Woman Shares Her Experience Inside The MK Ultra Program

Woman Shares What Her Experience Was Like Inside of The MK Ultra Program

I. MKULTRA Survivor Elisa Full Interview

II. From Victim to Survivor: The Dark World of MKULTRA, An Interview with Elisa E.

III. Our Life Beyond MKULTRA: Lies, Corruption And Love, An Interview with Elisa E.


Published 1 year ago on March 11, 2020 By Arjun Walia CE Staff

According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives.

The rationale for this type of activity? Well, it’s the typical answer, for ‘national security’ purposes. Basically, the program was designed to make people do things they normally wouldn’t do whilst under mind control, for the purposes of whoever is ‘in charge’ and calling the shots atop the military industrial complex.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, who’s since passed away, was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association, among others. He was one of many who conducted these experiments on patients. Again, the subjects were never told that they were being used as guinea pigs.

This topic became so serious, and a lot of information and research was being conducted by independent researchers to the point where the United States government could no longer deny that these programs took place. Eventually, they declassified what they had, and the government issued an official apology for the program and its victims in the mid 90’s.

Multiple victims have also come forward sharing their disturbing experiences.

You can access those files via the CIA’s electronic reading room. Simply use “MKULTRA” as the key word in the search.

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As with any sensitive and controversial subject, the disclosure of information is usually, based on my research into Black Budget Special Access Programs, a way to put the subject to rest, or claim that ‘this is all there was’ to this program. It’s a quiet way to stop the concern and questioning from citizens, without really disclosing the full extent of the program, and whether it still runs today.

I believe our television, mainstream media and more were all birthed out of mind-control programs and intentions, but that’s just speculation.

Was the program really terminated? We’ll get to that a little later on in the article. The main concern right now is the idea that MK Ultra mind-control experiments only consisted of LSD, electroshock ‘therapy’ and other torturous actions. This is evident by recent programs who covered the topic, but it’s simply not true, and as usual, there is much more to the story.

What The History Channel Left Out About The Declassified CIA Program, MK Ultra

Most recently, the History Channel aired a program called America’s War on Drugs, a mini docu-series. It was a good documentary, and they seemed to provide some good information about the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs and the massive political propaganda campaign that went along with it. The series criminalized the CIA and the government, and rightly so, discussing their involvement in drug trafficking, production, and testing — on both volunteers and unwilling patients — and even murder.

The issue with mainstream coverage of MK Ultra, however, is the fact that they constantly focus on one aspect of the program, and that’s the LSD part. As a result, when it comes to public knowledge and awareness of MK-Ultra, it’s often believed that they were simply drug mind control experiments conducted by the CIA, but it’s much deeper and more disturbing than that.

We know this, because a small fraction of the MK Ultra files remained to be examined, the rest of it was ordered to be destroyed, so, in an official manner, the public could never become aware of what really took place inside of these programs…If we truly knew what our government was doing, we’d be horrified. We’re already horrified at what’s been disclosed, just imagine what hasn’t. That’s where the video below comes in.

MK Ultra Survivor

Below is a video of ‘Elisa E,’ author of two books, “Our Life Beyond MKULTRA” which comprises of book 1 and book 2. In it, she describes her life of trauma based mind control from birth, what happened, who was involved, and basically answers every question that would pop into your heard if you are somewhat skeptical.

In the book, and in the interview below, she describes how the trauma she experienced split her personality into several different people, to be used by prominent figures within the military industrial complex, for multiple purposes.

For anybody who researches the MK Ultra topic, this is the basis of it. It’s trauma based mind control. Multiple Personalty Disorder (MPD) is a real disorder, and is often triggered by severe trauma experienced as a child. This is the backbone of the MK Ultra program, torturing individuals in order to create multiple personalities. These ‘soldiers’ are then apparently used by the global elite to shared classified information and messages (among other things), without ever questioning what they were doing, sort of like a robot. They don’t even remember what they do, because when they’re doing it they’re taking on the consciousness of somebody else.

Their uses are many.

There are rumours floating around among researchers in this community that numerous presidents and politicians are actually part of the program themselves, having suffered from trauma based mind control in order to play a certain ‘role,’ like the president of the United States for example, but we can’t actually verify that as truth.

But again, the fact is that multiple personalities do develop as a result of trauma . Kim Noble, for example, is an artist with different personalities – twenty of them, in fact. After suffering childhood abuse, Kim’s mind split into twenty distinct personalities to cope with the trauma. Over a dozen personalities are painters, including Judy the bulimic teenager, a gay man named Ken, and a mother called Patricia.

Here’s a story that VICE did on her.

There is an enormous amount of literature and information that exists out there, so if you want to learn more, please do your research.

It’s important to make note of the fact that the MK Ultra program was not the only one which dealt with mind control, there was also Bluebird, Artichoke, MKsearch, MKNaomi, and the STARGATE project.

Beyond simple use of mind-control slaves for political, and other purposes, like warfare, in the interview below, Elsa also mentions that altered states of consciousness and ‘magic’ type rituals were used by the elite to communicate with extra-dimensional beings.

Now we know where popular Netflix series, Stranger Things got their inspiration from..

At the end of the day, there are multiple programs inside the military industrial complex, utilizing information and knowledge not available to the public for their own selfish purposes. The type of information that exists within the black budget world actually has the power to help transform humanity. It’s not what you know, and what you can do, or what type of technology you can make, it’s the consciousness behind these things that determines what direction we take it. We can use our knowledge and understanding of the human mind for good, or not.

At the very least, talking about and exposing that this type of activity is actually a reality still needs more attention. I’m not sure what the solution is or how to stop it, but I know staying silent and not sharing this type of information is just not right.

Researchers in the field, and those from within these actual program have been coming forward for years sharing what they know regarding the truth about MK Ultra.

One of these people is Dr. Colin A. Ross, a psychiatrist who was the president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation from 1993 to 1994. He’s an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. He is the founder and President of The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

He has been running a hospital-based trauma program in Dallas, Texas since 1991, and has authored 29 books and over 200 professional papers.

So, what does it say when a professional like this has been touring the world with MK Ultra victims spreading awareness about trauma based mind control? The people this man has come into contact with, in some cases, in order to treat, must be quite overwhelming for him.

“I’m going to base what I have to say here on the motto of one of the great law enforcement officers of all time, which is Sergeant Joe Friday, and his motto was, ‘just the fact man, just the facts.’ So what I’m going to give you is just the facts , a little quick synopsis of absolutely documented objective, real, history of CIA military mind control experimentation…This for sure is just the declassified tiny tip of the iceberg, but it’s definitely fact and it’s definitely stranger than fiction.” – Dr. Ross

The quote above comes from Dr. Ross, giving a lecture along side Cathy O’Brian, a supposed MK Ultra Victim, and Roseanne Barr, a famous Hollywood actress and director who once said, “MK Rules in Hollywood.”

A couple of years ago, Roseanne and Cathy actually came to Toronto to give a talk. I was in attendance, and was able to ask her a question regarding some popular entertainers and celebrities. I asked her if they have multiple personalities, and if they have ‘handlers’ to trigger them into a specific personality before a performance.

She told me yes, and used Miley Cyrus as an example. This means, when you see some entertainers giving certain performances, it’s not really them, but an alter personality which exists inside of them that is triggered before the performance. They are hypnotized.

This is why she said, MK Ultra rules in Hollywood, and that it’s a cesspool for government mind-control.

When Ross started getting into his research a little deeper, his name was slandered, as expected when going beyond what’s been disclosed about the MK Ultra program, especially if you are a respected academic. He was taken to court multiple times, having a number of false accusations placed against him.

It’s similar to a high-ranking reputable scientist, with verified credentials, from within the Department of Defence. Despite the fact that there are dozens of them, when they chose to speak of facts they’ve become aware of that just don’t fit the framework of accepted knowledge, they too are often ridiculed.

You’ll see this if you do any research into the UFO phenomenon.

Ross eventually uncovered a number of individuals with repressed memories of abuse that started shortly after birth. By use of brainwashing techniques (drugs, hypnosis, age regression, calling out alter egos and more), these people were controlled. Many of them, as uncovered by Ross and many others, have multiple personalities within them as a result of childhood incest rape/abuse, Satanic cult abuse/ rape, and more.

Again, I’d like to emphasize, he’s not the only one. This is a topic that involves too many professionals to name, and too many victims as well, at least the ones who survived.

Survivors of the program, like Cathy O’Brian, describe these they experiences as well. Being forced into these things from a very young age, since birth, and points to the fact that the families, the parents and the siblings, have or do all go through the same thing..

