International Gang Stalking – Asset Stripping Operations (aka “Policing For Profit”)

From: Limasila: Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism, and Gang Stalking in Jakarta

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta—IF WE DIE IT’S MURDER NOT SUICIDE ETC.—Criminal/ASIO Mass Surveillance in Indonesia

Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta


Criminal/ASIO Mass Surveillance in Indonesia

Heaters Under Our Living Room Floor
Why Is Saying “New Zealand Organized Crime” Delusional?
Murder & Silencing Crime & Stalking Terrorism of Witnesses/Whistle-blowers/Victims
Australian/NZ/Indonesia Mafia Probably Assisted By Australian Government
Australian Supported Mafia Interference in Indonesian Government Departments.
ANZ Body Count
Freemasons Corrupting Australia
Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in Jakarta

Like hundreds of millions of people we have been Targeted for Terrorism, Asset Stripping and Murder by Australian and New Zealand Criminal satanic Stalking Gang.

Criminal satanic Gang Stalkers Terrorized Us Out of Australia AND with Indonesian criminals continued the terrorism In Jakarta WITH Ethnic Cleansing, 24/7 Satanic Gang stalking, Terrorism and the Spreading of Gossip & Lies.

Recently HUNDREDS OF New Zealand CRIMINALS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED FROM AUSTRALIA BUT Criminal doctors in Melbourne DECLARED US delusional for saying “New Zealand ORGANIZED CRIME” .

THIS lie about us being delusional has been spread world wide by criminals via the satanic gang stalking social media gossip sewer.

Local Public Social/Religious organizations have been hijacked to provide a willing army of Manchurian low level gullible obedient yoked imbecilic mules to stalk us.

devout fanatic CHRISTIANS, CATHOLICS & MUSLIMS are obeying criminal Satanists who Mock, disrespect & Hate Christ
SEE Disrespect & Hatred FOR CHRIST by some of our original SATANIC gang stalkers BELOW.

Organized criminals have interfered with AND CORRUPTED businesses and government operations in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Britain
The local mafia possibly with Australian & New Zealand support interfered in the indonesian GOVERNMENT IMIGRATION DEPARTMENT
WE discovered whilst trying to renew my visa that we should have received a kitas card.

Last Year at the same time we were being stuffed aroud by MLC, NAB, HAVING A STUFF UP IN THE ANZ TRANSFER, BUPA International closing an account and AMEX closing a card, and NO communications with financial institutions thanks to organized crime. Even this year at Immigration there was a glitch.

this year we had to pay a fine and get a warning letter because of the kitas card we did not receive.
At immigration there have been scores of stalkers – some with the smell of religion which leads me to adapt a quote from Jesus.

I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Christians/Muslims, and are not, but are the church/mosque of Satan.” The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9



Gang Stalkers Specialize in Killing Without Touching. They create stress in their victims who die of a heart attack or suicide or by poison, gas or microwaves or killed in an an accident. The aim is of the stalkers is for the target to be destroyed; killed, made homeless & destitute, declared insane or committed to prison or murdered by doctors,

There is NO HELP from the Australian Government – they want us silenced. The Victorian Government & Hospital System has stuffed us around refused to state where they got the lies that I was Drunk and Violent or how our medical records or state, financial record or life style habits is on the Gang Stalkers Social Media Gossip Sewer in spite of Privacy Laws.

The Victorian Government REFUSES TO EXPLAIN


How is saying “NZ Organized Crime” Delusional Especially as Australia has Deported NZ Criminals
Hundreds of criminals face deportation to New Zealand |
New Zealanders who failed Australia’s ‘character test’ returned: Peter Dutton
who said that we were drunk & violent when we don’t drink, smoke or do drugs?

