Goals, Multi-Tiered Structure, and Progenitors of Global Organized Gang Stalking: Monarch/Operation Phoenix (GOG´S MOP) Inferred From Cumulative Evidence

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS, August, 2017

ETK Introduction: I offer this post as educated speculation in hopes it will stir debate about and understanding of the odious global gang stalking program. The long list of top-secret government mind control and social engineering projects in America includes the Manhattan Project, the CIA´s Moonstruck (1952), Bluebird (1951), Artichoke (1952) , MK-ULTRA (1953-), MKDELTA (1960), MHCHAOS (late 1960s), RF Media (1990), Tower (1990), and Clean Sweep (1997, 1998) operations, the US Air Force’s Project Orion (1958) Major U.S. intelligence-military electromagnetic mind control projects (1952-1998)and probably hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of other classified operations. Indeed, Church Senate Committee hearings of the middle 1970s exposed over 10,000 foreign and domestic CIA operations, each of which was covert and illegal. There is also a related, long, and sordid history of U.S. Government testing of weapons and substances on non-consenting American citizens. (See Human Experimentation in America).

Global organized stalking operations (here informally termed ¨GOG´S MOP¨) incorporates many aspects of these earlier programs, especially, MKULTRA (Monarch) and the Phoenix Programs (Thomas, 2011). In this brief post, I utilize information already presented on this website to speculate regarding:

1) the goals, objectives, and functions of Global Organized Gang Stalking (GOG´S MOP),
2) the multi-tiered structure of GOG´S MOP,
3) the primary progenitors of GOG´S MOP.

This researcher regards the term “GOG’S MOP” as a more apt description of this program than simply “gang stalking.” GOG refers to the Biblical antichrist/system and the “GOG’S MOP” suggests that this program is a way for this evil, and probably end-times, system to consolidate or “mop up” their millennia-year-old world takeover program.

I. Apparent Goals of Global Organized Gang Stalking (GOG´S MOP or Global Organized Gang Stalking; Monarch/Operation Phoenix); the surveillance, harassment, neutralization and extra-judicial elimination of ¨targeted individuals¨ using electronic, psychotronic, and neuro-warfare weapons, PsyOp, and related gang stalking operations.

1. Elites wish to create an electronically-controlled slave-state society in fulfillment of the vision that inspired MKULTRA and other CIA-DOD-sponsored mind control projects. This goal was well-articulated by CIA-spychiatrist, Dr. Jose Delgado (1971) in the following statement:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose of physical control of the mind: everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence but this is only his own personal point of view. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Some day army’s and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.”

Dr. Jose Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, Feb., 24, 1974.

2. Fulfilling this objective in the near term requires that governments have the power to secretly and “extra-judicially” eliminate dissidents, activists, protestors, whistleblowers, etc. in order to manage public perceptions and maintain political control. Citizens who publicly point out that the elite functions as a criminal syndicate, such as Mullins (1990) and a host of other “free thinkers,” pose a particular threat to the interests of the plutocracy (rule by the wealthy)/pedophocracy (rule by pedophiles).

3. Create a global Phoenix Program…. i.e., an international, interagency fascist military-intelligence-police state to surveille/pacify/terrorize domestic populations into submission (see Valentine, D., 2017, “The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World,” Valentine, D., 1990, “The Phoenix Program,” and Thomas, M., 2011, Monarch: The New Phoenix Program”). Again, GOG´S MOP (Global Organized Gang Stalking: Monarch/Operation Phoenix) is designed to neutralize/eliminate activists, dissenters, whistleblowers, independent thinkers, political targets, and anyone else who cannot be “ideologically assimilated.” In previous versions of this program carried out in Vietnam, Central and South America, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other nations, the CIA identifies potential problem citizens through “influence mapping” and the DOD neutralizes/eliminates the “targets.” And as in the original Phoenix Program, torture, disappearance and murder of targeted segments of the population comprise both ¨explicit terror¨ directed towards targets and ¨implicit terror¨ directed at society at large.

According to Prouty (2008), the concept of ¨pacifying¨ enemy domestic populations through “counterinsurgency warfare” developed during the late 1950´s. Even nations friendly to the US were designated as ¨counterinsurgency list nations.¨ The CIA identified targets within domestic populations for harassment/neutralization/elimination and the military would either turn them into spies or execute them via death squads, etc. Prouty noted in the 1973 edition of his book “The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the United States and the World” that the U.S. was also a “counter-insurgency list” nation. Indeed, through Operations COINTELPRO, MHCHAOS, GARDEN PLOT, etc., the FBI, CIA, and military targeted American citizens for harassment, neutralization, and sometimes elimination. President Nixon himself also developed political “enemies lists.” Today’s ¨Terrorism Watch Lists¨ serve the same function.