This stuff happens shortly after birth, with cutting off the breath of the baby, and other horrible things I do not want to mention. These people grow up believing that what is happening is normal, and they develop multiple personalities that cannot communicate with each other, and the original personality does not remember what is stored in the minds of the other ‘people’ existing within them. They dissociate from themselves as a result of extreme trauma, the mind cannot handle it, it’s a completely different state of consciousness.

Supposed victims of the program also describe horrible experiences of watching others tortured to death.

This type of thing also correlated with FBI investigations, and reports of elite level child abuse in the form of pedophilia rings.

Ted Gunderson, former FBI special agent and head of their L.A. office, worked to uncover and expose these horrors before he died. A simple YouTube search of his name will show you what exactly he spent his last years researching (source). Here’s one of his last lectures.

He is one of several dozen to have investigated this topic and found some disturbing facts. Here is another lecture he gives with a victim of these programs, who also describes the horrible experienced mentioned above.

One of the most recent examples is former U.S. State Department official Steve Pieczenik. His roles within U.S. politics were many, having been the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vacne, and James Baker, he’s recently been outspoken about pedophilia within elite political groups.

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Comments on video:

4 years ago
I read her books and I got so sick, I had to put them away many times. The books tell much more than what you see here. One body containing so many personalities, named and anonymous, it’s just unbelievable. So much hurt. I commend you for coming out, Elisa. Take care.

4 years ago
wow more people coming forward. This is real people.

Nikkolas MastroPietro
4 years ago
I believe her! She is very intelligent, very pretty also.

Ellis Washington
3 years ago
This is a very courageous woman to come forward with these truths. She has given me a new group of people to pray for their deliverance. May God help her and others that have been enslaved by this program.

Lara O’neal
4 years ago
When she referenced non verbal memories or emotional memories this really needs to be understood. Most believe memories are always conscious and easily accessible; this just is not true. Adult survivors in sexual abuse trauma meetings will talk about sexual emotional memories as a infants in the crib. Knowing that they had been sexually abused as young as 3 months old. Ppl are so ignorant when it comes to the subconscious mind which records EVERYTHING. And is also stored in the mind as memories.

jess !
4 years ago
I KNOW your story is true. Thank you for being courageous enough to share it. I hope you and anyone facing your situation know about Simon Parkes and his ability to deprogram.
You must be a phenominally ancient and highly evolved soul to have encountered what you did and managed to re-assimilate the majority of your alters. You will be an inspiration to other for years to come. I wonder what mainstream humanity will do in the following couple of years when they finally learn what has been happening to their 1,000,000,000 missing children each year….

Truly Yours
4 years ago
This was the best video, for me personally, to watch. I learned more from this video than any others. I pray she is safe and is now enjoying her life, what a beautiful person she really is. Its unfortuante that she had to go through everything she had to. Thank you for this video ❤

kandice bella
4 years ago (edited)
Sounds like a hawk in the background silence. A hawk is a good sign. And if this testimony is true, this sign is for you Elisa. You are awakening to your soul purpose. And Elisa’s rocking back and forth is a way of comforting herself while speaking of these horrific memory recall.

Alanna V
4 years ago
How desperately sad to see her tell her story of child trauma abuse while a happy family plays behind her near the shore. The contrast is heartbreaking

4 years ago
I am so sorry you were used. Peace be with you.

3 years ago (edited)
The depths of evil of these MK/DM perps is beyond comprehension. They will all pay one fine day. God Bless You, Elisa, thank you for sharing your Unconditional Benevolent Creative LOve with Us, we need you. to be safe and strong, Sovereign Soldier of Light and Love.

Rory Wynhoff
4 years ago
Thank you for the courage to tell your story, Elisa! That wonderful, loving person you are describing is YahShua, more commonly known as Jesus Christ. It is His real, Hebrew name. He is Almighty God, He created us all and LOVES us enough to die for us, and did die for us all. He desires to heal the broken-hearted (MPD/DID) – to make the heart whole again as He created it originally. Find a King James Bible and get to know Him and trust Him (other versions are changed). God bless!

Rocketgurl 66
4 years ago
I am so sorry and sad to see this. She is a strong woman. I am sure this interview was very difficult, but yet cathartic at the same time. May light, peace and God be with her.

Ida Lawrence
4 years ago
Thank you for surviving and letting us know what you have come through.

The Art of Truth and Love
3 years ago
Everyone watching television is technically mind control victims.

4 years ago
Brave and compelling testimony. Why would someone’s parents allow this to happen to their daughter? It’s boggling. Horrifying. She deserves all of the love and protection in the world.


Raw Olympia
keiran lynn
keiran lynn
4 years ago
May the Lord heal you and bless you. My prayers of love and healing to you.

4 years ago
God is Love, Jesus Christ is Lord and King in and with Love, He is preeminently complete and whole and the chief physician and remedy for all lost and wounded souls, only He can put the pieces of shattered lives to be held back together, in Him there is a sure and permanent and consistent hope and healing, understanding and completeness and He is the author of all human goodness and love without blemish and the only name given where mankind can be eternally saved, His heart and hands are stretched out still to be received.

Maree Bow
3 years ago
Elisa you are a very brave and beautiful human being.

Trte Mrte
4 years ago
It takes a lot of courage to talk about this ongoing program. I can only imagine how many people are either subconciuosly or conciously are involved in this kind of mind control and manipulation. And, this IS ALL spiritual. Jesus is the only saviour, protector, He will lead us all in the Truth. What a sad and evil world we live in, but with Jesus, at the same time, very exciting time to be alive. I have been praying for these people to be saved by Jesus.

4 years ago
Im a survivor, too. Its impossible to eradicate the abuse memories, still have panic attacks and PTSD. NO multis thank God, but very stressed must stay medicated.

3 years ago
For a legacy model, she’s getting along really well. I wish her the best in her discovery/recovery process.

4 years ago
Elisa, I absolutely believe there are survivors, just like you of MK Ultra. Sweet soul, may you continue to heal and have more moments of happiness and inner peace, than the horrors you have survived. May your higher self continue to bring you out of the darkness and into glorious light. May God bless and much love to you.

Jonathan Jennings
3 years ago (edited)
She speaks eloquently and lucidly. This seems honest to me. DAMN IT

Hey Boo Boo Butters
4 years ago
So sad. What kind of wicked people would use a another person like they do in MK Ultra. Makes me sick to my stomach.

4 years ago
Reminds me of the movie dark pool.
Where they alter humans with oxygen deprivation. In too many movies they come out with the truth, scattered here and there. If you are able to see the whole picture our world is still as dark as in the dark ages. It’s really sad.

Jarrod Harris
3 years ago
Crazy how when she said Benevolent Unconditional Creative Love the videos became brighter

isela hernandez
3 years ago
Thank you for your courage. I am lifting you up in prayer and asking for full deliverance. May the good Lord bless you and keep you!

Dee Lawley
4 years ago
Bless you how brave are you for comong forward and talking your truth. I believe and true your Higher Self has guided you through all of this. I thought my life was tough but my God I admire you so much, Love and gratitude to you now and always.

Smith Michelle
4 years ago
I am very sorry for this horror that has happened to you and that you are now left with the residual effects. But on a positive note, you are a strong person and you are helping others to understand what is going on and on an even smaller scale of importance they can’t take your looks away from you even if you cut your hair, you can see beautiful bone structure and beauty. God Bless you and Thanks for sharing.

Everybody’s Gramma
4 years ago
My mother was pregnant with me while in the program. Then apparently I was in the program after birth. Yes, my life has been effected traumatically.

Whitney McClinton
4 years ago
the mind is so powerful

Axel Melgarejo
3 years ago
Thank you Colleen for sharing this video, and thanks to Elisa for her courage to share her experience with us.

Sheronree19 Ashley
4 years ago
blessings to you my sweet sweet angel I’m sorry to hear what’s happened to you in your life ! take care of yourself an your safe now 💝

Angelina Lazar
3 years ago
I never once read ALL the comments on a video! Here, I did…. Very compassionate good hearted people and Christians commenting. God Bless You all!

As for Elisa, God Bless you. Great work on yourself! Quite thorough, very accurate and good perspicacity, cutting between your amnesiac walls. Call upon Jesus to dissolve them in their entirety, while protecting you from any potentially detrimental effects from those revelations. That way, you will be able to see through the most devasting years at 30 years +/-3.

TO correct others: this IS her CORE talking (NOT an alter)! Also, it does NOT matter WHO the President was at that time as they DON’T HAVE TOP CLEARANCE. This goes WAY PAST THEM!

THIS is VERY IMPORTANT SUCH PUBLUC VONFESSIONS: important for the Illuminati Mind Controlled slaves soul and important for the public!

ALL these school shotings are being committed by MK Ultra triggered victims in a very wicked, underhanded attempt to get the public to BEG for GUN CONTROL so they can COME IN AND ENSLAVE THE ENTIRE NATION, and or the populace at large to be DISARMED and UnNABLE TO FIGHT BACK and SAVE THEMSELVES, THEIR FAMILES & COMMUNITIES! BEWARE! DON’T FALL FOR IT!


