Globalist Mandate: US Must Collapse By 2030 (UN Agenda 2030; Reese Video; 2/10/22)

Jay Dyer of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the global elite mandate to collapse the US by 2030, and shines light on the book ‘A Brief History of the Future: A Brave and Controversial Look at the Twenty-First Century’ by Jacques Attali and Jeremy Leggatt.

Epigraph Quote:

Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace. Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us, for they do not wish to be undone. They cannot feel secure so long as we are there, for our very existence–our existence, not our politics–threatens their legitimacy. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.

Michael Ledeen, jew, neoconservative, Project For a New American Century, former consultant to the United States National Security Council, U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Defense, in “War Against the Terror Masters” (2003)

Webmaster Comment: Here, Gregg Reese reviews a 2007 book by French Jew, Jaques Attali, entitled: “A Brief History of The Future.” In this book, Attali elucidates “The Plan,” which is the Jewish plan for world dominion being ushered in under the aegis of United Nations 2030.

To test the veracity of this fact, please read Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” (1978). Surprise, Attali is jewish.

So who are “the globalists”? Who is “Mr. Global?” Golly, gee, whillakers, how many other Jews and Jewish billionaires are directly involved in the Great Reset and DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA- stalking sabotage operations? Well, for starters…:

– Klaus Schwab, jew, founding head of World Economic Forum (WEF), founder of Young Global Leaders
– Bill Gates, jew, billionaire, Microsoft CEO, Vaccine Profiteer, WEF Young Global Leaders
– George Soros, billionaire jew, CEO Open Society Foundation, behind 20+ color revolutions
– Boris Johnson, jew, British Prime Minister, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Angela Merkel, jew, President of Germany, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Gavin Newsom, jew, Governor of California, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Jeff Bezos, jewish billionaire, CEO of Amazon, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Sergey Brinn, jewish billionaire, co-founder of Google, WEF Young Global Leader
– Nathaniel Rothschild, jewish trillionaire (?), WEF Young Global Leader
– David de Rothschild, jewish trillionaire (?), WEF Young Global Leader
– Peter Thiel, jewish, billionaire member of Bilderberg Group Steering Committee, WEF Young Global Leader
– Mark Zuckerberg, jewish billionaire, CEO of Facebook, WEF Young Global Leader
– Larry Page, jew, co-founder of Google, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Nikki Haley, jew, US Ambassador to United Nations, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Larry Fink, jewish billionaire, CEO of Blackrock, WEF Young Global Leaders
– Stanley Fischer, jew, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve, dual Israeli-American citizen

Other notables:

– Merrick Garland (Garfinkle?), jew, US Attorney General
– Marcus Wolf, jew, former head of East German (communist) Stasi secret police and co-creator of Department of Homelan Security
– Michael Chertoff, jew, first head of Department of Homeland Security


-CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky – JEWISH
-CDC Director, Washington D.C. office , Jeff Reczek – JEWISH
-HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra – JEWISH
-Vangard CEO, Hortimer J. Buckley – JEWISH
-Head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla – JEWISH
-CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri Berger – JEWISH
-HHS Assistant Health Secretary, Rachel Levine – JEWISH
-Monderna Chief Scientist, Tal Zaks – JEWISH
-CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat – JEWISH
-Covid Czar, Jeff Zients – JEWISH
-Pfizer Chief Scientist, Mikael Dolstein – JEWISH
-Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink – JEWISH
-Covid Senior Advisor, Andy Slavitt – JEWISH
-CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolf – JEWISH
-Blackrock President, Rob Kapito – JEWISH
-Henry Kissinger – JEWISH
-George Sorros – JEWISH
-CEO World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab – JEWISH

etc. etc. etc. And this is the mere tip of the iceberg.

Could it be that Jews are running this global depopulation coup? Well, Jews certainly ran the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet Union….. (read: “Under The Sign of the Scorpion”, by Juri Lina, 1998).

It’s time for indictments and stringent punitive measures against the psychopath criminals.

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2 hours ago
Jay . this book sounds like a re-write of Atali`s 1991 book Millenium :winners and losers in the coming world order.

