2 Replies to “Brendon O’Connell: Isolate But Preserve”

  1. Interesting interview. Brendon is right about a lot of things – I’ve had similar experiences, and it all started in Australia with an off duty Mossad commander. I was profiled, stalked, gas lit and honey trapped; coaxed to Thailand where I was further stalked, drugged, poisoned and framed – with an Israeli connection ALWAYS hovering in the background one place removed from the action. Their goal was a Satanic end – to force me into behaviour that inverted my morals and principles. After they’d achieved that by setting me up with an underage hooker (posing as a 23yr old uni student) and, likely filming it, they used that to out source my stalking and harassment to British agents, criminals and junkies, who seem to operate according to the methodology that Israelis are becoming famous for – professional, social and financial ruin through slander, isolation, DEW attacks, hacking, overt surveillance, sabotage, drugging, poisoning, murder and more.

    Brendon’s recent work on the Israeli high tech sector has been impressive, recommend everyone check his youtube channel out

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