Sue Griggs who is murdered, there are 100 who will spring up and say no, now you have me to worry about.

Who’s behind all this? It’s Caspar Weinberger, Henry Kissinger, Nicholas Walt Whitman Rostow, Eugene Debs Rostow (ETK: All Jews)…. What’s going on here? These guys are not even born in America. They’re training mercenaries now to kill on an order. Not killing because people are breaking into their homes, not killing because they are bad. But just, we want to control this country. That’s what George told me. Its political. The Marine Corps is the political arm of a group that wants to run everything. Control the drugs, sell the weapons… Keep the weapons and drug money flowing.

This is not what guys are going to sign up to do. Their hearts’ are not in it. They’re not even going to do it for the money. They’d rather die than have collection groups come after them. They have a group of Marines who go out and collect guys who have gone to their psychiatrists who are talking to much. They get rid of them. But they aren’t told why. They’re just told they’re enemies or they’ve done bad things. So they won’t have any guilt or culpability. They make it cold. Just get rid of this guy, OK? OK. Get a promotion. Get a new car. Get some stock.

After my husband did what he did in Beirut, I found these stubs; he got all these major stocks, AT&T…. He came back with 1000’s of dollars of stock from a quasi-government company, all on a sheet of paper. That’s how he was paid off for his criminal activities, for selling weapons, going through Tel Aviv, the bank in Rome. Selling the weapons illegally. The Israeli agents are the middlemen and all the money is going to Israel. It really is the truth.

Not just the money that is given to them free and clear. But all the criminal, black budget money that Meyer Lansky’s group started in the 40s has been growing and growing. It’s like a pyramid scheme. And the Jesuits, I’ve been told, are really controlled by this group now.

George was involved with a lot of the cover-ups of Marines who went crazy. Remember the movie, “A Few Good Men,” with Jack Nicholson, a movie about a Marine Colonel who murdered a guy…. My husband was the Chief of Staff that tried to cover this up. They were so arrogant. It was a woman who got this thing going. They were targeting these other guys. The point is: this guy was murdered and the Colonel laughed it off. It was down in Guantanamo Bay. It was General Al Gray. It’s just so sick.

ETK Notes: Kay Griggs – Jeff Rense Interviews: 2005.

I’ve had death threats… I was invited to stay at a sort of a safe house in Washington…. to talk to some, I guess they were intelligence people at the Press Club who were friends of Sarah McClendon, the Senior White House Correspondent, who knew I was telling the truth.

I felt very secure after I had talked to CIA Director William Colby, who was friends with my uncle Ben. They were at Princeton together and also at the same secret society and eating clubs. Then when he went missing, his canoe was turned over (i.e. assassinated), I felt really insecure. Sarah McClendon invited me to stay with her at that point and she saved my life. She was a great lady and a true patriot. She was there during the Roosevelt administration and ever since.

This “brotherhood” that my husband was in feels they are totally above the law… and they protect each other. (And they are determined to destroy this country.) It’s an international brotherhood and it is very much Freemasonic.

There’s a group within the Marine Corps that has gone to Princeton and Annapolis, who are in the upper eschelons of the Marine Corps. It has to do with which colleges they went to, the secret societies, eating clubs, etc. And their associations in Vietnam and the Sheik-Nato, Defense College in Rome experiences. They are very insecure.

The Freemasons have a ladder and they are always climbing because they are very insecure. They give each other lots of medals. Rummy went to NATO when Nixon’s world was falling in which saved him and protected him.

General Mark Clark was very corrupt, believe it or not.

Rense: Who are these people? Is this group an enforcement arm of the Illuminati?

Griggs: They are. They are connected with the Joint Chiefs and the NSA and the White House. George told me that they wear different hats, and it doesn’t really matter which hat they wear. He had different passports with different names. I felt as though he might have even had a double. He was very insecure and robotic.

Rense: Greg Syzmansky article about Kay Griggs: George Griggs was a military assassin and trainer of other military assassins. He gave Kay Griggs details about how Waco was carried out and how many other hits went down…. Including that of Ron Brown, who was trying to take away the State Department’s monopoly on drug money and arms deals.

There’s so much of that going on in terms of arms sales. They will sell American weapons through an Israeli group. It’s to confuse people. Israelis will use the Americans in the arms sales….. they are the middle men in the arms sales.

This “brotherhood” is a very small group: George Griggs, Bob Edwards, Donald Rumsfeld, William Colby, George Schultz, Frank Carlucci, and Allen Dulles. Dulles I believe is the one responsible for bringing my husband, Carlucci and Rummy in. All of these were in Princeton’s Cap and Gown fraternity; my uncle Ben had been in that club.

I began to connect dots… These are young men on scholarship, they don’t have parents, they’re poor, they have no careers, so they are really dependent on the political-military hoops and people to promote them. And Allen Dulles really pretty much oversaw their initial getting into political spheres of power.

Rense: I think the underlying point here is that murder means nothing to the power brokers at the top. And it is commonly used as a political, economic, and terrorism device- these are the true terrorists- any time and anywhere they want it seems.

Griggs: It’s arms length. It has nothing to do with the politicians or the intelligence high-level person who want to get rid of this troublesome guy.

There were German individuals, SS, who came into this country after World War II (in Operation Paperclip). I know because my grandfather was involved with that as a Naval intelligence officer/doctor during WWII. But when George was talking to me, and I knew his family were German. I realized what he was talking about was institutionalized. It is structural and vital to the system.

Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash. George would talk about plane crashes and say it was a way to get rid of a small number of people. He said it’s much better to have a plane crash than to have a war. He was rationalizing and saying that plane crashes were normal special operations that they did. He used words like “surgical” and “neutralization.” In other words, it was just a matter of fact thing that just had to be done.

Rense: Ron Brown’s plane crash killed something like 50 people. They flew it into the top of a hill. Apparently, the first people on the scene a survivor, a military stewardess who survived the crash and was walking around, but mysteriously died shortly thereafter. Ron Brown is said to have been found with a hole in the top of his head. The autopsy has never been released.

Griggs: George mentioned ‘signature murders’ and explained that Marines had different patterns that they would leave, marks that would signify snipers or shooters or whomever the dirty tricks/wet ops people were so others would know who did it.

Like Paul Wellstone’s plane and John Ashcroft’s opponent in the governor’s race. These “signature’s” are just all over the place. John Denver… and the group that formed a critical mass against land mines. All this was over the land mine issue with Diana because that’s a growth industry with the Navy in Texas. Because they had formed a critical mass, within a matter of months the movement was “decapitated.” That’s what he said they had to do. He said they don’t like critical masses that threaten something that is profitable or political that is important to them.

Rense: Are they guarding their own worth and value or are they guarding those they are associated with, or both?

