Protocols of the Global Terror-Police State: Gang Stalking (Secret, Extra-Legal Citizen Harassment and Extermination Program, SELCHEP) as Part of World Conquest Plan?

Protocols of the Global Terror-Police State: Gang Stalking (Secret, Extra-Legal Citizen Harassment and Extermination Program (SELCEP) as Part of World Conquest Plan?

I. Introduction

Based on the information provided in this article and on this website, the program commonly referred to as “gang stalking” or “organized stalking” should perhaps more realistically be termed: “Covert Extra-Judicial Citizen Elimination Program” (CECEP) or Secret, Extra-Legal Citizen Harassment and Elimination Program (SELCHEP). Based on information provided in Rich (2013), Thomas (2008), Valentine (2017), and others, this secret citizen targeting and elimination program must be seen in its proper probable context; as part of the larger 4GW (4th Generation Warfare) through which the Jewish-controlled-Anglo-American-Israeli Alliance aims to consolidate total political, military and economic power and establish a fascist, totalitarian, one-world-government and one-world-religion as per the battle plan set forth in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (1905) and more or less as described in Orwell’s “1984.”

9/11 investigator and political/military policy analyst, Barbara Honegger, concludes that the (Jewish/Zionist) neocons stole the 2000 election, took control of top level positions in the Bush II Administration, and then executed 9/11 as the means of fulfilling the mandate outlined in their PNAC (Project for a New American Century) manifesto of Sept. 2000. The manifesto called for a “catastrophic and catalyzing” event (9/11) that would provide pretext: 1) to wage multi-theatre, pre-emptive wars in the Middle East in order to destabilize and partition Israel’s enemies and 2) to impose a domestic police state in America and abroad. Honegger refers to this as the neocons’ “Global Dominance and Domestic Surveillance Police State Agenda.”

CECEP/SELCHEP (gang stalking) has many historical antecedents in America and many other authoritarian states. These include civilian-surveillance-harassment and elimination programs by the (Jewish/communist-controlled) Soviet Union (Cheka and KGB), East Germany (Stasi), Poland (Służba Bezpieczeństwa (SB), Czechoslavakia (Státní bezpečnost / Štátna bezpečnosť (StB / ŠtB), and Hungary (The AVO, Allamvedelmi Osztaly), Portugal (PIDE), as well as the fascist Gestapo and SS in Nazi Germany. In the United States, previous citizen-surveillance and neutralization programs include the FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program), the CIA’s MKULTRA, MHCHAOS, and Phoenix Programs, and US Military civilian surveillance and targeting programs dating to 1917. The Phoenix Program, an anti-civilian CIA operation of the Vietnam War, became the template for later civilian terror-neutralization programs (aka death squads) deployed by U.S.-trained military and “security forces” throughout Central and South America, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others (see Blum’s “Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II” and “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower.”).

Rich (2013) cites innumerable military documents and position papers of associated think tanks and corporate contractors that show that the TA (target audience) in the new 4GW (4th Generation Warfare) includes “targeted individuals” identified as “adversaries, potential terrorist threats, extremists, non-state actors, insurgents, enemies,” etc. These documents make it clear that 4GW is roughly synonymous with asymmetric warfare (AW), civil-military operations (CMO), low intensity conflict (LIC), unconventional warfare (UC), psychological warfare (PsyWar), political warfare (PolWar), effects-based operations (EBO), and information warfare (IW) (Rich, 2013), all of which comprise the official policy of all branches of the U.S. military and the U.S. government.

Principle technologies employed in this “New War” include PsyOp and electronic warfare (EW). These so-called “non-lethal” weapons have been developed, largely in secret, by the British, German, and American militaries in conjunction with academia and the private sector over the past century. Many of these weapons technologies still remain classified.

Today, “CECEP” (aka gang stalking) is a covert global program which involves the coordination of all branches of the military, intelligence and federal agencies, local police, Neighborhood Watch and other citizen’s vigilante groups, and NGOs, etc. through DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fusion centers and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) facilities, etc. In the U.S., this behemouth National Security Complex is called “the interagency.” Globally, it is referred to as the “Multinational Force” (MNF).

Worldwide, probably millions of civilians have been covertly designated as “adversaries,” “enemies” etc., and are now being systematically surveilled, harassed, targeted, tortured, and destroyed in this program. Indeed, the “National Security Establishment” is now a major industry and participants in the program, including citizen-spy “perpetrators,” are rewarded financially and with other incentives.

All of this, of course, is perpetuated on a dumbed-down populace in the name of “fighting the “Global War On Terrorism” (GWOT).

Dr. John Hall (2104) identified the six phases of targeting of TIs as:

1) selection,
2) surveillance,
3) stalking,
4) defamation,
5) attack (via directed energy or “psychotronic” weapons), and
6) monitoring.

(See my summaries at: ( are:

This post presents and interprets information from Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods of Political Control” (2013) as well as several other sources that pertain to these six phases of targeting.

II. Major Conclusions:

Before excerpting Rich’s more important insights (below), I here summarize some of the main patterns and conclusions that I discern from this information:

1) In the “New World War,” the “interagency” (aka “Multinational Force, MNF), consisting of the military, federal law enforcement, local and state law enforcement, private contractors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), targets the “New Enemy;” individuals and groups designated as “enemies,” adversaries,” “insurgents,” “dissidents,” “non-state actors,” “potential terrorist threats,” etc. The “battlespace” in this “New World War” now includes your neighborhood and the entire world.

2) Innumerable military and related documents utilize the term, CMO (Civilian-Military Operations), more or less interchangeably with 4GW (4th Generation Warfare), UW (unconventional warfare), IW (irregular warfare), MOOTW (modern operations other than war), IO (information operation), PolWar (political warfare), and PsyWar (psychological warfare) operations, and others.

For example, a 1994 US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute report entitled “Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War” by Steven Metz and James Kievit outlines the strategies and technologies involved in 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare).

3) PsyOp and electronic/psychotronic technologies are among the principle and most critical technologies employed in the “new “assymetrical war” (AW) for “full spectrum dominance” of America and the world. These weapons and technologies have been developed, largely in secret, throughout much of the 20th and 21st centuries by governments, military, and intelligence agencies in cooperation with private sector contractors such as Raytheon and SAIC. Hence, their development and use was and is part of a long-term, secret political and military strategy of world takeover that date back at least a century.

4) NLW (non-lethal weapons), aka “no touch torture” (including PsyOp and Electronic Warfare), are used, generally in synchronization, in the various phases of targeting/torturing of civilian “dissidents,” “whistleblowers,” etc. For example, electromagnetic devices and weapons are used during the surveillance, stalking, attack, and monitoring phases identified by Hall (2013). Similarly, the military’s Tactical PsyOp Teams are engaged in the surveillance, stalking, and monitoring phases. In this manner, various phases of targeting of individuals and groups can be executed simultaneously on target audiences (TAs) and targeted individuals (TIs).

Local and “remote” C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) “commanders” have the capability to apply these technologies on multiple targets simultaneously.

5) The strategic uses of these so-called “non-lethal” technologies are advocated and proscribed in innumerable military documents as well as in steering papers from (private) think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations, RAND, Rockefeller Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc. It has been posited by many authors that elites exert their power and influence over the majority through these kinds of think tanks and foundations.

Many of the “non-lethal weapons” technologies currently employed in this new war against the civilian population can be traced to documented patents, as presented in Rich (2013) and other sources.

6) Thus, military documents, related patents, and numerous recent laws that limit civil liberties, taken together, suggest that the term “gang stalking” is an inaccurate euphemism for what, in fact, are CMO (civil-military operations) utilized to target and neturalize/destroy civilian adversaries, notably including whistleblowers and dissidents, throughout the world.

7) These same 4GW systems, technologies, structures, and strategies are “scalable” and can be adapted to prosecute “small scale wars” that destabilize and destroy nations, politicians, and other groups.

Rich (2013) states:

“Small scale wars (aka effects-based operations (EBO), network centric warfare (Netwar), military operations other than war (MOOTW), etc.)…. Are international, protracted, political wars that are fought among the people. They are an interagency joint effort between the military, federal law enforcement,, and local and state law enforcement, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). They use the civilian population and private sector of the host nation (HN) during civil-military operations (CMO) to attack a state’s internal enemies. They rely on PsyOp, isolation, and nonlethal weapons, typically for the destruction of the enemy’s will. They use synchronization of tactics and strategies.”

