Email Messages to Webmaster From Targeted Individuals (TIs)

Webmaster’s Introduction: The global targeting-gangstalking-electronic torture-nonconsensual human medical experimentation program is a war crime and a “crime against humanity.” I began radio and podcast interviews on these topics in about 2014 and started maintaining this website in 2016. Since then, I have received many messages from people around the world claiming to be targeted individuals (TIs). Their letters are most informative, insightful, and often heart-rending. I believe most of these messages are from genuine TIs who are deserving of help, compassion, and restitution/financial compensation from the organizations, institutions, and nations responsible for their targeting and torture.

This is easier said than done because governments, and allied media, intelligence agencies, militaries, medical mafias, corporations, satanic cults, private security groups, civilian vigilante groups, and other organizations carrying out these war crimes are skilled at covering them up. The “perpetrators” have many devices, perhaps the chief of which is the “psychiatric reprisal;” smearing victims of “the program” as insane. Additionally, it is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to distinguish genuine TIs from “fake TIs” who are paid perpetrators/agents in disguise. I estimate that about 10- 20% of the below messages could be from trolls, paid disinformation agents, spies, special ops forces, military disinformation specialists, etc. But which are the 10 – 20% fake ones? Welcome to my world and that of the world’s millions of (wrongly) “targeted individuals!” We have been involuntarily electronically imprisoned in a fake world of lies, spies, set-ups, and psyops…. in a word, “counter-intelligence stalking.” And we need to bear in mind that the internet was invented by the US military’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and it is an ideal medium for cyber-psychological-information warfare. The medium itself readily allows trolls and government or private security agents to don fake identities and to “spoof,” fool, spy upon, scare, terrorize, and misinform “targets”/victims.

Nils Melzer of the United Nations refers to gangstalking-electronic torture-involunatry human experimentation as “cyber torture.” This certainly comprises one aspect of “the program.” However, in my opinion, the UN is FUNDAMENTALLY involved in both the crime and coverup of global psywar-stalking operations. Hence, the term “cyber torture,” in this case, probably functions as a “limited hangout” (i.e., tell a little and conceal a lot more), a common technique deployed by intelligence agencies.

Even so, I believe that these emails provide much important information/data about the nature and scope of “the program.” These particular messages were sent to me alone, i.e., they were not circulated on a group email list. I estimate there are at least this many other “TIs” who have commented and shared part of their stories on the over 1600 posts on this website.

In this post, I am glad to honor the authors of these messages for their courage, intelligence, and insights. In addition, I believe this post helps to document their illegal, systematic, prolonged, and extraordinary tortures. The perps apparently are mainly government “interagencies” in cooperation with the medical-psychiatric establishment, legal system, law enforcement, and cooperating “vigilante” civilians and civilian groups who are duped by CIA-NSA-FBI-DHS and their private cutouts into harassing, terrorizing, torturing, and murdering their fellow citizens. Because this is a very cleverly disguised “torture-murder-human disposal” program, I don’t doubt that some of these individuals have subsequently committed suicide or died prematurely due to this program.

In a 2005 article, brilliant and courageous TI Harlan Girard estimated that it costs the government some $5 to 10 million per year per TI to carry out the targeting. However, massive profits accrue to the bio-medical establishment and weapons manufactuerers who utilize the TIs as involuntary test subjects. In terms of restitution/financial compensation for TIs, then, my best estimate is that each of us is owed at least $2 million for each year in which we are involuntarily targeted as human guinea pigs. And/or, if we die prematurely or commit suicide, both of which are primary objectives of “the program,” our families are owed at least $25 million.

Oct. 3, 2022; March 30, 2021 and Oct. 23, 2019:


A directed energy weapons system of the U.S. Department of Defense is used to silence and kill whistle blowers, activists & dissidents, or anyone the American Shadow Government considers a threat.

CIA DIA Contractors using an EXASCALE RNM Supercomputer, via Brain to Computer Interface, Electronic Brain to Brain Interface, and Brain to Cloud Interface are targeting their victims cerebral cortex with a bi-directional fabricated and falsified bit-stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves specifically tuned in to the victims brain wave signature, via a stream of ELF waves called the INFORMATION & INJECTION FEEDBACK LOOP, using fabricated & falsified brain wave signals causing heart attacks, strokes and other secondary & tertiary diseases & disorders

Point at which the Trauma Based Mind Control victim suffers Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, Adrenaline Damage, Artificially Induced Disease, etc., is an important ‘METRIC’ in the training, research & development of how to more effectively assassinate people with this Silent & Slow Kill technology

A computer multiplexer routes the signal to a tower, satellite or mobile platform and the tower satellite or mobile platform relays the signal to the digital receiver similar to how cell phone technology works

The digital receiver is tracked & pinpointed in real time just like a cell phone, except with CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL technology the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain

The brain of the mind control victim has been digitalized by the nanotechnology, etc., adhering to neurotransmitters in his/her brain but nanotech is not even necessary for mind control technologies of the CIA/DIA to work properly. Just necessary for training research & development in a real world environment using innocent men women and children as guinea pigs

The nanotechnology speaks to and decodes the neurotransmitters in the victims brain allowing the CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL Cognitive Researchers to turn the brain of the victim into their very own visual verbal & auditive communications system after they have mapped the brain of the victim into a cognitive model, which they achieve by way of repetitive infliction of physical & psychological trauma

CIA DIA Supercomputers use physical & psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer the sensory & neural pathways of the victims brain & central nervous system, meaning they are mapping patterns with identifiers. They are linking evoked potentials with descriptions

In order to map patterns with identifiers the CIA DIA Contractors (Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Behavioral Scientists, etc) have to create patterns. Patterns of what? Memory & Thought! They are using physical & psychological trauma to force the victim into repetitive patterns of behavior called RESPONSE STATISTICS which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM Data. Notice how Brandy Vaughn was first stalked and gas lighted before her murder? Trauma!

Only the Trauma Based Mind Control victim absorbs the stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves that is specifically tuned to the brain wave signature of the victim, which then interface with the nanotechnology in the victims brain. This is because only the victim possess that specific brain wave signature that the stream is specifically tuned into

Others around the victim do not absorb the energy or feel its effects because they do not possess that same unique brain wave signature as the victim. The stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves just flows through and around them and they are unaware

Take two cell phones and place them both on a table next to each other. Dial a specific number. Only one phone rings because only that phone possesses the specific residence frequency for that number

CIA/DIA Contractors are using ‘fabricated or falsified stream’ of electromagnetic energy that contains a carrier frequency specifically tuned to the unique one of a kind brain wave signature of the mind control victim to interfere with your memory & thought process

Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system’s output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate ‘subconscious responses’ which they will pretend are indicators
of honesty, dishonesty, positive recognition, etc and they will use these ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the fabricated & falsified responses are your own

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts & behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts & behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory & thought process while these mental suggestions are being provided ­ the interference is triggered & can be activated at will by the attackers.

2) Oct. 23, 2019


I came across your website and have added a link to it on my website which has been live since 2009 (copyrighted in 2011). First off, it’s a pleasure to come across someone else in America having some success (not being homeless or forced onto SSI/disability) even under these horrific circumstances. Are you a TI or did the topic just peak your interest?

I read parts of your website and must agree with many of your observations and conclusions. My targeting (at the frenzied level of TI) began while I was working at a VERY Jewish real estate office, Coldwell Banker in Orinda, CA as a new agent and father. Working alongside a highly-educated Jewish (ethnicity, not religion) elite from NYC whom was my new agent “mentor” at the time. He made extraordinarily NON-real estate agent comments to me when this shock-and-awe campaign began such as “nobody can survive in a constantly negative environment”, “what are you going to do Charlie?… stand on the corner and shoot them all?”, “the thing I love best about our relationship is that neither of us comes to the table with any ulterior motives”, “this is my favorite comic strip ever — I like breaking big rocks into little rocks” and “the government is slow but relentless”.

I have definitely observed that MANY of the participants appear to be of Jewish ethnicity (from their “unique” facial features). I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the mini-series “V” (Visitors) from the 1980’s. Once you see them – they appear to be EVERYWHERE.

My personal experience had the added “pleasure” of being swarmed by hispanics (mexicans) for the first 10 years of targeting, likely to try and conceal the true puppet-masters and add to my state of confusion and shock. This was due to being “steered” to a buy our house in a VERY mexican neighborhood during the red-hot Bay Area real estate market of 2004 where some of “life’s circumstances” created the perfect storm to run this operation on myself and my family.

My family and myself are all Caucasian (my wife has a few drops of Native American blood down the line and I appear to have a few drops of jewish blood down the line – discovered during genealogy research). My grandfather, Charles Julius Freeman, was Deputy Chief of FDNY and President of Uniformed Fire Officer’s Association in New York City, so growing up in NYC kept these very creative (and evil) conspirators mostly at bay during that time frame (my early childhood). Upon reflection, I seemingly had the “protection” of many of the participants in “Organized Stalking” during that time. But after moving to the West when I turned 16 years old, that “protection” slowly dissipated.

I have been subjected to the full-blown bell’s and whistles psychological warfare aspect as well as the immense physical torture from their directed energy weapons (which were strongest from early Jan 2006-2012). Have any of the targets you’ve interviewed that describe DEW attacks noticed an infrared camera looking device that is black and the size of a baseball mounted on a 12″-18″ stake (emitting a very bright cluster of flashing lights – even during the day) mounted in a neighbor’s yard and pointed at their house? This might just be part of the head-fuck. The non-stop jet engine hovering in my vicinity is another constant since this ordeal began in the final days of 2005/early days of Jan 2006. I initially thought they were looking for a marijuana grow, but it seems now the jet plane(s) are a part of their directed energy weapons attack arsenal. Possibly conducting counter-surveillance as well.

Another very interesting fact about myself is that when I was 10-11 years old and living in Brooklyn, I received at least 2 (possibly 3) “welcome/recruitment letters” addressed to me (full name, first and last) from the United States Air Force. I didn’t think much of it at the time (being a young child) but reflected on this when the directed energy attacks began hitting me in 2005/2006.

Too bad I didn’t come across your website a few months ago – my family (we are still together miraculously) and I just moved to Anthem, AZ from Arvada, CO. Are you still a professor at CSU? I must tell you that I am very impressed that you have the BRAVERY to publish what you have about the Jews which can so easily be construed and “sold” by them as their all-mighty “trump-card” — of you being anti-semitic.

Stay strong and keep up the good fight!

P.S. your email [email protected] is bouncing

Charlie Kartchner

PS: (3/30/2021)


Government Grunts Gone Wild…

Nice to hear from another TI that hasn’t succumbed to the crazy. This abuse seems to confuse – and do it quite well. Have you travelled to any non-US-friendly countries? Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc? I’ve been curious if this is truly worldwide, or “just” happening in countries under the thumb of US military power.

My full-blown attacks began in the SF Bay Area while working as a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker in Orinda back in late December 2005 / early January 2006. I recently filed Privacy Act requests and received the attached. FBI still denies having any records (ROFLMAO). I believe in my heart of hearts that they are one of the, if not THE primary perp agency. With the help of their “Secret Society” tool.

Have you filed Privacy Act requests with NSA, DIA, ODNI, FBI, Homeland Security and other national security agencies?

We should chat.


Privacy Act Requests From Charlie Kartchner To Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence

[gview file=””]

March 26, 2021:

I was abused by a homemade device the United States knows about Top Secret not to all and because doctors do not know I paid too high a price in life abused! I am not mentally ill but repeated lies and it is me but I was abused to write everything to report it as told.

I am defenseless! These devices are real! Where do I report this to when most do not know.

The social dilemma documentary watch it. “People can control other countries remotely.”

“What would it mean to you if you could change just 1% of people to make your life better? Millions”

I reported this and you did Nothing!

Theresa Slater

March 22, 2021:

Hi Dr. Karlstrom,
I’ve been a victim of gang stalking for 15 years now. One year ago my brother noticed they were doing it to him. I will spare you all the stories since they are all on your site. Every trick and technique you mention on your site has been done to me.
Please help me figure out how to handle this. My brother is on the verge of suicide. He is an adult night school teacher and they pack his class room with students that mess with his mind. I will try to spare you most of the stories.

I’m ok since I’m on permanent disability and have always enjoyed staying home alone. He has to work for a living.

If i could fix one thing it would be to figure out how they know everything that i’m doing in my house in real time. When I get ready to go somewhere they call the neighbors and they come out and wait for me to point their cameras/phone at me or stand in my driveway. When my wife and i would have sex the people from the church around the corner would crowd on my front porch. I have several security cameras showing what people do outside.
Every day they show proof that they are watching me at all times. When I walk up to a window the neighbors will honk their horns. Every morning when I get out of bed a horn would honk everyday. When I turn off my tv to go to bed, a horn will honk. These are just a few stories. I have a hundred others I could tell.

Please give me any advice you can. All I want at this point is privacy in my home and I have none. I’m in a glass house, and all my neighbors can see or are informed by text or phone call. They leave me alone mostly now.They know how I react. I don’t tolerate what the neighbors do to me and I get in their face. Same at the stores when they used to follow me around. They know now it’s not worth messing with me openly. I have found that I can get away with a lot, fighting back. I have found that guilty people don’t call the police, and they are all guilty. My poor brother is not like me. He has no “fight” in him.

March 21, 2021


If you go an internet search for Global Community Weekly Substack Buck Williams then get to the Global Community Weekly page, then at the bottom of the page is “archives” click on that, then at the top of the page it has “Archive” and “Top” …. click on Top then you see the #1 ranked press report (yours), the #2 ranked press report (mine), the #3, the #4 and so forth.


Bill Edstrom (William Curtis Edstrom)
[email protected]

Hi Eric,

Your interview on The Richie Allen Show on Vimeo is the #1 most popular press report at a new news website of news about gang stalking, electronic torture, the global surveillance state better known as the global zersetzung state and more.

Just do an internet search for Global Community Weekly Substack Buck Williams or click on the link Multiple Agencies Of Government Are Gang Stalking Those Who Challenge The System

Multiple Agencies Of Government Are Gang Stalking Those Who Challenge Th…
Buck Williams
Organized Gang Stalking New Torture Tactic to Neutralize Citizens

Comment to Video: Organized Gangstalking Manual Part 1 of 3 (from “Bright Light On Black Shadows”, 2015)

Don Stanley
4 months ago
Funny story , in January 2015, my stalking went overt after being somewhat dormant after I moved from St Louis to milwaukee 3 1/2 years prior.

On just one encounter, a barnes and noble, on a sunday, when I had been there for years, and was normally mostly empty, was suddenly full with these gang stalker freaks..

One of them was asked a question which I did not hear the question, but the stalker old bag replied, ” yes, we just reicieved a 1.2 million dollar grant to run these criminals out of town.

Not more than maybe 20 minutes later, some young maybe 15 girl sitting at table with what looked to be grandpa, says _ ” why? The guy is just doing nothing” to which grandpa replied ” You will do whatever your country asks you to do…_ ”

We are living in dangerous times my friend.

March 18, 2021

New comment on your post “Freemasonry/Gangstalking/Targeted Individuals Videos”
Author: LK Devor (IP address:,
Email: [email protected]


My siblings and I were trafficked from our birth, for medical research. There is much evidence that a plan had been made, by our extended family of wealthy, highly placed professionals, that we would be murdered one by one, for life insurance. I only began to understand this, in the last ten years, or so.

Two of my brothers had highly suspicious, highly premature deaths, as did my father. I am in the “gang stalking” program and I am tortured daily in many ways. Some $700,000 of my earning have been stollen, likely right out of my bank accounts. This is a mobster-like form of servitude. I do hope that somehow I can be liberated to accomplish larger goals.

My mother’s family is the “Devor” family. My father’s family is the Uhrmaker family. Their name was changed to Winemaker. Our family name was changed to Williams. The goal was likely to leave us as sitting ducks.

We were raised in near total isolation, until I was about to turn 12. We have minimal contact with our huge family –6 aunts and uncles on my father’s side, 8 aunts and uncles on my mothers and many cousins. We were inculcated to avoid people of our ancestry.

I think that prayer can help and I thank you for your offer of prayer.

I have evidence pointing to my having been trafficked to the MKULTRA program. My extended family clearly wished to take whatever profit came of it and sabotage me, totally. I was able to accomplish a number of life goals and to always be self-sufficient, from age 20. However, I have been tortured, sujegated, deprived and terrorized for most of my life.

I used to be amazed that “family” members could subject their relatives to such extreme horrors. My brothers and father who were likely murdered, for life insurance, were most gifted and extraordinary persons.


Hi Eric,
i ‘ve never talked with you on one to one basis. And have some ideas on targeting by the Zio-Mafia, its methods and madness as they moved in next door shortly after 911 after the FBI raid on P-tech. I guess the p-tech program, the octopus, was identified by Indira Singh, who may herself have deep CIA connections, dunnoh, but she pushes the Egyptian theme about 911 the catalyst for this militarization of the world thru covert terror operations. As i started that Qunicy Mass was home of p-tech, where Michael Goff was pushing his program in sales in the mid nineties. Anyway it seems the family moved next door, not Mike but his younger and just as mad brother, David going as Nicholas Cervantes. (what a laugh a turk playing mexcian). Been there about sixteen years now. So there method is gas, mind/body control aerosols of all descript, bottled, gel base, manifold to outlets in mist, rain, gel bullet rain from landscape outlets, mostly piping, some fence, some just odd metal pipes, decorative landscape stuff too. I was trying to escape this morning by sleeping in the Riverbed here below, as the land is a couple acres along the San Jacinto River about a mile up from the Soboba Indian Casino, and the seven thousand acre reservation nestled in the mountain foothills, i heard some small explosions whilst in my tent waking up, checked the VOC on the air quality monitor, it was an attack level VOC. Anyways, from that family poison gas and an offer to my brother to buy the land, kind of hidden from the road, so it makes sense how they want to hide. Anyway if this gets to you successfully, i can expand on my situation and its impact worldwide etc. Peace bro, :Don-howard-Lovell

Feb. 14, 2021:

Howdy, I’m a TI in Houston and suffer from v2k and gangstalking. I tried writing you a couple of years ago but got no reply. Since , I’ve been robbed once and had 3 bikes stolen by street perps but I’ve managed to hold down a job for 18 months and save a little money for a truck after being blacklisted and homeless sleeping on the pavement. I work in a fortune cookie factory, heh heh pretty good for a fella with a BA in Sociology, eh? The people, subhumans involved in my human trafficking are out of Georgia and are Us army and the southern syndicate known as the Confederacy. I ascertain that their nexus is around Fort Benning , probably connected with the school of the Americas or it’s western hemisphere security group.their accents in the v2k transmissions are straight Georgia and use different idioms than we Texans use. I want to work with you and fight back. They may hack my e mail so my address is 2910 Crawford st.Houston Texas 77004. My phone is346 350-4718 .please contact me man cos I feel isolated and it’s like I’ve not been able to connect with anyone on this issue. Let’s make the battle space their front yard and prosecute them for treason. Yours in solidarity and struggle, Kevin Glover

19 June 2020

Subject : Gangstalking harassment discrimination in Canada

Hi,This has been going on in Canada since about 2014.

I used to post on an online forum and exchanged emails with people on there. I have heard of people finding true love, since I am a shy person. People were starting to bully me indirectly at my old workplace and a situation got out of hand so I vented on an online forum about it. Then I had made some penpals, and we exchanged emails messages. This was a while back. Since emailing these penpals via an online forum, I started to notice, that users were repackaging my personal information on an online forum from the emails I would send. They also started saying scenarios similar to what was going on. I used to send emails, to people and I also used to want to help people out on there. Back then I even asked the the online forum user about it and they denied any involvement. I have wanted to be their friends, exchange other contact information and then maybe hang out as friends. I now realize that they started going on smear campaigns of cyber bullying, constantly humiliating me, and assassinating my character, and defame me and so on. Someone at that workplace must have been sharing all my personal emails, and they were able be covert about it.
At the same time they started doing this in person on the job. I ask several employees and bosses about this, and they denied any involvement. I realize now all that they probably did was gaslight me and report me, as well as employees and old friends. Now they have gotten everyone to harass, discriminate me, most doctors are doing this, denying any assistance, several levels of government, police officers are involved with too. I have tried to contact them, and report about the bullying but nothing really came out of it. They somehow managed to convince everyone I know, strangers, friends, that they are right and I am some crazy person, or any label they use just to make themselves look good. Everyone comes around to audit me, my issues, ask me the same questions in different forms, just to frustrate me and find out something to use against me and oppose me.

Everyone really enjoys doing this; they get kicks out of this. Again these covert bullies are all doing it above the law. I have briefly looked into it, and it seems like the covert bullies know the laws really well. It is like they have connections to top lawyers, police, mafia, and are able to get away with everything. Some of them even boasted about this. They over apply the rules to me, but themselves don’t apply it. They are all defending each other. These covert bullies monitor and report whatever I am doing now and then they destroy me in every which way possible. They have destroyed my life. If one way doesn’t work, they find another way all within the law to abuse me. My guess is someone must have reported me, and got some lawyers on my case. I have to add that I tried contacting some lawyers and looks like they turned against me and took the covert bullies side. Also it seems to be lots of religious people that are involved. I have reported some to the online forum but the covert bullies are still cutting me down. I didn’t hear anything from them. There is a lot more than I am mentioning here. I don’t have any money for a lawyer, let alone move out, and would need support can’t do several things myself. I believe the covert bullies are always two steps ahead, so no matter what I do, they are always ready to abuse me and take great satisfaction out of this. There is more to it than this. I do not know what else to do in this case, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great please. Since I had posted in that forum the bullying has gotten even worse, the smear campaign etc…

PS Every time I have talked to coworkers and others about it about what was going on they would increase their psychological harassment, gangstalking and so on. I am even gangstalked on almost everything. Even I filed complaints to Federal, provincial, and other organizations, the gangstalking increases. I even contacted more lawyers who gave me another run around, recently and they can’t help out and charge fee. It is like they convinced everyone I know. Everyone keeps coming up with new tactics, to gangstalk.

Thank you,
Raj B
[email protected]


Hello Eric,

I have long appreciated your talks and excellent information on gang stalking and the geoengineering behind our weather along with exposing the lies and disinfo on climate change.

I have a question please regarding the first item. Have you had anyone who has a super sense of smell not able to sleep anywhere due to smells? I definitely had mold in my house and now am super chemically sensitive and mold sensitive. I can’t find a place to live that I am not experiencing mold or chemical smells. It almost seems like they put a frequency around my house or on me to then not be able to sleep at night. Have you had any others tell you this?

Also, in regard to your conversation with Rense and the Nazi’s use of mind control, Elana Freeland, my friend, sent me the following link regarding the use of such way back in the late 1700’s!!! This man had doctors confirm he was not crazy but they locked him up anyway….
See: “A snippet of Freemason technology history, which, by the way, includes occult devices and skills.”
Mike Jay recounts the tragic story of James Tilly Matthews, a former peace activist of the Napoleonic Wars who was confined to London’s notorious Bedlam asylum in 1797 for believing that his mind was under the control of the “Air Loom” – a terrifying machine whose mesmeric rays and mysterious gases were brainwashing politicians and plunging Europe into revolution, terror, and war.
Eric based on Joseph Farrell’s book “Yahweh The Two-Faced God” with this document signed by Hitler, Max Warburg (A Jew whose brother was Paul Warburg who set up the “Federal Reserve” (that is neither Federal or a Reserve) in America, along with a top Zionist in 1933, all indicating to me the Zionists and Nazi’s worked together. What say you? It is my contention that they are not enemies, Zionists needed a “New Pearl Harbor” event for starting their war on terrorism with 9/11, just like they needed 6 million Jews to die in concentration camps during WWII (even though there were more after the war in Germany than before WWII from what I can gather) to take over Israel and to make them appear mortal enemies and needing our forever sympathy. Joseph Farrell won’t go this far in saying so in this book but it is fascinating reading at to what was before Christianity world-wide and, as JF states the rise of Zionism movement happened at the same time as the rise of the Rapture Doctrine. Interesting yes? And where were the anti-Nazi Jews in pointing out the 10,000 Nazi’s brought to America after the war? They said nothing and were not alarmed by this at all??? Something is VERY fishy I say. Regarding the geoengineering by NASA (NAZI), I believe the website, a NASA website, is used by these same Germans to control our weather world-wide. Are you aware of it and how you can see how they are manipulating the jet stream, bending the atmosphere, controlling where it rains and how much particulate and chemicals are in certain locations at various times and so much more?

Lastly, thank you for your interesting work on nano. No doubt you are aware Elana Freeland will be coming out with a book on such in March or so of this year. She has written two other books on the geoengineering and the next is on the nano. If you don’t know of her work, here it is:
Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014)
Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (2018)
Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History series, 2nd Ed. 2018
[Book on synthetic biology connections to chemical/nano delivery systems out this year]
Blog site:

– Thank you for your wisdom and heart,
= Lucretia =
Ashland, Oregon

Jan. 10, 2021:

To Whom it may Concern,

I am a Muslim woman, Immigrant, born in Pakistan and have 2 kids born in USA . I was married for 15 years, I recently got divorced in Jan 2020 as my ex-husband couldn’t stand stresses of harassment and stalking. I have been living in US for last 14 years or more. Few years earlier I bought a house in Central Valley and started practicing dentistry in Central Valley. The reason for mentioning my personal life is to give you an idea how this harassment, stalking , civil right violation affected my married life, my kids, my career, my health. The reason for stalking, Harassment, Civil rights violations is I dare to complaint on harassment and unlawful activities at FQHCin Tulare County. Before making those complaint, I was living peaceful life.

2016- 2018 complaint on harassment/ privacy breach at Federal Qualified Health Center in Tulare due to which I got terminated in May 2018. In my last few emailed Where I started complaining on retaliation due to my harassment complaints I got terminated. Word “FYI” was added in the last few emails. At that time, I was not sure what it means. (Later at my job at Federally Qualified Health Center in Visalia, my Supervisor Dr.Amin stated Don’t you understand your name has been flagged. I complaint on stalking/ privacy breach and harassment atFQHC and civil right violation).

Mid – Late 2018– After my termination I started getting stalked electronically where on internet. I have been trolled/harassed/stalked and told that I am making a mistake in filing the case against FQHC. Harasser has controlled at content of my Internet. I changed 2 phones after I get stalked electronically and closed most of my account. I submitted complained to IC3 in 2018 and have received no response. At that time, I thought maybe it is harasser or employee of Altura and complaint to IC3 but stalker and harasser are v sophisticated and controlled content of internet and media and I believe Law enforcement employee is part of harassment. I have At&t wireless and Verizon cellular data.

Late 2018–I started getting stalked/harassed and privacy breach issues continues at my new job at Western Dental in Hanford . Due to harassment and insisting to move to Porterville I left the job. I found a job at FQHC in Visalia but stalker on internet kept harassing me and has powerful influence at FQHC. Before I even started at FQHC I have been told on internet that it is even easier to harass me at FHCN which I faced later at FHCN ( At FHCN, Porterville name often appear in harassment at FQHC where, going bathroom in public in Porterville, ICE and Porterville has often use to harass/humiliate me because of me being Muslim and immigrant and after filing case against Altura Health Organization, Calling me radical, Violent, stripper, Flasher . Due to these topics I stopped turning light on while I use bathroom. It affected my life badly and I also live with underage kid and stalking/Vandalization of my house/ Harassment incident related to using restroom is a concern for my family. I also received a call from Malty who stated she is living in Virginia and moving to Eastern Europe for studying in Dental school. Her name was Gupta but she always contacted me with name Malty. While I was losing my mind with stalking and harassment, she called me and told me the people robbed my house when I was on Vacation, she stated there were cameras in bathroom where I worked and were also talking about how kids get kidnapped in this area. Also, she expressed that in a day or two everything on internet will be OK like normal and it did happen for day or two but when I confronted her role in the situation she got hostile and send me text that she has flash and if I have bring it. Before her call I took a screen shot of unusual nudity on you tube post about video of surveillance camera of random women( I have screen shot) and later Malty repeated what shows on my you tube. After that day Flash become topic of harassment at FQHC. Malty stated her brother work for Intel.

Mid-Late 2018– I followed by huskies’ dog, Trash throws outside my street, Staged act performed where little girl was injured outside my house wall taken from school bus and ambulance. (Police car, probation car, ambulance, school bus, ambulance and other city vehicle use for harassment purposes on multiple occasion), Car burned in front of me going to Job and accident or Collision where car destroyed(I believe these were act to intimidate me from my complaint on harassment )

2019: I do not have any personal issues at FQHC but I was being harass, discriminated, stalked. Stalking continues when I started working for FQHC Organization which I complained in writing to FQHC, Visalia. My Immediate Supervisor Dr. Mirnayat suggested it has law enforcement involvement and pointed on few occasions Federal Corporation on the charts when I complaint on Stalking. Dr. Ayesha Amin stated your name has been flagged and there are 1-2 people monitor you on your cellular data on your personal phone. I informed her whoever monitored is using to harass me and stalked me.

March 30 2019: Chp Police Officer stalked and stopped me and performed Sobriety test. I never drink alcohol. I attached detailed complaint and incident. I believe he was stalking me and involved in harassment and civil right violation. I also got 2 speeding ticket in Porterville Jurisdiction in very short period of time after bringing harassment complaint forward against harasser at FQHC. Right after my complaint for some reason I got transferred to Woodville for my job and got 2 speeding ticket. I believe it is due to my complaint to FQHC. I also got stalked and stopped recently by special service Chp and matter is under investigation.

June 12 2019: Harassment at FQHC was severe where I started seeing Psychiatrist. My car wheel came out of the car and I was about to end up in an accident. I parked the car on the side. Police car passed by me like always after harassment and did not stop. I had to cancel hrs at work and towed my car. I complaint to Attorney Anna Parker about the harassment related to my complaint on FQHC.

July 20th 2019: My hair turned green at Salon because of my religion, country of birth and choices of songs I was listening and not stopping to bring harassment and stalking complaint forward. Later another Salon: Salon Metropolis added a red tint to my hair. These are hate crime related to Stalking, Harassment, civil right violation.

Oct 15 2019: My job got terminated because of me not taking harassment and started Complaining in writing to FQHC.

Oct 2019 till today: When I tried to find Lawyer for the case I got retaliated by harassing and stalking me in various ways, Lawyers and anywhere including Tulare King dental Society, EDD, Employer, Govt Agency, Dr’s I contacted started taking my name wrong in order to bully me and harass me. This harassment is continued till today where no one can say my name right. It is a system of harassment use against minorities and I believe it is not possible without law enforcement involvement.

Dec 15 20 & Jan 2020- I received Parcels on different occasion in mail under my name . One from Kirgizstan and 2 from China in relation with stalking. I received it when my ex-husband left house. Someone has knowledge of privacy and exploit it.

Feb 2020, I gave name of some CHP officer for internal investigation. Few of the employee involved are CHP Porterville, Visalia, Fresno, Special, Secret service branch become a target of harassment, stalking, vandalization, civil right violation. I couldn’t find job since I got terminated since whoever is involved in harassment has influence and destroying my career and harassment is affecting my life.

March 2020: Visalia Police Department has shown no progress other than collecting my reports. I believe harassment in such an organized way is not possible without City officials’ involvement. Visalia Police stopped answering my calls since 4/2/20 once I mentioned in the report that I tried to report stalking incident and officer asked me to call Monday from 8-5pm to report the incident. On March 6 2020 Visalia Police showed up at my house unannounced and believe act was to intimidate/stalk and harass me for making complaint. I do believe Law enforcement has involvement in harassment/stalking/privacy breach/civil right violation incidences otherwise these incidents are not possible.

These incidences caused me severe stress lead to disability and harasser are powerful and resourceful and making it difficult to find a job without going thru harassment and limiting my career opportunity and quality of life.

I received calls when I tried to complaint with people names that is discouraging to complaint, work or in general. For example, If I complaint to Melissa Barrios than Melissa come for cleaning. If I applied to Job Anna at the call center kept repeating her name and telling me by the way I am Anna as I complained to Anna Parker regarding FQHC illegal activities. My lawyer subbed the case and sent document which has paralegal name Jake, coincidentally I received a call from the person with same name Jake from Congressman Devin Nunes office few hours earlier. If I complaint on Chp secret service employee, At&T employee started conversation with “What Happened”. Today received call from Lithia from in shape after discussing my mom about toxic add to our daily use product by stalkers and list goes on. I believe there is law enforcement involvement in civil right violation. At FQHC Visalia FBI, law enforcement and Ice involvement suggested by the employees. I reported all the incident to Police and other related authorities.

City has organized Stalking system which is run by powerful criminals with the consent of Law enforcement. My civil rights has been violated/harassed /stalked/vandalization, violence against me/my family and dealt with police misconduct.

Please review it with citizen review board for police misconduct .

Dr. Samreen Riaz
1534 S Manzanita street
Visalia, Ca 93292

Jan. 10, 2021:


I am shakthidhar Reddy from Bangalore India.

My targeting is out in the open in my city & other places I have visited in my country.

Key differences between my case & other TI’s worldwide are:

1) Booming voices of the PERPS come out of my person which are audible to others people while I am in public.

2) A live feed of my torture is being broadcast in the form of a ‘live feed’ to millions. I & my Immediate family are the only ones who do not have access to this I’ve feed which is what I need to get out of this electronic prison alive.

My city Bangalore itself has a population of 12.5 million. There is nowhere in my city I can go where people do not recognize who I am.

As mind-bogglingly outrageous as this sounds, this is fact. Please do not dismiss the enormity of what I am saying off hand. Give me the benefit of the doubt & get in touch with me. My case has enough tangible evidence to blow the lid off this inhumane torture system.

Kindly read my FB posts if you wish to know more details before contacting me.

Đăng nhập Facebook

Jan. 9, 2021:

Let me know if others see when they were targeted: there is suspicion mine was after (or during) working behind Deepwater Horizon/Obama/The EDF

(The movie was directed by Mark Wahlberg and is excellent with Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell)


Krista K. Eilers, MSW, QRP

Jan. 8, 2021:

Greetings to you Dr. Karlstrom in the name of our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus.

