How America and Israel Strangle the World (Audio Narration & Text; Insights of Texe Marrs, Former Air Force Officer, Author, Christian Pastor)

How America and Israel Strangle the World (14:55)

From “How America and Israel Strangle the World” (Power of Prophecy program) by Texe Marrs, Former Career US Air Force Officer, College Professor, author of over 70 books, and Christian Pastor:

I want to talk you about what we’re doing in the world, and especially in the Middle East. It’s going to surprise you because what I’m going to tell you is not what the press has told you. If you believe the press, you’d be pretty mixed up.

I don’t have any reason to lie to you. The US government has every reason to lie to you because they want the resources of Africa and the Middle East: gold, diamonds, and particularly oil. They want these resources and they really don’t want to pay a lot for them so they’d like to just take them. But there’s more than that.

There are insane religious ideologies. Our so-called ally in the Middle East, Israel, does have strange and bizarre ideas. You see, when you believe that you are a ‘chosen people’ of God. The only chosen of God. And when their most holy books, the Talmud and the Kabbalah, tell them and they believe it, and they transmit this same message to their youth, their youth grow up to believe that:

Israel shall be the headquarters of the whole earth,
Israel shall have a world court. And it will have judges in the Sanhedrin who will make decisions affecting all of mankind.
Israel will become a “Greater Israel”. It will expand to take over all of the Middle East. And it will eventually expand to be Greater, Greater, Greater Israel. And according to one plan, the Oded Yinon Plan of the 1980s, it will eventually encompass the entire globe, including the United States.

To accomplish this, what the Jews call “Tikkun Olam,” the re-ordering, the mending, the fixing, the rehabilitation of this planet, they are busy on this right now. And they believe their god, in the form of a great serpent, will help them to mend this world and to take it over and conquer it. So it is a Jewish New Order that they’re expressing.

Now we’ve all heard the term New World Order. Many believe this began with President George H.W. Bush. But it began long before that and this term actually comes out of the Satanic, occult world.

The Jews are very attached to this New World Order. They believe that Jerusalem shall be the capital. At the same time, they’ve given the United States authority to set up a commercial embassy in Bagdad. But what I want you to know is that Israel wants to expand out. They were only given, by the US and the Soviet Union, their two design partners, a small sliver of land in Palestine, by Truman and Stalin, in 1948. From that small sliver, they have expanded to take over the entire Middle East.

Now notice the Jewish flag, the flag of Israel. They have a 6-pointed star in the middle. And that is the Rothschild shield. It is not the Star of David. David never used it. The Old Testament David proclaimed that his standard was the shield of the Lord. We do know in the book of Acts that the first Christian martyr Stephen exposed that star as the Star of Moloch, Kiune, and Rimphan. These were the ancient Egyptian deities. Behind them all was the great god, Saturn, the 6th planet from the sun, Satan, Lucifer. That was the real god that the Jews worshipped when they left Egypt.

And it is the god represented on the 6-pointed star. The 6-pointed star is made up of two triangles, one superimposed on top of another, indicating the fact that Satan in Isaiah 12-14 says I will be like the most high. In fact, he says he will conquer the most high. He will bring together heaven and hell. Thus, we have two triangles. One heaven, one hell. Those two come together. It is also the sign of the Holy sex act that is so honored in the Jewish faith. They believe in a multiplicity of deities, including the great goddess and the god, which they depict as two great serpents, Leviathan and Behemouth. These two continuously have sex with one other. And that is a small picture of the Jewish religion.

But in the flag, you see two blue lines on the top and bottom. These indicate that the great kingdom of Israel shall be expanding. One line represents the River Euphrates that runs through Bagdad, and the other represents the Nile in Egypt. So they believe they will conquer Egypt and then Iraq. So we know that this is their plan, and they’ve actually expressed it in their flag, a flag, by the way, designed by the Rothschild family.

Now what can Israel, a tiny nation of 7.5 million Jews… probably 10 Israel’s could fit into the state of Texas- How could they possibly be so strong? Well, Prime Minister Mayatar of Malaysia, at a conference in 2003, said “The Jews rule the world by proxy, they use other nations to do their bidding.” Particularly, he indicated, the United States.

If the United States is the greatest superpower in the world and if you control the United States through kosher politics, through its banking system, through its media, through its culture, its academics, if you can take a small number of people and control the whole nation, then you can use that nation to go forth and become your proxy to conquer the world. This is what has been going on in the Middle East, in Europe, and around the world.

Of course, we have conquered Germany. We did that for the Jews. You can read M.S. King’s book, “The Bad War,” and discover why we went to war with Germany. It wasn’t because Hitler was a bad man. It was because the Jews sought to destroy Hitler, destroy Germany, ruin their culture, and be the king makers in Europe.

They also sought to destroy Russia. In 1917, Lenin and Trotsky, two Jews, were able to pull off a revolution in Russia. They massacred the family of the Czar and then they proceeded to kill, according to author, Alexander Solstenitsyn, some 66 million Christians. Now, thanks to Bolshevik Revolution and the Cold War, Russia has been defeated.