+ + +
+Queen of the South/

Gayle Dailey
4 years ago
I just ordered your books from Amazon, Elisa… because I believe you. I’ve slowly read a lot of these and it’s tough going. I feel it’s important to read them in public. People notice, become aware, ask… Then I get to talk about the government programs, that then President Bill Clinton apologized for in 1995. It’s my understanding MKUltra was “disbanded” but the process continues under “Monarch.” Love surround you.

Carina Ann
4 years ago
Bless your heart ! what a truly strong woman .

Devi Reith
3 years ago
Thank you so much for stepping forward and sharing your experiances! As you said, it will still take a while to remember the most hidden situations, but I really feel and believe in your success and mastery!

3 years ago
It’s automated in lingusitics.
The tier: is Golf course discussion, publication(Channel 9), and the linguistics “Look like” they predict the future, based on the Yelow Vest Brigades ability to not go bowling and work for a living.

On the odd occasion they take privat votes (Golf course + Yellow Vest Brigade, with Eng advisors)

Meantime is Slitheren.

Shabrena Monet
4 years ago
I love this woman so much. I can feel she will be a huge part of making full disclosure a more peaceful process. Her radiant inner work resonates through her words, and I feel renewed faith that we can break humanity free from mind control.

4 years ago (edited)
This sounds, like someone I talked with in the Summer of 2015……..It ended with her switching alters and then e-mailing me and saying to never contact her again…………

david weaver
4 years ago
Much love, Elisa. Thank you for having the courage to come forward and share your experience with the world. LOVE!

Suzanne Perez
3 years ago
God bless you dear woman. So sorry about what has happened to you..❤️

todd segel
3 years ago
My grandpa was a captain in the navy, was stationed in IRAN in the 80’s and was a free mason who worked for kodak after the navy. He never told anyone what he did in the navy and was a VERY stern man. My family still thinks he was CIA to this day but i wish i knew. one firm thing i know is he was in reserve intellegince. if anyone of you 4 chan guys are on here Marcus A. Merriman

Jessica Rabbit
4 years ago
You are an inspiration, thank you for being strong enough to come forward and share what youv been through.. xxx

Sun Ray
3 years ago
She’s an amazing strong warrior to be able to survive this

Joanne Haywood
4 years ago
May God’s, Gaurdians and Angels bring you comfort when you cry, bring clarity and healing from good people around you, thank Elise for you disclosing such deeply tortured chapters…l Believe you, stay beautiful, stay strong xJo 😇

MADD Art44
4 years ago
The real Eleven.

4 years ago
Until you can diss her I believe her over any non believer. The ones that can’t even begin to believe this you need to step back and open your eyes sheep

Coral Hull
4 years ago
8.06. That “creative force of benevolent energy” being referred to here, is a fallen angel, posing as The Holy Spirit. Once your life is given to Jesus Christ, that ‘force” will quickly dissipate for the lie that it was. God is a person. He is not an “energy”.

4 years ago
I don’t understand how parents can knowingly give their children to this. Did Elisa grow up with parents? Did she ever confront them? How/why did the handlers or owners let her live? Or did she escape? If so, how did she get out?

Tracey H
3 years ago
Elisa I admire you so much ,what you,ve come through I,m purely mind boggled how young you were when you were put through so much and you are here today and come a million mile,s to tell your story.Thankyou so much,it,s one of the most eye opening interviews I,ve looked at. You’re a great, strong woman. G.B

Jordan Webster
3 years ago
I would love to buy and read her books. Elisa you are so strong and inspiring for getting through this. God bless you.

Pistachio Pudding
3 years ago
The Illuminati is real. God bless this woman. It’s sickening what wicked people will do to fellow human beings. I hope that this woman lives in peace for the rest of her life.

Tammy Blythe
4 years ago
This makes me so sad…being awakened I know that I know this goes on a lot I just want to hug her and let her know how thankful we are she has made it so far in order to tell us. May the angels watch over this precious soul.

4 years ago
I’m grateful for her (alters) bravery. I wish she would have had a mic pinned on her. It would have been easier to hear.

Lady Pamela
3 years ago
You my dear are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for having the courage to speak out! This is all to real! It happens on large to small scale. It is extremely hard to live and deal with. And it is a life long journey to understand for those who have endured such. Again Thank You so very much for bringing this to light. I know personally how very hard it is.

Star West
2 years ago
And God will come through and show His unconditional love for us. Especially when no one else can or does.

3 years ago
Thank you for sharing your story with us. ❤️💙

Ashlee Campbell
3 years ago (edited)
what a brave beautiful strong soul. youre here to share expose change and uplift. so thank you

Edward Versluys
4 years ago
i think this is helpful for me because I am entering a new career path and have been curious about healing multiples….. how and how far . I am learning much about this type of stuff. I hope this lady continues to heal and to share.

Weird One
2 years ago
I’m so glad to hear there’s a true self within ❤

3 years ago
I love your protection… benevolent unconditional creative love! it truly is the answer to all things. I have so much love and compassion for you and your journey. thank you so much for your story… my heart hurts for your pain but love does conquer all and you are on the forefront of these revelations. so brave, so strong! you are a true hero.

3 years ago
I am so sorry with all my heart for your suffering. “They” will ALL get what’s coming to them.
God bless you and keep you.

Rich Pivo
4 years ago
My heart is out to you, my friend. You are amazingly strong. I wish I could offer you more.

Magnet T
3 years ago
Thank you so much for liking my comment it means a lot. I’m passionate about conspiracies and world peace and justice as it is but last night I ran into mk ultra and spent 5 hours watching videos, I didn’t sleep because there was so much on mind. I haven’t slept yet, I even showed my dad some of the videos. Appreciate it b! Here’s a ❤️💝 back

Whitney Baxter
4 years ago
I love how that dog ran up and really broke the tension. It was kind of a nice little break. God really has such a amazing personality!💜

3 years ago
Absolutely incredible. She describes how most of my memories of being sexually tortured as a little girl came back to me. Incredible what the mind can do. One thing. .. I’m so sorry anyone high or low in the LDS church hurt her. So terrible of those particular men and or women.

1 year ago
Elisa! The real Sarah Connor fighting inner programming instead of outer programming. My hero! 😍🌷🌹👍

Ma Pepe
3 years ago
Glad you made it out Elisa! I wish you get the most out of freedom!
I’ll send positive energies ur way! 🙂

2 years ago
She is so intelligent and amazing

Zeiseleh D
4 years ago
Thank you for sharing your experience. Sending you blessings for continued healing.

Bailee Miller
3 years ago
You have a beautiful and strong soul. God bless you. Your in my prayers. God puts his strongest soldiers in the toughest battles

Susan Siegel
3 years ago
Thank you! I don’t feel alone or that this is unique to me. I came in with many pre-life alters and mind control programming that I have been processing for the past many years.

Catherine Whitford QHHT
3 years ago (edited)
My heart goes out to you, Elisa. I wish you continued healing and good health. I have believed the survivors since the 80’s, when Cathy O’Brien’s book came out. Also, I know someone who’s CIA family put her thru this at SRI, Groom Lake, etc. Her parents even dropped her off at a church at night (for the Black Mass, no doubt.) She is in denial, yet she tells me of her exploits in a happy, excited manner. It’s so strange.

riley b free
3 years ago
you are such a brave and strong soul. thank you so much for sharing this…I could literally feel your pain as you were speaking, it almost made me cry. the thing is: everyone has a soul mission, and even tho I am not wishing anyone this kind of perverted manipulation and using of ones sacred self… I know that you had the purpose of sharing this with the world. I am wishing you all the love and compassion you deserve. remember: the light is ALWAYS stronger than the dark and we people are waking up more each and every day. please look after yourself and may god bless you and the angels protecting you. xoxo

epiphany of veritas
4 years ago
you are a living testimony to the power of the living God.
you will continue to be in my prayers for healing,discernment, strength and health.
you are a courageous,inspirational and beautiful person.

Emily Campbell
3 years ago
A maze it is! I want to thank you so much for opening up. Your candour tskes away the isolation somewhat! through opening up and making it “real” maybe we can make it through the maze together (in a sense)
And pick up the “fractured” parts of our soul!
I believe we can stop this for future generations! We NEED to put an end to the Vampiric torture and the abuse they are doing to so many beautiful souls

Big light and love ❤️
Your not alone!

