FBI and NSA Outsource Harassment of Targeted Individuals and Watchlisted Individuals to Private Firms

FBI and NSA Outsource Harassment of TIs to Private Firms

ETK Introduction: Private firms that have joined FBI and NSA in the organized stalking and harassment of TIs identified in this article include:

1) FBI’s DITU — Data Intercept Technology Unit (run by an individual with a degree in law and psychology)
2) NSA
3) NSA TAO (Tailored Access Operations) and Cyber-Command in Fort Meade, Maryland
4) James Bimen and Associates in Fairfax, Virginia
5) HT Srl (The HackingTeam) and Cicom – in Baltimore, Maryland and Milan, Italy

(INTELLIHUB) — One of the reasons that the government is consistently “Chicken Littling” us with threats of extremism is money. Security is a multi-billion dollar revenue generator for the National Security Racketeering Network and Private Security Companies run by former ex-federal employees.

The operations of the private companies run the gamut from street-level tasking to tactical and offensive, weaponized-software deployment against innocent Americans. Now the U.S. has its own groups of militarized and federalized cyber-warriors. The most common groups are the FBI’s DITU — Data Intercept Technology Unit (run by an individual with a degree in law and psychology), the NSA of course, The NSA TAO (Tailored Access Operations), and Cyber-Command. Both the NSA and Cyber-Command are based at Fort Meade in Maryland.

Now there are a few private companies, think of Blackwater” on a cyber-level, which are also master’s of intrusion, hacking, identity theft, spoofing and 24/7 harassment of anyone who has been illegally and unconstitutionally watch-listed as a domestic threat. However NSA still has the budget, the tech-toys, the software and extra-judicial tactics which trump any of the subsequently mentioned private groups.

One of the companies which acts as a hired gun for the federal government (and thus has the luxury of operating without any oversight, is James Bimen and Associates, based in Fairfax, Virginia. This corporation is right down the street from several acronym agencies, has developed special tools for the FBI and is tasked to hack into computers and phones of watch-listed individuals (WLIs) and Targeted Individuals (TIs).

Another company which develops software being utilized for illegal cyber-intrusions, harassment and data-theft by the FBI & NSA was in part developed and sold by HT Srl (The HackingTeam) and Cicom – both based in Baltimore, Maryland. HackingTeam’s head office is located in Milan, Italy, and it is likely that Cicom is a HackingTeam front-company due to their shared location(s) and close association.

Now the HackingTeam has sold its software to oppressive regimes which commit human rights violations like North Sudan — where dissidents are harassed and killed.

This raises an important question. If it is illegal to sell weapons to authoritarian regimes like North Sudan, then why are U.S.-based companies allowed to sell weaponized software to governments which will use the technology to commit human rights violations, and just as importantly – why have certain factions within the U.S. Government deployed this same software against innocent Americans?

On the street level, private security companies are hiring ex-convicts to harass WLIs and TIs to perpetrate what is referred to as “Gang Stalking” on a street level. But what many people do not know is that the threats, harassment, theft and gaslighting also occur on a cyber-level.

So not only are Targeted Individuals and Watchlisted individuals harassed by finely-tuned Zersetzung operations on the street level, all of their communications and on-line privacy are also violated. This equates to 24/7 harassment.

Why are companies like James Bimen and Associates and HackingTeam allowed to launch vicious and illegal tactics against innocent American citizens? Who provides them with “top cover” to engage in this non-stop torturous activity against individuals who were never charged with any crimes, never had a chance to defend themselves, and never had a day in court?

Wake up people! Our tax dollars are spent funding the very entities which are supposed to be protecting us from external threats, versus deploying what equates to “weaponized software” and technology against innocent and unsuspecting Americans.

Due to lack of technological capability, the Stasi only operated on the street level. But now, here in the U.S.A. we are being subject to treatment which far exceeds what the Stasi perpetrated against the East German population, and we are facing this threat both on the virtual level and on the street.

