Illuminati Vision 2025 (Audio Narration & Text; Insights of Texe Marrs, Former Air Force Officer, Author, Pastor)

Illuminati Vision 2025 (11:39)

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The following is from a Power of Prophecy program entitled “Illuminati Vision 2025” by Texe Marrs, former Air Force Officer, author, Christian pastor, and founder of Power of Prophecy:

“About 4 months ago we received a package here at Power of Prophecy. It was a document from a friend of mine who works as an administrator in the White House. He told me the White House was having some very critical meetings. And they were having important people come in from all kinds of different fields and professions. And they were meeting quite regularly and they were developing a 10-year plan for America that would extend from 2015 to 2025. It was an alarming plan.

He gave me 15-typed pages which had hand-written notes in the margins. This was like an agenda or a map of where they were going. It was called “Vision 2025.” After reading it and seeing what it was all about, I was extremely upset and angry.

Because our government, the Obama administration, was meeting with the chairmen of Facebook, etc., the heads of NSA, CIA, DIA, the NAACP, all of these other groups. There were leaders in the environmental movement, in religion, terrorism, the counter-terrorism industry, the prison systems, from the Federal Reserve, the entertainment industry, the media, etc. And they had been meeting for many, many months to map out a vision for America. This was all secret. And they were leading us into some very dark directions.

I realized that with all these big-named people this is really the “Illuminati Vision 2025.” All participants were told to keep all their materials and not leave anything behind. But nonetheless, my friend found this paper lying on a table and saw the value of it and he sent it here to Power of Prophecy.

I checked the names and all the participants appeared to be members of the Council on Foreign Relations. About 80% of the CFR are Jews, with names like Cohen and Goldman, etc. but many weren’t.

Do you want to know what they plan for you and me? I spent several days working on this document, and I determined that there were at least 10 major points. And I renamed this document “Illuminati Vision 2025: The Elites’ 10-point plan to Reshape America and Build a Global Bureaucratic Utopia.” They don’t like the old America. They want something new….

This vision includes both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House. And it is a very socialist plan. The Neocons (neoconservatives) were very, very big here. And I realized that the Neocons, both Republican and Democratic, are pushing a big agenda of war, of spying on America, of terrorism. And we don’t have any say about it.

All these ideas seemed to be mentioned and talked about in an old document I have entitled “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” If you want to know where America is going in the next 10 years, read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. We have that book for you. This is the blueprint by which the most powerful men and women in the world plan to subjugate the entire human population. No more Constitution, no more Bill of Right. This book is the classic on international Zionism.

This is all leading to “Tikkun Olam.” This is a Hebrew word that means “to mend, restore, or repair” the world. It is the Jewish, Hebrew name for the expected New World Order when Satan makes the Jews the kings of this world.

I’m writing a new book now entitled “The Holy Serpent of the Jews.” You’ll be shocked to discover that the Jews worship the Holy Serpent. They have many names for him. They call him Metatron, Leviathan, and they believe the serpent will give them all the kingdoms of this world. I hate injustice and so I strongly oppose this Jewish supremacy plan.

Back to the 10-point plan. Tikkun Olam. They will make this into a wonderful vacation place. Under this plan, the Jews will be our leaders and they will kill us if we refuse to serve them. The Babylonian Talmud says “The best of the gentiles kill.”

It seems that the news media cover one or two or three of these items every day. It seems that these are the main talking points for the Illuminati elite. The 10 points are:

Empty Our Prisons
Race and Migration
Big Brother Spying and the Military
Media Lies and Propaganda
Money Manners
Political Correctness.

These points are going to be pushed over the next years bringing the end of freedom in America and the coming of the Zionist-communist system.

1) Environmentalism: They say “don’t use the term “global warming,” Use only “climate change’ and if there is any change in the weather at all, say it’s because of “climate change.” If it rains it’s because of climate change. If it snows, it’s climate change. If it’s hot, it’s “climate change.” So whatever happens is climate change. Who can deny that?

