Gangstalking In The Movies (I & II): Dr. Eric Karlstrom on ACH Show (9/28, 10/26 2021)

Gangstalking in the Movies: Part I (Sept. 28, 2021)

ACH (1612) Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Gangstalking In The Movies
September 28, 2021 by achitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on September 28 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Gangstalking In The Movies.”

We discussed: the Book of Ephesians; using the cover of drills during a false flag terror attack; why the number of Targeted Individuals (TIs) radically increased during the 1990’s, and in particular after 9/11; how Gangstalking is the New World War; the YouTube video, “Monarch The New Phoenix Program Pt 1 By Marshall Thomas,” that we played during the show; how thoughts that are not your own can be planted in your brain; how Satanism has been accepted as a religion in the U.S. Military; state sponsored domestic terrorism against the civilian population; how the high level Satanists are trans-humanists who want to destroy the planet via geo-engineering; examples of Gangstalking in the movies from – Gaslight, The Game, Enemy Of The State, The Hunger Games franchise, The Bourne franchise, The Truman Show, The Lives Of Others, Murder On The Orient Express, The Manchurian Candidate, and Control Factor; how the technology we have today is far beyond our wisdom as humans; and many other topics.

Gangstalking in the Movies Part II (Oct. 26, 2021)

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 26 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Gangstalking In The Movies – Part 2.”

We discussed: how the Gangstalking Program is identical to the military’s Neuro-Critical-Warfare (sic: Neocortical Warfare) strategy; mind control from a medical viewpoint; Project Monarch and the Phoenix Program; how the Targeted Individual (TI) Program has been the beta test for the targeting of the world’s population that we are witnessing today; no touch torture devloped by the CIA; in depth analyses of the, “Enemy Of The State,” and “The Truman Show,” movies; the Five Eyes spy alliance; the Clinton Body Count; how the TI Program is designed to destroy the life of the TI whilst leaving them alive; the power of faith in God; and many other topics.