I am contacting you after recently discovering & listening to a few of your select interviews that have been posted to YouTube.
Reflecting back upon the course I have reason to suspect that my targeting may have been active since my childhood. But I can most certainly trace it back to at least the early 90’s.

I suppose that my greatest reason for contacting you today, is to inquire as to what I can lend to the fight personally, in way of volunteering or become more active in combating this evil alongside others. Are you personally involved with organizations that might be seeking to petition our nation for a legal hearing concerning this evil? Are you currently active with any grassroots organizations that are against this satanic ritual of targeting human life for destruction?

As I recall you stating in one of your interviews it appears that many of the organizations that market themselves as being safe havens where a T.I. can find assistance are inflitrated if not completely spear headed by the same groups doing the targeting. I have come to this unforutnate realization myself ( after contacting more than one affiliation promising assistance)

Have you considered starting a non-profit organization with the mission of establishing small T.I. communities throughout the nation? They could perhaps operate in a fashion that mirrors larger, well ochestrated homeless shelters. I am suggesting this idea to you simply b/c you are already well established as a national spokesperson.

Also, have you personally had any contact with Edward Snowden? Those of us that are merely everyday citizens without a well structred financial system and without national recognition, are desperately in need of voices like yours to make our individual plights more well known. I am a former Army veteran; a licensed minister and a man that lives by meager means. I am a servent of the Lord who does what I can, where I can to offer service to others; but I feel a stronger calling upon my heart/spirit to do more. After listening to one of your interviews, I was under the impression that you were in Austin,Tx, and became very much animated with the possibility that you might be orchestrating a movement here in Texsas, where they boast of everything being “biiger and better”(including the demonism of targeting)

But I am thankful to GOD for there HIM allowing men like yourself to h ave a national platform in which you are addressing this satanic practice.

GOD Bless you
Keep the faith

Jan. 5, 2021:

Very grateful to your exposure of the issues and plowing through it here, survived escaping Kansas (the percentage of those involved in the Greater Kansas City Area is extremely high and they attempted to ruin our 20th Platinum Anniv. across eleven US states). I was teaching in the Rocky Mountains and toured more healing centers, doing yoga on 22 Pacific beaches in California (my birth state). Berkeley is considering me for the PhD. and I appreciate your site for posttraumatic growth.

Cheers to 2021 (my story is this book but the position it in Maine)
Thanks – my company, HolisticHealing.US on Facebook still locked down, find me on LinkedIn

Krista K. Eilers, MSW, QRP

Jan. 2, 2021:

I was looking for advice on where to go or contact-possible investigators. I believe my family and I are victims of electromagnetic harassment. I have turned in the constant vehicles circling our home to the local police. Both of my sons have mentioned feeling an electric shock/pulse as well as my self and hearing possible voices. It has also caused mood changes in both children that coincides with the constant car circling. The internet will also cut in and out and the ability to make phone calls.
The house has been checked for any electrical issues and possible surges. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Dec. 2, 2021:

December 27, 2020

Dear Eric Karlstrom,

I was so animated by your presentation on World Beyond Belief of 8/11/2016. Don’t know why i had not
discovered you sooner. Have been satellite stalked for almost 12 years now and the police i talk to know absolutely nothing about it. The detectives i have gone to and the police have never been of any help. I have moved 5 times and each time a colony grows around me just as you say. Many many drive bys, many many actings outs, many many cries for help. Learned too late that the psychological community is the worst, part of the problem. Three moves in Lititz, Pa, One move to Cumberland County Pa and now stuck in Cherry Hill, NJ and the colony, one leader mainly with a major face lift and wardrobe change. And of course, the entourage even living above me, next to me, and then across from me, and down the hall, and downstairs, etc.

Have spent hours trying to deal with the FBI, etc., get nowhere because as you say they are part of the problem. I deeply mourn for the state of this country. We are on the Titanic. Trump may be a time traveler. This country has so much blood on its hands, there is no way that God will not do to America what He did to Israel in the old testament every time they got too wicked. And i don’t see how this country with most of our leaders being traitors and betrayers and most of the Christians wimps, that God can turn his face from the cup that is so overflowing. Trump may just be a limp hope that the powers that be set up for us to follow the leader down the road to becoming children of the devil with the Warp Speed.

I will continue to read your site. I thank you so much for your brilliance and all the info and connections that you have made. I never saw that this whole stalking thing was a part of the big picture of eliminating the dissidents.

It is true that they have turned me in as a Middle Eastern terrorist and even orchestrated when i DO get out the door to have their fellow Satanists show up to see who is next on the menu as well as bringing their children that gape at me in amazement. So many people he has sent to take a gander at the menu. And there is no where to take this.

I too because of this situation have become isolated from most Christians, from most of my “friends,” and of course, from my own family. The only way i can have any kind of concord with them is never to mention what has been going on with me and all the time i have taken to try to make it go away. I was almost going to say you don’t understand, BUT YOU DO. They are as totally evil as the things that go on in the White House. How did they learn to be so evil. They HAVE ruined my life, in so many ways, and isolated me just as you say.

QUESTION: Could you spell the name of the woman you mentioned ” Lorrine Moreau” that does weekly updates on her state of affairs? What is her website and maybe i could start my own weekly update with summaries of the past 12 years. No dirty dirty think is above them.

There is nothing special about me. I am about your age, educated, and have done nothing wrong except to have a hunger for the truth. But i think there are other things involved, being a Christian – actually i understand why the world hates the Christians. Because most of them i would be ashamed to be associated with now that i have been ostracized from most churches because they do not believe in what has been happening to me. I could really write a book. I believe that there is witchcraft involved in this also. But alas, I have no intecessor to hold me up except myself and my faith is waning [?] rapidly. We are supposed to be comfort others with the comfort we receive from our own brethren. Not happening.

They are all over. I can pick out immediately whatever is staged to happen, the chance drive bys, etc. I see it all; go to the police and the detectives and if they would just follow through with what i see, i could get somewhere.

They have done such dirty dirty dirty things to me. People will say, well that is just a coincidence, even the Christians. So i am basically alone. In Cherry Hill, NJ only because i was almost to become homeless due to the complexities of this situation.

So, I admire you and would like to keep contact with you. I really admire your compassion and your intellectual brilliance and our similar experience of this wicked wicked world. There is no way that we are not getting close to the point where the imaginations of the hearts of man were only wicked continually. But then you see movies like Blade Runner and God actually lets the AI happen and all the world becomes clones, and the horrible mind stuff and the targeted stuff keeps going on for quite a while. Is God a – sadist? My friend says that my problem is that i pray to God and that is incorrect. You pray to Jesus.

Is there anyone around here that could come along side me and come with me to the FBI or whomever. A lone woman never makes it. You have no idea what these people have done under the cloak of ??? the spirit of witchcraft, They all work together, just like the tower of Babel, and God destroyed it. I don’t see God doing anything but watching. The Christians are the worst army in the history of the world. Where are the men? Do they really have to ask their pastor if they can use firearms to defend their family when threatened? Guess the water supply has done a wonderful job with the men in this country. All the men get killed in the fake wars and in 911 incidents etc. Look at what is left?

Would like to hear back from you or even if you know someone i could share thoughts and talk to about what is really going on in this world. You are right. They destroy your life to the point that you find no reason to be here anymore. Suicide is not an option.

Where can i get those stickers or pamphlets that you mention? Or did you mention pamphlets?

Always had many friends and admired. Now, because of security issues, i have to have a housesitter to even leave the house. And this causes a lot of problems in addition to everything else. There is no one to understand the ramifications of just how just what they do is so systemic. I know the face-lifted leader of the back was SRA’d by his mother. A lot of them are generational, but alot of them are like you say brown nosers.

Never thought that my life could be like this. Please try to get back to me. If i sound desperate, I am. Even the few friends that i have left don’t really understand that i have been in jail and do not have a normal life like everybody else. There are times – like you said that i dont’ even want to leave the house because of the latest assault on my sanity. Then you spend days incorporating it into your psyche and get up and keep fighting ALONE.

My name is Elizabeth Adjan. Thank you for being a bright light that shines in the dark to a very very dark world.
[email protected]
111 Chestnut Street
Apt 407
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
856 356 2807
cell 717 569 4407. I do not use this much.

Again, if you can give me the name of the woman that has a weekly update on i assume – Utube, and also any referral for someone that lives in this God awful town that is full of highrises and places to eat and shop. UGH! Full of rich people – Italians, Irish and Jewish.

You are one of the few gifts left to this unappreciative world where anything goes. Thanks for listening.

Dec. 19, 2020:


The Bolsheviks have gone aggressive on me. I decided to pay a visit to them. When I approached my harassing neighbors with a great big ole smile, they were stunned. I asked them “How’s it going? Since you work at the pentagon (Tom Pohash – this is factual) how has life been treating you?” He and his wife were flabbergasted. No one said a word. I asked, “Are you enjoying the weather?” I mentioned how I love the snow. After then the wife (Wendy Pohash) said, “I don’ t understand.” Thought to myself, what does she not understand? Oh boy, we’re all confused does that make us friends? These a**holes have no idea the level of our intuitiveness. A couple of weeks later they walked down to my property when they saw me out and wanted to discuss there was a dead fox on their property. Told them I was not interested in there BS. The wife (Wendy Pohash) insisted on trying to engage in a conversation. Said to them outright how sorry it was he had to live with this miserable old **** Both walked away ins shame.

These shitheads called law enforcement on me in 2018 when my beloved Alpacas suffered an “unprecedented virus” – according to area veterinarians. It was most unusual. I on

I am acquainted with county officials and have an excellent repoire.

Carolyn D.

Oct. 16, 2021:

Dearest Mr. Karlstrom,

While researching gang stalking and trying to find resources or organizations to help me I found nearly nothing. I came upon your name and I am cob5actung you in hopes to get some guidance it help to stop my gang stalkers. It us rampant right now in Nevada and mine is clearly and undeniably gang stalking by my apartment complex and areas surrounding me. My story is extensive but intriguing and if you give me some if your time you might find out new techniques they are using. I say that mine is life threatening because I am being gassed from my neighbors and it is affecting me physically, I’m assuming to the point if death, is their motive. I have 2 young boys who I’m sure are being stalked as well. I know for sure one is chipped. I could really use some help in any way for I fear I might not live much longer. They are using gas in my car and my surrounding areas and I believe this is what is happening to our world… Not COVID. if you could find some time to go tact me I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Tammy. My number is 4356900185. Thank you for your time.

Tammy Johnson

Oct.16, 2020

Dear Erick

an amazing website you have created ! THANK YOU!

i am wondering about a couple of topics….

one – there are now cell phone apps that can conduct attacks on people…police use them… perps use them..

in my case… i have experienced those…. and now… in a new location… style of the attacks has changed…. starts later in the night/early morning…giving me an impression that it is a person behind it vs a satellite….my left foot starts vibrating …. an implant ?? … and sending destructive frequencies through my body… i immediately can feel impact on my heart and my thyroid… i crash….

interestingly… my biofeedback program shows in perverse energy panels various elevated energies like : gamma radiation, exray, ELF .. AND cell phone radiation….so i wonder if an attack may be done by a neighbor from a cell phone app.. – i would love to learn about this… have not been able to find any info on this…wish there was an app to direct the energy right back !!!! haha

also…. a lot of info says that implants are no longer needed to attack….

two months ago… i stayed in a hotel by Quito airport waiting for the flight out of ecudor… i woke up w a half an inch hairline cut on my finger that was not there when i went to bed….. two weeks later i heard Katheryn Horton saying: now they can come into your home and put a nano chip that will look like a hairline cut…..ABOUT HALF AN INCH IN size…… exactly what happened to me….. I would really like to remove this chip… some info on your website said that nano chips utilize ones own biology and thus exray will not detect it

about a year ago… i saw an article on internet and did not copy it… and it has been taken down… that a Dr in Mexico City has removed nano implants… = so much would like to learn about solutions ! HOW to find the implants in a way that is meaningful for a surgeon…

a lot of ” missing time” …. what happens in that missing time ? literally i have had many weeks when i think it is MONDAY and i look on comcputer and it is FRIDAY!!!! i am not aware of the time passed….? what happens?

some helpful things that i have come up with:

covering oneself w a 0,5pb exray apron or a rectangle… exray curtain… made by a medical manufacturer.. there is one in TX or china

biofeedback treatment that cancels out as many as possible frequencies that have been sent…. i am sure that is the only reason i am alive

bioshield USB … transforming energy around one… BioShield , french tech… or Rezotone.. Russian Tech

Dr Robert Young’s approach…. he has been targeted ! i dont know now…. glass of water w good salt in it

homeopathic remedies for radiaiton… tissues salts…

Chinese herbal personal prescription = give symptoms to a chinese dr and they will mkae the formula… even a dr in china town…. usually very helpful.. because attacks drain the body… destroy hormones… bones.. brain… Chinese herbal formula is always built for balance…in the body..

thank you sincerley




Dear Eric,

Thanks for the link, and reply!

I really liked the tracks you put on your gangstalking website, I’d upload some of the new ones to youtube if I could but it seems we only get a sample 1 or 2 minutes before the sound cuts out.

When I asked if you knew anything about the Scientologists exploiting children I meant in a sexual sense rather than in terms of basic labour. Back in the early days of my targeting I was subjected to a long, well planned and seemingly often practised multi layered deception that involved me getting drugged and framed with an under-aged ‘prostitute’ whilst backpacking around SE Asia. Whoever did this (I know for a fact that I was already being targeted by Israeli’s and Scientologists) used the situation to frame me as a paedophile and ‘outsource’ my targeting to some very sinister, evil and self-serving criminals.

The initial aim of my targeting seemed to be to smear me as a sexual predator (which couldn’t be further from the truth – under natural circumstances I’m very reserved and even stand-offish when it comes to women) and then cast me to the wolves. Once wasn’t enough for them though, since the initial set-ups and druggings (twice on my first trip – the first was with a diseased Japanese hooker posing as a tourist) I have been targeted in the same fashion a number of times and it always involves druggings, deception and women who are either diseased, underaged or transgenders. I have also been horrifically treated in a psychological sense by professional female gangstalkers and the twenty years of my targeting seems to have had sexual corruption as its main focus of attack.

(Evidence of my quite natural heterosexual inclinations can be found in the fact that, regardless of whether they’ve set me up with a trannie or under aged girl, said perp has always been passing their self off as a coherent and consenting female adult.)

A (female) child was born as a result of one of the snares and, although I’ve never met the child, known her name or whereabouts (or even knew she existed until years later) it is my understanding that she was subjected to some of the most horrific physical, psychological and sexual abuse imaginable. Really, really bad stuff. (The people responsible are wholly Satanic, more evil and sadistic than any sane human could imagine and they also have access to great wealth and power.)

The reason I ask is because, despite hearing so many bad things about the scientologists, I didn’t think they were that evil, nasty, sadistic and vindictive. I know the Israeli’s like to use sexual smears and framings to control/take down people but, again, if even half the things I’ve been led to believe are true about the abuse of my daughter then I don’t think even they would be responsible for something like that. At least not at the institutional level. It boggles the mind that a human could be so viciously cruel to another living entity, let a lone another human.

Anyhow, in an effort to extract some objective significance from my very subjective experience of all this I can make a number of points which you may find to be of interest:

1. There are experienced teams of people dedicated to using children, deception and drugs to frame innocent backpackers/tourists/travellers as paedophiles. (just regular folk – I was a 26yr old factory worker, not a professional politician, industry leader or military bod)
2. Targets are selected according to their political beliefs/opinions. (anti Zionist, anti Israel, anti Netenyahu, anti bankster, anti NWO etc)
3. The wheels of the scam are so well oiled one could even say it is an industry.
4. The ‘industry’ has deep ties to Hollywood and tentacles that reach into the highest offices of political power.
5. India and SE Asia (being wholly corrupt and deeply impoverished popular tourist destinations with a cultural propensity towards deception) are heavily exploited by Western cults/agencies for said industry.
6. There is a definite working criminal relationship between Scientologists and members of the IDF.

They say that “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. I say “you can lead a horse to water but it takes a whole team of people to make it drink.”

My own personal experiences have also given me a deep insight into the so-called pandemic of paedophilia that is plaguing the world – are so many of our politicians and corporate leaders really predatory and evil monsters or have they, like me, been drugged and deceived into less than wholesome sexual misadventures from which they are blackmailed for the rest of their lives? How many of the self-proclaimed ‘victims’ are actually active and willing participants in the scams? How many murdered/accused/imprisoned ‘paedophiles’ are, in reality, victims of the industrial sexual targeting of social, political and economic dissidents?

You are right – all we can do is keep hammering away. By fighting for our voices to be heard we are, quite literally, fighting for the future of humanity.

Regards and thanks

Ed Williams

Sept. 16, 2020:

Hi Eric,

Hope this email finds you well and healthy.

It is just becoming apparent to me how involved the Scientologists have been in my twenty years of targeting – a lot of the profiling I have spoken of and written about appears to fit Scientologists way of doing things. I was also asked directly by one of these scumbags (who was in the company of IDF agents at the time) if I had ever done a personality test: “What, like one of those things in magazines? No. Only the crap they gave us at school.”

Anyhow, I’m trying to communicate with a former scientologist to find out the answers to a few questions that I have about the group:

Do they use mind control technology to target people?
Are they involved in people traffiking/child smuggling/sexual exploitation of children?
Do they use junkies and prostitutes to do their dirty work?
What are the connections between scientologists and Israel/IDF?
Are they inclined to use drugs and poisons against their targets?

Are you aware of any scientologist involvement in gang stalking, or do you know the answers to any of the questions I’ve asked? I don’t expect you to get back to me because nobody ever does but maybe you can hold a few of these questions/avenues of enquiry in mind for future research and interviews.

Regards and thanks

Ed Williams

Sept. 8, 2020:

Hi everyone — hope you had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Holiday… least as much as possible. Please see below. Just the latest round of exposure, criminal charges and preface to the next lawsuit against the sick, evil, criminal trash that are stalking, attacking, manipulating, and sabotaging our lives….trying to take as many actions as possible against the high level criminality, corruption, and politics so we can go forward. And ofcourse, clear the way for us and other TI’s to get justice and hopefully restore some level or normality to our lives in the future……talk to you all again soon…


Attorney General William Barr
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Assistant Attorney General Eric S. Dreiband
U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main
Washington, D.C. 20530

I am writing this correspondence and criminal complaint having exhausted all other available avenues that I am aware of.

I am a whistleblower that has exposed extremely serious corruption and criminal politics at both a corporate and government level many years ago and continue to get terrible and heinous retaliations including various types of very severe physical attacks with technology based weapons (Microwave DEW etc ) and also complete and utter manipulation and sabotage of my career and personal life. This organized crime and corruption case originates out of NJ, but continued into NY State. I just moved to North Carolina in July of 2018 to get a fresh start, and begin a new career(and avoid another NY winter). With the welcomed exception of the first few months, the attacks and manipulation on many levels have steadily worsened since moving here. I have filed so many criminal actions over the years it is hard to count. i have approached the Police here in Raleigh about this, and they either cant or wont do anything about it. I have also recently filed various additional criminal complaints including the Attorney General’s office, local prosecutor, and even with the House Intelligence Committee that I will share with you. I wanted to contact your office to make you aware of these attacks and hopefully meet with a representative to discuss this and any options that may be available for whistleblower protections. Just one of the many criminal initiatives in this horrific conspiracy against me and my family is the effort to try and make me homeless and sabotage my ability to make a living.

I lost my house in NJ via deed in lieu of foreclosure back in 2007 due to blacklisting, corruption etc following a lawsuit I completed, and there have been constant attacks and efforts to make me homeless and/or attack my peace, privacy, rights etc ever since… My situation is so bad, and the corruption and criminality is at such a serious level, that I may have to seek asylum in another country. I really need your assistance and hope there is some kind of guidance or help you can provide…. please advise as soon as possible. I had contacted the FBI in Newark NJ in early 2005 regarding the emergence of these mafia groups that span both a corporate level and several levels of government. Soon after doing so, my family and I were attacked in several ways including physical attacks that we believe are related to the whistleblowing and corruption reporting…

I am virtually certain my family and I have been targets for many years since standing up to corruption in NJ decades ago. The obviousness of the attacks from every angle have increased yet again in recent years, particularly from an income/career standpoint in recent months. The hacking,racketeering, and misconduct involved in sabotaging so many different aspects is to the level of treason. The latest sabotage and corrupt CIA choreography(obviously hired by dark, corporate mafia connected money) has resulted in my becoming homeless last year, again. i recently got back on my feet yet again…somewhat. However, there have been further attacks and conspiracy related criminality and the corrupt government/mafia has once again placed low-life evil criminals around me to harass, attack, and sabotage me at several levels. Interference with my job is once again at an all time high. And the timing of the escalation of the political attacks on my income and career once again directly correspond with making breakthroughs in other aspects of my life, including socially and whistleblowing/ activism. The latest organized criminal sabotage involves my job as VP of Sales for a digital marketing agency, which has escalated to the point of such obviousness, that several senior members of the company now recognize that there is a conspiracy going on at some level!….It includes obvious hacking, racketeering, and organized corrupt government defamation and sabotage. It is equally obvious that these mafia corruption groups are working toward derailing any progress in straightening out various aspects of my life — particularly exposing them, holding them accountable, or expanding my support system and prosperity. It has gotten to the point of placing people and situations around me that are meant to make it look like they are there to help me, but are really stabbing me in the back. Or…if I do get someone genuine in my life, it is utterly sabotaged in some fashion. I have reason to believe this is the corrupt CIA, corporate/local mafia groups, and/or law enforcement end of the corruption orchestrating this particular part. One of the more prevalent criminals in this situation is Vincent Nolan, who was one of the subjects in the aforementioned lawsuit. I cannot emphasize enough that this psychotic criminal needs to be investigated and prosecuted immediately. The President often refers to the swamp and draining the swamp. Trust me, these mafia connected companies, individuals and the corruption in these entities …ARE THE SWAMP. It appears that my situation, and the ther TI’s is at least in part….what the Democrats are trying so hard to cover up…They are abusing, their positions, security clearances, and tax payer money to commit heinous crimes against the American public and continue to further their criminal enterprise of Targeting Individuals for stalking, harassment, murder and it’s link to big business… As far as draining the swamp is concerned…Please start here!

The neglect and efforts to cover up this criminality has contributed to this human and civil rights tragedy for me and my family — and many others I am including links to our whistleblower group, an interview with one of our constituents who is an NSA whistleblower. The attacks that I continue to experience virtually cover the gamut, from relatively minor harassment to attempted murder. The very latest obvious corrupt government and political crimes include more Microwave/DEW attacks at my new apartment, as well as financial sabotage and conspiracy violations, manipulation, and racketeering with my current job and employment efforts….The microwave DEW attacks have gotten so severe that I beleive that each attempt would rise to the level of attempted murder….There are definitely several levels of corporate mafia and corrupt government involved in this horrific conspiracy…

I am requesting a full civil and human rights investigation into these matters, individuals, entities and companies. This includes the intentional mishandling, influence peddling, corruption, neglect, lack of due process, misconduct and treason. I will be filing yet another Federal lawsuit in the coming months. This situation is too serious and has such far reaching ramifications for the American Public that this must be acted upon immediately….Please respond by or before 9/28/20.

Matthew R. Ehlers

Sept. 2, 2020:

Hi Eric,
I have evidence. I have had surgeries. My daughter has had surgeries.

I would like to share what I have with you but I can not allow it to be published.

1. OFAC/terrorist watch list
2. Radio Frequency Scans listing 114 entities receiving the frequencies (#) of the implant inside me and my daughters body. The FCC licencensed most of our frequencies to universities. The CEO of CNN, & many members of the Aspen Institute ( reported by Catherine Austin Fitts as “they believe in slavery”)
3. The analyzed material removed from our bodies (members of the INTJ used our pathology, claiming it for their own. (given to them by Dr. HIldegard Staninger.)
4.MRI’s matching the radio frequency scans. (Our entire face, head, brain, brain stem, spinal cord………..etc. is a “system” linked by nano. Nano wires grow toward RF. As each implant sends a signal, the wires grow. This is called a BODY AREA NETWORK.

5. I have only done one interview. It was with Deborah Teveras after I had been baker acted in Florida.

6. I have written so much…………….where to start. I like to just give evidence.

I know that my ex husband, ex brother in law, and ex father in law enslaved me and my daughter. We need help. They are billionaires. I want to go public now and tell my story and ask for donations/membership & Most importantly get a backing that will WATCH VIA LIVE STREAM, REMOVALS so that the Intel agencies can not storm and control the surgeries. This needs to be exposed without any doubt.

I know that most of the perps are Satanists. Where there are no occult members, they will use the occultist at the Freemason Lodge. Recently in Montana I got my second Jew. (When I get them, I inquire if they or their partners are dual citizens…………………….I have gotten ………………a yes. These gangstalkers are turning “on” my body area network. Once on, I can receive RNM, brainwashing etc.

I moved to Mexico once. San MIguel De Allende.

I moved to Belize twice.

I spent a lot of time in Bali………………it is special.

I just made a vido of me talking. It runs for 2 hrs. When you are where I can mail something, let me know.

The samples of the program that you wanted me to see, was not attached.

I am not well at the moment. I have had the system turned on. I use strong vibrating massagers on the implants to mess up the signals. I believe that the majority of chronic pain sufferers are being trafficked also. The 24 hr surveillance is because I make so much money for them. They monitor and have surveillance on their slave……………………

I also believe that most addiction………………………..all types is this system.


August 7, 2020:

I’m writing this email concerning ongoing harassment as being a Targeted Individual. I’m a former employee of the Department of Homeland Security and I believe out of revenge they have place me on a government watchlist without my knowledge. I believe a person should’ve due process and be able to defend themselves against anyone labeling them a terrorist or criminal and I believe since 911 half a million people have been placed on the government watchlist which to me is simply a kill list. I’m a current employee at a Amazon warehouse facility and I go through harassment and smear campaigns on the daily. I also believe that CIA is involved with my targeting and I do have proof and evidence that I can prove it. I have done my research and found out that they have been doing MK Ultra experimentation on citizens for years and I also am aware of the trauma based mind control. Also I know that military is involved and I’ve experienced dew weapons that many targeted individuals claim are being used on them. I once thought that America was a country of liberty and justice for all; however I believe that it’s being ran by tyrants who have high jacked this country. I’m hoping to receive some help and support and my story seems to be all to familiar and all the targeted individuals stories correlate with one another. We seemed to have had normal lives until we were put under this illegal watchlist and also electronic harassment that the government is running on it’s citizens. I would really appreciate your help in this matter. My email is [email protected] and also my contact number is 832-859-3809. Here I have enclose some suspicious photos of vehicles at my job


Shauntandria Tameka Payne

August 1, 2020:


Evidence is evidence. I have evidence & absolute proof. (My daughter and I have each had 7 surgeries to remove implants. I had the pathology tested.)

My ex Father in laws name is Michael R. Forman. He was given radiation treatment at age 9 and it destroyed his face. He had Lupis and radiation wrinkles the skin of a lupis patient. They did not know it back then. I suspect that this trauma made him a sociopath. He then developed a system to radiate the rest of us so that we suffer like he had to.

Every Target needs MRI’s and Radio Frequency Scans and SCADA search reports.
That is it.
Then get about 5 people who get a following and off we go, making a public spectacle of removals. Then they will offer us a gag order and a deal.

Do you have MRI’s?

I can prove that the Gambino crime family out of NJ is involved with the university R&D trafficking. I can not prove the Mossad but I know that they are involved.

I suspect that this is the slavery system that the J’s intend for all of their slaves.


July 29, 2020:

Hi I saw your website ‘gangstalkingmindcontrolcults’ and I am in a really bad situation where I am being hurt so profoundly by the entities described on the site. I would like to talk with someone if possible who knows more about how I can defend myself. I was raised as a ‘sacrifice’ where they kept me in ‘locked in the basement’ in mind terms my whole life. I managed to figure out a lot but I am being controlled deeply. My identity has been stolen and my life systematically wrecked. It feels like I’m being raped all the time, they sewed up my brain, and have been experimenting on me. I’m in some silent torture program or something where they’re trying to force me transsexual. It’s the most horrible thing and I really want the program to stop. If you are willing to talk with me, great, if there’s others I can talk with even better. On the mind network I’m a high profile case and if I can get the word out there I could actually take a swing back at all these horrible entities.

+13038184085. If we can set up a call, let’s coordinate because I keep my phone off most of the time.

July 27, 2020:

excellent site
1. Is there anyway to stop the RNM
I. Farada cage or
2. Elf wave blaster going out to jam their signal

Tuar Rua


TO: Robert Steele / Eric Karlstrom / James Fetzer / Jim Rothstein

RE: Neurological Damage

Neurological damage confirmed by MRI. It is due to being attacked with electronic weapons in my opinion and I will be seeking treatment from Neurologists next week.

Just as some of the documentaries about microwave weapons mentioned. Of those who were hit ( mostly protestors ) all suffered nerve damage.

I finally found a clinic that believed me and sent me in for MRI exams. This should have been recognized by the medical establishment long ago.

The clinic said I waited too long and the situation is serious. I explained to them that many other MDs & NDs blew this off as BS and would not make a recommendation for an MRI exam.

The CIA agent at SIU in Southern Illinois was not joking about implied threat of using electronics to kill & injure their targets. He trained Spl.Ops. in the Mid-East to do this.

They didn’t like it that I was posting flyers on coffee shop bulletin boards on the FED, bogus science, history & education, anti-communist info, CIA drug running, etc.

Looks like I’m going to have to find a source for detection devices that meter various radio frequencies and microwave radiation. And so should the rest of you.

Mike Murphy

BCC to 30 others

July 9, 2020:

Jeff, Robert, Eric, James

I was subjected to sonic frequencies at home in 2010 through 2013 after being hit with a microwave weapon while I was temporarily residing in Southern Illinois visiting alternative medical. The CIA did not like what I was posting on campus bulletin boards around SIU.

The agent made an appointment to have his car in the shop at the same time I was in for repairs. He explained that he had taught special ops in the Mid-East how to maim & kill with electronics while we were in the shop’s waiting room and also mentioned the flyers I was posting on communism, Federal Reserve, bogus science & education, etc.

They followed me home and used frequencies that made me lose cognitive & emotional control and a sense of where I was, extremely loud ringing in the ears, experienced very strange sensations, lethargy and even blackouts.

Even though neighbors were told to be silent, they still let on. Those on both sides of me eventually moved out and the new folks that move in were not told of anything by the park managers. They eventually found out and also vacated.

What do we in America have on the books for our legal protection and punitive damage claims ? Though I’d have a very hard time trying to prove anything, I did have the name & e-mail of the CIA agent who was once in the employ of SIU that told me these things. Lost the e-mail and can barely remember his last name. Others around Carbondale, IL I met and associated with at the time knew of him and his connections. I’ve since lost touch with these people.

And has there ever been a seminar on electronic harassment in this country?

Mike Murphy

July 2, 2020:

Mr Karlstrom,

I know you are busy, my son is affected by this technology. Do you have time to talk via phone? My son and I were injected with nanotechnology this is the new way they are programming and doing the satanic ritual abuse through electronic harassment or silent subliminal speech. My son was at home all day playing video games, he was home schooled and I believe other factors involving us made us targets. Do you have time next week for a call?

Best Regards,

Emily Diane

June 29, 2020:

Hello Dr Karlstrom,

I am reaching out to you because I have listened to your podcast/radio show and you spoke about remote neural manipulation and preying upon children. My son is being manipulated remotely. I am a targeted individual. I have nanobots in my body. my son has nano, and receives subliminal silent speech. I have electronic harassment. This was purposely done to disprove or discount me if I were to tell anyone about what is happening to my son. I have seen my son leave his room and return for no reason after the electronic harassers (cognitive researchers) wanted to prove they had full control over my son. I have seen his eyes roll around as if he were switching modes then his mood suddenly changed.

I am praying for me and my son to get through this and I know we will. I won’t allow my son to be a false flag.

You are one of the only experts who talk about children being victimized by this illegal research. I am gathering expert information. Would you be able to provide information like mr. lighthouse has available on his site to use to assist TI’s.

God Bless and best regards,

Emily Diane

June 21, 2020:

Hi Professor Karlstrom,

After quite a long period of being in poverty or extreme poverty, I found a better paying job, have a used laptop and sporadic internet access … so am now progressing on to an a to z encyclopedia I am wrinting to be titled Zersetzung in America or The Global Zersetzung State.

1. Posting a link to Key Document 7 was like jumping thru hoops of fire with Fb censors saying no no no. Whats up w/ that?

Anyway if you are interested, these are the two posts I made that finally got posted:

From the censors at Fb:
You can’t share this link
Gangstalkingmindcontrolcults dot com
Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards
If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.
I am hereby letting the Fb censors know that a report about perps (criminals) terrorizing innocent born in the USA citizens of the USA absolutely does not go against OUR (OUR as in We The People’s) community standards.

Anyway, click on TI’s Statements then scroll down and click on “Key Document 7” for a press report on how perps (criminals) commit crimes against born in the USA citizens of the USA, We The People and how OUR community standards include our INALIENABLE rights in the US Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America).
To the Fb censors – you are either with WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or you are against WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – make YOUR choice.
The site to go to to access a link that graphically describes how perps (criminals) commit crimes, serious crimes,,against born in the USA citizens of the USA is Gangstalkingmindcontrolcults dot com then click on TI’s Statements then scroll down & click on “Key Document 7” then click again on the link there.

If you can view Fb pages – you can as of (1AM EST June 21, 2020) see these posts at &
(should I have more money soon, I want to establish a webpage of my own, get a functional laptop and start a news site similiar to drudgereport but one which focuses on surveillanece state news, zersetzung, gang stalking news, electronic torture news and so forth. At the above Fb pages is also a detailed plan on overcoming the perps inclduing Ti Towns, new 12 step programs – surveillance state anon (open group) and zersetzung anon (closed group to vetted TIs) with a totally re-written 12 steps and more – that detailed ‘what to do about it’ document was posted a couple months ago,, more or less and archived in an email. If you’re interested in solutions to zersetzung (gang stalking, call it what you will).

