Gangstalking photo log (La Paz Area, BCS, Mexico, 2019 – 2023)

Webmaster Introduction: This website, currently consisting of an extensive home page and 2,290 posts, is dedicated to trying to explain the government’s extra-legal, covert targeting of innocent civilians, the so-called “targeted individual (TI) program,” that is justified as part of the “Global War on Terror” and maintaining “national security.” The goal is to “cancel”/”deplatform”/”neutralize”/eliminate blacklisted TIs using all the resources of the state and all segments of society to shun, punish, abuse, harass, torture, terrorize, cheat, deceive, and destroy those individuals. This black program is an important component of the totalitarian, satanic New World Order’s selective “depopulation” or “democide” (“murder by government”) project.

The goal of “the program” is to degrade the “TIs” life to such an extent that he or she will commit suicide or die prematurely of a heart attack, stroke, or some other trauma-induced illness.

A short introduction to the Targeted Individual Program is provided here:

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, CSUS, updated April 7, 2023

Toto II Enterprises, Inc. (Websites of Professor Eric T. Karlstrom)
Lifeline: Essential Insights and Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Civilians

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”  – St. Augustine

“It is error alone which needs the support of government.  Truth can stand by itself.”  – Thomas Jefferson

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has made a separate, for-profit entity (National Fusion Center Association) and is selling “kill contracts” on innocent people to buddies in the military-industrial complex to torture and kill to test on humans weapons-like gases, poisons, directed energy weapons, nano-particles, secretive medical chips, and even networks of chips that according to the Pentagon come in torture protocol 1 through 5, at least.”

Karen Melton Stewart, Ex-NSA Whistleblower and TI (Targeted Individual)

2) Organized stalking is the harassment of an individual by people unknown to them for the sole purpose of inducing psychological trauma. It is perpetrated by individuals from within their community working in concert with each other to achieve a desired goal and is centrally directed and organized….. The stalking protocol used by the perpetrators… is a harassment tool used in a form of psychological warfare. The stalking is intended to induce psychological stress, alienate the victim, isolate the victim, and maintain them in a perpetual state of helplessness or victim mentality. This type of stalking is not a new phenomenon and gets its roots from an FBI operation called COINTELPRO. Identification of one of the stalking groups in Texas leads me to the belief that this phenomenon is a combination of formal COINTELPRO training and replication of the tactics by criminals. All of the victims are experiencing stalking, break-ins, appliance tampering, and remote neural monitoring.

(Webmaster comment: In this regard, please note that research by Whitney Webb (“One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Organized Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein”) and others indicates that upon its founding in 1947, the CIA immediately partnered with the mafia’s National Crime Syndicate led by Jewish mobster, Meyer Lansky. It appears that this same symbiotic partnership between intelligence agencies and organized crime is behind the “secret” execution of this “program” today.)

3) Targeted individuals are experiencing a form of experimentation that follows a progression of phases that include: 1) selection, 2) surveillance (including psychological profiling), 3) stalking, 4) defamation, 5) attack, and 6) monitoring… the stalkers are highly trained, often with federal or local law enforcement backgrounds themselves. The ultimate goal of the stalking and defamation phase is to get the target diagnosed as mentally ill or drug addicted to ensure job loss where they will be more apt to remain home where the rest of the operation can be accomplished. The attack phase is characterized by directed energy attacks meant to disrupt normal physiological functioning… During the attack phase, the victim can expect to be assailed almost twenty-four hours per day. Remember, the goal of this phase is complete annihilation of the victim’s personal and professional life.”

Dr. John Hall, Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control (2014)

4) “From my point of view, the uses of this new technology philosophically are comparable to and amount to the Biblical Fall of man, the eviction from paradise. The all-encompassing thought-reading and mind-influencing capacity (of this technology) divides man into two encampments: Those few “God-like” people, who are allowed to use these means, and all others, whose freedom and free will is being taken away.

Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, Targeted Individual, and author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

5) “Thornburgh v US Dept of Energy, Dept. of Defense, CIA and Americans violating federal court order; Vietnam Veterans of America v CIA. (My) ex-spouse (is) cousin to Dick Thornburgh, grandson of federal judge, great grandson of US Congressman who was law partner to US Supreme Court Justice Sanford.

RNC, DNC, EU, UK, Swiss politicians using brain scanning techs fmri (magnetic resonance imaging) techs by NSA SIGINT (signals intelligence), CIA and GCHQ (UK’s Government Communications Headquarters), NATO for free dating service, free political focus groups. They are using these weapons (as) pre-crime devices, radiofrequency weapons, behavior modification weapons, and EMRs for sex trafficking. Trace Congress and UK, Swiss, EU, UK politicians stocks in Neuralink, Raytheon, TEVET, metres, Sierra Nevada, etc. Insider Trading EEG (electroencephalogram) trafficking, IP theft.

In Paris France de Gaulle airport B & B hotel blocked from lawyers outside intelligence services and asylum.”

Elisabeth Thornburgh JD, Human Rights Defender, [email protected], Please let me know if a class action exists

Comment to post on (August 22, 2018):

Webmaster (September 18, 2023):

I have been maliciously targeted in this New World Order-secret government black ops program since at least 2004. Evidence suggests my inclusion in this program constitutes retaliation and retribution for: my expertise in climate science and willingness to expose the man-caused climate change fraud (see my website), my involvement in the 9/11 truth movement (see my, my research and political activism in the Crestone/Baca, Colorado area, and particularly my exposure of what appears to be ongoing CIA-DOD mind-control operations there. And/or it could represent a longer term form of nonconsensual biomedical/weapons testing experimentation on me. In any event, I have evidently been “watchlisted” on the FBI-DHS “Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB),” my civil liberties as an American citizen have been secretly stripped and I have essentially been subjected to psychological and electronic warfare protocols by government and its private sector cutout and civilian surrogates.

In 2017, I bought a house in Mexico, but, alas, sa is typical, my targeting protocol followed me here. Mexico is a member of NATO and is under the military umbrella of US Northern Command (US NORTHCOM). And there is at least one DHS Fusion Center in Mexico City. So the Mexican government, military, police, National Guard, and rank-and-file citizenry participate as perpetrators, spies, stalkers, surveillance role players, crisis actors, spotters, trackers, etc. in “the program.”

In violation of the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention, to which both the US and Mexico are signatories, “targeted individuals” (TIs) are utilized as non-consensual subjects for covert testing AND DEPLOYMENT of directed energy and neuroweapons as well as for other biomedical experimentation, apparently including The Human Brain Project and Obama’s B.R.A.I.N. Initiative (THE HUMAN BRAIN PROJECT: Digitizing human consciousness; T.A. Eady (& 6 Videos), Robert Naeslund: Human Brain Project (2011 Youtube Lecture) and “A Brain Implant Victim Speaks Out” (2013 Article), Elon Musk’s Man-Machine Hybrid/Brain-to-Computer AI Transhumanist Project Exposed in Video:”Putting a Chip in Your Head Will Not Make You a Superhero or a God”). This conclusion is abundantly supported on this, my website.