Griggs: It’s certainly both. When people go through initiations in the Masons, the shellbacks, the ceremonies that are really sort of gross…. They bond the boys. They’re drunk and it’s a memorable experience. It’s a form of bonding. It gave Leyman the courage to do what he did at Tailhook with all the Marines looking on. You know, it’s “we won’t tell.” Or if someone tells, they are disappeared, or neutralized, or ruined. So they’re afraid, but it’s also exciting. And they have affairs. Bob Oakley, and Gates, all these guys, Oliver “Buck” Ravelle, they pal around with… you know, Tom Clancy, Ben Bradley, Gerry Unrue, are part of the group and nobody will talk. And they do things and nobody will talk. Everybody sort of knows they are messing around…. They are doing homosexual/pedophilia/swinging and are all part of the group and nobody talks. All the Marines; Hafenfuth, and North, Kallstrom.

It’s a very small group that has been working together for a long time…. sort of like the Delta Team 1 in Italy, with a boss and so forth, and General Steiner was involved.

Rense: But this group was preceded by another group and a group before that. This is nothing new.

Griggs. Yes, the Dulles group. Paperclip was a huge operation. My grandfather Byrd was a high-level intelligence person during WWII, he was a doctor, he spoke German, he was a brilliant obstetrician. So I know a lot of what was going on in Norfolk, Virginia, since WWI up through the 80’s. And when I found out that the same thing goes on in other ports. And organized crime is totally involved in it, naturally.

Rense: Kay. How is it that you have escaped being murdered?

Griggs: Well, George murdered his first wife, Sue. Suzanne Workman Griggs was killed during the Iran-Contra hearings. George was Ollie North’s handler for General Al Gray and for the Joint.

Rense: Your ex-husband was Ollie North’s handler?

Griggs: Yes. George was the Chief of Staff for the Marine Corps, for “Gray’s Boys,” the assassins, who were working with General Steiner, General Jim Joy, and General Grup Krulak and they were working for the Nelson Rockefeller group in the Republican Party. Actually, they were working both sides (Democrat and Republican) with people like Walt Rostow and …. They’re all…

Rense: If I can go back to former CIA Director William Colby, your friend.

Griggs. Yes, he was a good friend of my uncle’s and a really nice man. I spoke with him after March 4 when I had called General Joy and wanted to find my husband, because I had no money. And General Joy said; “I don’t believe I know your husband.” I was just then looking at my husband’s diary in Beirut and it had names like Bob Oakley, Bob Gates, Lonika, you know, every day with General Joy and Steiner (so he was seeing them every day for the pre-bombing planning part of the operation).

Then when I told him I had the diary he couldn’t wait to meet me. Then my house was broken into and I was set up by a NATO person named Fred Hence.

Rense: Just to underscore the point that no one is secure, Former CIA Director, William Colby, as I recall, was about to testify at some Senate or House Committee. Then we heard that he was dead. Allegedly what happened is that on a cold and rainy night, he got up from his comfortable desk at 11 pm and went out for a canoe paddle. Supposedly, he went out for a canoe ride and it turned over and he drowned.

Griggs: Well, he had dinner uneaten and his computer was turned on.

I went to a cocktail party in Virginia Beach, it was a very high-level cocktail party. One of the individuals there was part of the high-level “Lavendar Boy” network in Norfolk. He couldn’t wait to tell me that he had some friends that were Navy SEALS and that they knew had done it. They didn’t know it was Colby at the time. So it was done by some Navy SEALS here at Little Creek who were ordered to do it. This is how it works.

Rense: When Senator Wellstone’s plane went down, you are well aware of the threat that Dick Cheney had made to him several months before the crash. The timing of it probably didn’t take you by surprise, did it?

Griggs: No, and the Ashcroft one didn’t either. I heard that the person that was running against him, Mel Karnahan, was in a plane crash…. It was a couple day before the election, I understand. And his widow stepped in. It’s like the one in Louisiana, she’s a columnist.

There were people like General Andrews, and his family knows that he was murdered back in the 40s.

Secretary Forrestal, who was thrown out of a window of a tall building, was a Princeton guy.

General Patton was done (killed) by the Mark Clark group. Because of his discovery of all the things they were doing with paintings. He was basically an honest guy, and a truth teller, Patton. He knew that Clark had done all sorts of nefarious things.

I believe the reason I’m alive is that I spoke up right away when Sarah (McClendon) told me to. And also because George’s first wife was murdered…. Everyone was told that she had had a heart attack. She had gone ballistic…. When I saw the death certificate that he had hidden I found out that she had a cerebral hemorrhage.

He gave her one of the things that he gave me…. He killed her. And I told that to two different people… And I finally got a woman in Oceana who was at NCS, NIS and I found out she was a Marine. But three days later, Sue’s body had been dug up and removed. I know that they didn’t do an autopsy on her body. George got rid of it.

Rense: Was it some sort of poison?

Griggs: You know, he put things in my coffee. I don’t want to go into that. It’s just too painful. It was like a movie. I was struggling. And I knew what she had gone through. And I really believe that’s why I’m alive today.

Rense: Why did he leave for those last several years of your marriage?

Griggs: Well, he was involved with the Bosnian thing, the pre-positioning of weapons in Norway. He was totally pre-occupied with that. Because they knew there was going to be the war.

Rense: Did you hear from him about how long the Iraq war involvement was pre-planned.

Griggs: He discussed a lot about Iran and Dacca Valley and the Israelis…. The Tel Aviv Israelis.

Rense: What did he think of the Zionist Israelis?

Griggs: Well, they are totally involved in everything that was going on. Because they have these assassin duo teams. Like the one that got Bill Cosby’s son. They have an Israeli and an American and they are usually “flamers.” They have sex with each other. They are shooters and Marines.

I met the Israeli mother of this guy who was part of an assassin team. It was some sort of jurisdictional thing…. The Israeli would do assassinations in America and the American would do assassinations in Israel, etc.

Rense: Tell us what you know about Waco.

Griggs: Well, George’s triumvirate, that is, with General Steiner and General Jim Joy, were involved with training operations sometime before in Panama, in and out, they were involved with CIA, training other men from other countries with Americans.

They had been involved with Noriega, on and off, for quite some time. With the (Oliver) North crowd and so forth.

(Generals) Carl Steiner and Jim Joy were involved with Waco. They brought in people from other countries. It was a training operation for them. They did it in Panama. This is just a live-fire training operation. And they do live-fire training all the time, and George was the Number 1 shooter for the Marines for years. They use live bullets.

Rense: So they turn people loose and hunt them down.

Griggs: Exactly.

Rense: TWA Flight 800, what do you know about that?

Griggs: The scuttlebutt around here is that it was a NATO SAT Plant day… or mistake. And Kallstrom being a Marine, yes, Kelly, Ben Bradlee, Buck Revelle, Warner, Cord Meyer, Oliver North, all these guys- and Armitage-trained SEALS with these guys- they do operations and have done operations, so that when the time comes for promotion and to cover up this or that…. Kallstrom was right there.