8) Thus, the program we refer to as “gang stalking” is apparently part of a much larger strategy for total world conquest, i.e., “full spectrum dominance.” According to investigative journalist, McGrath, as of 2014, US SOCOM (Special Operations Command) was waging “low-intensity conflict” (LIC)/”unconventional warfare” (UW) in 134 nations of the world. The 2017 military budget is $773.5 billion and military documents call for “full spectrum dominance” of the world.

Rich (2013) notes the central role of US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in coordinating and executing these wars:

“The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), established in 1987, is a unified special operations command that oversees various special operations commands of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It is headquartered at MacDillAir Force Base in Tampa, Florida. SOCOM conducts global overt and covert missions including unconventional warfare (UW)…… SOCOM conducts PsyOp, civil affairs operations (also called civil-military operations), counterterrorism, and other functions. Two SOCOM units which specialize in PsyOp include the 193rd Special Operations Wing (193 SOW) of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard and the Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group (4th POG).”

9) Because “gang stalking”/unconventional warfare (UW) operations of this new, integrated, global, authoritarian police state are international in scope and involve the coordination and cooperation of innumerable agencies (including military and intelligence agencies, the United Nations, NORAD, NATO, federal, state, and local agencies, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), PGO (private-government organizations), religious groups, and other civilian groups, etc), the sovereignties of nations have already been largely supplanted by this international and covertly authoritarian military/intelligence/police state.

10) It may posited that just as the Phoenix Program targeted individuals who were “ideologically unassimilated” with the war goals of the American government during the Vietnam War, so “gang stalking” operations target individuals and groups who are “ideologically unassimilated” with the new world order/one-world-government.

11) More accurate terms for this program than “gang stalking” might be: Covert, Extra-Judicial Citizen Elimination Program (CECEP) or “Military-Intelligence-Civilian Citizen Elimination Program” (MICCEP).

Combining the information on this website ( with that of my site, I also conclude that:

12) Operation 9/11 demonstrated the use of the very same “4GW/assymetrical warfare (AW)” strategies and technologies as “organized gang stalking,” namely: 1) execution by the “interagency,” 2) PsyOp, and 3) Electronic Warfare (EW) aka “directed energy weapons.”

Like “organized stalking operation,” Operation 9/11 targeted the civilian population using PsyOp and Electronic Warfare (directed energy weapons), involved multiple agencies, and was international in scope.

13) In addition, although it is difficult to understand, both the “gang stalking” program and 9/11 are also characterized by Satanic/Luciferian aspects.

14) Clearly, Operation 9/11 was a state-sponsored, synthetic, false-flag terror event used as the pretext to:

a) Ramp up the “neocon’s” and CIA’s Global War on Terror project which could be utilized as pretext to attack any and all foreign and domestic enemies of our leader’s choosing,
b) Launch a series of major wars in the Middle East (that accomplish Israel’s geo-political objectives and not those of the U.S.) and
c) Radically increase the scope of and funding for the American-global military-intelligence-police state.

15) Because 9/11 and “organized stalking” utilize the same covert technologies and are the product of the same military doctrines, Operation 9/11, the Global War on Terror (GWOT), and “organized stalking” can all be seen as part of the long-term strategy of world conquest by the United States and its chief allies, Israel and Britain. The goal of “Operation Gang Stalking,” then, is to eliminate and/or “neutralize” designated civilian “adversaries” throughout the world.

16) An enormous number of people are co-opted (duped) into executing various aspects of these “civilian-military operations.” While many may remain ignorant of the criminal objectives of these programs, ALL of those who participate in the targeting and torture of innocent American civilians are guilty of TREASON against the United States of America, the U.S. Constitution, and the American citizenry. These individuals must be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

17) Assuming that the U.S. Constitution is still the law of the land and that “All laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” (Marbury v. Madison, 1803), the following individuals should be charged and tried for crimes against humanity in relation to the execution of Operation 9/11:

All “neocon” PNAC (Project of the New American Century) signatories and participants, President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Richard Cheney, first DHS Director, Michael Chertoff, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Meyers, CIA Director, George Tenet (real name, Cohen), and innumerable others.

The sheer number of individuals and organizations involved in this new 4th Generation Warfare operation could exceed the holding capacity of all the FEMA camps in America. However, the overflow of the guilty could be interned in our state prisons.

18) Various other groups, including certain religious groups, are also conducting gang stalking programs against civilians. This author is convinced, based on considerable previous research, that similar Satanic stalking programs have been ongoing for centuries and millennia and that these parallel programs persist today. Hence, clues to the identity of the controllers can be garnered by investigating these non-military stalking programs.

19) In my opinion, top elements of these groups have deeply captured and now commandeer the entire U.S. military-intelligence-industrial apparatus.

TI’s testimonies indicate that religious groups involved in organized stalking activities include Jews, and crypto-Jewish groups such as Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Masons, among others. These groups are arguably associated with the “Synagogue of Satan” and “Mystery Babylon the Great.”

20) My research into Operation 9/11 yields similar conclusions: That the world’s ruling elite (whom I’ve identified as “Judeo-Masonic-Satanists”) operate on the political and religious planes simultaneously in order to accomplish both political and religious goals. The political goal is to establish a one-world-government headquartered in Jerusalem. The spiritual goal is to destroy all existing religions and usher in the universal worship of Lucifer. These two elements would comprise Satan’s kingdom on earth.

Rich’s “New World War” (2013) deals with the political and military aspects of the organized stalking programs only. Throughout, Rich employs standard military/psychiatric jargon which dehumanizes the “enemy.” While, it is extremely important to understand how these systems function on the secular level, it is also important to understand that these programs have deeper and far more sinister spiritual roots.

21) The following authors summarize the all-important “spiritual” component of the New War:

a) In an article entitled, “The “War on Terror” – A Zionist Deception to Control America,” Christopher Bollyn states:

“The American way of life and our constitutional freedoms are threatened by the “homeland security” apparatus that was established as a response to 9/11 and which continues to grow in size and power. The so-called “War on Terror” is a false and artificial construct that has been designed by Zionist right-wing extremists from the highest levels of the Israeli government and military. It is based on a series of “false flag” terror attacks (including) the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the bombing of the Oklahoma federal building, and attacks on U.S. targets abroad. The “War on Terror” concept is the cornerstone of an agenda that has been actively promoted and articulated since the mid-1980s by Benjamin Netanyahu… Both the U.S.-led military invasions overseas and the domestic security state apparatus were planned long before 9/11. These radical changes have been “interpreted” and explained to the American people by the Zionist-controlled media…”

b) Nathaneal Kapner of states:

“Only the Jews have benefited from the War on Terror. The Jewish neocons within the Bush administration promoted it to serve their Zionist agenda. The War on Terror has served to only destroy our liberties at home and to push us into unnecessary wars abroad where no Jewish soldiers fight.”

c) In “Synagogue Rising, A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance” (2012), Hugh Akins states:

“It is ISRAEL and her Zionist fifth column inside the USA, and the Rabbinic Elders who sit at the apex of World Control, that pose such a threat to America; in all certainty the greatest threat this nation and its people have ever faced.”

III. “Spiritual” Aspects: Pertinent “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”

a) Akins (2012) traces the modern American/global terror-police state and the bogus “Global War on Terrorism” to the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” He identifies the “Protocols,” written in 1897, as a declaration of war against Western, Christian Society AND the Master Plan/blueprint to win that war.

In an interview entitled (“NWO: Jew World Order Hugh Akins Part 4”), Akins states:

“Protocol 15 confesses to the most secret political plot and the use of domestic and police agencies, totalitarian police agencies, to bring about police powers such as we are seeing today, with such totalitarian police agencies as the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the like. This protocol encourages the ruthless suppression of the people under these Jewish-created police organizations.

Protocol 16… covers brainwashing the masses as well, rendering the universities little more than Judaic-Masonic institutions of propaganda and mind control, introducing every vain and vile principle to break apart the ancient Christian order. Christian tradition is especially targeted…. The purpose of subverting education is to turn the goyim into unthinking robots. Once corrupted, they’ll easily be deceived, manipulated, and recruited for every wicked cause and always under the pretense of some good. And who can deny that, today, whole generations have fallen into this category?