This post documents some of the dynamics of this criminal, cruel, completely unconstitutional, and highly treasonous domestic terror-torture black operation. Any of the powerful players involved with the issues detailed in my, my and my websites could be responsible for putting my name on the “terrorist screening data base” (TSDB) watchlist with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI Fusion Centers. I perceive that my most malicious targeting began in 2013, during which time I was writing an extended series of articles, entitled “Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado The “Vatican City of the New World Order:” An Expose of the New World Religion,” which is posted on my website (New World Religion?). As of now, some ten years later (2023), my citizen activism in Crestone/Baca has perforce been radically reduced by my inclusion in “the program.” However, at least I have more or less completed this extended series with the concluding Part XIIl. (Part XIII. Excommunicated From Crestone/Baca, CO (NWO ‘Potemkin Village’ For MKULTRA Cults)! Covert Ops, Mind Control, Nonconsensual Experimentation & Targeted Individual Program/Cognitive Warfare)

“New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control” (Rich, 2011) and numerous documents (see below) reveal that so-called “organized stalking-electronic harassment” (OS-EH) is just one of many terms for NATO/DoDs new 6th warfare domain, “cognitive warfare” (CW). The perpetrators of these attacks include special operations forces, CIA and FBI HUMINT (human intelligence) spies, NSA SIGINT (signals intelligence) spies, NEURINT (Neural intelligence) operatives, Israeli MOSSAD, JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group of UK) “cyberstalkers,” private subcontractors, organized crime, and vigilante-civilians, sayanim (Jewish citizen-spies), and “citizen-based-agents” deployed in “civilian-military warfare” as “irregular forces.” These dynamics explain my experiences as a TI both in America and Mexico. In both locales, I am regularly accosted, harassed, surveilled, and attacked by strangers on foot and in vehicles. People fly directly overhead, low, in helicopters, small planes, and motorized kites. On sea, they not only use boats but some SOF (special operations forces) types do Navy SEAL-type antics, pretending to be sharks, dolphins, or whatever (see photos below). (From what I observe, Navy Seals or equivalent special forces that try to mimic sharks or dolphins move through the water with a pronounced jerky motion, very much like someone doing the breast stroke just beneath the surface of the water.) (Recall, “cognitive warfare” is supported by the other five warfare domains of land, sea, air, space and cyberspace.)

Information provided here confirms why and how TIs are engaged in a war for their survival; a continuous struggle to keep their lives from being entirely stolen from them. The life of a TI (targeted individual) is largely comprised of “lies, spies, set-ups, and psyops.” I have been entrapped in many set-ups and psyops so, in self-defense, I tend to seek uncrowded places. In this regard, I am fortunate to live in relatively remote areas: one in the mountains and the other near many beautiful and uncrowded beaches. I am still attacked but it is easier to spot “them” coming in uncrowded locations. Most of the pictures below were taken on local beaches in Mexico where I like to walk just about every day. For me, the setups and psyops also have included “honey traps” (honey pots), which are scripted encounters with attractive women designed to accomplish the 5 D’s of Britain’s GCHQ (disrupt, deceive, deny, degrade, destroy). Several movies give a general sense of what it’s like to be a TI and how “the program” works. These include Enemy of the State, The Truman Show, The Game, The Lives of Others, The Man with One Red Shoe, etc. (These movies, mostly from the 90’s and 80’s are evidently part of the predictive programming of societies to tolerate and participate in these activities.)

Of course, the CIA and other “Five-Eyes” spy agencies (Israel, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, US) never actually tell TIs that they have been “watchlisted” through the DHS-FBI Fusion Center system and are now being targeted for destruction by large segments of society. No, they only conduct operations for which they think they have plausible deniability. Thus, when I confront my stalkers, they always have another excuse ready.

But when you add it all up, it’s organized stalking, aka counterterrorism, counter-intelligence/contract stalking, “zersetzung” (German for “decomposition”), authoritarian political warfare, comprehensive coercion, domestic terror black operations, psychotronic (psychological and electronic) warfare, and cognitive warfare ops used in conjunction with computer network operations (CNO), information operations, and cyber warfare. This form of unconventional (or hybrid) warfare deploys no-touch torture, and soft-kill, slow-kill, silent-kill military-grade (“nonlethal”) weapons and is apparently backed by nearly limitless resources. Targeted Individual, Harlan Girard, estimated that the cost of keeping a TI in the program is at least $5 to 10 million/year. I imagine the costs have gone up considerably since he made those estimates nearly 20 years ago. But even assuming the $10/million per year figure is correct, US taxpayers have paid about $100 million to destroy my life. Has it been worth it American citizens? I imagine that, alas, my targeting has profited many and that lots of money is exchanging hands all around. This is what happens to a society in terminal decline. TI and former Chief Medical officer of Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde states that “(the targeted individual program) is the most important policy of the US government.”

I have probably given over 100 interviews on this topic since 2014 on national and international radio shows and podcasts. Many are posted on this website. This totalitarian method of targeting and eliminating domestic political enemies has a long history. Previous versions of the program were deployed in the Soviet Union, communist East Germany, Nazi Germany, the United States and elsewhere. One way to understand “the targeting program” is that it conjoins the mind control technologies developed during the CIA’s top-secret MKULTRA and related projects of the 1940s onward (aka “The Manhattan Project of the Mind”) with the beaurocratic structure and techniques deployed in the CIA’s Phoenix Program, the civilian torture-murder program deployed against Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam War. These programs are now conjoined with ex-Admiral John Pointdexter’s “Manhattan Project of Counterterrorism” aka “Total Information Awareness” aka “Terrorism Information Awareness” program of 2003. All these elements have evolved and congealed in the 6th warfare domain of “cognitive warfare,” aka “the war against truth and thought.” (See below articles).

Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries (by Ben Norton, 10/8/21) & Webmaster’s Summary

Cognitive Warfare June-November, 2020 Francois du Cluzel

NATO’s Cognitive Warfare: An Attack on Truth And Thought by Alonso Bernal, et. al., 2020 & 2 Related Videos (w/ transcription)

CIA/Mossad-Linked Surveillance Systems Quietly Installed Throughout The US (and Mexico); Whitney Webb Interview; 3/10/23

In Mark M. Rich’s “The Hidden Evil, The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against The Civilian Population” (2008), Rich, describes organized stalking-electronic harassment (OS-EH) aka “targeted individual program” as a “cleverly disguised form of torture and murder.” New Zealand activist and TI, Suzie Dawson, points out that the “program” is a highly lucrative and expanding for-profit industry worldwide.

After a few years of being harassed by these protocols, it becomes apparent to TIs that street perps (perpetrators) operate within a chain-of-command, their psy-attacks and street theater dramas are scripted by their handlers, and that their instructions are relayed via cell phone apps. Essentially, the perps are “actors,” “liars,” “spies.” Those assuming the perp “roles” are “surveillance role players” (look it up), spotters, trackers, crisis actors, counterterrorism specialists, special forces personnel, police informants, ex-cons, ex-cops, ex-military, etc. The perps receive orders via cell phones and cell phone apps as well as more advanced sorts of computer-radio communication such as C4 ISR, (Command, Control, Communications, Computers- Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance), which is standard equipment within all military branches.

The cumulative effect on the “target” of being continually tracked 24/7 and swarmed (surrounded) and harassed by individuals following orders from unseen handlers (including military psychological operations groups or POGs) is that genuine human contacts with positive outcomes are precluded. Instead, the “target” is continually set up in artificial and generally negative (ego-deflating) scripted situations and is thus, effectively confined within an artificial electronic concentration camp. Think “open-air Gitmo.” This dynamic of being surrounded by “fake people/spies” is portrayed in the movie, The Truman Show. Again, the goal of the perps, as expressed in JTRIG (UK’s Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) and related counterintelligence manuals is to “deceive, degrade, disrupt, deny, and destroy” (the “5 D’s”) the “target.”