As a side note, I blogged about James Bimen and Associates at the beginning of this year, and subsequent to that short thread, their website mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.


wakeup • a year ago

I discovered my son was being manipulated with mind control and other military weapons. He was a top student and great kid. I knew he was not acting normal so I knew something was wrong for a long time and finally figured it out. They have ruined his life because they constantly are violating your mind and body. I discovered this and tried to help him so they are now trying to destroy my life also. We are from an all american middle class family and there is no reason we would be of any threat to anyone. I’m no whistleblower or never even blogged posted comments til I was attacked for just being a good mom and trying to help your son. These people are nazis. No true american would monitor and torture anyone 24/7. This is at the expense of taxpayers who have no clue what is happening with their money. They are not using it on terrorists. They are the terrorists. These technologies are not seen or traceable so no one can tell what is happening even your own family members. They make you out to be mentally ill when its all the technology that is screwing with your mind and body. This is the worst inhumane torture and holocaust that is happening every day to your family and your neighbors and no one has any clue its going on. The media and politicians are complicit in allowing it to happen. Our government is corrupt to the core and the media is like under Hitler’s control and lets the holocaust continue. Psychiatry is also a cover for this. Everyone is brainwashed into thinking you are losing it mentally. How can that happen after 50 years of you being totally fine? Targeted individuals get no help and they attack you mentally so you won’t look credible. Targeted individuals ended up losing their jobs and they force people away from their families because they become isolated because they can’t do much. I have been able to keep my job and family so far but they keep insisting on bringing me down and want me to live in poverty and be isolated. They can do this because they have so many weapons to use on you and no one in our society is there to tell the truth. If you go to the politicians, medical, or anyone they are trained to thinking this can’t be happening and you are mentally not there. Everyone needs to realize this torture and holocaust has been going on for decades and society needs to end this torture. You are living in nazi germany and don’t realize the concentration camp is being administered 24/7 remotely with technology that you couldn’t imagine. Expose this now!

Fred Stoneflint wakeup • 19 days ago

No, they are JEWS (PERPS) using old NAZI regime tactics in the US on innocent people both domestic and abroad. Why are all the gang stalker perps seemingly of Jewish or Israeli decent? I’m not sure but it looks like this program has gone rouge and should be cancelled immediately, it’s ruining a lot of lives, because they basically take your freedoms away, harass, stalk, soft kill energy weapons, gaslighting, keep employers from hiring TI’s, B&E your home, survailence equipment in your home and cars, neighbors reporting your every fart and pee, and almost looks as though they have Jews targeting White Christians, I’m sure it’s what the Jews learned in Germany, and they are executing it on White Americans, and others. (BILLIONAIRE JEWS ARE PART OF THE NEW ZERSETZUN OPERATIONS ALONG WITH OTHERS LIKE OPRAH WINFREY).

SomeoneStalked wakeup • 5 months ago

I mean yeah it sucks but by no means do I endure what the Jewish and other victims of the real holocaust endured. I am not watching family be burnt, I am not being starved, beaten, or held in a camp somewhere. I don’t have to hide within the confines of a very small room for up to years at a time. It’s a stalking case. I’d rather be stalked than be in a concentration camp or underground escapee. Thanks for helping me gain some perspective.

Although I do see how the United States could easily walk down the same path as was walked by the Germans in WWII, especially in todays atmosphere. But we aren’t there yet.

Ortaine Devian SomeoneStalked • 3 months ago

Yeah, we are there yet & beyond. Don’t be fooled or lulled into a coma, they are slow killing us.

“When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don’t have any reservations to the old system.

“There just won’t be any room for people who won’t go along. We can’t have such people cluttering up the place so such people would be taken to special
places and disposed of humanely.”
They would not create martyrs.
“People will just disappear.”

DragonTitus wakeup • 5 months ago

They have terrorized my children too. Fact is, we are what they consider empowered individuals. According to some military report we pose a threat to national security due to characteristic influence, we inspire people to act like decent human beings. Character assassination and isolation is for the purpose of removing us from society to prevent our influence from saving the zombies being manufactured with pharmaceuticals, opioid, heroine that is being provided by CIA who recruit distributors in every community. It is real, it is happening right now, and it is pure evil! The glorious news is Almighty God is watching, He is keeping score… And He is coming to keep His promise!

Perfect Citizen • 2 years ago

This is a serious problem. It looks like the FBI’s COINTEL Program was never stopped and is now more extreme and vicious than ever before!