Protocol 17 gets to the core of the century’s old anti-Christian scheme in the undermining of all authority, especially the Catholic Papacy and priesthood, by means of “freedom of conscience” unto the wrecking of Christianity and installation of a Jewish patriarch to rule the world. Take heed what the elders themselves have said:

“We have long past taken care to discredit the priesthood of the goyim and thereby ruin their mission on earth. Day by day, it’s influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. “Freedom of conscience” has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion.”

The Zionists go on to boast that the time will soon come when the Papal Court is destroyed by their “invisible hand:”

“Then the King of the Jews will become the real Pope of the universe, the Supreme Patriarch of an international church,” a one-world church under a one-world government within a New World Order.

And they speak here too of fomenting “schism” to bring all this about.

All these things considered how can we not see the rabbinic blueprint implemented in virtually every heresy, event, revolt and crisis of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and continuing into the 21th century?

Protocol 18 deals with precipitating internal disorders (ETK: “terrorist events”) and then acting swiftly to execute mass arrests of the more dangerous opponents of the Zionist masterplan. This is precisely what’s behind the policy, since the Clinton administration, and increasingly so during the Bush and Obama administrations, to associate Christians, pro-lifers, constitutionalists, Ron Paul conservatives, home schoolers, 2nd Amendment advocates, 9/11 Truthers, Holocaust revisionists, critics of Israel, and those who oppose the Jewish Federal Reserve and all of the needless wars we fight for Israel. All these sincere Christians and patriots are singled out by our government in the hands of the Zionist elders as “potential homegrown terrorists.”

This is really terrifying.

Through the campaigns of the notoriously anti-Christian “Anti-Defamation League” our local police forces are being heavily indoctrinated in this very dangerous mindset. We, my friends, are being set up for the kill. This is the reason behind the Department of Homeland Security’s purchasing of tons of ammunition, actually creating a shortage of bullets for the general citizenry, for the coming showdown between the totalitarian state and genuine Christians and patriots who have taken the lead in resisting in the march toward tyranny.“

b) One of insightful comment to one of my recent radio interviews, “Gang Stalking IS Unconventional Warfare” (January, 2017) was:

“I’ve read it (Rich’s “New World War”); it’s too good in my opinion. I believe Mark (Rich) also authored another work entitled “Psychiatry Kills” under the pen name Samuel Antoine Moser who @ the time it was written was a confessed Jehovah Witness. I have been gangstalked for 23 yrs now. They can make the bones in your feet go crazy. It is so bad now that I am getting angina (heart inflammation) as a secondary effect. My father just died and they are now breaking all my best possessions. When I refer to “they,” I am more or less referring to the J-Hoover (Jehovah’s) witnesses. Yes (Rich’s) book will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, but so did the Protocols. Very good info but bought with a price of possibly funding your own murderers…”

c) Another commenter states:

“Gang stalking is spiritual warfare. The perps are demon-possessed.”

22) In toto, we see that global, covert “gang stalking” (CMO) operations combine the formidable government’s intelligence-military powers with those of the private corporate/banking and civilian sectors. It is thus apparently supported by virtually infinite financial, military, scientific, technical, and personnel resources. The program incorporates the most advanced PsyOp and Electronic Warfare (EW) technologies available, including many that are presumably classified. But even more, it is infused with and directed by the malevolent spiritual powers of Judeo-Masonic-Satanism that controls the world system.

IV. “Gang Stalking”/”Unconventional Warfare” Decoded: Selections From Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control” and Other Sources

Rich (2013):

A. The Surveillance Phase of Targeting

There have been multiple statements recently by government and official sources regarding surveillance that is now being conducted globally. The investigations against political dissenters are aggressive and continuous.

For instance, a May 2003 report by Toffler Associates mentioned 24/7 “global persistent surveillance” accomplished using all sources. According to the report, surveillance technology is to be used to make the targeted individual aware that they’re being watched, in order to alter their behavior. They explained: “Technology will afford the power of observation to operationally affect the behavior of targets…. This uncertainty itself, will be a lever available to persistent surveillance operators.”

In 2005 the RAND Corporation likewise announced in its “Toward a Revolution in Intelligence Affairs” publication: “Adversaries that know that they are persistently being watched are likely to change their behavior.” The US Army mentioned that aggressive and continuous surveillance will be used against the enemy.

The DSB commented in its 2004 task force report that “intrusive and persistent intelligence against any potential global adversary” will be used. “Above all,” announced the DOD in February of 2006, “persistent surveillance and vastly better intelligence” will be used against enemy personnel.


Surveillance technology has been described as any system that can monitor or track the movements of individuals or their property. Satellites, millimeter waves, radar, x-rays, and radio waves are being used for surveillance. Different frequencies of EM energy vary in their ability to pass through objects.


Sensors are devices used for surveillance and weapons targeting. They are often integrated into C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) systems. Usually, each sensor is designed to detect something specific, which is why they are often networked. A network of a variety of sensors forms the core of most high-tech surveillance systems. At any level of the battlespace sensors can be installed.

Sensors can scan for radio frequency signals which emanate from various types of equipment or machinery. They can detect vibrations, heat, and magnetic fields. Sensors exist that can monitor the external environment such as ambient temperature, rainfall, wind, solar radiation to provide information on a subject’s immediate surroundings.

A network of multi-modal (multi-sensory) sensors is able to detect the same stimuli as that of a human being. There is a vast amount of sensor types. They can be used to monitor living creatures, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc. Sensors communicate with each other as well as a base station.

Sensors known as “smart dust” are as small as a spec of dust. They are basically microelectricomechanical particles that relay information to a base station. Although each spec only has a basic function, deployed in a network of thousands or millions, they can provide much information.

Sensors can be employed on satellites, UAVs, aircraft, underwater, and ground stations. They can be fixed or dropped from the air using UAVs. Some are designed to function in all weather conditions. Fixed sensors which can be installed near the subject are known as “proximate” or “close-in” sensors. “Standoff” (distant) sensors can remotely detect signals. Standoff and proximate sensors can be networked in combination to provide real-time actionable information.

The DOD has done a vast amount of research on sensor technology. Sensors will be used to track individuals, groups, and vehicles every place they go after they have been tagged. Sensors continue to become smaller and cheaper. Supersmart, programmable, self-producing nano-sensors are said to be under development.

Millimeter Wave

Millimeter waves (MMW), in the frequency range of 30 to 300 GHz, are like x-rays which can see through walls, only they are more accurate and less hazardous. Different frequencies of MMW can be used for different purposes. For instance, a device can be tuned to pass through walls to search a home. The human body emits small amounts of millimeter waves which allow it to be detected through structures. MMV can also be tuned to see through a person’s cloths, or to search the contents of their belongings.

The objects which interact with a MMW device are converted through a computer to viewable images. MMW has been used in airports to screen passengers and urban combat settings to detect enemy combatants. This technology is said to be able to spot a single insect inside a piece of wood. Acoustic systems also exist which can see through walls and providing images of objects behind them.


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) can be used to detect underground facilities as well as people inside buildings. The GPR is connected to a computer and software exists which sharpens the images.


Satellites can be used for surveillance or for directing and guiding weapons attacks. According to the DSB, satellites will be used to accomplish the persistent global surveillance of targeted individuals who have been tagged (ETK: using the GIG or Global Information Grid/GPS technology).


Lasers can be used for high-precision locating and tracking in conjunction with radar systems. In passive mode, SBLs (satellite-based lasers) can allegedly observe objects and provide output at high resolutions. It has been suggested that SBLs can eventually be used to provide battlespace illumination, which is basically a space-based laser flashlight that can be shined anywhere on the planet.

As a future capability, the Air Force mentioned using a network of lasers connected to a computer that emit a wide range of frequencies to accomplish the complete internal and external inspection of a structure and produce a 3-dimensional image. DARPA has been working on similar technology to create detailed maps of the inside of structures without entering them.


A multi-purpose platform based in Gakona, Alaska known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), can also be used for remote surveillance, including the detection of underground structures and strategic communication.

Mind-Reading: Neuro-imaging Devices

Scientists discovered that the neural code of the human brain is similar to the digital code of a computer. To some extent, they have deciphered this code. Prior to this, they assumed that it was necessary to identify the neurons associated with specific acts, which have made min-reading much more difficult.

They now understand that it’s not necessary to monitor billions of neurons to determine which are connected to a particular thought or act. Only a small number of them need to be monitored to accomplish this. To monitor these neurons researchers use neuro-imaging devices. They include event-related optical signal (EROS), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), functional near-infrared imaging (fNIR), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and positron emission tomography (PET). These devices may be combined for a more accurate reading.

