Targeted Killing: C4ISR & Net-Centric-Electronic Warfare Graphics For TIs (YOU are a NODE On the Kill Network)

Compiled by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS, Dec. 4, 2023

Webmaster’s Introduction:

It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that the US government is systematically targeting and killing its own citizens. This means that the so-called government is the US government in name only.   It is something else entirely.  Led by the military-intelligence-industrial complex, it is a killing machine, a crime syndicate. It has been captured by criminals. As a targeted individual myself for many years, I can say unequivocally that I never imagined such unrelenting, preternatural hatred existed in the world. 

Has the US government been captured by tyrants or by Satan and his demons and minions?  There are many descriptions of Satan in the Bible, including murderer, destroyer, liar, deceiver, adversary, prince of evil spirits, thief, accuser, confuser, opponent, and tempter. He is powerful, proud, deceitful, subtle, fierce, and cruel. He may appear as an angel of light, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and a roaring lion. All of these seem to be apt descriptions of the US government today.

A particularly relevant description of Satan in Ephesians 2:2 is “prince of the power of the air, the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience.” Hmmm, “power of the air?”  Air Force? Directed energy/electronic /nonlethal weapons?  Push-button, exta-legal, electronic targeting, torture, and killing of innocents? Computer networking through the wireless body area network (WBAN) and the medical body area network*?  Wireless hacking of computers and bio-hacking of people?  HAARP?  Geoengineering, weather warfare, and mind control via electromagnetic frequencies? “Owning the Weather By 2025” (1996 US Air Force document)?  “Full spectrum dominance” of the electromagnetic spectrum?  “Full spectrum dominance” of the world?

Who conferred such god-like power on these people?  Certainly, the American people didn’t. These deadly technologies, operations, and goals harken back to the five “I wills” of Lucifer:

Isaiah 14:13-14: For you [Lucifer] have said in your heart:

I will ascend into heaven, 
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; 
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation In the sides of the north;
I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, 
I will be like the Most High. 

We now come full circle on this website. Abundant evidence presented here indicates the US Air Force was/is the lead agency in the execution of Operation 9/11… and, most probably, in the execution of the targeted individual program as well.  On the day of September 11, 2001, events were orchestrated by personnel in the underground Air Force bunker at Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colorado as a drill for Continuity of Government (CoG).  (See: Tarpley, W., 911 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA, 5th Edition, 2012). CoG involves the activation of Operation Garden Plot and Rex-84 rules that include the assumption of dictatorial powers and the imposition of martial law. Thus, we start to grasp that 9/11 and the civilian (TI) targeting program could comprise different parts of the same long term, (Jewish) neoconservative (Project For A New American Century) conspiracy.

Targeted Individuals! Here’s You: YOU Are A Node, A Target, on the Electronic-Net-Centric Computer Warfare Battlefield:

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “I’ve been out here for a year and a half trying to bring attention to drone warfare, electronic warfare, electronic ASSAULT. Because we have two sets of programs, bare minimum. One of them is we are protecting everyone with our tanks and planes. The other one is a civilian targeting program.

It’s all just electronic warfare. “Pay for play.” We are killing with computer networks. Network killing IS their system.””

Sabrina Wallace, computer network engineer and DARPA black projects survivor

2) Scientists and engineers from places such the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory (MIT-LL) and the National Security Agency (NSA) modeled the GIG (Global Information Grid) on the internet. It was a network of networks like the internet.

They joined the DISN (Defense Information System Network) with satellite and radio to form a single, seamless network. The US Department of Defence then strove to plug every device into it – every vehicle, every system, every drone – to form one all-encompassing net.

Net-centric targeting relies on a process called data fusion (webmaster: Fusion Centers!), or semantic interoperability. That means storing your data in ways that can always be cross-matched. Not just military data. Net-centric targeting developers wrote civil databases into their plans too, such as immigration databases and feeds from civil intelligence agencies (webmaster: DHS/FBI Fusion Centers).