New Zealand activist, researcher, journalist, politician, and TI, Suzie Dawson, asserts that this comprehensive surveillance-targeting-torture system is coextensive with the NSA-“Five Eyes Global Spy Network” system, which is an integral component of international (NATO) military and special forces operations, including kinetic wars with other nations! In her 10-part podcast series, “Opening the Five Eyes, Exposing the Methods of the Spies,” Dawson makes an excellent case that this global espionage-warfare system has been deployed to execute journalist, Jamal Khashoggi (Nov. 2, 2018) and Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s Chief military-intelligence officer (Jan. 3, 2020), and to track, surveille, torture, “suicide,” and/or murder innumerable whistle-blower activists, including Julian Assange, Dr. Rauni Kilde, Kay Griggs, Harlan Girard, Stephen O’Keefe and millions of other so-called “dissidents,” politicians, political enemies, etc. (“targeted individuals”). Suzie Dawson asserts that TIs are on the receiving end of an incredibly sophisticated and extensive “kill chain” that conscripts a staggering number and breadth of government agencies, corporate and private institutions, groups, and individuals. All paid for with our tax dollars! I believe that unless exposed and defeated ,THIS program will become the global military-policing and personnel targeting, neutralization, and elimination system in the planned SMART-IoT-Technocratic-Feudal-AI Slave state currently being rolled out for the UN’s 2030 one world government- New World Order now termed “The Great Reset.”

The program is effectively covered up, in large part, by government and media’s use of “smokescreen terminology.” (See: Cutting Through “Smokescreen Terminology:” 290 Names & Descriptions Reveal Truth Of Gangstalking War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity). I now refer to “the program” as G6, for Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO Gulag ( This officially-denied program constitutes highest treason against the rightful owners of the democratic nations, the citizens of those nations.

The field of psychology has always been central to military psychological/brain/mind/information/neural/Neocortical cum cognitive warfare operations. Dr. John Hall (2014) states: “From the beginning (about 1940 in America), the earliest subprojects included in MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and similar (mind control) projects were directed by psychiatrists deriving their funding directly or indirectly from agencies like the CIA, NSA, or DoD. Much of the experimentation was performed on non-consenting participants who were regarded as expendable in the name of national security…. It is no mystery that the current victims of electromagnetic weapons research appear to be schizophrenic or suffering from delusional disorder… The technology was painstakingly designed to accurately mimic the symptoms that psychiatrists have determined fulfill the diagnosis of these respective disorders.”

The following photo log shows a tiny fraction of the setups, psyops and attacks that I have received in Mexico (and pretty much everywhere I go) every day. After all, Mexico is a member of NATO, is under the military umbrella of U.S. Northcom (U.S. Northern Command), and there is DHS-FBI Fusion Center in Mexico City. Attackers (perps) typically act extremely hostile, mad, and mean, but they may also wave and smile. There are continual attempts to gain my attention through creating bizarre, unusual scenes. As time has gone by, I am better able to recognize these setups and psyops and see them coming. But I am still often fooled. There is a satanic, robotic, zombiesque quality to many of my perps/followers/attackers/trackers/spotters that causes me to wonder if they are MKULTRA programmed “sleepers.” Dr. Rauni Kilde refers to the perps as “mind-controlled patsies.”

While many of the setups (psychological attacks) seem designed to scare, alarm, or intimidate, many seem simply to be designed to illicit a response on my part, which they apparently are able to measure remotely through Remote Neural Monitoring/biotelemetry, etc. My “salvation” such as it has been, is that I do not intimidate easily. I’m large, strong and athletic, smart and well-educated (having a Ph.D. and been a university professor for 30 years), experienced, self-confident, and now, perhaps most importantly, knowledgeable about “the program.” But evidently, I am the kind of test subject that Dr. James Giordano, neuroweaponologist and DoD-DARPA consultant at Georgetown University and his colleagues want for their “we are targeting the brain” research. Still, I believe that “education” is the best single “counter-measure” for this highly diabolical and illegal program. So I do my best to educate other TIs and the world about these war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The bad news here, obviously, is that our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties as American citizens are out the window. The country has fallen into the hands of criminals, tyrants, despots, and psychopathic predator parasites. The US is dead and/or fallen, to use the Biblical term. However, I can offer some consolation to TIs.

On the spiritual level, Isaiah 54:7 reassures us that: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.”

And on the practical and historical levels, Mahatma Gandhi, the man often credited with bringing an end to nearly 200 years of British occupation and colonial rule in India, has made a number of statements highly relevant to our struggle for survival. His statements may be pertinent because we TIs are now contending with the same totalitarian, megalomaniacal would-be slavemasters with whom Gandhi struggled:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

– I shall not fear anyone on Earth.
– I shall fear only God.
– I shall not bear ill will toward anyone.
– I shall not submit to injustice from anyone.
– I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.”

More explanatory prelude:

As prelude to these newly posted stories, unknown to the public over 70+ years of research, the CIA, the DoD and cooperating psychologists, neuroscientists, etc. have developed the techniques to remotely (electronically) alter the perceptions, emotions, moods, and even thoughts of “targeted individuals.” Hence, TIs’ sensory perceptions, thoughts (conscious and subliminal), moods, and emotions, etc. may be manipulated by others. I know it’s hard to wrap your head around this idea. But here’s a quick example of the usefulness of these technologies for the military. In the 1991 Gulf War, a voice was broadcast into the brains of Saddam Hussein’s famous Republican Guard soldiers. The voice stated it was Allah and it commanded them to kneel down, disassemble their weapons, and surrender to American forces. They obeyed whereupon the American forces anhilated them completely of course. Hey, isn’t war fun? Especially when you can trick the enemy into not fighting. And that was 1991, some 32 years ago! How much farther have they developed “the “non-lethal weapons technology” today? Ever wonder what happens to many brilliant inventors? Their ideas can actually stolen out of their heads electromagnetically and beamed them into someone else’s heads. Creative, artistic ideas can likewise be stolen from the individuals who came up with them. These capabilities are considered part of the US Army’s “Information Operations.”

Now that these technologies have fallen into private (criminal, organized crime) hands, here is what ex-CIA operative, Mark Phillips, states about the new “cottage industry” that deploys similar technologies against civilians:

“Trauma-based mind control, also aptly termed “white slavery” for the CHOSEN ONES IN THE 21ST Century, will be predictably the largest “cottage industry” in terms of illicit profits, death, and destruction of innocent victims… unless the trend is stopped and those responsible in government and the private sector are punished and the survivors/victims given qualified rehabilitative psychiatric care. … the 1990’s version of mind control requires neither implant or program… just computer-driven directed energy using microwaves… anybody can become a target.”

Mark Phillips, ex-CIA, co-author of “TRANCE Formation of America: The True Story of a CIA-Mind-Controlled Slave:” from “Operation Monarch” (Appendix 170: Operation Monarch (“A U.S. Government Criminal Conspiracy”) by Mark Phillips 1993)

The bigger picture is aptly stated by Mike McClaury of McClaury’s blog:

“The slavemaster plan is a police state (“Garrison State”) exercising sovereignty over every person in the world. That is their true idea for their world government. Anyone not submitting to slavemaster rule will be ruthlessly annihilated. There will be no rights or freedoms, not even freedom of thought. The slavemasters will dictate what you are allowed to think and how to live. They are currently getting laws passed to jail anyone critical of them. They are working on a surveillance system to detect counter-thoughts. Step by step they are moving the world towards an absolute slavery… Scientology attracted some of the most intelligent, caring and able people in the world. That’s the point, now, isn’t it? Behavior modify (mind control) those people as they pose the biggest threat to the slavemaster political agenda. Covertly get them supporting that agenda.”