(Because neuroimaging technology decodes brain patterns to thoughts, some argue that it technically doesn’t read a person’s mind. However, because specific thoughts and brain states can be deciphered, here it is referred to as mind-reading. Most mainstream documents refer to this as mind-reading, despite the fact that it is actually brainwave reading.)

Etc., etc. etc. (see pages 92-96 of Rich’s book for further explanation)

B. The Stalking Phase of Targeting

Psychological Operations (PsyOp)

According to the US military, the ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA. This is accomplished by destroying their will, which, itself, is bought about by continually inflicting pain.

(ETK observation) This basic strategy is similar/identical to that of Brigadier General Dr. John Rawlings Rees, Head of the Psychological Warfare Division of the British Army, who established the Tavistock Institute immediately following World War I in order to learn how to use mind control techniques to control civilian populations. See my article: Mind Control: History and Applications on this website)

Psychological operations (PsyOp) are a planned process of conveying messages to a target audience (TA) to promote certain attitudes, emotions, and behavior. These messages are conveyed using a line of persuasion known as a theme.

PsyOp is basically the use of communication to influence behavior. It is used against adversaries, their supporters, and their potential supporters (ETK: i.e., TIs and their families, friends and acquaintances). It is defined by the US Army in the following way:

“Psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

A TA can be a group or individual. A TA is defined by the Joint Chiefs of Staff publication “Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations” as: “An individual or group selected for influence or attack by means of psychological operations.”

PsyOp is used across the entire spectrum of conflict, with or without any accompanying military action, from special operations, to high-intensity and low-intensity conflict (LIC). This includes variations of LIC such as counterterrorism, peacekeeping, CMO (civilian-military operations), MOOTW (modern operations other than war), IW (irregular warfare), UW (unconventional warfare), etc. Planning for PsyOp is the same regardless of the type of warfare in which it is used. It is used in conjunction with all instruments of national power (ETK- electronic warfare attacks, surveillance, etc.) Most information pertaining to PsyOp is classified.

Despite the Army’s definition, which states that it is only used on foreign audiences, the evidence presented so far suggests that it is being used on civilians domestically in the US and elsewhere (ETK- yes, in the “global Phoenix Program”). As we’ve seen, it has been officially declared that the military is indeed working with federal agencies in the US during the new war conducting PsyOp as part of CMO.

Furthermore, the Council on Foreign Relations considers PsyOp a NLW (non-lethal weapon) to be used on civilians. (See also the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “Joint Publication 3-53, Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations” of September, 2003, which categorizes PsyOp as a NLW.) The Defense Science Board, another advisory committee of the DOD, announced in its “Future Strategic Strike Forces” task force report of February, 2004, that NLW and PsyOp are to be “directed at the physiological or psychological functions of specific individuals or the populace.”

A book published in 2000 by the DOD’s C4SI Cooperative Research Program, entitled “Network Centric Warfare: Developing and Leveraging Information Superiority,” mentioned that information operations (IO) will be conducted entirely in the civilian sector where the military will be working closely with civilians.

Although there seems to be a variety of ways it can be categorized, most military publications have it listed as a type of information operation (IO), previously referred to as “command and control warfare” (C2W). IO consists of five core capabilities that are used in concert and with any related capabilities to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or takeover an enemy’s decision-making process.

They include: psychological operations (PsyOp), military deceptions (MILDEC), operations security (OPSEC), and electronic warfare (EW), and computer network operations (CNO). IO is basically a way of interfering with various systems that a person uses to make decisions.

Of the five, PsyOp, MILDEC, and OPSEC have been major factors in most military campaigns. They have recently been joined by EW and CNO. Used in combination, these core capabilities are the primary methods of influencing an adversary in this new type of warfare.

Other terms used to describe PsyOp include military deception (MILDEC), effects-based operations (EBO), neocortical warfare, political warfare (PolWar), and psychological warfare (PsyWar).

The term “psychological warfare” is reported to have first been used in the English language in 941 as a translation of the German phrase “weltanschauungskrieg” (worldview warfare), which means the scientific application of terror and propaganda as a way of securing an ideological victory over an enemy. Some researchers use the terms propaganda and PsyOp interchangeably.

Military Deception (MILDEC) seeks to mislead the enemy by affecting all conduits of information which they rely on to make decisions. This includes all systems, groups, and even individuals, which the enemy uses as a source of information. It does this to the point of managing the perception of the enemy. MILDEC is similar to PsyOp. PsyOp normally targets groups while MILDEC targets individuals. An individual target for MILDEC may also be part of a PsyOp group. MILDEC is enhanced by operations security (OPSEC). While MILDEC influences the enemy’s interpretation of information, OPSEC prevents the enemy from receiving any unclassified but sensitive information.

Organizations which had a significant influence on the development of modern PsyOp include private foundations such as Menninger, Rockefeller, Russell Sage, and Ford, as well as the Carnegie Corporation. Some of these groups were involved in such research as early as the 1930s. They worked with think tanks such as the RAND Corporation and Council on Foreign Relations, as well as universities such as Princeton and MIT. These groups went into partnership with the US military to conduct early PsyOp studies. They kept most of their research classified.


PsyOp is a core part of civilian-military operations (CMO) and CMO is a major component of this new war. CMO combines military, federal agencies, NGOs, civilian organizations and authorities, and the civilian population. It takes place in friendly, neutral, or hostile operational areas. This includes populated civilian areas in which no other military activity is conducted.

The controlling faction of the PsyOp/CMO activities includes the military, federal agencies, NGOs, regional organizations, and international organizations that work with civil authorities. In the US this means FEMA, the DOJ, the CIA, and other federal agencies. PsyOp activities, regardless of national origin, are coordinated by and synchronized with these organizations.

These operations are run from CMOCs (civilian-military operations centers). The host nation (HN) provides the military with civil assistance in the area of operation (AO). This includes civilian resources such as materials, facilities, services, administrative support, and other resources. It also includes civilian logistics. PsyOp units work with the civilian population in the AO. These units use civilians and their resources as irregular forces. These are global activities, occurring domestically in the US, allied countries, and opposing countries.


What some publications describe as a product, others say is a distribution (dissemination) method. Others appear to use the terms product and distribution interchangeably when referring to the same thing.

Also, some things can be accurately described as both. For instance, a TV broadcast can be a distribution method which transmits a product. The internet (which is part of the battlespace) can also be descried as a distribution method which contains product.

A product is an action, event, or media used to get the attention of a TA and transmit a message. It is also expected to provoke a response in the TA to achieve psychological objectives. (ETK: Hence, Operation 9/11 can be considered as a “product.”)

Products are typically used as part of a line of communication known as a theme to convey a message to a TA. The products used to transmit PsyOp messages are limitless. The three basic categories of PsyOp products are audio, visual, and audiovisual.

Audio products include radio broadcasts, music, telephone conversations, and loudspeaker announcements. Visual products include items that can only be seen. Some of these are commercially produced. Examples are print media such as newspapers, inserts, magazines, leaflets, posters, pamphlets, books, drawings, paintings, notebooks, calendars, and stickers.

PsyOp audiovisual products use sight and sound to communicate with a TA. This includes TV, videos, and slides with sound, personalities, theater, internet, face-to-face communication, and performances known as “psychological actions” (PsyActs). To help create professional quality audiovisual products, PsyOp personnel can use expert contractors with advanced audiovisual studios.

PsyOp Organizations

There appears to be some ambiguity in military documents regarding PsyOp organizational structure terms such as group, unit, team, element, etc. To simplify matters, the term group will mean the largest organization conducting PsyOp. A unit/task force will pertain to smaller factions within the group and there may be units within units. Teams and elements are the smallest factions of this structure.

So far, multiple military and other government sources have revealed that PsyOp is being used on civilians in the US and other countries. These admissions suggest that some of the following military forces (or variations of them) are no functioning in your cities and towns: psychological operations group (POG), PsyOp Task Force (POTF), Tactical PsyOp Detachment (TPD), and Tactical PsyOp Team (TPT).

In PsyOp, the “battlespace” is sometimes referred to as the operational area, joint operational area (if it’s being conducted by a joint force), operating environment, or area of operation (AO). The AO includes the air, space, land, and sea. An area of responsibility (AOR) is a portion of the battlespace which is under the control of a particular PsyOp unit, which is charged with the psychological preparation of that area. They prep the area to allow for the attack of multiple TAs.