Police WITHOUT NAME TAGS or corrupt shrinks

why were WE illegally detained when we were not a danger to ourselves or others
why were WE only grilled about our assets.
the attempts by Victorian Govt. Employees to make us homeless
the attempts by Victorian Govt. Employees to asset strip us
the employment of Indonesian, Australian & Singaporean Mental “health” people to Stalk/MONITOR us in Jakarta
Heather Holst CEO homeground services with other terrorists crowding me in Endeavour HILLS – Satanic Gang Stalkers – Former Fake Patient in Maroondah Mental Hospital – Heather Holst (CEO Homeground Services) With Terrorists Crowding Target @ Endeavour Hills Mall
Mental “Health” /homeground services etc. assistance to satanic gang stalkers
how our records are on the internet for criminals world wide to see while we are denied information
abuse of our human rights
how many Freemasons are corrupting mental “Health” services
How many people are Euthanized/ Silenced/ suicided/Die from stress without touching
Victorian Govt. Employees forcing us to take dangerous mind destroying drugs
The abusive nature of people like Marcus who only became more civil after I visited my Lawyer
why does Victorian government personnel assist gang stalking criminals
Australian Mainstream Media Censors News on Gang Stalkers Activities & Other Things.
with many things the average Australian citizen is dumbed down and ignorant about MAFIA GANG Stalking, the coming Gulag or how secret societies have corrupted things.

The ruling elite just want the average citizen to watch sport, think about the next soap opera episode, fashion, FOOD, GAMES, SHOPPING, keeping up with the neighbours etc. – be a sheeple, obey and don’t think or question.

Australian Mainstream Media ONLY reports NEGATIVE NEWS about Asia. A prime example are the recent bombings in Jakarta which brought a team of TV Journalists to Jakarta. But a million good things can happen in Jakarta and NOT A SINGLE Australian or western REPORTER OR REPORT APPEARS.
Australian & NEW ZEALAND criminals want to silence us about their robberies, murders & terrorism in Australia, Indonesia & Singapore

Edward Snowden revealed NSA mass surveillance – NO ONE HAS ANY PRIVACY

mass Surveillance In Indonesia is by the mafia/ organized crime using Public SOCIAL Religious & neighbourhood Groups (Ormas) and SATANIC social GANG stalking media Gossip sewer. There is no Privacy with STAZI LIKE Mafia/ organized criminals provided assistance BY foreign Intel agents.

There are major criminals who have high connections behind Major CRIMES SUCH AS THE DRUG TRADE.


Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A. Sent Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990 –

There are major criminals who have high connections behind the global mass SATANIC gang stalking JUST AS THERE IS WITH OTHER CRIMES SUCH AS THE DRUG TRADE.

We blocked some the microwaves and through the wall detectors (on our rear wall) – but that still leaves – odours that can be piped in intially at the rear of our house. Now under where we sleep.

When we go out there is the normal assortment of stalking brats from 10yrs old, to premans, thugs and fanatic ormas members. Ormas Berbuat Premanisme dan Kriminal, Laporkan ke Polisi | Pikiran Rakyat Online

The rear of our house has become like chenobyl – 1 minute there results in a headache that lasts hours.

Satanic Gang Stalking – Flashing Lamp With NO POWER Here you can see a light that has flashed for over six months with out any power turned on.


We like hundreds of thousands of Independent Thinkers, Political Prisoners, Witnesses to Crime, Whistle Blowers & Veterans returning from wars – are being targeted to b asset stripped & silenced by CRIMINAL LYING Mental “Health” employees & SATANIC Gang Stalkers.

Many times over the last two years we have communicated with both the Australian & British Governments, the embassies and police with NO FEEDBACK or help. Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA mass surveillance and the fact that some of my stalking took place within the Australian Embassy leads to the conclusion that there are people within the Australian Government and Security Services who know exactly what is happening.

Military Grade Surveillance Technology & sophisticated PsyOps are being employed. Thus the local criminals who are Gang Stalking us must have foreign Intel assistance.


Why are these Satanic New Zealand Criminals special? How do they qualify for protection from the Australian Government which is normally afforded to major criminals who import thousands of tonnes of drugs from Afghanistan whilst bypassing NSA Mass Surveillance?

How can New Zealand Criminals put a person into the International Criminal Satanic Gang Stalking System and have the Australian and British Governments to help LOCAL Criminal Satanic Gang Stalkers to TERRORIZE, ROB & SILENCE US?
Attempted Murder, Silencing Crime/Stalking Terrorism Whistle-blower/Victims of Crime

We are witnesses of a stalking crime in Melbourne and related to a bank employee who we suspect was silenced by a drug dealing & money laundering cult.

