How They Target TIs: Drone Kill Nets (parts i-iii); Videos by Sabrina Wallace (2023)

In these posts, Sabrina Wallace reads and comments on this document: Drones Kill Communications Net Illustrated by Mark Ballard, 2014,, Public Sector IT

Drone kill communications net illustrated, Mark Ballard, 2014

1) Drone kill communications net illustrated i July 30, 2023

2) Drone kill net part ii July 30, 2023


Ooo, edumacation. I love these lessons.

Much love funny lady! Hope you’re groovin today! gratias Deo Amen – my birds outside today are so beautiful – I’m doing bo staff in a bit so I hope you can hear them later. I’m able to leave videos up for about 3 days atm – please thank everyone on the video tg group for me if you get a moment to drop them an emjoii of appreciation from me, thank you lady if you can, Amen.

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ty again for pointing that out. i have been working on pointing out range each time i show product or chipset now so folks understand .. the pen is mightier … ha trebek .. ur mother HEY! stfu connery! in other words everything is a tool and as a mother who grew up with a respect and love for electronics and physics, i love model airplanes, engines, civics layouts utilizing topology for natural water systems and if we are cut off from teaching it how do we ever learn to fall in love with such beautiful applications of material physics? sorry blacksheep folks if anyone got cranky, thank you for the good work you do!

14) Drone kill net part iii July 30, 2023



rf spectrum for uwb for wban on thumbnail