2. I want to keep the a to z encyclopedic book about zersetzung that I am writing to under 1,000 pages want the final 30 chapters to be personal accounts from TIs of the living hell we have been suffering thru (5 pages to 30 pages max). Two TIs I know wrote chapters and I am writing a chapter too of my personal experiences as a TI. I am seeking 27 more TI’s Statements & I saw at your website that you have many – is it possible for me please to coontact these people or to somehow obtain their permission to publish their TI statnements in this new book? You can write a chapter too about your personal experiences as a TI for this book too if you wish.

A few days after I got this laptop, the mouse started jumping around, deleting words, deleting entire pages making this laptop sub-optimal for writing a book. I bought a paper notebook and am writing first in the paper notebook and who knows perhaps when the book is complete and edited, I can somehow just get a brand new laptop, find a quieter more rural environment, type up the new book and find the best publisher I can find. Who knows what next week or even tomorrow will bring, we are living in such interesting times.
One final note – a recent Fb post made was about how the perps are bankrupt and that will result in either A) the perps dont get paid anymore and they (finally) stop it OR B) they round up all the TIs in the USA to special FEMA camps. Don’t know if you have an opinion on current events (other than those at your website) covid, protests, upcoming 11/2020 election, totally bankrupt govt in the USA (local, state and Federal … Illinois will be the 1st state to collapse inmo, Puerto Rico & Detroit already collapsed ).
Thank you in advance for your consideration to my email. Hope all is well with you, be well, stay safe and keep up the good work. Justice is on our side and justice will prevail. (Just as justice ultimately prevailed against the stasi zersetzung secret police state in the former East Germany in 1991.)
If you can please let me know if you know of any TIs who are willing to share their statements in an upcoming book, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate that very much.

Best regards,

William (Bill) Curtis Edstrom
freelance investigative journalist
[email protected] (alumni email)
Managua, Nicaragua
505-8320-9537 whatsapp & telegram (505 is the country code & the #’s here have 8 digits)

June 16, 2020:

Hi Eric,

Nice to hear from you. I’m surprised to read you tried to contact me via email or Skype because I haven’t received any messages from you.

I agree with you that Ramola’s attacks are all a big distraction. Nevertheless, the issue with defamation (just like with DEW attacks etc.) is: What is the damage to a person’s life? After all, there are laws against defamation precisely because it can destroy someone’s reputation, income and personal life. In this case, Ramola went after several of my work projects and succeeded in killing them all, see the graphic here:

Ramola Dharmaraj

Now I can add my board membership on a US class action and my work with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe to the list of things she went after.

Regarding the old Techno Crime Fighters’ team there is an important fact that shows who was legit and who wasn’t: Out of us 5 women, 4 had had countless police reports and at least one court case against our attackers long before we joined the group:
Karen sued NSA. Her case is still in the courts.
Millicent sued her Air Force abuser and got a restraining order against him.
Melanie sued to get her children back who were taken after she complained about being implanted. I have analysed the implant that was removed from her throat in a Swiss lab myself.
I sued MI6, MI5 and GCHQ in 2016, and now I have a court case in London again.
The odd one out is Ramola who for mysterious reasons has never filed a single police report nor has ever sued to protect her family and herself. – ‘nuf said.

I don’t know Geral Sosbee. However, regarding Barbara Hartwell, I don’t believe a word that fake-ass bitch is uttering. The only thing she contributed to the community is to trash-talk Ted Gunderson (mostly post-humously) who was the highest ranking whistleblower of his day and who exposed Satanic murder of children and industrial-scale child abuse run by the FBI. What else has she done? I couldn’t tell you.

Regarding Dr. Mathew Aaronson, the last time I heard of him he was operating under the names “Dr. Mathew Aarngard” and “Dr. Mathew Aaron”. I filed him under “Aardvark” in my archive of takes and moved on.

The evidence of Crown control of the US is a longer story with evidence that takes some time to explain. It’s actually the topic of my next broadcast. 🙂

Dr. Katherine Horton

June 11, 2020:

Dear Dr. Eric Karlstrom,

I read your article and I am hoping you can help me.
I am a TI for almost 8th years and this is the hardest year for me.
I am in pain due to the microwave radiation. I heard a loud buzzing noise into my ear and the extreme pain of cooking alive. I felt extremely hot for my heart, stomach, and both legs and extreme vibration of my entire body if I’m sleeping. I am so scared, I moved to different places and still, they found me.
I don’t know how they manipulate those people around me to torture me.

Please help me on how to protect my self for this kind of torture. How to kill this frequency inside of my body.

I really want to live normal again and I am tired of moving to different places.

Sincerely yours,
Emily Ferrer

June 7, 2020:

Dear Erick, I came across your website and could identify with most of people who posted comments. I am living in Ireland and have experenced this kind of behaviour from an ex-neighbour for over six years. We moved, but she still manages to have people watching the house and then following us. I suspect she is part of a cult. They are using whatsapp to organise this harrassment and also, photos were taken of me and put up on an instagram account which I can’t find.

I have contacted the police, used private investigators but have been unable to stop this. Is there any advise that seemed to work for other people in my situaton to you could recommend?

Many thanks in advance, Oonagh Byrne

May 17, 2020:

Dear Eric

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my account and for it on your website. It actually makes me feel a bit safer, given my concerns of the possibility of ever being set up as a patsy in a false flag event etc. Nonetheless, as you point we are all in imminent danger of enslavement though the one world government system.

Clearly, the capability of literally being inside of people’s heads would make for a total control system. I have a feeling they want 5G, not just as a weapons system, along with its physical lockdown capabilities, but also as a means to store and transmit vast quantities of data i.e. that of our brains!

I was reflecting recently on the fact of how the brain, although essentially a physical and mechanical object is also the vehicle that hosts our consciousness – or perhaps more accurately, being the interface between our physical reality and the dimension within which our mind actually exists i.e. the mental plane, into another dimension. In other words, I believe the people involved with the digitisation of people’s brains are also, inevitably, tampering with them inter-dimensionally!

As it happens, I stumbled today on a couple of links that might be of interest you. I would be surprised if Google’s ‘X’ doesn’t have something to do with the TI phenomenon. You probably are already aware of this site: I also found this interesting link, of some of the research under the brain project: I also think ‘face like the sun’ (on youtube and bitchute) is really onto something: ttps://

Thank you again so much for drawing attention to my plight. I am incredibly impressed at how much work you manage to put into all of this – you are an inspiration.

Very best regards,

Helen Gurley

May 16, 2020:

Hello Eric,

My name is Carolyn and I currently reside in PA. I am trying to get together with other TIs in my general area. I believe time is of the essence and there is strength in numbers. Please contact me (I have emailed you before and realize you are busy) but I very much want to discuss as well as actively get involved with like minded individuals to network. I cannot believe what has transpired in my life since 2013, although it could have been as early as 2011. The blatant lies and nonsense I am going through is flat out criminal.

My entire life I have been blessed with strong intuition and I want to share my targeted details with others who are experiencing similar events. Just as Midge Mathis had mentioned in an interview about her ability to “find things,” I enjoy connecting the dots and following patterns that are hidden in plain sight among my other capabilities.

I would like to get in touch with other TIs ASAP. I have been systematically isolated beyond belief but have resources to share within the targeted community before it is too late. I need to connect with others who are not morally bankrupt and without a doubt are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually mature. Also having a sense of humour during this time makes it almost bearable!

Thanks for your time,

Carolyn Fair Detwiler
Eastern Pennsylvania

May 15, 2020:

Good day

I suffer badly from psychotronic torture, psychophysical torture. Please advise on ways to stop this.

CJ Marais
35Wimbeldon Way
South Africa

May 13, 2020:

Hello Sir: I am a victim of RNM and V2K. This satellite is trained on me
for a very long time and these perpetrator are wasting our governments money while they steal dozens of very high dollar invention ideas, product development formulas, and use those energy weapons to abuse my body. My case is going to be a large one and I am looking for an expert witness. I did read about Jack Christina’s case online also. My scans and x-rays can prove I am under assault. I really can use someone to make a few phone calls for me to get the proper assistance. My locals are in on things and no one here is helping me because these men where bossing some of their personnel around and now they probably think they are part of this conspiracy.

Please help to save my life. Thank you.

Cordially, Elizabeth Ahrens
[email protected]

May 11, 2020:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom,

My name is Patricia Powell I live in Jscksonvilke Fl.

I graduated UNF in 2016 with a major/ minor in psychology. I have two journal publications with Dr. Tracey Alloway-in 2016.
1-Mindfulness study.. with 3-other
1-Working Memory and Down syndrome

I am currently at Jacksonville University (JU) in the graduate program for CMHC, Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I am a victim of crimes against humanity -Being targeted obviously starting 12/6/18. I have been able to notify and Awakening at least ten mega-Christian churches in the South. Please call me I would appreciate an educated, calm person to discuss awareness measures etc. Also I am hosting a group of Natural doctors and maybe we can set up a speaking engagement if you do that. (?)

Thank you so much, I am glad I finally found your email today! You spoke very well on YouTube video The world beyond belief!

(Also I started this Ministry Awakening Prayer for targeted people. We have a weekly conference call; where we pray for prayer requests, right now I am hosting a “healing prayer seminar with speakers from Christian Healing Ministry” -located in Jacksonville Fl. They are an accredited school.). Please join us if you would like to listen. Monday 8:pm EST. (605) 562-0400. 7660364,

Patricia Powell
904 613-7521

Awakening Prayer

Letter to Human Rights Attorney

Mon, Oct 14, 2:19 PM (10 days ago)

to +17136158585

I have over the course of the last three years been sent to 3 mental health care facilities under false pretence while under the influence of the federal governments remote neural influence, remote neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy equipment at no point did I actually receive proper services but instead was manipulated humiliated and physically and physiologically assaulted whilst in front of professionals in the mental health care industry, followed back to my property with this same equipment and taken advantage of using illegal interrogation techniques and emberessed in front of the entire community. I turned myself in to two police departments and was turned away visited a sheriffs department and was electronically drugged into a stuper and finally turned myself in with a written confession where I asked to be asked questions in person like a human being but I also feel that I was coerced into this situation. I wish to have this equipment turned off immediately so that I may deal with the reality of whatever has occurred. The federal authorities hire people to talk through my head and distort the nature of my sensory system I would like to obtain legal council for turning this equipment off I have been consecutively assaulted physically by this equipment and have reported this assault to the police department my body is currently being manipulated by the same forces that wish me historically to receive no medical health care.

I am under electromagnetic surveillance and remote neurological and biological control and my thoughts are currently being read by the federal government, help me please get these frequencies cut off so that we may proceed. Could I please obtain you as legal council to have federal technologies turned off of my physical person so that I may go to the doctor and after that has occurred we could discuss the civil and criminal aspects of my case in private. I need to obtain you as legal council to help walk me through a situation with my family doctor without the synthetic telepathy aspects of this technology being legal or active. Without federal human coercion with my doctor either through technological means or through telephone interfaces, so that I may go in healthy and confident to receive medications for my predicament and then I need to have the neurological and biological aspects of this equipment turned off after my visit with my doctor. We also need to request a copy of my hippa health care records which would now include this three year story legally. We need to write up a document explaining my current legal and medical situation, schedule time to see a family doctor discuss time on my property before being served legal papers so I can get my body and mind in order and some of my daily rituals back in sync with reality and also so that I may have some private conversation with my family as a human beings and not as federal employees. I would like to visit some of my extended family as well.

I am on government frequencies these frequencies have become my medicine legally. I am on remote neural influence and remote biological influence technologies with remote neural monitoring visual cortex aspects active, and with synthetic telepathy aspects active legally. I need to request to have the remote neural monitoring visual cortex aspects turned off legally, I also need to request to have the synthetic telepathy aspects cut off legally so that I may visit a doctor of my choice while on my current legal medication which is electromagnetic transcranial and biological stimulation therapies other wise known as elecrx electronic prescription. I need to visit my doctor federally protected so that I may have doctor client privilage so that I may discuss the possibilities for medications for when these technologies are legally cut off in the biological and neurological realms. We need to contact the federal and or local government with legal documentation sharing the fact that I am in need of these therapies and that they provide me with neurological and biological food and I may be in need of something to help me once these therapies have concluded.

I wish to visit my doctor protected and intellectually active enough to describe my current predicament so that I may be sure to receive proper care once these therapies have been turned off…. I also need to request the three year data file in my very long interface with the U.S. government so if I have any health issues as a result of these interfaces we will have adequate data for legal and medical inspection. I would like to hire a legal professional to ask the U.S. government in a legal document to send us information pertaining to my medical issues, you must remember that their may be a lawsuit against the federal government so this has to be carried out in a legal fasion and not on a telephone I would request that you verbally speak to none in the U.S. government about this case or about me in particular since in the past they have scewed the perception of lawyers that I have visited.

I would ask that you not participate in any remote neural monitoring or synthetic telepathy activities offiliated with the U.S. government since it is them that I may be suing. I need someone to help walk me through this process without being offiliated with the U.S. government or any government any country or entity, company, agency or person on planet earth or elsewhere in the entirity of creation that is linked to Mr. Brian Carl Steinhoff with electromagnetic signals intelligence frequency equipment. I would ask that you not participate in this fasion because it violates my privacy rights and my personal rights of which I am trying to defend. The legal documentation should read like this.
My client who is currently legally on electromagnetic frequency influence technologies which are supplying him with proper neurotransmitter support and are a source of neurological food which allow him to express himself appropriately and intelligently with individuals other than himself humbly request to have these therapies extended for his doctors visits and also humbly request to legally have the synthetic telepathy aspects cut of legally which allow the U.S. government to read his thoughts. We would also request that the remote neural monitoring aspects which allow beings to tap into his visual cortex and experience reality as him cut off as well for these legal interfaces with the medical community so that he may receive proper medical care while on the healing and neurologically stimulating aspects of these technologies. We would also request to receive the three year data file meaning the real life recording of Brian Carl Steinhoff’s experience with the federal government over the course of the last three years, and also all physical interfaces that used foreign material. We would request actual living footage of these said materials as they have everything to do with my clients health and wellbeing since the whole interface is in question we must humbly request access all of this data as all of it is relevant to his health and wellbeing.

All interfaces effect his biology and his psychology so they have become legally part of his medical history. This information in necessary for our civil case against the United States of America and is also relevant for any criminal aspects and is also relevant for any and all medical and psychological needs. Therefore we need this request aquiest to in the most expeditious manner possible. My client desires to have the federal government legally out of his head so that he may deal with all of his medical and psychological issues in an intelligent fasion with the healing aspects and neurological aspects active so that he may do this cutover in the least dramatic fasion possible. After my client has asserted his medical rights and is functional again then we may proceed to cut of the healing and neurological frequency therapies while he is prepared with medicines that will keep him intellectually active enough to face his current situation. My client would like to know and be aware of the time and date when these electromagnetic transcranial and biological stimulation therapies will conclude legally.

I realize this situation may be a bit unique but I assure you all of this information is valid and requires the eyes of an intelligent person in the legal community. I am worried about my health and I want nothing more than to face the details of my life in the most functional manner possible. There are many details of this case that has many aspects which I would be happy to talk to you about in person in private once I have obtained you as legal council, currently I am being listened to by the U.S. government and small head games are being used on me so that the government will have adequate data against me in court. I would rather develop the rest of my case with you in private.

Please consider defending me I have no one in the universe to talk to about this situation with besides the federal government and i’m not sure what there desires are . There is a very large chance that someone in the federal government will contact you about this information and I would suggest that beyond the validation that my situation is real that you not listen to anymore information. I’m quite sane and articulate I speak lucidly about my situation and I need the stimulation of these therapies in order to talk to a legal professional intelligently, I also need the stimulation of these therapies which have become a form of legal medication to visit someone in the medical community and I need a lawyer to help me make sure that this will occur. I have been trying to seek legal help for over two years I have written thirty or fourty lawfirms and called at least 200 I have contacted the F.B.I. with questions in all honesty about the validation of these signals and have received no official response.

I keep reaching out for an intelligent individual in the legal community to see me as a person who needs some attention and some legal representation as this situation has gone on entirely too long for my taste almost three years I have sat here while government employees with the help of advanced technology take advantage off all of my human rights with no one to speak with legally to defend myself its a very humbling position to find oneself in please consider defending me and helping me ascert my rights as a human being..

Very sincerely, Brian Carl Steinhoff

Thank you for your time and attention in this very serious matter. I will be happy to pay for your flight down and your room for my case against the united states government and also to help defend me in my very large historically significant case. It is the longest case in United States history of a person knowingly or unknowingly being spoken through with federal equipment while his rights were being violated and many new investigative techniques have occurred as a result of this bizzare and unique situation.

I would request that you pay close attention to this message and take it very seriously I have many other documents that I could share with you about this situation and many other details will be unearthed during the course of the legal investigation of my technological interface with the U.S. government after we receive the three year data file containing all of the incidents and interfaces we would have allot of information to work with in order to argue my side about my perceptions on this situation the only perspective that has not been honored up until now.

Don’t disappoint me I am simply looking for another human being to speak with about my very delicate situation..

very sincerely Brian

I have heard many excuses for not helping me from many legal proffesionals but to be quite honest I don’t think these are there actual perceptions but rather the U.S. governments since my phones are filtered by companies hired by the U.S. government and I really don’t think I’m talking to the actual lawyers in most cases.

To me this doesn’t seem legal that someone your suing and have reported has the right to filter all forms of human interaction in the legal community even going so far as to use the same aspects of this very sophisticated technology on people that I may meet in the real world to talk about these issues with to me this oversteps the bounds of a civilized society where every person has the right to legal council and the right to communicate with other individuals to have there rights acknowleged.

Please consider helping me I am a human trapped at home with no car and very few opportunities to contact human beings in the real world. I am a responsible human being who has many capacities and abilities which are constantly made fun of and one of them is my capacity to get help in this situation even though I always say exactly whats on my mind and I always tell the truth it never seems to be enough in this situation even after having been listened to consecutively for around three years with technology that trumps a lie detecter and allows you absolutely no freedom of thought or speech without fear of legal retaliation .

I am quite literally electromagnetically fused to the state of texas or to the united states of Americas technological structure which is very much like a constant telephone call with biological interfaces that you cannot hang up from that aspect is loosly coined voice to skull but I call it remote neural monitoring and remote biological influence and neurological influence equipment which is a form of signals intelligence since it has the capacity to make you sick or mirror any disease and also has the capacity to cure you of any illness and is the most important form of technological advancement on the planet right now it effects every single human being on the planet.

please forgive me if my words are disjointed or confused at all when you read this information because of the fact that it is in a text format I realize that the words may not be perfect please realize that I am in an unusal situation and if my words aren’t completely perfect please take into consideration the fact that I have been through many things recently and that I am stimulated by technology which may effect the way that I express myself to some extent so forgive any sentence structure problems and or mechanics problems in my letter to you. For three years I have been under this technological influence which the U.S. government has the legal right to obscure they can float this information and the reality of my situation indefinitely and admit to nothing legally and no one can do anything about it I have filled out a freedom of information act request asking for the validation of this equipment use on my physical person and still have heard nothing.

I would like you to understand that people in the federal government though they be honorable and though they may have reasons for the things they do have overstepped their bounds in some situations and they have a since of humor. For example if I send you a very serious message it is very easy for you to take it in an unserious fasion this is the most insulting technique that is used not allowing validation that this situation is occurring and not allowing me a legal voice in the world after almost three years is one of the most atrocious things that human beings can be involved in.

I am approaching you as a valid human being with a valid argument whilst the U.S. government uses sophisticated equipment on my physical person without validating my claims with any human being I would like you to take this email as seriously as you can please realise that words are limited they often don’t express the complexities inside the human experience and the law tends to play games with human word usage.

People can be very convincing even when they are not right I have had to deal with many federal employees on the telephone and during my interfaces with this equipment and people will say almost anything to get their way so if you are approached by someone on the phone please realize that they are employed in a certain capacity and that they have motives that are diametrically opposed to me receiving any legal council even if you cannot take the case yourself I am requesting you to be my human contact because this is a human rights violation.

Please read this email several times take your time and consider it again and again slowly digest this material and consider what it would be like if you were in a similar situation. The moment one finds out something is amis in there life they immediately reach for legal council.

Imagine doing that hundreds of times on the phone and in the real world and still even after turning yourself in and writing a written confession you can’t receive legal representation from anyone on planet earth. If you really take the time to consider this in all honesty I think you will take my case. To sit at home and suffer whilst many minds take advantage of you legally and physically is the most disempowering situation a human being could be in. I don’t think many people would sit through an hour of this interface unless they were thoroughly confused.

I am watched in my shower federal employees use equipment to make me urinate and break wind they have complete control over my physical person and its the most emberessing and intimate situation a human being could go through. I really cant imagine why any human being wouldn’t reciprocate to me in this situation as it is real and valid and worthy of receiving legal council for. Please contact me with good news.

I’m searching for a real human. I would like you to act as my legal council in this case and I am desirous of talking to you as soon as humanly possible.

very sincerely Brian Carl Steinhoff

thank you for your time and attention in this very serious of matters

Please contact me and consider taking my case I need a sensitive intelligent human being to help me out of a very difficult potentially devastating situation

very sincererly Brian Steinhoff

if there is an aspect of this case that you think you may be suitable to provide services for the services you have to offer would be much appreciated. thank you again for your time. there are a few confusing words in this document as it was written specifically to an individual such as i can have you flown down to texas and things of that nature please ignore this information as it was meant for a particular individual. All the technical information is real and validatable and keep in mind the fact that i am not angry, simply ready to expedite this process as quickley as possible i’m not sure if there is a way to ask the government to either serve me documents so that i may seek medical care and i’m not actually sure how to legally ask for a continuence of these legal transcranial stimulation therapies for my visit with my family doctor.

There will be criminal aspects that i will have to contend with in the near future and i am simply attempting to remain functional enough to face this issues head on. heres what i am faced with I have not been served criminal summons papers for court so there is no way for me to obtain a criminal attorney.

The only other thing i can think of to do is approach civil litigation attorneys and ask them to help if that means i need to file an injunction to ask the united states government to serve me papers then thats fine. If it means filing an injunction to have validation about my interface with the U.S. government so that i may have something to show a legal proffesional and or a medical health care profesional that would be suitable as well .

And if theres no other choice then i think i may be forced to file a law suit against the united states government simply to have them deal with me in a real world situation so that i may get the former to problems resolved please let me know if there is an aspect of this case that you can help me with legally

i’ve been without legal council for almost three years and its very frustrating when i am very aware of what needs to transpire but at the same time quite thoroughly confused why i cant obtain a legal proffesional to help me out with this situation because I quite obviously need a legal mind to help me out with a situation of this nature.

I am drowning in red tape and i am a simple honest human being having someone with a legal degree who knows how to speak with a legal mind and knowlege of the united states legal system would be the most rational solution for my issue with the united states government. Please help

let me know what you think anything services you could provide me with would be much appreciated

very sincerly Brian

thank you for your time and attention in this very serious matter

April 19, 2020:

Dear Dr. Eric Karlstrom

I know you’re a famous scientist. You have advanced thinking and keen insight. So I have a strange request, please help me.

Some criminals in China have invented(or stolen) a remote brain-computer interface device, which is implanted into the body without the victim’s knowledge, reads the victim’s thoughts, controls the victim’s muscles and tortures the victim until they give in. I am one of the victims.

I speculate that this brain-machine interface may contain piezoelectric nanoparticles distributed in the brain and microchips that communicate electromagnetic with the outside world and ultrasonic with the piezoelectric nanoparticles. But I don’t know how to detect them.

I know this is similar to the symptoms of some mental illness, the general public may ignore these rare events, but elite as you would never do. So I ask for your help, please save me, check the criminal devices inside my body, and bring the criminals to justice. Thank you very much!

Best regards

April 16, 2020:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom.

I was the target of a mobbing operation in a state agency. I was a public health official. I was perhaps asking too many questions about the OKC Bombing as well as with regard to agency operations involving the programs that I was involved with. I was a whistleblower that went to the FBI with my concerns. Perhaps that was foolish and perhaps that was not so confidential as I trusted it to be.

Seventeen days later the agency began assembling a fraudulent action to terminate me, which they did in 2016. they utterly destroyed my life. I lost all of my retirement funds. I was impoverished. Promising job developments all of a sudden and inexplicably went sour. I lost the love of my life. I was forced to take inexpensive housing in a depresses little town.

I try to make contact with media people, but oddly they are completely stand offish. I contacted a nationally respected investigative reporter and he said that he would not talk to ne because he “wanted o keep his job.”

Wow, I must have irritated someone.

Can we communicate? I had some good friends who kept me alive–but they are frightened to communicate because they are fearful that some of my “difficulties” just might happen to “rub off on them.”

David Schmitt, Ph.D.
(405) 679-8693

April 6, 2020:

Dr. Karlstrom,

I actually almost died of this and can’t get the info out. I don’t know if it was 5 g, but it was directed energy that came from the light sockets. I know this because when I covered the light sockets with hevy-duty Al- it stopped by about 90%. I did an interview on Ramola D about it (sound fixed)

It’s sad. I’m watching millions die, and the world going into a police state on the same symptoms done to me. Seems impossible to get the word out. even though I’m Ramola’s most popular vid., I’m starring at many of the world being exterminated.

I even found an insane amount of info since my interview. Thx if you actually took the time to read this. Kim Arth

March 28, 2020:

To whom it may concern;
I was in a car accident at the beginning of 2016. I broke my back and ended up homeless.
I moved to Santa Fe, NM in April 2016 and was staying at a homeless shelter in Santa Fe, NM. called Casa Familia. I was introduced to a community resource called LifeLink that presented itself as a resource to help individuals obtain housing, food and medical services. In June, I was informed that I was going to recieve a housing voucher that would pay for the majority of my housing, I would contribute 10% of my income. This was sponsored by a UNM(University of Mexico) grant. I was voucher #1010. Within 3 months of my move, I started experiencing the symptoms of what I now realize is v2k/mkultra.
I started working for a company called Friday Networking Lunch. Within a month of my working, the owners asked me to housesit at 1026 Stagecoach Rd. in Santa Fe, NM. That is the first time I recognized the “hearing voices”. I was asked to sleep downstairs. My bed was against a wall that was adjacent to the underground garage of the other part of the home. Each night when I would go to sleep, the “voices” would start.
After I returned home to my apartment at 635 Chavez Pl., I continued to have the same “voices” come from the adjoining apartment. I was in apartment C and the “voices” came from apartment B.
Of course this was all accomponied by the typical gangstalking, smear campaign (mine was sexual in nature), street theatre and community harassment.

I have months of documentation. During this time, I have completed my Integrated Marketing 360 through Cornell, passed many skill assesment tests and been accepted into the Facebook intership program.

They will never be able to deem me crazy and I don’t drink, do drugs or participate in nepherious activites.

I believe the UNM, along with local state agencies and the laboratory is using federal money to experiment on individuals they deem disposable. I believe they are funneling money through programs in the University for social experimentation, pretending to help individuals.

Please contact me so that I may help others from being used and abused by the nacissistic sociopathec liars that are pretending to use tax payers dollars to victimize and terrorize American citizens.

Rachel A. Drayer-Isborn
Marketing Director

March 23, 2020:

Hi Eric,
My issue has actually worsened during this CV-19, adding further, very horrible abnormal symptoms/sounds which are right in the area of this implant that is causing much grief and I feel its deliberate. In regards to CV, I believe it’s smartly engineered starting beginning of Dec. which was kept quiet while spreading it out everywhere, too coincidental and with such a huge population of China to suddenly recover so quickly compared with the world to become a crisis.

CV definitely has and is instilling fear all over and I do agree it’s also a strategy for large corporations in the medical sector and those with money (media) also trying to overtake whatever remaining “good-democracy” govt’ control by manipulating the people. The control within China is a perfect example slowly overtaking here, and through specific corporations. So many people are just stupid and can’t be bothered as they’re addicted to convenience. It such scary times.

My situation involves an implant, for the wrong reason and feel to be punished for it, hence the stalking and shunning issue. I do not know anyone else to discuss this type of matter to. I read of David Larson who had or has very similar experience as mine. Do you know of him? or familiar with this type of issue? Thank you. -K.

March 10, 2020:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom,
Much of what you wrote applies to my situation, ongoing over 5 yrs. of torment that I have tried to explain to close ones. Demoralized.
It would be much appreciated for your advice and correspondence. Thank you – K.

March 17, 2020:

Its a long and twisted story. To make it short some kind of right wing gang has targeted me for destruction with following even into other countrys that they tricked me into going to. My estimate is it would be easier to kill me or set me up. They have followed me, attacked me causing me to break my hand on the attackers face, damaged vehicles, even did a right wing shock jock radio show on me, of course I was not allowed to speak for myself or given a lawyer or told about it. For the last 23 years I have lived in fear. Fbi and police wont help me. The almost laugh at me. They have tried to kill me at least twice. I need help and no im not crazy and I have a wife. They don’t show her anything. I need help.

Sincerely, George Lewis

March 13, 2020:

My (name is) Michael. I am an Empowered Person in the state of Texas, who is undergoing persecution at the hands of a community of FreeMasons. Just reaching out to you….wondering if you or any others in this region are gathering togather?

In the midst of all of this, I pray that GOD is opening your mind/heart to the spiritual nature of this “warfare.” The occultic groups involved in this are in league with demonic spirits. And Christ is the only answer to eventually defeat this.

Not only that, but oftentimes, the spititual connections that these people (satanists, Luciferians, etc) practice witchcraft, sorcery, voo doo, and the demons that connect with can have spiritual knowledge of who you are and that GOD is calling you into HIS Kingdom!!!

March 13, 2020:

I know someone is in the room, as someone is hitting my bed to wake me up every time I begin to fall asleep.
This happens in my house and in my personal room.
I know my neighbor is involved.
I don’t understand how the harassers can get into the house.
I turn on the lights and don’t see anyone at all.
I don’t understand how the harassers can generate the power to hit my bed.
I want to keep them out of my house, but how can I fight something invisible?

Any advise would be appreciated.
Thomas McNellis
1551 Tattersall Way
West Chester, PA 19380

March 11, 20121:

Dear Eric:

I came accross your websites, especially with the I find it a source of relief amidst my grief.

I am a TI, I guess, since my life has turned upside down. Originally from Argentina, lived in L.A. California for over 30 yrs, The sabotage and stalking started grinding my life, causing to lose my car-dealer license, salesman license. I even graduated from Law School. I’m supposed to be a lawyer but I am over 90% sure that “they’ have something to do with my Bar Exam being failed, after I took it 4 times and missing it by a “couple of points,” It was like joke. The last two times on my way to take it, something would happen to cause a lot of stress. The Practice exams on the major Course review, Flemmings, showed that I could pass without any issues,

The Stalking became too intense, I was very distraught. Moved to Hawaii to my father’s house, taking my teenage son. Over there, the stalking became intensified, and they managed to infiltrate my father’s house, getting collaboration from my half brother, my father and his wife. It was a living hell…and my father still denies it. All the neighbors in that residential neighborhood were in on it, cutting me off every time I left the house or would come back or would take my son to school. There was an Air-force man, that my dad said was a “good guy,” who was the worst, mocking me and provoking me regularly.

I couldn’t believe my family there betrayed me; so I left with my son back to Argentina, where I am today. I thought Argentina would be Ok. I figured that Gang Stalking and all that kind of stuff only happened in the U.S. For the first 2 or 3 weeks everything was Ok. Then, slowly, the same M.O. started being used against me, even with the help of my mother (I was staying at her house), her husband and my half brother over there. They also enlisted the help of my ex-distant wife, mother of my son. I let my son be with her with the condition that we would share custody. It seems that I lost my son. They seemed to have brain-washed him. He won’t talk to me and when I message him, he tells he to “stay the fuck out of his life.” I can’t see him now. It’s tearing me apart.

My supposed “best friends” from childhood had been recruited too. I sopped talking to them because it became obvious that they were playing a script, and even sabotaging my life too and dressing with the famous NLP colors, etc….

My mom and her husband would actively participate in the harassment operations and their neighbors form both side of their apartments too, who would knock the walls that led to my room on purpose and engaged in noise campaigns, dog barking, door slamming, etc.

I left the capital city of Argentina (Buenos Aires), came to a small town and after a couple of days, I started seeing a few retards again doing similar things in the street.

Everything I did in Buenos Aires, they sabotaged too, my groups that I joined, where they began treating me differently and cold, it was obvious, same patterns as in the U.S.

So, why I am writing to you? I don’t know. Maybe because I feel like the loneliest human being on the planet. Even my son won’t talk to me now and tells me to stay out of his life.

I wonder if it is even worth it to keep on living. Going from town to town sucks, but if it seems that if I settle down somewhere, all my social life that I may create will get destroyed again. So, where do I go from here?

How did you deal with all these psychos? And didn’t you feel humiliated by being blacklisted in mostly everywhere and feeling like an outsider? I’m sure you are busy, but if you ever have a few minutes, I would like to speak to you, just to hear someone’s voice who went through or is going through the same things I am; and you seem to have dealt with it Ok. I can’t talk to anyone about this, and even my father, who betrayed me too, who is in Hawaii, when I tell him that the same things are happening over here in Argentina, with a sneer and mocking me tells me: “it seems that you have trouble anywhere you go.” “You are crazy, and need to see a psychiatrist.” It makes me so mad when he says that.

I don’t have any reason to leave anymore. I am broken. My spirit is broken and I feel ashamed; so called “victim shaming” is what I feel. Man, how do I get out of this one?

If i could call you and talk for a couple of minutes, It would mean the world to me. If not, any suggestions? What places do you know where these psychos are NOT active?

Well, thank you for reading this.

You made a good impact in my life.