Just after Richard’s death on the Winter Solstice 23 June 2010 several times members of Richard’s cult tried to invite me to join them for a coffee or drink, My gut feeling was suspicious so I avoided these invitations. The recent spiking of Marni’s coffee here in Jakarta and her final moments have many parallels to Richard’s final moments on Oak Park station and what my final moments would have been if I had joined the cult for coffee.

The Indonesian Police are to be congratulated on the seriousness with which they are taking the spiking of Marni’s coffee – the Victorian Coroner in contrast just protects Criminals. The Indonesian Media have covered coffee spiking extensively In Contrast to the Australian Media.

There are many Coffee spiking deaths, Car “Accidents” etc. used to silence people in Australia.
Criminal Satanic Gang Stalkers are used together with Criminal Mental “health” doctors and workers to terrorize, rob & silence many people.

Hundreds of Victoria mental health patients die prematurely each year – The Age Newspaper

Criminal Mass Surveillance Of Indonesia By Australian/ NZ /Indonesian Criminals
24/7 the are thugs/snitches sitting on the corners of streets blogging/smsing all the time who is leaving and who is arriving.
It is no mystery how the HOUSE BREAKERS instantly which houses are EMPTY. There are many House Break-ins around my house. The local neighbourhood watch Ormas has been hijacked by criminals who in our case are aiming for ETHNIC CLEANSING.
There is a link between the criminal mass surveillance system and gang stalkers victim tracking and other crimes such as house break-ins
Back in the 1980s we remember Jakarta was safer – our relatives together with us would go to Sukabumi for a couple of days knowing that the neighbours would keep an eye on the EMPTY house. Now Pademangan is becoming a criminally infested ethnic/cultural ghetto.
When we first went to the Immigration Kanwil at MT Hariyono this year to drop off my application for a duplicate KITAS (to replace the one we never received) with in a couple of minutes we could see a stalking roach hanging around. When returning we stopped for two minutes at an Alfamart and an Alfamart employee came out going through the stalking look at me stunts. The Criminals use our mobile phones to locate us. they organized another glitch this year in Immigration. Monday we returned to pick up the letter. Upon arrival there was one snitch after ten minutes when we were leaving in spite of the rain there were 5 or 6 snitches. We went straight back to North Jakarta Immigration and were told that the computer system had not been clicked in MT Hariyono – THE GLITCH
Australian/NZ/Indonesia Mafia Probably Assisted By Australian Government

Several times I have reported Stalking incidents within the Australian Embassy with NO FEEDBACK.
Clearly there are people within the embassy who know about our gang stalking.
upon arrival in Jakarta I reported to the British embassy as well. the direction of my conversation with the official indicates that while Victorian health will not share information with me or answer my questions they will violate privacy laws and share their information about us with the MAFIA, British embassy and others in the satanic gang stalking network.
Later in Singapore the mafia/Australian Govt. interfered with my reporting to the Singapore police incidents at my hotel.
The lack of response FROM Australia and the access to Military Grade Surveillance Technology and knowledge of sophisticated PsyOps leads me to suspect that Australian Intel Services are providing the local gang stalkers with help.
As Snowden has reminded us there is NO PRIVACY.

Indonesian Criminals have mass surveillance of everyone. Where ever we go there is a brat/snitch reporting our location plus reminding us of their ever watching criminal Ormas/social stalking media gossip sewer.

This Criminal Satanic Mass Gang Stalking and Surveillance of Indonesians is probably being used by Intel services from outside Indonesia to watch everyone in Indonesia

The real fight is for civil rights – Opinion –
Edward Snowden “Everyone’s Watched” – Yet There’s A Drug Deluge & Gang Stalkers Are Free To TERRORIZE, ROB & MURDER
‘Orwell’s 1984 a fairytale compared to reality’ – Snowden delivers Xmas message-91N_KhL9670
ORGANIZED CRIMINAL Interference in Indonesia Govt., Australian Police & Businesses World Wide
Last year 8 February 2015 my wife applied for a residence visa for myself. The official serving her claimed the stamp in the passport was sufficient and the KITAS card was not issued. This year while applying for another one year residence visa we discovered that according to immigration department computer the KITAS was issued so who has it? We are forced to declare the previous KITAS card lost request and pay a fine for a duplicate.