CIA Phoenix Program “veterans” have applied similar “low-intensity conflict” strategies in the U.S. (MHCHAOS, for example), in Latin America (Nelson-Palmeyer, 1989, 2001), and in Iraq and Afghanistan, among many other “counter-insurgency list nations.”

Today, these programs have evolved to include the widespread deployment of so-called “non-lethal” and mind control “psychotronic” weapons. These include invisible electronic slow-kill, soft-kill, silent-kill, and no-touch torture weapons.
Smokescreen terminology deliberately conceals the facts that ¨counterinsurgency,¨´counterterrorism,¨ ¨terrorism, and ¨¨low intensity conflict¨ are all basically the same thing All are forms of covert, asymmetrical warfare against domestic populations. Indeed, these terms comprise U.S. military doctrine for many decades. Terrorism is defined as ¨the use of violence or the threat of violence to obtain political objectives.” And by far the greatest progenitor of “terrorism” is the U.S. military (Butler, 1935, 2003; Rich, 2011).

4. To advance these objectives, the U.S. government/intelligence/military is testing a variety of electronic, psychotronic, and neuro weapons on human subjects in covert, terminal, MKULTRA-type mind control experiments (Thomas, 2011). As in earlier MKULTRA and related projects, the overarching goal is to achieve direct behavioral control of human subjects so that they will do the bidding of their controllers, even when this runs contrary to their self-interest and/or self-preservation. The State Department and allied corporations have and probably continue to sell these neuro-weapons to various other nations for profit. In this manner, the U.S. government has broken its contract to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution and the American people.

5. Create cognitive map of victim’s/targets´ minds and central nervous systems via combined usage of electronic/psychotronic weapons/remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation (RNM) technology and trauma-based mind control via gang stalking, no-touch electronic torture, etc. These operations are carried out by CIA/DIA-sponsored neuroscience teams that utilize conscious supercomputers to monitor, manipulate, and map targets’ brains. According to Bryan Tew (see extended interview on this website, Bryan Tew Hypothesis), after the will, intellect, and emotions of the victim are digitized, encoded, and stored in the conscious supercomputers, victims are normally eliminated.

We can surmise based on the long and sordid history of mind control experimentation in the USA (see Mind Control: History and Applications) that many hundreds to thousands of such experimental projects and programs have been designed and are being implemented to test various methods to map and ultimately, control the brain, the central nervous system, etc. Here the expanded term, GOG´S NeW GESTAPO (Global Organized Gang Stalking Neuro Warfare Group´s Electronic Slavery, Torture, and PsyOp Operations) is perhaps more appropriate than the contracted GOG’S MOP.

6. Finally, we may speculate that the ultimate goal of this brain-mapping/mind control research is to create immortal cyborgs (cybernetic organisms/human-machine hybrids) to inhabit the post-singularity, one-world utopia imagined by our occult leaders. This goal seems to trace back to the Post WWII Macy Conferences (see How They Control) and the cybernetic utopian vision articulated by Norbert Weiner (1948, 1950) and Ray Kurzweil (2000, 2006). Interestingly, and probably not coincidentally, Wiener and Kurzweil are both Jewish (see The Controllers and Their Destructive Mission). Ultimately, this utopian vision may trace back to the Garden of Eden story when Satan tempted the first humans with the prospect of eternal life as gods. It appears these (Jewish) visionaries envision a two class utopia comprised of: 1) cyborg rulers who will live forever as gods, and 2) cyborg slaves who will serve these rulers. Realization of this utopian vision evidently requires that other humans are eliminated.

II. Multi-tiered structure of Global Organized Gang Stalking: Monarch/Operation Phoenix (GOG´S MOP).

GOG´S MOP is a major component of the multi-trillion dollar National Security Establishment/National Security Enterprise. It is also a critical component of the U.S. Military-Intelligence´s global and domestic “Fourth Generation Warfare” operations currently running in some 134 nations. (See The World is the Battlefield, US SOCOM Invovled in 134 “Counter-Terrorism” Wars).