Thanks a lot



March 9, 2020:

Hi Eric – there is very little on the notion of brain protection (specifically related to TI’s – but there is for depression & others) thru different forms of gold, however, i have run into a lot of tangential info such as below, that can ascertain that it is a potential promise. I’m gonna amass all these to try to put together a picture. It may be vitally important! Thanx for all your great info – still going thru it. – jim

March 3, 2020:

Hi Eric – thanx for the quick reply! You have an impressive website & are of great service to this world (at least the part of it that cares). I appreciate all you do. How can i help? As i may have said, i have owned a health food store for the last 15 yrs. & have been an exhaustive reserarcher for 20+. It’s mostly what i do. We are also not your ‘run of the mill’ store, as witnessed by all the sales reps that come thru, so we do not sign on with all the trendy things coming down the pike. We use many modalities in the back for folk such as PEMF, a scan device, lasers & more.
Anyway…i have not found everything i want in the mind protective gold possibility, but i have MANY ancillary & pertinent areas of info & research that would back the idea up of gold ‘jamming’ the freq. coming at us. The following i just found on another search & this is a good example of related info that could support the use of this. I will send more soon if you are interested. Waiting on my primary laptop to be fixed,,,wanted to keep this going. – yers in health –


March 1, 2020:

Greetings – I just learned of Bryan Kofron thru a vid. i watched & ended up on your website. Have yet to immerse in it. Instead of beating to death the issue (at least in my world) – as i own a health food store, and am the researcher/owner, the man people look to for some answers; i have the following question:

Have you heard of the potential of homeopathic gold – aurum metallicum – which has been used for a long time for all things cerebral, such as depression, acuity enhancement, etc. to block signals into the brain? Think of the many applications for gold because of its high conductivity, including in pc’s. There’s an org. in Europe called EUCACH, i believe, which deals with electronic harassment of people who have stated that the anecdotal stories of the use of this has been impressive. And to be objective, if one disdains homeopathy, what about colloidal gold?
Very little out there for researchers on this. Perhaps corollary effects/uses of gold could continue to back this up.

If this is legit – wow…thanx for all you do – jim – MO

Feb. 27, 2020:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom

i could not find a way to contact u on Mindcontrolcults so i found your music site and am using it to try to get in touch with you most email never get to where it’s supposed too if u could let me know u received it it would be appreciated.

HI I’ve been following your writings for more than a few years now and want to share the following .yes it is the jew’s absolutely. I’ve been a victim since 1982 I’ve attached my mri which has a story behind it. I was sent to Children’s Hospital on jan 14, 82 I had had 2 surgery’s before 10 years old i was there over night for tests well a lot more happened that night after being put to bed by the nurse I was awoken in the middle of the night by a man and a woman.

I was removed from my hospital bed by these 2 adults in business dress, that was not of the Hospital I was walked into a room full of Devils jews they were very interested in what transpired at school and asked me specifically what I was saying well i seemed to know a few things I shouldn’t have, I call it divine knowledge now one ever told me this i just knew then using the net i verify I was correct how why i am not sure.

What I knew was the Holohoax was exactly that ,and the jews are the Children of Satan what transpired was this i saw a book in the library it showed the swastika in many forums going back centuries i liked this design so i drew it on my note book my grade school teacher saw it and told me not to draw this as Hitler and the Germans killed 6 million jews i called it a lie and that those people were liar’s she responded do u know who those people are? she went on those are God’s chosen people i immediately rebuked her saying no they are not she replied who are those people then? i responded the Children of the devil she huffed off and turned and asked one more question showing she was a jew too, she asked me who Gods chosen people are i responded the white people, which is a fact the decedents of Abraham are white European and anglosaxon even the jew Slomo Sands states this, the jew was horrified lol the police were called to the School my parents were questioned less than 3 weeks later the school kept pressuring my Mother to get these tests done well back to what happened.

The room i was walked into was an operating room i was asked about what i was saying at school which proves a direct collusion between them and the school all jews they pulled out a gas mask and since having prior surgery’s and the last one was fresh in my mind i knew exactly what a gas mask they forced me under i awoke on the operating table with a tube up my nose and incredible pain i struggled for a few seconds and was put back under i woke up back in my hospital bed screaming about what had happened my mother picked me up and she confronted the scum at the Hospital they all lied she dragged me too Edward Robinson gp jew he lied as anyone could see the damage i have a massive deviated septum a bone spurr and scars in my nose i was referred almost immediately to the jew Dr. Mintz who lied to my Mother’s face as all jews do despite the smell of burning flesh from use of a medical iron to stop the bleeding, i could and still can not breathe through my one nostril properly i suffer every minute of the day via ESB and this thing they put in me please view my enclosed MRI look at the bridge of my nose u will see the large foreign body look closely at the top tip u will see an antenna running left to right it forms a perfect letter m on the left and a u with 90 degree turn on top outside edge this corresponds exactly with the antennas being used today in WBAN but this goes back to 82 when this was done.

My MRI is so obvious its insane that radiologist will say nothings there but even a laymen could see it in fact this must be the reason cba Ramola d blocked me i contacted her about the mri slice i sent u she said she would go to my page to view weeks went by i sent her some other info she replied she would look at it, a week later i sent her a message and included the mri slice she did not respond but first blocked private message’s despite i only sent 3 and they were all on the same topic she claim’s to expose i heard but can’t verify but it fits like a glove a female ti with radio logical scans as well stated Ramola d would not seem to be interested with anyone with solid undeniable evidence but she had some woman Christine Kennedy on who claims implants, was even in the title of the video but it was nothing more than speculation no scans of any type. this same woman is listed on Targeted justices phoney group’s site.

Targeted justice had Greg Gamanche on there board in the early on this name was exposed on peace pink website years ago even Derrick Robertson on his talkshoe call stated it was a fraud and not too get involved many ti’s remember this, jump ahead 3 or so years Derrick is on freeconferencecall now and comes on one night talking about this new group Targeted Justice and praises the name Greg Gamanche well before i could find my phone some other ti asked the right question at the right time they too remembered Greg Gamanche and put Derrick on the spot but anyone who knows Derrick knows your are dealing with a metal lemming it seems they are all stupid as Derrick Robertson had no clue what to say he back peddled saying none of it was true it was all wrong info at the time ok even if we give Derrick a little benefit of the doubt this next thing seals the deal as they say if what derrick is now saying was true then why did Targeted Justice remove Greg gamanche almost immediately from there own site never to be talked about again i also posted this info on Ramola d’s timeline on social media and in return i’m blocked she even changed some of her accounts to new ones and i’m still blocked lol never said anything not true just facts that are truth they can’t deny. I wiill also point out the fake law suit by Greg gamanche on against the FBI for not investigating the documented complaints which is exactly the same as the suit pushed by Targeted justice so same alias Greg Gamanche pops up and same suit this is obviously not a coincident

keep doing what your doing blessings

Brian Lee

<124 clean.png>

Feb. 20, 2020:

Hello again Dr. Karlstrom,

I am going to hold off making a public statement for now, as I still have much to learn, and I am still remembering new clues from my past all the time. But I do have a desire to become involved in spreading awareness about this, and to find a way to tell my story.

Thank you for transcribing “Minds of Men”. I watched it several months ago, but this is a movie that should be watched every year, its contents to never be forgotten. I have been researching more in-depth about this in the last year, and what is happening is beyond atrocious. I am still trying to process my new identity as it becomes clearer and clearer to me everyday what was done to me and my friends and family.

Regarding the defenses you named: I do pray to God, and I am definitely a fighter, but now it is time for me to become better educated about this, so I can talk about it with others. I have had a long-standing interest in paranormal research, and the more things happened to me the more I seemed to be sensing a connection between the paranormal, the government, and mental illness. I kept having these three things come up together, in a strange and bewildering triangular connection I couldn’t quite put an articulate finger on for years. Now I understand that using exotic weaponry the paranormal can be simulated. I finally woke up to the full truth of this phenomenon AFTER I lived around it for a lifetime, from various angles… without having a name for it or a support community. I was living in a very hardcore and visceral denial for my entire life. It wasn’t until within the last year that I could finally psychologically accept that what these 4 people had been relating to me was due to something other than just mental illness. So, I have come a long long way to even get here at acceptance, and now I have a long long way to go to truly comprehend what this is.

I am grateful for your reply to me, and your advice. I started listening to some interviews you did, some months ago, and I wanted to contact you earlier, but I kept putting it off, because – in hindsight – I did not want to face my situation in writing yet. Even while going through your material, I couldn’t get through it all at once. I listened and read in portions and spoonfuls. It is too intense and dark, and I used to walk around with a constant pit in my stomach during the weeks when I first started researching this phenomenon with the first iota of psychological acceptance. There was one interview in which you mentioned that essentially this is not a subject matter for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot, and a lot out of you, to plunge into it. That really resonated with me, becase it is the truth. I am a researcher, and this has been the hardest thing I have ever researched. It tests a truth seeker’s desire to know the truth, like nothing else.

Feb. 19, 2020:

Hi Dr. Eric Karlstrom,
How are you?

I read n article from your site and it is very informative and makes a lot of sense. I even had reported it to the Canadian government law enforcement and things get worse. Even the FBI. I am not sure if a government partly funded lawyer is going to help. There is a lot more these gangstalkers have done and are still doing and it is getting worse.

Thank you for your site.

Thank you,

Feb. 17, 2020:

Hi I am a victim of these crimes of several years and I have evidence of a military veteran named John h panowiches involvement along with pictures. I also have a pedophile manager who uses the code word pizza and lets men rape his children for money who is a free masons info as well named andrew krohn who worked for medline industries.

[email protected]

Jan. 7, 2020:

Hi Stop Gang Stalking,
How are you?

I am being constantly harassed, discriminated for many years now, since 2015. They managed to convince everyone I know. I have posted this in a few forums and even the last one I posted it, I have been getting harassed more about it by people I know. Please let me know what I can do.

Thank you for your website and blog, a lot of it makes sense.

Thank you,

My forum post:


I used to post on an online forum and exchanged emails with people on there. I have heard of people finding true love, since I am a shy person. People were starting to bully me indirectly at my old workplace and a situation got out of hand so I vented on an online forum about it. Then I had made some penpals, and we exchanged emails messages. This was a while back. Since emailing these penpals via an online forum, I started to notice, that users were repackaging my personal information on an online forum from the emails I would send. They also started saying scenarios similar to what was going on. I used to send emails, to people and I also used to want to help people out on there. Back then I even asked the the online forum user about it and they denied any involvement. I have wanted to be their friends, exchange other contact information and then maybe hang out as friends. I now realize that they started going on smear campaigns of cyber bullying, constantly humiliating me, and assassinating my character, and defame me and so on. Someone at that workplace must have been sharing all my personal emails, and they were able be covert about it.

At the same time they started doing this in person on the job. I ask several employees and bosses about this, and they denied any involvement. I realize now all that they probably did was gaslight me and report me, as well as employees and old friends. Now they have gotten everyone to harass, discriminate me, most doctors are doing this, denying any assistance, several levels of government, police officers are involved with too. I have tried to contact them, and report about the bullying but nothing really came out of it. They somehow managed to convince everyone I know, strangers, friends, that they are right and I am some crazy person, or any label they use just to make themselves look good. Everyone comes around to audit me, my issues, ask me the same questions in different forms, just to frustrate me and find out something to use against me and oppose me.

Everyone really enjoys doing this; they get kicks out of this. Again these covert bullies are all doing it above the law. I have briefly looked into it, and it seems like the covert bullies know the laws really well. It is like they have connections to top lawyers, police, mafia, and are able to get away with everything. Some of them even boasted about this. They over apply the rules to me, but themselves don’t apply it. They are all defending each other. These covert bullies monitor and report whatever I am doing now and then they destroy me in every which way possible. They have destroyed my life. If one way doesn’t work, they find another way all within the law to abuse me. My guess is someone must have reported me, and got some lawyers on my case. I have to add that I tried contacting some lawyers and looks like they turned against me and took the covert bullies side.

I have reported some to the online forum but the covert bullies are still cutting me down. I didn’t hear anything from them. There is a lot more than I am mentioning here. I don’t have any money for a lawyer, let alone move out, and would need support can’t do several things myself. I believe the covert bullies are always two steps ahead, so no matter what I do, they are always ready to abuse me and take great satisfaction out of this. There is more to it than this. I do not know what else to do in this case, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great please.

Since I had posted in that forum the bullying has gotten even worse, the smear campaign etc…

Thank you,
Rajinder Bimrah

Feb. 9, 2021:

Dear Professor Kalstrom,
I hope this message finds you well and protected from harm. i am Dr F Qureshi, a friend and assistant to David Bromhall, who helped a large number of targeted individuals in the UK.

My brief bio is as follows:

PhD Immunology and Biochemistry (1989) University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK> hindered by Scottish Freemasons but still completed and accepted by the grace of God.
1989-1990 First postdoc at the Leukaemia Viruses Unit in Glasgow University. Masonic and Masonic druid harassment in full flow.
1990-1993 – Second postdoc in AFRC, Newbury England. Full-blown worldwide Masonic Druid campaign in full flow with non-lethal technology also in full operation since 1990.
1997-present day. Teacher of Science at Secondary level. in The South East of England.

I am a member of a scientific society and wish to present an item on their agenda which will allow them to campaign on our joint behalfs to oppose non-lethal technology and neural biofeedback technology.

I need solid evidence of intent or use of these weapons which can be properly referenced and quoted – primary source if possible.

As a former scientist, you can help to provide strong evidence which does not refer to the speculations of others in our particular milieu. Could you please help out, if you have time? I am going to refer to Dr Hall as on esource but I need other, academic sources.

Many thanks in advance

Phone: +447725040960

Dr F Qureshi

The things that will destroy us are politics without principle, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without character, business without morality, science without humanity and worship without sacrifice. Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948).

Jan. 31, 2020:

Do a website search on my name and see what you find ie, Fandom, Case Study, Bee Hive, Academia etc. I’m pretty positive that I have the nano lens and RFID chips and I factual know I have the barcode because I have the X-Ray to prove it. The most recent is my face on a Facebook page called video Gae with 89,508 views that is not my account. The list of factual evidence is so overwhelming that although I’ve overcome all since the beginning, I still get chills down my spine just putting it together to present to City Council and the Grand Jury. No law agencies wil! give me any police reports?????? Peace

Marjorie Brandon

Jan. 30, 2020:

Thank you so much for responding to my cry for help. It’s with strong confidence that I believe that if it hadn’t been for God’s Grave and Mercy on my side, then I would have not survived this monstrous EVIL. Therefore I know now that I was chosen for this task (test) not only for me but for a nation to expose this horrific operation and to be a voice for those who don’t have one or who didn’t have a chance at one because they didn’t survive. This experience I’m walking through makes me think of times when there was black and white drinking fountains and Jim Crow laws, and this is NOT OK in 2020, so I must pick up the torch that the late Dr King once held for ALL mankind and run this race for the entire race of Targetd Individuals. Forensics alone in my case would be enough to change the minds of many participants because I have enough military chemical weaponry in, on and around my homes, vehicles and in my body that would overwhelm the world because I know many are non the wiser as to the truth of what they’re really attached too. A lot of participants are misinformed and operating on LIES. Knowledge is power and it time to educate the people. Already I’ve confronted many of my gangstalkers and they’ve back down and confessed that the police paid the $10 an hour to harass my ads to death. I have the loaded gun ready to shoot, but I need the expert’s to help me see it come to pass. Peace

Marjorie Brandon

Jan. 29, 2020:

I know factually most of my key perpetrators, Judge Donna Gleck, District Attorney Tom Miller, SBPD Christina Ortega, Oscar Corral etc., SB Sheriff Deputy Roberts, Deputy Skull and many more., and all the addresses of my neighborhood covert community gangstalking Nazis. I’m fully BioAPA and have all the X-rays to prove it. I have medical proof and factual documentation to expose this corruption in the City of Santa Barbara and I’m mentally ready to take this monstrous EVIL down. I just need the legal support because no one will touch it for fear of it happening to them. I’ve been living in hell on earth since 2013 to present and dodging death daily 24/7 and no one deserves This. This operation isn’t fit for Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson or any other know EVIL. All of my FACTS and documents are solid. Hope you can help me or point me in a direction to help myself. Today I’m sitting at home on a monitor for 79 days of house arrest based on LIES and entrapment charges by strangers trumping up fake charges doing what they do in the hopes of stopping you from exposing them. I understand what I’m walking through and I know the programs motives and intentions. Peace.

Marjorie Brandon

Jan. 26, 2020:

I have been gangstalked for a long time, over 5 years and I need info on how to fight back, who can I trust or turn to?

Derrick Lewis

Jan. 25, 2020:

Dear Eric

You wrote to me some years ago about the suffering you were enduring because of the Illuminati. You told me you used to be a mountain climber but was crawling to the bathroom.

I was also severely injured by these people. You can see from the attached how bad the injuries are. I was poisoned repeatedly and casually. I am a petite woman but that didn’t stop them.

I am also deeply religious and have been celibate all my life for the sake of my faith as I can’t marry outside of my faith but I was systematically framed as a sex worker, a CELIBATE TEACHER.

I was labelled for a parent who was out of my life in December 1981 and who gave me nothing. My mother raised me alone without child support in poverty. I worked hard to build a better life and they then labelled me for him and his insane family who were a danger to my mother and me and didn’t let me live my own life!

I really need help to escape the abuse. I have put together a list of dos and don’ts for targets which have helped to protect me from further attack. You have to be very careful who you trust.

I now suffer from serious PTSD. I am terrified all the time of the next attack on my health by these barbarians.

You will see from the attached images why I am so damaged and afraid. My liver was being affected to the point that I became obese at one point. I lost height because of damage to the bones. I also suffered terrible mood swings and nightmares because of chemicals attacking the brain. I am terrified.

I have nightmares every night that I will be poisoned a 7th time and made ugly again now that I have fought to get my looks and my health back and that I will be chemically dumbed down. ” She must be made less intelligent.” I stood first in my year at school and was told by a former head of BBC script unit that I was a good creative writer and graduated from a Russell Group University ( British Ivy League ) and have taught at good universities and I think that Illuminati racists don’t like this kind of achievement in Asian women.

I would be grateful if you could let me know of any support groups for targeted individuals.

I am afraid that I will be chemically dumbed down as they don’t seem to like Asian women who have excelled and they seem to have a manifesto of mediocracy in the West, trying to dumb EVERYONE down through the use of neuro-toxins. Please follow the link to this video. They are turning the West into the third world by destroying people who were worth billions to the economy.

Kindest regards


Jan. 16, 2020:

I am victim of electronic harassment by a group in Port Angeles, WA that is illegally using medical headsets and some type of EEG based physical, video, or 3D holographical model with computer/man interface(HAARP), because I am disabled. In fact, whatever they do to this model is done to me, as if the model were a voodoo model. They are physically torturing me using this illegal equipment and are not medically certified, nor a medical facility. I awoke one morning with a cut in my neck and through augmented reality they are physically, and sexually assaulting me via the model, some how. They have identified themselves including addresses and others involved, and use of headsets XR, Magic Leap, Alterego, ibrain, Oculus, HAARP, or Hololens2, and an AR or VR studio, and cellular/mobile equipment. I am trying to find ways to get someone to listen, and I believe they are acting as software developers. It has capabilities that are EEG based, can pinpoint exact areas of my body to torture. Such as blur vision, they can see my thoughts/memories, hear my inner voice, communicate by thinking, induce thoughts and smells, and can tell what im doing with my eyes closed as well as see what I see, and possibly other persons, too.

I hear a frequency and believe they are using an illegal ELF device(V2K, Phsycotronics) as well. The address where the equipment being used is 514 Blue Ridge Rd, Benjamin Castle. I have gone to police, but they do nothing. They have other illegal equipment including Dept of Justice audio, video systems(JAVS), and Dept of Defense equipment(D.O.D. tag and a NASA computer tag inside) Ben Castle stated. Stating they have DOD, FBI, and NASA contacts, nobody is helping and the threats and assault is escalating to higher levels each day, though I moved 100 miles away. Mobile device/software installation of neurolink, neurovigil, emf45 or RFID implant chip, or other is 9-7-18. Please contact the proper federal authorities as I have gone to local authorities, Clallam County Sheriff’s Office, and this is completely out of their knowledge base.

Thank you,
Daman Dolhay
3381 S. 283rd Lane
Auburn, WA 98001
[email protected]

Jan. 9, 2020:

Hi Eric,

As preamble, I’m Australian, 40’s and convinced I’ve been targeted since birth, or close to it. I have no footprint in the online TI community, and no one otherwise to talk with about this, so would appreciate an actual conversation with someone with potential for insight on this particular issue.

I’ve heard many of your interviews (mostly with Ramola D and Kev Baker) and having read part of your Crestone Baca series, tho not much besides, and nothing recently, tho don’t spend much time researching targeting anyhow, but still consider you among the more credible activists in the TI community, so wish to ask for your opinion on fruitless attempts I made to start conversations with two TI activists last year, Ella Free (Eyerly Felder) and Ramola D, between July & November.

Essentially, I contacted Eyerly mid July 2019, getting a reply two weeks later, shared plenty of personal details, but for lack of reciprocity after a further month of trying, realized correspondence on that level didn’t suit her, so stopped.

Then a bit over a month later, contacted Ramola for the same purpose, to ask if she wanted to hear some of my case history, and received an even colder response, but with Ramola, was already cautious enough to refrain from sharing much personal info, so merely sent follow up emails and fb messages asking if she wanted to talk and had received past messages, always in the most cordial manner possible tho.

Both exchanges were bizarre, but Ramola’s response was breathtakingly dismissive, and figure, since you must know Ramola well enough to offer perspective I don’t have, am wondering if you might offer me some now.

Nick La Fontaine

Btw: have you reached the stage with your Crestone Baca series to consider republishing it in book format? I intend to start rereading thru it, as dont recall how far I got last time, and am more interested presently with the global warming question than targeting; and to that end, would appreciate any recommendations you might have for an entry level student as my knowledge on climate science still has many gaps.

Jan. 9, 2020:

PS: Hi again Eric,

I forgot to mention, I hope your new years’ going well, and would like to add, It’s not my intention to drive a wedge between you and Ramola, or ask you to intervene by asking her what occurred. I was deliberately vague about it, to avoid you feeling drawn in after hearing too much. Besides I should first want to know if your even inclined to talk to a random person like this, and if I like your temperament, before saying more. Plus I don’t like saying much online at one time, so don’t worry about walls of incoherent text the moment you respond.

And regarding the comments on global warming, I’m a skeptic/realist/denier on this subject, and not due to the bush fires in Australia atm, I know you are also, but haven’t visited your climate website lately, or looked thru it much in the past, tho might do so soon, so please ignore the request for suggested reading.


Jan. 4, 2020:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your many kindnesses. Since I first wrote to you last month I have been subject to reprisals in the form of renewed vehicular and store stalking and attempts to tow my vehicles. Went out to street at first light, 7 am to check on car and while there a brand new car with black tinted windows peeled into our cul de sac, saw me, whipped around at about 50 miles an hour and darted away. It met a TOW TRUck;at the corner, stopped for a moment to converse, and then both hauled buggy away from here. I filed a report over the phone to towing authorities so no further tow truck appeared.

I’ve been online reading about how minorities get civil rights action. ALL groups–black, elderly, disabled, homozexual, you name it–have nearly eliminated persecution of themselves by having political action coalitions who shout, publicize, and keep filing lawsuits. Whether we like homosexuality or not is not the issue. They too have learned how to get results. TIs are virtually the only group still hidden because the authorities deny we exist, just as governments for decades denied that their societies had any homosexual people.

Eric, what are your own thoughts about this? You were very concerned about me, or anyone else, contacting you and in fact belonging to the “other” side. Can you think of anyway to counter this? My own first impulse is to contact the various online groups for TIs and to issue an invitation to join a new coalition for political action, but I know that these invitations would also reach moles. We can always check their names in the online FOIA library but I would like your sense of how else to be secure.

Do you feel my idea has merit? I found this selff help site for setting up one’s own action coalition:

They can be contacted at [email protected]

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I don’t know that any of these links will work directly. You are better off going to the website and clicking the links from there. On the earlier stuff I sent, if we work through the ACLU we will have access to their lawyers since I can’t find any lawyers willing to help privately and possibly others experience the same thing.

Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m glad I found you. I watched all of Kevin Shipps videos on your site and am so glad I found out about him. He had a lawyer, Jonathan Turley. Do you feel it would be a good idea to communicate with eitther or both of them for advice or legal counsel?

Jenny (Jane) Decker

Dec 28, 2019:

I am a victim of brain technology that has been 11 years, since 2008 until now. I am an Indonesian citizen. they use brain technology with sound and images. one of their keywords NEED THEMSELVES FOR HOLY BUILDING HOLY BUILDING and their reports that cause and teach brain organ technology may be used in the public. their names are astri sumendap, vonny tulandi (provocateurs), febi kawalo.

Ronald Uguy

Dec. 23, 2019:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom,

I apologize to you for seeming to disappear this last week, but it’s because you have inspired me to be active in my own defense and it’s kept me busy. I found a forensic computer and bug specialist in Santa Rosa Tom Howe. I’ve just spent two days filling out his intake questionnaire, and much of the material you’ve seen before (because I pasted it in! rather than writing it out again) but much is new and disturbing events, prompted without doubt by their eavesdropping on my telephone and email conversations with him. I am sending you a copy of Mr. Howe’s intake form to read along with my answers.

I am feeling more courageous being in contact with other souls undergoing the same trying circumstances. Mr. Howe said he can find me an attorney and I will let you know how that goes. I am keen on your idea of a joint lawsuit with other people (can’t think at this moment what the proper word is for that) and also in all of us preparing affidavits for the ACLU’s national security project.

I will also write to John on the email list with this same info and ask his advice re: llegal action.

Merry Christmas

We soon will have the one day a year to forget this stuff and focus on the Holy Child.

Counter Surveillance Questionnaire
Jenny Decker

Dec. 22, 2019:

Hi Erick,

My name is Samson and I am a victim of gang stalking.

The people who are involved in are members of the german state including Secret Service and Judges.

You have to know that I was in prison between 2007 – 2012, JVA Butzbach. The Judge who convict me is named Bachl and he also is involved in these crimes and I have to mention that in the then verdict it was written that I did not act against any moral and mores.

Last month I had to learn that while I was imprisoned, an inmate with ulterior motives denunciated me and I was labeled as “dangerous” and probably was put on a watch list.

After my release I was confronted with a lot of public attraction, rumors and false suspicions. This result in a disput with people in the neighbourhood I lived and I was attacked by a Family. I was put into prison, innocent. The next Judge, named Drescher, realized it after 11 month, while my then Lawyer as soon as he had the files in his hands and comments it with the words “ You are really innocent”. You have to know that this Prison has the highest suicide rate in germany.

I think these things are well known to a bigger audience and I would like to ask you kindly to gather some Information if not already known to you.

They still try to let me look like a maniac, despite I think the hole wide world know, that they are the maniacs.

I am living now in Norway at the moment and I am looking for a way to sue them.

2018 I was convicted for almost nothing. The judge, named Boescher, is also involved in these crimes of gang stalking, I also could hear him speaking.
They still use all means to discredit me and maybe you could point me to the right place.

I am not sure if these mail reach you because I am under highly advanced surveillance. If I do not get any response I will try to look for an other way to reach you.

Thanks in advanced

Best regards,
Samson Haile

Dec. 22, 2019:

Dear Eric, I am a victim since 2018. These days they seem to be very keen to kill me. i am a very active anti-Zionist. I am German and live in Hamburg. In Germany there are many victims too.

This is my Channel where i document the Torture, this Video shows attacs to my heart:

I document the torture on video since june this year. Before it was a Satire Comedy Channel.

Thank you so much for your work. You are a hero.

please answer briefly so i know that you have received this Email.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas

Marc Rbert Fangerau

Dec. 19, 2019,

I and my two children, who are now 18 and 20, have been I believe enrolled in this brain hacking DARPA experimentation. We are constantly being placed on a watch list, unendingly. False reports, and false arrests, continue to occur. In particular, my son, who has I believe complete chipping and wiring as a very young infant. He even had his hair removed form the back of his head for this, at which time, it has never grown back. Also had a tooth pulled, in which a chip was placed, (i could se it), but I though it was some type of filling), so I ignored it. tHE POLICE AND SHERRIFF’S HAVE BEEN harrassing him non stop. I currently have a very low flying helicopter and plane over me, as I am typing this to you. It happens every time I try to communicsate or try to reach out and get any tpe of help. They make up very slanderous lies about me, so the civilians or my neighbors, coworkers, store managers, etc., keep me on the satellite computer assimilation. I FEEL I AND MY CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER, AND I HAVE NO WHERE TO TURN. If you csn at all pleae help me, tht would be great. God bless you.

Dec. 16, 2019:

So, in my sixties I was living with a banker roommate in the East Bay, working with a group that fed feral cats, using homeopathy to treat friends, family and all their pets and largely living a placid life unaware of news, politics, sports or anything else I had no interest in. Met a wonderful doctor, Dr. Tom O’Connell, author of a national study on the clinical use of medical marijuana,, received a medical marijuana referral from him and was able to stop taking any other medication. I would have been happy to spend the rest of my life like that. I voted Democrat, didn’t follow political news, concentrated on animal rescue. Then in 2008 the stock market collapsed and with it my financial future. I woke up, started listening online to all sorts of talk news to try to understand what was coming, bought a house to rent out in the collapsed real estate market, and found online economist Catherine Austin Fitts, who unfortunately was interviewed by Alex Jones to whom I listened for a while until his alarmist warnings became too stressful.

However, in that time I wrote a few emails to his station; one asking for technical listening help; another saying that geo satellite neighborhood mapping, which Mr. Jones had discussed on air, was happening in our neighborhood. I also wrote an email to commentator Paul Craig Roberts on the subject of fake news. Those few emails apparently initiated the process of FOIA false record creation.

I was unaware at the time that this had occurred. In 2015 I sold the rental house, bought another in Lake County California. Then in northern California we started having massive fires, and in October 2017 all hell broke loose near the house I had bought with the Tubbs and Sulphur fires. Again I woke up to the news, started following twitter and looking at all the pictures of the burn areas and, together with other people online who had been affected by the fires, trying to figure out their cause. And one evening, when I was picking up my serviced car at a local Midas station, I spoke to a fellow customer who was a PG&E employee about my thoughts re: how the fires started. That night a massive surveillance began of myself, my then roommate/landlord, our vehicles, property and lives.

“Surveillance” is a euphemism covering a multitude of sins including radical pruning of all foliage around your house so they can see in more clearly, house structural damage to gain entrance, malicious vandalism to vehicles such as ripping off license tags, ripping down inner roof lining and slashing inner roof, siphoning all the gas, taking every item left in the vehicle, ongoing relentless theft of keys, all personal paperwork and files, all checks old and new, personal items that harm the person who doesn’t have them, like glasses, orthopedic devices, personal grooming supplies, food, you name it. Outside the house I was followed by multiple vehicles when walking or driving. If I stopped for gas I was crowded by tall men leaning over the gas pump trying to see the numbers on my card and trying to grab the receipt. If I went to the store I was followed by MANY people in the store looking at every item I put in the basket and grubbing with their hands behind the shelf. It is vicious harrassment, most of it simply malicious. My five cats used to be indoor outdoor, but early in the surveillance process someone shot a rifle at one cat trying to kill him and viciously abused another so I brought the cats in permanently and sealed their cat door.

Some of the vehicles following me had been recognizable army and naval intelligence vehicles, and when they shot at my cat I called the Navy in the Pentagon in Washington to complain. I was put in touch with a Navy commander who could not openly say I was being surveilled but obviously knew. I complained about the shooting and the aggression of those following me. He evidently said something to the perpetrators because the aggression then stopped but the house invasion and stealing became magnitudes worse.

I began searching online for what the heck could be happening to me, and found out about the FISA court and its authorization through FOIA. I discovered that someone involved with FOIA had constructed one or more false documents stitching activist literature being followed by the NSA into a folder with my name on it, planted as a hidden file in my own computer. I found the national FOIA online library and looked up my own name. These files, listed under “doc” had live links that went to a file hidden on my own computer and only accessible by going through the FOIA website. But you’ve already read this in my previous email, so I’ll move on.

From October 2017 to August 2019 when I moved, our household and its two occupants, my housemate and myself, were under FOIA sponsored, FISA authorized surveillance made obvious by 24/7 home invasion and ongoing theft of my personal financial documents, real estate documents, personal checks and private correspondance. They also created for me a false web browsing history, false cell phone identity and history, false youtube watching history, as well as the falsified collection of 1100+ FOIA documents. There was home invasion 24/7 of my housemate’s private property–he owns the house–and ongoing theft of personal items, large and small (including storable grocery items). They have robbed my roommate of keys and stolen then copied multiple sets of keys from myself. They stole a loose dental crown from me in Feb. 2018, the loss of which has caused a serious dental health issue which I have dated records and x-rays for. They have used stolen keys to my bank safe deposit box to interfere with the contents at least twice, without issuing any official request to open the box.

I was unable to find an attorney willing to take on the NSA, and unable to get acknowledgement through FOIA itself; my request to receive official records concerning myself was formally denied. When I moved, the separate surveillance of myself and former roommate continued.

And now they’re stealing my clothes, taking photos, and dismantling various access points on the house structure to maintain their intrusions when I put up more locks. I don’t know what else to tell you. I love animals, hate politics and just want to live a normal life. But there doesn’t seem to be much chance. And I want friends I can communicate with–Dr Hall is absolutely right about the perverse desire of friends to believe that you are imagining things. Dr. Karlstrom, I invite you to access the FOIA online library and look up my name, and see the entries for yourself. That is my proof, and the proof I show friends who want to persuade themselves that these things never happen!!! so she’s imagining things.

Anyway, I thoroughly understand your concerns because you are in a dangerous position and have allowed others to reach out and contact you. I get it. So please, look up my name, and if you want to, run it through the new search site Truthfinder because it shows whether the person named is on a watchlist and I’d like to know for sure. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know.

Jane Decker (Jenn Dee)


Dr. Karlstrom,

I’m 67, born in San Diego to parents much older than me. My Dad was a doctor with a family practice and had been in the Navy twice as a doctor, once when he graduated from Emory med school in 1930 ( he was born in 1907) and then after Pearl Harbor when he volunteered and spent the duration on ships in the Pacific. My parents were from Georgia but were introduced to San Diego by being stationed there, and had many navy friends living nearby.