This is why O’Neil was murdered in 9/11. Because he knew everything about what was going on. They got rid of him. It was his birthday on the job (at the WTC). It was FBI Director Mueller’s birthday. There were too many (ETK: coincidences?)….

Rense: Understand. This is going on in broad daylight right in front of us all the time. These killings, these plane crashes, these alleged suicides. Remember the Clinton death list? So many people killing themselves by shooting themselves multiple times in the head.

Griggs: Well, Admiral Borda was killed by a Marine. Because he was going to testify the very next day. And I believe it was all about the guys who were coming to Norfolk, Virginia from other countries, particularly, Israel, were coming to Norfolk, Virginia, being paid by the government, and they were doing operations inside the United States.

I knew who was involved with spying on Colby. Just like Nussbaum was across the hall from Vince Foster. There’s always somebody with an office across the hall.

Rense: They’re always watched.

Griggs: Linda Tripp worked for (General) Carl Steiner and so did McVeigh. And they knew Monica Lewinski liked older men, she had that propensity. They knew she would gravitate toward Clinton and vice versa.

Rense: What do you know about the Oklahoma City bombing?

Griggs: They had a group down there, one of the Princeton friends of George’s. They were bringing lots of Iranians early on. This is back in the 70s. And they were essentially bonding. It’s kind of like the Ponchatrain area where they would bring these international visitors, military, and essentially it was under the auspices of (General) Carl Steiner.

Rense: Who did Oklahoma City?

Griggs: (Generals) Steiner and Joy.

Rense: Was McVeigh actually executed? Or just put in a deep sleep and carried away? They say he was breathing after he was dead under the sheet.

Griggs: Well, he was a special guy with Gen. Steiner. And he was intelligent.

Rense: Was he a throw away?

Griggs: They threw Oswald away but they didn’t throw North away. It depended on who the person was and how special their “special friend” was. George’s “special friend,” who protected him, he died. He was in the Army. Because George said that the old guard runs everything.

Rense: Was there a purging of the military? I remember the one plane crash with about a dozen high ranking officers.

Griggs: Oh, sure. They murdered an Air Force guy who was going to be the Chief of Staff of the Air Force of 1996. They got rid of the CNO of the Navy. 1996 was a big purge year.

Rense: There was so much murder during the Clinton adminstration, it boggles the mind.

Griggs: But they also went after Clinton…. The plane that Clinton was flying on his birthday…. Somebody had told Clinton. The plane he was supposed to be on went down.

White House correspondent, Sarah McClendon, knew a lot of the scuttlebutt. She knew about Linda Tripp, how… There was a movie, called ‘Wag the Dog’, ahead of the Izikoff story. If you remember Clinton welcomed Arafat from Palestine, but he wouldn’t see Sharon. And immediately after, that’s when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. The Israelis did that.

Rense: We’re falling into a very unsettling reality here, I’m not sure people can handle it.…. Let’s talk about the Zionist neo-cons. Zionism has taken control of Israel and this country as well. Tell us about the grip that this group holds over this country’s government. What do you know about Zionism, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc.?

Griggs. Well, it’s pretty significant. And it goes back a long way. So I don’t know where you me to begin… whether it’s Judah P. Benjamin, or Yuriah P. Levy and what I believe is the murder of Jefferson and Adams, and the Rothschild element that was involved with them.

You see, the Marines, in the 1850s, according to George, they were assassins, and they were funded by a Masonic lodge in France. And they would protect ships. So you had this German-trained Marine Major, Jacob Zeiplin (Jew), who was really a loser. He wound up being head of the Marine Corps. But he was involved in the murder of John Brown. He worked for this Belmont guy. Remember Robert E. Lee was supposed to go and stop the murder of John Brown.

Zeiplin actually changed the Marine uniforms to be like the Germans, with the pink helmets and everything. The Rothschilds were funding all these medals and things. And the motto became the Rothschild coat of arms and various other symbols like the global new world order.

Rense: Who killed Lincoln?

Griggs: It was done by a small southern Masonic group which Judah P. Benjamin was involved with and southern Freemasons.

Rense: The issue of Zionism controlling this country is a huge issue. It cannot be underestimated. And our ties to Israel right back to London.

Griggs: Exactly.

Rense: John Kennedy Jr. Anything on that?

Griggs: Yes, I’m sure that was done (murdered) because he was getting ready to become head of the JFK school that was the most important at Harvard. He was also thinking about running for office. He was magical like Diana. Anybody would follow him. They don’t want that.

Rense: He could have extricated America from their grasp. And he would have. These people are so evil and so psychopathic that they will take all of us down with them rather than lose control. Is that accurate.

Griggs: I believe that’s the way they are because they are very childish and so egocentric.

Part Two: Rense Interview of Kay Giggs.

Rense: Can you just go over the basics for us….

Griggs: I met my husband, Colonel George Griggs, when I was working at the Chamber of Commerce in Norfolk, VA. He rented a house from me.

It was just during the Iran-Contra hearings. Unbeknownst to me, he had been involved at the highest level in all that. He was being moved from one job to another. He was training SEALS and JOINT assassins at the Little Creek Naval School which trained people from other countries, in other words SEALS and Marines and they did operations together.

I think he was anxious to marry. I was sort of a high profile person in Norfolk. I think he needed cover. I was totally unaware that a world like his existed.

He told me that he really wasn’t a Colonel. He said he wore different hats and that none of them really meant anything. He was kind of bragging. But I knew he was for real, because all the other Colonels were in awe of him, or in fear of him.

His first wife knew a lot about Iran-Contra and she was very angry with him for what he’d done in that.

James Baker got involved with my husband because they were in the same eating club at Princeton. Likewise, Rummy (Donald Rumsfeld).

He did operations including wet, dry, and psychological operations. Very important. People don’t realize they literally are tormenting and doing all kinds of horrible things to innocent people. Sometimes just as experiments.

Rense: Give me an example. This locks in to the claims by regular people who claim that they’ve had a brain implant, or they’re hearing voices, or they’re obviously involved in some kind of experiment, they’re being toyed with, etc.

Griggs: Of course there’s truth to that. The kinds of toys they have to use on unsuspecting people. For instance, the Germans who came in to this country even before WWI and then just started pouring into the ports here after WWII. They set up these CCC camps so that these Germans would have a place to live.

The ‘psychological operations group’ came in through some of the Germans…. It was institutionalized before, during and after WWII when the entire German Command, the SS, were given money by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Army. In fact, Gehlen himself was in Virginia for a whole year with his 6 guys. And lots of people went up to Fort Hunt to see him.

So the psychological operations games that the Soviets and Germans used were institutionalized in our American Army and Joint Command. It wasn’t just the CIA. It’s just wrong.

Things were done to me… and I was trying to figure out what was going on. These kinds of operations…. Some of the guys laugh and said we just practice on the wives. Some of the things done to me were not only sadistic, but cruel.

One night the SEALS were caught in my neighborhood. The windows in my car were smashed two or three times. I had tires flattened. They laugh about it, Ha ha ha.

