20 Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interviews with Ramola D (2017-2019) With Explanatory Comments By Webmaster

Webmaster’s Explanation and Comments:

For the record: I probably did about 30 or so podcast interviews with “Independent Journalist,” and purported “TI,” Ramola D (Dharmaraj) between about 2016 and 2019. Unfortunately, these interviews, many of which I put on this page, have been removed from the internet. This is a pity since they conveyed a great amount of pertinent and in-depth information about “the program” (gangstalking-electronic torture-nonconsensual human experimentation) which would be of considerable use to other “targeted individuals” throughout the world. My intention in maintaining this website and in conducting these kinds of interviews is always to help inform the world about this heinous and ongoing “crime against humanity.”

Ramola D (Dharmaraj) was the one with the technical savvy and skill needed to conduct the interviews, and she placed them on youtube and her website (everydayconcerned.net). I placed many of them on my (this) website and some appeared on bitchute and elsewhere. I thought these were excellent, informative interviews and I was a bit frustrated that the number of views always seemed to top out at about 1000 (as if this were controlled?). I never could understand why they didn’t “go viral” because it seemed they got a very positive response from the “TI community” around the world.

“Ramola D” claims to be a “targeted individual” since 2013. I got to know her fairly well during the course of our 3+ year collaboration. She is also a poet, independent journalist, mother, and former part-time English professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Then and now, she resided(s) in Boston, MA, close to several historic mind control hubs, MIT, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital. She was born into a Christian and presumably upper class family in India that emigrated to America. Evidently her siblings are very successful doctors and academics. Based on our conversations, she is not a believing Christian and her religious views might be more accurately described as New Age.

Here’s a brief sketch of our collaboration:

In about 2014, I did a series of interviews on the topic of gangstalking with Dr. Paul Marko (Ph.D. in psychology) on his podcast, World Beyond Belief. Paul seemed to want to explore that subject and so I introduced him to Ramola D, believing that she was a credible and articulate source of information regarding the citizen targeting program. I still recall the image of her smiling, almost cherub-like face filling the computer screen on her first interview with Paul.

Soon thereafter, Paul set up a series of podcasts on the topic of gangstalking entitled “Techno Crime Fighters.” It featured a zoom panel discussion that included Ramola D, Dr. Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart, and Dr. Millicent Black, all of whom claim to be “TIs,” and Paul, who did not make that claim. This forum ran for 2-3 years. Although I was originally asked to participate in this forum, I declined because even then, I had a gut feeling that some of the participants could be spy/perps and it might be a trap or setup. (Real TIs get burned so often in contrived setups that we tend to be perhaps overly suspicious of everyone.)

In updating posts on this website, I noticed that nearly all the interviews I did with Ramola D have been removed from youtube and only a few are preserved on bitchute. (Obviously, we are in period of severe censorship and suppression of certain topics…. and “gangstalking”/mind control/government assaults on citizens with directed energy and neuroweapons is certainly such a topic.) In addition, I believe she has done at least one and possibly more hit-pieces against me on her website. She has given the same treatment to other TI’s she has worked with.

Here are a sample of the interviews we did together:

1) Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interviews with Ramola D (2017-19)

2) Global Gestapo #11: Highlighting the Research and Human Rights Advocacy of Cheryl Welsh: Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D (9/6/2019)

3) History of Mind Control & Other Military and Intelligence Agency Crimes Against Humanity: Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D (4/5/2018)

Global Gestapo #4: Dr. Eric Karlstrom & Ramola D on MK Ultra & Mind Control (8/20/18)

Our last “Global Gestapo” interview (GG-12; 9/25/19) was taken down by youtube on the grounds that it contained “hate speech.”