I went to a private school until Junior High and was deemed gifted, so in high school I was asked to join a new program from the San Diego school district which gathered gifted students citywide and had special teachers for them. It was held at my own school, Point Loma High. This was the mid to late 60s and this program was modelled after Summerhill, the British program for gifted kids that allows them to do pretty much what they like, all the time. We had vibrant conversations, worked to be clever all the time, and received straight As just for being there. Had little motivation to concentrate on studies because of home problems. My mother seemm, to go crazy in the 60s and had an animus towards myself that she couldn’e help acting out. I wanted to LEAVE and when the parents refused to let me go, I left anyway. Bought a plane ticket, sent a trunk, and went to New York City in late 1969 right after high school. I worked in credit and collection at Saks Fifth Avenue and shared an apartment on West End Avenue with a hysterical

I had a friend in high school who had become a cadet at West Point, so I went to visit him up there and met another cadet whom I ended up marrying in early 1971. We were stationed at various bases: Ft. Bragg, Ft. Benning twice, Ft. Devens and then Ft. Carson in Colo Springs. We had two children and divorced in 1978. He Denver to go to grad school to be an Army comptroller and I stayed and belatedly went to university at Univ of Colorado at colorado springs.

It was freeing to be out of a tightly controlling marriage and in a university environment with many good friends, I throve. But Colorado Springs was having a financial depression and the job situation was bad. After graduating I moved to Denver, worked as manager at an auto leasing firm, and one day I walked into Cherry Creek bookstore and found a new biography off Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann, bought it, and when I read it I fell deeply under the spell of the British 19th century and its literature and vowed to go to grad school and teach English Lit, my favorite subject. I decided on UCLA because its English Dept has the Clarke Library which owns nearly all of Wilde’s manuscripts and many of the precious items from his home that were lost to sale when he went to prison.

I moved back to California in order to qualify for residence tuition rates, made peace with my parents, lived with roomies in La Jolla and worked at a pharmacy. Moved to Los Angeles and began grad school in fall of 1989. UCLA was VASTLY different in atmosphere from the univ of Colorado and full of self proclaimed activists. The students harped on activism, the teachers harped on it. We were told we were expected to be activists, to get out and shout and parade and write letters about some cause we cared about. And my dearest love is animals, and I’ve always been irate over how people treat them, and I was tired of being told I wasn’t “engaged” and so decided to volunteer at a LA animal rights group, Last Chance for Animals.

At that organization, all volunteers were asked to do the same thing: write short letters to public figures. There was a stack of letters on the desk that the organization had received, asking them to write to one person or another urging a specific action–to prosecute a case of abuse, to modify laws, and so forth. As a volunteer you wrote the letters and were told to sign your own name and the name of the organization. I think that might be the initial way I got on the FBIs radar. You probably remember my saying how many items in the online FOIA library were indexed to my name. Many of those were letters from very young people, mostly female, and were the same type of letter I had written, “Dear Senator So and So; this refuge for seals/crabs/rabbits/you name it needs your support. Next week the Congress votes on Bill xxxxx supporting this refuge and we hope we can count on your vote.” That’s the sort of “evil” material the FOIA people consider worthy of collecting. But I realize now that every one of those young women writing those letters were like myself UNAWARE that by writing these letters they were making themselves federal targets. I’m guessing that when you write to public figures they simply turn the correspondance over to the feds.

At the time, however, I had no idea that writing letters as a volunteer could be dangerous. I was just living my life. Quit Last Chance for Animals when I realized that donations from little old ladies were being used to make larger salaries for the officers of the organization. I was teaching writing at UCLA but becoming increasingly disaffected by the vast amount of plagiarism and buying papers–I don’t need to spend my time grading fake papers, I went to work for an emeritus history professor who lived near the campus, cowriting a book with her staff on British women’s autobiographical writing, and then a book on women’s autobiography from WWI. Worked for her until 2002.

During this time, however, I had health problems and so did my cats. I had a wonderful veterinarian who was a close friend, and he was taking courses in homeopathy for animals and introduced me to the subject, lending me his textbooks. I bought my own set, studied privately, and decided English Lit is fabulous but teaching wasn’t for me and I wanted to go to homeopathy school. San Francisco is largely the center for homeopathic study in California and I went to two schools up here, the Institute of Classcal Homeopathy and Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, where I finished my studies. By then I was in my 60s and experiencing mobility problems, so I never set up a practice, but treated family, friends, and volunteered at a local homeless clinic giving homeopathic treatment to them.

Jenn Dee

Dec. 14, 2019:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom.

This morning (Saturday, Dec. 14) I listened to NPR news this morning. One segment with Scott Simon was with the current head of the National Security Project for the ACLU.

They are getting involved in investigating the FISA and FOIA abuses. I emailed them at [email protected]

…sending them essentially the same info I sent to you. I am in hopes that by their having the information, if I am killed and/or framed, they will be able to go after the FBI, ACLU’s National SEcurity Project is new and apparently has been inspired by the new FISA report. I would suggest that you write to them as well with your information because the ACLU’s influence is widespread and, I think, a good way to spread this knowledge. You can listen to the NPR report online at

On that page, you can listen to the report by scrolling down the page to “National Security The ACLU on FISA concerns.”

Jane Decker
Dec. 14, 2019:


Happy Holidays.

Only if you have the time to interpret the following.
Seems like I had a number of people around my bed shooting sonic bullets at me.

Appeared to be so real.

Was that possibly a projection … it certainly wasn’t a bad dream.
I definitely felt the stings and could ID some of the voices.
If you have the time to give me your point of view, I would greatly appreciate the analysis.
I’m not imagining this, and I’m a very intelligent person.
I read your articles of haunted house, Ghost Busters, etc. but seems like the perps are taking this effort one step into new territory … seems like they are actually in same the room with me. Perhaps they are breaking in via freezing the alarm.

Thank you,
Thomas McNellis


Thank you.

Dec. 12, 2019:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom,

I got your contact information from a video by Dr. John Hall and hope you will get this information and appeal for advice to Dr. Hall as well. I’ve been surveilled and otherwise abused and framed in multiple ways by the same gangstalking/house invasion/mind games he describes for two years, Unlike most of the cases he recounts, however, this is not illicit groups who have received advanced tech who are surveilling me but instead is those who own the technology, and early in the process I saw many Army and Navy vehicles involved.

Also unlike the six phases he describes, the surveillers are now:

1) Stealing my worn clothing (both outer and underwear) from drawers, laundry bags, closet, you name it.
2) Photographing me every time I go outside. Using a real camera, not just cell phone, and the sound of camera mechanism is obvious.
3) In late 2017 they also stole clothing, and were using cell phones when concealed inside the house, unaware that I could hear their conversations. I was speaking to a friend on the phone, telling her about the clothing thefts and speculating they were going to have someone else wear them and pretend to be me for some scurrilous purpose. At that monment I hear a cell phone calling somewhere under our crawl space and a male, American voice whispered into the receiver “She knows we’re going to replace her.”
4) In April 2018 a friend and I took a trip to Lake County CA where I own a rental house and stopped for lunch, briefly discussing the restaurant beforehand in my car. My friend’s cell phone we already knew was being listened to. When we reached the restaurant, there was already a table of four guys dressed as lumberjacks but looking like Feds, having a loud and animated conversation about 1) working in the CIA vs. FBI, 2) having lived in every city I’ve ever lived in, they named them off, and 3) defending gun rights. The friend and I, both pacifists repelled by this conversation, left fairly quickly, but quickly figured out it was a phony, staged conversation meant as incitement.
5) Less than a week later, the same friend and I took his little dog (who has to live in an apartment) to a local seaside dogpark. We were trailed by the only person there without a dog, a seemingly disabled middle-aged black woman with an oxygen tank who came up to me, struck up a conversation about black rights, (the friend with me was black) and in the middle of this asked me how tall I was and how much I weighed. We left soon after, but I perceived this as being information needed in order to cast a role play actor close to my size who could convincingly play me. Apparently they switched to a roleplay actor after I avoided the obvious staged incitement a week earlier.
6) Apparently in 2012, someone involved with FOIA constructed one or more false documents stitching activist literature being followed by the NSA into a folder with my name on it, planted as a hiddens file in my own computer. I discovered this by the simple action of going to the national FOIA library online and inputing my own first and last name. These files, listed under “doc” had live links that were live in my own computer, and were directly accessible from the FOIA library, so I or anyone else could see the pages. However, as soon as I navigated away from them to other files in my pc folder, the hidden files disappeared and I could not reaccess them. Furthermore, although this fake document, was created in 2012 in response to a request for some name in the actual literature, the FOIA supplier had backdated the surreptitious external entry to my harddrive to 2008.
7) Be aware, FOIA documents are being falsified and used both to frame people as patsies and to generate wider “legal” access to every possible contacts communications. The feds use a process called “contact chaining” to investigate people. If someone is an email contactee of some suspect, then their own computer can be legally searched, so there’s a huge motivation to falsify contacts that will justify extensive chaining. Just the few fake FOIA pages the feds had created on my own computer generated over 1100 items in the online FOIA library indexed to my name. I read hundreds of them before I got tired of it, and can say for a fact I had never seen any of those people, organizational names or causes ever before. The whole process is entirely bogus and generates complete falsities. Do not EVER rely on FOIA requests to give you anything real. FOIA is at the core of how Federal judges are fooled into granting FISA warrants, and at the core of the patsy-creating program that the feds use in their ongoing project to frighten the public by spectacular shooting incidents into giving up further rights.

In video interviews, Dr. Hall has been questioned about targeted individuals who have later been identified as shooters, and his replies indicated that he believes this is a real phenomenon. But I think instead that targetting is frequently the first step in a vast frame up to use the person as a patsy for some violent event, in which the target is shot dead and the FBI or whichever then “finds” radical material on their harddrive (planted), weapons or whatever in the home, also planted, and “radicalized” social media (planted like everything else). The Feds then declare they just triiumphed by destroying another evildoer.

I’m so tired of this, and I’m also quite sure the denouement is going to happen soon, Dr. Karstrom, I would like your advice. Are there any ATTORNEYS you can recommend willing to work with a targetted individual to file a “cease and desist” order against the DHS?

A complaint form to object to the violation of one’s civil rights has recently been added to the DHS website at
And I’m hoping to give an attorney access to all my info so he can file a complaint on my behalf. That way if I am targetted as a patsy and killed, then you, John Hall, my attorney and all the people within the targetted community will know the truth beforehand and be able to release and use my information to expose this patsy making program to media, congress and whoever can make it widely known.

The gist of my letter to you:

1) I have been targetted for surveillance for last two years. Stalkiing began in October 2017 at time of California fires, when my web browsing included looking into cause of the fires. However, I have written emails to public individuals such as Paul Craig Roberts whom, I now realize, were themselves being targetted. By sending even one email to such a person, the sender becomes part of the “contact chaining” and their whole computer is now subject to search by DHS and all subsidiary agencies. That is presumably how I got on the target list to begin with.
2) I am not a criminal, am a pacifist, have never touched a gun or other firearm, do not even have traffic tickets, do not do ANYTHING illegal. This is presumably why I have not been arrested; they can’t find anything real. However, there is a relatively new background check site called “Truthfinder” that includes a category to search of whether the name you are entering is on the terrorist watch list. I have not used this site yet to search myself but will bet my name is on it. It can also be found by anyone searching the national FOIA library online.
3) In addition to relentless 24/7 surveillance, home invasion and theft, the surveillers are now taking photos of me everytime I step outside, presumably for the benefit of a role play crisis actor. I almost always wear bell bottom bluejeans with a pullover sweater and these are the items they steal, along with all my undergarments. Since I buy from thrift stores, these items are one of a kind, so presumably that’s why the surveillers steal them instead of buying new duplicates. They also steal dishes, household décor, placemats, a battery operated lantern, and anything of mine that could be used to set up a fake apartment space and pretend it is mine, to have a role play actor practice in and live in for a short time.
4) When the surveillance first began I was terrified. I’d never heard of it, but had seen the movie Rendition and thought that might be what was going on. I did all the stuff that Dr. Hall warned against, calling the local polices repeatedly and eventually getting chalked up as a head case to ignore. Now I know better. But I need an attorney whose eyes are open to this process and who is brave enough to file a complaint ASAP on my behalf.

Dr. Karlstrom, I apologize for the length of this missive and hope you will write back to me with advice to help prevent my getting used and killed in the process I’ve described. The names and contact info for ANY attorneys you know who work with targetted individuals will be gratefully received.

Here is all my contact info. I don’t have a cell phone, just a landline.
Jane Decker
546 Lewrosa Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
[email protected]

Dec. 2, 2019:

Hi Eric,

I just came across the newest installment of Rambola’s rampage on Twitter. She published an entire article on you, like she did on me:

The attack on you comes after Ramola attacked
Suzie Dawson
Midge Mathis
Ella Free
Richard Lighthouse
Dr. Mathew Aaron
Karen Melton-Stewart (just last week for refusing to smear me before my court case)
myself (by ganging up with CIA operative Barbara Hartwell)
Whatever you think about any of these individuals, what struck me is the timing of her attacks on these people and myself.

When she single-handedly terminated the Techno Forum after over 70 episodes without warning, she did it the day after I had a long 8-hour meeting with Catherine Austin Fitts and wanted to report about it on the live show. I couldn’t because Ramola blocked me from appearing on my own show.

What caught my eye is this email from you that she posted on her website:
In it, you point out how previously she wanted 5-6 more topics for your show and suddenly changed her mind. This exactly follows how the Techno Forum was broken up. The week before that we had discussed expanding our show to a second spin-off broadcast dedicated to just discussing the declassified documents.

To see a pattern, you can look at her systematic destruction of all my projects, none of which she was involved in, AFTER she broke up Techno:

Ramola Dharmaraj

As a result, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of her.

I suspect that she terminated the broadcasts with you because you were “stealing her show”. Each of the episodes with you had twice or thrice as many views as her usual videos and other interviews. She doesn’t like not being in the limelight.

Given your popularity and the importance of your message, maybe she is right in as so far as saying that you should launch your own broadcasts. You have the followers and you could put out as much material as you wished. If you do, please reupload all your interviews with her and the important Pinecone Utopia interviews in one place. I would certainly link to that as a reference for my court case.

Dr. Katherine Horton

Nov. 28, 2019:

I have been a target for 5 years and have experienced just about everything.

Invisibility is something relatively new, that I know DA_ _A was working on.

I spent 28 years working for different agencies and held: Secret, Top Secret, Compartmented, SCI, and Special Operations Clearances. I gave presentations via DOD to President Obama, his Staff, and Transition Team in 2009 and also 2013. See attached government DOD advertisement. My name is on page three.

After receiving the letter from the Government Personnel Office that my profile was compromised from the special cray supercomputer database complex by the Chinese and sold to the Russians, my entire profile, picture, address, etc. were placed onto a public website in Moscow Russia (which was when I complained vigorously to the government for letting the hacking occur). That was when I was placed on the list. And, Received harassment from both sides of the power struggle. The last Position I held was heading up innovative weapons in Vienna Va. via The Massachusetts Institute for Technology Digital Research Laboratory.

Let’s Keep in touch.
I’d like to learn new techniques to defend against the weapons.

Thomas McNellis

p.s. I worked with An_t_ C _ _ e _ on Voice to Skull for the Iraqi Invasion – army threw it out since gave inverse of what was wanted … instead of making them think twice of attach … made units more aggressive toward attack.

Nov. 29, 2019:

It’s an electromagnetic field, that they generate around the body network, which interacts/communicates with the neural smart dust and network to monitor all brain activity and bodily functions, a la MK Ultra, wireless style.

I know this for a fact, although intuited and psychic. Do with it what you want.

Apple Cider Vinegar in large amounts, soaking the body in it repeatedly, over a day or so, will rid the body of much of the electromagnetic buildup. I don’t know why but my inner voice led me to it.

When doing the ears, please careful NOT to do the inner ear. It isn’t necessary anyway because the exposure to all that vinegar eventually gets it up out of the ears. Putting it up your nose also gets it away from your sinuses.

If they are vibrating your body, this EM field also allows them to do that. They hit me nightly and my feet are afire with EM activity each morning when I arise, which is what led me to using orgonite on my feet and discovering there, the built up EM molecules in my large toes. The toes store the molecules…

This is Vrill Voodoo shit that they brought back with paperclip. These scientists and they families settled all over Florida and now its thick. They are also in the local Sherriff’s oiffice and police station. We also have a Mason’s lodge right across from the police. Handy location, huh?

Apple Cider Vinegar 5% strength. Repeat as needed. Dowse your head, feet, lower legs, arms, hands and neck a LOT.

John Sears

Nov. 28, 2019:

Hello Eric,

Just wanted to share with you a brief description of how I became a TI. I actually lived out in the country in rural Oklahoma on a beautiful 10 acre place and went through a Divorce. After my Divorce, I noticed different cars and pickups parking along two county roads. At first I thought maybe they just like my property or wanted to buy it. Well after awhile law enforcement and unmarked cars would follow me around. WOW there is something going on and this went on for around one year or so(maybe longer because they were covert) I’m not really sure.

OK what hell is going on I thought? I started researching and figured out very early in my Stalking( after they went overt) what they were doing. I know for a fact now that all law enforcement is involved because wherever I travel, they will show up(puppet masters working with the street level stalkers). They gang stalked me at AEP(American Electric Power) with street and office theater while I was an Project Engineer and I got so upset I quit after researching that CORPORATIONS are also involved in the diabolical plot to destroy innocent Americans. It’s all these corporations, UPS, AEP, FED-Ex, …. caught me off guard.

Anyway, sorry about rambling but just wanted you to know that I will be working with others to shine the light and expose these Evil doers.


Chuck W.

Nov. 27, 2019:

I have been the victim of gang stalking for 6 years.
And, experience just about everything you mentioned.

Do you have any information on invisibility with direct taser and sleep deprivation efforts?

More recently perps have been breaking into my house and tasering me while I’m in bed sleeping.

I’ve completed research on how easy invisibility is using mirrors of background images on dark cloaks.

Thank you,
Thomas McNellis

Nov. 17, 2019:

Hi Dr. Karlstrom,

I just discovered and listened to your interview with Tim Kelly from a couple years ago.

I was a whistleblower who naively went to the FBI in Oklahoma City in 2016. My concerns were about the practices of a Water Quality Division of Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Think, Flint, Mi #2.

There were lots of hooks that could have gotten me on lists. I was Workplace Mobbed. I was a Nobel Institute-trained biologist. I was harassed at my local parish by a retired, close aid of James Clapper—yes, the former DNI. They assault and battered me a church claiming that they feared I had guns. What? Anything to defame you—and post-0/11 these kinds of ridiculous lies stick. And this nonsense was then feedback and used in my hearings against wrongful termination from DEQ. They do not care abo9ut perjury and outright defamation.

Yes, they illegally tried the psychologist testimony scam—a psychologist that I never met. of course, all of it worked to destroy my lfe.

Any way, I would love to talk to you to see what we can do to fix this on the big scale, if possible.

I am recovering socially and financially only because of faithful friends, but I hear you about what the mobbing tactic does to scares away your weak “acquaintances.”

I have a book I am working on regarding Organizational Mobbing.

I am attaching my CV.

Dave Schmitt, Ph.D.
Burns Flat, Oklahoma
(405) 679-8693

Oct. 23, 2019:


I came across your website and have added a link to it on my website which has been live since 2009 (copyrighted in 2011). First off, it’s a pleasure to come across someone else in America having some success (not being homeless or forced onto SSI/disability) even under these horrific circumstances. Are you a TI or did the topic just peak your interest?

I read parts of your website and must agree with many of your observations and conclusions. My targeting (at the frenzied level of TI) began while I was working at a VERY Jewish real estate office, Coldwell Banker in Orinda, CA as a new agent and father. Working alongside a highly-educated Jewish (ethnicity, not religion) elite from NYC whom was my new agent “mentor” at the time. He made extraordinarily NON-real estate agent comments to me when this shock-and-awe campaign began such as “nobody can survive in a constantly negative environment”, “what are you going to do Charlie?… stand on the corner and shoot them all?”, “the thing I love best about our relationship is that neither of us comes to the table with any ulterior motives”, “this is my favorite comic strip ever — I like breaking big rocks into little rocks” and “the government is slow but relentless”.

I have definitely observed that MANY of the participants appear to be of Jewish ethnicity (from their “unique” facial features). I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the mini-series “V” (Visitors) from the 1980’s. Once you see them – they appear to be EVERYWHERE.

My personal experience had the added “pleasure” of being swarmed by hispanics (mexicans) for the first 10 years of targeting, likely to try and conceal the true puppet-masters and add to my state of confusion and shock. This was due to being “steered” to a buy our house in a VERY mexican neighborhood during the red-hot Bay Area real estate market of 2004 where some of “life’s circumstances” created the perfect storm to run this operation on myself and my family.

My family and myself are all Caucasian (my wife has a few drops of Native American blood down the line and I appear to have a few drops of jewish blood down the line – discovered during genealogy research). My grandfather, Charles Julius Freeman, was Deputy Chief of FDNY and President of Uniformed Fire Officer’s Association in New York City, so growing up in NYC kept these very creative (and evil) conspirators mostly at bay during that time frame (my early childhood). Upon reflection, I seemingly had the “protection” of many of the participants in “Organized Stalking” during that time. But after moving to the West when I turned 16 years old, that “protection” slowly dissipated.

I have been subjected to the full-blown bell’s and whistles psychological warfare aspect as well as the immense physical torture from their directed energy weapons (which were strongest from early Jan 2006-2012). Have any of the targets you’ve interviewed that describe DEW attacks noticed an infrared camera looking device that is black and the size of a baseball mounted on a 12″-18″ stake (emitting a very bright cluster of flashing lights – even during the day) mounted in a neighbor’s yard and pointed at their house? This might just be part of the head-fuck. The non-stop jet engine hovering in my vicinity is another constant since this ordeal began in the final days of 2005/early days of Jan 2006. I initially thought they were looking for a marijuana grow, but it seems now the jet plane(s) are a part of their directed energy weapons attack arsenal. Possibly conducting counter-surveillance as well.

Another very interesting fact about myself is that when I was 10-11 years old and living in Brooklyn, I received at least 2 (possibly 3) “welcome/recruitment letters” addressed to me (full name, first and last) from the United States Air Force. I didn’t think much of it at the time (being a young child) but reflected on this when the directed energy attacks began hitting me in 2005/2006.

Too bad I didn’t come across your website a few months ago – my family (we are still together miraculously) and I just moved to Anthem, AZ from Arvada, CO. Are you still a professor at CSU? I must tell you that I am very impressed that you have the BRAVERY to publish what you have about the Jews which can so easily be construed and “sold” by them as their all-mighty “trump-card” — of you being anti-semitic.

Stay strong and keep up the good fight!

P.S. your email [email protected] is bouncing

Charlie Kartchner

Oct. 11, 2019


My name is Josh & I live just north of Houston, TX. I’ve been in the targeting program for 5+ years. In February of this year I was in a serious automobile accident where a woman died & two others injured. I believe the accident was a result of covert technologies used against me, incapacitating me & causing me to drive into oncoming traffic. I’d like to know what detection devices for my body & home (RF detector, spectrometer, etc.) would be suggested to collect evidence? Although you don’t know me or the atrocities I’ve gone through, I’m hoping you or somebody you know can guide me to the right people &/or info I’m looking for. I’m open to any other ideas or suggestions to acquire evidence pertaining a targeted person. I have began calling in & listening to Ella Free’s support group on Tuesday/Thurs. & curious if there’s any supports groups near the Houston, TX area? I’d also like to get Mr. John Christiana contact information if possible.

Thank you sincerely,

Josh Mann



Laszlo Nemeti

Sept. 24, 2019:

Dear real TI and Anonym friends,

On behalf of the World Honorable and Dignified I salute you and say: Peace and Love be Upon you all.

I have no doubt in my mind that the Evil of all times of this Century in the immoral US Gov for what they did to me, you and millions of innocents in USA, abroad and around the Globe. Today and after I had house, wife, great social status and excellent repute I have lost it all for the Prostitute US Gov, for what they did to me and my family and community and they did that to me because I refused to assist them in looting over $50,000,000 USD from Tyco Fires and security. The US Gov will FAKE million reasons why they did that to me but the FACE remain the FACT. The FACT is that the US Gov is the ultimate deceiving being on Planet Earth. The US Gov in responsible for the Targeting, War Crimes, Spread of blood shed, Spread of Hate and Enmity and Divison among human kind. It is time for the US Gov to STEP DOWN from Power and hand it over to us.

The BIG Question remains: Who let the Dog out? Who, who?

I blame it to Americans who let the criminal US Gov into power and into abusing the US Gov power under the fake name of Homeland Security. The US Gov is breaching the Security of America, American citizens, and the security of the World. The US Gov MUST, I repeat, MUST STEP Down. Once the US Gov Steps Down a New Gov must take over and arrest all secret and hidden corrupt elements in America. Today there are Millions who are already united to speed up the operation of cleaning America from the Rotten Dirt within the US Gov. IF this operation stops then the US Gov will keep assaulting our citizens and keep spreading War crimes, Blood Shed, hate, enmity and division among human beings.

Today I have the BRAVE, real man and Women and real Heroes standing with me – in this process I have lost my coward family members who are terrified by the US Gov cult, many fearful community members and the hopeless and value-less around the World who decided to sell you and me to the US Gov for few dollars. I have you on my back and you have me on your back – One Nation under God, once Voice, one Love.

Firas Faham

Sept. 24, 2019:

Dear Mr. Karlstrom,

I’m not sure if you are the same man that wrote the piece about psychological weapons being used on unknowing innocents citizens of our country by our own government, but if you are, I need your help for my daughter DESPERATELY. I sent you an email on your other website a couple of days ago telling about my daughter Madelines situation and asking for your help. I’m DESPERATE Mr. Karlstrom. We can’t find ANYONE who can help US! EVERYONE we have reached out to either thinks we are crazy or has little to NO knowledge of this stuff and CANT HELP Madeline, and the ones that DO know how to help her AREN’T TALKING, and in the mean time this thing is KILLING MY DAUGHTER MADELINE! PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US! she is going to die if she doesnt get REAL HELP SOON! I dont know if you have any children of your own sir, but if you do, then you can imagine what this is doing to us all! I’m begging to please help us save Madeline. I will be waiting to hear from you…my cell # is (325) 436-9656 and my email is [email protected]. If you DO CALL ME, please send me a text or email first so I will know to be looking for your call.I dont usually answer calls that i dont recognize and l DONT want to miss your call! PLEASE HELP US!

Sincerely, Karen Watt (Madeline’s mother)

Sept. 21, 2019

Biggest thing no TIs ever comment or talk about:

I have been a TI since birth and for the last 4 years they have for some reason showed me the way they do all of this. It’s all about Time Travel. That’s the only way this program can work so well. And they have showed me this intensely for the past year. They’ve had all those so called cell towers for years now and they have everyone being watched whether or not you deal directly with them. If you look at google maps and watch year by year of the updating to these towers you’ll see they are getting more and more tech and information out of us. It would be impossible for a group of people sitting around exactly timing these events with having time travel.



Sept. 20, 2019:

Stalking/electronic harassment/smear campaign/science experient-victim.

This is happening to me and no-one will stop it. It is related to kleptocracy.

Ph 740-244-9110
Marsha Thomas 501476

Sept. 11, 2019:

Dr. Eric Karlstrom,

It looks to me that my PC is hacked, i’m not able to communicate with you by email or to post anything at your website. I hope you can see this time my message before …
Well, the point is that 10 day after i posted my commentary at the website i was hit by a car while walking in the street, it wasn’t an accident, i’m recovering … with a permanent injury in my cervical spine.
Please, add all this note to my post:

TI Statement: Alfonso Romero

Everybody need to know what is happening in this country.
As i said in my post this peoples are criminals and everybody need to take it very seriouly.
Those peoples (IT) already under the program of this criminal activity need to be aware too of the local citizen groups of surviliance and the local police, in my case Coral Gable Police, Miami. They work together, they are the last link in the chain, the executors.

Take care of yourself too!

Alfonso Romero.

Sept. 3, 2019:

Dr. Karsltrom,

I’m not able to post at your website, and i can’t communicate with you by email, … again …

I just want to add this incident at my post: i want to say that only 10 days after the publication of my letter i was hit by a car while walking on the street, obviously it wasn’t an accident. I sow the car stopped at the other side of the street, just waiting … then, i crossed the street … then the driver moved his car a fast … When the car hit my body from my legs my head was against the car … Now i have a problem in my cervical spine, I’m recovering but with a permanent condition …

And this is not all, they are still trying to hit me again … If something happen to me be aware and ALERT about this strange combination: neighborhood agents “for criminal surveillance”: TALMUDISM/MASONERY/FBI/LOCAL POLICE, in my case Coral Gable Police Miami.

As i said in my post THEY ARE CRIMINALS.

Peace of Christ,

Alfonso Romero.

August 17, 2019:

Dear Eric

I hope this finds you doing ok. My progress is slow. I have an Advocate and I must work thru police to get a case in court. The police have been slowwalking me and obstructing me for almost 3 years. So now I need to file petitions against them. Am at last stage now but i am coming to conclusion the military is in this. I went to head of Police in our District and they wrote a petition to release all information I requested. I waited a week and then went to check status of my petition and I could see on computer they have a significant file on me. The officer in charge messed me around and finally told me he refused to comply because the military is involved. I was forced to see the IO (Head Officer) who appears to me as military. He cut me off and gave me name of man who is to contact me (who has not contacted me) now in a week. In meantime the attacks her increased substantially. So possible military is stepping in and attacking me

will see my advocate next week I have to do this to go against police so we can go to court and subpoena people. I am being trafficked by the whole town.

I want to let someone know what is going on. Hope you do not mind me sending you this info. I am considering writing letter to Mr Pompeyo for some protection.. I do not trust embassy here in Chennai as last time I was there they had a picture of Obama on the wall but none of Trump They like Obama in India

Have you read the book this lady wrote in link below. In past I have referred to our situation as the New Nazi Germany, It is no longer necessary to arrest you and take you to a private location to torture you. Now they make a game of it and get the whole community involved. Gigantic psyOps

Annie Jacobsen, “Operation Paperclip”

.If you have the time I would appreciate your thoughts about my writing to Mr Pompeyo.
Also I found a company Amazing1

They make and experiment with bifilar coils. I ordered a generator and small coil and it really helps. It shields and am not sure what happens as it seems to knock this stuff out and then I think they slip me a drug and it replicates again. But I am gaining ground very slowly. They hit my brain and I put the coil on my head and get relief. or I strap; it on my body with ace bandage. I sleep with it on all night. Can ramp up pulse per second. I have mine at 475 now and can go higher. Tony says at around 300pps it will knock out nano.. My coil is 3″ and good size to work various parts of body. Also want to get larger one to get hips and back. Am unable to determine if it deactivating nano. I think it is as I get major relief and then they slip me something in my food and then nano replicates. I find replication is not as severe as it was when I started so think it indeed knocks out nano. Problem for us is getting redosed with nano to replicate.

If you can watch Tony Pantaleresco video showing you how to make them on You Tube. I have trouble with hands so ordered from Amazing1 and also I wanted a generator to generate pulse. I use it a .. LOT They have one small one that works on battery I like for traveling.

Also just learned neem destroys biofilm so starting to use it I can get it in India I can send you info if you are interested.
Have not seen you on Ramola D. Are you ok?
God Bless and Protect You Always

carolyn price

July 29, 2019:

Good Evening Professor Karlstrom,

First, please forgive my email address. Once it became overtly clear, that I was a target and my other emails had been hacked, I simply created this email in a time when I was clinging to God for my every breath. That to say, while it is not ‘professional, it is what I have for now until I decide to get phone service again .

I have attached my story in the form of a word doc here. Any adivice, wisdom or directions which you might have through your experience would be most helpful.

KInd Regards,

Nanete Adams

Targeted And Afraid (Nanette Adams)

Good Evening Professor Karlstrom,

First, please forgive my email address.  Once it became overtly clear, that I was a target and my other emails had been hacked, I simply created this email in a time when I was clinging to God for my every breath. That to say, while it is not ‘professional, it is what I have for now until I decide to get phone service again.

I want to share my story, and see if you might have any advice, perspective or insight into what my next steps might be. I’m afraid in a season of complete and utter helplessness I trashed much of my notes which might have served as evidence. Once it became clear that the police were complicit in what was happening it sealed, at least for a time the already significant learned helplessness with which I emerged into adulthood. I hope for advice from someone who understands what I’m, or should I say we are fighting against.

My story is long, but here are the bullet points…….

I learned in late winter that I am a targeted individual. Winter was sheer torture, and nothing might have prepared me for the beast which would emerge in my life. While many things could be chopped up to other things, when the electronic rapes began, I knew I was not imagining things. I searched online and it gave context to what was happening.

My hair fell out in clumps in 2015, following a bout of electronic zaps all over my body, most intense around my heart. I also lost my job in that time frame at a call center for merchant processing while working for a large bank under bizarre circumstances. As in the mistake I’d made had been made six months prior to my termination and it was a mistake that many other reps had made before. Further, it was following my yearly review, during which I was given an excellent score and a raise. In addition all of my quotas were being reached. My skin was breaking out in red patches which had never happened prior. I also was called to testify in a child molestation case during this window of time.

I volunteered the previous summer at a camp for girls who had been sexually abused. One of the girls confided that her mom had yet again befriended a new man who was once again doing the same thing and molesting her. Because I was the one she trusted to tell, I was called to testify however at the last minute the perpetrator accepted a plea. I’m not sure why I’m adding this in, it just feels important. On my first scheduled day to my new job, I was in wreck- I was not found at fault but I always thought it was weird that after being terminated, and getting a new job that I was in a wreck on the way to my new job. I also broke my ankle during this time frame. I could go on and on about the many odd things which happened in that season, as there were many, it was hell and I was in a constant state of hypervigilance. I remember journaling that I was under severe spiritual attack. Of course I had no idea what targeting was at that time.

I believe looking back I’ve been a target since birth even if only in the spiritual realm. My siblings and I were removed from my biological father as children. I adored him, however was trained to believe that if someone mentioned the gov’t as part of their emotional troubles, as he did, for that to be a clear sign of mental illness. However, as I reflect on letters I have from him, and the verbiage he used; I see strong evidence to support that he too was a targeted individual. I am one to research things, so had I known what a target Individual was long ago, I would of clearly been able to draw a line between his symptoms and the targeting phenomena.