Many people are being Gang Stalked

In Pademangan alone there is a whole network of snitches & speakers etc So we are not the only people here being Gang Stalked. As I walk around about one in twenty houses has the stalking network of speakers.

We have already approached the church & local community leader but sadly the local prep/ activist has sold this as an Ethnic Cleansing operation.

Gang Stalking

In Parents, Parents’ Coaching – What Is Gang Stalking?
“Gang Stalking:” Organized and Electronic Targeting the “Domestic Victims”.
ANZ Body Count – Spiked Coffee Death – Drugs & Money Laundering Cult
Our Gang Stalking became more intense after the death of Richard. My own investigations leads me suspect that he was not the only person Silenced to cover up the AFP drug squad raid on the ANZ call centre, ANZ Bank ‘completely shocked’ about drug network probe
the police in Australia & Britain and the ANZ CEO have been asked “How many of Richard’s Co Workers are DEAD?”
Richard after coming to Australia on 23 June 2008 worked at various jobs and joined a Pentecostal cult. The cult found him a position as a trainee in the ANZ call centre. Richard I suspect was NOT involved with the Drug & Money Laundering as he was not forced to resign like 14 other people at the centre were. Richard final moments of life parallels those of Mirna who drank a spiked coffee. Mirna killed by professional, forensic expert says | The Jakarta Post
Richard Killed On Winter Solstice While Masonic Julia Gillard Knifed Rudd
Two or three weeks after the Drug Squad Raid on the the ANZ Call Richard was persuaded to move into a cult house in Shaftsbury Ave, Thornbury Victoria, Australia.

He died three weeks later exactly on the Winter Solstice and one of the people he met in his final weeks included one person who has a liking for slip knot type fashion indicating Satanists were involved.

Below is a table showing the new friends he made after the Drug Squad raid on the ANZ Call Centre. It was by tracking through the facebook of the Pastor Lydon Wesley lead me to the final twitters at the time of his death.

435985371671.html – recovered from Facebook 2011/01/17
Lyndon’s Profile · Lyndon’s Wall

Lyndon Wesley
Driving away with my freshly ground batch of Genovese coffee. Good news.

23 June 2010 at 18:58 via TweetDeck for iPhone · Get TweetDeck
Cathy Swan likes this.

Carrie Shorthouse Sure is good news. we’ll be over for some in awhile!
23 June 2010 at 19:15

Richard’s top floor bedroom had a view of Grollo’s house across the road.
The house was a 100m or so from where Carrie Shorthouse lived at that time in Station St Thornbury with her new husband Dom Shorthouse a primary school teacher. Carrie had just migrated from Peru.
After collecting Richard’s belonging from the cult safe house and seeing the spilt Coca Cola by his bed and the state of his clothes leads my wife and I to believe he was slowly being poisoned.
In January 2013 a member of the SAS told me that there are drugs that the coroner does not normally test for.
The failure of the Coroner to identify the cause of death and the lack of Victoria Police awareness of the AFP’s raid on the ANZ plus the Victorian Police failure to answer any of my emails is very concerning,
A few months later the Australian Federal Police were raiding the call centre again suggesting that the AFP did not get everyone.
We worked through the video of Richard’s Melbourne funeral and the face books of Joseph Swan and Ryley Swan
The third character on stage at Richard’s Melbourne funeral had a facebook laurenmichelleking Lauren Michelle King
Working back through laurenmichelleking we found Carrie Shorthouse calling a meeting at the church on 16 May 2010 – 2 days after the police raid.

Satanists like Masons love to use numeric symbolism eg Kennedy died on the 33rd parallel. Australia suffered a coup and Whitlam was deposed on 11/11. The controlled demolitions at the twin towers like the coup in Chile happened on 9/11.

