FISA (702), The Complete Surveillance of All Americans, and Treason

I. FISA 702: Say HELL NO


Warrantless Surveillance Under Section 702 of FISA

II. WHO ARE THE TARGETS – National Security Agency – FISA

Under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the U.S. government engages in mass, warrantless surveillance of Americans’ and foreigners’ phone calls, text messages, emails, and other electronic communications. Information collected under the law without a warrant can be used to prosecute and imprison people, even for crimes that have nothing to do with national security. Given our nation’s history of abusing its surveillance authorities, and the secrecy surrounding the program, we should be concerned that Section 702 is and will be used to disproportionately target disfavored groups, whether minority communities, political activists, or even journalists.

Section 702 is set to expire at the end of 2017. The Trump administration wants Congress to make the law permanent. We strongly oppose those efforts and call on Congress to significantly reform the law, or allow it to sunset.

Latest updates on section 702

ACLU Legal Challenges to Section 702

Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA
Amnesty International USA v. Clapper
United States v. Muhtorov
United States v. Mohamud (amicus curiae)
United States v. Hasbajrami (amicus curiae)

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What’s Wrong With Section 702

1.Section 702 allows warrantless surveillance of people inside and outside the U.S.
2.Despite the fact that the law is not supposed to be used to target Americans, the government has been doing just that for years.
3.Information collected under Section 702 could be used against you, and you likely wouldn’t know.
4.Section 702 is used to examine communications flowing in and out of the U.S. in bulk.
5.Surveillance programs have been abused by the intelligence agencies.
6.There is little that prevents Section 702 from being used against critics, activists, religious minorities, or communities of color.
7.The program is not subject to any meaningful judicial oversight.
8.The government has deliberately chosen to hide the impact of the program from the public.
9.Section 702 surveillance chills freedom of speech and association.

How Congress Should Reform Section 702

Congress has an opportunity to bring Section 702 into closer alignment with constitutional protections and with Americans’ expectation of privacy. Reforms to the law should:

1.Close the “backdoor search loophole” and narrowing the use of Section 702 information.
2.Narrow the overbroad scope of Section 702.
3.Prohibit the mass searching of Americans’ emails and other online communications.
4.Improve oversight and transparency.
5.Limit how long the government can retain information collected under Section 702 and how the NSA shares that information with other government agencies.
6.Ensure that individuals are able to challenge Section 702 surveillance in court.

Comments to Second Youtube:

Thank you to all fellow individuals who are targeted, I’m grateful for your support and encouragement! May The Most High Bless and redeem us all!

Jan R
1 year ago
I think they are all in on it. Major street theatre on all fronts. They are liars, manipulators and it is sadly evil. The individuals that are not in on it are lost in the herd and soon will either be targeted or flipped to the dark side. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing…these psychopaths, and yes that is what these people are, want chaos and they want fear and war. They feed off it. Slowly destroying everything and everyone good in their path. Had to laugh (thank you) great job on the editing! Strength and peace to my fellow targeted individuals out there.

לוחם אינדיגו
1 year ago
The targets are anyone who stands up to these criminals.

Lisa Becker
1 year ago
I have been Targetted for over 10 years. I am an unarmed 61 year old woman without a crimal record . Why do I have to be tortured with microwaves, acoustic waves, and frequencies that are destroying my health for national security purposes. Is it because I am a Christian or perhaps because I believe in the Constitution, someone tell me why I am such a great threat. This is treason against the American people and that is why it must be kept secret.

Chris Lancaster
1 year ago
God watches all our thoughts actions and our hearts so when did you decide to become God unfortunately you do not have that right

Targeted Individuals Be Strong
1 year ago
I’m a target. Not one felony. Screechy clean record.

Enlightened Individual
1 year ago
We desperately need this targeting to stop. We should do a march and protest in Washington.

Angel Daydreamer
1 year ago
I am a targeted individual who is speaking out… there are many more!

Chris Lancaster
1 year ago
you dont own humans God owns all souls

Enlightened Individual
1 year ago
I seriously want this crime stopped

Enlightened Individual
1 year ago
Targeting and harassment groups should be given the death penalty.

Rose Colombo
1 year ago
Our government appears to out of control and rogue and they are the ones who appear to need reprogramming so they can remember who the real enemies are and who pays their wages!

ty sanders
1 year ago
Military control of our govt…Rodgers is dangerous!

vanessa dobbins
1 year ago
Thank God someone in that DC hell hole is still fighting for our rights.

uclamotte -Wisdom Core
1 year ago
Oh…. My….. God! Thank you for this! God bless you and stay strong!