Ayanna Marielle
3 years ago
Wow thank you for your courage to speak out! I have read a lot of books about MK-Ultra but I have never seen anyone really talk about it. This is wonderful for you to speak out!! Thank you

Diana Dunwoodie
3 years ago
Hey Elisa, I hope you are as well as can be… Thank you for sharing what happened to you…. I’m so sorry that this was done to you and others! You are awesome! Your higher self had the ability to escape and bring you out…that is true power! I wish you the very best for the future….Thanks again…Be safe xx

TallCool 1
4 years ago
Courageous Lady!…
May God carry u safely to your purpose as part of the ‘Lifting of The Veil’… I’ll pray for you.🙏. Peace and Love.

Edie Jeanne
4 years ago
Amazing book, just read it, off to buy the next one. The fact that this beautiful woman survived to tell her tale is a true miracle.

3 years ago (edited)
God Bless you Elisa… praying that the blood of Jesus will cover you with protection, wisdom, peace and continued courage. Praying also for every single man woman and child who has had to and is currently enduring this.. praying that they would be freed from this evil bondage and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.. praying that the victims will be made whole, Be happy and forgive themselves and their abusers so they will be set free..In Jesus’ name Amen.. Give your cross to Jesus and he will carry it and you

ms rlw211
3 years ago
When you speak of not being able to breathe, supposedly I had childhood asthma and grew out of it. But I would have extreme attacks in the middle of the night and wakeup gasping for air also. I’ve had a few close calls. Even almost drowned once at the beach.

Marc Stecker
3 years ago
Elisa: Thank you for telling us all your story. I hope your story can help others who have gone through this. God bless you.

3 years ago
God’s hand is on you. I love you.

Missing In Action
2 years ago
Thank you for speaking out. Sending love ❤

Joshlyn Greever
4 years ago
God bless you for telling us your story. You are a beautiful soul. I admire your fortitude it takes people coming forward to help stop such evil!!!
For all who doubt your experience I leave this quote… ” because it is sometimes so unbelievable the truth escapes being known.

Hello Doggy
3 years ago
We need more of us to speak out. Thank you. For telling your story. So far, just one other and I talk about our experience and what we remember.

Bailee Miller
3 years ago
God and the Holy Spirit is with you!! You are free and your soul is finally flowering!! Beautiful to see you come up from such a dark, unimaginable place. Your strength is infinitely growing but now for the heavenliness in life! You are in my prayers.

Sheronree19 Ashley
4 years ago
so sad ! an to think about all the people that complain over NOTHING!! Think what this lady has been through ……what else can i say!!!

johnny eddy
4 years ago
Thank you for sharing this story the bravery u show is powerful I’m praying for you and all victims of these programs your hawk protector spirit heard your brave voice creator walks with us and protects us… we are waking up Thank you so much A’HO mitakuye oyasin … blessings and prayers up to our true creator and our beautiful Mother Earth 🌏

Xena Jade
4 years ago
Thank you for the video, this lady is very courageous for speaking so openly about this horrendous abuse. I would like to know if you have any information on mkultra or other programs being in operation in Australia at the same time as Elisa was going through these traumas. I have very fragmented memories of my own abuse and intense psychic experiences in the 1960’s and 70s, and I’m extremely drawn to this subject, feeling that I may have been used/abused through mind control as a child and teen. Any information greatly appreciated. Many thanks 🙂

3 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your story. More people need to wake up and know that THIS IS REAL PEOPLE!!

4 years ago
The pain in her voice breaks my heart. As a true empath, this hurts so much.

4 years ago (edited)
You know, I honestly believe her 100%…. But I am just not registering this. This is so hard to comprehend.

3 years ago
Thank you Elisa. Your healing and willpower is admirable. The light lives within the darkness. And you have purged the darkness due to your ability to understand your in control.

terry field
4 years ago
God bless you for telling. Damn those Nazis.

4 years ago
Thank you so much dear Colleen Wasner ! Amazing insights. Kind of open note book open. I am amazed how openly you talk about to basically the entire World.
Beside that you have a wonderfull aura and emitions. You are are good super natural beeing. Would like to talk with you at a better time if you like dear Colleen Wasner.

Ana Soulstar
3 years ago
Thank you for sharing, wishing you all the best!

Patty Blevins
4 years ago
Thank you for sharing this!!!!

3 years ago
God Bless You! Thank you for sharing your story💙

Jamie Roberts
3 years ago
Just wow. Bless your soul Elisa.
Especially with your name, this may sound superficial, but hear me out, your story sounds almost like inspiration behind the character El, aka Eleven in “stranger things”
it’s about mkultra but they only make a brief reference to that being what’s behind the show and everyone is into it so I’m trying to spread the word since everyone loves the show so much that it’s not all that fictional.

They really do sensory deprivation, abuse, programming, etc. and it’s sickening. This needs to stop,
and bless you for being so strong, I can’t even imagine.

I do wonder about some things in my life, how my godfather worked in media in the military behind the scenes and I’m named after him even though he’s only my “real” fathers friend from his younger years. I don’t look anything like my dad and with my mom there is not much similarities; but I look like him. My godfather, and my supposed “half sister” that I haven’t seen since I was 5 but she lives nearby, apparently she doesn’t want anything to do with us. Idk what’s going on but I’ve had abuse and programming done throughout my life, and I wonder if it was intentional now I hear your story something clicked and I realized every father besides my “real” father, in the family that I know, is in the military somehow. My mother speaks of awful physical abuse as a child too, and that I was lucky I didn’t get what she did. But then they kicked my “real” parents kicked him out of the house. (When he wasn’t stationed somewhere he’d stay with us and always had a room made and when he retired he moved in w/my parents.)
They started being nicer to me and my boyfriend and my mom IRONICALLY ENOUGH, has become a conspiracy theorist investigator in her spare time. She says she has contact with a lot of people to spread the message about the corruption in the country in general. She also was pushing for trump to stop the sleeping pill Hill, and my dad did too. Which is weird because he’s always been a solid democrat. Idk.. I have a butterfly tattoo as well and have been taken on car rides to JUST listen to CDS of music. That’s all. Idk, I have also had bad issues with a previous ex who abused me physically and emotionally as well and I would see a demon in astral projection in bed every night when with him. My stress was max then. I was shaking all day long. He really messed me up too. I am better now, my mom has opened my eyes actually to look into this and I feel that either way, I had mass brainwashing for sure, and general trauma has made things hard. I was also told I was abused by strangers as a kid but do not remember.. but like I said, I am getting better. I have a little girl who will be 2 in February, my own house, a hope for going back to work and some animals to love along with a now supportive and happy small family. (They don’t talk to anyone else beside my one aunt..)
Thank you to anyone who read my story. Idk who you are, but I love you.
And if you’re the video creator, this video was amazing and well done thank you for spreading the message. I went to school for videography and only wish I could do anything with it in Delaware. :/

Jess h
3 years ago
You are remarkable and an inspiration. I wish you happiness and health thank you for your bravery

Tomi Taylor
3 years ago (edited)
God bless you and grant you full healing, salvation and infinite grace.

3 years ago (edited)
This brave and intelligent woman did a wonderful job of speaking clearly about her traumatic experience. God bless her. And wow! To the many wonderful and supportive people commenting here, God bless you all. This was not a full interview. It cut off abruptly in mid-sentence.

The Gnostic Truth
3 years ago
Okay, taking the phenomenological phantasmogoria as a “set of conditions” acting as a “field over which” the “organism” (in all senses, but basically the integral being) operates, we get one set of interpretations. But what if the dimension is raised so as to suggest that the “conceivable being” , contained in the integral being (analogous to the DNA, let us say, but more in tune with the Chakral Character of the being), is actually held fast and not free ranging or operating, and a set of conditions are imposed upon her so that she is being “coordinately-manipulated” by THE ENVIRONMENT being actually more like something “akin to” a holographic harness (through the bodily form in time and space), the goal of which is to “crack the integrity” of the being so as to get her energy.

WTF how bizarre
2 years ago (edited)
You have courage coming out like this. Thanks for sharing your experiences with MKUltra. The truth is more horrific than fiction.
i actually know a few people with DID they’re all about 40 years of age. Do you have any alter Triggers we should be aware of? i’ve been friends with a person with DID when she changed alters. She was my first girlfriends friend from high school and college. They were roomies. The alter switch was sudden with no apparent Triggers. we were getting ready to go out to dinner and on our way out and suddenly my GF’s friend/housemate sits cross legged on the floor living room floor and speaking in a child’s voice and asks for her Tiger. i tell my girlfriend and she’s like ‘Shit. She changed. Go get her stuffed Tiger. it’s on the bed. i’m gonna
go call her parents.’ i ran to her bedroom and got the stuffed animal Tiger. She snatched the Tiger out of my hands and growled at me playing like her Tiger is attacking me. i’m like (this is unusual behavior for her. she’s an intelligent 18 or 19 year old girl in college. We in her rented condo that my GF lived in to. Her parents were really well to do with some stock investments i heard. i hadn’t heard of military connections with her. )My GF the asked if she wanted her to read her a bedtime story. i was l really confused as to what was going on with my GF’s housemate. They shared the condo as long as my GF would watch over her. My GF ran diversion with a bedtime story. until she fell a sleep at which time her parents came to pick her up. i asked my girlfriend what was wrong with her housemate. My girlfriend said it schizophrenia. (That’s a misdiagnosis. in truth my GF’s housemate had DID . )and my girlfriend said that her housemate had 36 personalities which was low for the the disorder she had. (they were identities . A personality is how you respond in a given situation. an identity alter who you are you change names and voice or you become someone else . it’s a coping mechanism from childhood trauma to cope with the uncopable from my understanding of it.). it was the late 1990’s and meds were the latest rage with people with mental illnesses then. being pre smart phone and pre Wikipedia, we couldn’t just look this up.