The start of winter and the shortest day – winter solstice 2010 from Australia | Sydney Observatory
Gillard ousts Rudd in bloodless coup – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Julia Gillard with Governor General Masonic Hand Shake
Australia: Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Bob Katter And The Masonic Handshake
Connection To Our Stalking – Bendigo Writers Festival
Satanic Gang Stalkers – Fmr Fake Patient in Maroondah Mental Hsptl – Heather Holst (CEO Homeground Services) With Terrorists Crowding Target @ Endeavour Hills Mall

A simple Google of Heather Holst and Masons came up with the Bendigo Writers Festival 2015 program and right above Heather’s name was;
LISA HILL writes the influential and popular ANZLitLovers blog.

A former school librarian, she also taught Indonesian and is
the author of Indonesian teaching resources.
[Sat 10.45am VAC; Sat 5pm VAC]

HEATHER HOLST is CEO of a Melbourne housing agency,
and has worked in homelessness policy development.
Her book, Making a Home, is a history of Castlemaine.
[Sun 11.15am VAC]

In another section of the Bendigo Writers Festival 2015 was;
Lily Yulianti Farid
is a writer who created the Makassar
International Writers Festival, helping
to open up her country’s writing to
the world. She talks to Lisa Hill about
writing and publishing in Indonesia
One of the people running the event was David Lloyd (General Manager)
Bendigo is the home town of the partner to the NZ Satanic Gang Stalker who with her satanic friends terrorized us out of our flat just as my mother was dying.

I never saw my mother pass away as we were hold up and terrorized in the Mulgrave Court Motor Inn with Criminal Shrinks moving in and sensitizing us to the Cointelpro signals that Satanic Gang Stalkers use to let the Target know that he/she is always being watched. On top of this the Target is being DENIED SLEEP 24/7

In Jakarta during Ramadhan 2014 every night there were a stream of corrupt psychiatrists Indonesian, Australian and Singaporian Stalking both my wife and I in the mosque trying to get us to loose our cool

IF I LOST MY COOL THEY WOULD have me deported to Australia where I would be killed by criminals while the Indonesian mafia would kill my wife.

During this period ALL my communications with Banks, Police & the Australian Govt were interrupted. Emails deleted or not replied to at police HQ, the Victorian Police HQ fax was turned off. A GSM jammer was installed in a neighbouring house, (every where we have lived since 2008 our cell phones have been jammed) strange boxes appeared on the telephone pole causing the land line to fail. Our mail was delayed or went missing, Our cable TV and Internet Service suffered many failures. Twice Australia Post claimed that they could not find the NAB.
Tracking the shrinks and seeing that there were foreign shrinks involved indicates that Australian or Victorian Govt money was involved. It is interesting that an Australian Embassy said that sharing our medical details would be a breach of privacy laws so how did Indonesian & Singaporian Doctors & Health Authorities get our files?

There was one company SOS which specializes in emergency medical evacuations that was a strong candidate. The Melbourne SOS representative was Debra Cerasa who is aquainted with Susan Lloyd of Bendigo Health 2009 Annual Report – Latrobe Regional Hospital Website…/2009LRHAnnualReport.pdf

Terrorism Before, On The Way To and Within The Mosque
Australian supported Satanic Criminals Have NO respect for a person praying
Thursday the main terrorism starts – before it was loud noises to deny sleep – now the criminals are turning our house into Chernobyl. Visiting the kitchen or toilet at the rear for one minute our scalps, even with massage and panadol are still in pain for several days. We have to keep moving to avoid the micro wave beams,

The moment we head upstairs there are sounds projected in the 2nd floor. Some days on the second floor when one shuts their eyes flashes can be seen – this reminds me of the Apollo astronauts seeing flashes in their eyes from radiation.

Friday morning there is even more terrorism such as the sound of fake hammering on the rear wall from speakers and noise of door banging sounds on the side wall speakers. – from across the street construction & other noises such as angle grinder & hammering are projected in
Walking to the mosque I turn into the connecting gang that runs from gang 7 to gang 10. Going past no 5 & 7 and past no 11 & no 10a of gang 9 the sounds if any from the birds en prisoned in cages is augmented loudly by speakers.