Van Phillips
1 year ago
We all need to come together

Due Hass
1 year ago
they use biological engineering wirless TOTORTURING they use to access your brainwaves and projecting on a computer screen called brainmapping technology delivered by satilight UAV fleet drones camouflaged as stars constalations firing directed Energy Weapons acoustic frequency waves

Stopa Gangstalk
1 year ago
This may be just for show people. Gather your evidence and research heavy metals and Pesticides poisonings extensively.

Rai Jo
1 year ago
WHO ARE ARE TARGETS? innocent people minding their own business.

The exposer
1 year ago
Thank you Janine ,I love your work and know this you are a brave woman, many man need to learn from your courage.

Sharon Vincent
1 year ago
Hello janine when can we go march in Washington?? We need to get together many of us out here ..SHARON VIMCENT TARGETED BY THE GOVERNMENT SINCE 2005!!!!

Due Hass
1 year ago
I’m from Newry South Carolina and I am a targeted individual as well and know all the methods they use some done to me are atrocities most won’t believe and they do it 24/7 and laughing as they do this and hiding it from chain of commands it’s a U.S. Army special operations forces joint task force the FBI AGENTS HAD FLORIDA STATE TAGS

Ed Dunn
1 year ago
yes i been a target for 9years now voice scull we all need to get together in show them we are the usa target soon n fast while the spot light on these cowerds