A few years ago i had an online friend in Osaka who said she had DID. her FB profile had two names with / between her names. She was married to an older guy like 20 to 30 years older. grey hair and friar tuck male pattern baldness on her hubby. She had a kid with mito. really smart Japanese woman she was. great with chemistry. i told her i had MELAS syndrome and she asked my weight and hight. and told exactly how much Co Q10 and citric acid i should be taking. This was 2015. At the end of 2015. i had s MELAS syndrome stroke like episode with 4 partial seizures (most likely a misdiagnosis. it was Probably just myoclonus seizures). i was given an L-Arginine IV for a week, hospitalized for 2 weeks (cause in Japan they hospitalize at the drop of a hat. )But with Socialized Health Care Insurance in Japan and a great Intractible disease Insurance program , i made the right decision for myself in moving to Japan 17 years ago. i was put on Keppra. side effects were hell and a half. it interacted with my depression causing a relapse, irritability, personality disorder. (still trying for a diagnosis, but my neuropsychiatrist has flaked on it for the past 6 months). But you know you are in good hands when both your MELAS syndrome specialist and your neuropsychiatrist both agree you should not be put on Psychotropic meds because of a history of bad side effects to them.
Anywho after being released from the hospital i end up going through Keppra induced psychosis. and my friend with DID asks if she can visit me. She really wanted to meet me. i was living with my girlfriend (a different GF from my college days in the late 1990’s. and my 3rd fiancee. This Osaka DID FB friend incident was 2015 the Osakan with DID was only an FB friend. i never met her face to face.)i’m 40 now. i told her not visit me thinking my fiancee would get jelly. i tried to tell her about a nightmare i had. unfortunately, ‘nightmare’ was a trigger word. Oops. She went full blown nuts on me. And i had to block her. Very sorry about that. it’s one of my few regrets in life. She didn’t deserve to be blocked. But that pool of blood on the kitchen floor pic and the white ghost face with chains pictures scared the poop out of me.
Do you think all people with DID were part of the MK Ultra project?
My former friend with DID in Osaka did confide in me about some Tramatic events that happened to her when she was 8 years old. She said that her DID was a result those traumatic events from when she was 8 years old.
i don’t know if either person
with DID were part of MKUltra or not. The CIA did seriously messed up and very unethical and illegal experiments that no one should go through. Let alone their own US citizens and citizens of allied nations like Canadians.
i hope you get some sort of compensation for your suffering.
You didn’t deserve whatever they did to you.
Do you think they are using AI nanobots or wi-fi signals or is that just paranoia? There’s so much misinformation on YouTube. Do you think they are watching this video?
Never call yourself or anyone else ‘crazy’ please. ‘Crazy’ is not an official psychiatric diagnosis.
You are strong. Never forget that.
Does regression hypnosis therapy help or trigger alter switches or flash backs?
Look into ‘epigenetics’.
Take care of yourself.

Airport setting? Could it be the new Denver Airport?

Do the rings on your fingers have a significance or double use?

By the way, why did YouTube recommend this video to me?

Winona Brown
3 years ago
I am so, so sorry you were attacked, violated, tormented, and controlled this way and I am so grateful for you ability to continue to break free from this torment! There is no forgiveness for those who prey upon others especially children and even more so those who can prey upon their own children and or allow others to do so. May God fill your heart with the peace you so richly deserve. ❤️

Jessica Martinez
3 years ago
Good for you.. you will now go to heaven. I’m so proud of you

Sage Parsely
3 years ago
Praying for Elisa to be set free

4 years ago
I work (as a civilian) on an air force base and I think the training just for working there is very brainwash-y. They basically make you believe that you’re being spied on 24/7. One guy I work with was active duty and he said most of the time he didn’t even know what was going on. You’d think if you’re putting your life on the line for them they’d at least keep you informed. The military is nuts.

Henk Verhaeren
3 years ago
Is it possible that you experienced an awakening, and that the memories, feelings of your alters where relived situations from your former lives? That’s what i experienced and it looks much like your experience.

Bailee Miller
3 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your story. U will help open up a spiritual awakening in this country

Fiona Campbell-Stuart
3 years ago
Elisa – Love to you. I don’t read many survivor accounts as I didn’t and don’t want to contaminate my own memories as they came through. However, I read your books, and whilst I was involved in very different activities – time travel (not bodily, but spiritually) and high level occult and PSI operations – much of your story was my story. The most compelling account was the invitation to hand over your soul to stop the misery – this happened to me in exactly the same way and I was stunned to read of your parallel experience. Validation is something we are short of. We are not believed let alone validated. Thank you for speaking out. WE hope your collective find peace. Fiona.

J jE
3 years ago
Sorry for your experiences Eleven.

Piper Tudhope
3 years ago
Bless her heart! I’m so sad for her, and what those bastards did to her!!! 😡

Jack Again
2 years ago
In these cases the first programmer is almost always the father, and the mother is complicit.

Victorious Balla
3 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Bobbi Clinger
3 years ago
Bless her. So sad, but it seems like she has overcome.

Sandra Rhodes
4 years ago
This sounds like what happened to Sybil in the 50s and 60s

Jack Ellul
3 years ago
I am so sorry for You, sending you tungs of light and love, Thankyou so very much for your courage and effort to come forth, you are a very beautiful Soul remember this. N.a.m.a.s.t.e 🍃 🌹 🍃 🌹 🍃 🌹 🍃 🌹 🍃

The Michael
4 years ago
I was part of something similar during the 70s. it wasn’t as extreme as hers, but then, at one point it stopped. looking back, I think the funding was pulled and put into the music industry. it’s really strange to have something started and then stopped without completion. fragmented.

Manisha Mo
3 years ago
incredible incredible incredible smart strong brave and conscious being we have here
much love ❤️

Chinada3 ToasterOven
4 years ago
her memories of her being 3 years old. as pretty weird. great show thanks for sharing

Kate B
4 years ago
I believe her 100 percent but I beseech her to explore the source of that benevolent love. It only comes from our creator, YHWY

Lucy Meltsmyheart
3 years ago
This is real and we all have to bring it to light immediately

Joann Hopkins
2 years ago
This person is a Outstanding ! Example, of the Love that has been instilled in to human DNA , the Evil ones that dont have it, are who perpetrate these HORRIFIC acts ! ! ! …… MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU !

Peaceful Star
3 years ago
Hope She’s Feeling Better 😣

Katy Powell
4 years ago
I was directed by Citizens for Justice to watch your video – I am currently in integration therapy and have reached co consciousness. He suggested I also put my experience on my YouTube page . I have gotten the downloads , the fragments turning into a flood , and produced so much art it is insane . I was adopted by a military man and have diagnosed with D.I.D. since 2000. I wish I can meet you. The genetic alterations/enhancement theory that you have is correct . I have yet to meet another with my condition , only singletons. I live reclusive and learning my system has been overwhelming – a lot of missing time and at least 7 alters detected. Thank you for your bravery and posting this incredible version of your experience. Deprogramming is very confusing I hope you do well with your journey.

Lori Bobay
4 years ago
Pray, pray because this is from evil. God help us.

Lauren Yoli
3 years ago
I want you to know that you are amazing and you are so loved. Whether you know it or not it is true that you have a Father in heaven who loves you so much, that He gave His only son to take your place on the cross so that you might know Jesus Christ and believe in Him so that you may have everlasting life.(John 3:16) If you are still reading this, I want you to know that Jesus is the answer to that emptiness that you have been feeling and it is true that Jesus wants a personal relationship with you. So if you are ready to surrender and have a personal relationship with Jesus, or if you once were close with the Lord but have since drifted away from Him, read this simple prayer aloud and mean it with all your heart;
” Heavenly Father, I recognize that I am a sinner, in need of a savior. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, was buried and Father God raised Him from the dead on the third day. I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and my savior. Dear Jesus please forgive me for all my sins. I repent of my sins. I ask You Jesus to come into my heart and fill me with your Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus for forgiving me, I promise to serve You for the rest of my days. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen” If you said that prayer out loud, I want you to know that your slate has been wiped clean and you have been made new in Jesus’ name. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13) If you need prayer feel free to email me: laurenyo790@gmail.com P.S. He is coming soon.

