GANG STALKING As 4th Generation Warfare – Secular & Spiritual Aspects (Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Kev Baker Show, March, 2017)

Third Interview with Kev Baker on Gangstalking- (3/22/17) This interview and the previous two interviews I did with Kev Baker on the Truth Frequency Radio show cover some of the material that I have posted in this extended article: Gang Stalking As Part of World Conquest Plan

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Ask the listeners to pray with me for host, Kevin Baker- courageous truth warrior- who does this work on behalf of God, country, family and all the good things of this world. Telling the truth and resisting the Kingdom of Antichrist or the Judeo-Totalitarian Slave State can be dangerous work.


Dear God, Creator, and Lord of the Universe,

We worship you and give you thanks. Today, we ask you to protect all truth warriors everywhere who are working hard and with much courage to resist the totalitarian kingdom of the Anti-Christ now trying to overturn and destroy Western Christian civilization and all that makes your world so beautiful. Ephesians 11 admonishes us to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

We have faith that your eye is on each of us, and so in particular, we ask you to watch over, protect, and heal your son, Kevin Baker, and to extend your love, protection, and support for his family, community, and Truth Frequency Radio listeners everywhere. Amen.

Gang Stalking #3- Refining An Explanatory Scenario:

Can we agree that a hard truth is better than a pleasant lie? Terror and massive deception (propaganda or PsyOp) and indoctrination through mind control are standard features of totalitarian regimes. Government, media, entertainment are enlisted to carry these out. But in order to achieve the subjugation of the populace and install total dictatorship, the streets must be controlled. Thus, a portion of the civilian population is recruited into a secret police network. They are told that an internal enemy must be watched or harassed. They are lied to.

In “gang stalking,” we are actually talking about:

1) On the secular level: an extreme and deadly social engineering program, which, I am now concluding, is really 4GW being covertly implemented throughout America and the world. (See Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control”)

In America, this war is being carried out against the “new enemy” (identified in many military and think tank docs as adversary, internal enemies, dissidents, extremists, insurgents, potential terrorist threats, non-state actors (NSA)) and targeted by the “interagency”- worldwide it is known as the “Multinational Force.”

So we need to have some understanding of what this new form of warfare is all about, who carries it out, and in whose interests it is being carried out.

There is nothing new about repressive governments having “enemies lists”- the CIA has made these in most countries it has been destabilizing over the many decades- thus creating death squads in Vietnam under the Phoenix Program, in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. President Nixon had an internal “enemies list” in the late 60’s and early 70s.

What’s different now is that this program – truly a “Global Phoenix Program”- is worldwide…. Thus, helping to create the conditions for a global, one-world, feudalistic-fascist dictatorship in which the wealthy and powerful are able to covertly dispose of their enemies using secret high technologies that the public is mostly unaware of.

I have identified four main hallmarks of this new kind of warfare which is being covertly waged against “internal enemies” in civilian populations. And in which the military utilizes all elements of civil society in “Civil-Military Operations” to target individuals and groups designated as adversaries or internal enemies of the elite.

The “New War” is also known in military and think tank docs as Assymetrical Warfare, Unconventional, Irregular, Information Warfare, Effects Based Operations, Military Operations Other Than Warfare, and 4GW. All these are ultimately coordinated by US SOCOM, US Special Operations Command. And since well over a million “TIs” are probably currently being targeted worldwide, we may guestimate that US SOCOM is now coordinating millions of operations.

These interagency ops involve all branches of the US military and all avenues of US power projection abroad. All this should be seen as part of a global conquest program which has been going on for over 100 years which is led by and for the benefit of Anglo-American Judeo-Masonic-CIAtanists aka New World Order crypto-Jewish totalitarian state.

The four main “fingerprints” of the New War:

1) RMA- A Revolution in Military Affairs involves not only technological changes in how wars are fought- but also the complete reorganization of society that transforms relationship between the military, the economy, and society. This has happened and is happening now. Many sources say this RMA will result in the abolishment of the nation state. Non-lethal weapons- PsyOp and EW (electronic warfare) are said to be at center of this RMA

This is being accomplished through Phoenix Program style- DHS fusion centers and FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force mechanisms. We may also note the construction of over 800 FEMA detention centers – which may soon function as torture/reeducation centers, much like the CIA-created state and provincial torture centers in Vietnam.

In 4GW, the military command, control, computer, communications (C4ISR) functions as mobile or stationary or virtual version of Domestic War Rooms in covert ops against individuals and groups. Various branches have their versions:

1) Warfighter Information Network- TACTICAL or WIN-T- one of Army’s C4ISR systems
2) LandWarNet – another Army version of C4ISR- connects to GIG
3) ForceNet- used by Navy and Marines
4) Command and Control Constellation (C2 Constellation) used by Air Force

These systems synchronize and coordinate all major players in society: UN, NATO, federal and intelligence agencies, the Corporatocracy (government contractors like DynCorps, Infragard, etc.), local police forces, NGOS, Neighborhood Watch groups, local first responders, local businesses, indeed, the civilian population as a whole- as well as HN (host nations’) military, local, state and federal agencies who can be conscribed to target their fellow citizens who are put on a “list of suspected terrorists” or whatever. These mobile C&C units coordinate attacks of perps on the ground (nodes) against TIs and are connected to the GIG (satellite-based Global Information Grid) and linked by computer-radios, etc.