Psychological Operations Group

PsyOp units work with civil affairs (CA) personnel to form the core of CMO planning. This includes a psychological operations group (POG), which plans, coordinates, and executes PsyOp activities at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of warfare. The POG may contain a regional and dissemination battalion.

The POG consists of military and civilian experts in the following areas: psychology, communication, political science, language/linguistics, culture, sociology, economics, country specialties, history, and philosophy. It has sections that specialize in operations, plans, training, intelligence and information, and logistics including supply and transportation.

An example of such a group is the US Army’s 4th POG, located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It deploys anywhere in the world on short notice for all levels of conflict. It plans and conducts civil affairs and PsyOp in support of unified commanders or government agencies. The 4th POG is known as the strategic core of the PsyOp community. It has intelligence sections that gather intelligence and analyze the TA. To help accomplish this, it uses military and civilian experts in linguistics, politics, culture, religion, and other subject areas.

These experts profile the TA in order to decide how to best to communicate with them.

The 4th POG provides support such as propaganda, product development, media production, and tactical product distribution. It has quality print (graphics, photography), audio, and audiovisual production and distribution capabilities. Professionals in technical fields such as print, graphics, communications, etc. support the group.

It has mobile radio monitoring stations that are capable of listening to almost any broadcast on the planet. The 4th POG is equipped with high-powered AM, FM, and shortwave radio transmitters for long-range broadcasting, supported by experts in communications and propaganda. It has propaganda development teams that equipped with van-mounted printing, photographic, and media distribution facilities. The 4th POG is part of SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command).

United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), established in 1987, is a unified special operations command that oversees various special operations commands of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It is headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. SOCOM conducts global overt and covert missions including unconventional warfare (UW).

SOCOM has multiple units, or special operations forces (SOF), some of which perform highly classified activities. Two notable include the First Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) of the US Army, and the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU, the Navy Seals). SOCOM is supported by an intelligence faction known as Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) which provides Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).

SOCOM conducts PsyOp, civil affairs operations (also called CMO, civilian-military operations), counterterrorism, and other functions. Two SOCOM units which specialize in PsyOp include the 193rd Special Operations Wing (193 SOW) of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, and the Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group (4th POG).

(ETK: An article by McGrath (September, 2014) states that SOCOM was then currently engaged in military operations in 134 nations! Based on the above discussion, I strongly suspect they have also been operating in my home town of Crestone/Baca, Colorado. See my extended series: “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order:? An Expose of the New World Religion.”)

PsyOp Task Force

PsyOp Task Force (POTF) is usually the highest organization that performs PsyOp in the battlespace. It may be part of a joint psychological operations task force (JPOTF) if other services or agencies are included. It plans, develops, designs, produces, and distributes PsyOp products. This includes the various media, themes, and messages transmitted to the TA. It provices an in-depth profile analysis of the TAs in an AO. It recommends products to influence the TAs and evaluates their effect. SOCOM is usually the supporting command structure of a POTF, which uses factions of the 4th POG as the main PsyOp force.

Tactical PsyOp Detachment

The Tactical PsyOp Detachment (TPD) is a team of about 13 personnel with a captain and a staff sergeant. It provides tactical PsyOp support to brigade and battalion-sized units in support of Special Forces. It is made up of several small teams known as Tactical PsyOp Teams (TPT).

The TPD conducts mission assessment, determines distribution priorities, and tracks the various products that have been distributed throughout the AO. All teams maintain contact with each other. The TPD is in constant communication with other forces such as the TPDD, POTF, or TPT during the entire operation. (ETK: As in Operation Crestone/Baca!!!!!- see my website and look under New World Religion?).

Tactical PsyOp Team

A Tactical PsyOp Team (TPT) is a small group consisting of a team leader, his assistant, and a PsyOp specialist. The TPT may provide planning and PsyOp distribution to larger units.

The primary purpose of the team is to enable the tactical commander to communicate directly with the TA in his AOR. A TPT can be part of a TPD or under the control of a unit commander. It helps to distribute products throughout the AO. TPTs conduct face-to-face communication with a TA. They also monitor the TA’s reaction to PsyOp products in the AO and advise the commander on their effects. They can modify themes to adjust to the situation but must ensure that they remain within the guidelines of the approving upper unit. (ETK: Thus, the TPT is clearly directly engaged in the surveillance, stalking, and monitoring phases of targeting).

Tactical Product Development Detachment

A Tactical Product Development Detachment (TPDP) is a small unit that works at the division or area level to instantly create PsyOp products for a specific situation in the AO.

The TPDD works with the civilian sector to supply most of its audio, visual, and audiovisual products for theater (battlespace) distribution. This includes civilian specialists in radio and TV programming, station management, casting, directing, editing, graphic arts, advertising, computers, design, music, photography, audio/video, and printing.

PsyOp Assessment Team

Prior to PsyOp activities, a PsyOp Assessment Team (POAT) moves into an AO to establish contracts with groups and businesses to use their services. It is a small team of about 12 people, including specialists in areas such as tactics, print, broadcast, communications, and logistics.

The POAT observes some of the following features of the AO: TA, production, facilities, communications, infrastructure, competing media, logistics support, tactical considerations, distribution capabilities, production media (print, radio, TV), broadcast equipment, etc. The POAT is mostly a planning team, although some of its members remain when the operation becomes functional.


The equipment used by PsyOp units can be the property of the forces themselves, orther governmental agencies, multinational partners, or contracted from local media. Some units are equipped with audiovisual studios, printing facilities, and other equipment. They also have distribution assets such as radio stations, radios, TV stations, etc.

Production may be done at the 4th POG at Fort Bragg, media production centers that have been deployed to an AO, or contracted to private industry. Van-mounted facilities with broadcasting and print media production capabilities exist.

PsyOp units locate and establish contracts with mass media outlets in the AO. This includes newspapers, TV and radio stations, printing facilities, billboard companies, etc. They recruit these and other facilities to help them create and distribute PsyOp products directly to the TA.

The units also determine the location of radio and TV transmitters and repeaters, so they may be jammed and covertly replaced with their own signals, such as those emanating from an emitter mounted in a van. Airborne or seaborne platforms can also accomplish this. Terrestrial and satellite digital radio and TV broadcasts can even be used to transmit PsyOp products.

In addition to transmitting PsyOp products as part of an attack, spoofing these signals can also isolate the enemy. The Council on Foreign Relations, which considers PsOp a NLW to be used on civilians, has advocated the interception and spoofing of people’s radio and TV signals in all three of the its NLW task force reports.

Also worth mentioning is “digital morphing,’ which is a technology that has been used by the entertainment industry to manipulate voice, video, and photo media. Not only can a person’s voice be spoofed by taking a 10-minute digital recording of their voice, but a complete audiovisual file of a person can be created.

(ETK – Would this technology help explain the bogus youtube videos that show author, Marshall Thomas (“MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program”) doing stand-up comedy routines?)

In addition, morphing allows for graphics to be digitally imported into a live broadcast, basically, changing the broadcast in real-time. It has been researched by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and will be used for PsyOp. The DSB recognized the usefulness of this technology in its task force report, and similarly recommended its use for PsyOp.


PsyOp units use a C4ISR system which allows for the rapid, interoperable, reliable, and secure exchange of information throughout the chain of command. This C4ISR system may have a centralized control and distributed (sic, “distribution?”) capability.

Units are connected to the intelligence cycle, which continually provides them with current and accurate knowledge pertaining to the TA, obtained from “all available sources” in order to update their products. This includes HUMINT and SIGINT. The C4ISR system also provides them with any relevant information pertaining to the battlespace itself. In addition, the C4ISR system allows for the generation and distribution of PsyOp products and themes. So, it is not only used for communications, it is linked to the PsyOp production and distribution process.

Each AO has a senior PsyOp officer. Messages and themes, which carry triggers that a TA has been sensitized to, are passed to these commanders in order to influence the TA. PsyOp products are then disseminated to “shape the psychological environment” of the entire AO.

The TA’s reaction to the various products is “continually” done (ETK: monitored?) as they move through the battlespace. This information is collected and evaluated through a variety of conduits, which allows the planners to quickly adjust the campaign based on the reaction of the TA.