Rainiee Dayz
3 years ago
My heart hurts for you and also fills with pride for you over coming this ❤️ x

Cherry Blossoms
3 years ago (edited)
Thank you for helping me understand what I can’t get from my other personalities. My parents I know are part of my programmers. There parents were both high ranking military. I can’t get a lot out of my personalities, they have me heavily medicated. I don’t personally remember anything except a large blank spot when I was younger. With what I have researched, this suggest that I went through extensive shock therapy. I do remember loving with a passion hurting things, it gave me intense pleasure. From what my personalities have shown me, I was in a kennel or room with cages. My Alter personality showed that there were life forms that were in extreme fear, the body poses my personality put me through suggests people were being beat. But, I can’t get enough out of the personality to give me a clear picture. My programmers are all around me, they are making it very blatant that I am not alone. There appears to be an entire network around me. My guess would be is that I am still in use. By the sound of it, they are about to kill this personality and bring out whatever it is they want.. To other MK Ultra victims out there, listen to your personalities, they will help give you the answers. Also, if you appear to lose control, do not panic, there is some sort of device in our heads that can hijack your motor controls, relax as best you can as not to risk tearing muscles.

Beautiful Child
3 years ago
Believe me when I tell you I was programmed “to receive” And to “never break the chain”(subliminal suggestions are real) and if what I was led to make a 4 sided gadget in 1990 wasn’t true to the hand gestures Stevie Nicks makes since 1994 and changing of words(even now) to understand (what’s lost) .. the fact that I Did Not sell my soul.. wouldn’t be something I’d be wasting my life or time to tell you if it weren’t real.. fake shots in red rocks and tango coincide with changing of words to understand But I have yet to figure out why it still matters To Exist And taunt what doesn’t matter and what people don’t even realize is there (hand gestures with reason) https://youtu.be/SPBV4LdbphU

Jeff Orr
2 years ago
Just look at the Demacrats, Talk about mind control.

monica lee
3 years ago
Oh my heart is broken for her.. Oh how I hope you are now living in peace and lots and lots of Love!!

3 years ago
really profound statement…”there are no perpetrators without being victimized first.” true true true! in my heart I believe there are no bad kids, and any who look the part is because they’ve been victimized first. I’m a dog trainer and believe that to be true of dogs for sure.

Stacey Lanter
3 years ago
You are a beautiful soul that was taken advantage of and born into a world you didn’t ask for. Bless you for the starchild being you are. You have greatness in you. Thank you for being so brave and sharing. xoxo

Riot Ryleigh
4 years ago
you got this darling. id be so happy to meet you. you are a survivor!

Terrell Evans
4 years ago (edited)
she is telling the whole truth! the government has never stopped Mk ultra its Monday April 10 2017 and I am a victim right now still going thru it & seeking help from anyone who help but its hard for me to people dont believe things like this unless they have been thru it