What is going on now? In the early 90’s, a group was formed, made up of neocon Jews and their favored gentile boot-lickers, called “The Project for a New American Century.” Basically, the Project for a New American Century said in the 21st century, America will lead the world. Now the real meaning of that is: America will rule the world but Israel shall rule over America. If Israel and the 2.5 % of the American population who are Jewish can control the colleges and universities, can control the media, can control the court system, the supreme court and so forth, if it can control the military and cause a revolution of thinking in the military, if it can control the politics, and turn them into kosher politics, which it has done, if it can control especially the corporations and the banking system, then in controlling America, it will control the world. And that is exactly what has happened. Please read my book “Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star” and see exactly who controls, who runs America.

And what is their plan? Their plan is to run the world by running the Middle East. To do that, they must conquer all the nations of the Middle East. But not just conquer them; leave them hopeless, helpless, in the state of continual chaos. And that is exactly what has happened.

First, they came up with 9/11. Yes, this was done by Israel. Read about the dancing Israelis from New Jersey that filmed the whole thing. The fact is the Israeli Mossad working with the American CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the White House of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, were able to pull off 9/11 and blame it on 19 poor Arabs. But what we know now is that those aircraft had black boxes, electronic boxes, on them and they told those aircraft where to go. And that’s just the truth. And it was run by Dick Cheney.

Now, 9/11 meant that over 3,000 Americans died. Those people not only died, but we lied about who killed them. But be that as it may, it fired the American people up when George W. Bush said we’re going to get back at these people. Where were they? Who were they? It turns out that of the 19 Arabs, 17 were Saudi Arabians. That’s because they were all part of the CIA operation and they came from Saudi Arabia. Well, we didn’t want to blame Saudi Arabia for the attack. We didn’t want to let anybody know, for sure, that it was Israel.

Instead, we said it was some guy living in a cave 10,000 miles away called Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin laden of course said he did not do it, that there was a secret group formed inside the United States that accomplished this thing. He was exactly correct of course.

But we said, we’re going to look for Osama Bin Laden. And then we suddenly let everybody know: We know where he’s at. He’s hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan. So we attacked Afghanistan. What did we do in Afghanistan? We stole the resources; the copper, the uranium, that we’re now selling to the Red Chinese. But more than that, we put in the poppy fields. And now Afghanistan is the world’s number 1 heroin dealer. And it’s our CIA and our military that’s running all of the heroin for the whole world. From OUR opium-poppy fields in Afghanistan. And of course, we’ve killed many Taliban.

But there’s been no trace of Osama Bin Laden. We finally found the guy, after years and years of fighting in Afghanistan, we finally found him just living with his wives in a house right next to a military base in Pakistan. Our Seal Team 6 went in and took him out, supposedly… but nobody’s ever seen his body. The US claimed they dumped his body in the sea. But did it?

No, of course not. He was already dead years ago. He died of kidney failure. Who was that that they killed? Some poor slob that they got and they killed.

So we invaded Afghanistan, but Osama Bin Laden wasn’t even there. But Osama Bin Laden never did one crime. He was a CIA agent who had worked with CIA fighting the Russians in Afghanistan many decades before.

So we conquered Afghanistan. And then, Bush and Cheney said, we must go and conquer Iraq. Why? They had nothing to do with 9/11. Well, because they have nuclear weapons and there will be mushroom clouds all over America.

How is that? They had no bombers, they had no missiles, they had no way to deliver those nuclear weapons even if they had them. No way to bring them to America. But we still were going to take out Sadam. So we conquered Iraq. We killed half a million Iraqis. We destroyed half their country.

It was worth it. Why? I don’t know. Because a few years later, we allowed the Isis people (who were actually created, trained, and armed by Israel and the United States as our proxy terrorist army) to come in and the Isis warriors have now taken about half of Iraq.

And now Afghanistan is being lost to the Taliban. We’ve lost Iraq, we’ve lost Afghanistan. All of it for nothing. Thousands of American soldiers mutilated, dead, for nothing. Trillions of dollars sent. For nothing. Well, there is something that has been won. Israeli hegemony. Israeli superiority. Israeli ascendance in the world.

Friends, the United States is not owned by the government anymore. We’re owned by the Jewish neocons. A recent New York Times article admitted that 25-30 neocons ran America. And they basically told George W. Bush what to do.

And 50% of Americans in a recent poll admitted that they are terrified that the government is about to take away their freedoms and liberties.

First, 9/11. So we went in and took Afghanistan and Iraq. But we haven’t stopped there. There’s war going on in Yemen, in Somalia, in countries like Liberia where we want the gold and the diamonds, and in Egypt. We also went into Libya- we assured Ghadaffi he was our friend, so he got rid of any semblance of anything even related to nuclear weapons and he offered to let our inspectors to go into his country to inspect. Instead we chose to go in and kill him, and we took the country’s money, gold, and oil, and we left the country a decadent wreck and now people are being killed, they lock their doors at night, and terrorists are roaming the streets.

Here’s what Carl Bernstein said in 2012 at a conference about the Iraqi war.. He said:

“This was an insane war that brought us low economically and morally. We went to war against a guy, Saddam Hussein, who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext. It is inexplicable. And there you go to Cheney, to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neocons who wanted to remake the world. Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish, to bring about a certain result.. The Jewish New World Order.

Those 25-30 neocons are still there today and they are still telling the Obama what to do.