From McClaughry Blog Timeline (“Scientology Roots,” 2012) in: Part IX: NWO ‘Slavemasters’ & Our ‘Absolute Slavery’ Via Intel Ops, Mind Control, Scientology, Cults, Torture, 9/11, & “Voices of God”: 2 Timelines (962 – 2012 AD)

La Paz Gangstalking Log

September 17, 2023: Driving southward through Baja toward my La Paz residence, and eastward from San Ignatio, two different police cars put on their rotating blinking lights as I passed them. Then as I approached Insurgentes, a caravan of four National Guard vehicles, with the first and last vehicles displaying their colored lights, came up from behind me. I courteously pulled over to let them pass. Then driving southward from Constitution, the same Caravan again approached from behind me. Again, I pulled over to let them pass. This time however, the vehicle in the rear honked, pulled in front of me, stopped, and apparently tried to stare me down (perhaps to intimidate). This same individual then drove off ahead of me. Then the same vehicle pulled over by the side of the road and the ratyher small, skinny driver got out and walked behind his vehicle with his rifle. Then he returned to his vehicle and drove up behind me and tailgated me for a while before passing me and disappearing. The goal was clearly to intimidate: “The message” apparently was, we know exactly where and who you are and we have the guns and power here and you don’t. Of course, he was following someone else’s orders that he received on his cell phone. In the War On (Of) Terror, the battlefield is everywhere, and since it relies largely on psychological torture, the battlespace includes the space between our ears.

May 21, 2022:

I relate this experience from memory on April 8, 2023: I was driving northward to Colorado with my truck and trailer, making my annual “commute.” I pulled in to one of the beautiful beaches south of Muleje, BCS to find a place to camp. As I was driving down a dirt road from Highway 1 to the beach I glimpsed a tall skinny anglo man (American or Canadian?) with a skinny face walking near the beach. I think he was blond-haired. He had a long, skinny torso and his face looked familiar to me. It reminded me of someone relatively scientific=type guy from Canada (?) who has done numerous podcasts on the climate change fraud (?). It was probably someone else, of course. But what was odd is that it appears that he immediately recognized me too and the look on his face was one of panic, even terror. He quickly disappeared into his vehicle, one of those white-panel vans (with no windows) that seem to patrol the world to track and target TIs such as myself. His vehicle was camped on to the beach. I set up camp about 150 feet “downbeach” from him and decided to walk two of my dogs along the beach towards him to see if I could talk to him. As I walked the relatively short distance between my truck and his van, two Mexicans, a father and son, blocked my path along the beach. I just said “Hola” and kept walking toward the white van. But when I got to the white van, there was a young couple standing outside rather than the guy I had seen…. The woman was a young, very pregnant European woman and her husband/boyfriend stood nearby. I chatted briefly to the woman, who was closer to the beach, and she told me she had returned to Baja to have her baby. The man with the skinny face and long skinny torso was nowhere to be seen. Welcome to my world, it can be very strange at times. Where did the skinny guy disappear to? Did he disappear into the van? Was he traveling with the young European couple? Had I, like Toto I, pulled back the curtain and seen the Wizard of Oz? It doesn’t make sense… unless… and I even hate to mention this…. unless, my attackers/harassers have the ability to insert holographic images as well as sounds/speech into my reality (perhaps with equipment in the van?)…. (Actually, if you read extensively about “the program” you learn that they do have that capability.) Another example:

Driving the long, lonely highway up and down the Baja Peninsula, I have had some other interesting experiences that lend support to that hypothesis. Once when I was driving south along hiway 5 south of San Felipe and had turned westward toward Laguna Chapala. The road had been virtually destroyed by heavy rains. Many bridges had been completely destroyed and the segments of intact pavement were interspersed with many tortuously slow detours comprised of very, very bumpy dirt roads. I found an extremely remote place to park my trailer that I thought might be outside of their surveillance capabilities. (By this time, I was aware that I was tracked everywhere, apparently by GPS and satellite, among other methods. So I often sought/seek out remote places where I believe they cannot track me.) This night, I camped beneath a bridge that had been destroyed by flooding. The bridge was now just half a bridge; it simply stopped in the middle of the very wide stream bed (arroyo). It would have been impossible for any vehicle to drive at normal speed across this bridge. I was out in the middle of nowhere. It was dark. There were no people, no cars, no nothing, only stars and desert. And yet, as I lay down to sleep, I heard the sound of a vehicle whizzing by on the highway, across the bridge, and heading southwestward, I believe. Go figure. No vehicle could have “whizzed by” without crashing spectacularly… The bridge was washed out, it only went 1/3 of the distance across the dry river bed. And yet I heard the sound of a car whizzing but heard no sounds of a spectacular crash. Go figure. Welcome to the world of a targeted individual. Some of the (neuroweapon/nonlethal weapon/directed energy weapon) technologies being deployed (and tested?) on TIs are very advanced; so advanced, they seem like magic.

(In “Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control,” (medical doctor) Dr. John Hall states: “The weapons used in the attack phase include microwave, millimeter wave, radio-frequency, laser and probably scalar modalities…. According to Dr. Robert Duncan PhD, in his book “Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” (2010), the attacks are the result of central nervous system manipulation to manifest the physical symptoms of twitching, burning, spasms, and other symptoms.” It has also been reported that these weapons allow individuals at their computer stations to not only “see through the eyes of the victim” and “hear through the hears of the victim,” but also send electromagnetic signals to victims which can alter moods, thoughts, emotions, provide subliminal suggestions, etc. Reportedly the skill-set required of the “perps” is about the same as that of playing a video game.)

June 4, 2021: If I die of a heart attack, I postulate that it will have been induced by directed energy weapons, some of which may be being fired from a nearby “safe house,” possibly the house behind mine. (2023 addendum: As noted in the preface to this post, Dr. John Hall (2014) points out that the perps have the ability to mimic various disease symptoms by the process of EEG heterodyning… i.e., EM frequencies and wavelengths are sent to victims’ brains which more or less trick the brain into experiencing particular symptoms. For this reason, I do not believe I can reliably count on the physical sensations I experience- just as I can no longer count on the sensual experiences I experience. Heck of deal, a?)

It is characteristic of “the program” that houses surrounding TI’s homes are rented or purchased by perps and used for surveillance, targeting, torture, etc. This has also happened to me in my Crestone/Baca home.

I sometimes experience the sensation of “spinning” (much like vertigo) when I am in bed in my El Centenario home. When this occurs, I am pretty sure that EM weapons are being used against me. There have also been numerous house break-ins, thefts of items and valuables from my house and car (including my computer, camera, house keys, etc.), pet poisonings and killings, etc.

May 30, 2021: Sunday morning. I was directly overflown several times by this same small, white, two-seater aircraft in my morning walk on “playa 4.” It was clear that they circled around me intentionally. Harassment and intimidation. Both seats taken. A heavy-set man and a either a small woman or boy were in the plane. I saw a light flash in the pilot’s cockpit as he flew off northward.

April 22, 2021: I photographed this new Ram Promaster white panel van that was parked in front of and then a few days later and more concealed in the drive-way of the dilapidated house immediately behind mine in the very small community I live in southern Baja California, Mexico. (As the photos indicate, the white solid panel Dodge Ram Promaster has California plates 68550S1, and was purchased at Don’s Auto Center, Fontana 829-1900). As a TI in the US and Mexico over the years, I’ve noticed spies and perps everywhere often drive these new solid panel white vans. Obviously, this operation is extremely well funded!!!! Indeed, apparently, they have unlimited resources.

The photos indicate that the other cars at the residence, with Mexican plates, are old, dilapidated, w/ some on blocks. The Ram Promaster stayed at this residence for two to three weeks before disappearing. I had long ago “cessed out” that house as a “safe house”/base of operations for my assailants. It’s second story overlooks my back yard and the rear part of my house, which includes my bedroom. It would be the perfect location to project throuh-the-wall directed energy weapons.