Research presented on this and my 911nwo.com websites suggests that Global Gang Stalking Operations are funded and executed by a multi-tiered financial-military-intelligence-police-civilian bureaucratic structure. Ultimately, the source of funding is the international banking community that prints the money. The trillions of dollars that flow through these various sectors of society (banking-corporate-government-military-intelligence-university-media bureaucracy, etc.) facilitate the execution and cover-up of these ¨interagency¨/civil-military operations, here termed GOG´S MOP. Seven levels of this multi-tiered structure are identified here:

1. THE HIGH CABAL (Upper Tier of the “Shadow Government” or so-called “Deep State”): The international “High Cabal” is comprised of “Judeo-Masonic Satanists;” Illuminati families, Rothschild/Rockefeller/Black Nobility dynasties, international bankers and corporate heads, and world Jewry (the “ World Revolutionary Movement”) whose historic goal is to usher in the Jewish Utopia/Jewish Universal Empire aka New World Order/New World Religion. Many, perhaps most, of these individuals come from generational-Illuminati bloodline families. While they typically have extraordinary wealth, power, intelligence, charm, good looks, etc., they also lead double lives because their personalities were split into multiple fragments (termed Dissociative Identity Disorder) during their childhood by trauma-based mind control/Satanic Ritual Abuse. This group is apparently ruled by Satan and is committed to ushering in his kingdom on earth.

2. THE CIA/DOD, etc. (Operational Tier and “Executors” of “Shadow Government” Programs). The CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6, other intelligence agencies (aka the ¨crytpocracy¨) and the leadership of the US military are willing servants of the “High Cabal” (Prouty, 1998; Valentine, 2017). Members of the “cryptocracy” are essentially members of an extremely well funded occult secret society who function as the private army of the High Cabal. Their responsibilities include social and cultural engineering, manipulating populations through deception (lying; spying; controlling information, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda; brainwashing; etc.), “influence mapping,” control of communications and secrecy; mind control and creation of programmed multiple personality slaves/operatives/assassins through trauma-based mind control/Satanic Ritual Abuse; engineering coups, assassinations, and terror (explicit and implicit) campaigns at home and abroad, and planning, orchestrating and executing (“color”) revolutions as well as conventional and unconventional wars in order to achieve ‘full spectrum dominance” of the world.

Because virtually all these activities violate national and international laws, these agencies and their innumerable commercial cutouts achieve their desired results through covertly through clandestine operations (Prouty, 1998). In general, they regard themselves as above the law and regard all others as either lab rats or cannon fodder (Valentine, 2017).

In addition, each branch of the military possesses the complete infrastructure and personnel requirements needed to carry out “Fourth Generation Warfare” (aka unconventional/psychological/political/civil-military warfare) against nations and individuals (activists, dissidents, whistleblowers, etc.) and groups placed on “enemies lists”/”terrorism watch lists”/”counterinsurgency lists,” etc. and designated as enemy targets (Rich, 2011). Because these agencies have long since declared war on the American people and the U.S. Constitution, they should be regarded as traitors.

3. THE CORPORATOCRACY (Also commonly comprises an operational tier of the “Shadow Government”). Up to 70% of U.S. intelligence activities are now outsourced to the private sector according to Shorrock’s “Spies For Hire: The Secret World of Intelligence Outsourcing” (2008). Companies such as SAIC, CACI, ManTech, InfraGard, DynCorps, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Blackwater, and thousands of others, typically headed by ex-CIA, FBI, NSA personnel, carry out many of the functions of the National Security State. This National Security Establishment/National Security Enterprise is also described in Harris (2010), Whitehead (2013), Priest and Arkin (2011), O’Toole (1978), and Turse (2008).

4. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT (Many segments of which have been subservient to the “Shadow Government” for at least a century). The U.S. Government provides funding through appropriations and taxes, and it facilitates GOG’S MOP operations by revising laws and removing constitutional protections of American citizens as the Shadow Government requires.

5. ACADEMIC SECTOR/UNIVERSITIES. The academic ¨research¨ component of neuro-warfare research and brain mapping of TIs/victims is conducted by CIA/DIA-paid psychologists, psychiatrists, cognitive and neuroscientists at at least 114 universities as well as innumerable mental health facilities, etc. These ¨hive mind teams¨ carry out the research programs and report the results of their experiments in scholarly journals. Principle granting agencies include U.S. Military and U.S. Government. See The University and the Security State: DHS Joins the Pentagon and CIA on Campus.

6. DOMESTIC ‘ANTI-TERRORISM’ APPARATUS. DHS Fusion Centers, FBI JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) and associated bureaucracies include TLOs (Terrorism Liaison Officers) and FLOs (Fusion Liaison Officers), sectors of local, state, and federal police, large segments of the psychology and psychiatry professions, medical and mental health profession, and the prison-industrial complex.

7. STREET PERPS. Mercenary stalking cells are comprised of networks of street-level perpetrators, including paid and volunteer DHS citizen-spies, Neighborhood Watch snitches, volunteer and paid ex-police and military cadres, etc. (Redden, 2000). See “Confessions of a Gang Stalker” AKA “Life in the Syndicate”.

