Jewish Rabbi: “We will take over those living on the earth”

The Alien Jewish “Fifth Column” Strategy Acknowledged: Lesson by Jewish Rabbi Michael Laitman from 2011:

From “Israeli Nation” youtube (; at about 41 to 50 minutes)

Epigraph quote:

“We are aliens… from a different galaxy….. We will take over those living on the earth”

“Say we (Jews) are now being sent somewhere; for instance, Africa. We’ll take on the same shape and form as the people in Africa. The characteristics, traits, approach, interests, everything. Same exact form, inside and out, as we are there. It’s like an undercover agent. He is there for a while, no one touches him. He has to start working, build a house, family, everything. For years and years. He forgets all about it. After that, he gets a reminder from outside. “You have to start working.” All of a sudden they call him and say: “Here is your commander.”

This is what’s happening with us (Jews). We have to wake up. We have to remember that we have a special mission. And really, this isn’t our place. We are coming from a completely different place. So we have to find our friends, according to this awakening. Then we gather as a group. So from this entire planet, we are aliens. We’re coming from a different galaxy. We’ve received this ray of light, this awakening, individually. And now we are gathering as groups, starting to prep ourselves to conquer earth. That’s the mission.

Answer: How do we conquer it? We’re also shown the method. We are gradually being trained, activated; and then that emotion and mind awakens in us. It’s new to us, but in fact it’s coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original natural force we have, we will take over those living on earth.

Answer: (But) it’s even more than that. It’s not a different galaxy. It’s a different universe. It’s a different dimension altogether. That’s who we are.

Answer: (Why are) we aliens? I’m not talking about (our) external form. The body or their flesh and blood organs, etc. I’m talking about that interior that does not exist in other people in the world, on earth, but only in (us.) It’s this inner software that is in them here coming from the other world.

Answer: Others don’t have it. What we are talking about now is the phase where those undercover agents have to connect together and organize themselves in order to conquer earth.

Answer: We came here in order to put things in order, like in our home planet. There everything is in order to bestow its complete love. It’s opposite of what happens here. We came here in order to finish all the horrible order that happens here. Where the people of earth are ruining themselves, they’re annihilating themselves. Soon they (we) are going to put an end to their life here. We came here to save them, to set up a different life for them. That’s the mission. Now we are waking up, from this wave coming from our home planet, we’re being activated to start working.