My bio father was not a mason however his brother was and his dad was and his dad’s dad was. It is Interesting that he was the only one with overt troubles, and also the only non-mason. This in of itself means nothing, however it is at least interesting.

My foster/adoptive mom’s dad was in the navy. His 5 brothers were also in the navy. When her dad left the navy, he worked his entire career for Lockheed martin in Marietta, GA where I’m from.
My foster/adoptive dad died of cancer (I’m now wondering geez did this technology infiltrate every aspect of BOTH my families? Perhaps his cancer had nothing to do with DEWS and yet it is part my history so I’m putting it here.

10 years ago, I told my therapist that I was experiencing a new bout of symptoms I told him that it felt as though the real me had gone missing and that my personality had become fractured. I asked him if dissociative identity disorder was something that could manifest later on in life. I experienced a few bouts of anger out of nowhere which startled me as well. I brought it up with him. I have never laid my hands on anyone just to be clear but before then I was always such a patient person; even consoling a grown man in my adulthood who had harmed me severely as a child. I was never a fly off the cuff kind of a human, but then all of a sudden on the phone with customer service or when receiving disappointing news I could no longer handle and metabolize it in the same peaceful ways I once had. That was the thing about me, all along; with each new symptom or behavior I maintained a dialogue with those who were helping me.

I now truly believe they knew what was happening. I used the language I had- I did not know what targeting was nor electronic harassment, but I certainly told my doctor and therapist every last detail of what was happening to me as I understood it. Also, and I shared this with them, I started having vulgar “loud thoughts,” which bumped up against my brain, which I now know to be synthetic telepathy. I believe I’ve had this since I was a child and while I tried my best I could never explain it well enough. Every doctor and therapist I saw said I absolutely did not have schizophrenia. Further, my sexuality changed and at times I engaged with the world in a very childlike state, though previously neither I been an issue; that is sexuality nor childlikeness. This was out of nowhere at 31 years of life. I also asked him and my psychiatrist who has known me since I was 15 if I could possibly have a late onset personality disorder. On all accounts, I was told no that I did not have DID nor a personality disorder.

I am attached to remote neural monitoring- friends allowed things to slip over the years but I could of never known the gravity of what was happening or what those slip ups truly meant. How is RNM even a thing? It has been brought to my attention too that I’ve been through MK ULTRA – so I’m assuming that my subconscious is spewing all kinds of untruths based off my programming or a gang stalker implied this; however it could have been to scare me.

My friends ended up being involved as is my family. I let things go at first such as their consistent use of NLP words, and gas lighting but then it became obvious at our last exchanges that I could no longer attribute everything to coincidence or paranoia. My brother made it very clear and I now have little choice but to see him as a sociopath.

I told my therapist many times, that sometimes I talked to myself and it bothered me greatly. I told him that it felt I was giving intense interviews at times or was being interrogated by someone I could not see; as it turns out I was not wrong.

One of the false narratives about me is regarding money. What is funny is at first it was not so much true, but now it has become true. When what I now know to be v2k went from typical to intense as did many of their personality fracturing tactics, I was working 4 jobs. Now, I’m a bum- who miss manages money. I am homeless, not working, in debt and I feel irresponsible. For the longest time friends would lie but I always let it go thinking I’d be petty to bring such little things up. Such as when I broke my ankle, my friend took me to the doctor, I bought her food and me food. But she told my roommate that she bought me food. Would I not have seemed like a terribly, petty person had I said something? SO I did not- but things like this happened very often, not only with her, but numerous people. I was gas lighted in so many ways, and I wish I had of stood up for myself. The evil that materialized by people I thought loved me is mind blowing. In addition, my roommate helped spread terrible rumors about me and money. Yet in 7 years I was only late with rent one time. Even when I lost my job, I paid her six months’ rent up front because I knew I was struggling and wanted to make sure she got that. Our other roommate owed her 12 months of rent I think she said as he was waiting on his next big movie role- but she worshipped him. This discrediting and unbalance of the truth seems to lace its way into every area of my lie. I guess I always felt as though I was judged harshly so I rarely stood up for myself as I did not wish to be judged even more. One by one at the last conversations with those I once thought were true friends each human revealed in ways I could not deny their involvement; laced with excessive talk about pizza and every facet of what I’d done the night before and that day.

I have been through as have most targets and many people in general a great deal; but I’ve never cried as much as I did that week. You see, the great reveal, that these people had been actor friends all along seemed to be something that brought each of them joy to reveal. I did not know such evil existed. Truly they must think I’ve done something terrible.

For the longest time I strongly suspected something to be amiss with my phone. I suspected someone was tapped in, but how paranoid of me I also though- golly gee I must just need to work on my own issues again. I received over a ten year period many unknown numbers and texts- I could of never known what this would come to mean. I even asked my carrier if there were signs- the answer no- off to more therapy for me. In my mind it was always a weakness in me. I know see the extent to which I was gas lighted

Preceding discovering I was a target, there was a whole campaign at getting me to think I’d done something terrible; i.e. murder or harming a child or something horrendous such as that. I almost killed myself. I surely would not want to live if I had hurt a child. That would be my deal breaker on this whole life thing. The thing about me though, is although I have significant trauma, my memory is pretty good. Now, I was programmed to pretend like I’m dumb or ditzy or have a bad memory but the truth is my memory is good. There were times even before I knew what a targeted individual was that I had “false memories,” and I believe that was a programming malfunction now that I know I was mind controlled but at the time when I had these “memories” that did not happen, I assumed it was my sub conscience trying to teach me something, but I now see it as an attempt at programmers to plant a false memory that I would adopt as my own and true. I however, did not.

I was drugged many times and hypnotized many times.
Not everyone is denying it; even those in the helping profession seem to support this hate campaign.

I dated a very abusive man ten years ago, who did some time in federal prison after we broke up for smuggling drugs and guns across the border of Mexico. It was in the paper and it was during the same sting operation where an FBI agent was also arrested. He told me he was a web designer so I was obviously shocked and I did do much research online about it- so maybe this has something to do with it??? His friend looked for me while he was still in prison. And when he got out contacted me and I flipped out. I am still scared however one whole campaign by the gang stalkers was that I was just a stupid B&^%$ who was trying to elicit sympathy. I think much of the mind control played his abuse over in my mind every night so it felt as if it were happening in real time. I dare one of those POS gang stalkers to walk in my shoes for one day, and then see how well they stand up.

I met a therapist at 21. I am now almost 40. He and I became intimate but in the end I considered him simply my friend and mentor. I now see him, as probably my handler now that I know what a handler is. He worked for one of the biggest hospital systems in Georgia and many people wanted me to sue. I was so loyal, though to the end. He took his own life a few years ago.

Much of the online hate campaign suggested I was slutty and kept me all winter in a state of feeling as though I were the worst person in the history of human life. They called me trash and worse and I felt it was true. However, I have kissed no more than 4 people in ten years. I’m not a slut. But here is the thing, even prostitutes do not deserve this torture. In fact, I would rather be friends with prostitutes than my ex friends who pretended to love me just to have information to report back to the perps with.

I was known in my family growing up as being the “truth teller,” as being the “honest one,” and I also had a very strong relationship with Jesus at a very early age. Friends remember me leading people to Jesus in school and I remember this too. That being said, there could be a very spiritual component. What makes this hard, is that the truth teller aspect of me has been obliterated through lies and smear campaigns. Further, before I knew what was really happening all I could do was say what I thought was happening; this whole time believing I was unsafe from the ex-boyfriend. I had no way of knowing the gravity or the biggest. I did the best I could with what I had to work with.

Things were not accurate in my family. My sister always told me I would have had an easier time if I just went along with everything but I never could. For just one example, in middle school I tested out to be placed in all honors classes for high school minus math. However my mom tried to convince my teachers to put me in special ed. Facts in my family rarely added up to the truth. I was treated as though I was dumb or slow but ultimately, believe I was simply fulfilling a role.

I have researched things since I was very young. And ten years ago- started doing a ton of research as to what might be happening to me. These were the phrases that seemed to carry some weight during my research; Gas Lighting- Munchausen by proxy- Projective identification (I often felt pressure to accept feelings assigned to me instead of it being accurate)- cognitive dissonance- dissociative disorders etc While not one things stood out as the end all be all, one by one I felt I was finding all the puzzle pieces. Once the gang stalking became overt however, as did the hypnosis and electronic rapes I knew, that I was not in Kansas anymore so to speak.

I also have many though insertions, thoughts which do not in any way reflect my true feelings and since I am linked to RNM I become sad at times to wonder if those who read my RNM believe those are really MY thoughts.

It does seem like the gang stalking became worse following a blog I started. I have since taken the blog down.

I worked for an energy company at 28 years of age ( I saw somewhere that this might be a thing)

I have this habit of recent years of being on the go, feeling like I have to keep moving; not in a manic way but even before I knew I was a target their was an urgency to move around and be on the run even though I could not articulate from what I was running.
One of my dearest and best friends ended up being heavily involved. One of the themes was to treat me like a dog by the gang stalkers. When she started calling me like a dog I knew it seemed off- but then she would always be like “oh girl I’m talking to the dog.” Even though my gut said otherwise. This was over the phone but I used to be at her house all the time and her dogs were not allowed upstairs and she absolutely was referring to me and conditioning me. On our last call she referred to things I’d seen through my own eyes the day before (and we are in different states) so even though I thought her to be an allie, I now see she was a ring leader.

Further her husband in the span of just a few years has been in jail numerous times, three of which were for messing with underage kids. One of which was 15, one 8 years old and the other not sure how old. I never felt good about that, but just tried to love her unconditionally though it. I now wonder if he got a deal to help crucify and gang stalk me.

To be clear, I have never been in jail. I do not do drugs. I have smoked pot three times all while legal in Colorado, but really don’t’ like it. I drink rarely. I just say this because I feel like so many things have been said about me, and as though I have to clarify the truth. Sadly, in my heart I know that even those who have been to jail do not deserve this torture.

How can something like this happen? How can one’s life hold less value than another? I just don’t get it. And how could my friends, my brother and the general public think having access to my thoughts is something acceptable? They are rapists, perhaps they will never be charged in the earthly realm, but I have to believe that in the heavenly courts this will be handled.

I am currently homeless in Colorado. I’m trying to fight my way back; get a job and be a functioning person, but some days it is all I can do to just breathe. This is no real life to lead. Because the rumors about me have been significant, I want to make it very clear that I am not asking for money or support in that way. I simply hope for advice and wisdom and perspective from someone who understands how layered the targeting phenomena can be.

Kind Regards,

Nanette Adams

July 25, 2019:

Hi Eric, just wanted to send you a note to see how you are doing. It seems to me that things are on a constantly escalating course now. I think perhaps the “program”, as the cowardly cunts refer to it, has been rolled out in full. I personally am noticing some changes in the general behaviour and strategy of the local state sponsored domestic terrorist cell here where I live in Dunn County North Dakota. I think they are losing or have completely lost control of the technology, as predicted, and are scurrying like trapped rats on a sinking ship. I always felt that when the weapons platform was completed and online that the swine herd of masonic baboons in higher levels such as the DOD would take over and begin the chaos ultimately culminating in genocide of the populous.

Including the inbred half-wit trash that has been doing this to all of us. I take some satisfaction in that, although it may seem a bit heartless. But as far as I am and have always been concerned, all who are and have ever played any role in this are guilty of Capital crimes, and condemned accordingly. Well enough dark words, Eric. In truth, I know that all of our correspondence are monitored, and enjoy insulting the war criminal cowards as well as expressing there ultimate fate whether I am able to be a part of it or not. Maybe a little petty? Probably so. But you know something, Eric? I have been heavily under 24/7-365 full scale advanced weapons attack for 10 years now. And I am still me. I have not, and will not change. My convictions are, if anything, stronger and my dedication to true Justice is absolute and unwavering. This may ultimately murder me physically, but I have not been changed, modified, and will not be controlled. So the worms have failed.

In spite of all that they are and have, they are weak and pathetic. Defeated by their own inadequacy and cowardice. This “program” is a dud,, Eric. Yes, it is terrible, inhumane and destroys lives. But our Free Will, Free Choice and our Spirits remain our own. And that is where and how their ultimate reckoning/justice due is inevitably going to be realized. So having said all of that, how are you doing, Eric? You know, I realize how isolated and alone this is meant to make us individually. But we don’t have to accept or allow that.

Those who have forsaken us in these times of need because of the lies and subterfuge, or from their own cowardice, weakness and/or lack of integrity were tested by this and failed. we are better off without them. So if things get really crazy for you, Eric, don’t feel that you are all alone. Reach out any time and we can just talk or try to put our heads together and work out whatever may be happening. I know from experience, 10 years so far, that this can be terrible. Well, I don’t want to seem like I am giving a pep talk, and I am certainly not a guru on the mountain, I just wanted to say “hang in there”. Don’t give up, and if you need someone to talk to or a place to “whole up” for a while, don’t hesitate to let me know. We don’t have to beat them, Eric. All we have to do is out last them while they destroy themselves. They are already beaten.

Take care,

Ed Certalic

July 22, 2019:

Dear Eric

Thank God just came across your website…. I am newly targeted…. I live in Cuenca , Ecuador… many American expats here

I am hit every early morning… smth makes me wake up at 2-3am — and strong vibration starts…. today it hit my brain , thyroid, digestive… was feeling naceous…. have no idea how to protect myself or what to do ..all day unable to do what I have to get done.. eyes feel cooked…brain , even my interests , spiritual awareness are all dulled down post the attacks..

I am pretty sure I know at least one person who is behind this…. received an anonymous call from Ecuadorian woman wanting to confirm my name??? I am assuming it is people on the ground vs Govts.. I hope anyway..

Met another woman who has been victim of this for several decades… she says her thoughts are broadcast… I have no idea what she means but – she said that these attacks today are often done from telephone APPS – is this so?? and it is essential to have setting to disallow anyone to connect to ones phone or computer….more vigilantly then in the past..

There are getting to be quite a few antennas around Cuenca..

Would really appreciate to connect.

Thank you


Olga Davidge

July 7, 2019:


Thank you for your work in providing key gang stalking resources.

As this is a serious global problem run by the 5 eyes global security network I thought you may be interested in the following news report on U.K. TV regarding a woman being stalked by a gang of people. It is the first time I have seen a report of this kind on the U.K.’s heavy controlled national media and therefore thought this could be of significant interest to your global site visitors.

Actual news article/video:

YouTube video copy in case news report blocked or removed:

I have been subjected to mind control, electronic torture, stalking and workplace mobbing which started more than 25 years ago and therefore am passing on information to raise awareness of this issue.

Also some US news on microwave weapons. I’m sure you can read between the lines on this.


All the best,



Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom,

Your Blog is the only place I have to expose to this criminals …
Please, put this bellow my previous commentary, since for some reason i’m not able to do this from my PC (?).
Yesterday (Jun 20) I was hit by a car in the street, I have a head injury, scalp lacerations due to the impact against the car, another injuries in my left wrist, knees, etc.
I was on shock at the Hospital, and i was very naive when asked for an incident report to the police, i told to him something about “gang stalking”, the officer said: “you can sue the person” and he left, more or least.
— There is nothing that I or anybody can probe about ‘gang stalking in a court, and they know that very well.

All of this is because in the morning i sent the letter that is on this blog to the president of the Persecution International Christian Concern his name is Jeff King.

They are very upset … That is why and the afternoon …

I got the message: or you stop denouncing us or we are going to kill you … well, any way, it was the last place, i finished!!. I did my part, the rest depend of those whom are not willing to listen. They can do now wherever they want, but my duty is already done.

Peace of Christ

Alfonso Romero.

June 20, 2019:

Dear President Jeff King,

This is the second time i try to contact you with any result …

I have been sending this letter at many places, christian Pastors, etc, and nobody anwser, at least, i hope you will be inclinated this time to investigate about this REAL FACT:


The only one that take care about my denounce was Dr. Eric Karlstrom, you can see this letter at his Blog:

TI Statement: Alfonso Romero

How can be possible Mr. President … that you take care about persecution outside USA and not even want to consider what is going on in your own country?.

Any way, this is the letter:

Dear Pastor …,

This is more than an information, it is a personal testimony that i can give in public if necessary, and of course at the church. I don’t have any idea of what to do with it or where to send this … I have been sending this to some Pastors … it is good for alertness. In my area not even one Pastor (among the more serious) want to say anything about it, they never give an answer to me, they
don’t want to talk about it, they are in total fear. They don’t realize that it can happen to anyone, and if peoples are not advised they can become one of the stalkers, thinking probably that they
are doing a noble …

What is ‘Gang stalking’?. Whom are those behind this unconstitutional and criminal activity?. Some peoples who know me very well, are perplexed … I have been asked this question: Why this harassment and persecution?. It is difficult to explain to those who do not know very well in what evil world we are living in this times. Why are this criminals behind me and to many others
around the country?, because they have been building for years a community and workplace mobbing, a criminal base organization worse than what the Stasis did in Germany and it has been enforced by our government, a concealed organ of repression in this nation, yes, an uncover and systematic activity to repress dissidents, Christians no Zionists, or anyone who oppose their demonic plan of absolute control and domination of this country and the world. They are
destroying the American Constitution.

The cunning pretext for convincing and attracting misinformed peoples in their favor is to awaken a false sense of alarm in the mind of these ‘useful idiots’ about a potential danger of
terrorism or just by telling them that they are fighting crime, but their views are other very different, to punishment, sowing psychological terror in the mind of dissidents or Christians, or a
homeless person, or to anyone they choose considering he is or could be a dangerous person, to them of course. To organize these gangs is more important that the person they decide to put
under the line of fire, for now.

We shouldn’t be afraid but to confront and denounce them from now on before they manage to carry out their devilish purpose. Who are they?.

In this link (below) we can see only the basics, the fundamental thing on the subject very badly known as “gang stalking”, group bullying, because it only describes how they operate, the
method, but in this analysis or exposition although helpful to know in general the issue nothing is clarified about the profound causes that lead to the creation of such an evil, and who are really
the ones behind all this criminal activity that are not others but the followers of the Talmud, Judaism/Zionism, that working together with their militias, the Freemasonry, they have penetrated through centuries all the institutions of our current de-Christianized western civilization. In the USA, from the beginning, Freemasonry was integrated mostly by Christians, because obviously Christian was this American culture since its origin, but today this
Freemasonry forgotten by God is a secret Luciferian fraternity.

Now they have created an enormous invisible government, the so-called “deep state”, a parallel universe where this monstrous monstrousness resides, of which the agencies of national security
are its repressive arm: FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, they are doing the ‘dirty work’, they are those who are on charge to come up with a devise plan to attack the “objectives”, this is what we are, targets
and the method is very well known: THE SLANDER, it can be obtained by means of any unfounded rumor, or simply can be invented but this is what they most need in order to activate
later the process of persecution against the victims and the total isolation of the person, facilitating the constant persecution and harassment in order to annihilate the individual psychologically. In the communists countries they used another method: ostracism.

Some mistakenly think now that those whom wish to destroy this country are the communists, the socialists, leftists, etc, no knowing what is behind, but these are only names for an ideology of
domination that conceals the truly authors whom deceive and confuse the peoples with this ideas of “social justice”, etc, this is nothing else but uniforms of camouflage to uncover their real
intentions to size power, better to call them DEMONCRATICS.
Do not let anyone else cheat … they are the JEWS, an elite of them, a mafia!. Jewish were Karl Marx, Lenin and 80% of the elite of the Bolshevik in Russia, the theoretical movement of the
Frankfurt School and the so called cultural marxism, most of them, Jews …

We have now this George Soros, who is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg on the left side, the money pushing force, while the right side has the ultra-Zionist tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who
claim to be a Republican … they are always on both wings, but basically they are nothing conservative, all the contrary they despise and hate Christianity. This is history, not a personal
opinion, to say that these talmudists/pharisaics are satanists, it is the word of God:


Few are those who realize about this evil because the Jews are very clever in trying to hide for the eyes of the public the real plan of conquest, although sometimes … observe in this very short video (8mts.) the link that follows how a true Christian Pastor criticizes one of them, Ben Shapiro, when he reveal himself as he really is, in an interview; many peoples consider him a great conservative and is applauded by many Christians/Zionists.

Almost nothing already escapes from the Jewish control in our time, the world banking, the big corporations and media, universities, everything is in their hands, it has been a carefully crafted
plan coming from the bottom of the secret societies and the synagogue of Satan in its covert war against Christianity, because this is the real subject: a war against Christianity.

The Talmud, from here are coming these Pharisaic, Zionist and world domination principles they sustain, and above all, his hatred of Christ and the Christians. Hypocrites, liars, slanderers and
murderers like his father the devil. This is what they don’t want you know about the Talmud:

Read too, ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, although it probably does not have any historical value, it does have in content and value, it is a great draft plan of how to conquest the world, this ‘how’ is brilliantly exposed in this document, we can see nowadays as it has been fulfilled till now and how it gives them results … so far.

In order to understand both, the motives of this new form of persecution, and to be able to identify his intriguing founders more thoroughly and reach the very roots of the matter, we must

Gangstalking (aka Security-Services Stalking, COINTELPRO Torture/Terror/Murder, Hybrid Warfare), Mind Control, & Cults

You should know that this activity is directed by the power of an invisible government, it comes from the shadows of the secret societies, freemasonry and Judaism, they control the American
establishment, and is applied astutely through the visible power of our constitutional institutions of national security, in a covered form, it is done for these Intelligence Agencies in a way that is
not easily seen or noticed. This is totally ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL and therefore out of the law, yes, it is a secret CRIMINAL activity elaborately SUBTLE, there are no visible traces in its
sinister activities to compromise them, it is basically a deep psychological attack to emotionally destabilize the individual until it is brought to the depression and suicide.

Above all the above we must to know first the holy scriptures. The mystery of iniquity is what governs this curse today, in other words, ultimately this is nothing but the work of Satan. These
things are in the Bible, the Holy Scriptures speaks of the great persecution of the last times, well, the structure of such persecution has been already created …

The “world government” has been conceived by THE JUDAIC ZIONIST DOCTRINE for his master Satan and they have to do this by CONSPIRING from the shadows … deceiving, confusing everything and gradually puts upside down the moral and religious values of the
society until bringing it to the state of current generalized disbelief, corruption, and chaos. And if there is one who realize what is behind scene, who discovers and denounces them, to these
untouchables, the ‘sacred cows’ of America, ah!, that person is definitely a lunatic, at best, or he can be accused of “anti-Semitic”, and hateful racist … or simply they will include him in this list of organized harassment, “gang stalking”, to crack or break the person mentally.

Devil, from the Latin ‘diabolo’, false accuser, slanderer, this is his essence and therefore his attack system is based on slanders and lies. His attack weapon is born of his own essence, infamy. Thus,
they try to neutralize the ‘target’, their enemies, with any slander, which is a paralyzing psychological element, this is their fundamental weapon. Their favorite dish is to label their opponents as potential terrorists and/or pedophiles, and they know that the ignorant majority of peoples will follows them in this debauchery hateful without questioning, out of fear, or pleasure and vainglory but also, and above all, because they are already POSSESSED BY EVIL, they only listen to their Father Satan.

Pass this information to others, spread it on the internet if you want (with my name included below), i’m not afraid of those criminals they can’t kill my soul, i do not get tired of doing this,
not only to alert those who may fall under the Satanic machinery of this subtle mental harassment and become their victims, if they are Christians their salvation from now on until the glorification is assured, but if they are without faith, this form of attack will probably break them…

For a Christian it is different, even if he suffers, deep in his soul there is always a great joy and an indescribable courage to face evil with good spirit and sometimes even with a smile, this is a teaching for him that will discipline his soul and a cross that he will carry with a joy that is given by the Holy Spirit of God.

I’m doing this above all to inform Christians and to announce the perpetrators — and those also embarrass me, the ‘useful fools’, those who add themselves up and lend themselves to being used
as persecutors — that for them, to those asked for “cooperation with the authority”, they will surely be hell their eternal home if they do not retire in time and repent, for that reason, more
than for any other reason, it is necessary to alert everyone of this situation, they need to become aware of what kind of demoniac plan are been involving their souls, to who they are really serving, and the horrific consequences that their actions will have, to avoid such an evil of infinite anguish, to the naive, to those who fall into the trap of the evil one. No, i’m not a dreamer but a

And to the others, those who are already strongly linked and therefore consciously related to the Devil in this his work, who know very well they are cooperating with SATAN that they are on
time, they can be separated from evil with the help of God, we hopefully believe their souls will be amazed at the truth, enlightened and filled with the spirit of repentance. God is always merciful NOW, but by then … there will be no more opportunity, they will be in front of a relentless Judge and He will be terrible in the condemnation and punishment of their Souls. No, i’m not a
dreamer but a Christian. May God let them listen in time.

“Cursed is anyone who kills their neighbor secretly…” -Deuteronomy 27:24

Attention, Christianity is under a deep and an uncovered form of attack in the USA, don’t be deceived. I have used above the expression Christian/Zionist, i think that this is the fundamental
reason why in my particular case the persecution is becoming more acute now after nine years of bulling, harassment, death threats … I am no longer a Catholic, it was untenable, the evil was beyond the Vatican 2 … Reformers were right, John Calvin was right, but this is another matter.

I can’t pretend to be an authentic Christian and to accept Zionism with its Satanic plan of global domination. The Holy Spirit has led me here today, to a more narrow gate: to be a Christian/anti-
Zionist and that all the hosts of hell come … they has made of me now a homeless person … but in

God i take refuge and from Him be the glory.

The peace of Christ.

Alfonso Romero.
P.O.Box 141394
Coral Gables Fla,33114

June 15, 201(:


I didn’t send this out in my recent contribution to your email but decided to send it just to you.

I am an introverted intuitive Myers Briggs profile INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)
I am also an Empath/somewhat psychic…

The reason I bring this up is…

I just became fully aware of my own profile. Included in that is how Narcissists love to prey upon empaths to control them

Of course, I don’t need to tell you how many psychopathic Narcissists are in government today.

It would be interesting to see how many TIs are intuitive introverts. All empaths are so, but not all Introvert Intuitives are empaths.

Thanks for all of your work,


How to Know if You’re an Empath


Hi Eric,

I enjoy reading your online articles and am in agreement with your perspective. However, there are a few things in my targeting that have not been covered. The DOD-CIA-NSA-DHS-FBI program you speak of has one more component to it and that is NASA. I call it the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. Though the Mafia is definitely involved, it would be the CIA that controls the gangs, cartels, mafias, secret societies and cults that operate under their umbrella. Also, I do believe that “The Program” is actually short for “Project Monarch: The New Pheonix Progrm” which is basically a combination of all former targeting programs combined, many of which have already been outlawed.

— Tracy

May 21, 2019:

Jailed with Cancer

I was the victim of fraud and a fraudulent will even though I gave up my home and moved in with my mother to care for her during the last two years of her life. When she died, I went back to Richmond with my daughter. Mother’s house stood empty and deteriorating for three years. I moved into the house and immediately, with the advice of Attorney Greg Katzman, my sisters filed a partition to evict me from my mother’s home. I proceeded against them for probate and bank fraud. They requested a settlement that I do not disclose their fraud.

In the interim, I was diagnosed with Stage Four pancreatic cancer and my sisters took advantage of my weakened state to accuse me of taking glasses from OUR mother’s home. Their attorney, William Wright, held two hearings on dates that I was receiving chemo at the Mayo Clinic, even though the doctors sent letters confirming my condition. In a closed courtroom: no public or media allowed, Wright convinced Judge Stanley Carmichael to order my detention, and Clerk Jan Kennedy completed the arrest. Judges Gray and Nobles allowed the arrest, and I spent fourteen days in jail without benefit of bond and my chemo.

My sisters were a great asset to the those who sought to silence me since I became Mayor Pro Tem in Wilmington, NC ten years ago and blew the whistle on a very powerful police chief accused of pedophilia and exposed in a book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by former Nebraska State Senator John W. DeCamp . I also exposed the city’s years of misuse of HUD funds. The retaliation from the pedophile community left me financially challenged.

However, I must continue my chemo, but I do not have the funds. I liquidated all my assets going to the Mayo Clinic monthly. Please help me! I have a fundraiser on Facebook. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please go to the Facebook Fundraiser or GO FUND ME and help or send letter to: Katherine Moore, 2931 Gross Ave, Wake Forest, NC 27587

May 15, 2019:

Eric, here is my statement which I give you permission to post. Please use John S rather than my full name. You also have my permission to forward this to TI leadership.

Thank you.


I swear to my savior Jesus Christ, and His Father, Yahweh, that there words are 100% true.

I have been targeted by the deep state for abuse for now over twelve years running. Long story short, it began as simple street harassment by “gang-stalkers” where-ever I traveled through the six SE states of my job and while on vacation traveling, as well as at my home. These actors, would do things like sending a narrow sound wave using UHF to the exact spot in my room where my pillow sat on my bed. The sound was police sirens, unending, all night long.

You can read about this technology by this link: //

This treatment later morphed into viscous attacks using microwave an d directed energy weapons, burning parts of my body including vital organs and my brain, as well
as leaving laser burn marks on my skin, depending on which type of weapon deployed. They did this treatment for two years and later last year, it morphed into attacking my central
nervous system. Here’s how that works:

These deep state black ops creeps are likely CIA, and they somehow obtained the unique receiving signature of my brain waves to obtain access to my brain via my pineal gland and my “third eye.” From there, they can stimulate, pinch, create pain or redirect a nerve signal based on their unique input. They tell the brain where to send the pain and how much pain.

On two occasions in the last year, I communicated through my FBI handler, who made himself known electronically, that I could not get off the program even though I had sincerely been saved through Jesus Christ, and that it was too late for that. MY sentence had already been issued and that they would either drive me to suicide, a mental facility or kill me themselves.

They almost succeeded last summer when I couldn’t take the suffering any longer. Going to get medical help got me Baker Acted

here in Florida, which is a temporary detainment against my will, based on the feedback from a doctor. In this case an emergency hospital doctor who didn’t even treat me. He wouldn’t lift a finger to google WBAN (wireless body area networks), brain subliminals, or anything else. He thought me delusional and that was that.
Getting me Baker Acted twice makes me eligible for a permanent bed in a mental facility, where they can have legal access to my body and mind 24/7/365.

MK Ultra never ended and I learned that one can back into the program simply by being a conservative (libertarian) online activist and insisting on not being silenced. I repeat, this is 100% true.

Last night was a new escalation and they told me it would escalate again if I emailed or posted this anywhere online. I believe in America and freedom so here I am, speaking away. May God Bless you all.

May 7, 2019:

It’s been a terrible 46 hours and I was told by the Chief of police here I
Had to go to get mental health or go to jail. The neighbors stalking is way to Is so bad and I will not get into it right now.. I asked if I go to be evaluated at the ER (this is what he wanted), and I pass promise me I do not have to go to mental health. He promised me this will not have to go to mental heath for further treatment. T the counselor, took sometime with me and and she told me I don’t have to go to see counselor.

Chief Duxberry, followed here out of the room and ask her to make an appointment and get help and others to test me. I woke up this morning and was thinking, this is wrong. He promised me so I told him I was at BK and if he had time to come and see me. He got me an appointment for the crises clinic, ER and Mental health. I told him he made a promise and I don’t want to go . He got so upset with men and said, ok Judith, don’t go, and tired of you, and if you do not go I will not help you if you call use, and when they call we will arrest you and started to walk out.

I got scared and told him I will go. Dawn first counselor was upset he said that, I went to the other and she was not happy how things happen and was impressed how I handle things, but, she said, next time go to jail. Oh My, I said, never went to jail, good background chest Police and Sheriff. But I do understand , because you outstanding information about Stalking (THANK YOU), but was afraid to tell the counselor what I knew. I past all 2 counselors this morning. Sure this guy will make life harder for me….now I am so happy God Almighty was their for me and your help.

I am not a typist, can’t write worth a darn, nor type well. I wanted you to know. He did talk to my landlord for me to move and don’t know when or where or even if I have enough money to do it.

Yes last last week they stalkers got my landlord in the war game, this shocks me, really shocks me. She said she was so happy with me, not anymore, like I said last week when I paid the rent.
Hope you can read this

May 3, 2019:

First of all, yes I know about Gangstalking. While it’s not a good idea to go into detail about what has happened to me I still would like to ask for prayer. I want to follow Jesus and fight this with love and not hate.

Please pray for a few people who are gangstalkers. I know “B”, “E” and some of their family are. Pray for their salvations. Pray Jesus heals “B” espesially for she has had a very difficult life. The Lord is helping me to see a highly hurt person who has endured abuse that no one should go through.

Brian,Deon,Harry and Ted also need Jesus. Also, please pray for “A” and her mom. While her mom says she is a believer pray for her for I know the Holy Spirit has nothing in gangstalking. Also, “A” needs Jesus and to be healed. She was bullied really badly in junior high. You see we both went to the same junior high. Didn’t see her much in high school. While I know she is apart of something truly evil I ask that you pray Jesus heals her from her past and gangstalking. I ask for I know eventually this gangstalking will end for me. Yes, I have to wait until I see Jesus. It’s ok for that is how long Christians who are persecuted overseas have to wait,too. Without Jesus her pain will not end though for pain is never ending in Hell. I don’t want her to go there.

Please there is one prayer I need to ask for myself. Whatever happens to me please pray the Holy Spirit gives me strength to confess Jesus no matter what.

April 9, 2019:

Having real hard time right now. Try to keep this slow and easy, found out so much thanks to you and Jeff Rence and Brian Tew. I am overwhelmed, dishearten and in a mood of being silent and a BIG SMILE, seems to make the chief of police here happy. I do not have a computer and using someone to get this t9o you, but way too much I need to tell you. Really, this is a hard one to write seeing my son I believe is the one who turn me in me he stole monies and my silver and retired form the air force in 2006, professor in religion and ethics in 2008 at Harden and Simons Abilene TX and in the Hall Of Fame . All this stalking looks like what he has done to me for many years. His father left us when he was very young of 5 years old and has blamed me for it and has cause many problems lying, stealing and destroying my life and he was not liking how I love America. He has turn many friends and family away from me with his lies, evening my other son. He was ahead of the MP’s and more, much more, and after he made my life hell he said I was a good mom, but not anymore. I never thought of it, until a good friend asked me if Ken did this. She thought he did. Smart as a whip, tour up my life. It took three days before I thought of this, then it all came so close to home…but how can one you adore and loved so much do this to me? I asked. After all my money was gone and silver I have saved then people were following me. At that time (20013) I didn’t even know what was going on, I learned this only five months ago. It is very hard for me, I am 73 years old. My heart is totally destroyed. As if was not hard enough in the first place having this done to me and just learned in the last 5 or 6 months what it was.