When Sarah McClendon, the Senior White House Correspondent, said she had to call from another house, because every time she called here, a man came to the phone and said this was a military base and the Griggs’ don’t live here anymore.

You see the Russell Trust, the money came from England. I think the Saudi boys were just as innocent in the beginning. The people in charge of the men who were doing these (homosexual) things to my husband were Jewish people. Oppenheimer and those. The poor boys didn’t hardly have time to go to class. They were under the Germans, the ones who have the “German disease,” homosexuality. I’m sure they did the same thing to John Nash, of “A Beautiful Mind.”

George Griggs. I’m sure he had a chip in him.

Rense: How common is the homosexuality?….

Griggs: Everyone does it. If you are on a Navy ship, the guys strip down and they have guys in line….. there are books about the “cherry Marines.” (They’re the bottom.) The problem is that it’s institutionalized. It messes up their minds and their lives.

The murders: people like Paisley and Chadron and Seigler and Mary Meyer, and Ron Brown. The Wellstones, Senator Mel Karnahan.

Rense: Murder is a commonly held tool in American politics. Dr. David Kelly in England, Vince Foster.

Griggs: (Murder) It’s strategic. If there is a critical mass that is building that opposes the prevailing policy….. George of course was involved in Plans And Policy….

And the group, Armitage, Gates, MacFarland, Buck Ravelle, it was a coordinating subgroup in the White House that George worked with. They all thought they were special because they had been given these jobs. It was a small buddy-buddy group that coalesced during Vietnam.

These operations were done through the Department of State. They would pop off somebody who was British in a heartbeat. The people who worked with these Marines are Israeli assassins and they train at Quantico. These “flamers” (mixed American and Israeli homosexual kill team) would go to other countries and do these murders and blame them on the Arabs.

There always are Israelis involved… if you even look at Abu Graib.

We can’t as a country be looked at as an honest broker if there is nobody in the State Dept. who even speaks the Arab languages or who cares about the Arab cause.

Rense: A coup d’etat has occurred by another nation. And a geopolitical philosophy known as Zionism. This is a Jewish supremacist Zionist group.

Griggs: Yes. If you get a magazine like “The Journal of Netcentric Warfare” (C4-ISR Journal) put out by Defense News Media Group, you see ISI, the Israeli Company. I would go to Army shows and see the Hunter system which was a Command and Control System which was Israeli run with our equipment. They know when we are having all of our operations. They know everything because they are meeting everyday in Quantico with the FBI, the CIA… And it’s just not fair because if they want to cause trouble, which I believe that they naturally do, I mean, look at the USS Liberty.

Rense: That’s just one example. Also, there is a suggestion that the 241 Marines who were killed in Beirut in the bombing were taken out by Israelis as well.

Griggs: Yes. That Sharon was involved with that and my husband said he knew about it beforehand. And there he was a Marine, knowing about it and he did nothing.

Rense: As you know, Israeli companies have the contracts to do the billing for about 80% or so of American telephone and cell phone communications. They’ve also put in the highest level, ultra-top secret communications systems and softwar between the White House and the Pentagon and don’t tell me they haven’t built backdoors in there. They have the ability to monitor telephone calls real-time all the way to Israel and listen in anywhere they want anytime they want. These people are totally brilliant at what they’ve done and they have totally taken over much of the internal mechanism of this country.

Griggs: And the top computer guy at the Pentagon I know is a Zionist. He calls himself an anarchist.

Rense: The numbers of murders in the Clinton years. The famous Clinton death list. Did you hear anything about the death of Dr. David Kelly.

Griggs: Yes, I saw him on TV the day before he was murdered. I believe the individuals around him put him on the hot seat. And when I had the two death threats it was with this New Jersey guy named Joe… he just said he’d done his wife and if I didn’t stop talking about my phone conversation with CIA Director William Colby. Colby told me not to worry. I just knew he was going to take care of things.

But then two weeks later, Colby was killed. It was exactly the same thing that happened to Paisley. Paisley’s murder occurred during the Nixon administration.

People like Oswald and George are always anxious because they feel they can be taken out too. Once you’ve been through the elite ROTC, they protect each other.

The Gehlen Nazi intelligence people. I believe they are still involved… with 911.

Kay Griggs Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith- Parts 1 and 2 (August 3, 2005)

Daryl Smith- Kay Griggs Interview Aug. 3, 2005- Parr 1

Daryl Smith- Kay Griggs Interview Aug. 3, 2005 Part 2

Daryl Bradford Smith Interview of Kay Griggs Sept. 5, 2006

Kay Griggs Interviews with Daryl Bradford Smith (August 3, 2005)

Kay Griggs: “My husband, Col. George Griggs, was above the Marine Corps in many ways. His father worked for the mob in Atlantic City. When George’s immersion began he was in the 9th grade and was enrolled in the Hinds Prep School (high school) in Princeton, NJ. His mother was in favor of him going to a fancy boarding school. Older men, teachers and Germans, were using my husband and these other boys for their own sexual purposes. Lots of boys were done like my husband, Lee Harvey Oswald was one. The predatory homosexual, wealthy types reign at the ports. Some like, George, were given special treatment, including a top notch high school and college education. His parents were sent to California so they could really work on him. He was with three Saudi Royals’ sons, Admiral Kimmel’s son was there. They really got him mind controlled at the Hinds School. He got private air plane lessons.

He didn’t select the Marine Corps. This was given to him at the ROTC at Princeton but it was controlled by the Army. He kept calling it, JOINT. It was almost a different thing than the Joint Chiefs of Staff; it was involved with the Department of State, a group called “Plans and Policies,” but it was really about running operations that destabilize other countries.

He kills people on orders. Or neutralization or whatever term you use. He represents a very disturbed kind of person. He talked about when he was a teenager and he and his handlers, mentors, would drive by other cars and do cold kills. He was not in charge. It was like a gang, but these were very high people in his life and in the world. A group in Britain, the Russell Trust, was directly involved with all of this because they bought the mansion for the Hinds School which was started by these existentialist Germans, this Oppenheimer-Einstein group of men who were with a place called “Institute”. And the boys would party with them. These are the “pink triangle boys.”

My grandfather was involved with Naval Intelligence during World War II and my grandmother told me that many of the Germans who came here would pretend like they were with the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) which was a big cover. They went to places like Fort Hunt, where Pinochet and the Nazi Intelligence Chief, Reinhardt Gehlen, were.

These are assassination teams that are actually boys that are brought in because they have a certain psychological profile. No money. No daddy. or they get rid of Daddy and Mommy. And they are ripe to have a mentor.”

Smith: Like Bill Clinton. He was groomed. He was went to Georgetown, he was a Rhodes Scholar who came from poverty and even as a young man he met the President.

Griggs: Except that Bill Clinton never killed anyone.

Smith: Well, Vince Foster might argue with that.