In the four years, I have lived here, there have consistently been about 8 “insane” dogs who display “red zone” rage behaviors and barking and yelping during the day and night. I often hear the dogs barking and screaming at all hours of the night. During the 2-3 week time when the white panel van Ram from California was parked at this residence, there was another present, which appeared to be a Belgian Malinois Shepard, a favorite of police and military operatives. This reinforces my impression that the visitor from California was connected with the National Security Racketeering Network, either through the military, the police, or as a private subcontractor. Of course, one wonders what high-tech surveillance/directed energy equipment may have been installed in the house by this operative during this period.

With the exception of a very brief glimpse I had of a very short, dark-haired middle age woman on the street (Calle 11 just south of Palo Blanco) in front of the house (see below description), I had not seen any actual humans at this house until this woman appeared as I took the photo. The woman in front of the Ram white panel van in the photo below came out of the house and into the yard of the house when she saw that I was taking photos of the vehicle. I have seen her a few times since this photo was taken. So she may have stayed on after the owner, presumably from California, of the white van departed. Alternatively she may have been brought to the residence by the driver of the white van. Who knows. A glimpse of her reveals she is not a very friendly person.

September 16, 2020: This entry is more or less background information with a potentially important discovery:

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 was kind of a big day for me. I completed the “Lifeline Project: Essential Insights and Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Citizens” and it is now online and for sale on my website. But as my phone-computer line had been cut two weeks prior on Sept. 2, I have had to go back and forth to local coffee shops and restaurants to find internet services where I could complete the project.

Thus, returning to my house at about 7:00 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 16, in my truck, I was driving southward on the Calle Once (street eleven) dirt road from the Transpenninsular “carretera” (Highway 1) the five blocks to my home. I was about 30 yards south of the intersection of Calle Once and Palo Blanco (the street where my house is) when I saw a very short, dark-haired woman standing in the street in front of the maroon house on Calle Once immediately next to and south of the whitish house owned by my immediate neighbor, Adriana.

As soon as this short lady saw me coming she bolted as fast she could into her yard where I could no longer see her. I have never seen a Mexican move so fast! So I only glimpsed her for an instant. But my best guess is that she is less than 5 feet tall (perhaps 4’ 10”), was wearing blue or gray shirt and pants, had short black hair, and is about 35 years old. But that is based on just this one brief glimpse.

My neighbor, Adriana, has been friendly, and I have spoken with her many times….The house immediately next to hers is the maroon house. So Adriana shares a back yard with this larger maroon house.
Curiously, I have never met or even seen the people living in this mysterious maroon house…. Until last night that is.

Again, Adriana owns the whitish house immediately behind my house (1220 Palo Blanco entre 11 y 12) as well as that of my adjoining neighbor to the east (1210 Palo Blanco). This is owned by Carlos and his medical doctor wife (who both work at Coca Cola) and their one year old daughter, Maria Valentina. Immediately adjacent to and behind (south of) Adriana’s house there is this two-story maroon house. (See photos).



The second story of this maroon house is only about 40 feet south of the white wall that defines the southern part of my yard and thus, has a commanding view over my backyard and the rear portion of my house. The second story of this maroon house is entirely visible from my back yard and it has only one rectangular window which appears not to have any glass in it. The rest of the second story is solid wall, maroon-colored. As it happens, my bedroom is in the rear of my house- and hence, closest and in direct line-of-sight to this maroon house.

I walk past the east side of maroon house commonly on evening walks with my dogs as I walk southward on Calle Once. There are about 6-8 really nasty dogs that live there behind a fence. There are usually a couple very dilapidated suburban vehicles parked outside of their fence on the street, but sometimes these vehicles are moved onto the concrete slab driveway behind the fence and adjacent to the house.

The curious thing is that since I purchased my house three years ago, I have never seen or met the inhabitants of this maroon house. Until last night.

Again, when this woman turned and saw me coming toward her in my white pickup truck, she bolted like a rabbit into her yard. This is very curious behavior. The only other person I have seen move so fast in Mexico was a man from Oregon who was clearly spying on me at the Conejos camping area along the Pacific Ocean a couple years ago.

Now, let’s combine this very strange behavior of the short dark haired woman with the following:

1) The electrical fence which I installed above my rear wall has been cut several times, and in at least two or three instances, this set off my electric alarm system…. The one(s) who cut the fence must have been in this neighbor’s yard.

2) One time when I was standing on my roof where my palapa is, I noticed one of the suburban trucks of my mystery neighbor driving slowly and very stealthily, it seemed, extremely close to the east white retaining wall of Carlos’ house. It was as if the white-haired man did not want me to see him. But I did glimpse him just briefly. As a “Targeted Individual” you often get a sixth sense about what is happening.

3) If someone wanted to locate a device in a neighboring house that would shoot electromagnetic frequencies into my house, this or Adriana’s house would be the best choices. If Carlos and his doctor wife were to shoot westward from their house into my house, which is quite possible, especially since she is a medical person and medical people are involved in these operations, the chances are that some of the non-ionizing radiation would also affect my immediate neighbors to the west (1230 Palo Blanco), Alberto and Regina and their two young children and two small dogs. Likewise, if Alberto or Regina were to shoot EM frequencies into my house from their house, these frequencies would be likely to affect Carlos and his wife, etc.

4) By contrast, EM frequencies could more safely be shot from the maroon house or Adriana’s house northward into my house without affecting my immediate neighbors.

For this reason, I speculate here that this very short dark haired lady, who bolted like a bunny rabbit when she saw me coming, is involved in my stalking-electronic surveillance-harassment-torture.

I would further speculate that this is a means of gainful employment for the (two?) people in this house and they have been engaged in this activity since I moved into my house over three years ago.

I would further speculate, on the basis of what I consider to be anomalous behavior, that my American neighbor, Bill Grinder, who lives with his wife Selena in the house on the southwest corner of Palo Blanco and Calle Once, is also involved in the operation. Bill used to work the theater productions in San Francisco, CA and also used to live on boats. I further speculate that he is a Mason and/or a Jew, as both these groups are heavily involved in stalking activities in my experience.

Alberto and Regina, at 1230 Palo Blanco, are two Ph.D. chemists/biologists who work at the Ecological Institute nearby. Very educated and charming people. The more elderly couple who live in 1240 Palo Blanco are also very well educated. He (Rueben or something) is a retired computer science professor and his wife is a soils scientist at the local Institute Biologico.

I have observed the retired professor spying on me several times. At one point, he obtained a brand new quad vehicle and it’s possible that this was his payoff. After all, he has little to do now that he’s retired. His English is actually quite good because he went to university in the LA area, but he has been mostly unfriendly and disdainful of the fact that I can’t speak Spanish. His soil scientist wife, by contrast, seems more genuine and friendly.

The fifth house in this block of 5 homes (1250) was occupied by a lawyer and his family, but I believe they have moved out and it is now rented out.

I should mention that I purchased this house from two realtors in La Paz…. Ken McKenna (American) of Diamante Real Estate and Sean (Canadian) of Lands End Real Estate. The builder of the house and indeed, the entire block of five homes, is Roberto Cesena Sandez, a very nice Mexican engineer who speaks excellent English and who I consider a friend.

This background information may be important at some point.

Sunday August 3, 2020: I returned to El Centernario and settled back into my home in Centenario on July 11. This weekend (August 1 and 2) I finally decided to take out my travel trailer and camp out, despite the hot summer temperatures. The last two nights, Saturday and Sunday, I camped near Conquista Agricultura and San Juan de la Costa, respectively, with my travel trailer. There were setups by Mexican stalkers in both locations. Here I will discuss the set up at near San Juan de La Costa on Sunday night…..

