Professor Kevin MacDonald On The Jewish Assault on White Culture

Introduction: Dr. Kevin MacDonald on Red Ice Radio:

“It’s important to remember that the (Jewish, leftist) activists who are behind this (immigration movement) are motivated by hatred toward the traditional people and culture of America and the European countries…. (With) any revolution motivated by hatred; you have to really worry about what the long-term consequences of that will be. We have examples like the mass murder and gulags in Russia. Ethnic conflict is the one constant in history.”

ETK note: Similarly, this website demonstrates unequivocally that the global system of gang stalking/targeting of TIs (targeted individuals) is based on hatred. And likewise, Michael Hoffman, author of “Judaism Discovered,” proves through quoting the Jewish Talmud that the religion of Judaism is based on hatred. Given the current Jewish control of society’s dominant institutions, I believe it is fairly obvious that Jewish hatred of Western/Christian civilization is, indeed, the organizing and animating force behind modern culture and events.