Rhonda Lee
3 years ago
Pray you are healed and have peace- your courage is rare… <3 selah777 3 years ago What a lovely, kind and brave woman. God Bless You! Lawrence Sutherland 3 years ago (edited) I've developed a page with instructions for retrieving one's energy from moments of prior trauma. The concise details are in the "About" section of the page: https://www.facebook.com/LawSuth I like what she'd said about integrating the alters "...in a way that's healthy", which is what this technique his about. Aaleah 4 years ago (edited) Bless this courageous lady she is a warrior ✨ peace to her and her spirit🦋 🌸 Ara Cod!? Ara Cod!? 3 years ago if training is fully broken it is usually about 30 when sever cracks immerge? Norman Bates 4 years ago God bless you, Elisa. Tamara Rutland-Mills 3 years ago You are very strong -- or else you would not have survived such intense suffering. May you be surrounded from this time forward with good people as you struggle to integrate or accept the many aspects of yourself into one person-hood. I pray that you will come to know the source of all good on an intimate level, and become free in your spirit as you understand the many sides/personalities of whom we call God. May you be surrounded now by more kindness and compassion than all the extreme hatred you have ever experienced. My prayers for a better tomorrow. Thank you for sharing. You are very brave. agentxyz 3 years ago I loved her in "A FIsh Called Wanda" Born Brandied 3 years ago This was extremely enlightening. What an articulate, organized and comprehensive way of explaining the unexplainable. This was obviously extremely painful to recall, and I want to say "thank you", for that, as I am certain that far more than your share of pain has been experienced for this lifetime. Your strength is palpable. I wrote down those 4 beautiful words...."Benevolent, Unconditional Creative Love"....it felt like a familiar description. I stand in awe of the levels of strength and intellect it requires to do an in depth interview like this. All the best on your continuing journey and again, THANK YOU so much. ~♡~ M. B. 3 years ago I couldn't deny this if you paid me!!!! T Diaz 4 years ago Blessings to you, Elisa ThE aWaKeNiNg 3 years ago God bless u. U give people strength and u help people with your story. And bravery if u havent already please accept Christ in your life u are loved and he will give u rest and strength everyday ❤ Paul Adam 3 years ago You can see anti-occult kill squads arising, if they managed to turn the programming around and use it as a weapon to spot the signs, put it would have to done at the very top not the middle person's as they are under control whom wasn't strong enough to escape SallyMcGoo 4 years ago (edited) More ppl are coming forward with this business. I'm sorry you were used this way. In many ways media has been pounding us with horrific stories slowly causing ppl anxiety n erratic behavior. Chris Dropulich 3 years ago Doesn't this remind anybody of Nicki Minaj or what multiple personalities that are only used for specific times but then they're still part of you Eliana Boer 3 years ago Thank you for speaking and sharing Holly Ventura 2 years ago Call out to Jesus Christ. He heals. And He offers eternity. Love and prayers in Jesus name Amen ! Rebecca Green 3 years ago I absolutely believe you.. and anyone who doesn’t is blind.. I am so sorry for what you have been through.. my heart hurts for you.. praying for you to our lord Jesus Christ.. that continue healing and love surround you always. Soul searching journey 49and counting 3 years ago I've lived this all my life. I never understood. I'm still so unsure as too how though. Chris Dropulich 3 years ago Totally reminds me of Nicki Minaj all of her altars and different moods she was made Lily Lebowsky 3 years ago Question: How do parents in particular benefit from 'donating/sacrificing' their children babies like this? Humans are selfish and I can't imagine them not getting anything in return for staying in such 'ugly' circles and allow their families destroyed like this. Thanks #ImayBeAskingTheObvious Magnet T 3 years ago Did she develop mpd because of the environment she was in? Or are the alters different hypnotism/programming? I'm thinking both Kimberly S. T. 3 years ago What a brave lady. I don't know how she got through this. May God bless and keep her safe. CG2* CiJi GetUsedToDifferent2 4 years ago Sorry you were tortured. God bless you for coming forward and confirming so many CONSPIRACY cough theories. so sick of anything they want to hide as conspiracy that eventually turn out to be true. It's a sick way if discrediting people or calling them crazy. They can go ...... Moxiegirl 3 years ago Is it possible if the government stages events that they could trigger people that are working together in a group to perform crimes together Joseph Gargano 3 years ago They come after me in my dreams and reprogram my mind. Feels like I sleep for days when I only slept one night. It's horrible. Anon Ymous 3 years ago what a marvellous woman ... Thank You Lady ... your testimony will help others. Such courage. What a Woman, you have my deepest respect. Jill Bevans 3 years ago Have you considered videotaped hypnotherapy by a nobody? That can help you recall more of these hidden memories or establish a timeline. This is heartbreaking and terrifying. Raven Quest 3 years ago It's sad what these people have to endure and yet they find a way to connect to Source in their struggle to find their own selves. It's truly amazing. May all those that experience these heinous crimes find peace and love and STAY connected to God's Divine source so that they keep the capacity to protect their selves from physical and psychic attack. On another note, may all those that have not connected, do as much as possible to reach divine connection. And those that have not experienced MKULTRA, as these individuals have, count their blessings and get connected asap so that we may help those in need and help humanity. Love and Light Namaste🖖 Dawn Carpenter 3 years ago Her deprogramming is farrrr from done. I seen 3 partials come out in the interview. You wouldn't know unless you know what to look for. One can never totally be deprogrammed. You are just expired. Jasmin Flower 3 years ago If this is true, this ladies life might be in danger now. Lovely bamboo 3 years ago I hope you found God and now under his protection from satanic ppl and events that you went through . God bless you! 🙏😘 Lucy Meltsmyheart 3 years ago They sprayed my home with some type of chemical that made me take my chihuahua in an erratic state to a hotel.They can control us with different frequencies.Some people are more susceptible to it than others.I was made mpd also.Their agenda with me scares me. TRICIA Macdonald 3 years ago I am praying for her. UNCONQUERABLE PRESENCE 3 years ago She said from 28 to 33 they were used a lot. From around 28 to 33 is when your Saturn return is. aubrey Aubrey 4 years ago This is an amazing story but for her to still co exist with alters really concerns me Sarah Wolff 3 years ago Beautiful strong woman! Thankyou Blatantarrogance X 3 years ago You know . I just remembered this interview after I saw a comment on another video. the comment mentioned Hollywood recently making movies on this type of subject. Then I remembered my Darryl Hannah comment. I also saw a video showing multiple celebrity's losing control in public and during interviews. Now I'm thinking , Is this why Hollywood is currently gutting itself? Maybe this is why they are throwing so many to the wolves. Perhaps I'm thinking too much. Kushydank 420 3 years ago I had a very vivid dream that I was in a government building near my house being dosed with lsd and the exact building from my dream now exists in the exact spot I dreamt it. Miriam Yahushua 4 years ago The strongest people, the enemy's of the elite are the biggest victim's of MK-ULTRA. I AM one of them. I remember all My past lives... remember the torture tunnels and even UFO and the tall Gray's 👽. Now out of the system, find My memory back, fighting every day! Brenda O'Neill 4 years ago Thank you for sharing this. Allen Marsh 4 years ago (edited) Very interesting. If she was born in 1962 and her kill programming was heavily used between the ages of 28 and 33, that would mean between 1990 and 1995. What two men were President during those years? Corey Shelp 3 years ago I've spent the last ten years waging a battle over sleep....ive met people who whould touch me and I'd go home and try to sleep but couldn't ....at first I thought there was something wrong with me ,I kept going to the doctor and they're say I was fine... but I've deduced from my own observations that the sleepless nessis triggered by the touch..... TIER zero 3 years ago It's been said that Veterans, and other Oath Keepers stand no chance ….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BRING IT!! Broken Doll 4 years ago She reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis. K C 4 years ago How do these Ppl know they are survivors? how do they know the format has just been changed for her like a update or a an upgrade? XIVIIIXCIX 3 years ago This is why Brittany Spears had MPD she was a test subject at an early age, all of this is correct. WhichUppercut 3 years ago This was great acting. She was so convincing. 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaclyn Munk 3 years ago All these luciferians who are sociopaths who are doing sick things hidden in the darkness for so long, are being brought into the light! God bless you and keep you Elisa! Peggy Genoway 4 years ago cut the wind noise by putting a sock over microohone or device Heather Wade 4 years ago Thank God you found people who would believe you and sit and listen. And thanks for posting this on YT. Unfortunately your healing brings you pain. You must feel so angry and devastated that as a child you had no one you could trust. On top of that to realise this abuse is global and it's been going on forever in secret. You must feel that society let you down also.........hugs Kate Bretush 4 years ago I wish her well, she touched my heart so much. poor woman. can sb help tell me where I can download or read "merlin, joe and me" book for free? mars hutch 4 years ago Is it possible that people that have addictions to gambling, or other destructive behaviors, may have been programmed at some point? Victoria 3 years ago Anyone who could thumbs down on this video, obviously doesn't understand the truth of what really happened when it comes of this truth of mind control in the government. Thank you so much for sharing this video. To be open minded to the negative truth of this government is saddening but the truth can be scary. Sharon Andrews 3 years ago I tried to listen but the volume was so low...I hope she is at peace now though...so much Evil in this world. Lord Jesus, Maranatha ♥ Marta Siwy 2 years ago Be free and blessed in Yahusha/Jesus name :)) Tes O'Leary 4 years ago I don't understand how or why anyone's parents would let this happen to there babies. I would kill someone who tried hurting my kids. they're so sweet & innocent & beautiful. this is so fucked up on so many levels Beautiful Child 3 years ago I understand being programmed, but what is it exactly "they" were programming you to do? Life Is Beautiful 3 years ago Beware the 5G grid elisa. God be with you always in Jesus name Maria Gonzales 4 years ago God truly saves. Kathy W 3 years ago Elisa, may God grant you a beautiful life, the second part of it. cybernaut_ev 4 years ago I feel so bad for you and what kind of world we live in. ayy974 4 years ago is this filmed in maine? near kennebunk? I used to live in kennebunk growing up and had no clue what i was so close to mark korhin 2 years ago some mind control victims are hypnotized to unknowingly commit murder and then are charge with murder all while never recalling the incident at all genya wine 3 years ago We are defined in the matrix. batoka8 4 years ago would be great to have a link or the name of the book. Thank you. One-armed Bandit 3 years ago Very interesting. I'll be praying for u. Ur story is heartbreaking. If u haven't looked up Russ dizdar look him up. He helps alot of Christians that get out of the satanic ritual abuse m mind control.victims. u r deff not alone. God bless u sweety Valerie Gamble 3 years ago There's a awesome guy that works with people that have been through this. He can deprogram you better then anyone can his name is Russ Dizdar. He's on the web at shatter the darkness.net. he's a wonderful man. Roger O’Connor 4 years ago Colleen I was just wondering, as it seems that this interview ends while still ongoing, if you have the rest of it uploaded. Gordon Richstone 4 years ago she is truthful Hannah H. 4 years ago may you find peace and rest in life Hannah H. 4 years ago may you find peace and rest in life Breezy 3 years ago I go back and forth wanting to remember to being afraid to remember. I get flashes in what I refer to as Twilight not asleep not awake and I come up gasping for air. Sometimes it really bothers me I'm in my 60s and I don't know who I am. The Gnostic Truth 3 years ago Hm. I'm in that "state" of awareness of "what is wrong" all the time, and always have been. For whatever reason. So apparently one can be aware of these things "from a distance", but I was not too far from the