Sitting in the little stall are fanatical satanic fake “Christian” Manchurian gang stalkers wearing Tritunggal uniforms. Tritunggal is a theoretically a Christian organization.

These Satanic Manchurian stalkers playing with their phones are like the Satanic fake Catholic and fake Christian neighbours behind the computers in the operation rooms and across the street or behind the party walls with their electronic silent war gadgets brings to mind an adapted quote from Jesus;

“I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Christians, and are not, but are the church of Satan.” The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9

In the mosque instead of being allowed to pray in peace sounds are projected in at key moments, stalkers including those wearing the Titra Amarta uniform (especially a taller stalker with a lighter blue manager level uniform) push and shove me, sit extra close behind me to invade my personal space, turn on their phones to record my every move and play annoying ring tones allows me to adapt the words of Jesus again;
“I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Muslims, and are not, but are the mosque of Satan.”

Several times I have been stalked in the mosque several times with corrupt criminal psychiatrists trying to get me to loose my cool. At one time I was surrounded by Bandung Motorcycle gang while being observed by a stalker who looks a lot like a Singapore Shrink. (who paid for him?)

Even when once praying in Istiqal there were Gang Stalkers blasting us with sounds.

Of course if we loose our cool – I will be deported to be robbed and silenced by the Australian CRIMINALS & Govt. while my wife will be murdered by the Indonesian mafia.
Monitored 24/7 – NWO STAZI

There are speaker/microphones on our walls and pointed in windows – parts of our house have dangerous levels of radiation and gas is pumped in – YET THE AUSTRALIAN GOVT. WITH ITS CRIMINAL SHRINKS PRETENDS that gang stalking does not exits whilst CRIMINAL SATANIC GANGS STALKERS TERRORIZE, ROB & MURDER.

MY WIFE HAS SEVERAL TIMES HAD Painful BEAMS pointed at her trying to induce a heart attack – SHE IS MY SPONSOR.

THE MAFIA IS WORKING TO HAVE ME DEPORTED – FEB 2015 (just as the Mafia was stuffing up Amex, ANZ, NAB, BUPA, MLC etc.) MY KITAS WAS NOT ISSUED resulting in a fine and warning when we applied for a duplicate. WHEN EVER WE HAVE TO go out the mafia tries to stress us and deny sleep so that I will loose my cool in public.

Two of our relatives have died, One died in 2010 via a spiked coffee and more recently my wife’s older sister exactly 100 days before Christmas 2015 – probably a microwave burst which can induce a heart attack. The sister’s bedroom is at the front of the house.

The sitting room in the front room is not safe with us experiencing a burning like in microwave oven from across the street. The rear of the house & kitchen is LIKE CHERNOBYL & not safe, the lights in the other ground floor bedroom have been wrecked within a few minutes. There marks on our walls from the wall speakers that have wrecked the cement plus cracks in the plaster from a neighbour hammering on the wall.

Upstairs if we close our eyes there are flashes of light from the radiation. All mafia equipment is switched off if a friend or relative enters our house.

The Mafia has and continues to interfere in private businesses and both Indonesia and Australian Government departments operations. Freedom to worship is denied here in Jakarta by the Mafia’s campaign of terror in our home and places of worship. Negative gossip is spread to friends, relatives and neighbours. Communications are many times interrupted eg the gsm jammer nearby, cable tv & internet interruptions.

There has been a lack of support from the Australian & British Embassies. We encountered and reported stalking in secure areas of the Australian Embassy and there has been no feedback only pressure from the start for me to either go to Australia or Britain where we face asset stripping & death at the hands of a criminals.

The Mafia access to military grade surveillance equipment and PsyOps advice which only Intel services normally have, which together with the lack of feedback from the Australian Government leads me to suspect that our stalkers have foreign Intel support. Also the Indonesia Mafia via its army of snitches can track us and anyone else and are probably supported by foreign Intel services.

Freemasons & Criminal Corruption of Australia
JFK tried in-vein to warn the west of the dangers from secret societies. Sadly he and his brothers paid the ultimate price.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)-zdMbmdFOvTs

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police | Crime | News | The Independent
freemasons | COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

How many Freemasons and secret society members are there corrupting Victorian health, the Australian police, government & politics?
Sadly people in Australia and the west have forgotten JFK’s warning.

