History of the (Jewish) Kahal of the Cahilla (The Millenium Report, 2016)

The Critical History of the “THE KAHAL OF THE CAHILLA”


The Critical History of the Kahal of the Cahilla

The Millennium Report April 22, 2016

The dispersion of the Jews [The Cahilla] which followed in 135 A.D., instead of destroying the Kahal [Government of The Cahilla], served on the contrary to set it on a new and firmer ba­sis, on which it has continued ever since. Wherever Jewish immigrants settled, they founded communities apart under the direction of the fraternities, and held to the precepts of the Tal­mud. Each community has its miniature Kahal. The different aims of these communities always found themselves intimately related with those of the Central body upon which their exis­tence depended.

So it was possible for the Jews to develop and operate a per­fected system of espionage which they still maintain. In olden days as now, they sent agents to watch over Jewish affairs at police stations and other agents were posted at the doors of shops, hotels, business houses, law courts, and even in private homes to get advance information of all kinds. In this manner all kinds of things became possible, even blackmail, with which all kinds of political pressure could be brought to bear on Gentiles who had political influence in the Roman Government at that time. Hence, it is easy to understand the reason for the concentration of trade into Jewish hands with all these instru­ments of political pressure and advance business information at their finger tips at all times.

There is a colloquial term that should always be coupled with the Dispersion. That is “Der Tag”, or “The Day of Redemp­tion”, when World Jewry shall be gathered together again under one head, with all Gentile nations subservient to this world-wide Jewish empire whose governing seat is to be in Jerusalem. [U.S.A. and Jerusalem, Palestine.] (ZIONIST MOVEMENT)

Millions of gullible Germans, as well as millions of gullible and illiterate Christians everywhere, thought back in 1914 that Der Tag meant the Day of Recognition for Germany as to her place in the Sun as a nation. [H: Every day we learn more, don’t we? And keep in mind, this article was written in 1934.] It was a phrase and a term artfully “sold” to the German people, or rather, put in their mouths. Really it was Hebrew in meaning, indicating in the secret councils of Jewry that having provoked and produced the world war (one), with the White pariah nations thus engaged in slaughtering one another by the hundreds of thousands, the outcome could only mean the achievement by the Jews of an age-long goal: winning to the pinnacle of world-wide political and economic power.

So the Germans, French, English and Russians went forth to fight this war of self-extermination, not knowing that in greeting Der Tag they were playing the game of Jewish world imperial­ists–as will be explained and authenticated in more detail further along.

[H: I want to interrupt right here before the writing re­garding WW–II, to remind you that Adolph Hitler was a JEW. Wow, and now you know. He was going to have a MASTER RACE OF SUPERIOR PEOPLE BASED ON THE CAHILLA. As “local” (loco??) Judge Jason Brent has stated in his great depopulation article in Mensa magazine: “The worst part of Hitler’s reign is that he ruined any chance of ever having a Superior Race”. How does that grab you people?]

The true story of the rise of Hitlerism to power in Germany, how and why it could get the support of the whole German peo­ple and why the Jews are execrating it all over the Earth, is re­ally the story of how the Germans discovered the Jewish influ­ence about the Kaiser that worked to project the world war, not only from Berlin, but from Paris, London and Washington. Real Germans are smashing Jewish influence, weeding it out of Ger­many. Because of this setback to their plans, world Jewry is turning the full blast of its temporal power and control of in­struments of publicity in all countries against Hitler to vilify, misrepresent, and destroy him. This too will be dealt with later.

[H: You may well end up equating what is happening to the U.S. Government and Clinton to what happened to Hitler. Both were put in place as Jews and Jewish tools. When it is expeditious to “sacrifice” them, THEY ARE MURDERED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, IN HOPES THE TRUTH WON’T “OUT”. BUT TRUTH ALWAYS “OUTS” SOONER OR LATER, AND IN THESE LATTER DAYS IT IS USUALLY “SOONER”. There are no qualms whatsoever over killing off their own—to gain more loot and power.]

The point to be registered here is, that from the Roman Titus through the long line of medieval monarchs to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand, wherever the Jews have won political or finan­cial prominence in a country, seeds of disruption, unrest and sedition have been sown to such an extent that in a greater or lesser degree monarchs have had to deal harshly with the people in consequence. [H: This is so obvious in World War II in Germany. READERS, THE JEWS—THE JEWS—LITER­ALLY DECLARED “WAR” AGAINST GERMANY, AND STILL ALL THE GERMANS DID WAS TRY TO CON­TAIN THEM AND MOVE THEM OUT OF GERMANY AND INTO SAFETY IN PALESTINE WHERE THEY “SAID” THEY WANTED TO GO. The MOVEMENT TO PALESTINE was the FINAL SOLUTION, not doing any­thing “else” to the bunch of hate–mongers. Moreover, the NAZI [from “AshkeNAZI) party leaders and concentration hi­erarchy were also The Cahilla—or “Jews”. It was hoped that the world would never find out TRUTH. I think you can certainly see why that would be.]