Also, use the school system, the text books, that talk about Agenda 21 and climate change. These school kids are so scared now.

Another items says all wars are caused by climate change. It was climate change that killed Ghadaffi.

2) Religion: They want to push “unity and diversity.” In other words, let’s all get together, we’re all one, all religions are from God. It doesn’t matter who you worship or what you worship, nobody is really right are they? So just come together as one.

A big item pushed there was to “end Christian exclusiveness.” Obama said at the beginning of his term: “We are not a Christian nation.” Well, 80% of Americans say they are Christian. And in the notes was written in “Push Church of Satan.” Another item, “no crosses,” “check with church groups.” They are saying to churches, you have crosses and that offends people. Take down your cross. Just look like a normal office building.

Another item: Promote “Parliament of the Worlds Religions” (2015). No exclusiveness. Jesus is the same as Mohammed isn’t he? It doesn’t really matter what name of Christ you are worshipping, does it?

3) Terrorism… Gun control is under that. Another note was “Fast and Furious, Promote.” You see in the fast and furious program during the Obama administration, they gave away thousands of assault rifles. They wanted the Mexican gangs to come into America and kill people. Then they could say, “You see there, we need gun control.”

Promote perpetual war. They want no end to terrorism. When President George W. Bush invaded Iraq he said this war may last 100 years. It doesn’t matter to them that thousands are slain. They love it when they kill millions.

4) Empty the prisons. I’m seeing that now. It’s called prison reform. They say we have more people in prison than any place on the earth. We have to empty the prisons. Don’t fall for it. Democrats say: “Let them go”- so they can go back and join their gangs, invade houses, and push drugs. The devil is in every one of these 10 points.

5) Race and Migration: We’ve already seen what’s happening there. Obama has brought in millions of Moslems. And they are beginning to kill and rape our boys and girls. Homosexuality is rampant in Muslim countries. They are building mosques across America. They want race wars in America between blacks and whites. Don’t fall for it. It will lead to chaos.

And they want us to expand the refugee program. They say, “more HBI visas,”- that’s where all the high tech people come in here. All the high tech companies want to hire foreigners, from China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia so that they can pay them half of what they pay American computer engineers, laser scientists, and so forth. The biggest pushers of all this are Jews, they own all the high-tech companies and they want cheap labor. They are going to lay off the Americans and hire these foreigners.

6) Big Brother Spying and the Military: They want to increase the spying of us by the NSA data banks, CIA, DIA, etc. We had these 14 people killed down in Fort Bernadino. So they cry out: “Give more billions of dollars to the CIA and NSA so we can have more spying.”

Media Lies and Propaganda (their term was “Media Support”). They call for the hiring of tens of thousands of government employees to be trolls on the internet for the government. They go on all the internet chat pages and they push the government agenda… we need more refugees, we need more spying because of terrorism, look, there’s another war in the Middle East, that’s because of climate change, we need to let those prisoners out of prison.

Folks, I did a feature article called Truth and Lies, believe me the government is the biggest liar there is. The government sponsors terrorism. It fights religion. It promotes race wars. And it lies about everything. Lies, lies, lies.

Money Matters…. “New Fed rules.” They have a new consumer agency. They are going to take care of consumers who are ripped off. Sure, they are going to rip you off.

Culture…. They say that movies, plays music, etc. will be shaped for the government propaganda. I’m seeing that. Same-sex marriages, the BLGT agenda. They are pushing race, homosexuality, and transgenders. They are destroying our culture.

10) Political Correctness: We can’t have a Miss USA, now we will have to have Miss Transgender USA. All TV comedies will have a transgender. We will have to change all the bathrooms so everyone should go to the same bathrooms. Talk about ruining our culture.

With this 10-point plan, you are going to be controlled in every facet of life. It’s both Republicans and Democrats. What can we do about this? I say secede. They want to get rid of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and cut out your right to own a gun. They say you Christians can’t be exclusive now. They are lying. And “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Those, my friends, are the words of Jesus Christ.