Freemasons have been involved with the assassinations of presidents and popes.

POPE JOHN PAUL I was murdered by THE MASONS!!!

Freemasons Slaughtered Christians in World War One – Why Does “Christian Australia” Tolerate Freemasons?
Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal? –
List of Famous Freemasons
JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick-U1Qt6a-vaNM
How Do We Stop Masonic Corruption? –
Masonic Australian Politicians and media tries to portray people who expose 9/11 as insane.

Illustration 1: Bush & Hitler with their respective “Pearl Harbours”

Australian media fails to draw attention to the parallels between 9/11 and the Reichstag fire which allowed Hitler to introduce Germany’s patriot act.

Donald Trump Defends 9_11 Comments – Bush ‘ Did Know It Was Coming ’ – October 20, 2015-58-R2JqdH3I It seems that Bush had forewarning of 9/11 from his brother Marvin.
Aussie Trades Unionist Exposes 9_11 Cover-up-tE3pMPObcGU Masonic Prime Minister JULIA GILLARD, Josh Frydenberg MP – Member For Kooyong & Jon Faine (the ABC’s Information Gate Keeper) try to COVER-UP the truth of 9-11 by slurring Mr Bracken and implying that he is insane.
9_11 In A Nutshell-vrJiKbK0tVM
9_11 Parallels – The Reichstag Fire-XFJQSe8yZiE
Demolition Expert, Danny Jowenko on WTC-7-MxltPhh76Tk Video of building 7 coming down – Building 7 was NEVER HIT BY A PLANE
9-11 Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT-zxJm9z8UwFc Dr Alan Sabrosky


Murderous Australian Criminal Military Standard Mi…
Australian/NZ Crime, Terrorism & Gang Stalking in ..

2) Gang stalking, character defamation, targeting the elderly, asset forfeiture

peacepink: character defamation, asset stripping, targeting the elderly

Posted by Clair McCleary on March 13, 2014 at 4:00am

Is there a connection between these 4 things? Perhaps I should add a fifth – criminal police/ authorities.
targets are not criminal. My theory is gang stalking is a huge criminal con game. The Targets are BAIT to recruit the real targets – ordinary working people with families and assets. The Recruits are recruited on the basis of lies into a cult where they will be subject to manipulation, mind control, indoctrination, with the object of fleecing them of all their assets – slowly, over time. The target bait is just a distraction to keep their focus off what is happening.

Why target the elderly? It’s an old con tricksters mantra – where there’s old there’s gold. The target bait also are stripped of their assets. They could be the targets of identity theft – a clever move which strips them of their assets and criminalises them in one move. And the defamation of character is for a purpose – it means their assets can be seized under asset forfeiture laws on no other basis than they have a “criminal lifestyle”. No crime need ever be proved. And old people , who have spent a lifetime getting some resources together, trusting of authority and always vulnerable to swindlers – soft and lucrative targets.

Comment by Lyn on March 13, 2014 at 9:43pm

Yes Clair, these are all part of the system of control and agenda of the electronic mind control technology harassment of the gov’t or organisations under its program, regardless of who and what they are. Even other targeted individuals or other victims could also be recruited to target and harass other real victims, and not only recruits neighbours, journalist, or people working for gov’t as employees and get paid to act as agents or spies to target real victims.

Comment by Clair McCleary on March 13, 2014 at 11:26pm
Exactly. Divide and rule again. We are so busy fighting and blaming/scapegoating each other we have lost sight of the real troublemakers.
Comment by Sipho on March 16, 2014 at 5:37am

As for me its a challenge people who are involved in SouthAfrica I am even shy to name them given the rife of corruption in Police,they few Police officers whom I know at my nearest police station(Douglasdale Police Station in Fourways,Johannesburg)who do or act in a strange manner so even if I think of reporting my Perps nothing will be done Like now I want my ears to be checked I know I won’t get help.

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This is what Toronto police, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government are extremely Hacking. “After UN contacted me…”

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U.S. Government (EMR/V2K) Human Rights Violations – Technological Coercive Arm of the State
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