There is clear evidence that the UK connection is part of a global intelligence and weapons targeting network that operate US drone missions like a hand operates a puppet… this “network-centric” targeting also became the means of a chilling new type of warfare called targeted killing: computer-driven, intelligence-led, extra-judicial assassinations of suspected terrorists like those who kidnapped school girls in Nigeria and massacred shoppers in Kenya. The UK connection was part of this because under the targeted killing programme, the network is the weapon.

… This sort of computer vigilance, combined with networked intelligence, threw up new targeting possibilities. The US started building common surveillance systems with its partners in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The more sources of intelligence they had, more targets they could see.

The US formed a coalition to develop a web of NATO net-centric targeting systems. It would get target intelligence on the fly from surveillance gathered by any number of NATO countries that happened to have forces, sensors or databases with something to add to the kill equation.

The Multi-Sensor Aerospace-Ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition (MAJIIC) worked on making NATO ISR sensors produce data in the same formats. MAJIIC aimed to make innumerable surveillance platforms compatible: electro-optical (EO), infra-red (IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR – high resolution video or still images), moving target indicators (MTI), and Electronic Support Measures (ESM – electronic emissions).

Their aim is what US strategists call “dominant battlespace awareness” – having more eyes and ears feeding more situational awareness back into the network than anybody else.

From: Drone kill communications net illustrated, by Mark Ballard, 2014, Public Sector IT,

Note: Most graphics are from a US Air Force Recruitment Video:

For more information and details, see:

1. Drone kill net part ii July 30, 2023 (Sabrina Wallace, Psinergy Channel)

2. Drone kill communications net illustrated, 2014, Mark Ballard,

3. Logging Into Your Wireless Body Area Network For Military & Medical Missions: The Biodigital Convergence (More Sabrina Wallace videos, comments, etc.)

4. Department of Defense Global Information Grid Architectural Vision Vision for a Net-Centric, Service-Oriented DoD Enterprise 2007

Targeted Individuals! Here’s You: YOU Are A Node, A Target, on the Electronic-Net-Centric Computer Warfare Battlefield:

You Have Biosensors Within You and an Electric Biofield That is Electronically Trackable, Hackable, and Targetable.  You can be logged in to and remotely manipulated just like a computer!

You and your biosensors and your biofield are ON THE INTERNET OF THINGS- For Military As well As Medical Purposes

Here is the DoD GIG (Global Information Grid)-Electronic Warfare Archictecture (2007)

Here is a Schematic of C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) and Network-Centric Warfare

High-Level C4 Infrastructure

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) and ISTAR (Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition Reconnaissance

Here Are The US Air Force “Sensor Hunters” aka Drone Operators/Sensor Operators

Here is Multi-Spectral Targeting System Using Infrared (IR), Electro–Optical (EO), Low-Light TV, Infrared Laser Targeting Marker (LTM) and Laser Range Designator (LRD)

Here is a US Air Force drone

Here’s What They See With Their Equipment:

Your Friendly US Air Force Sensor Hunter/Killer

Here’s What They See:

Here is a taxpayer-funded Sensor Hunter/Sensor Operator

It’s like a video game!!!

Anyone can do it!

And, like the lady airman says in the Air Force recruitment video, after a day at the computer you can relax, watch TV, and have dinner with your family!


Thanks to your friendly US Air Force Sensor Hunters!

Question: Why should American taxpayers pay other Americans to torture and kill us?

Final Observations:

1) In Drone kill communications net illustrated, by Mark Ballard, 2014, Public Sector IT,, we get more than an inkling that the puppetmasters of this network-based targeted killing system are British:

“There is however clear evidence that the UK connection is part of a global intelligence and weapons targeting network that operate US drone missions like a hand operates a puppet.”