TA Profile

TA analysis is necessary to plan and conduct a successful PsyOp campaign. This includes the creation of a profile based on the intelligence process that allows the planners to understand how the TA perceives their environment.

Experts in the behavioral sciences, religion, culture, politics, linguistics, and other subject areas help profile the TA. The more detailed the profile the more successful the campaign will be. Factors that are considered include: politics, religion, economics, language, race, educational level, affiliations, location, social conditions, history, etc. Tests are conducted to determine the TAs reaction to a variety of environmental stimuli in order to assess their psychological vulnerabilities.

Themes and Symbols

Communication with a TA usually takes place using a theme. After a TA has been profiled, themes and distribution channels are selected.

A theme can be thought of as a series of PsyOp products that are used to promote a single message with the intent of modifying the behavior of the TA. To accomplish this, a multitude of different products which share a distinct characteristic can be used to promote a theme.

To develop themes, PsyOp personnel use the principles of marketing. The concepts for building PsyOp themes are the same as commercial advertising. PsyOp personnel use themes the same way marketers use advertising.

Themes are used to attack the vulnerabilities of a TA as well as create new ones which can be attacked. Themes that already have meaning to the TA are used and new themes are built on previous ones. PsyOp personnel understand what current themes are used with a particular TA, and are aware of any past themes. Themes are synchronized with all instruments of national power.

Symbols contribute to themes A symbol is a PsyOp product spanning the visual, audio, and audiovisual realms that is used to convey a theme. A symbol is something that stands for something else by reason of association.

They may be visual (short text, statues, pictures, gestures), aural (music or spoken words), or audiovisual (actions and personalities). Over a period of time these symbols accumulate an emotional meaning to the TA.

There are several categories of themes (also called appeals) that can be used to change the behavior of a TA. Some include: legitimacy, inevitability, in-group/out-group, bandwagon, and self-preservation. Of particular interest are the legitimacy and inevitability themes.

Legitimacy themes use authority (e.g., law, regulations, police, parents, government, etc.), and reverence (worshipped entities and religion) to influence the TA. The US military has done extensive research on how religion can be used to control and attack people.

(ETK: This could explain what has been going on in my home town, the Crestone/Baca spiritual community!)

Other types of legitimacy themes are tradition (consistency), and loyalty (military, friends, family, etc.).

Inevitability themes rely on the fear of death or injury for behavioral modification. Inevitability themes stress that the TA will eventually lose (die). They exploit any successes that the military has experienced as well as any failures of the TA.

Any recent tragedies suffered by the TA are used in these themes. Themes developed for such tragedies must be distributed quickly or the negative feelings associated with the event will deteriorate. Personal threats of lethal force are also used in themes.

Other types of messages that exploit unfavorable conditions experienced by the enemy that can be conveyed to them include: financial and other types of failures; shortages of basic needs such as food, fuel, housing, clothing, and medical; racial and religious persecution; precarious situations; inferiorities and inefficiencies; physical discomforts and hardships.

Psychological Actions

The military also establishes contact with a TA using face-to-face communication (F2C) and psychological actions (PsyActs). F2C and PsyActs are similar. Both are audiovisual products consisting of agents of action who deliver messages to a TA.

Both require that the people involved follow a set of guidelines, while play acting to deliver the messages. Both are used to modify the behavior of the TA. F2C usually involves a single individual addressing another individual, or a single individual addressing a group.

PsyActs generally require more planning, more resources, and use multiple people to transmit messages (ETK: i.e., organized gang stalking!). They require the coordination of a variety of resources, while F2C is simple. Because military documentsa re vague when differentiating between the two, and due to their similarities, the term PsyAct will be used to describe both of these for the scope of this study.

There are multiple references in military documentation that explain the process of presenting themes in a manner that is consistent with play or movie production. Words such as: sets, props, performance, theatre, actors, cast, script, audience, etc. are used.

In fact, to help create audiovisual products, the military can enlist the services of theatre actor guilds and modeling agencies. Because a PsyAct is an audiovisual product, this means that these professional actors ban be used for PsyActs. “Only the limitations of the supported unit in planning and accomplishing the action (and the imagination of PsyOp personnel) restrict the variety of operations that can be considered PsyActs,” the Army tells us.

The people who convey these messages are known as “agents of action” (also called “actors”) which the US Army describes as “persons, units, and agencies that perform PsyActs which enhance and amplify the overall PsyOp plan.” These persons are not necessarily military personnel.

Some agents of action can be “key communicators.” Key communicators are individuals (including civilians) that the TA relies on for information and opinions. These individuals are usually seen as trustworthy to the TA. The military recruits key communicators to convey its messages. The idea is that if a message appears to originate from a trusted source it will seem more credible.

PsyActs are conveyed by these actors in the presence of the TA. This doesn’t mean that the actors conveying the messages are speaking directly to the TA, only that the TA is intheir presence when the messages are transmitted.

PsyActs can take place during rallies, rumor campaigns, group meetings, lectures, theatre, plays, speeches, dances, banquets, fiestas, festivals, religious activities, talks with individuals, during interviews on talk radio shows, and other social activities. The messages that are transmitted during these events can be subtly included in the presentation.

The agents of action follow a general script to convey these messages. These scripts are basic guidelines which allow the actors to adjust their message as the conversation progresses so that it doesn’t sound fake. Otherwise, it will be rigid and unresponsive to the reaction of the TA. This type of communication includes “key words” or phrases spoken by the actors in the presence of the TA.

The messages conveyed by these agents of action can be the primary topic of discussion, or they can be cleverly planted into the presentation. This is a type of “live theater” performance that can be carried out in a variety of settings, which can include props and sets that help promote the theme.

Preparation of the AO/Perception Management

Those who design PsyOp campaigns do so to allow for the attack of multiple TAs in the same area. PsyOp personnel change the environment to adapt to the different TAs that move through it. This has been referred to as the “psychological preparation” of the battlespace.

After a person has been profiled and products and themes have been selected, PsyOp personnel decide on distribution (also called “dissemination”) methods, which are the actual delivery of PsyOp products to the TA. Distribution is the physical and electronic method of linking developers and producers in order to accomplish the distribution of the PsyOp products.

Products are distributed to the TA through audio, visual, and audiovisual means that are referred to as “channels” (also called “conduits” and “mediums”). Intelligence is used to determine the best delivery channel. PsyOp units study the channels which the TA uses to obtain information, and then refine the products in a manner that is consistent with those channels.

Part of PsyOp production involves tailoring the product to make it compatible with the way a TA is accustomed to receiving information. Facts that are considered here include media technique, language, and journalistic style. Others include the type of art, theater, music, and media format that the TA relies on for information/entertainment.

In other words, the product is not just tailored to accommodate a particular channel (e.g., audio, visual, audiovisual), but the style of a specific channel. This means the type of art (visual), music (audio) theatre (audiovisual), etc. is replicated. In this manner, the product will be blended into the environment so as to not appear out of place, while still impacting the TA.

In addition to common languages, each individual has their own personal language known as a “representative system,” which they use to perceive, process, and organize stimuli in their environment. It also serves as a form of verbal and nonverbal communication with others. After learning an individuals representative system, it is possible to establish a finely-tuned conduit to communicate directly with them in a language that would only be understood by them.

The RAND Corporation explained: “Knowing what the adversary values and using the adversary’s own representative systems allows us to correlate values, to communicate with the minds of enemies in the verbal and nonverbal language of the enemy.”

In order to change the behavior of a TA, their perception, thoughts, and emotions must be modified. This requires that their decision-making cycle is accessed and influenced. Some publications refer to this as “perception management.”

To accomplish this, the entire system which the TA relies on for information is interfered with. Each and every channel of communication is used as a conduit for PsyOp attacks. The Joint Publication of July 2006 entitled “Military Deception” explained: “”Conduits consist of all the systems, organizations, and individuals through which information reaches the adversary.”

According to the RAND Corporation, almost complete control can be established over an individual’s consciousness, perception, decisionmaking, and action. RAND says that the enemy will be “paced” during each phase of this cycle.

Behavior modification also requires that the TA’s environment is changed. Multiple PsyOp products are used in combination to “shape the psychological environment” of the battlespace in order to influence the TA. This is done using as many different products as possible.

To modify the behavior of the TA, their environment is changed using electronic, psychological, and physical means. These electronic, psychological, and physical actions include adding, modifying, or removing information from the environment. Obviously, the physical portion of this includes tampering with objects in the environment.