Global Gestapo #12; Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D: Stephen O’Keefe and Gloria Naylor – The Counterintelligence Zionist Superstate (9/25/19

In this podcast, I described the documented experiences of TIs such as Stephen O’Keefe and Gloria Naylor, who along with a number of others, concluded that Jews are the primary group behind, or at least, integrally involved, in the global gangstalking operations. To reinforce this possible connection, I drew comparisons between the targeting program and the war plan against civilization outlined in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” And I drew from the information provided on these posts on this website:

‘Mafia States’ Targeting Innocent Civilians; 1) “Deceive and Hide- Jewish Mob Stalking Culture”; 2) “TI” As Lone-Wolf Terrorists;” Op Catalyst youtubes and text

Stephen O’Keefe Adroitly Explains How ‘The Program’ Frames Targeted Individuals As Lone Wolf Terrorist to Become an Enemy of the State

Ramola D was cordial and professional during this interview as usual. The fact that youtube immediately removed the video, claiming it was “hate speech,” indicates they were keeping a close watch on our interviews. Initially, Ramola appealed their decision in two eloquently written responses (on twitter or facebook) that she shared with me. However, when her arguments did not succeed in getting the video restored, she informed me that our Global Gestapo interview series had “run its course.” In other words, within one day, her tone and tenor toward me completely reversed itself. Shortly thereafter, she wrote a fierce hit piece against me (which I actually never read) stating I had “discredited” myself. (Not coincidentally, I’m sure, this piece is still to be found on the internet.) I never heard from her again.

So here, at long last, is my attempt to understand and explain this very abrupt change in behavior on her part. As I’m quite certain that I’m being targeted, I herein identify three main possibe alternative explanations for her behavior:

First alternative: Ramola D is a trained and paid cyberstalker (cyber-warrior), as per the series of interviews given by Suzie Dawson included on this website below. In episodes 6-9 of this series of interviews, Dawson and clinical psychologist, Lissa K. Johnson examine JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) documents which describe the techniques used in “cyber-stalking, cyber-torture, cyber-bullying.”

Episode 6: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) (Suzie Dawson, 10/27/19) W/ Transcription & Graphics

Episode 7: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group) -Part 2 (Nov. 3, 2019) W/ Transcription & Graphics

Episode 8: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group); Suzie Dawson, 11/10/19, W/ Transcription & Graphics

Episode 9: Opening the Five Eyes: Deciphering UK’s JTRIG (Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group of GCHQ)- Suzie Dawson, Nov. 17, 2019); Source Documents & Video Transcription

When Ramola D wrote me that we were through doing podcaast interviews after over our three year collaboration, I emailed her stating I believed she must be in a “chain of command” and hence, not an “independent journalist” at all. This second, more sinister possibility, states that she is actually one of many spy/perps that have infiltrated the so-called “TI community” in order to monitor us, shape our perceptions, dominate the “TI community,” help weed out real TIs, and basically serve us up to our psychologist attackers, torturers, and handlers. In this alternative, Ramola D is “controlled opposition” and would be working with or for an intelligence agency or private intelligence subcontractor. (Recall statements by Theodore Hertzl, the father of modern Zionism: “We will always control our own opposition,” and its echo by Vladimir Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”)

A number of “data points” bolster alternative #1:

1) About the time I first communicated via email with Ramola D, I was introduced to “Max’s email list” of about 300 supposed TIs. Fairly early on in our collaboration, Ramola D informed me privately that Max may be working with Rand Corporation. A little later, Max Harrison Williams privately told me that he believes Ramola D works for Indian or Pakistani intelligence. Perhaps both statements are accurate, I don’t know. Yikes, “we’re not in Kansas anymore, folks,” we are swimming in the swampy end of the pool.

2) I recall that early in our collaboration, I mentioned that as webmaster of 911nwo.comI had been on the edges of the “9/11 truth movement” since its beginning and that I had observed how government agents had come in, rapidly became “stars” and leaders in the “movement,” and then very publicly initiated fights and conflicts with other leaders that fragmented and weakened the “movement.” I told her twice that I expected that the “TI community” would probably be fragmented by infiltrators using these same “divide and conquer” tactics. She seemed casually and cheerfully interested in this observation. Later, of course, she herself initiated major fights with other leaders in the TI community, attacking Dr. Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart, various others, and me. (And when Ramola attacks she does so with great gusto!).

3) During our communications, she showed herself to be extremely knowledgeable about “the program.” She dropped the names of books such as Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control” (2011) and Douglas Valentine’s “CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operation Corrupt America and the World” (2017). Of course, I purchased and wrote and spoke about the contents of these books in the following months and years. In this manner, I believe she may have deliberately shaped the direction and content of our interviews.

4) Another remembrance from one of our early “off-camera” conversations: When I mentioned that I thought there were Luciferic elements aspects to “the program,” she replied in a sugary, sweet voice: “We can talk about Lucifer if you want.” Hmmm….. is that the side she lives on?