This is social engineering on steroids. A few individuals can remake society in their own image and eliminate the elements they find problematic:

“Gang stalking”/Electronic Torture as Asymmetric Warfare Against Political Dissenters (M. Thomas) (Monarch: The New Phoenix Program)

Marshall Thomas:

“Unwitting Americans and the citizens of other nations are facing a destabilization operation…. one designed to bring down the existing world governments and to institute a one-world-government fascist dictatorship in its place.

… The U.S. intelligence agencies in conjunction with DARPA, Stanford Research Institute, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and companies like Raytheon and Lockheed, have set up a counterinsurgency war that is taking place on a worldwide basis aimed at potential enemies such as political activists and whistleblowers. These targets are generally people with a very high IQ who are capable of influencing the people around them as well as having a history of political activism.

This counterinsurgency war that is being waged against these individuals is portrayed as a type of game: a stalking game, ‘the most dangerous game.’ Perhaps called “watch him run,” or some such game that is taking place on the internet so that people can observe the targets using DARPA tracking technology, GPS technology and RFID technology that follows the target everywhere they go… in their home, their car, their place of work, or even in cross-continental travel… anywhere on the surface of the earth. There is nowhere that the targets can escape this “game,” the “stalking game.”

These people who are being tormented have been portrayed as criminals. However, the opposite is the case. The targets of torture and intimidation and destruction are the good guys. This tracking game relies on attacks using microwave weapons as well as organized stalking to make the life of the target a living hell to where they eventually succumb physically and die from the effects of non-ionizing radiation or, due to the extensive and never-ending torture, they are forced to commit suicide.

The target experiences physical attacks on their body. Microwave weapons are placed in close proximity to where they live and where they work and are even placed in their cars if necessary. These miniaturized electronic devices, in essence antennas, are capable of tracking and attacking the target with microwave frequencies that can deliver shocks, stabs, or sub-dermal burns to their physical bodies in a continuous manner. Or perhaps every few minutes their body experiences internal heating and burns, sleep disruption, or sleep deprivation as a primary tactic to slowly break them down. These types of physical attacks are complimented with attacks on the mind of the subject.”

Also, 800 FEMA detention centers presage draconian Martial Law lockdown of America in the future.

We must see this program as an extension of many programs in authoritarian governments of the past, including FBI’s COINTELPRO, E. German Stasi (1 in 6 civilians became citizen-spies), Soviet Cheka and KGB, Nazi Gestapo, etc.

Courageous researchers and whistle blowers like David McGowan and John Stockwell have connected the dots for us to reveal and explain the many, myriad CIA de-stablization programs at home and abroad, respectively. If you want to know what the CIA has really been up to since its inception in 1947, I invite you to go to these links on this website:

David McGowan Links Phoenix Program, Serial Killers, Cults, Hippie Rock Scene, Drug Importation, Pedophilia/Child Trafficking, Staged Terror Events, DHS Police State: All Are CIA Psychological Warfare/Terrorism Against American Public

EX-CIA Whistleblower, John Stockwell: “US Fascist Shadow Government, CIA Secret Wars and Drug Running, Gulf War I and NWO, JFK Assassination, etc. (1986, 1989, 1991)

As for the crypto-Judaic slave-police state now being set up in America, our laws have been changed to eliminate civil liberties and permit the new police state. Some of these include:

1) Executive Order 12333 signed by President Reagan in 1983, legalized all FBI COINTELPRO syping on and even killing American citizens, as well as CIA, military, local law enforcement and private agency acting on their behalf in counterintelligence activities…. i.e.., the corporate sector This includes use of specialized surveillance equipment and expert technical assistance without a warrant.
2) Omnibus Counterterrorism Bill of 1995- after Oklahoma City bombing, authorized increased targeting of American citizens.
3) the USA Patriot Act of 2001 ended the Bill of Rights,
4) the Military Commissions Act of 2006 sanctions torture and suspension of habeas corpus and its “due process under law”. Heavily militarized SWAT teams to perform routine functions. Now President may declare any American an “enemy combatant” and they are stripped of their rights.
5) John Warner National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 removed Posse Comitatus (separation of military and police) and gave President the right to declare National Emergency
6) National Security and Homeland Security National Directive (2007) NSPD-51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-20), (same day)
7) HR 1955- The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Prevention Act of 2007. A law against thoughts. RAND helped draft law. It describes “ideologically-based violence” – in other words thoughts and ideas that are expressed.
8) HR-237- the anti-protest bill. – President signed in secret- gives federal agents the right to arrest on the spot, any citizen exercising his first amendment rights- freedom of speech, assembly, religion,
9) S-1867- National Defense Authorization Act of 2012- turns all of America into a battlefield and subjects American citizens to indefinite military detention without charge or trial.