There were many Mexican families, etc., enjoying the beach area on Sunday afternoon…. But I was the only one that slept over… I thought….

I slept fitfully Sunday night- it was very hot and windy and I was awake much of the night. The following morning I took a walk southward along the water with the dogs. On returning to my vehicle, I noticed a small white car (Sinaloa plates- VMY 26-08) and a cheap Walmart-type white-clear tent with a blue base that had positioned itself quite close to the water (20 feet or so) as far away as possible from my rig. They were about 250-300 yards from my trailer. It was before 8 am. I walked past the tent before its occupants had risen and I noticed, outside the tent, two things. A black pair of worn, scruffy, weathered, cheap, black men’s shoes. AND a very expensive looking, leather medical-style carrying case which looked like it was designed to hold expensive medical equipment.

Most Mexicans are fairly poor- and gangstalkers are no exception, although they often drive very newish vehicles- which they acquire as an “incentive” or pay, I imagine. This carrying case (pictured below) was a mixed leather-cordura, gray and black carrying case for a piece of what I guess is expensive medical equipment. My surmise (and I could be wrong of course) is that this equipment was for two-way electromagnetic communication with targeted individuals’ brains. The case was about 2 feet tall, perhaps 16 inches wide, and 8-9 inches deep. I’ve never seen anyone in Mexico carrying something like this. And here it shows up outside a tent on a beach about 250-300 yards from where I’m camping.

So, my assumption is that it may well be expensive medical equipment that is used to capture brainwaves of targeted individuals and send radio frequency messages to TIs brains as well. This kind of equipment is used as a kind of very advanced (Soviet) “Lida machine” to communicate directly between the machine operator and the subject’s brain via electromagnetic frequencies. Apparently, modern models can also send the captured EEG patterns wirelessly to teams of “neurologists” who can communicate with each other and the TI as wished.

When I first walked to the tent and saw the carrying case, I did not have my camera… So I walked back- about 300 yards – to my vehicle and returned with my camera. En route back to the tent, a youngish (25-30ish) Mexican female had walked out next to the beach by herself… she was skimpily dressed and appeared to have just a white towel and perhaps swimsuit or some undergarments- I wasn’t close enough to notice. But it was almost as if she was modeling. I’m guessing that she was signaling me to turn around. But I kept walking on the beach toward the tent and she retreated to the tent. At this point I took the first photo of the tent with the equipment and the man’s shoes visible.

Then I walked past the tent to the end of the beach which was maybe 50 yards northward from the tent. When I walked passed the tent on the way back, two 20-30ish Mexicans (man and woman) were lying down next to the tent and the (medical?) equipment still remained outside the tent. It was at this point that I took the second photo in which the two are lying near the tent directly on the beach gravels (strange).

Black and gray leather medical bag(?) outside tent:


Then after passing the white-blue tent on my way back to my vehicle, I got some photos of the front and back of their small white car with Sinaloa plates (VMY 26 08). Sinaloa is the state on the eastern side of the Gulf of California- so it is likely they had taken the ferry from Topolobampo to La Paz. By this point, I assumed they were gang stalkers (which in my life, is a rather safe assumption, actually)– but of course, there is always plausible deniability built into these operations.

Then I returned to my vehicle. Within a few minutes a very small, white, seemingly brand new SUV (like a Toyota Rav only smaller) had pulled up and positioned itself between my vehicle and the tent, which was very close to the water.

Then when I took a few more photos using the zoom lens, I noticed that now there were 3 to 4 Mexican males and females sitting under a tree about 100 feet from the water and apparently just staring at me. I guess they knew each other- perhaps they already knew each other before coming to the beach. This behavior continued for 10 to 15 minutes until I left the area.

Here are the two (male and female) outside the tent.

There are several reasons I believe these are gangstalkers: (Or possibly the man and/or the woman are medical people, psychologists, or engineers. They do like to “get in close”)…

1) they camped at the opposite side of the beach as far as possible from me…. They probably arrived sometime after I went to sleep.
2) they had the expensive looking medical carrying case (and almost nothing else to be honest)- no ground cloth, tarp, cooler, nothing.
3) the other white car arrived on the scene perhaps as a backup just a few minutes after I started taking photos.
4) again, as is typical of gang bangers, they don’t really look like campers. They do not seem well equipped at all. No folding chairs, no blankets, no coolers. This is quite typical of my stalkers both in Mexico and the U.S. Bottom line, they are pretending to be campers.
5) it seems that a very high percentage of the encounters I have in my life are with gangstalkers these days. Almost it makes more sense to assume that “chance” encounters are not chance at all.

And re: the expensive medical carrying case and its contents, which I guess was a portable remote neural monitoring- remote bio-telemetry-EEG device. This is not typical gear of people camping on a beach…. Either Mexicans or Americans. But especially not Mexicans. So, I’ve never seen anything like that here in Mexico- or for that matter, in the USA either.

All this occurred about 7:45 to 8:00 am on Monday morning.

Another white car, the very small, white new SUV with black base trim, came to the location immediately and parked very close to the tent. No doubt help was summoned.

Interestingly, as I try to make these updates on my website at 10:20 on August 4, it is impossible to make these updates because I am blocked by someone who is hacking my computer. I am blocked from updating and when I try to get on the website I get the 502 Bad Gateway sign. Based on my previous experience of similar events, these computer issues are not with my U.S. server (, but rather are due to issues with “local networks” in Mexico. So some cyber warriors somewhere are monitoring all activity on my website and blocking my efforts when it suits their purposes. I won’t speculate at this time, who these individuals might be.

But I will mention that a got some messages via skype that referred me to some interesting youtube presentations. My first impression had been that it was probably just a troll (cyberstalker), and I did not reply. However, about 6 months later I took a look at the video that this unknown person sent and thought… well, they might be legitimate. So I replied. And of course, this person, wanted to chat via skype. I procrastinated by eventually agreed (not a good idea). I did eventually respond, and this person turned out to be a fellow from South Africa who said his name was Andrew. When we did finally talk via Skype, he told me he couldn’t be sure who I was, so would I please turn on the video and (here I can’t remember, I think he wanted me to do something else). I reluctantly did that, and apparently it gave him access to my computer. He was able to hack my computer. He went on at length, and quite amiably for that matter, on how he did it. And then he said: “of course, it’s illegal.” Subsequent to this I learned out the UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) and how they do their cyberstaling and cyberhacking. I figure he might have been a subcontractor doing that kind of work. Anyway, he definitely hacked my computer…. probably not for the first or last time. One Canadian TI, whose computer skills are far, far superior to mine, has informed me that all TIs have both their minds and their computers “hacked.”

January 30, 2020: Here’s the gray surveillance plane flying a couple thousand feet above the coast line as I’m walking on playa 3:


Jan. 28, 2020: At playa 2, this photo shows the black rectangular appendage near the rear propeller….. Is this for sensing or for firing? Don’t know.


Jan. 27, 2020: At playa 4, I see the yellow helicopter(s). They seem to fly out of La Paz- often directly to where I’m walking on the beach- or otherwise, flying in loops over land and sea:


Jan. 26, 2020: At playa 4, I see a large “fish” or very small whale shark or something swimming northward, parallel to me as I am walking northward on the playa 4 beach…. It is tracking along at my speed as usual. The dorsal fin is smaller and more pointed than a normal whale shark’s (which are often quite rounded)…. and unlike a normal whale shark the churning water seems to indicate a large more or less flat object just under water in front of the dorsal fin. And like the strange “fishes” I saw on Christmas day near this same location, very bright light flashes were emitted from the dorsal fin. Not only that, but the below photos indicate that the light(s) was flashing from different parts of the fin while in some photos there are not bright lights…. go figure…. Here are the photos. Notice that the location on the fin where the bright light occurs moves around from photo to photo. (Also, as I intimated above, sometimes these (fake) “dorsal fins” move along in a very herky-jerky manner, more like they are propelled by a human doing the breast-stroke under water that like a large fish gliding effortlessly through the water.)