5) Another remembrance: In our last interview, feeling a bit too exposed, I suppose, I suggested that I preferred to use the Skype audio without the video. Ramola D mildly objected, replying: “there are people who want to see you.” So I complied. Would those unnamed people include the psychologists, scientists, military, and intelligence personnel who are actually studying me (and others) as human lab rats and who are doing everything they can to manage and keep a lid on the so-called “TI community?”

6) During our last interview (GG 12), I stated that: a) because primary mission of deceiving and killing, the US military-intelligence apparatus is very much part of the “Synagogue of Satan” per John 8:44, and b) that I do NOT consent to being a human guinea pig in their covert scientific (MKULTRA-like) program. My gut level tells me that I actually received a veiled response to this second statement when I was driving through Baja California with my camper a month or so later. I will not go into the particulars, but I have been a TI long enough now to be able to distinguish real life events from staged, manipulated life events such as Tis experience almost continuously. Indeed, a Tis life is coopted, taken over by “lies, spies, set-ups, and psyops.” And pulling the strings from behind the scenes are those ubiquitous Jewish psychologists!”. In other words, the very CIA/DIA contracting psychologists who manipulate and disrupt our lives enjoy making cameo appearances in them. All this is a form of psychological warfare, of course.

While none of these vignettes by themselves prove that Ramola D is an agent/operative, taken together, and particularly in light of her rapid and radical changes of attitude toward me and others in the “TI community,” they are highly suggestive of this possibility.

Alternative 2: Ramola D simply succumbed to standard Zionist-Jewish bullying tactics (even Jesus succumbed to “fear of the Jews” in John 7:1, John 7:13). In this case, Ramola D may have decided that in order to maintain her good standing with YouTube censors, she would need to severe ties with individuals of whom they disapproved. This alternative, though possible, seems to me to be less likely than this:

Alternative 3 is that Ramola D is actually mind controlled and/or mind influenced by the CIA or equivalent intelligence agency. It is even possible she may have even been subjected to some aspects of the targeting program; enough so that she believes she is targeted. Recall the 1952 memo in which the CIA stated they wanted to find ways to get other people to do their bidding even when this conflicted with the subject’s own self-interest or even sense of self-preservation. So it is conceivable that she could be controlled opposition without knowing it. But I doubt it.

Alternative 4 is that Ramola D is herself part of the “Synagogue of Satan” and therefore, like other “sayanim” (helpers) can be called on to “render a service” for her “Don.”

To me, the weight of accumulated evidence and observation best supports alternative #1. I tentatively conclude that Ramola D is a paid agent who was brought onto the scene as a subcontractor for some intelligence agency or private intelligence cutout in order to play the role of controlled opposition, that is, to influence and manipulate the “TI community” per the dictates of her handlers. By taking a leadership role in the “TI community,” she would be in a position to promote certain people and ideas and sabotage other people and other ideas. And most importantly to the “Deep State” (i.e., CIA and military) she would be in their “chain of command.”

Finally, I believe Ramola D, and possibly other (fake?) TIs who suddenly appeared on the scene about the same time, may be fulfilling another purpose for their handlers. And that is to “take the limelight” away from real TIs who might get out of control. By playing the role of the brightest stars in the “TI community” constellation, she and other infiltrators can gradually discredit, undermine, and ultimately phase out the influence of real TIs, like myself. This is certainly what she has done.

From my personal experience, I can say that spies like Ramola D are very, very convincing! She fooled me for several years. I liked and respected her and believed we were friends. Alas, this was not the first time or last time I have been fooled by charming, intelligent spies! And one thing I have noticed about these people is that when their mission with you is complete, they abruptly dump you. I believe the quasi-technical term for this tactic, in Washington D.C. parlance, is to “throw you under the bus.” (I’ve certainly heard that phrase numerous times in my little home town of Crestone, Colorado, which is veritably crawling with New World Order spies and “change agents”- but that’s another story told on another website (New (Luciferic) World Religion in Crestone/Baca Colorodo?))