ExistentialWayDotCom KevinMeredith
1 year ago (edited)
Janine, I can’t believe it’s you. What a great vid. Keep bringing the truth to light on us targets. <>< StayChosen Donna Taliercio 1 year ago I AM A DAMN TARGET & THESE GUYS R DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! TREASONIST! MAY THE LORD ALMIGHTY AVENGE OUR ADVERSARIES! DW Kern 1 year ago God bless you Janine! Texans and Candy! 6 months ago Revengance is mine say it the lord. Im a TI and that "Classified" loop hole will not hold up against "We The People". Justice will be served. CC 9 months ago (edited) I've been placed into some sort of atrocity of a program that includes maiming during medical procedures, mind control intrusions, stalking on foot and in the car, intrusions into my personal home, medical reports and workers' compensation documents stolen out of my apartment, eletronics sabotages and much more.There are THOUSANDS of U.S. citizens who are targeted. As ususal, those in our government LIE about the fraud, crimes and corruption that they partake in. Fan Gee 1 year ago My family are targeted we have small school age children that are affected by this terrorist acts the targets are innocent people, ,and those Christians Jehovah's people and we are peaceful people the perps are using electronic devices on us gasing us daily they are all ganging up on us with their electronic weapons vehicles with these beams in them torturing us families are crying out for help and no one is listening they calling us crazy, lunatics, in need of meds I've met the brother and sisters targeted by the United States those perps enjoy what they doing they are abusing their power they are the real terrorist and they get to run free killing people daily it's outta control now they have recruited more people, businesses, hospitals doctors mail company fire dept, ambulances, lawyers enforcement local mayors to help them hunt to torture and kill people Persecuted Individual 1 year ago We should've shown up outside with signs letting them know we are the targets Bill Baz 1 year ago I admire Edward Snowden. I regret that when I worked at NSA I didn't sell this country out. USA is a SHITHOLE! Tall Clearing 1 year ago RELEASING THE LIST WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THEIR PERSONAL SECURITY. IN THAT THEY KNOW THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED !!! Mônica Miranda 1 year ago Target can be anyone in any country with any nationalities. This includes Americans in America. They target people for the most petty reasons or for the lack of any motive. They target people to amuse themselves. This man (FISA) seems to know nothing. The Oregon representative seems to want a list of the targeted people. I would answer to him, "everybody's targeted, ones get more attacked than others, some are killed and the reason is no one". We must pray "Our Father". Greg Skomaroske 9 months ago People who are targeted are being exposed to MRSa and other diseases by the healthcare providers who are also helping to harm and even kill people on this list in this manner and in many other ways. They are subverting the law on targeting of American persons by having people on the internet contact them from other countries so as to be able to say that they only targeted Americans because of the monitoring of international communications as a national security issue, ...that they are intentionally creating!! Another words, they are maliciously and fraudulently creating reasons [plausible deniability for themselves] and ways to subvert the law that says they can't target Americans. They had several people contact me from another country where one accused me of making threats to harm judges, which i never did but if they over hear that sort of thing, they then say that they went after that communications of that person [in country] for otherwise legitimate reasons when they quite simply know that they did NOT. They know they are breaking the law and violating people's rights. Congress also knows that they are allowing it and that this is a crime they are committing and still they act like they are in opposition to the cia or NSA when that quite simply is not true at all. They just don't want anyone coming after them to harm those in Congress for allowing it. james delinois 1 year ago 24 hours targeting and electronic microwave harassment. Hiya Dewd 7 months ago Best video ever!!! Janine you are my favorite person in the world. Awesome, Excellent, Wonderfully Funny. SHALOM Twill Scott 1 year ago Outstanding! tioGa - of God's army 1 year ago ha! love little Yodi! Michael Barden 9 months ago Great video! We are the targeted individuals who have been illegally targeted for profit under FISA section 702. These people are so arrogant that they are getting themselves caught. When I received my PO box they gave me #702 because they think they're funny. It's going to be real funny when they get caught. Mark F 3 months ago Trump uncovered targeting by government officials at the levels of DOJ targeted in Maryland 11 months ago Yep they are.sadly God Bless All. WISDOM vs knowledge 1 year ago SPIRITUAL dueling Hotan Kola 1 year ago Janine is this you. Just came across this video. I have been a targeted individual, God knows for how long. james delinois 1 year ago (edited) I am a Christian standing for the uncomprosing truth of the word of God what is the reason they target me and my family? Tamika Driver 1 year ago IM HIT BY TORTURE GOVERNMENT STALKING HUMAN TRAFFIC CRIME BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA NORTHWOOD DR 35215 jc dova 1 year ago Tap dancing is an art best performed during any oversight hearing. Ronald Hamilton 1 year ago Mr.Ronald Hamilton charleston sc a target individual. needed help.evil and nasty game. Targeted Ind UK 1 year ago Oh common! You are targeted because your body have sensitivity to EMF. Is very simple. You are bio - stalked because its easy to do. Jackie Kelly 2 months ago jamie,I hear myself in each of Theese testimonies, we must not fu forget that God is writing every thing that they do to us down,and he shall repay,that is his word and he cannot lie!! Sharon Vincent 10 months ago Love your video sre you related to Johnathan?? Tall Clearing 1 year ago THIS IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM !!! TheAccess3333 1 year ago He is stuttering - he is unsure. Trey's Production Mill 4 months ago No accountablitiy. shawn gray 1 year ago Hey I'm iver it am I a bad gye or their my thing is dreams day dreams how ever I want I am over u Vital Chance Vital Chance 9 months ago National security is Jewish security...., not the public's security. 11 11 1 year ago They use Cameras and WiFi pulse from one unmanned plane to another and infrared camera and such to see indoors..these look like average planes but can hover . They are the same planes that streak the sky with fine metal we breath to make us more conductive.. these planes can also glow like a white orb.. And they also follow and do the survaillence.. at night they like to be around your home and appear as stars. I feel these also do the direct energy weapons on us.. when the WiFi pulse happens the lights in your home will flicker super quick, can happen unnoticed.. you might even notice at street lights they use those cameras, some have a white light that turns on when the cameras going. It's these planes they look like average planes.. This is key, draw attention to the planes.. alot of the planes that follow me are horizon air.. Alaska airlines or southwest airlines they are also quiet.. They say on the plane app like Gerald howard,,,mark pasqualino.. Nick dean, Florida metal.. They don't move and there altitude and speed will say 0, they will just hover.. But they can turn off and not be on the app.. I'm looking for similarities between us TIs.. like