trauma-based programming methods. It has a strange way of "permeating" the people under its mass influence.... Both institutionally through corruption of authority and also covertly in another, less obvious way and much more subtle, and that is psychological warfare rackets being conducted IN the open population, with the primary "human intelligence" elements being what I call "Fifth Column", who have varying degrees of wittingness and willingness in a scalar relation of culpability as dupes, accessories, and conspirators. At this rate, I wouldn't be able to even begin to trust a "deprogrammer", as that could just be a handy nick name for a "reprogrammer", kind of like "candyman" is code for "drug dealer" or some such. This is far more evil of a racket, either way, than even many of those involved realize. BUT THEY WILL REALIZE IT! And when all this is broken down and laid bare that falsely passes for a social world, there will be NOTHING on Earth, or anywhere in its realm, that will withstand the "Floodgates of Justice". Iahel Cathartes Aura 4 years ago Elisa is a word the Illuminati etc use a lot. Clymessa shavers 3 years ago Good bless u 🙏🏾 Lauren 3 years ago Thank you for your bravery, in sharing this information Lucy Meltsmyheart 3 years ago My personalities were deemed nearly disabling.Im like a zombie at times and when I do something they don’t like they shock me and use subliminal images to impose their agenda on me. John Captain 4 years ago Thank you Colleen you and Elisa gave me more info to help learn about MKULTRA... good work... thanks Nicola Honey 4 years ago we are all under programming for one television social media drug of the nation education system etc kvrks 2 years ago You are very brave and strong I stand with you and I spread your message. Paul Leftwick 3 years ago Maybe someone could capture your emotions then imprint this feeling o n others like pendulum dowsers sometimes use a volume control one or more not plugged into anything to ascertain distances or measurement also could be used to trap emotions and send them I wondered if they try that say a person turns a dial with the thought of the action turns function Marianne T 3 years ago Really glad to see the positive tone of comments here. drdebo Cherry 3 years ago So sorry for you. I don't think of it so much- as " MKUltra" as homical manic immoral psychopathic men. Tika C 4 years ago Thank you!! RADAM 3 years ago This is eleven all grown up Ginger Allen 4 years ago I belive her and I am pleased to see she is being helped keep in mind if you never walk a mile in someone else's shoes you can't say this is not true it is what it is L Llll 3 years ago You are very brave. Know that there are not parts of you only partitions...move the partitions to see what you want and when you want. I was there, went through same. But you know how long those things are. My remembering began 10 years ago...I'm still remembering...on my own...no guilt. Peace and prayers for you sister. Matrix Minds 3 years ago I'd like to interview/Talk with this amazing lady on The Matrix Minds. It would be my / our Honor Louise M-D 4 years ago painful but useful book When Rabbit Howls,,on how brain protects itself n eventually slowly lets out information memories bee awake 3 years ago (edited) I know everything your saying is a100% true... have you heard of Daniel Duval might help.... much love and prayers to you from the bottom of my heart Bailee Miller 3 years ago This is making me cry Madison Ave 3 years ago Can't believe she's from Atlantic City NJ!!! Just an hour away from me!! Bless her!! kareszt 3 years ago See, me and her. Arre being used as "Observer Class" re-incarnate. In other words: In death, it's live on, from a high grade show. The examples for people like her, are not "as moral/ethical" question utilise. They are more - currently Joe is living thier, now it's Greg, now it's Barry. ie. It's just being used to keep themselves happy, AND while applying, linguistic anchor in society. Liz Cuero 4 years ago It is such a scary feeling to have. One day you can be terrified and alone....thank God for good online-pastors! OG Woot 3 years ago Courage of the heart. I am in my 4th year of deprogramming. I also had: a Navy Father Incident at age 3 Spent my entire young life being raised by doctors. I was always ill. My DNA was discussed right in front of me but I didn't have thr vocabulary skills I do now. So much makes sense now. I am LOVE... OTHERS FEEL IT FROM ME AND HAVE TRIED TO DESTROY ME ... ALL EYES ON ME WHEN I ENTER A CROWDED ROOM... ANYWHERE REALLY. ALL MEN WERE ABUSIVE AND HURT ME PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY. TIME MASHES TOGETHER FOR ME AS WELL. SpiritJourney 3 years ago I'm sorry for your pain. you are the winner. Victoria Cironecaswell 3 years ago So sad and frustrating..........that no one took these cases more serious earlier. I am so glad some of the victims are strong enough to testify and share their stories of abuse. So thankful they are alive. These pedophiles are psychopaths........it is amazing anyone can survive any of the horrific abuses.........as a child. Theresa Campbell 4 years ago Sounds James Bondish...(approx 17:00 in) Happy you're out! Liz Cuero 4 years ago I hope she is getting helped! Scott Portier 4 years ago A very brave lady. janie shush2 1 year ago Hey I'm not sure how to introduce myself. But I'm too a victim of mk ultra. Hypnosis etc. Was born in the entertainment industry so the entire background that comes along with that .. I just want to say if you're reading it's never too late. Hold on to your faith with a fist grip.. I deprogrammed myself a few years ago. And it's been on ever since,I hope to find someone that would just listen.god bless and happy New year Godchild 777 4 years ago I think its great you are on a healing process but I need to tell you Jesus Christ can heal every single fragmented part of your mind. He can heal every trauma and put your mind back together. He can restore it all and give you back what was wrongly taken from you. He loves you so much. Lucy Meltsmyheart 3 years ago We have the same thoughts and I also have many alters.Some I can function with and with some I cannot. Lucia Rose 4 years ago I read Cathy Obriens story. I believe her too. You can't make this stuff up. Who would want to? The Gnostic Truth 3 years ago In other words, there is NO INTERPRETATION of this woman's claims that make FIFTHERY as "I" describe it, untrue, and with the accumulation of such evidence in demand of proper explanation and grounding in Justice, there is a further demonstration of the necessity of the truth of saying that such rackets are taking place! Lady Alabaster 3 years ago This amazing brave woman. God bless her. Sick sad poison on an otherwise beautiful world. Satans putrid handiwork. Tiffany Collazione 3 years ago good night! Mk ultra/gang stalking e uma realidade no BRASIL. milhares de pessoas ja sao vitimas, eu compresa. so DEUS para nos ajudar. tommy765100 3 years ago im new to researching this subject and am a long way from beginning to understand the complexities of all of this. however i don't understand how the parents of these children could allow their child to be used in this manner also wanting to know if any of these parents or handlers have come forward? mars hutch 3 years ago We need a list of trigger words to stop ANTFA from harming the country. CallBackLater 1 year ago brave woman. poor lady , I feel bad for her. Boldly Setting Captives Free! 4 years ago Based upon my knowledge and experiences with the demonic realm, this woman is suffering from severe influence of demons/evil spirits which reside inside of her body, and soul, due to the severe abuse she has suffered. I would love to talk with her, explain her situation from a spiritual perspective, and help her get free from said demons/evil spirits. EnchantPsychicReadingsbyChrystyana 4 years ago It blows my mind that this stuff exists! :-/ Old Hickory 3 years ago I'm pretty sure someone's breaking in to your house stealing all your notes by the sounds of your dogs barking in the background. Alexandre Lebreton 4 years ago Is there a transcript somewhere of this interview ? Bailee Miller 3 years ago Technology now a days is the most basic way of non trauma based mind control. It’s truly despicable. Cathy Hall 3 years ago Prayers for you, ask Jesus Christ to help you and he will. Dj Favgames 3 years ago I’ve been doing this for four years but I can go to sleep (slip into mind control) and wake up (get out of mind control) anytime I want. niki e 3 years ago (edited) I wasn't part of any government stuff, it was a very different situation, but you're describing things that sound just like my life before I was exorcised. You need to find a believer who knows their authority in Christ. May you find Jesus! Linda Brogan 4 years ago God bless Sharron Heuer 3 years ago I'm sorry you were so severely abused by Satan. I have met a person like you before and it's horrible. GOD BE WITH YOU! JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!!!! Smoochie COYLE 3 years ago Their is good and evil in the world, what you choose is up to you. Heaven and hell on earth. Family JOY 4 years ago WOW! Great video. YOUR channel is Awesome. Subscribed 🙂 Not Yo'bidness 1 year ago If this video has been up for 3 years and hasn't been pulled, it's something they want us to see Walkin Bonita 3 years ago Blocked memories...hellish. guyandeb allonby 3 years ago (edited) simon parkes can help and fairly quick. I believe he does pro bono on deprogramming for some one in need. I don't know how u-all survive in every sense of the word. Not Human 3 years ago So your parents allowed this? As she said she had one memory at crib age and another when she was three. If her parents were involved in abuse why not seek legal action? HolyDiver 3 years ago Elisa is an amazing woman.......I really like her. I've heard several of her interviews........Super smart. Hard not to be attracted to her....... HolyDiver 3 years ago (edited) Symptoms for an MK Ultra survivor or a type of control would be, large pupils, cover almost the entire eye, showing no color of blue, brown, green, etc......Sometimes all black. They often "freak out" (sorry, but it best describes this) their response if you were to mention cloning, DUMB's underground bases and A.I ( artificial intelligence) May be in a marriage with someone who they are not in love with, but it worked into a marriage anyway. Also, most never have children........I've talked with several, at lengths. One for an entire year. Very very difficult becoming friends with them......Very un-trusting. And of course personality and emotions would be all over the place, going from liking you very much to a deep hatred............It's incredibly sad......I always try to help, but, it never ends well. Danine Brown 4 years ago i thank u so much millions are dead trying to understand and get out. or imprisoned or the so called mental health slAvery system ALSO. both sickening and sad. Daisey Mae 4 years ago The crazy thing about all this is it's bigger than Hollywood now, it's being used on everyone, people don't quite realize it yet. Some never will. I fell lucky to have been educated, but is that just part of the programming? It's hard to understand, but it's obvious that some have been selected for this awakening, while others remain oblivious. D3Finitely DiFf3r3nt 2 years ago (edited) I was born in the 70s and have been a targeted individual all my life. I don't know too much about my bloodline. I'm 39 now and been aware for two years. How did you know you were under mind control? And are you a targeted individual? ruthieo54 2 years ago My smartphone is not smart and it does what it wants. I have it in closed mode and it calls people. My iPad will show me ads during solitaire that are the exact shoes i was looking at on Amazon two minutes later! I am being tempted to buy things all day but I don’t have money to just buy what I like continuously. Elisa is cool, I really feel for her and I say a prayer or two for her sometimes. I get what she’s saying. Kickthebunnny 4 years ago More people need to see this. Amazing. Carol V 2 years ago The site Elisa was referring to is endritualabuse.org Lori Kellerman 2 years ago When everyone says they did this and they were in control they &+& they +-+- names and faces if possible saying without fear make them known which is not what they want Carol V 2 years ago Elisa Why do you think your Alters are the ones helping you remember or is it your higher self remembering and helping you? Because why would your Alters “help” you? Thanks Louise M-D 4 years ago education is trauma based mind control..grand inquisitor Cisneros built university in Spain to further train n control public Terrell Evans 4 years ago (edited) I encourage everybody that watches this to believe everything she is saying she is tell the 100% absolute truth in this video & her 1st interview! I am victim currently going thru it all please spread the word this need to stop its satanic & it talked about in the for things like this to happen in the last days! & the movie split is the example of a person after the effects of Mk ultra & different personality's G4sSy 0il3d Wh4L3 -BaleiaPeidorreraOleosa- 1 year ago i'm not saying she shouldn't... be it looks kinda shady that she is selling her books... which makes me inclined to say: horseshit.