FBIkidnappedME • 10 months ago

There are so many disinformation sites on this. Make no mistake about it, the FBI is behind this. I’ve been tortured daily for almost 9 years because 6 months before the election of Obama I called the FBI having seen a number of photos of people online that look like their most wanted list people. I can’t even begin to list the tens of thousands of crimes they’ve committed. They have no problem endangering the lives of innocent children, killing your pets, or throwing dead animals and snakes around wherever you’re going to be. Today is Christmas and again I can’t sit through 1 meal (in 9 YEARS) without implied threats being yelled at me by my family who was forced to sign national security letters and cooperate with these satanists. I have zero privacy and am attacked in public everywhere. They even show up at funerals to play psychological scumbag games. They’ve shut down power to our street many times, last night on Christmas Eve they shut down water on our street claiming there was a main break. If you want the whole story on their sadistic operation it’s because of everything that is leaked at a blog called; Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret. Search it, it exposes the fake presidency of Obama and the FBI’s illegal assassination program.

Nomad7 FBIkidnappedME • 10 months ago

You are so fake. You run the website which depicts Barak Obama as King Tut and Megyn Kelly as Brad Pitt’s sister. DISINFO

Don Lovell • 2 years ago

ELF devices evoking specific emotions along with body rape, heart attacks, neural and organ degeneration, have infested neighborhoods, parking lots, stores, public space of all kinds. Medical visits with ionizing radiation ambush teams to destroy targeted individuals is a mainstay of the operations. False ID personnel with above level clearances have been set loose in this covert nuclear war against the unsuspecting.

Fortune 5000 Don Lovell • 2 years ago

use your key words and go to this site.. it will blow your mind.www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

CeeLeeRose • 7 months ago

Creighton Lee Rose-Targeted Individual since 2010, just one of MANY-….”Beautiful” Whidbey Island Washington.

Keep up the fight T.I’s…..One day we will see EVERY SINGLE one of the administrators & perps who facilitate these deep state programs solemnly being escorted to the gallows as they wail & moan about their children & families…

At least they will get a fair trial in constitutional UNCOMPROMISED courts, like all T.I’s have not had the luxury of having themselves?

This is nothing short of TREASONOUS activity against the U.S & its peoples.

stalked562 • 2 years ago

The closest creatures to STASI contractors are caca roaches who feed and get fat in the dark.

Disqus-helpsGOVTbreaklaws&kill • 6 months ago

FBI and NSA and other taxpayer funded govt employee labor unions delegating out their duty & authority to unaccountable outside agencies usually owned by the same govt employees or public employee labor union’s P.R. firm . in order to circumvent and by pass laws and deliver the needed outcome … unaccountability on $teroids

Fortune 5000 • 2 years ago

this is false advertisement.. I got neurologist,researchers, and clinicla investigators inlisting unconsented healthy patients into control groups under human subject testing for mental diseases using radiated ionized deployment.. check www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov for more info.. they are using this for media.. we knpow CIA and NSA are not going to hone up to this again!!

stalked562 • a year ago

RF wespons are very real. Some luck shielding during sleep. On floor. Grounded copper fabric as sheet. Blanket.
RUBBERIZED yoga mat (sporting goods store) as top cover.

Paul Chach Mcarthy stalked562 • a year ago

Jeez man none of this stuff works. You can occasionally lessen its effect on you but they just hit you with something else.

John Shaw • a year ago

As for organized, coordinated, criminal-gang stalking in the real and tangible, I have been part of it many times. I know without question, and beyond any possible doubt it happens and it has been extant in the USA. There has not yet been any tangible proof I have seen for directed energy weapons and microwaves, but I have read about them, if in fact they exist. As for software for cyber stalking, I am sure that is real. So what if the people wake up to it. Who will actually do anything about it? Micah X. Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long are both dead. Micah Johnson died for the cause of downtrodden black people. Gavin Long died to bring attention to the cowardly underhanded stalking tactics meted out by our criminal government and the Pigs who soldier for them.

K Nielsen John Shaw • a year ago

How do I combat this stalking. What sort of resources do I have. How do I put an end to this. I’m one of those people being ganged stalked. I can prove I’ve being stalked. I’ve filed police reports and even FBI reports. I filed FOIA but nothing has been done. Do I have to individually sue each one of the pepole stalking me.

mangomuffin2 K Nielsen • 3 months ago

Form a PAC for Targeted Individuals?

Zeta Harmen K Nielsen • a year ago

You have to selectively find someone with a motive to help you. Chose one battle. Find legislators against mass surveillance and warrantless targeting. Go public.

micah John Shaw • a year ago

Why wont Trump adress thes criminals..

Paul Chach Mcarthy micah • a year ago

because he’s one of them

mangomuffin2 Paul Chach Mcarthy • 3 months ago

That sounds like a lot of hooey to me; usually, it’s Trump supporters who get targeted.

stalked562 • 2 years ago

In the future FBI will be referred to as FBI STASI.