” class=”size-full wp-image-8280″ /> SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES[/caption]





On this same day, a “man” (could be a woman) flew overhead on a fancy light weight kite. I saw very similar motorized kites flying at playa 3 last year:



Lexie and Bodie at Playa 4:


Jan. 21, 2020: I drove to playa 4 about 5:00 pm to avoid encounters with setups…. But didn’t escape this time… when I walked northward on the beach and then returned southward to my camper, a heavy set Mexican man was walking northward along the beach as I walked southward…. pretty obviously a spotter.

Then when I was at my camper, at dusk, a green truck drove slowly up (and you never see traffic on this beach) very near my trailer and seemed to deliberately get stuck in the sand…. He did this by turning the wheels of his green truck uphill into the grass- and the wheels spun into the sandy road until he was stuck. The man was about my age- 65 or 70, Mexican. When I had been at Conejo beach a couple years ago, a young couple from Belgium (she was a psychologist who had just gotten her masters it turned out) also got themselves stuck in the beach… I guess the game is to see how I react. Well, of course, I helped them out 2 years ago. This time, I ignored the man and let him try to get out by himself. Finally, he came over and asked me for help- maybe after he had worked on it for about 15-20 minutes unsuccessfully- and I helped him out by pushing…. It took less than a minute. I directed him to straighten his wheels (which were turned toward the slope) and that I would push….. He was out very quickly.



Jan. 18, 2020: While I was walking on Playa 3, a whole string of vehicles drove by me and took my photo….. it was a series of vehicles and I finally changed my position so that I would be on the passenger side of the vehicles (away from the shoreline) and pulled out my camera and photographed one or two of them. The top one below (I believe) was one in which the driver waved and the person in back seat on the driver’s side was filming me (or it might have been another vehicle, not sure)… but that one fooled me:



Jan. 16, 2020: At playa 4 on my morning walk, I am overflown by the yellow “UN- Agenda 21-Rothschild” helicopter(s)…. These helicopters often fly over La Paz also. Interesting that they really haven’t made an appearance (to me anyway) in November or December….. But now they overfly me again. There is a black rectangular appendage near the rear propeller which could either be for sensing or for firing directed energy weapons.

There was also a boat which could have been tourists or locals.





12/26: At playa 3 (other side of the long sand spit that leads out to El Mogote) I see a boat that is apparently a tourist boat looking at whale sharks. I also saw this scene- a man, or two or three, swimming with the fishes…. you can see their arms above water doing the “australian crawl” stroke. Based on the color of the skin it looks like the one on the right is a North American and the one in the center is Mexican…. hard to tell…. It also looks like the big dark shape on the left side of the photo is probably the whale shark. Nothing strange here probably.




12/25: Christmas- I go for a walk on my favorite beach- Playa 4….. I see many whale sharks swimming together near the point where I normally finish my walk- (I typically go half and hour southward and then return to make an hour walk). At my turn around point, there were probably 10 to 20 whale sharks swimming together….. This is strange because normally they seem to swim by themselves. Another strqnge thing was that they were of many different sizes and were bunched closely- maybe 100 to 150 feet offshore. Another strange thing…. several of their fins (which is really most of what I could see) lit up with flashing lights. Now you don’t see that everyday. I looked around and it was a cloudy day…. so it could not have been a reflection of the sun off of something shiny which somehow affixed itself to the dorsal fins. These flashing lights were quite bright. The “fish” or fish plus other entities were swimming around in circles. I did not take any photos on this occasion, but did later, of the same phenomena. Now I wonder if these flashes represented some kind of firing of directed energy weapons….. Pretty weird idea. But that, after all, is one major function of “TIs”- to be the object of directed energy weapons testing. This is my current best guess to explain this anomalous phenomenon.

Here I should mention that over the past year or so, I had seen increasingly anomalous behavior of these creatures- sometimes I would see a much smaller dorsal fin swimming parallel to the beach in a jerky motion….. As if perhaps there was someone swimming under water with an attached apparatus that looked like a fin…. A Navy SEAL or some equivalent? I have seen this several times…… a large “fish” swimming parallel to the beach at about the same speed I’m walking. Actually many, many times. At first I thought it was just standard whale shark behavior- but I have now seen many variations of this behavior….. I have seen different shaped fins….. I have seen them swimming effortlessly and smoothly, leaving a very large wake – indicating, I think, quite a large fish- a whale shark. I have seen them with much smaller dorsal fins, swimming in jerky manner- as if there was a person under the fin. I have also seen dolphins in schools on occasion. No problem recognizing them for what they are.

Dec. 18, 2020: I take a walk on the “Malecon” at La Paz – and numerous people take my photo…. people in cars, on bikes, and on foot. This man took my photo even though I shook my head no- that I didn’t want him to take it.


The following picture was taken on the same day- a day of many people taking my photo in La Paz. Note his satanic hand sign….


Dec. 2, 2019: Here’s my dog Molly at Playa 4:


Nov. 11, 2020, I arrive back at my house in El Centenario amidst a very widespread regional rainstorm. IT was apparently the second storm of the fall and the countryside is surprisingly green and beautiful. I see a persistent rainbow at my house.


I had left Crestone about Nov. 9, spent the weekend visiting friend, Dave F., in Flagstaff, and spent four days in Viscaino to get some body work done on my truck en route here.

Friday, March 16, 2019: Coming out to the main road from the beach, a small plane coming from the direction of La Paz flies directly overhead. I am parked. He cuts off his engine as he is directly overhead and then circles and returns toward La Paz.

Monday, March 13, 2019: As I was driving from the beach to the main highway, these two yellow helicopters flew over, obviously circling around me at a fairly low altitude. These are the same unmarked yellow helicopters that patrol the La Paz area. Notice that like the small two-seater light aircraft, these helicopters appear to be brand new. Again, presumably they were “donated” or sold at a discount or the Mexican government was coerced to buy these to help fight the phony “War on Terrorism” (gotta have enemies, you know, to justify $800 billion/year to the Dept. of Defense (Death)).




March 11, 2019: Saw small plane fly over at 9:04 am:


Then saw same white fishing boat as in past few days:


Sunday, March 10, 2019: On a quiet stretch of beach where there are usually no encounters with humans on land, sea, or air at all, there were two light aircraft flyovers. The first one flew back and forth directly overhead (photos below) and the second was slightly inland of the beach. A slender American man about 70 years old and medium sized brown dog about 3.5 years old came walking from the west side. This to was extremely unusual, as I have never seen anyone walking this stretch of beach over the past two years. I stopped, waited, and talked with the man- who said his name was Bob and his dog was named Mindy. He seemed pleasant enough, wore blue clothes, said he doesn’t talk politics, and volunteered almost nothing about himself. His complexion was quite pale.




Then this same aircraft returned from the other direction (east, La Paz side):



After these flyovers the light aircraft flew westward. Soon a slightly larger, but still lightweight aircraft, flew along the beach slightly inland. Here are a couple shots:



Another interesting day at the beach.