To counterbalance or suppress such unrest or sedition, one of three expedients has been resorted to.. Jews have been either ex­pelled from such royal domain, or “dispersed”, or they have been confined in restricted areas called Ghettos with orders not to leave the same under pain of death, or they have been butchered in massacres called “pogroms”. [H: Watch it right here, where you have “pogroms”—later the Jews took the word Holocaust to replace an already accepted term.]

Jewish publicists by the thousands have trained the Christian public to believe that this “persecution” is a chastisement in­flicted on this people by Almighty God, and that it has resulted from religious prejudice or the competitive cleverness of the Jew, which Gentiles fear or resent. Delving soberly and clini­cally into the facts, we discover that such persecution has come about from far different causes.

Jews are everywhere persecuted, and have been persecuted consistently throughout generations, as mass reprisals against THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR AND THEIR OWN PREDATORY OR SEDITIOUS ACTS. There are ample admissions by Jewish authorities that this is a statement of fact. [H: Mostly the per­secutions came of self–inflicted garbage to fool all of the peo­ple all of the time, if possible—but it isn’t possible is it? Only SOME of the people can be fooled ALL THE TIME and the most easily fooled are the ones “thinking” themselves to be Jewish in this instance. (The “Poor” Jew). Their term, not mine.]

In 1923, Maurice Samuels, a Jew, wrote and published a dis­astrously frank book called I, THE JEW! In it he stated “We Jews are born revolutionists. God made us and constituted us so that even if we achieved any of the ends which we so profess­edly desire, we would at once set about the overthrow of them as a matter of policy”, and more to the same effect.

The Jew, Dr. Munzer, in his book THE WAY TO ZION boasts as follows: “We Jews have spoiled the blood of the races. We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made ev­erything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed”.

The Jew, Dr. Weizman, in a pamphlet entitled “Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews” states: “Here we are, just Jews and nothing else, a nation among nations”.

The Jew, Isaac Adolphe Cremieux, the founder of the Uni­versal Jewish Alliance, says: “Our union is not a French one, nor English, nor Swiss, nor German. Nay, our union is Jewish and it is universal. Living in lands of dispersion, we cannot be concerned about the changing aims of those lands which are strange to us until the time when our own aims, both moral and material, are in danger. If you realize that, in spite of your cover nationalities, you form only one and the same people, if you believe that only Judaism constitutes the religion and politi­cal truth, you will listen to our appeal and you will accept it”.

The Jew, Theodore Herzl, in an address, said: “It is our opinion that the Jewish question can be solved by the Jews them­selves. We no longer want to wear the mask of any other na­tionality”.

The Jew, Disraeli, in 1844, in his book CONINGSBY said: “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes”.

Later, in his book LIFE OF LORD BENTINCK (PP 497-8) Disraeli says in regard to revolutionary outbreaks: “The influ­ence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the de­structive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natu­ral equality of man and the abrogation of property, are pro­claimed by the secret societies who form proviso governments, and men of the Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God cooperate with atheists; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low caste of Europe! And all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name and whose tyranny they can no longer endure”.

The Jew, Walther Rathenau, financial adviser to the Kaiser and agent of the Rothschilds, in the Weiner Press, December 24, 1921, said: “Only 300 men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their own entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any State which they find ‘unreasonable’ “. On June 24, 1922 he was assassi­nated. [H: Typical Cahillian damage control.]

This sort of testimony is not manufactured to advance race prejudice from religious or economic spleen. It is the testimony ofrepresentatives and responsible Jews themselves.

Wherever Jews are cliqued together, in any country, there they are traditionalized to bring about in some form the emas­culation of that country, that the worldwide Zionist government may eventually be realized.

Let us see briefly where this conspiracy began.

In the twelve centuries that transpired between the dispersing action of Titus, and the 1306 expulsion fiat of Philip IV of France, world Jewry had taken on a two-fold aspect. Jewry out of the Tribe of Judah and presided over in a temporal way by the Sadducean Sephardim, had in a manner of speaking, split into two parts or racial divisions. One-half migrated northward out of Palestine into what is now the Soviet Ukraine. Here they interbred further with Asiatic and Tartar Mongols, and caught in the western onrush of the horde of Genghis Kahn, they were swept in vast numbers through Poland into the Danube Valley. They became in time the ASH’KANAZI, or Mongoloid branch of world Jewry, comprising the great mass of Russian and Ger­man Jews.[H: Please refer back to that article you all wanted to deny, by GARY WEAN, where you said there were no such things as “Mongol Jews”.] We have them today throughout America, roundheaded, grasping, alternately whin­ing and arrogant, strict materialists, who openly consider Jewry to be not followers of a religion but a world-wide political State, in other words, a nation competitive with all other nations.