Griggs: I think it’s just the model. It’s the template. It’s Masonic. Like the beauty pageant model, it originates with business people who are high level Masons. The Masons, Opus Dei, and B’nai Brith kind of merge at the Shriner level. At each port city, San Diego, Brooklyn, Norfolk, you have the same kind of individuals who milk the military system, prostitution and so forth and cover up the perversion and criminal activities that are going on. They feed off the system like parasites. None of these men has any courage. Most are bullies. They see a good looking, smart boy, and they look at that boy like they might look at a prostitute. They use these people.

Walt Whitman Rostow was a really evil, diabolical person, very intelligent. His brother was working at the State Dept. Kind of like the Dulles brothers, you know. He was working in the Eisenhower administration working with Nelson Rockefeller doing “dirty tricks.” Germans who had come in by the thousands. The CIA got a lot of criminals in. They immediately put them into the “intelligence” groups. This is Allen Dulles and his crowd, he had been in Switzerland. They allowed Nazi General Reinhardt Gehlen to run things. They had hit squads. They put them in Morocco. They were really sick sociopaths. It’s a system that has a big blowback for our country.

Heinz (Henry) Kissinger was a pedophile. He ruined lives. He had these big orgies in his tent in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Smith: Zbigniew Brzrenski was part of this same group.

Griggs: I know he’s certainly connected with that group that Gehlen ran (the Gehlen Org). This became the German intelligence crowd. The ACEN, ABN, I know that they kind of came in through Rockefeller and Rostow in the Marines in New York City into the Captive Nations group.

These guys are connected through friendships and experiences that go back a long way. They cover up for each other. Gary Hart, Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney, Rummy, etc. Their memories of being in SHAPE… They really are very immature in my opinion. The way they look at things. And when you have the homosexual component, the covering up of group orgies they’ve been to in the Mediterranean in Naples. The point is it’s a cult and there’s a conspiracy of silence. Secrecy is so opposite from what we really need.

Smith: George W. Bush, the poser as President, since we really did not elect this man…. He’s had a visitor, a fellow Johnny Gosch or Jeff Gannon keeps coming, who has visited over 200 times.

Griggs: He’s sexually servicing. Blow jobs. And it’s just a chuckle for these guys. This is reality here. And this is our country. It is perverted and twisted, but it’s reality. George told me about the “dining in,” the shellback ceremony- these orgies and this is the norm. They’re in another world… on another planet. The SEALS are infamous for doing this. There is the homo-erotic worship of the beautiful body that Gannon brought to the White House. Here they’re going after Clinton for the Lewinski thing…. And I know that was a set-up, Linda Tripp had a special ops background.

This has been going on the White House quite a lot. All the Presidents have had their whores. They get these puppets in there (Bush) and I guess there is a lot of frustration…

Smith: Griggs tells me that this same kind of behavior is prevalent in the European countries. Do you know about the Balkan area…

Griggs: George was arranging for the Balkans war ahead of time…. getting the weapons stockpiled and pre-positioned in northern Norway. They are literally inventing wars. They have the war games palaces like the one in Suffolk where they have the simulation, these are growing. It’s a growth industry, the war-gaming, and planning wars. They use civilian ships. Military guys have military duty on the ships. They use these guys, lure them with sex and money. This kind of behavior is overtaking our democracy.

Smith: When we find out about the UN being involved in child trafficking.

Griggs: Brussels, and in Vienna, they have these sex psychiatrists in Golden, Colorado. They’re bringing in young boys, 17 years old, giving them $850 per month. I’ve talked to these boys, they’re being made to do horrible things, some from India. I’ve seen some of them cry.

Smith: It’s amazing how dumb how the American public is. What do we do Kay?

Griggs: It’s wrong to keep intelligent and sincere people in the dark; this is wrong. We women can handle the truth. As a nation, we can handle it.

Smith: Who has been fighting the good fight over the years? Who can we support?

Griggs: I think there are levels of knowledge. But when you’ve got group think. A bunch of adolescent white males who are being told what to do by Carl Rove…. he is a dirty trickster and I believe he’s involved with Wet Ops, like (the murder of Senator) Paul Wellstone….. This is what really worries me… Like Norm Coleman, he’s not right!

The parties are corrupted. I like Bob MacFarlane, he’s a straight arrow.

Kay Griggs Interview with Daryl Bradford Smith (Sept. 5, 2006)

Daryl Bradford Smith: “Welcome to the French Connection. Kay Griggs knew from the time she was a a young girl that our system is an elitist system of control. The people that she talks about are the controllers and the movers and the shakers in these elite groups. They’ve been perfecting their “draft system,” bringing people up through the ranks over a period of time.

Griggs: Yes, they are recruited psychologically… and the pattern has been set for a long time. They are groomed to be able to be handled or controlled through weaknesses. I have known people in the highest levels of Virginia politics, the legal circles and so forth.

Smith: They use things like homosexuality, pedophilia, embezzlement, prostitution. They hold this over you. You’ll never get to the higher levels unless they have something on you. Is that right?

Griggs: Yes, in the case of Larry Williams Frawley, an Annapolis member of the official Christian group, a well known pedophile. He was quoted by Wayne Madsen “If you are on that level, you’ll make Commander”…. In other words, if you a closet queen, part of the blow job/pedophile/White House crowd, you are going to make it to the top.

Smith: We’ve had our differences with Wayne Madsen’s work because he always ignores the Israeli-Zionist angle.

What we know today is that this group (Jews) came into America as long ago as 1760s with very large sacks of money to set themselves up. We discussed this this afternoon with the New Bohemians. You knew in Virginia politics that certain members of the Jewish elite were having very bizaare sex parties way back when weren’t they?

Griggs: Absolutely. In the Zionist group in Norfolk, which I’ve been studying, which took over Masonic Temple #1….. As a history major in Virginia history, I was very interested in our War For Independence. I had a grandfather who was a Scottish Rite Freemason. Then I found out that my husband’s lawyer and the three judges in my (divorce) case were all Zionist Jews and all in Masonic Temple #1. It was after they had already ruined my case. You can’t believe what I went through. Bernard Freedman was just a lower court marriage judge and immediately after he intervened in my case he became a Federal Judge…. These judges get paid off this way… Masonic Temple #1 always wants to be #1. They are always very insecure and they want to take over organizations.

Smith: It is a network. Many people believe billionaires are the elite club. We’re not talking about billionaires. We’re talking about people with thousands and thousands of billions in their control. There are only 5 or 6 families in the world that can claim that kind of wealth. The kind of wealth that would make Bill Gates seem like a pauper by comparison. What we see is that these guys arrived in America, they were already here as money lenders but they were not in control of the political structure. What they did was they went into those Scottish Rite Masonic Halls and provided good loans and good money to people at very reasonable rates and got themselves ensconced in the system quite easily.

Griggs: Now, in Virginia Beach, a person who is joining a Masonic group is given $20,000 to join. The problem is that when you see what is going on, you’re already hooked.