Scott Payne • 2 years ago


Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill Stone, and threw it into The *Atlantic Ocean*,
and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!! Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

Jo • 2 years ago

Outsourcing torture to protect one’s reputation is pure cowardice. And, to commit torture, without malice, one has to be a pure evil lunatic.

ovid Jo • a year ago


Fred Stoneflint • 19 days ago

That J. Comey sure Lives Up to His Name. Perped by Our Own FBI and NSA 24/7 at way over a $1 million per year, just to stalk me alone. Can you imagine what this program is costing us and the funds are going to Jews, so they can stalk Christians.

Sean Dix • 6 months ago

Below are links to articles / videos about my case.

#1.) http://rense.com/general82/…

#2.) http://jamesfetzer.blogspot…

#3.) http://www.veteranstoday.co…

#4.) http://www.veteranstoday.co…

#5.) http://www.veteranstoday.co…

#6.) https://www.youtube.com/wat…

#7.) https://www.youtube.com/wat…

#8.) https://www.youtube.com/wat…

#9.) https://www.youtube.com/wat…


Sean Dix

The FlossRing Company
145 East 15th Street
Apt. 12-A
New York, NY 10003

[email protected]


ProStarterBlacksalt • 6 months ago

I’m coming to the realization that I’m being targeted. And have been for about 20 years maybe longer. It’s weird. Because I try to think of why because I Know some people who probably aren’t but deserve to be, more than me.
But I pretty much accept now and try to get by as best I can. Knowing that I’m better than this. But my life has been destroyed.

Ricardo Camilo López • 9 months ago

ipsoscustodes. wordpress 2015 05 27 zersetzung-made-in-u-s-a

Zeta Harmen • a year ago

I would think if you’re a target, there was some company charged with profiling and creating targets for a certain agenda in a certain area, and a target “triggers” the surveillance/targeting at points of contact – ie. certain websites, “eye in the sky” cameras, a “community policing program” in your area. I believe it is absolutely organized crime, and seems to consistently involve sex crimes and drugs. Or whistle blowing. It isn’t random, so consider what places, people, websites may be a source of triggering targeting of you. Think of what political or social issue your views, lifestyle may trigger. I think trying to trace back the root of why, who, when you may be targeted to start with is very imp. Make a list of incidences, events since when you feel life started getting really @#R#d up. Will clarify and empower you.

SomeoneStalked Zeta Harmen • 5 months ago

I am targeted because my mother was on the FBI lists in the 60’s and their kids are targeted. Or I am just too big of a liberal leftist who cares about the natural environment too much. Literally I am not a threat and have done nothing spectacular to deem this type of harassment. I’m just a number on a list somewhere targeted for abuse.

stalked562 SomeoneStalked • 3 months ago

Possibly Social Security has been raided and elimination of boomers is the answer.

France Helena Acosta Ayala • a year ago

This article is very important for us in Latin America becouse he people ignore all about technologies though they use cellular telephones and tablets..etc., people ignore about a software utilizated like a weapon against innocent citizens and the confusion conduce to false beliefs such as witches, diabolic possessions, etc., so for us is very difficult getting help. Please, know our situation is not better than yours, is worst in fact.


Fortune 5000 • 2 years ago

doesnt make sense.. we aren’t fugitives.. NSA and FBI,CIA doesnt targetunknown individuals of interest forpetty monitoring of daily mundane activities.. it violates NAtional security.. it cant and is not the culprit.. or the main fallguy..

Targeted Individual Fortune 5000 • 2 years ago

Do “They” know things about us that we haven’t experienced yet and are trying to keep us from experiencing? Do they have a time machine? I don’t know. The facts are that 100,000+ plain old everyday regular folks are being harassed, stalked, targeted and sometimes killed. It’s quite unbelievable to the unenlightened and uninformed. They just haven’t had any experiences to make them question these sort of things nor do they put 2+2 together when they watch the news and hear a story about a Gov. whistle blower committing suicide.
If you spent 2 days with me you would see all the unbelievable things that happen when you’re a Targeted Individual, and I design horse barns for gods sake…

Paul Chach Mcarthy Targeted Individual • a year ago

its because we arent following the herd. we think too much. we ask too many questions. worse, we influence others to do the same. ergo we need to go.