“Through maximizing all media assets,” stated the Army, “and contracting with local companies, PsyOp personnel will expand their range of dissemination to reach the TA and influence attitudes and behavior.” The DOD announced that PsyOp themes are to be “powerfully disseminated directly to the targeted audiences” throughout the AO for “aggressive behavior modification.”

“The information battle,” proclaimed the US Marine Corps, “must be fought across all available mediums and no possible channel of communication can be ignored.” These attacks are concealed within communication, they describe.

This means that literally every single channel of communication that a TA relies on is interfered with and used to convey PsyOp themes (attacks). Remember, the battlespace is your cities and towns, which, by extension, means homes and workplaces. And a TA can be a civilian individual.

Other Tactics: Isolation

Isolating people from their support structure and discrediting them are a standard part of PsyOp. PsyOp units conduct counterpropaganda in the AO. They attempt to diffuse any influence that the TA has on the civilian population in that area. They also seek to establish their own legitimacy. The types of support that they deny the TA include: political, financial, human, informational, and other.

This covers a wide range of resources that the TA is denied. According to a 2003 report by US Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies, denying the enemy basic human needs may cause them to stop certain behavior until lower-level needs are satisfied. Some of these include: physiological, safety/security, esteem/value, self-realization, and belongingness.

Removing food and water (physiological), denying them refuge (safety), isolating them from the populace (belongingness), or discrediting them (esteem), may cause people to seek to correct these deficiencies before continuing with their behavior, the report tells us.

The US military has specifically stated that it will deny critical services to the enemy. While it does not describe what these critical services are, it obviously includes proper medical treatment, which can be accomplished when the military works with the civilian organizations during CMO.

Rumor Campaigns

One way that PsyOp personnel can isolate the TA is by conducting a rumor campaign. Well-planned rumors launched by the military are devastating weapons. Their primary elements include the source, the rumor, and the receiver-repeater (R2). In order for the rumor campaign to be successful, the source of the rumor must be credible to the receiver, the rumor itself must be plausible, and the R2 must spread the rumor.

The rumor will be reduced to the memory capacity of the R2. This is referred as “leveling.” The R2 levels the story by retaining only the information that they think is relevant or can be remembered. The R2 also sharpens the story, which means they selectively choose information to retain and expand upon when spreading the rumor. Another characteristic is assimilation, where the R2 adjusts the story to fit his viewpoint based on his experiences, prejudices, interests, etc.

Synchronizing Operations

PsyOp attacks are synchronized with core capabilities. This includes directed-energy weapons used for electronic warfare (EW), as well as computer hardware, software, and internet attacks, which are part of computer network operations (CNO). They are also synchronized with “all elements of national power” such as CMO (the use of the civilian population, civilian resources, private sector businesses, etc.)

Directed-energy weapons, computer attacks, and PsyOp are used in combination throughout the battlespace. The US Army describes in its “Unconventional Warfare” report: “The innovative combination of electronic weapons platforms, networking systems, and strategic- and operational-level PsyOp, enabled by the net-centric operational environment, creates significant opportunities to seize the initiative and dominate an enemy.”

EW is used to isolate, disrupt, and influence, the enemy’s use of the electromagnetic spectrum. EW diminishes the ability of the TA to perceive and process information by broadcasting PsyOp products over frequencies used by the TA (jamming and spoofing). EW also includes the use of directed-energy weapons to attack people, equipment, and facilities.

CNO are used to attack, deny, deceive, degrade and disrupt networks and computers used by the enemy. This means the destruction of hardware and software (degrading, attacking). It also means spoofing (deceiving). The battlespace includes the internet. Internet applications that transmit PsyOp messages include email, web sites, and chat rooms. When a TA goes online, they are entering the battlespace.

“Our” Use of Terrorism

The US and its allies will terrorize the civilian population to achieve their political objectives. The DOD specifically stated:

“Some Irregular Warfare (IW) activities, such as terrorism and transnational crime, violate international law. US law and national policy prohibit US military forces or other government agencies (OGAs) from engaging in or supporting such activities. However, since our adversaries employ terrorism and transnational criminal activities against the interests of the United States and its partners, these activities are included…. As examples of the range of operations and activities that can be conducted as part of IW.”


According to the US military, the ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA. This is accomplished by destroying their will, which, itself, is brought about by continually inflicting pain.

So, there are several considerations here. First, the ultimate goal (behavior modification), and next is the condition which will allow the goal to be realized (the destruction of the TA’s will). Finally, the specific methods which will facilitate the destruction of the TA’s will (the use of pain.)

To accomplish this, a relentless campaign is used to demoralize the TA, which includes creating perpetual negative feelings of intense fear and hopelessness. This is done to wear the TA down gradually and break their will. The DOD describes this as the attrition-based approach. It explained: “Attrition is the product of gradual erosion of the will. The victim of this psychological attrition gradually becomes convincd that nothing he can do will yield a satisfactory outcome to a situation.”

The word “victim” is an interesting choice by the DOD to describe its PsyOp targets because themes are used to transmit painful stimuli (also called triggers) which a TA has been sensitized to. The triggers contained in these themes are understood by the military at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of the campaign. They are passed to the commanders of a particular AO if the TA moves toward that portion of the battlespace.

Simplified, these PsyOp themes are a series of painful triggers used to generate a particular response. “A psychologist who is looking at our efforts,” says the DOD, “would swiftly conclude that what we were talking about was nothing more than a series of stimulus and response interactions.” That is, the behavior we seek to shape is nothing more than a response to a stimulus or set of stimuli.”

“Messages and themes must be understood,” explained the School of Advanced Military Studies of the United States Army Command and General Staff College, at the “strategic, operational, and tactical level of war.”

Themes which contain “triggers and thresholds” are “directly passed to the various actors within the commander’s area of operation” to combat asymmetric threats. These actors include the civilian population. The triggers that they’re referring to are part of a behavior modification program known as “neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which uses anchors and triggers to promote change. An anchor is created when an emotional state is linked to something such as an object, person, sound, smell, place, color, etc.

This is easily created by deliberately placing an individual in the desired state, then repeatedly subjecting them to whatever the intended stimulus will be until the emotion becomes linked (anchored) to it. An anchor can also be created in a single instance if the timing is right and the emotion is strong enough. Once the anchor has been established, whatever the individual was exposed to during the anchoring process becomes the stimulus (trigger) that will invoke the emotion.

(ETK: for example, images of the Twin Towers falling on 9/11 were shown over and over again in order to “anchor” the emotional response associated with the horrors of that event. This emotional response can later be triggered as needed.)

NLP has been used by personal-growth experts to quickly and massively modify the behavior of individuals and groups. In addition, it can be used as a powerful weapon to deliberately create phobias. By surrounding an individual with painful stimuli it is possible to keep them in a perpetual state of fear of sadness. It is possible to cause them to suffer a nervous breakdown.

And intelligence and security unit of the US Army known as the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) has conducted much research on NLP. NLW experts such as John Alexander and Mrs. Janet Morris, who have worked with the US military and various federal agencies, have described how NLP can be used to manipulate people.

The RAND Corporation has suggested that NLP experts should be recruited to help facilitate netwar, which includes the battleswarm. These painful messages are repeatedly hurled at the TA over and over again through various stimuli in an environment that has been psychologically prepped. “Pain is inflicted until the victim can stand no more,” the DOD explains.

The BSSR described how the application of scientific knowledge could be used to torture people psychologically. As an example, they mentioned how the Portuguese Secret Police (PIDE) used psychological torture against the state’s internal enemies accomplished by mounting anxiety. It was also used by the KGB against Communist Russia’s dissidents. Unlike physical torture it is more acceptable to the public because it leaves no visible trace.


PsyOp attacks contain painful stimuli that are conveyed to the TA using a series of products referred to as a theme. The TA is relentlessly attacked with these stimuli through all channels of communication which they rely on. The painful stimuli are concealed to any casual observer.

The TA’s environment is also changed. The tA can be a civilian individual. PsyOp is synchronized with EW (directed energy weapons and the manipulation of electromagnetic signals), CNO (disrupting and destroying computers and networks), and all other instruments of national power. It takes place globally. The battlespace is your neighborhoods.