In Virginia, guys like Uriah P. Levy, who was one of the early 1776 Navy Commodor types that they brag about, he was a really big crook and a hood. But because of his connections in France with the Rothschild family and the Parisian Grand Lodge of the Orient…. they were totally connected to the anarchist revolutionaries who had money and who were funding wars because it was profitable.

And the War for Independence was founded by a conduit through the Rothschilds’ loans. And George Bush’s ancestors, two of them, George and Solomon Bush, who were brothers, were members of the Jewish elite. This is in a book about the elite Jewish families.

I’ve been tracking the 400 Club in Norfolk and Tidewater because of their connections with Meyer Lansky and with Nathan Sharansky’s group and the Jewish Agency for Israel…. You know, they’ve all won the David Ben-Gurion Award and they’re all connected to Meyer Lansky.

But I just think they have divided loyalties. How can they be Americans when they condone the false-flag murders of people, and they intimidate people, and they rule through secrecy and subversion.

Smith: And not only that, the goals that they set…. Many people want to say this is a religious divide. What I’ve come to understand after having spent time studying this is that the Jewish community, both in America and in Israel, has swallowed the entire lie, hook line and sinker. They’ve been lied to more than anyone. They believe the dogma that ‘we are the chosen;’ and they have become the front-line managers for these people, haven’t they?

Griggs: Yes. The most elite…. The sad thing is that they use words like ‘elite’ and ‘special’….. because so many people are insecure within themselves, and they either want money or prestige or something…. they feel like if they hang around people with money….. like Oswald with the homosexual Clay Shaw and that whole crowd.

The point is that they recruit young boys whom they can use sexually. And this has been going on for a long time within the White House, within the elite Old Guard at Fort Meyer.

(This is) well known to people like Chuck Colson (in the Nixon White House), and of course, not just within the Roman Catholic Church.

When you know that there have been false-flag assassination operations and mind control… For instance, actually the Israeli Defense Force group has been in Iran for a long time and were training some of their intelligence officers and sabotaging plane sales to Sadat or to the Egyptian government by blowing up planes that individuals are on. And they are totally preoccupied with this.

And I sincerely believe, in fact I am sure that 9/11 was an Israeli “special operation” to scare us.

Smith: The fact is that all roads do point to them, all the evidence does. From Larry Silverstein to Frank Lowry, with the Lauder family making the transfer of the World Trade Center buildings to Silverstein possible through is connections to Pataki. Then you look at the dancing Israelis, the art students, the moving companies, Odigo gave all the Jews a warning that morning to get out of the building, to not show up to work…. All those things have been proven.

Griggs: And the Pentagon too. Dov Zakheim, a rabbi, was head of the financial wing of the Pentagon and that was the only part that was blown up. And a friend of a spy who is trying to handle me… who worked with the Justice Department, a Zionist anarchist Jew, claims that he was working for Dov Zakheim in the Pentagon and was warned that morning not to come to work. And all the financial records at the Pentagon were destroyed.

Smith: That Dov Zackheim thing, that’s where that $2.6 trillion (of Pentagon money) is missing.

Griggs: I believe the reason they are trying to destroy this country…. is the Zionist Committee of 400, the Norfolk Zionist group, is very angry with the United States and Britain because our countries allow people to talk…. We can still say what we think and feel even if we know we might be targeted some time down the road. I read that there are 22 (web)sites that the Zionist Israelis don’t like that have this Al Menar broadcast, out of Baltimore. And Great Britain has sites, it’s called Memorat TV. They monitor Arab channels. And they, I believe, are the ones who had Sadat murdered.

They do these Purim murders. You know, Bush announced he was going to bomb Iraq on Purim. And they number each and every one of these every year. Purim is in March and then they have murders in October. But they murder their own. And they murdered Sadat.. It was all done according to the Rabbinical calendar.

Smith: That rabbinal group, we’ve discovered, is the Chabad Lubavichers…. Dov Zackheim and Ari Fleisher are rabbis with the Chabad Lubavich.

Griggs: That makes sense because certain rabbis, like rabbi Goldstein, enjoy murdering people.

Now I don’t like Pat Robertson. He’s a Marine and he’s in intelligence and is working for the CIA doing all this spying for Israel. But I don’t think that Pat Robertson would ever be praised for murdering innocent women and children.

Smith: Well, he supports the people do, doesn’t he?

Griggs: Well, he does. And he says it’s OK to murder people. And this is shocking. I’m a Protestant Christian. I’m a pacifist in that I don’t believe in murder.

But these rabbis, on the other hand, people rabbi Bahani and all of these guys over there… there are statues over there to thugs like Meyer Lansky in Tel Aviv. I mean, wake up, America.

Smith: We have been asking people to look at the basic facts. Everyone is mired in: “Oh, it’s the Luciferians, it’s the this, it’s the that.” It’s very simple if you look at the facts. It’s a small group of people in charge of this whole thing. All roads lead back to them (Israel and the Jews). Of course, the truth is a dangerous thing.

But if we just sit back and don’t do anything about them, they’re going to get us anyway. If we try to do something we may also be goners… but I’d rather go down telling the truth about these people, than to just let them just chew away my freedoms, chew away my right to associate, and my ability to design my own future, that’s not happening anymore in this world. We know that this Socialist idea…

The Grand Orient Lodge in Paris was the main center for a lot of this through Rothschild and it came after the King was deposed here (in France).

When Israel was formed… Did you know that Mossad got all their training by the French.

Griggs: There are a lot of things I started connecting when I started living with Sarah McClendon. I met lots of people and I started connecting so many dots you can’t believe it. Jefferson being one of my favorite people, and I’m an old Virginian, a descendant of James Madison.

But Uriah P. Levy (Jew), this crook, this thug, who lent money to Jefferson and put him in the poor house, literally… I believe had Jefferson murdered. Uriah P. Levy’s family took over Monticello immediately (after Jefferson died). They grabbed all his papers. This is what these people do…. They will burn books. They stole family papers of mine. You cannot believe what I’ve been through.

The point is that truth is light. And when you walk in truth…. It’s OK, we’re all going to die sometime. But I care about this planet. And Jefferson did too. And I believe it was a Masonic murder. Jefferson and his buddy, Adams, were corresponding with each other in Virginia. The Zionists, or whatever you want to call them, revolutionaries, were trying to take over the Masonic lodges in Virginia. And Jefferson was on to them. And so was Adams. They were corresponding by way of the mails that were controlled by the little Philadelphia Masonic lodge. So Levy and his crowd knew exactly what Jefferson was writing about.

And, also coming over from France, who solidified everything, Lafayette came over. And he and Jefferson talked. Lafayette told everyone about how the French Revolutionary group intentionally murdered Marie Antoinette (and financed the Jacobins)…. This was the seed of the same mentally sick individual who believe that assassination and murder can build a nation.