He was never beaten, molested, and even held a gun to a man who tried to molest him, then his dad at that time told me his friend can sleep on our couch and he can do what every he wants. Of course the man never tried it again he knew I would shot him…really.

I can not get back on until next until next week, maybe. My address is P O BOX 1844 Newport, WA 99159 to Judith Klatt. I have very little to live on and no computer, I did get a tablet is how I found you. Can you, or will you help me to find out who did this for sure and I am all alone and afraid. I am afraid to put my name in here. Please delete this email.
This is not my real name in this email the government scares me to death.
Thank you hope, you can read this. Judy

March 17, 2019:

Targeted Cal State Lecturer Looking For Assistance


From what I know I’ve been targeted for the last year and a half, but the more I learn about this program, the more I start to think it started a lot earlier. I came across you recently and noticed you taught at Cal State. I finished my PhD in economics 4 years ago and have been lecturing at Cal State Northridge since.

Last year the gangstalking started. This academic year it spilled over onto campus. There is a concerted effort by my colleagues, the administration, and by students, to ruin my career. Stories are being made up about my behavior by students and professors after three years of nothing but a positive experience and positive evaluations by students and my department.

I thought the targeting was initially due to my sexual orientation( I am gay). The story I am going to be telling will be framed as such since I know that talking about being a TI can lead to being labeled mentally unstable. I have been working on a documentary ( I have undergrad degree in film from USC) about my story. You can check out the completed rough cut here: 0000 Complete Rough Cut 3 2 10 19 ( It is not complete so I would appreciate it if you did not share it publicly).

I am writing you because I am hoping to find out if you know of people in the Cal State system, and even in Los Angeles, that are targeted and I can turn to for help. I wrote a letter to the chancellor of Cal State in January letting him know what had happened, and that my department and students were being turned against me by powerful people, but have not heard back. I would like to at the very least stop those targeting me from ruining my career. I know your stalking started after you retired from teaching but any help and/or advice you might have for me would be greatly appreciated.


Gabriel Axarlian

March 14, 2019

Dear Dr Eric T Karlstrom,

I am a targeted individual. I did get your email address from Mary Lamont, ‘West coast society for all victims of organized stalking & electronic harassment’, British Columbia.

My TI journey started in March 2018 in my own home country, Finland. The electromagnetic harassment and gangstalking got so bad that I had to flee from the country to save my life. Together with my husband we arrived Australia in the beginning of this year.

Unfortunately our idea of a Sabbath year of recovery has turned out to be another nightmare here.

As we are very isolated at the moment, I was seeking for a TI webpage and connections in this country, and found none? So I contacted Mary Lamont in Canada, and she gave me your email address.

I would like to get connected with other Ti’s in Australia, one way or another.

I am also searching for a medical doctor who could investigate me properly. Before coming here I stopped in India where they already found one microchip in my forehead (operation March 2018). I am quite convinced there must be more foreign objects inside of my body. If you know anyone in the medical field who could be qualified and would honestly want to help Tis, please let me know.

Found today that you have a lot of very important and interesting material in internet. Thank you for what you are doing.
Together in the fight.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Kristal Valtanen
[email protected]
Mobile: 0484 721 712

March 8, 2019:

My name is Hameed Nazari Kousha, I am Persian, I live in Toronto, I am an artist under the electronic harassment, MKUltra, mind control, for 15 years, I attached photos of my status I made and please visit my website at
And my video on youtube
Electronic torture artist
And please share my story
And there are many reliable online sources to find out and to understand the electronic harassment, MKUltra, mind control, and the the book (new breed) by Dr. John Hall, please see this website and read the book, millions of people suffer like me, this is a time to awake the people from this crime, thank you

Feb. 28, 2019:

i lived in Texas Florida former Utah and much of the south , travel for petro chemical and collateral is fine according to this , cause they throw the blame on the collateral , I am stuck Iowa of where i was set up and guns seized i have been reporting this for 4 yrs to FBI DHS ,SS, INTERPOL M OSI , DOD , DOJ and consulates for Defection from the USA .

I need help , I have been in contact with Dave Voight , Dr John Hall of which i was a San Antonio 2011 2014 , Texas set me up as well as Florida but Florida Pensacola was more understanding due to ops .. I have also used this to fight Trafficking – it is behavior control , sex according to their experiments , the cover up to throw it on gangs , prison gangs , biker clubs or what have you even well she was a prostitute or drug addict they throw it on as they do in Hollywood , Seen some pretty cool technology used even reflection technology , light reformations shadows ect …

Lots of it is sexual ,,children are very very much at risk for the pedo shit ,, i mean to sacrifice kids to test.. I am German decent and understand Balfour treaty ect and understanding purging for the betterment of societies but kids ? No not on my honor – I have had my thoughts lifted for commercial use to make money even my sexuality to be algorithmed later as i thought it to further torture me in video format in XXX online the free portals is why they are free , It used to test , but is also i part of the trafficking syndicates with psychologies to enforce acceptance .Google is Darpa… I beleive i was a Mk kid born in 1971 and my family has been devastated.. My background is immense of certifications and experiences .

They blame it on anything that is easy to use as a throw down , like cops would do on a shooting by throwing down a knife to make the set up to a perp situation –

I need help in Reckless malice tatics on a citizen for liability on those who operate these programs and those that are aware of it like Corps here and my Defection lawsuit in compensations . I am raped daily by it 4 yrs now


Feb. 26, 2019:

To Dear Professor Eric Karlstrom,

I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful research and work you do – the selfless and courageous effort on behalf of all TIs like myself.

As to writing up my experience I’m praying about this and hoping to see my way forward clear at some stage.

Here in Australia I know of no other TI apart from myself. I tried to ring John Finch twice but he did not want to speak with me and I can understand his reasons why. One of the completely devastating effects of stalking and electronic harassment is the breakdown of trust and confidence in other people.
You can never be really sure as to who is in and who is out.

Anyhow God bless you and all the work you do.


Feb. 14, 2019:

Dear Dr Karlstrom,

I hope it is okay to get in touch. I have watched your podcasts, and heard you on The Kev Baker show.

You recently had a podcast with Ramola D, where you shared a very interesting document with a listing of programs, including as late as 1990, targeting the human brain with weapons, and for control.

In getting this issue to the wider public, being able to list these actual programs could be so valuable in adding credibility to the reports of victims. It shows that these things have gone on long after most thought programs like MK Ultra ended.

Have you heard of the new film Eminent Monsters?

It is about MK Ultra and torture. They are trying to raise awareness of the film due for upcoming release. But they believe these sorts of programs could well be ongoing. I connected with them on social media, to explain about a modern MK Ultra that involves targeting with neuroweapons
They are interested in this.

I avoided the term TI, as I always do, as I believe it ringfences and marginalizes victims. And it means that anyone who looks it up, and has to find out about it, can instantly be presented with huge amounts of disinformation, which can take any chance of credibility for this issue away. In this instance, I focused on the language they used, MK Ultra.

I wondered if you would consider getting in touch with them? The film is coming out soon. They are looking for promotion. I believe the director is Scottish, Stephen Bennett

Perhaps he would be interested in speaking with you on a Kev Baker show very soon? If you could arrange it? About their film, the abuses and you could speak of what is now happening today with the neuroweapons?

Do you think that might be possible? Or, if not, would you consider contacting the director of the film, even on social media, to reinforce that MK Ultra 2.0, is ongoing, with neuroweapons?

Your expertise may help further this greatly.

Thank you very much,

[email protected]

Hello. I am Sana v’Ritzvah, engaged in a Federal Lawsuit over my life as an MK Ultra survivor/victim. I am presently networking for support for a vast project that will require FOIARequests for private First Responder communications transcripts which would reveal that police, fore and EMT are coordinating military stalking operations against individuals and groups. This information would blow the doors off the entire gang stalking program, and might eventually shut it down.

I am 52 years of age, have survived several attempts on my life, have an almost typical MK Ultra program on me, yet I was inducted into MK Ultra as an infant.

I hope to find activists outside the “Targeted individual” so-called community, but it is difficult without experience of the secret police tactics for many even in the activist realm to see the relevance. So far a few people are beginning to see the relevance of “Get the Net” I refer to AT&T’s FIRSTNET communications network for 1st Responders.

Feb. 11, 2019:

Dr. Karlstrom:

This is to request your immediate attention to help me save my life; I am in total shock and frozen due to the long suffering from the legal system without any valid reason. I am sending you the last Emergency Motion to Dismiss the Case against me in order for you to have an idea what is going on; please, read it immediately, it is a life-death situation at this time.

Dr. Karlstrom, I saw your videos with Ramola and your note attached to one of my comments; I need to talk with you a/s/a/p/ today, at any time, but after you read my Motion so we can relate. I don’t know what else to do in order to free myself from this crime spree against my life; it is unfair, unjust, and very sci-fi to me, but, I am still alive and I don’t want to be drugged to death.

Please, read my motion and call me today, at any time you can 305-944-9514; or text me since my phone calls are always sabotaged (redirected).

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention,


Susana Z.

Feb. 3, 2019:


I thought I’d send you a clip showing one of the tactics used by the folks who are gang stalking me. Its a short video clip and small enough to send along with an e-mail message.

They’ve been doing this for at least 7 months, maybe longer. They stopped doing it for a month or two last Fall when I began doing it back to them.

I have one video clip where you can hear it, what I call a howling event, with a gun shot.

I probably have several dozen video clips of these howling events. I have experienced tactics from this gang stalking crew which have not been described by other TI’s whose stories I’ve listened to in the last couple of years.

I can also demonstrate a Super King Air 350 owned in the name of the Dept of Homeland Security, along with another aircraft, that are part of this stalking campaign.

Very Best Wishes,

Mark A Skipper

P.S. This event occurred about 12 minutes ago and its 12:02 right now. I had at least 8 howling events on the same day a week or two ago.

Jan. 12, 2019:

One thought on this – I did some of my own checking on “Who” at DHS:

I found that Michael Vickers, CIA agent, of PNAC group, wrote the initial 1995 Future Warfare 20XX” GAMES. “Vickers, Michael G – Director of Strategic Studies for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. Creator of “Future Warfare 20XX” games. Former CIA agent.”

The Center for Strategic Budgetary Adjustments – (below) This is where this program, in part, is coming from, via Michael Vickers, who now works at BAE Systems and former DHS head, Michael Chertoff, also now heading up BAE systems Board. Authoritarian Political Warfare (ie gangstalking) – please see video at bottom of page:

And finally, regarding the Psychiatric core of this Authoritarian Political Warfare, is the NIH’s They are directed by Tavistock and are run by military authorities. (They merge DEA, DHS, Law Enforcement) SAMHSA had 2 documents, each ~100 pages long, which are now scrubbed from the internet. They outline the goals and objectives of SAMHSA Trauma Informed Care.

“Leading Change” and
“Change 2.0”

These 2 documents talk about remote viewing the patient in home to see if they are taking their meds, and then about removing “Trauma” from large populations quickly. They are very telling documents. I have been placed 5 times in our local Trauma Informed Care Mental Institution: West Springs Hospital, Mind Springs Health. Mind Springs is the now defunct website of top CIA remote viewer Courtney Brown (

U of Penn/Bioethics Committee board contained Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel’s brother. He also sat on the JE Safra Havard Center for Ethics board. At the same time as Aaron Swartz, I believe. JE Safra owned the Bank of NY (or Republic of NY bank – not sure the actual name now – it’s been sold off). U Penn is a Tavistock school. So is Wharton where CA Fitts went to school, around same time as man who targeted me, I believe. U of Michigan is also Tavistock. Mind Springs Health has several Psychiatrists from U of Michigan and U of Penn. U of Pittsburgh is also involved.

JE Safra strangely died in his home in Monaco in ’99 (I believe that’s the year) after running the Rape of Russia. Tavistock is owned by Rothchilds. Jacob R was chairman of JE Safra Havard Center for Ethics.

JE Safra’s brother built the largest marble temple in the world in Brazil. The Temple of Solomon, after his brother died.

I don’t know how you get such unknowns as those who are responsible for this worldwide program, with, as you say, millions of members.

I actually think there’s only 1500 – 2000 high value targets, if not closer to 600 max. This was confirmed to me by one of my SRA “tells”.

Fitts, RD Steele /INTJ, 37 SAMHSA TI Care Centers, JE Safra HC Ethics, Pres. Bioethics Committee, Brain Project, all connected.

“The Mind Stealers, Psychosurgery and Mind Control” by Samuel Chavkin, 1978 outlines the surgical methods of population control through brain surgery that were developed in COLORADO SPRINGS!!! with law enforcement grants + Nixon committee in 1974. This is by far one of the most important works on ideas for NWO brain control of populations. I’m thinking to do a video series on just this book. (FYI it’s out of print.)

I’ve got more.

-Andrea M

Jan. 2, 2019:

Hi Dr. Karlstrom,

Thank you for the work you do. I am a targeted individual, and have been being gaslighted for years now. It has been the most intense, abusive, traumatic, chaotic, life catastrophe I have ever lived through. They have caused me physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, sexual, and financial harm. My phone service provider was the first to validate everything I had been recognizing, yet dismissing by telling me I needed an attorney with a subpoena just to access my own account and all I was attempting to do was pay a bill that night.

I am looking for an attorney that can help me fight most immediately in the Los Angeles area. Can you refer me to any attorney that deals with this abuse?

Thank you,
Suzanne Dow

Jan. 1, 2019:

Good Evening Dr. Eric Karlstrom

I live in downtown San Diego, and am being gang stalked and harrassed.

This has been going on for some time, but the level of harrassment “exploded” earlier this year. I attempted to report things to the police, who would appear confused and puzzled when I explained incidents, confrontations with strangers that were occurring with frequency. In time, I realized that I am being gang stalked. I am in my 50’s and basically isolated.

I am wondering if you are in San Diego? Are you the person on the video? I am trying to find another person(s) for support. When I first saw your videos, I thought “yeah right”. But now I understand what you are saying as i have experienced it.

I am not a threat, no drugs, even tempered, in my 50’s, single, and quiet.

Please reach out to me. I would like to help myself, and to help others.

Heather Johnston

Dec. 30, 2019:

” Pat, if it is not too much for you and you would not mind sharing, will you tell me about the scalp and face changes. Dorothy – Chicago ”
The physical effects on the scalp and face are jaw-dropping.

Hi Dorothy:

The sensory nerves that are responsible for transmitting tactile signals to the brain reside largely on the skin, including the skin of the face and of the scalp.

These sensory organs, normally called ‘receptors’, have sub-families, each of which is specialized to ‘sense’ specific stimuli. There are those for examples that are specialized to sense very light touch. Others are specialized to sense ‘mechanical pressure’ etc.

The distribution of the sensors on the scalp and face is such that some reside more superficially on the skin, whereas others are found at the deepest levels of the skin.

In order for the criminals to access the receptors at the various skin depths, including the deeper-lying sensory receptors at the deepest levels of the skin, they have remotely carved out depressions of various depths on some parts of the scalp and face. This depressions enable them to access and directly expose every sensory receptor layer to the devices for maximal agony and pain. The deepest receptors, called the Pacinian receptors, are sensitive to mechanical pressure and vibrations and are the most painful and maddening when exposed in this fashion.

Although I have not seen the following in books or professional papers, it appears now from what I feel when abused in this way, that the connective tissue acts as a ‘buffer’ of sorts to stimuli so that it is sensed but is not overwhelming the individual. By remotely destroying the connective tissue, except for blood vessels which the receptors need to survive, the criminals effectively remove this buffering effect so that the feeling of crawling insects and nematodes is undescribably maddening…

The scalp, as a result, has been reduced to a mass that has a very uneven surface, with deep indentations in some parts and and deep marks that look like healed scars of a deep-cutting knife.

The face also has deep indentations that look like healed scars of a past knife-cuts.

They have also modified the legs that were legendary for being shapely (although not very long ) where corresponding muscles of both legs are uneven.

There is so much more Dorothy…They steal most documentation.

Pat B.

Jan. 25, 2019:

My family had me targeted 25 years ago. I can not find help or hope.
From: Robert De Fehr
Sent: December 20, 2018 11:16:13 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fw: I have great concern for my life and require help

Minister Cullen: a few months ago I delivered a letter to your predecessor Ms Stephenson and it was ignored. I am suffering a fate similar to the woman whose former partner a Mr. Carter in Calgary suffered when he paid some 800k dollars to stalk harass and emotionally break the woman in an attempt to gain custody of their child a situation which included both former and presently employed police officers.

My situation is different that it involves my parents and relatives living in California who are attempting to and have become able to emotionally break me with criminal methods via private security and some RCMP constables and Winnipeg police for reasons of covering up childhood sexual abuse and the fact they paid a psychologist to breach confidentiality and then to hire her to profile me to stalk me for years disrupting my life in what at a minimum would constitute criminal harassment. Because police RCMP and private security are well connected my stalking has ballooned into physical assaults at my home all of which were never investigated.

I have been arrested over ten times with no charges just to wear me down after I filed a RCMP complaint with the national RCMP complaints commission. Since lodging that complaint I have been detained in a psyche ward twice wrongfully and unlawfully in a blatant attempt to discredit me- it appears the psychiatric reprisal of the former USSR is alive and well in Canada.. Due to the escelation of my situation it now appears to fall within the purview of national security legislation , as I have been told by lawyers they legally can not help me because of my ‘status’.

Even my financial institution has broken a statute of law in an attempt to forclose on my home and I can get no help from the provincial financial regulations branch. I had also been denied electricity payments from eia in Manitoba which resulted in basement flooding at my home because my sewer back up system could not work during a downpour this past summer which resulted in damages. Since then they finally pay utilities but only after I appealed eia for non payment of utilities which they had earlier stated they were not inclined to do nor could which was a legal falsehood . Sir, this is just a short snapshot of what I have suffered , my charter rights are non existent and I would like some help immediately because I am stranded at my home in St Andrews suffering emotionally, penniless with a car that currently has two slashed tires , one of four times my car was vandalized, with no bus service and a family fearing I might find the where with all to file lawsuits to save my life even if forced to self represent.

I literally have been a prisoner in this home for three years with no help just repeated abuse. I couldn’t even get a legal aid lawyer to get me some form of spousal support (male male relationship ) or to get help to sell the home years ago to get half the equity and get on with my life. My former partner was coopted into my abuse from the beginning in what is referred to as a honey pot over ten years ago and has severely abused me financially, emotionally and physically. Sir I can prove everything I say and yet I sit and suffer , family won’t help me in fact my father and mother have encouraged me to commit suicide. I have sought help from other family members most of whom were aware of my situation when i first approached them which shocked me and had been aware years before I found out exactly how bad it was but after meeting with them and getting some moral support each of those relatives were contacted and forbidden to assist me or communicate with me, therefore my isolation has been unbearable for almost three years now.

I have hundreds of recorded conversations to verify what I say is true. I need to meet with someone who will help me!. For the record I AM NOT related to Art De Fehr or the Palliser De Fehr family, only very distantly and they are NOT involved in this situation. Only my parents whom I won’t name here and my mothers sister of Fresno California as well as my former psychologist and likely a few others are involved in my torment.

What must I do to get help? Is anyone obligated in today’s age to help me?- it certainly has not been the authorities. Since learning of my plight and having it corroborated my immediate family cant face me and drop food off at my garage door and text me after they have left. The phone I use is one of my mothers and i had been using it to call long distance to politicians and civil rights organizations in Canada and the United States trying to get help but once my family realized this they took long distance ability off the phone. I am literally under house arrest and not for having done anything wrong but to conceal the crimes of others and the RCMP aid and abet the wishes of those with money who have deep pockets to pay private security firms like my California relatives. . Please help me.

Robert Isaac-De Fehr

Dec. 21, 2018:

21 December 2018

Hello Dr. Karlstrom.

I’ve had a ear tuned into your gestapo series with Ramola, and salute you both for it, as well the trove of info offered through your websites. I say this as a TI myself, so your words, your expressions, the vibe — i know it all too well. But seeing how i, and of course all of us, want no more of it, i’d like to offer up some info that could be helpful to the cause.
While homeless in madison, wi, I have drafted, and continue to shape, a thesis treating of an evident full dissolution of the u.s. bill of rights. It is primarily based on information published through the Unclassified Report on the President’s Surveillance Program (PSP) of 10 July 2009 (accessible online at, which:

Ø on page 6, defines the PSP to be wholly comprised by two distinct, program components, first, the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP), a global electronic surveillance campaign run by the NSA, and second, a rubric designated Other Intelligence Activities (OIA), which covers all intelligence activities under the PSP apart from electronic surveillance.

Ø on p.26 reveals how george w. bush signed an executive order on 11 March 2004 that raised the U.S. presidency, albeit briefly, above u.s. law (w. soon backed down due to a DOJ revolt, led by AG John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, against the PSP’s illegality, as the exodus then threatened w.’s re-election looming later that year), thereby ignoring the 1952 SCOTUS decision in Youngstown Tube & Sheet Co. v. Sawyer ruling, by a solid 6-3 majority, that POTUS is not above the law, even in time of war.

Apart from what people came to believe about the rift, Justice’s main beef about the PSP did not concern surveillance – as it had ruled, by 2 heads of the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, John Yoo ensued directly by Jack Goldsmith, that the TSP was principally authorized by the AUMF enacted in September 2001 – but rather the OIA, which denote PSP-exploitation activities (like JTRIG’s cyber-“4D” sabotage disclosed by journalist Glenn Greenwald in his 2-24-14 exposé) inflicted on Americans in the U.S. (See the 3-10-09 report on this score by Seymour Hersh, disclosing that, “After 9/11,…the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state; without any legal authority for it.”) In fact, the Unclassified Report openly notes that the rift attributed to the OIA, as on page 36: “In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee (on 7-24-07, former White House Counsel Alberto) Gonzales stated that the dispute at issue between the DOJ and the White House did not relate to the Terrorist Surveillance Program…, but rather pertained to (the) Other Intelligence Activities.” And on page 37: “(The) dispute (between the U.S. Department of Justice and White House over the TSP) was not the subject of … the threatened (DOJ) resignations.”

Once you grasp this, these words of former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke in the PBS Frontline doc, The United States of Secrets, Part-1 – framed misleadingly by Frontline as referencing the TSP, when Clarke’s remarks, in fact, predominantly regard the OIA – hit like a ton o’ bricks:

“You had to read it (the bill proposing the FISA Amendments Act of 2008) very, very closely to understand what they (the outgoing Bush admin.) were doing. And I don’t think people (e.g., members of Congress who voted on the bill) knew what, actually, the intent of that was. The intent of that was to make legal all of the programs that the attorney general, the FBI Director had said they had a problem with (in March 2004).”

This legalization, moreover, met a critical need of legal cover for the myriad individuals partaking in a program, the PSP, that flagrantly violated constitutional rights in the United States – and, thereby, u.s. law, beginning with Title 18, u.s. code, sections 242: Violation of (constitutional) rights under color of law – all of whom, without immunity, would be exposed to potential prosecution for willful complicity in a criminal operation.

Hence, the wheel on which this vehicle rolled, all modelled upon Vietnam Phoenix, the official title of which, according to author Doug Valentine, was ICEX, for “Intelligence-Coordination-Exploitation,” heavy emphasis on exploitation; this was no casual surveillance program in Vietnam, and neither today here at home, as no info/intel is gathered for the sake of acquiring information, but rather for the end, sooner or later, of aggressive, hardcore, down & dirty villainy against American innocents.

Then again, regretfully, I tell you, a TI yourself, nothing new in this respect. I do have some further info, however, regarding the thesis above, that may shed light on the broader War on Terror, which I’d like to share and parse, should you take an interest. The trouble, of course, are Orwellian gremlins corrupting the medium between us. So I have my doubts as to whether these words can reach you unmolested, should they reach you.

I have tried without success online to access contact info for Ramola. (I, too, have been prevented from posing the thesis to numerous people here in madison, wi, not the least being uw-history professor, Alfred W. McCoy, whom you’ve referenced a time or two to Ramola for his scholarship on CIA-drug operations out of the Golden Triangle; having heard him speak briefly at a seminar introducing his former student, investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, he, McCoy, struck me as a good man, both capable and caring.)

So should this message find you to show itself coherent, meaningful and worthy of attention, I’d like to converse by phone (being without a home – not for lack of brio or ability of my own, I may say, but rather for federal aggressions/deception suppressing my thesis – I only have access to the web in public facilities, which rules out my use of skype for the time) as that is the only means to ensure accurate communication between us. (Please forgive my forwardness; today’s NSA, alas, compels it.) I’d also ask you to pass along this overture, assuming of course that you receive it in decent form, on to Ramola for her own consideration.

Thanks. Alex Sahagian
[email protected]

Dec. 13, 2018:

Did You Know Juvenal records are not sealed automaticly.
Mormons LDS are being used as stalking preditors.
Sheiff’s are the worst.
So they have acess to these records that should have been sealed.
Up to 100 year old mistakes that you get labeled with.
Proflied and v2k’ied with garbage that was long gone.
This is the pattern they are pissed so bring it up and rub it in your face.
After your dead that record stays.
This is the one law that shoud be changed.
This affects employment as well

F the preds

Dec. 7, 2018:

I am a 33 year old male that has been targeted for the last 7 years. The female voice on the documentary is that of Melissa Dykes. Her and her husband Aaron Dykes run the youtube channel truthstream media here They have over 400k subs now and are one of the best youtube channels out there, I highly suggest you check out some of their videos. Basically what I did for the documentary is a process where I took every video that I thought had really good information in it, put it in my project, cut out the really good pieces I wanted to use, and repeated that process over hundreds of different videos.

After I had all the clips I wanted to use I rearranged all of them in a specific order to convey the message I wanted to in the most professional and factual way possible. Technically I am not even in the documentary, it is just a massive compilation of clips from hundreds of other videos. I am glad you liked it Erick, it took me a very long time to do. I also really appreciate the TI testimonies at Obama’s bioethics committee; I plan on organizing the same sort of committee/testimonial next year up here in Vancouver, Canada. With changes to the duration of the testimony increasing to 5 minutes per person. I will be contacting a number of different high level police, intelligence, political, and human rights officials along with every news casting company in the country to cover it. 2019 will be a great year for targeted individuals worldwide, and I have massive plans that will be set in motion to not only bring awareness to the public, but to start a revolution to fight against it.

-Shad Budge

Dec. 4, 2018:

I have advanced degree EE and know exactly what is being used,
i have sent equipment and schematics of DEW & V2K systems that
you can make yourself and start pointing back …try it, you’d be
surprised when you start going up to your stalkers and start pointing
DOG BARK OFF ($12 as seen on TV), at perps, their human too, they
are pesky little tards but no different than any other human, bring it !

I have hundreds of professional contacts, press, business, politicians,
finance, and have extensive history in this realm.

its not new, none of this, brought up in Detroit it was actually a hub
for CIA, they penetrated the NOI & Malcolm-X, they mind controlled
the blacks via contelpro/MKUltra (& Mafia – still looking for jimmy hoffa)

CIA created all this decades ago, they were caught and admitted MK Ultra
and said they put it all away back in the 70’s (of course not),

I discovered that they use taxpayers dollars (think DARPA) to develop
these military tools (like V2K, which DARPA called “Telepathic Communication” once the military succeeds these directors (like Regina Dugan) takes it into commercial domain (look at her TED speech stating how they stole Silent-Talk and gave it to both Google & Facebook – look up Zuckerberg foundation and notice how their CTO is neuro-scientist and expert at hooking up brains to a computer – Obama’s brain initiative had a much bigger and sinister plan)!

BUT, we now know this and now we need to act upon it

tired of talking sht, tired of webpages, we have names, addresses,
and plenty of counter espionage now to have photods, videos and
are tracking them too

stalk the stalkers – surprise what you find !

Don D

Dec. 4, 2018:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom and Ramola D,

Dr. Karlstrom, you mentioned satanism a lot on your website and in your discussions with Ramola. I Just wanted to share information on that. I came across video testimonies of two young African ex-satanists (high level perps) confessing to their crimes in front of a huge church audience in Kenya (2009). Moses gives his testimony in English, but his loud Swahili translator makes it difficult to hear everything he says. Isaac gives his testimony in Swahili language. He explains how he was duped into thinking he was being hired as a personal assistant by some female high school principal. He would soon realize something was wrong and wanted to quite. But she and others drugged, chipped, manipulated, and mind controlled him to join the cult.

Here are some of the things they explained that made sense to me as a TI

-People are often targeted for different reasons, but people with strong religious faith are the ones most targeted. The targeting missions are referred to as “assignments”. Both men were sent to target church leaders and members.

-They were also forced to target, even kill their own families members.

-Isaac explains how a photo of target is often taken and entered into “internet” for tracking and ritualistic purpose. Some other “special items” are also used.

-They can harm targets through illnesses, pains, accidents, conflicts, set-ups.

-Perps are recruited at different levels. They have supervisors (handlers), bosses, superiors (elders). Most of the elders are known wealthy people within specific countries, cities, and most are prominent business owners.

-Perps are continuously initiated into higher level (power) through special rituals and covenants. Issac describes how at his highest power, he was able to operate in an invisible form, e,g he can enter a target’s space as an insect, bird.

-Isaac would often move to be in close proximity to a high value target, and his handlers would quickly call him back if people became suspicious of him.

-He had a “special key” that he wore on his neck, it can open any door he say!

-Various communication items are placed inside their bodies during rituals, while in hypnotized state. Isaac displayed some of the items removed from his body though exorcism. He also mentions some kind of a ring, it spins whenever his handlers are contacting him, he can’t escape them, even inside the church.

He also described a portable device that they use to track and monitor targets.

–Motivation for involvement is mostly money (lots of money), but he said some people are tricked into participation. They normally discover when it’s too late.

-They said most perps can’t escape because of the covenant they entered into.

Malika J

Dec. 1, 2018:

UK BO-Thornton MW Terminates US Vets Riverside 2012-2018.

All non native relatives from London. Obama, Thornton, Raymond, Leno (Att. Micro Torture Chip Providers) Jay Leno Quinn West USA , David Jay Letterman East USA.

Obama’s Terminator Thornton Micro Wave Terminates Vets Military In Riverside CA, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018. (Laupers) David C. Thornton MW terminator tells me he and Obama Microwave killed Vets in Riverside CA. Obama paid off Vets at trial. Micro and torture USA Military CA. All London Non Natives half men bi’s and gays Micro torture data control selling USA to Darpa Pres Barack Obama. Thornton MW Terminator micro tortures legs ham strings for a year with Bi Billionaire Jay Leno Cell Anaheim CA. David Thornton burns my legs to knock me down (20times already) to break my back or kill me . Military Retaliation Micro USA. Thornton MW terminator tells me he and Obama Microwave killed Vets in Riverside CA. Obama is buying Att. Micro Torture data to torture control the World for New World Order. Obama’s Thornton own cousins like Actor Late M. Duncan. by a late MW code Vet head banging Obama, Leno, Fallon at Leno’s Palm Springs CA. house. Similar to Clinton, Letterman Att. Provider Micro Torture NY head banging. Agents said Leno Obama paid off Vets at trial. link was changed. 70801RJDT …/media-malfeasance-d…

Satan from Hell (Father late Paul Raymond Quinn King Of Porn London) David Charles Thornton Quinn 72310 Blueridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA.92260 Is trying to cousin BO kill my 86 yr old mother, she is holy. Their Obama Darpa Defense Microwave torture gave her several strokes in the last 7 years, demonical screwed on Leno’s drugs. My mother can not talk now and these Obama queers did it on purpose. Can Darpa Defense or Ft Bragg por President Trump get this Obama cousin salt shooting mentally ill gay out of my house and brain 7 years. I can’t find lawyer in Texas, police can’t find Jay Leno Cell, Anaheim Ca . (Laupers) David C. Thornton is Obama’s Microwave Terminator, Palm Desert Ground Water Inspector, he and lover brother Howard W. Raymond Quinn tortures me now for posting their hate and US Att. Microwave Tortrue. David and Howard broke my back, knocked my mother down mopping, split her head broke both wrists, and gave her several strokes. David said he tortures my 86 yr. mother with Jay Leno Cell with Gates-Obama’s Att. Advanced Alien Tech. right retina eye micro and Human Electronic Torture Program.

Obama Agents tortured me and patients on my floor and whole hospital when Obama Darpa Defense David C. Thornton Broke My Spine 12/14/2017 UHS Hospital SA Tx 4502 medical Dr. 210 358 4000 micro torture controlled by Obama, Bi David Thornton BO’s Darpa Defense Att Human Electronic Torture broke my back spine. Thornton Heart Tortured internal bleeding on jet ranger PHI all the way there and a week at UHS Hospital SA. Tx. until today. DT brother Bi Howard Raymond Darpa Defense harassed 86 yr. old mother with a stroke, 2 broken wrists, split head bursted eye blood vessel.. Mother 8/2017 in Citizen’s Hospital Tx. London Terrorists Obama, Leno, Letterman Att. Micro Freedom Att. Torture Data Sells US Citizens, agents said to CEO Darpa Defense Barack Obama for torture control.

Terrell Maltese
361 782 0206

Nov. 30, 2018:

Here is a good video on a lady that is also stalked and remote neural monitored by celebrities. I am having the same issues with the same celebrity. You should watch it.

I also learned how to disable these chips for about $20. After I disable most of mine, or the ones I know of the energy emitting from my brain or top head stopped. It is like they were cooking my brain from the inside out with the chips in there. After I disabled them, it stopped. People need to know how to do this, it is important. Is there a better way to get in touch with you?

Jon B

Nov. 29, 2019:

I am reaching out because you were the contact on a site i was on regarding gangstalking. I was actively and aggressively gang stalked and electronically harassed within the last year I was in Washington D.C. I recently realized what it was after being sent literature that sounded familiar to my story I told someone. I am not quite sure the reason fully but I believe it may have to do with my family political background. I recently left D.C. hoping it will subside.