This model resembles that of a pyramid with the number of persons decreasing at each successively higher level. In fact, the multi-tiered structure hypothesized here may actually constitute a four dimensional model as well as a three-dimensional model, since this organizational structure appears to remain relatively stable through time.

III. Who Directs Global Gang Stalking Operations (GOG´s MOP)?

Innumerable sources cited on this website (See “The Controller” and “Corrected History” sections) my 911nwo.com website reveal that the ¨High Cabal¨/”shadow government”/”deep state” that controls America and the world consists primarily of Illuminati-Judeo-Masonic satanists. Historically, this small group orchestrated the French and Russian Revolutions and innumerable other wars, revolutions, depressions, etc., and is capable of extraordinary brutality towards others (Lina, 2002). In “Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star,” former Air Force officer and author, Texe Marrs succinctly articulates a view that is considered the ultimate in “political incorrectness:”

“The goal of the Jewish Masonic elite is to establish dictatorial Illuminati Communism and to enslave all mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem….Having conquered Babylon (Iraq), Israel’s Zionist Masonic leadership, working hand-in-glove with Zionist neocon counterparts in the Bush Administration, has its sights st on Iran and Syria, to be quickly followed by the oil-rich Persian Gulf sheikdoms. “Greater Israel” is the immediate goal. Global dominion through control of the oil spigot to the West is the ultimate objective.”

Marrs further documents that Judaism involves the worship of Satan in his book, “Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion” (2016). This fundamental, overarching reality helps explain much. For example, it explains why one ¨targeted Individual,” who claims to have been targeted by micro-wave weapons for many decades (and whose parents were Jewish), told this researcher: ¨Jews are behind the whole thing.¨ And ¨they make psychopaths.¨

This conclusion is laid out particularly well in Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis. Rather than reiterate the overwhelming evidence that supports this conclusion presented on this and my 911nwo.com websites, I herein quote statements by former World Champion Chess Master, Bobby Fischer (from Marrs, 2011). Fischer, a genius by all accounts, was of Jewish parentage. His statements suggest that he may also have been the target of gang stalking operations. His observations, if correct, explain much about the fundamental causes of global gang stalking operations (GOG’S MOP):

1) “My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world.”

2) ¨What is going on is I am persecuted night and day by the Jews for telling it like it is….. They want to put me in jail, they´re robbing me of everything I have: they´re continuously lying about me. I´ve had enough…..¨

3) ¨Almost everyone who has been around me turned out to be a secret agent working for the Jews, working for the CIA. The Jews have planted so many of their Jew agents and CIA rats all around me. So many people…. Girlfriends, lawyers, everybody almost, turned out to be working for the CIA and the Jews. Unbelievable but true.¨

4) ¨There is no United States as people think of it. It´s just a puppet in the Jews´ hands. It is a plaything for the Jews. The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable…. They´re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They´re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people….. They´re just unbelievably wicked.” (Bombo Radyo, Philippines, Sept. 11, 2001).

5) “No lie is too big for a Jew, no lie is too small…. Jews live by lying, and die with coming in contact with the truth.”

6) “Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social. They are full of hate, greed, malice. Naturally, other people, i.e., the non-Jews, don’t like being bull-dozed aside, robbed and murdered by the Jews, and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit come into place.”

7) “Jews are anti-social, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, etc. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestlyle. Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it´s pure and beautiful, and also because it´s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it. Nature´s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.”

The final quote (7) seems to help explain, perhaps, the completely absurd propaganda ploy of “man-caused global warming,” which perhaps should be viewed as just another “Jewish fable” that the Apostle Paul warned about.

Conclusion: If the four-dimensional model presented here, that of a hierarchical structure that persists through time, is correct, one would expect that representatives of the “Judeo-Masonic-satanist” controlling group and their minions participate in each level of the GOG’S MOP identified above. Indeed, this seems to be very much the case.

And yet, due to the nature of the propaganda matrix in which we live, this conclusion above all others, is considered verboten. To cut through this diabolical and multi-century program of thought-censorship, we can apply Voltaire’s maxim: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Who is ultimately responsible for these atrocities? While the “cryptocracy” (CIA/DIA/NSA/DARPA, etc.) and the “corporatocracy” certainly function largely as servants of the High Cabal, the legal culpability, in my view, resides our elected representatives, including the President, U.S. Congress, heads of CIA, NSA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and leaders of the “Corporatocracy” that profit from public expenditures in the “National Security Enterprise” and the phony “Global War on Terror.”


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