* 2) Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) from:  Glossary of 425 Terms* Relating To Electronic-Netcentric-Neuro Warfare, Synthetic Biology, AI Precision Medicine, the Metaverses, & Targeted Individual (TI) aka Total Individual Control Enslavement-Torture-Murder-Transhumanism Program**

Medical Body Area Network (MBAN): From Sabrina Wallace (SW) video: Mandated by FCC in 2014.  Allows remote (wireless electronic) health monitoring of a patient over periods of time without any restriction to his activities. Vital information of a patient is collected and continually forwarded to a remote monitoring station for further analysis. An emerging field for health diagnosis based upon inputs received from sensors and devices installed inside, on, or around the human body. Also: a network of sensors/actuators worn on the human body that communicate with a controlling device via a wireless link. The MBAN is a subset of of the more general trend of wireless body area networks (WBAN) or body sensor networks (BSN) that includes non-medical applications such as human-computer interfaces (e.g., neural interface, virtual reality), location tracking, and personal fitness tracking.  SW: Those Body Sensor Networks stick to you on the body like the smart dust.

*Medical Implant Communications Service/System: Licensed band used for implant communications and has the same frequency ranges of 402 MHz to 405 MHz in most countries. Low power 2.4 MHz (LoRaWAN (The LoRa). Uses 802.15.4 biosensors and 802.15.5 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy (or power) and routes low power radio frequencies through your skin. These operate on radio frequency bands. Sabrina Wallace: This is happening since the 1960s.  Keys to this are held by the (Jewish) “neoconservatives” that run America.

*3) Therefore, I posit that the utilization and subjugation of “targeted individuals” in covert, nonconsensual bio-medical experiments since the 1950s and 1960s is directly correlated with the development of the Medical Body Area Network (MBAN) and the Medical Implant Communications Systems! 

4) This would account for the testimonies of the unimaginable tortures and other horrific abuses suffered by thousands and thousands of “TIs” in different nations around the world since the 1950s.

5)  I further posit that this human experimentation program is related to the eugenics programs of the Rockefeller Foundation (America), Tavistock Institute (England), Nazi concentration camp experiments (Germany), Macy Conferences and Ratio Club conferences (US and UK, respectively), and MKULTRA and MONARCH and related top-secret human experimentation programs in the US and the Soviet Union stretching back to the early and middle 20th century.  These programs are detailed on this website and elsewhere.

6) Such an international experimental program required international coordination and the secret complicity of top segments within the financial and political classes, militaries, intelligence agencies, and the engineering, medical and related academic professions in key nations.  Such coordination indicates a secret world government structure has been functional for a century at least!

7) A basic understanding of how human cognitive and motor functions are controllable by in-body biosensors, the wireless and medical body area networks via directed energy (EM) signals, satellites, drones, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 6G telecommunications, etc., leads to the conclusion that this system has always been intended to be used for the total technological enslavement of humanity!

8) This technocratic enslavement system is currently being rolled out globally via the Covid injections, the UN SMART City/C-40 City agenda, and the UN/World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It is to be implemented under the auspices of UN Agenda 2030, SMART/C-40 Cities, 6G, AI Precision Health Care, the digi-ID, central bank digital currency, and, of course, the uberveillance state.

9) The top contenders for the megalomaniacal internationalist group capable of pulling this off comprise a very small list indeed.

When our Messiah returns every Jew will have 2800 slaves….                       Jewish Talmud

Archbishop Vigano on “the children of darkness” (from “The Greatest Reset” movie, 2022).

“We know that the plan to infiltrate the Church with fifth columns of the enemy dates back to the 19th century.
A letter From The Alta Vendita (Masonic) Lodge, in 1859, states:

“The Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies. It is up to the secret societies to take the first step toward the Church with the aim of conquering both of them. The task we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year. It may last several years, perhaps a century, but in our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on.

You wish to establish the reign of the chosen ones (Jews) on the throne of the prostitute of Babylon.  Let the Clergy march under your (Masonic) standard, always believing that they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic Keys.

I call them Judeo-Masonic-satanists. Jesus called them the “Synagogue of Satan.”