“Asset Forfeiture” By State Thieves (DHS, DOJ, and Police); LewRockwell.com; 2/15/20)


State Thieves and Forfeiture for Profit

By Gary D. Barnett

February 15, 2020

State Thieves and Forfeiture for Profit

News today revealed that this tyrannical government had seized in September $181,500 from a Florida trucking company employee on his way to buy trucks in Cleveland for cash. Cash is that commodity that is supposed to be legal tender, and therefore legitimate money. The employee, Boris Nulman, was given $191,000 by his employers, Scott Smith and Michael Rosenberg, owners of FGL Transport, Inc., and told to get on a plane to Cleveland in order to buy some trucks for their business. While going through “security” and dealing with the perverted TSA, his bag was inspected, and the agents stole all but $10,000. Keep in mind that this was a domestic, not an international flight.

As always, the government thieves claimed without any evidence that this money was proceeds from “specified unlawful activity” and likely for the manufacture, sale, or distribution of a “controlled substance.” No charges were filed, and the owners of the company claim to have evidence that this money was taken directly out of their business account. They are now forced to sue two federal agencies, a daunting and expensive venture to be sure. These agencies can use other stolen money from taxpayers to hire attorneys, and drag this out in court for a very long time. This usually ends up bankrupting the lowly citizen, while the government keeps its ill-gotten gains, and spends taxpayer money to defend their theft in the corrupt courts.

Against the State: An … Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. Best Price: $2.11 Buy New $8.56 (as of 03:10 EST – Details) The lawsuit is against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. How is stealing the rightfully owned money of American citizens “border protection? Who is really being protected here? Obviously it is not American citizens. The Newspaper report from Tampa stated that the government has not provided any reason whatsoever that it believes this money came from any illegal activities, but regardless, they will not return the money. This is nothing new, but it is a stark reminder that the government can forcibly steal from Americans without any evidence or cause, and keep the proceeds, and possibly in the process, bankrupt the victims. It is painfully obvious that this government believes it owns all the property of the people, and can take it at any time it chooses to do so, and without cause.

Apparently, buying goods voluntarily with one’s own money can be considered suspicious by government thugs, and then they claim the right to steal the property of anyone they desire. What this boils down to is honest citizens being treated as criminals, and therefore all their property can be confiscated without any charges or trial. This is the America of today, and these are the evil agents of force called police and security, that can take at will the property of others to use as they see fit. It is after all just a way to build extra revenue for these departments at the expense of those it claims to protect. What a farce.

Government thugs call this asset forfeiture, but it is nothing short of outright theft of private property under the guise of protection from money laundering and other so-called crime and non-crime. But stopping crime is never the goal, for if it were, those in government would be the first arrested. They are the cheats and liars, they are the murderers, they are the thieves, and this is all done in the name of the state. They do this for one reason only, and that is to fill their coffers with the property of others, and in the process gain even more control and power over the public.

While much is hidden, or too complicated to decipher, the federal government, specifically the Department of Justice, (DOJ) collected $29 billion from 2001 to 2014. (This beginning date is no coincidence) Money stolen during this time went up over 1000%. Much of this stolen money was from those that committed no crime, and were never charged with any crime. No surprise, but most all this money goes to Law Enforcement, the same thieves that stole it in the first place.

The police today steal more money through their immoral and criminal asset forfeiture programs that all real criminals steal put together. Yes, the biggest thieves in the country are the police. They love to steal other people’s money because the corrupt courts allow it. They even keep wish lists, so they can target certain individuals in order to steal the things they desire. This program is simply a multi-billion dollar slush fund for police and government.