Smith: Well, they’ve got a track record, Kay. Let’s talk about a few of their successes stories. We know about Turkey. Turkey has fallen under their control. It did over a hundred years ago and it’s still under their control. And Ataturk was actually a crypto-Zionist Jew. And the simple fact is they’ve never lost control of Turkey. The same is true with Russia. With that vast mineral wealth and vast natural resource wealth and such a powerful Orthodox church, which was very staunch against the criminal Zionist power structure, they were able to get into that society, murder the King, who was the Tzar, and turn around and take over that country. You’ve studied about that as well, haven’t you?

Griggs: Well, absolutely. Stalin’s wife was a Jewess, Rose Kaganovich. He married one. And they felt that Stalin was in their hands. But Stalin found out that someone had been having sex with his daughter. The point is that Stalin in about 1952-53, just like Hitler did, turned on the Jewish doctors. They made fun of Stalin, and said, “Oh, he’s crazy and so forth.” The point is they did try to murder Stalin, even though he was sort of brought into the… and I think he was partially (Jewish)…

Keep in mind I’m not “anti-jew”…. I’m anti anybody who would do these kinds of things secretly thinking that they can win the hearts and minds of people by doing these things. Trotsky’s real name was Lev Braunstein. (And Rasputin who was involved in the highest levels of Russia was a Jew.) I really think these people need mental help as a group. It’s a cultural…. They are very sad and pathetic people. They are mentally not right.

They’re operating in secret and killing off honorable people. Like Patton… who was murdered by the Mark Clark crowd. Mark Clark was a hood.

And the whole Army Quartermaster Core has been taken over by these (Jewish) people. Everyone in Richmond knows this. They are very corrupt people. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They want everything done in secrecy. They revel in murder at their Purim holiday. The children are indoctrinated at Purim with these bloody ears in the cookies that they eat. And Purim is a holiday in March, which Mardi Gras comes from, which started with the “eyes-wide-shut” Stanley Kubrick-type masquerade, basically a Jewish nudist party. Stanley Kubrick, the film-maker, was a Jew who got sick and tired of it. He knew that these people (Jews) in Brooklyn and Long Island are very sick people who condone murder just to have their way.

Smith: I have good Jewish friends in New York.

Griggs: I have wonderful Jewish friends. Best friends going way back. But as a group, when you have people plotting and planning to take over Jerusalem and then they are creating these radical Hamas groups in Egypt. I think we need to get on a level where we have people who can discuss things civilly.

These people are misogynists…. They do not like intelligent women. Look at the Knesset on CSPAN. When Wolfowitz had to change the command. No women. They’re afraid of women.

Smith: Here’s the saddest part that we’re facing now. They are pulling out all the stops to try to blunt our truth. You know, we found out the facts some time ago. And we were getting a great deal of traction on it. Our numbers are up in the 15,000-18,000 listeners per day area. Our listenership is very well educated. So we’re starting to make a big difference here. This group that we’ve been showing these facts to are a big threat to these people. So what they’ve done is the Alternative Press has come out and attacked us. And now this Alternative Press is replete with paid shills and liars. They say: “The Vatican did it all,” or “the Pope did it all,” or “it’s the German death cult.”

But when you take a look behind all of these machinations, at the top of this group are always the same people, and they happen to be, or they claim to be, Jews.

You and I know also that they are of Khazarian heritage…. who converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

Griggs: Absolutely. And one of the people I’ve just discovered is Col. Otto Skorzeny. There’s a book by Glen Infield called “Skorzeny, Hitler’s Commando.” And it’s very well documented. The whole movement that Clay Shaw and my husband and all of these guys in New Jersey, you know the Dulles faction. And some of them were very innocent in the beginning.

But Skorzeny wound up with this banker who was connected with the Rothschild wealthy set in Paris, in Baritz, on the Nice and Cam, you know, that whole crowd. The banker was named Hjalmar Schacht. He was like August Belmont and Judah P. Benjamin, an operative for this Rothschild group. In other words, he’s a front man. And they all were in Spain in the 1950s (under the protection of one of their minions, Franco). The point is that Skorzeny… people need to learn a lot more about Col. Otto Skorzeny.

Skorzeny trained in mind control, as did General Schwartzkoff’s father.

The New Jersey mob were German Jews who were all under the original group that put Hitler into power. In other words, the Meyer Lansky era, when they were using the Sicilian mob, and they wanted to think that the mob was all “Sicilian mafia.” But it’s not. The people who were controlling them, the “Murder Inc.” crowd, and still pretty much are, were Zionists.

But when Skorzeny, who had control of that whole Odessa group, the alumni of the SS. And they had lots and lots of money that they were moving around from Swiss banks to Argentina and so forth. But Skorzeny was doing a lot of work, using the CIA-Zionist cover. In other words, the CIA is controlled by Zionists, I believe- as well as Army intelligence (DIA) and MI6. Because you know 6 is the Zionist numerological number.

But Otto Skorzeny is someone I think people need to learn about because he was very involved with getting secret societies installed in Egypt. While Schwartzkoff’s father, a German immigrant, was sent over to mind control the Iranians. And I read somewhere that there were more military mind-control Masons in Iran than anywhere else.

So I think their plan was to mind control the innocent Arab desert people, you know, (who were) showing hospitality to everyone, to create a Prussian sort of killer class of people using sex… And that’s certainly what they did to the oldest sons of Ibin Saud at the Hinds School, where my husband went. Because they brought these boys over, innocent oldest sons of the Saudi Prince. And who was running that whole Hinds school but these Marxist Zionists in Great Britain, the Russel Trust, which also built the Skull and Bones (fraternity at Yale). That’s no coincidence…. Mind controlling young boys using sex. It’s the old Marxist trick. The old Purim trick.

Smith: When we look at this, Kay, we know that they have long experience in what works best and what doesn’t and using the Christian-based system against itself. In other words, Christians are basically shame-based people. In other words, we should feel ashamed if we injure another person with rudeness or with an unkind or ignoble action. So they can use the shame that most of us are born with.

Griggs: Well, the Catholic Christians sort of moved into the Anglican Christian mind-control hierarchical structures, yes.

But the Cathars, the earliest Christians, who were around for the first hundred years were real followers of Jesus Christ, where men and women were equal, where they didn’t ever kill, they were vegetarians, they had all the pretty women. And they all were living on perched villages. And they were taking away all the people from this little Roman sick group. And Charles Martell and the 700 murdered, massacred, tried to kill these beautiful earliest Christians, where men and women were equal. And the few survivors went up to Ireland. And they believed that each mountain top, each village, was an entity unto itself. And you weren’t allowed to have anybody from above or any hierarchical structure telling you what to do. And this is what pure democracy in my book is all about.

And it was the takeover of the Virginia Masons, who were all Scottish, each group ran it’s own little ship. And that takeover by this sinister group from New York coming down to Virginia at the time Belmont and the train… they really literally infiltrated the Masonic movement in Virginia and made it impure.