I saw 11:11 alot um I was premature,, very artistic, partied.. I need your guys input.. I have had these planes hover like 75 ft over me and come up beside me terminator style on the freeway to intimidate.. I know others seen it.. it was insane.. I'm losing hope though.. I love life but I just lost my job making $26 an hour after 4 years I'm afraid my time is close.. I love you all 3 weeks ago they started pounding my head with pulses at least my heart and thyroid got a break victorious Balla 7 months ago ? your videos. Jesus Saves 6 months ago Cohen-tell-pro Miguel Santiago 7 months ago They, the ruling class that, seemingly, orchestrate the "operations" of this world, the film industry/ Hollywood included... a house divided against itself "cannot" stand. Denounce your pledges to your foreign "gods" and doctrines people, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is not slack, but, "patient", willing that none of "HIS" should perish. Simple truth.... ironically, "hidden in plain sight". I am and have ALWAYS been my Father's child, through Jesus Christ, my King and my Lord. Harry Cordell 1 year ago Send this to Dr.Phil Please Psalm 23 3 months ago Ephesians 6:10-20 KJV condemned 1 year ago "...non US persons. Foreign individuals.. are the targets." That's me :) They get our British cops, security, communities to do the work or have their own guys do the work here in Britain and maybe we reciprocate and harass you so that gets them out of being accused of acting illegally on its own citizens. Nice to have you back on YT Janine.. jc dova 1 year ago To all TI I wish you peace and love. I can't even imagine being a victim of some of the criminal methods TI report and experience. The truth will never come out. Tall Clearing 1 year ago Im American im targeted im chipped i am not a criminal I just got over an excruciating headache that lasted 5 days and nights. They laugh and say the chips can never be removed without the brain bleeding unto death. doctors know and refuse to help me. Some even cover it up others just stare at me like they are stupid Kreate 11:11 1 year ago People sound excited to be targeted ....very annoying Betty Gregory 1 month ago 2001-Target crime victim no one in your city nor state is going to reach out they are participate and Co-defendant you are blackball communication and mail is under illegal monitor these threat are domestic against the victim and their son or daughter blue.berri xo 1 year ago Is this a joke? Alonso Avina Pacheco 1 year ago I am a Targeted Individual Being Attacked With Directed Energy Weapons by The U.S. Government and I am a Human Subject to a Military Electronic Experiment. Eagle Eyes Around The World 6 months ago “Never ever do to another’s own that you likewise would not desire - nor ever want being done to thine own. For no one existing is invisible, nor void of familial relations, personal associations, career affiliations. Furthermore duly note all the aforementioned indeed have a place of rest. No matter who they may believe themselves to be. No matter how high nor low, their man made/given titles of authority nor any at all monetary affluence. Thus foolishly deeming themselves to be above and beyond reproach. Actions have consequences. (“No one existing globally is ... nor will they ever be immune from justice being served and getting exactly what they righteously deserve..”) Whatever ignorant choices one makes through their own freewill actions they ultimately bring those consequences home to their very own. Ayo!” ~Our Elders~ chris cole 3 months ago these people needs to be put in getmo there terrorist. destroying hard working Americans lives Shaun Halloran 1 year ago my name is Shaun halloran I have been targeted by coward gangstalkers it's been going on for 4 years now no one believes me but I'm not crazy it started it my home state Tewkesbury Massachusetts by the local law enforcement I've tried reaching out to family members and the FBI but no one believes me like I have been tortured non stop by people I know personally and have grew up with but my own brother and the next door neighbors started this thinking it was a joke I try to fight them but they don't come out it takes real fucking cowards to do what they do they use false allegations saying I'm a predator and just a tweaker I'm lucky to be alive I stared using heroin Xanax basically anything to deal with the pain it's caused me and it's getting worse and fucking worse I moved to Florida and it's gotten worse I have overdosed twice because of it and these are police officers doing this but the female officers Michelle Tully jen Welch christopher Tully and the two commanding officer Patrick Harrington are the ones I know for sure but just in case I do die I just want my brother to believe me the whole force are cowards kids with badges but the female officers wo made up all this shit especially own and Michelle have tarnished my name and apparently think they can get away with murder RNM is supposed to revolutionize crime detection and these police officers are using it to get away with murder I have overdosed twice because of the torture I'm in agonizing pain and these scumbag cowards feed off it and it's mostly the female officers like I'm nobody but yet someone give them access to the most sophisticated technology there is I might die from it but I want that's motherfuckers exposed for the cowards they are I move figure 9 hours a day on top of being tortured because I'm a real man who doesn't need a weapon to fight idk who will see this I'm gonna true the FBI one more time my father Brian halloran was murdered in cold blood because of the government doing nothing and the same is happening to me I'm not crazy I'm not lying and these fucks are gonna cause me to take my own life for fun mind you not for any other reason because I could beat the fuck out of all of them but they know that but as long as I'm weak and in pain from the torture it keeps getting worse they are predators female stalkers who have no hearts or souls they are predatory gangstalkers who have used this technology for there own personal fun so once again my family has to suffer because of the scumbag government and local law enforcement they left my father for dead now it's happening to me if I die I just want some people to know who it's first degree murder they put the gun to your head and torture you till yo pull the trigger fucking unbelievable what this world has come to and you think if they get away with it they will stop there narcistic egos will think they can get away with anything and my mother will have had to bury a husband and a son in the same lifetime because of these coward scumbag and my brother we are all we have something has to happen Roger Bonilla 5 months ago Jaime, I understand your concern for targeted individuals yet I do not understand you using video clips of people shooting another person. God hates that because it comes from Satan using humans to kill with guns. Since he is a coward and cannot fight god or God's ArchAngel Michael he has to do garbage like that as well as use his news media in their damage control timing by putting a man named Michael Cohen on the news to throw out a Subliminal messaging that Michael Cohen lies. Yet we know the ArchAngel Michael does not lie and that Satan and his media or the liars. Will Baz 11 months ago Lying scumbag daniel flores 1 year ago (edited) Y'all need to Chill out on all the YouTube videos. Live life, don't hide from it. sheesh! Plus They wouldnt waste their time watching following and listening to normal everyday people like us all the time. What would be the purpose? What knowledge would they gain from watching you? Are you guys planning some terrorist plots or something? God bless you all but chill out on the "T.I." Crap. It's freaking weird.