PsyOp uses civilians as irregular forces. Controlling these forces are NGOs and international groups that work with the military and federal agencies. Much of modern PsyOp was built by a small group of private interests, which were using the social sciences to install a global government. Some of these are the exact same groups promoting the use of PsyOp on civilians.

C. (Electronic) Attack Phase

Introduction to Directed-Energy Weapons

In their “Electronic Warfare” publication, the Department of Defense (DOD) defines a directed-energy weapon this way:

“DE is an umbrella term covering technologies that produce a beam of concentrated EM energy or atomic or subatomic particles…. A DE weapon is a system using DE primarily as a direct means to damage or destroy adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel. DE warfare is military action involving the use of DE weapons, devices, and countermeasures
to either cause direct damage or destruction of adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel, or to determine, exploit, reduce, or prevent hostile use of the EMS through damage, destruction, and disruption.”

The two basic types of DEWS include lasers and microwaves. Microwaves and lasers are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They’re made of the same electromagnetic energy which consists of light and radio waves.

This energy can be explained using either wavelength (ETK: the distance from crest to crest of a single wave) or frequency (ETK: the number of waves that pass a given point in a second, or cycles per second). The shorter the wavelength or an energy field within the spectrum, the higher the frequency is. Toward the low end of the spectrum, there are low-frequency radio waves, which are thousands of kilometers long. At the other end of the spectrum are light waves, which can be a fraction of an atom in size.

For ease of identification, groups of consecutive frequencies within the spectrum are divided into ranges. The frequencies within these ranges may overlap, which makes determining which range a frequency belongs in more difficult. Because lasers have a shorter wavelength than microwaves, they vibrate at a higher frequency. Lasers and microwaves are merely different aspects of the exact same energy. The only difference between them is their frequency (ETK: and their wavelength).

Another consideration is power. A high-powered microwave (HPM) and microwave oven both operate on the same frequency/wavelength. The only difference between them is the power level. Similarly, a laser pen and a high-powered laser have the same frequency, but the power level of a high-powered laser is much greater.

The concept of lasers, microwaves, and other types of DEWs using the exact same energy field, but at different frequencies, will help clarify how a single weapons can be used to exploit different frequencies of energy to produce microwave, laser, and other effects. This feature makes them “rheostatic” (scalable or tunable.)

Microwave weaons consist basically of two major technologies. First are the millimeter wave devices which can be focused on a target at great distances and produce a burning sensation. An example this Active Denial System (ADS). The second is the electromagnetic bomb (e-bomb), which can destroy electronic circuitry, communications networks, and harm organic matter at a distance, with a non-nuclear electromagnetic explosion (pulse).

Lasers consist of two basic groups. Low-energy lasers which can be used to disrupt vision, and high-powered lasers which can be used on people and material. So, both lasers and HPM can be used for counter personnel as well as counter material purposes.

DEWs are subject to diffraction, which basically the reduction of focused power caused by the dispersal of their energy in that atmosphere. The shorter the wavelength, the less diffraction occurs.

Laser wavelengths are about 10,000 times smaller than microwaves. Therefore, they are more suitable for accuracy at long distances, because they diffract 10,000 times less. Diffraction can be used to the advantage of the operator. For instance, if a large area needed to be irradiated, high-powered microwaves could accomplish this, such as the e-bomb.

DEWs offer the following capabilities:

– They have pinpoint accuracy.
– They offer a low cost per use and maintenance.
– They are simple to track, aim and shoot with sophisticated sensors.
– They are less lethal if tuned properly.
– They can operate in all weather conditions.
– They can engage multiple targets.
– They limit collateral damage.
– Their energy travels at the speed of light.
– Their energy can pass through walls at distances of hundreds of meters or even miles.
– They are silent and offer plausible deniability of their use.

In addition, they are scalable, which means a single weapon can be configured to produce a multitude of effects by adjusting its power and frequency.

Some effects include tiredness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, convulsions, epileptic seizures, and temporary paralysis. Other effects include: vibration of internal organs, cooking of internal organs, cataracts, burning sensations, controlled heating of the entire body to produce hyperthermia or fever, headaches, and a loss of short-term memory or cognitive processes. They can even be tuned to cause death by cardiac arrest or cancer. This energy can be transmitted accurately for long distances (in some cases many miles). Some can pass through most unshielded structures with little difficulty. And their use is virtually undetectable by casual observation.

These weapons are mounted on platforms, which have been descried as physical structures that are used to support or deliver the weapons. A weapons platform can be a missile, aircraft, ship, vehicle, etc. Other platforms evidently exist, as described by the Journal of California Law Enforcement, which revealed in January of 2002 that not only can an HPM be built into a van, but highly portable suitcase-sized weapons and ones that resemble radios exist. Such weapons, the Journal tells us, offer covert qualities and the deniability of use.

It’s not longer necessary to place a military force or an assassin near a target due to the invention of these weapons. “The advantage of directed energy weapons over conventional ones is deniability,” agreed Metz and Kievit (“Revolution in Military Affairs,” 1994), which “must be aimed at the American people, who do not sanction the imprisonment, much less execution of individuals without a trial.”

Tracking and Fire Control

Most directed-energy weapons require and acquisition, tracking, pointing, and fire control (ATP/EC) system. Much research on FTP/FC was done by (President Reagan’s) Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) for the Space-Based Laser (SBL) program, which began in the mid 1980s and continues to this day.

ATP/FC systems allow a DEW to engage a large number of targets by placing a directed-energy beam on the aimpoint of each target. There are broad sensors which detect general activities, and refined sensors which provide a more accurate view of the target. These sensors are usually low-powered infrared lasers which propagate well through the atmosphere.

Wide-area (broad) sensors are used to detect certain activities, which are then passed to the more refined sensors which maybe linked by computer to a decision-making algorithm. Information is passed from the broader sensors to the more accurate ones in succession. All of these sensors may be autonomous (self-directing).

Different sensors are used during the multiple phases, which include acquisition, tracking, pointing, and fire control. For instance, for a missile, infrared sensors would detect the heat signature of the missile during the acquisition phase. Another sensor would determine its flight path during the tracking phase. In the pointing phase, yet another sensor would locate a specific point on the missile and fire an energy beam to that point.

Then during the fire control phase, the results of the hit are transmitted back to the FTP/FC unit for assessment. At this time a computer algorithm containing pre-programmed sets of instructions may determine the next course of action based on the results. Then the next target is selected and process begins again. Some systems include a feature which allows them to prioritize targets.

In its 1984 directed-energy plan, the SDI included the development of the ATP/FC systems for future directed-energy weapons, including the creation of systems to track a target at a range of up to 3,000 miles within a diameter of about 4 inches. Another was to create a computer algorithm to handle the ATP/FC of at least 100 simultaneous targets at a rate of at least two shots per second, and then conduct damage assessment on each one.


Directed-energy weapons provide quick employment, deep clip capacity, scalability from lethal to non-lethal, simplified pointing and tracking, all weather capability, multitude target engagement, and long accuracy at the speed of light. They are also silent, and offer the military and law enforcement plausible deniability of their use.

Microwave Hearing

Microwave hearing is a scientific fact. Existing radar units can be modified to transmit a beam of pulsed microwave energy into a person’s skull which causes sounds such as ticks, buzzes, hisses, knocks, chirps, and words. The sounds, which originate from within, above, or behind the head, are transmitted to the inner ear via bone conduction. There is no external noise. It can be applied at a distance of at least hundreds of meters. Man-portable transmitters allegedly exist.

Despite some of the relatively recent announcements that this is possible, according to their mainstream reports, it has been around in some form since at least the early 1960s. Two notable contributors to the early development of microwave hearing include Drs. Allen Frey and Joseph Sharp.

In his 1962 report, Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy, which appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Dr. Frey described how microwave hearing was demonstrated using a microwave transmitter that projected sound several hundred feet.

The transmitter used pulse-modulated waves at extremely low average power levels. The transmission was immediate. The system was wireless and receiverless, and the sounds were even heard by the deaf. Then in the mid 1970s Dr. Sharp helped to develop microwave hearing technology for DARPA by conducting research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). In 1973 Dr. Sharp proved that the correct modulation of microwave energy could result in the wireless and receiverless transmission of audible speech.

In 1976 it was reported by the Los Angels Herald-Examiner that the Soviets were also conducting extensive research into microwave hearing that was brought to the attention of the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Words which appeared to be originating within a person’s skull, they reported, could be induced by microwaves. The technology was to be used for antipersonnel purposes.