Because of my connections and background i may be able to have a voice to help stop this. Maybe not but I have it documented somewhat and fresh in my mind. I am extremely concerned this evilness exists and I want there to be awareness and legislation to stop at every level.

I am unsure who to reach out to and who not to but I also refuse to live in fear and I see why this is being done and where it leads. I want to stop this and i want to know how I can help and what I can do.

I would like to speak to someone on the subject. No one should go through what I went through and it seems to be happening to good, intelligent undeserving people.

I hope to hear from you.

best regards,

Nov. 28, 2018:

Dr. Karlstrom, I’m forwarding interaction between myself and the gang stalking – this is a blatant example of what I have lived in all my life since birth, I take this interaction from them very threatening – what they wrote me, read below from Sheila. There’s nothing you or anyone can do about this situation I am in, I just want the information out there to feel I am exposing them, hoping it will go in the spirit world too; this is all I have to fight with.

“These demons knocked my front teeth out when I was five years old, to brand me into their cult, they gave me white rabbits that I bonded with in love and care and a man, Ron Brown, in Burien, WA, and his two kids came over and brutally butchered them in front of me when I was four years old, ‘they’ were laughing, holding the ears high to the ceiling and flinging blood, I can’t believe what I have lived through in this dimension..

‘They’ told me they gave me a horse for being a child sex slave, to William Schattenkerk, the pedophile. And, ‘They” in the 70-s and 80’s, hit my mother via a car or truck, five times and put her in the hospital for a week each time, I think any time she thought of fighting back against the gang stalking.

I was also traffic’d into the military in 89’ to keep me from putting the pedophile in prison, so much so, that I had to live on Diego Garcia for six months, and really bad because I had an active sexual harassment court case with two other women against our boss while on that Island in the Indian Ocean, the boss – Lt Commander Bailey, which we won the case he lost his career – but, it was for mind control, experimentation.

Now, I have these dweebs constantly surrounding me to make money off me. I added up the dollar amount for court case below, the guy they put in prison for 7 1/2 years, those organizations collectively have made no less than one million dollars off me as a victim and this rapist going through court and into prison. Now, they have jobs to watch him and then for him to call them if he see’s me —- aaahhhh – ya — I’m still in a lot of trouble.

Thank you for providing an email, hope you’re a real person-truthfully. And I hope you and your people, Dr. Karlstrom, can find a way to steer this ship another way.

Dena Miller

Nov. 25, 2018:

Dear Mr. Karlstrom,

My name is Christos Boumpoulis and I am a Greek, targeted individual and political dissident.

For rescuing my life from the gang-stalking I need my case to gain publicity, therefore I kindly ask you to support me by offering me advices or otherwise.

My website”> has all the related information.

In short, my case has the following elements:

– Involuntary human experimentation.
– involuntary brain implanting
– gang-stalking against my family and me
– Greece’s being settler-colonised.
– A “Dirty War” (like the one at Argentina – operation Condor) unfolding in Greece against the local political dissidents.
– Greece’s established dictatorial regime and occupation (according to public testimonies of Greek, prominent law professor and retired Army General).
– Greece’s enormously wealthy mineral reserves kept inneligible for economic exploitation.

Currently, I am located in Germany after having fled from Greece since May 1st, 2014 and I live in my passenger car. Even here, the gang-stalking continuous and I intend to relocate, as soon as possible, to Sweden.
Looking forward for your early reply,


Christos Boumpoulis
[email protected]
[email protected]”>
mobile (only SMS): +4917667046073

Nov. 28, 2018:

Dear Eric,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

“Please let me know if you’d like me to put your story on my website under “TI Statements.” As for getting publicity, that is an excellent idea…. Perhaps you could do some podcast or radio interviews? I can recommend a few people if you want to try to pursue that avenue”.

I would be grateful if you could put my story on your website under “TI Statements”. I would avoid radio interviews as, having in mind the E. Snowden’s revelations about the probable adulteration of Internet’s content and the capabilities of software like “Audacity”, a voice recording without simultaneous video streaming might be too risky. However, I am interested about doing some podcast. Could you recommend few people for doing podcast?

“I am always trying to learn and add to my website and I do a limited number interviews….. It’s good to make connections with people in other countries- because this is such an international issue…. Which is mostly completely hidden”.

I agree with you. One problem is that, each one of the Tis is being, mentally, bounded by the combination of his own personal experiences and the information s/he was able to collect from the Internet. Meaning, almost no one has the “complete picture” and almost everyone is being subjected to “their” active measures which aim, also, on covering up their crimes.
The termination of all kinds of illegitimate violence, including the atrocious gang-stalking, should be, according to my opinion, the first priority of all decent and honest human beings. The correct prioritisation is not enough; we should be also, simultaneously, legitimate and effective.

Therefore, an effective “mental orientation” remains imperative. And this orientation, for me, means the adequate comprehension and the accurate association with each other of the following notions:

1. settler-colonisation
2. “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” (see Gurkhas and “Martial Races”, related info)
3. involuntary human experimentation
4. human organs/tissues smuggling
5. remote neural monitoring
6. claustrum (which is a part of human brain)
7. “monarch programming”
8. nomadic empire
9. a State’s economic viability
10. the brain’s reverse engineering
11. the human brain’s memory space
12. the Royal families’ /populations’ extreme asymmetries of power
13. Tanzanian Nations’s Genocide.

Presuming that, one, may has integrated a complete and accurate knowledge about the structure and the dynamics, of the extreme anomaly which generates the illegitimate violence that we are talking about, s/he, most probably, would direct his or hers creative efforts towards, e.g.

1. contributing in establishing the economic self-sufficiency of the British economy,
2. contributing in establishing large rehabilitation centers for drug addicts which use natural methods,
3. contribute in establishing large educational centers for linguistically re-educating the members of various ruling-elits, like the British one, so that, the notion of “earning our living legitimately and peacefully” may become, from an “undecidable issue” (for the notion of undecidability please see Stafford Beer) which currently, from what it seems, is to, hopefully, a “decidable issue”.

“Politicians ignore it”.

The politicians are obliged to follow certain political and diplomatic protocols. If, we, the TI’s, we are suffering so much from the gang-stalking, can you, really, imagine how much more, the politicians may suffer due to their being bound to these protocols?

“Also, you may have noticed, there are many “fake TIs” out there, so be as “wise as serpents, and gentle as doves” if possible. I’ve been fooled many times by fake TIs. We have been involuntarily enrolled in the world of spydom now.. So the more we can learn about their methods, the more safety we have… “.

I exchanged few communications through the Internet with one of such TI’s and few things that I noticed seemed to me rather strange. Therefore, I urged to keep my distance from that TI.

“I have over 750 educational posts on my website now…. And it is for the purpose of educating myself and others. ( Gangstalkingmindcontrolcults .com)”.

There are sufficient indications that the Greek population is being subjected to the Genocide of causing mental harm in order for them to become unable to defend themselves against the contemporary settler-colonialism. This atrocity, I fear, is being perpetrated against other Nations also. Therefore, under such conditions, educating the others, most probably, demands employing exceptional, though legitimate and honest, methods. For example, if you examine the way of expresing my opinions, within the articles that I publicize in my website, you shall probably conclude that there may be something “strange” within this kind of written expression. The reason is that, I have try that my articles may be understood be the majority of those who read them under the specific, current political circumstances.

“Operation Condor sounds very likely- it’s probably a good comparison…… Stasi, Gestapo, COINTELPRO, Soviet Cheka and Red Terror, all are cut from the same cloth. My opinion, these are the new ‘invisible’ ‘death squads’”.

The contemporary settler-colonialism, according to my opinion, turn, arbitrarily, normal people to human wrecks, by “drugging and maddening them with opiates beforehand” and other methods; then, “they” send them to candidate, for settler-colonisation, States equipped with, “intelligence support” and various non-conventional weapons, but lacking financial support. As anyone may presume, this settler-colonising, non-uniformed army shall iterate once more the specific structure and dynamics of violence which made, the innocent and kind Tanzanian Nation to vanish.

“And yes, this should become the number one political issue…. Do the citizens of our countries want to continue supporting these slow-kill programs?”.

With all due respect and love to you personally, please allow me to remain honest and sincear to you. It is most urgent, I believe, for this issue to become resolved, though it seems to me impossible for any resolution to exist without, previously, resorting the the so-called “law of requisite variety”. Meaning, e.g. is, the categorization of notions, which is embeded within the verbal expression of this issue adequate, as a part of a specific chosen language framework, adequate for being able to express an actual resolution? Meaning, are, all the citizens, the same with each other? Are, the TI’s and the members of each State’s natural leadership, the same with the rest of the citizens?

For example, Robert Redford, which a honorable and admirable member of U.S.A.’s natural leadership, with his movie “Three days of the Condor”, promptly, informed his fellow American citizens about the atrocities to the citizens of other innocent Nations that, the U.S.A. services’ members were systematically committing. Did, the rest of the citizens responded promptly, actively and creatively in order to protect the foreign citizens human rights? Should there be any kind of “systemic”, in terms e.g. of “divine Justice”, consequences with regard to this, supposed, negigence? It seems to me that, the actions and the negligence, of the citizens of our countries, probably, “speaks louder than their own words and their own complains”. Isn’t so?

“Who do you believe is “colonizing” Greece- is it America? Is it Moslems? That’s not clear to me”.

It seems to me that, there are sufficient historical evidence for one to claim that:

The island, meaning the United Kingdom, due to certain cultural specificities refrain to make its National economy a self-sufficient one, therefore, since many ages ago, they resort to the ruthless settler-colonialism.

From what it seems the language frameworks which are embedded to the civilisations of, the U.S.A’s, the Russian’s, the Israel’s and Turkey’s, corresponding, populations weren’t adequate to protect these populations from involuntarily becoming instrumental means of the British settler-colonialism. Therefore, I presume that, the United Kindom, as the leading organisational form, together with the other four Nations, may have formed an informal colonising quasi “federation” and perpetrate what appears to be the contemporary “globalized colonialism”, against all the rest of the Nations.

The circumstance within which we live, sadly, have become so extreme and inhumane that, probably, our own biological existence may depend, on the luck that we may enjoy, on our own strength and on the very best of our own endurance.

I wish that you have all the wisdom that is needed for you personally along with each and every one of the American citizens, to enjoy, happy, healthy and long lives, peace, freedom, cooperation with the other Nations and at least frugal, prosperity.

Christos Boumpoulis

Nov. 26, 2018:

TI Statement by Van Wyk Hadley

Original Gangstalking April 22, 2017


Nov. 24, 2018:

Dear Dr Karlstrom,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the interviews you do. You’ve helped me to understand and contextualise what I’ve been going through for the last couple of decades, and it has been nothing short of hellish. Druggings, mind control, honey traps, rape, junkies, military agents and inflicted diseases were only the beginning. In 2014 I was set-up to be the ‘next big thing’ but i bolted at the last moment, pissed off a lot of people and been struggling to stay alive and sane ever since.

I’ve heard you most on the Kev Baker show and with Ramola D. I think Kev is a little bit aware of my situation, I’d email him but I can’t find his email address anywhere – maybe you could put us in touch!

Anyhow; Mossad, billionaires, the British Monarchy, A list celebs, the CIA, biker gangs – I’ve had them all trying to kill me at various times! Crazy stuff. Thanks again, with the highest of regards and best of wishes,


Nov. 21, 2018,

Dear Dr Karlstrom ,

I heard your show on youtube on richie allens page

My name is Sukalp C Bagde , i am a Male , Age 36 in India , State – Maharashtra , City – Pune

I believe i have been a target of many of the techniques and tactics, i have listed below a list of tactics that have been perpetrated against me and my family, however what i wanted to bring your attention to first was a new application i am using on my phone , which is an infra sound detector , this app since i have installed it on my phone keeps buzzing every time certain frequencies are being targeted towards me ..i wish to give you the records for the same which i have attached in this email and i hope this can help you in your research ..may be i am wrong but i feel many times the anger swings me and my family go through may be due to these infra sound frequencies.

it has taken me many years to come to terms with my predicament .. for a long time i believed i have gone mad however through persistent analysis i have come to the conclusion that i am a target of DEW – i have listed below the events that are taking place in my life . i wish to consult with you however i am not in a very strong financial position for a few years now and i hope i get some help from you , i have sent this information to may people who are talking about this subject including Dr catherine Horton and Ramola D however no one has replied to my email !

List of DEW and gang stalking activities against me –

Neural Monitoring – i believed there were cameras in my house until i understood this concept – every time my eyes see something like lets say the natural form of my wife or my own private areas when i am in the bath room . there is a car alarm that goes off in the parking of my neighboring building ,it depends which rooms of my house i am in and a car alarm will go off on that side of the property, many people including many relatives seem to be aware of every thing that goes on in my house including my thoughts ! it seems so many people know exactly what is going on in my house i hear them talking when i go to a shop in my neighborhood but no one says any thing directly !

Neural Implanting – My dream patterns have changed , there is an attempt to make me hyper sexual …also some times my male organ seems out of my control .. a dream of sexuality is induced that is not part of my regular choice of natural male female conduct .. very bad things are induced in these dreams which leave me wondering where these ideas can come from in my dream state

Gang Staking – there is a persistent attempt to spoil my name in my surrounding area, vendors change their attitude towards me, my first visit to any establishment is very cordial , however when ever i return i am treated indifferently or there is a sly smile and attitude i am given

Gang Staking – i have gone thorough a period where first suddenly a large part of my neighborhood changed their attitude towards me and started spitting on the ground when ever they see me , this is now followed by other forms of abuse which it seems suddenly every one has taken up at the same time .. not all people but most of the loafers ..

Police Stalking – it seems every corner i turn there is a police van either following me or coming up and cutting right across my bows

DEW – I feel small insect type of bites of my body sometimes when there are no insects present , some time my body is very hot to the touch and i get blisters on my toes and heating of the soles of my feet , when i am lying in bed , i can feel my forehead getting numb or / squeezed / blowing out from the inside is how i can describe it , and when i turn in bed then the part of my head which is now on the top gets the same sensation
DEW Family – my mother and wife have come up with black and blue marks on their body when they have not had any accidents or injuries .. also health issues that have been solved with persistent Ayurveda and homeopathy treatments keep coming back to haunt them on a weekly basis .. it seems a constant battle with one member of the family after other keeps falling ill !
Monitoring of my web content – I use Ayurveda Neem chew sticks to clean my teeth , every time i order these on amazon . i find some one has come and placed a sapling of this plant in my parking area… i have antivirus and malware software but .. i seems every thing i am doing online becomes part of public discourse , sometimes certain rellevant irrelevant things that i c on television gets repeated by strangers in the market

Home Invasion DEW – we have CC TV cameras in our private building we stay in .. i dont know how this was done but the CCTV recorder was attacked so that it does not record the events any more , we have got it repaired but in a few days it once again lost the ability to record !

even now as i am writing this email , i have copper finger rings and bracelets on my arms and a gold chain around my neck to disrupt some of this targeting however the rest of my body feels very hot , i get sudden bouts of severe hunger with sweaty palms and hyper acidity , even when i eat after these bouts the stomach does not calm down !

there are many other incidents i can list down however i believe this should suffice for now ,

it may seem that in India i may not be part o the cutting edge of this fight against the NWO but i believe we will be able to contribute , i also believe all world intelligence agencies may have been involved in 911 helping the americans and these local intel people have been given access to advance tech due to the help or their silence on the evidence on 911

please help me


Sukalp Sukalp C Bagde

Ceo Hair Exquisite™
HQ Central – + 91 020 6511 1115
HQ Mobile – + 91 98222 03542
Skype – hair.exquisite

Nov. 9, 2018:

FOIA Documents on Gangstalking

Professor Karlstrom:

Have you seen this document from my blog?:

F.O.I.A. Documents PROVE Gang Stalking

Nov. 1, 2018:

When these freaks attacked me they were cops local predators ho land security feds state patrol sheriff oh and last but not least Mormons later day a holes cell phone stalking like amber alert. Mormons are CIA front they have meetings at the temple at night. LRAD is there main weapon it should be banned. Subliminal hypnoses with ultra sound secondary is microwave and EMF in the house is off the scale. Post hypnotic suggestion with every suggestion a memory is blocked leading to post hypnotic amnesia a tunnel is built through your mind.

You can barely function with limited access to your memories. Why ? They never liked me I watched them run off whole families for any reason Jehovah witness here are gone mind raped and run off. Homeless are being used as CI’s These freaks if your broke and homeless a thousand bucks you would stalk your best friend.

If a new law passes here deescalation training for the cops LOL they hate it. It directly effects there hunting license. CA TX OK 100 76 38 cops kill 200 plus people a year shot to death bated based on
full info on person killed. Like a wild west movie piss off and sucker them into draw down.

Satellite time thousands of targets hundreds of thousands of targets the expense of doing that but a helicopter with LRAD way cheaper and or house next door with LRAD and or a car truck van etc.

Cops FEDS Ho LAND state patrol Sheriff CIA NSA guess what they are all equipped with LRAD oh add the armed forces they got it too and know how to use it. White sound will block it.

It should still be banned !

Oct. 27, 2018:

Hi Eric,

I’ve written to you a couple of times but haven’t heard back — not sure if that means you’re busy, wary, or if you didn’t receive my notes. Maybe they didn’t even get through — that happens to me sometimes…

I am a TI (strange to identify myself that way, but it is happening) who was teaching at UC Davis when you were, I guess, at Stanislaus. I taught English literature and composition courses (as well as public relations and, later on, a psychology-of-success class in Pheonix).

Last night I read through a few web sites and one (I can’t remember which) recommended listening to uplifting music as a way to deal with the V2K. I kept working my way through various websites, and then stumbled on some of your music. As i listened, I realized that this really may be a great way to intentionally affect our brain-states. The effect is immediate and can be powerful. Have you thought about using your music this way, either for yourself or for TIs who need immediate relief and some peace of mind and method for control?

Anyway, it would be great to be in touch with you as I work through all this.

take care,


Oct. 13, 2018:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom,

I am a 65 yr old Asian American from HI that has been targeted for many decades. I have lived for the past 14 years in Redding CA.

Like many other targets I could not understand all the strange coincidences and anomalies through the years until I googled the phrase group stalking and then suddenly everything aligned into place.

Armed with my new found knowledge I sought to communicate with other targets and soon found a tel. number on one of the websites. In those days there was not a lot of websites out there for targetsand I should have known people don’t list their personal ph. #’s for the obvious reasons.

To make a long story short after gaining my trust my new found friend was a perp. This system is so incredible and very well infiltrated.

I was devastated and highly traumatized with the full on gs programming put on me with full measure.

I have not talked to or tried to contact any one since that time. I am in this completely alone and isolated. I have no friends or family and I am sure this is their exact plan for me.

I failed to mention that happened in 2009. I have been hit with some incredible DEWS that were strong enough to give me a black eye not once but twice in 1971! They have had sophisticated weaponry for decades. This happened in Hawaii. I lived near a Marine Core air station.

You never know how long you have with this program. I might be hit with an unfortunate accident or the big C. No man is an island like they say and I no longer can bear this alone.

I am reaching out to you because of your extremely accurate knowledge. I understand you are busy and I had hoped that may be you could steer me to how I might connect to other targets. Any other conversations with regular people are impossible. The forces that be make sure I can only connect with perps. I don’t know how long I have. I am sure I am in the transhuman
program because they showed me my doppelganger or avatar as far back as 1968.

Thank You, Mia Fitch

Oct. 9, 2018:

Hello Eric,

I’ve tried to communicate with you a couple times but I don’t think the emails went through. I found one trancated and garbled in my sent box. Hopefully this one will make it.

I’ve been targeted for several years and have just recently discovered that there’s a name for this incredible and terrible experience, and that there are many people talking about it online — and sadly, many others are experiencing it as well.

Ironically, I have lived pretty close to some of them. In fact, while you were teaching in Stanislaus, I was teaching at UC Davis and Sacramento City College. It’s even possible that we know some of the same people. (I taught English, public relations, and one psych course — but know people in other departments of course.)

I thought it might be helpful to be in touch. I have lived in shelters and with family members for the last couple of years — unbelievable experiences — and I would so like to be more productive, but it’s difficult when you’re on the move.

I watched a video this morning of you talking with Ramola D. about Paul Marko’s death. You mentioned that you tend to work alone. I wonder if that’s because of the many pretenders in this “community”. I sense that to be true — and I can see that it serves to further isolate individuals and makes it more difficult for anyone to be heard (not knowing who to trust shunts the flow of information from one person to the next).

You don’t say much about your own experiences online either. That must be deliberate as well. I wonder if you’ve experience electronic weapons firsthand, and if it continues. If so, I hope you are managing well. You seem to be well!

take care,


Sept. 21, 2018:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom;
I am looking for someone to investigate Landmark Education for solid evidence of privacy invasion, trespassing, illegal surveillance, and other crimes, including stalking. Their other crimes would include what I can only describe as “attempted psychiatric or psychological treatment,” though the methods used were controversial, at best. When you look at the criteria for thought reform, by Margaret Singer and Robert Lifton, many of the elements are present in this organization, though some are in subtler forms. These things were done covertly, without informed consent, and with no doctor-patient relationship. These incidents did NOT take place in the Forum room, and though they have been widely criticized for their behavior in the Forum, this is something way above and beyond anything that happens in the Forum.

Although their methods are unethical, I have never seen anything I would consider illegal take place at the center itself. The problem is with what they do off-grounds, and they may avoid liability by using non-employees such as “subcontractors,” or their volunteers, in spite of the fact that they are aware of what is being done, (and have, in fact coached these people in what to say and do). These people are sent off-grounds, to encounter “difficult” participants in their daily lives. There were numerous indicators that many at Landmark knew every detail of my personal life. I realize that I have no good evidence, and I have gotten very little support, in terms of people believing me.

My story is crazy, and likely to raise questions about my mental health. My diagnoses are Major Depression and PTSD. If you have questions as to my sanity, please look up Cult Education Institute. Click on “Left Menu.” From “Left Menu,” click on “Message Board.” Then scroll down to “Large Group Awareness Training.” You will find posts by username “kdag.” Click on “kdag,” and you will get a box. At the bottom right-hand corner of the box, you will see “Show All Posts.” Click on that. I have over 250 posts. Although not all details have been posted, (Rick Ross has not allowed me to post some things), you should have a sufficient sampling to get a pretty good idea of my sanity.

I am looking for someone to independently focus on what these people are actually doing, (in other words, never mind me). I do not expect anyone to take my word on anything. What I would like to do is give someone some information to follow up on. The best way that I can think of doing this is by providing examples of what happened to me.

I was involved in Landmark’s programs for about a year, (2008-2009), and although I cooperated, I did tell them that it was not working for me, and that I was going to leave the program. I had also informed them that my therapist had agreed that further participation in their programs was not in my highest good. That was when the “fun” started.

I know that I am not the first, and I believe that Landmark will continue this behavior toward their critics, and those whom they consider to be “hard cases.” Before participating in the Forum, participants are advised to follow the advice of any of their doctors and therapists. Although I had informed them that further participation was against medical advice, they continued to contact me.

It is my understanding that Landmark goes very aggressively after its detractors, and makes liberal use of lawsuits. They cite copyright violations, but Landmark copyrights acronyms tied to its abusive practices, and the ability to use these acronyms would provide evidence. I will follow this email with some of the key examples/events.

I am going to follow this email with a couple more, which I will try to keep succinct. I have many pages, but will stick to the main points. They should at least give you an example of what was done to me. There is much more.



Sept. 21, 2018:

When a former friend recruited me into doing the Landmark Forum, I was reluctant. Her argument was “It’s $500 and a weekend. What have you got to lose?” She was so invested in my doing the Forum that she paid over half of my tuition.

The way that it was presented to me, it was something to try, with no further obligation or strings attached. There seemed to be very little risk. I was given the impression that if Landmark did not work for me, I would be free to get on with my life.

After I did the forum, (in July of 2008, Denver Colorado area), Landmark principles were pushed into every conversation I had with my recruiter. I would point out to her that many parts of the program did not work for me, and of course, she would point out how it was always my flaws that prevented it from working. In the seminars, the seminar leaders would instruct us to “just try on” certain ideas, to see if they fit. Again, there was allegedly no pressure to actually buy into what they were saying.

Meanwhile, the center manager, and even the Forum leader, (during the Tuesday night session), would briefly talk about “hard cases,” or people who said that Landmark did not work for them. They made vague and fleeting mention of tactics that were used on those people. If there is really no pressure to adopt the philosophy put forth by Landmark, why would anyone be considered a “hard case”? Either you accepted their premises or you didn’t, and if you did not, that was supposed to be okay. Only it’s not.

Contrary to what they tell you, if you voice any criticism of the program, or ask the wrong questions, you may be subjected to harassment, surveillance – or worse. Most people DO walk away from Landmark without being harassed. I suspect they prefer to harass mostly people who have no clout, (with a few notable exceptions), simply because they assume that they can get by with it. Predators have a tendency to target people who don’t have the resources to fight back. I am dirt poor, and they knew that.

My recruiter knew that I had not been blown away by the Forum, and I guess that that, (and my apparent stoicism), made me a “hard case.” I had voiced some mild criticism, and maybe asked a few of the wrong questions. In addition, some of us have noticed that people who are stoic or non-reactive seem to be targeted for an extra level of nastiness.

My recruiter and Landmark had been among the few people who had my cellphone number. Soon after I had completed the Forum, I had been awakened early one morning by a hang-up phone call. This was followed immediately by someone outside of my house, who turned on my outdoor water tap, and left it running full-blast onto the ground. I was forced to go outside to turn it off, and when I did, I looked across the street and saw the culprit standing there with a camera pointed in my direction. Because of this, and everything that followed, I believe that they had put me under surveillance.

Spring 2009:

About one year later, in my last seminar at Landmark, they handed out a pamphlet. Some people would not even touch it to pass it along to the next person. They leaned way back in their seats and put their hands up in the air, so you had to pass it over them to the next person. They obviously knew what was going on. The page on top was a consent form, which stated that we had agreed to receive information about the program that was described therein. It did not state that we had consented to take that program. We had to sign the form and hand it back, before we could even look at the contents. I was an idiot to sign it.

The name of the program was “All the World’s a Stage.” There were about 20 – 25 pages that we could take home and read. We had to return our pamphlets the following week, and I believe that we also had to have agreed to not make any copies, (I wish I had made a copy).

When I think back on what was in the pamphlet, the program description pretty much outlined what could be described as “gangstalking,” but they speak, (and write), so as to make it not sound as malicious as it is. The program involved “role-playing” by others, but I have since learned that they won’t tell you, at the time, that they are role-playing, or even that they are involved in that program. If you ask any questions, you are likely to be either lied to or stonewalled. The program ended with a presentation in which details of your personal life were aired in front of the whole group. From my perspective, (now on the other side of it), the program is nothing but a ghastly and vicious “hazing.”

It appears to me that the goal of this “program” is to cause fear, confusion and uncertainty in the targeted person’s life, and then add public humiliation on top of it, (using information that you never shared with them to begin with). In the implementation of this program, I strongly suspect that they are also collecting Keith Raniere -style “collateral.” Every shred of privacy is stripped from the targeted individual, and personal information passed around to random people at Landmark. This will then be repeated back to you. Items that you have thrown into the trash will mysteriously reappear. What they don’t tell you is that you apparently don’t have to actually sign up for that program to end up being in it, nor will you be informed ahead of time.

Having now been through it, I can say that the gaslighting involved in this program is unimaginably vile, and is capable of causing extreme cognitive dissonance, and paranoia. In the implementation of that gaslighting, they made use of information that I had not given them. Some of this information seems most likely to have been provided by my recruiter, whom I had met in a 12-step group. I had confided much to her, long before I had anything to do with Landmark. She had promised to keep this information to herself. Other personal information was also used, and they must have surreptitiously dug very deeply into my private life to get it. They did not have my consent to do this, but then again, their consent forms seem, more than anything, designed to cover their proverbial asses while not giving away what they actually do to people. Any “consent” that is given is in no way “informed.”

Information about this program is concealed, and will not be found on their website, even with a search. I am sure that some of its components are either illegal, or just barely within the law, (and only because the laws have either not kept up with technology, and/or their actions were so outrageous that the laws never anticipated such things).

I had NOT signed up to participate in the program, only to “receive information” about it. Even worse: I had told several people, including the assistant seminar leader, a course supervisor, and my recruiter that further participation in Landmark’s programs was against medical advice. On the advice of my therapist, I would be leaving the program, as soon as I finished the seminar I was in at that time. Although they had already started running the above-mentioned “program” on me, they should have stopped immediately. These people really, really need to learn when to quit.

I was enrolled in one of Landmark’s seminars, at the time, and had spoken about what was going on to the assistant seminar leader. Since it had been this seminar in which the material was handed out, that should have been enough to get them off my back. From my conversation with him, it was obvious that he knew what was going on. His response was to ask me if I thought I was going crazy. I told him that I wasn’t sure. He then told me that if I signed up for the next seminar in the series, that my question as to my sanity would be answered. I recalled the part about the details of my private life being aired in front of the entire class, and wasn’t about to go back there. The mind-fuck continued.

Within the same week, my recruiter sent me a text, asking me to call her. When I called, her first words to me were, “Tell me what you know.” I responded by saying that I thought she knew more about my situation than I did, and she confirmed this. I told her that she needed to tell me what was going on, and she refused. I had once believed this woman to be a kind person, but it seems that involvement with Landmark had stripped her of any kindness she had ever possessed. The mind-fuck continued.

There were crimes committed as a part of this “program.” I strongly believe that Landmark’s waiver form would qualify as an “unconscionable contract,” if it were challenged in court. I realize that legality is a moot point, when dealing with these people.


Sept. 20, 2018:

Saw Ramola D’s podcast yesterday and I want to thank you for reminding me that music will pull me out of this funk. I used to sing and play like a happy bird. I was so good at it, I made my living doing it for years. I have allowed the global gestapo to silence me by being so badly affected by everything that has happened to my family and to me. I am certain we were some of the first to ever be targeted by this nefarious crew..

In the last 50 years I have coped with the MK ultra targeting of first my parents in 1945, after my father had helped to bring “WWII to a swift end” with his scientific research at he University he had been given full scholarship to to earn his docorate in metallurgy but who was also forced to work with Paperclip Nazi’s. They set my father up with my mother to give birth to mind control subjects, the eldest, who they tried to turn into a manchurian candidate and my sister who was tortured from the time she was 15 yo with V2K and induced schizophrenia. Neither of them were at all manageable psychologically but the CIA got everything they wanted from my sister. There is SO MUCH to this story, I would love to tell you. You probably know all the books I should read in order to write my own and I would love to pick your brain.

I have connected a lot of dots in just the last four years. I believe it all started with the 33 rd degree FM named Vannevar Bush who recruited my father in 1945, then, he got thrown under the bus in another program I believe. Both my parents were the eldest children of 32 nd degree FM’s who had their eldest children thrown under the bus, something these stinking FM’s do. I guess I got a lot depressed (not a little) learning the truth. I have moved on now but I still want to know more of the truth. I have now the courage to face it. A conversation with you would be most illuminating. Vannevar Bush, MJ12, CIA destroyed my family. I have been through so much. I have let go of so much. Music helps me let go. Thanks for reminding me.

Here is the doc that really sent me into a shellshocked emotional tailspin. Sometimes knowing the truth is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You’ll see the name of my sister’s psycho psychiatrist at the bottom of the center column. The moment I found this was the moment I came to understand all. This nutjob was “treating” my sister in 1983 after the forced closure of his clinic in NJ, the year my sister finally attempted murder on my father. Thank God/dess she failed.


Do you know if this doc is authentic?


Like you said, it is really hard to be sad when you are playing and singing. I am, have been, always will be, irrepressible. There will be a new round of songs out of this unless they destroy my health first. They hate cultural creatives who speak out. I became a tosser when I chose not to have children. Even back then, I instinctively knew my children would have been autistic, at the least, and my wealth would have been harvested by the medical mafia.

Please send me any recordings you have and I will get it on the air in Columbus on Folkin’ Around. I would love to send you some of my recordings.

Irrepressibly yours,

Victoria Parks, Producer, Morning Song & Folkin’ Around
Programming & Production

WGRN-LP 94.1 Columbus
The Green Renaissance
A Project of Central Ohio Green Education Fund (501c3)
A Pacifica Radio Network Affiliate
[email protected]
fb:wgrn 94.1

Sept. 17, 2018:

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“These are the words that George Orwell used to describe the “Thought Police.” “This was the arm of government, a group of assassins, whose job it was to kill any citizen who challenged the authority of Big Brother.”

It was always at night—the arrests invariably happened at night. The sudden jerk out of sleep, the rough hand shaking your shoulder, the lights glaring in your eyes, the ring of hard faces round the bed. In the vast majority of cases there was no trial, no report of the arrest. People simply disappeared, always during the night. Your name was removed from the registers, every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out, your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten. You were abolished, annihilated: vapourized was the usual word.” Birth Remain Silent Consume Buy Consume Make Soldier-Babies Work Slave Die. How do you know, both from history and from today, that a “democracy” has failed completely? The answer is always the same, the government is killing its own citizens/civilians to maintain dissentless, dissidentless “law and order” with no justice of any kind.

Democide is a term proposed by R. J. Rummel, who defined it as “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command”. According to Rummel, this definition covers a wide range of deaths, including forced labor and concentration camp victims; killings by “unofficial” private groups; extrajudicial summary killings; and mass deaths due to the governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect, such as in deliberate famines, as well as killings by de facto governments, i.e. civil war killings. This definition covers any murder of any number of persons by any government. ~ from wikipedia…

If you Google “nsa gang stalking mind control”, you get about 243,000 results. This is after Google has protected you from yourself and coughed up the filtered results. Of far more interest is search for: “nsa gang stalking mind control targeted individuals department homeland security cops”.

But we are ahead of ourselves. For a government to conduct murder, torture, human e-torture, they need a Judao-“News”-smokescreen, aka the “News Jews”. As long as the Government exempts Jews from NSA/DHS/DoJ Gangstalking, the Jews will be silent accomplices to thousands of U.S. