Hurricane Harvey As Weather Warfare: Parts 1, 2, 3: Dr. Eric Karlstrom With Ramola D (9/25/17)

Also see my most recent post (September, 25,2017): Hurricane harvey was weather warfare directed against the american people by the u.s. government

ETK Introduction: As in previous podcasts that we have done, Ramola D and I experienced some interference with the audio and video quality of this podcast interview. It could be that the “powers that be” (actively) disapprove of these revelations. Nonetheless, 95% of the audio can be understood and the interview provides basic information on the history of weather warfare in America as it pertains to Hurricane Harvey and other apparently man-made disasters.

In this interview, I refer to a power point presentation I put together for a 2011 panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club on the topic of “Man-Made Climate Change In the Skies” which is posted on this website (Man-Made Climate Change in the Skies).

I also refer to an article I recently put together that strongly suggests that Hurricane Harvey was man-made:

Hurricane Harvey Was Weather Warfare Directed Against the American People by the U.S. Government