Thus, Congress is entirely complicit and Congressmen are profiting from the enormous surge in Public-Private National Security Establishment. This now functions as a vast component of our national and international economies., 2010 report titled: “FBI, Mossad Turn U.S. Into Police State:”

“The new U.S. government espionage plan, which will transform the country into a police state is being carried out in close cooperation with Israeli Mossad… The federal agencies that are putting together these police state tactics are working hand in-hand with Israeli intelligence.. and the Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith here in the U.S., former U.S. Senate candidate Mark Dankof said in his interview with PressTV.

Dankoff pointed out that … the new massive espionage system is aimed at linking the intelligence in the US to the Israeli Mossad…. Dankof warned that President Obama is trying to convince the Federal Court that the commander-in-chief can resort to any extrajudicial action- including killing US citizens- under the pretext of suspicion of their involvement with terrorist organizations.

A Washington Post investigative report states that the US government is using the largest and most technologically sophisticated system in the country’s history to spy on its citizens. “With the help of every state and law enforcement agency, the system collects, stores, and analyzes information about thousands (millions) of US citizens and then sends that data to the FBI.”

At least 95 organizations- each with its own counterterrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions- have been created or become involved in counterterrorism efforts since the Sept. 2001 incidents in New York and Washington.

CEI (Competitive Enterprise Institute) VP Clyde Wayne Crews estimates that in one year (2009) myriad of regulatory laws (including 3500 new laws) cost the taxpayer over $1 trillion. Cost or running the regulatory agencies estimated at $54 B/year.”

BUT Madison V. Marbury 1803, states:- “All laws repugnant to the US Constitution are null and void.”

2) PsyOp- aka Psy Warfare, Pol Warfare, MILDEC, Military Deception, OPSEC, (operations security), CNO- computer network operations, IO- information warfare, EBO, effects based operations, neocortical warfare.

Secret research has been done on this for about a hundred years or more, involved are Tavistock Institute, CIA MKULTRA, Nazi mind control, think tanks including: Rockefeller Foundation, Minninger Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, RAND Corp, CFR, Princeton, MIT, partnership with U.S. Military….

Most of this research is still classified.

Used in combination with EW. Relies upon Psychological Operations Groups, PsyOp Task Forces, Tactical PsyOp Teams, TA Profiling, C4ISR, psychological actions (PsyActs) that deliver “products, themes, and symbols” to break the will of the TA (Target Audience) and TI, “preparation of the AO (Area of Operation, i.e., “battlespace”), isolating the TI and TA and depriving them of all support structures. The stated goal is to break the will of the TI and TA by continually inflicting pain/torture- no touch torture, silent kill, slow kill, soft kill (NLW).

The TA (TI) is relentlessly attacked through all channels of communication which they rely on. The painful stimuli are concealed to the casual observer.

PsyOp uses civilians as irregular forces. These forces are controlled by NGOs and international groups working in cooperation with the military and federal agencies.

3) Electronic Warfare. (Non-lethal weapons; directed energy weapons). Tesla technology, advanced surveillance technologies, microwave, microwave hearing, millimeter wave, (acoustics) ultra sound, infrasound, silent subliminals, audible noise, radar, lasers, electromagnetic pulse weapons (the ebomb), ELF, weather warfare, HAARP, mind reading and remote neural monitoring and imaging devices, etc. can silently and secretly entrain the brain, create moods, target particular organs, holographic projections, remote neural monitoring, computer brain interface, etc.

Again, much of this research was carried out by CIA MKULTRA and various branches of military in conjunction with private sector corporations such as Raytheon and think tanks such as RAND and the CFR.

4) Luciferian components. The whole “gang stalking” structure can possibly regarded as interlocking Satanic cults. Numerous TI “veterans” of this war, report the Satanic nature of their targeting and the “perps” who do the psyops, EW on them, etc.

AK Forwood’s “Gang Stalking and Mind Control” states that the program is Luciferian from top to bottom… emanating from the Illuminati families down to the street level perps.

In identifying these “fingerprints,” we see that Operation 9/11 has all these aspects (see my website)….

1) mass trauma based mind control of public- PsyOp against the masses.
2) directed energy weapons used. See Dr. Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go?”
3) interagency cooperation. Including 46 military and other drills on the day of and leading up to 9/11. See Webster Tarpley’s 5th edition of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A.”
4) lots of Masonic/Luciferian symbolism involved- including the “devil in the smoke image” seen at the WTC on the day of. See S.K. Bain’s: “The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 As Mass Ritual” (2012).

As well as the Kennedy assassination. See Lincoln Lawrence’s “Were We Controlled? The Assassination of President Kennedy” (1967)- for his prescient scenario that electronic mind control weapons (RHIC-EDOM- Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory) were used in the operation.