ProStarterBlacksalt Targeted Individual • 6 months ago

I’ve thought that they could tell the future and are monitoring certain people for this reason….

Perfect Citizen Fortune 5000 • 2 years ago

Potential “political subversives” were targeted for a decade or two under the original COINTEL. Why with even more technology would the FBI have stopped the program? The Stasi apparently did the same thing to the general population. As the US moves in a more socialist direction and exerts even more control on the population every year, it seems like a program like this would be invaluable to the FBI, Homeland Security and NSA.

arlenejohnson Perfect Citizen • 6 months ago

It was much longer than two decades because it was still continuing in 1999, from 1975-6 when Senator Frank Church told the FBI to just confine itself to interstate crime. See

Read the descriptions of my books that documented what the FBI COINTELPRO did to me at http://www.truedemocracy.ne…

And I’m not a typical TI. To understand the magnitude of TIs log onto

http://www.truedemocracy.ne… where there are 34 TI stories available to read, and the demand for the Congress to end the torture at http://www.truedemocracy.ne…

Then, google Stephen Shellen and contact him on his website. He’s an actor who is also a TI. He wants to end this injustice/torture.

God bless all legitimate TIs,

Arlene Johnson

Perfect Citizen Guest • 2 years ago

My friend, while we welcome all contributions on the site, you are posting the same statement over and over again – on every article.

That is spamming.

You are not offering any constructive material, exchanging opinions or entering discussions with other commentators. Please stay on topic, contribute relative material and stop using the comment section as a billboard for the same Planet X, Chemtrail, SCO commentary.

Fortune 5000 Perfect Citizen • 2 years ago


SomeoneStalked • 5 months ago

They are keeping me up tonight with loud partying noise. When I told them to shut up they threatened me. Oh, that’s what they mean by “feeling entitled” I get it now.

James Baldwin • 5 months ago

Here is another company responsible for EMF attacks and online hacking for targeted individuals: http://www.patriotllc.net/

DragonTitus • 5 months ago



I have discovered a company that has office in several states, and were hiring for Florida, so I took screenshots of job requirements… Data analyst, yeeaaa. I also have discovered their means of support, funding from the Treasury Dept… Theyre not requesting the funds for torture though, their lies considerably contribute to the degree of depravity they exhibit.

Natalie Natalie • 6 months ago

I wonder how many people watch us slowly being murdered in real time?

DragonTitus Natalie Natalie • 5 months ago

Right?!? And feel bad for participating but do it anyway cause they are either cowards or too fucking lazy to endure resistance?!!?

2 Replies to “FBI and NSA Outsource Harassment of Targeted Individuals and Watchlisted Individuals to Private Firms”

  1. I too m being gangstalked by these individuals,they make you the main point in there life they steal your identity,hack your devices,bombard you with electronic weapons,they call you namest they follow you everywhere all from the inside of their home you see, I hate all this telling on people I hate it but when they don’t stop harassing what can one do ,I tried to level with them bu no they continue to vibrate my room and give me rapid heart rate there’s no pleasing these people,so what am I to do just sit back and let them do whatever they want well Hell No mister we’re in the USA we’re not supposed to stand back and let you get away with this abuse,harassment and invasion of no privacy,we’re in America I love my country .

  2. As a targeted individual, it is incredibly difficult. I am now being hit by electronic torture – they control things as you can’t find back against them. I am unable to function, they take away your human rights. I remain at home unable to work thanks to being hit by electronic harassment outside in the community and in previous roles.
    It is an incredibly clever “game”…you look insane if you attempt to report it, seek medical help.
    People do not realise that the technology exists to control/hurt individuals.
    I swear that I have been enrolled without consent into some kind of “control regime/experiment”.
    No one believes you! I used to laugh, get cross with 5G protesters ….now I know they have a point, a big one! Their protests are warranted. People here in the UK need to waken up to what’s happening out there!
    This is not the great and free country it purports to be! Any one could be targeted! Anyone!
    I am being tortured daily, I kid you not! Am I mad, no! I have never been saner!
    I used to laugh at the tin foil hat brigade to my shame! You may dismiss what you read!
    I ask people here to look out for the signs/symptoms of electronic harassment. ELF’s seem to be mainstream! As do implants (WBAN).
    This technology is out there, you are not safe!!!!!
    I am now one of the “tin foil” hat brigade, Oh Yes! Someone, somewhere will be laughing at me I am quite sure!

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