Wednesday, March 6: Driving into camp near one of my favorite beaches in the early nighttime (about 7:30 pm), I was met by a truck with camper coming out the same dirt road at precisely the time I wanted to turn in. The only times I have encountered traffic coming from that direction in the past 2+ years were this particular evening and the preceding 3 days. In each of those days, I encountered a pickup truck coming out as I was going in. Assuming automatic control of nodes with military C4ISR equipment used for military-paramilitary-civilian stalking operations, things like this can be timed perfectly so that the “target’s” responses to these provocations/scenarios can be measured in real time.

As I pulled into a quiet spot to camp near the beach, I saw a bright light on the horizon that looked too bright to be a star…. It was stationary and blinked it was over the Sea of Cortez eastward from my location. When I walked around the back of my truck and came back to my trailer door to look, it was gone. But there were two lights of similar magnitude flying slow and low to south near La Paz. Was it a stationary helicopter or a drone?

This morning there were five or six airplane flyovers. Again, there was much more air traffic than normal. Although the first two flyovers (at about 7:15 7:30 am) were too high in the sky to photograph, I did get a couple photos of the last two (below) at about 8:15 to 8:30 am. As I walked toward my a truck, a man with a baseball cap about my age drove by in a new, white pickup truck. Two dogs, one tan, medium-sized boxer-looking dog and the other a smaller black (and white?) dog were barking out the windows at my two dogs, who were unleashed (as I never see anyone on this stretch of beach). The man didn’t slow down or say hello, even though he was on a rough road right next where I was walking, but rather said “Fuck,” when my dogs responded to his by giving chase to him. He had Alberta license plates. Of course he did not slow down to say hello. After all, the entire point is to intimidate and bully the “target.” Here’s the Albertan truck:


Here are photos of the latter two (of about 6) airplane flyovers. One can see in the photos, despite the fact they are blurry, that one is a smaller yellow plane and the other is a larger gray-painted plane. I could not see markings on either of them. The others flew even higher up – at perhaps 3,000 feet or so.



Tuesday, March 5:
Three days in a row now, as I drive into my favorite once deserted beach location, this time in the early night, about 7:30 pm, I am met on the narrow one lane dirt road by another pickup truck. This one was a red truck driven by a polite Mexican elderly man. He initially pulled over to let me pass, and then I pulled over and he passed and said “gracias.” Again, I saw the white fishing boat- which apparently was piloted by the same two men.


Sunday, March 3, 2019: I return to the same lonely stretch of beach, where normally there is no traffic of any kind. But recall all the military documents that repeatedly emphasize that they wish to maintain full-spectrum dominance of land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. So it’s best to pay attention. Today, there was a small white boat that kept motoring around just more or less out of photo range, to the north of where I was walking on the beach. Nonetheless, I thought it a good idea to get a few photos:




The photos show two men in a boat. One has a bright white sweatshirt and light green baseball cap. Of the six photos I have, most photos show the two men looking at something inside the boat….. I don’t believe they were fixing the engine, as I could hear the engine going for the entire duration (one hour) of my walk. The lower photo shows the man in the white sweatshirt fishing. This could be nothing or something. I’m simply documenting what I saw.

March 2, 2019: from about 9:30 to 10:30 am:

This small, apparently new, very high tech (almost certainly American), light, white, 2-man helicopter flew back and forth nearly continuously over my head during my daily walk on the beach. During the first pass in which it came from behind me, it flew quite low; perhaps 50 feet above my head or less. This stretch of beach is normally entirely deserted. My guess is that the goal was to intimidate and harass me and/or to make a show of force and that it was carried out by personnel with an American or Canadian private security firm. Based on my fleeting glimpse, the man sitting in the rear seat, wearing a round helmet and speaking into a microphone, seemed to be a heavy-set American or Canadian (See two photos below). The smaller person (for instance, an 11-year old boy of slender build?) sitting in the front seat may have been operating some kind of tracking or targeting equipment/directed energy weapon (DEW). This light, white helicopter was new on the scene, at least this year. Normally, helicopters which patrol this area and indeed, patrol La Paz as well, are new, yellow and full size; i.e., larger than this light helicopter.

I surmise that America has shared considerable high-tech military and policing equipment with the Mexican government in exchange for their cooperation and their participation, or at least, their permission to allow Americans to run military-police-civilian operations such as this. No doubt this agreement between Mexico and the U.S. relates to NORTHCOM (U.S. Northern Command, which includes the U.S., Canada, and Mexico) and/or NATO operations and is justified on the basis of the phony “Global War on Terrorism” and the usual appeals to “national security.”

When governments become completely corrupt, their primary mandate is to prevent the exposure of their crimes. Truth is then considered “terrorism.” When a corrupt military system controls a nation’s economy by virtue of its waste and bloated size, it becomes obsessed with searching out and destroying real, imagined, or created “enemies” in order to try to justify its existence. As for our “brave” special operations forces in and out of uniform, how much courage does it take to do a sneak attack on a lone, unarmed civilian using all the latest military hardware? In doing so, these pathetic cowards and bullies add their names and fates to this larger, anti-constitutional criminal enterprise (in fact, antichrist system). And if they are Americans, by depriving their fellow citizens of their constitutionally-guaranteed civil liberties, they are also violating their sworn oaths and committing treason.

Friday, March 1, 2019: While having a licuado (smoothie) at the small restaurant across from the El Centenario water service (Sapa) office, I asked the proprietress if she knew someone who gave Spanish lessons. She told me about a local lady who lived nearby and said I could get her phone number across the street at one of the city offices. I inquired there and the secretary lady asked me some questions and then finally gave me cell phone number of a local Spanish teacher but told me there was some problem with that idea (I couldn’t understand what she said) and that I should come back for language lessons that afternoon at 4 pm.

I tried to call the lady and the number didn’t work. So I did go back for the 4 pm lesson…. A note had been tacked up saying free English lessons. There was a young girl waiting there, looking at her cell phone (as almost all do now). A van drove up and the occupants remained inside, until a blonde-haired approximately 11 year Canadian old boy came over to ask me if there were lessons there. I told him I thought so but that the teacher was late. he went back to the van to be with his parents. The teacher (turns out he was a lawyer named Miguel Leon), was about 40 minutes late, but when he came he encouraged me to come inside along with three Canadians (apparently husband, wife and child- (but I no longer assume this to be the case- there are so many stalker-actors now), the young girl and a very young 7 year old girl. The man said they lived locally and he was a missionary and had worked in Iraq and Iran. That set off a few red flags in my mind. He certainly looked and acted more like a special forces operative than a preacher. I left after about 20 minutes as the teacher was explaining the extreme basics of Spanish. I mention this because it is quite possible that this man (and his partner) are part of my general stalking program now. Certainly, the stalking seems to have gotten more intense since about that day.

At least 4 planes and 2 helicopters flew over my head as well. The two helicopters were flying together in tandem directly over my head at about 200 hundred feet. Both helicopters were shiny, new and painted yellow. These types of helicopters are commonly seen flying over La Paz as well. The number of aircraft flying on this day was way out of the norm. The norm is that there is no traffic, human or machine or otherwise, on this stretch of beach.

February 28, 2019: I was standing between my truck and trailer across the street from my house when a tall slender American man about 70ish with a gray, grizzled beard and a baseball hat drove in front of my house with a white Ford F-250 truck that has North Dakota license plates. He stopped the truck and stared to the right into my house, not realizing that I’m standing on the other side of the street from my house and looking at him. He turns to the left, sees me, and quickly speeds off. About 10 minutes later, as I’m driving toward La Paz he speeds by in the truck. The same man in the same truck was in La Paz stopped at a corner as I walked toward the Carnival on the Malecon. Obviously, this man is on assignment. Wonder what he’s getting paid?


Hall, John, Dr., 2014, Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights, Co., Houston, TX, 180 pp.