5 hours ago
He’s probably right Christians will be one of the main groups of people that stand against their Globalist new world order system, but really it will be much more than just them. It will be anyone that is Patriotic and believes in Freedom, and basic human decency and civility that will stand against them. I think he is seriously underestimating how many people there will be against them worldwide. People of all backgrounds beliefs and cultures will be against them. People need to stand united and put aside their petty differences and come together against them.

6 hours ago
I think I know where they get this info to write. Many years ago I got mentally locked into a series of remote visions that were being broadcast. Whether they were intentional or they are always being broadcasted and my mind got sucked into them is a wonder. In one of the visions was a world of mega cities. Everyone was kind of vacant in personality. However, in another vision that took my like into peril was the Sephlers or sophiphleracs. The Grey’s. I was able to see into their world and it was a society of complete mind controlled stupid consumer run by a dictator. They would brain tag each other and it had got way out of hand. It was everything Jay is saying. That feeling hearing this activated all the same moments from the visions I used to get.

Yes. I have seen all sorts of bizarre places in the dimensional mind. These people are trapped in it and they think it’s a real place. They went backwards towards the womb. They can’t transcend because it all leads to 0. They can’t get past 0. 365.25/364.25-1*365.25/364.25=0. Just add 1 and time starts over. You are the 1. Subtract yourself you become fragmented and crazy like these people.

They are falling apart. They didn’t know the real purpose of all of this. I want to think they may have and have been trying to stop it by writing revelations but, their egos won’t let them accept that they wrote their own final chapter in this saga. They even wrote me in which is a mystery to me. It’s funny once you dissect the entire program but, not many living and dead can put it all together and that’s what so incredible. You have to live it to see whats going to happen next. They are not living. Their in a dream state. It’s not real. They are programmed. This is their end. Only way they will get to live is to stop being the program. I already escaped but they depend on it for everything. They are choose death I have no choice but to stand for life.

7 hours ago
Dont know how this guy has the stomach to go through these books by these insufferable globalists.

Although I don’t watch tv (and don’t get the movie references), I look forward to these books reports every week. They’re eye opening.

10 hours ago
Jay is spot on every time. This is why Bill Gates bought 2000+/- acres just west of PHX. He has already explained it will be a smart city. I am sure this is why he is the largest private land owner in the US also. Just think of owning your own city / state!!

10 hours ago
Jay has the best lectures!!! Thank you Jay!!

10 hours ago
We are real close GLOBALLY to a balanced birth/death population!! There are almost as many people dying as being born. This would be a natural process without any forced depopulation which is why the Technocrats and Globalists are SO DANGEROUS. This is also why the Chinese have changed their dictates allowing couples to have more than one child. Germany is in a population decline which is catastrophic for any country.

11 hours ago
The globalists can go F themselves

11 hours ago
jay thank u so much for showing the text you are referencing in this video.

11 hours ago
Jay is great. It occurs to me that this could be the last is last period of time that truckers can influence government, we better make it wirk and support their ciurageous efforts. Why? Because part of the WEF/NWO/Great Reset plan is to have autonomous, self driving vehicles, there will be no truckers, there will just be the authoritarian robotic transportation and the tables will be turned, the NWO will control us we will have no control over them.

13 hours ago
Why di the Iranians pick the United States incorporated to pretend to be American government, because it’s the same letters as the word us, the English word with the idea of both I and We, We the people of these the United States of America shortens well for Americans to us, not just we remember word games and psyops are not actually new, same reason the United Nations is a shortened name, it’s intials are un a prefix, it’s convoluted and the enemies of all life on Earth and in the Universe have not decided their final attack vector thru these games, so I think it’s just best to know such things have been fucked with repeatedly. Self control is the only control, and the price of true freedom is constant vigilance… Each and every one of the us that are We. Remember freedom liberty, these are not just gifts but responsibilities, that come along with the gift of free will that is tied inseperably to the right to life… See if you mess up the responsibilities the universe was already constructed so that it would hinder your living, example- you open your eyes you realize you are a few feet from a cliff’s presipice you decide to go look over the edge, you do gently slowly with your weight spread out maybe you just look at the pretty view, or if you stomp over maybe the edge breaks you fall down and die… My point being the constitution recognizes the system already running in the Universe apparently as God, a great spirit in all things, it doesn’t try to replace God or pretend to be God but does try to work with the existing system/universe to meet our common needs, and goals, such as defense, food, energy, safety… We are having such problems in America at least at this point because of how far law enforcement, politicians, and how far even some military have gone outside the chartered path the constitution setout for all of us, by the combined work of the Americans who wrote and signed, and amended and protected, and attempted to better perfect our constitution.