Smith: Let’s talk about some of those first handlers and criminals. We do know that in the Civil War period that John Wilkes Booth went right back to Rothschild. We have Jefferson Davis’s finance minister of the South, Judah P. Benjamin, (who) went right back to Rothschild.

Griggs: You see Richmond was the Mecca. Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy. Why? Because Virginia produced all these Scottish, wonderful thinkers. Brave men like Madison, and Monroe and Patrick Henry. These were all basically Scots who believed in the equality of men and women. They knew that the Brits were wanting to get rid of slavery. The Triangular Trade with Scotland was run by British Rothschild folks from Birmingham, England. But the point is that it was very profitable. But in their hearts and minds, people like Jefferson, were intellectual giants, they were all 6 feet tall, except Madison was a shorty, that’s my side of the family. Very intellectual.. All the women, were readers and could play the piano and ride horses and shoot. Just really outgoing, open-minded women.

But these guys (Jews) are afraid of intelligent women. Why? Because women understand. Women communicate, we talk. We tell the truth. Because they’re trying to save this nation and this world.

And they are trying to destroy the Scandanavian culture, and I was involved in the whole operation. I know about that. They got a lot of their cold weather training up there. And the Marine Corps is doing everything they can to ruin that culture. And America, I believe, because we have those 22 sites where some of the Moslem societies are telling the truth about what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. Someone’s got to stop this. This is not right. They’re bullies. They’ve got huge bombs, billions of dollars, that we, out of fear and cowardice, are giving to them.

Where are our intellectual giants? Well, they murdered Patton. They totally got rid of MacCarthur.

Smith: Eisenhower was the one who let a million Germans starve to death in Germany after the war.

Griggs: Mark Clark, a Zionist, was Eisenhower’s handler. His whole family was controlling the whole Quartermaster Core. This is one of the most corrupt men since Judah P. Benjamin and Uriah P. Levy. He took lots of jewels and things and hid them in salt mines in Germany.

The same thing was done after the Russian Revolution, where Armand Hammer and his crowd just stole the Russian eggs and sold it in New York. It was their own little thing. Armand’s Hammer’s best friend was Lenin. He had pictures of Lenin in his office. Armand Hammer was doing business with some of these Israeli operatives in Egypt, guys like Gorbanifar, who were working with my husband and MacFarlane and that whole crowd. The Marines realize it because there are a lot “cherry marines” and they are very easily manipulated and controlled.

Smith: How are we going to unravel their criminality, Kay?

Griggs: It’s already an open secret in Norfolk, Virginia. I think they are very afraid because they know that everybody knows.

The same thing happened in Germany in the 1930s. The German High Command had manipulated the leaders to be pedophiles. You had the entire German High Command going to Naples, with orchestras and these little Italian boys were brought in by the Catholic priests and they were used later on. This was, as William Manchester called it, the “German disease.”

It’s logical. Think about it. All these guys, Clay Shaw, he was servicing the Generals and so forth. (Like Gannon at the White House). This is the norm. You can’t move up unless you are on. They love pedophiles. And most of them are married, like George H.W. Bush Sr. They like little girls and little boys. And now it’s the whole Catholic Church. But it’s the White House that is doing it…

I’ve tracked it historically from this Skorzeny-Abwehr-Gehlen Group… Outside of Fort Hunt, my grandfather was Naval Intelligence and we was meeting with them and Mount Batten after WWII. It was all sort of secret. And all these Germans and the Zionist element were coming into Newport News.

They’re trying to blame 9/11 and everything else on the Moslems. And they’ve got a movie coming out (2005) called “Obsession” (that does this). It’s written by a Canadian-Israeli named Raphael Shore, and a Jewish rabbi named Wayne Kopping, who worked with an assassin network in South Africa that was planning 9/11. He is also involved in the poppy stuff (heroin) with the ISI (Inter-services Intelligence) in Pakistan. And this movie is going to be coming out on opening night on September 11 in Newport News, VA. The Committee, the 400 Club is very, very vital.

Smith: There are many (Zionist) centers…. New York, Newport News, Chicago, Los Angles, and also Cleveland, for some reason, seems to be very important.

Griggs: That’s a German place where all the guys were working for the Zionist/Marxists in France, the underground. All of them, the Germans in Ohio, it’s almost a Nazi enclave. I like Ohio. But they tend to be very much that way. Don’t ever ask them who their father was… You’ll get a hard look.

Smith: When we look at this whole conspiracy, I know they they are doomed. I know they are going to lose this. However, every day that we hasten their demise is going to save a life, save suffering, it’s going to stop illness and sickness from being perpetrated. So I work to try to save others. Take a look at what they did in Lebanon and what they are still doing in Palestine. I know that these people have no regard for the safety of human beings.

Griggs: They laugh when they do it. It’s joy to them. They have birthed these secret societies, the Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas, and so forth.

Smith: We’ve gone through a lot of subjects here. We’ve actually gone deeper than you did in your 1998 interviews with Reverend Struckhatter.

Griggs: I just want to see openness, and truth and light, and I want to see ideals again, and I want to see these purveyors of darkness and death retired.

Smith: I’m proud to know you, you are a good friend. I want to keep you in circulation. We need to keep a profile in order to stay safe.

Griggs: It’s heartening to know that I haven’t gone through this in vain.

Smith: No, you haven’t. We’re going to keep fighting. Keep an eye on the French Connection, because that’s where a lot of the truth comes out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was Kay Griggs. There is so much in Kay’s words, there are so many connections being made, you have to listen to this broadcast more than once, I believe. Because it is that in-depth. It is that important. Kay Griggs has first-hand accounts and first-person knowledge of the people who are behind much of this, and knows the family structures, knows the people, the friendships and sick relationships that actually took place. So you really do need to listen to Kay. She is not somebody who just shoots from the hip. She is telling it like it is and for that she deserves all of our praise.

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  1. Why is no one reporting SAMHSA.gov? They are the NIH’s psychiatric psychopathic political control pogrom.37 Trauma Informed Care Centers. Military run. (DOD human experiment contracts? VA hospital across the street… on and on. huge.) Which could be Cia infiltration? One in my town. They threw me in 5 times for profits… im a ti. There were 2 excellent documents that have now been scrubbed – Leading Change and Change 2.0. 100 pgs ea. Talked about ti program and remite viewing w/o using actual words. Part of the medical home, integrated care, behavioral health ie Scientology program for Obamacare – Cheneycare???

    There’s also a great book on the Italian experience which describes much of this ti pogrom. Puppetmasters by Philip Willan. Its very good. Difficult reading at time due to the complex underworld and the need not to come out and say things directly. But it talks about US Nato UN involvement and the P2 mafia and the Russian commie setup thats been going on since ‘47. Very important book!!

  2. Mind control done through satanic ritual abuse, performed by satanic prostitutes (who perform deviant sex/pornography). These mind controlled sex slaves serve as a bridge between the handlers’ AI and the black magic’s victim. The man victims is so mind programmed in a very short while. I assisted to the whole horrific process…

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