The other branch of Jewry migrated westward through coun­tries adjacent to the Mediterranean, particularly throughout North Africa, where they intermarried with the Moors and Berbers and later with the Spaniards and the Portuguese. This racial division is known as the Sephardim Jews. Because of their strong infusion of Aryan blood, these Jews have the cleanly cut Grecian features, the cherry-black eyes, and the general characteristics of Spaniards and Arabs. They represent all that is finest and best in Jewry as we find it in the world to­day. Sephardim Jews are artistic and esthetic. They hold gen­erally that Jewry is a religion and not a political State, though by no means are they adverse to standing with their AshKanazim brethren in presenting a united Jewish front against the Gentiles. Nevertheless, there is a certain schism fundamentally between these two major divisions of world Jews, and internal rivalry between their leaders has been responsible for more changes in international politics among the world’s Gentile nations than the layman dreams. [H: If you think the differences are noted elsewhere—in today’s Israel it is so pronounced that Sephardim Jews are outcasts. How do we KNOW, here, that this can be so? Well, when we first wrote about these things several years ago the efforts were full–bore to get the books and writings (mine) from here banned and many were stopped at the Canadian Border as “hate” and “revisionist” material. Funny thing is that the “revisionist” material came directly from the revising Jews and not from outside input. We have only brought forth HISTORICAL fact and revised no part of it.]

In world finance, economics and politics, the Mongoloid Ashkanazim Hebrews are represented by the great banking fam­ilies of the Rothschilds (or Mayers) of Germany, the Sassoon families of Baghdad and the Orient, and the Samuels families of London. The Sephardim Hebrews are largely officialized by the Ginsberg families of France and Spain.

In the substance of the foregoing paragraph, if the Christian layman only knew it, lies the key that unlocks the seemingly in­consistent moves making for war or peace in scores of the world’s Gentile nations.

About 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella found their kingdom in the same compromising situation, from Jewish en­croachments, as earlier monarchs had confronted since the year 70 A.D. and which they had uniformly solved by consigning this non-social trouble-breeding people to live in Ghettos.

The well known edict of Charles VIII of France in 1489 or­dered all Jews to embrace Christianity and become loyal citizens and good subjects or suffer forfeiture of their goods and chat­tels, also expulsion from his domain.

The heads of Sephardim Jewry thereupon wrote in their ex­tremity to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin then sitting in Con­stantinople [now Istanbul], asking for advice as to what they should do. The mischievous reply to this appeal has come up across the years of history, and shows itself as being directly re­sponsible for the growth of the Zionist Movement throughout the Earth. These Constantinople Elders responded:

“Dear beloved brethren in Moses:

We have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the fol­lowing:

As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians; do it, since you cannot do oth­erwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts. [H: You know, intelligently handle that old Mark of the Beast.]

As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods; make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

As for what you say about their attempts on your lives; make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

As for what you say of their destroying your syna­gogues; make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

As for the many other vexations you complain of; ar­range that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

Do not swerve from this order that we give you, be­cause you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power”.

Such was the direful and subtle Protocol of 1489 whose authenticity has never yet been successfully refuted of honestly denied by well-informed Jews. That it was acted upon in the Southern European countries with manifest success, the pages of history will attest. Jews everywhere penetrated the Catholic Church and arose to Christian religious power. The entire Je­suit Order, responsible for so much Catholic mischief throughout the world, was founded by a Jew, Ignatius Loyola. Out of Je­suitry came Adam Weishaupt and his infamous Illuminati, the vast and terrible secret society of Europe founded upon an intro­vert form of the Jewish CAHILLA, which at one time swept mil­lions of Gentile Europeans into its murderous net.

The society, strongest in Germany where it had its home and where it perverted and subverted Christian Masonry through the machination of Frederick the Great, introduced what is known as the Grand Lodge Orient to Europe–or the co-Masonry against which every European monarch has set himself from time to time. Mussolini being the last to excommunicate its po­litical intrigue. The most complete, detailed, and authenticated history of the movement, how it was financed by Jews as a ges­ture to get their release from European Ghettos are recounted in the works of the famous historian, Nesta H. Webster, author of The French Revolution, World Revolution, Secret Societies & Subversive Movements; and The Socialists Network.

The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive Satanic Society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. En­ticing its victim into the first initial degrees by the most beautiful and altruistic of fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, gradually it wove about them a net of murderous Satanism. Implications in secret rites at length bound them securely to the organization with chains of steel. As Mrs. Webster has shown, the “ideals” of Illuminism were:

1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion.

2. Destruction of private property and inheritance.

3. Absolute social and racial equality, promotion of class ha­tred.

4. Destruction of all forms of either monarchal or democratic governments, including civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and of trial by jury. [H: How many of you realize this is the point when “Talmudic” Law is referred to in court or among lawyers discussing how it “should” be?]

5. Destruction of all nationalism, love of country, patriotism and allegiance to civil or political rulers.

6. Abolition of marriage and practice of free love.

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