14 hours ago
Sounds like some paranoid crazy people that’s greedy ! hell bent on getting thiers ! Well we know where they meet at every year ! Don’t we ?

14 hours ago
This is all for control ? What is wrong with these people ?

15 hours ago
The world economic forum and the CCP are modern day Gadianton robbers who fill our judgment seats of power of earthly governments. We must recognize them names and faces and teach the inhabitants of the world what they have been taught by Schwab and ultimately the devil the founder of all lies and evil. They have been taught to overthrow governments elected by the people, from within. Without firing a militaristic bullet. They will break the eggs they must to make an omelet if you will. Show the people where they are they are everywhere they have infiltrated all organizations and institutions to rape, pillage and plunder our nations for their own personal power and gain. Be grateful globalists, and CCP that God is merciful and patient He has given you time to repent and let His people go. As Moses told the pharaoh I’m telling you “let His people go!” Your time is short now, there will be a great reset but it will be Gods great reset. Because we have allowed secret combination to cover the lands of nations He will destroy them all. He has given us time for repentance but if we continue to reject His grace and goodness I promise you the wicked will be destroyed in His great reset. We will feel His wrath and fierce perfect anger. And we will know it is the God of heaven that crushed the wicked.

15 hours ago
Alex. We are the Navigators 👽
Shapeshifter – The Brave

17 hours ago
What is the French-Syria relationship?
King of the North and South. We need to start etching them out. King of the North could be the military industrial complex.

19 hours ago
Not me mate, I’m going to heaven in the rapture.

21 hours ago
ASK to buy, buddy. Resist the urge to explain. Ask, and ye shall receive.
21 hours ago
The devil worshiping Globalists get away with committing crimes they otherwise wouldn’t be able to commit or get away with by creating problems and then falsely labeling their crimes, which they mandate the use of, as solutions to those problems. They can claim they are trying to help you as they steal you wealth, health, freedoms, liberties, and life.

a day ago
Okay, I was going to sit this one out but I changed my mind. We can use their technology against them. The first thing we need to do is break away from their societal infrastructure and start our own communities that are self sustainable to provide the necessities of life within these communities. We must bring down everyone who was involved in pushing this covid agenda on us, if we take them all down then we will have removed all the globalist who are behind this agenda. We need to put bounties on all these globalist and acquire bounty hunters. We must return to God and destroy AI, we need to figure out who all these people are and identify them, placing them into a data base with paper records as backup to assure we get everyone of them. We fight back now or we die.

a day ago
What happened to our homes and children, being fathers, working and having our wives care for the homes, wonderful sex lives under that dynamic and rewarded by God with our daily food. The Globalists have us in pods eating bugs alone staring at the fiction of the metaverse!

a day ago
How Psychopathic, they see us all as tied up, with things on our faces, as bonds and being harmed by them! They all sound like high functioning serial killers!

a day ago
Love it when Jay is on, doing his pieces!

a day ago
what is that banging noise during the entire video?

a day ago
so you like Post-it’s?

a day ago
THERE hiring crisis actors in Washington! They blatantly post it as a job opening, check it out hahah.

a day ago
you are under punishment
there is no way out
only way out is 1
monsanto heads cut from the necks up
it does not matter if it comes 2030 2040 or 2050.. you are under PUNISHMENT from the one and only
you want redemption
1 way out
welcome home

a day ago
As world resources are depleted, the globalist realise that consumerism is on the decline. This would mean they want to maximise their return on investment by stacking humanity into cage like living. More people per metre.. it’s not living, it’s an existence. This is not what humanity wants. Humanity would like to enjoy the planet, the beauty and just have enough to be happy and live free

a day ago
The time of the enemy is short.
This is all gaslighting, it’s bs, the goal is fear.
“2025 will be already better than 2019.” (Chico Xavier, 1986)

a day ago
Blah blah blah…Political bullshit and lies. BUT PLEASE BUY MY PRODUCTS.

a day ago
Citizen Mandate: Globalism must collapse Now, and go on Crimes Against Humanity trial, NOW!