So beware TIs! It is not just that we swim in snake-infested waters and breath poisonous air. In fact, we are being targeted via “hybrid warfare” by the most powerful military-intelligence system in world history. This particular variety of warfare may be called psychological and electronic, hence, “psychotronic” warfare. Based on my own experiences, spy/perps like Ramola D are cogs in a much, much larger machine. Spies/perps like Ramola D are chosen and groomed to be very clever charlatans. She was/is charming, well spoken, and intelligent. Alas, as a spy, she revealed herself as a “false friend” just playing the “role” of a sympathetic TI in order to attract TIs (who are the objects of study of the government neuroscientists) so as to deliver “play back” (or feedback) information/data about us to our handlers/attackers.

Welcome to the hellish, unreal world of TIs. It is a world of “lies, spies, setups, and psyops.” And pulling the strings from behind the scenes are those Jewish psychologists adept at systematically destroying any real friendships and/or genuine positive relationships we might have. Thus isolated, TIs can more easily be studied, monitored, and modified – somewhat like an organism in a petri dish in a laboratory. Being isolated, we are all the more susceptible to forming friendships with those (agents/spies) who are deliberately placed in our paths. This is indeed a Luciferic system and those involved are indeed satanically engergized.

This website and my other websites prove beyond any doubt that the U.S. government actually functions as a criminal mafia. Crime and corruption is the norm. If my assessment is correct, Ramola D could complicit and guilty of treason and “crimes against humanity.” So this is a matter of considerable importance and these are not frivolous comments in which I seek to smear for revenge sake. Rather, I seek justice for myself and all those who are extra-judicially and criminally targeted by our rogue government, those who control it, and the “useful idiots” (and/or demonically-energized “helpers”) like Ramola D who aid and abet these crimes against humanity.

Finally, we cannot rule out Alternative 4, that Ramola D is one of many millions who are involved in advancing the Luciferian conspiracy because they are Luciferians.

In any event, I conclude that she is a fraud, a fake TI, and a government agent. The vague, bland title of her website (everydayconcerned.net) is certainly a tip-off.

Global Gestapo #12; Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D: Stephen O’Keefe and Gloria Naylor – The Counterintelligence Zionist Superstate (9/25/19)


Global Gestapo #11: Highlighting the Research and Human Rights Advocacy of Cheryl Welsh: Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D (9/6/2019)

Round Table Discussion of Legal Options For Targeted Civilians (TCs); Ramola D, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Karen Stewart, Dr. Millicent Black (3/8/19)


Tribute to Dr. Rauni Kilde (Killed) on 4th Anniversary of Her Murder Via Gang Stalking-Electronic Torture: Global Gestapo 10- Ramola D and Dr. Eric Karlstrom (youtube) Feb. 8, 2019

Global Gestapo #9–Phoenix Program, MK ULTRA, Brain Invasion Programs; Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interview with Ramola D (1/22/19)

Global Gestapo 8: The Planned Takeover of Society & What We Can Do About It; Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D (12/10/18)

Global Gestapo/7: The Global Weaponization of Society; Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D


More On MKULTRA, Past to Present; Global Gestapo #5; Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D Podcast (Sept. 19, 2018)


Global Gestapo #4: Dr. Eric Karlstrom & Ramola D on MK Ultra & Mind Control (8/20/18)


Global Gestapo #3: Profiling the Perpetraitors of the Global Gestapo (Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D, July 27, 2018)


Global Gestapo/2: 9/11 and Aftermath/2 (Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D; 7/11/2018)



Ramola D and Dr. Eric Karlstrom podcast tribute to Dr. Paul Marko (2/14/2018)

United Nations Agenda 2030 and Targeting: Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D Interview (2/1/18)

Hurricane Harvey, State-Sponsored Weather Warfare, and Disaster Capitalism: Part 3; Dr. Eric Karlstrom Interview with Ramola D

History of Mind Control & Other Military and Intelligence Agency Crimes Against Humanity: Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D (4/5/2018)

Dr. Eric Karlstrom and Ramola D- Man-Caused Global Warming Hypothesis Disproven and UN Agenda 21 Exposed As UN Power Grab (11/15/17)

Hurricane Harvey As Weather Warfare: Parts 1, 2, 3: Dr. Eric Karlstrom With Ramola D (9/25/17)

Hurricane Harvey and Weather Warfare, Part 2: Dr. Eric Karlstrom with Ramola D

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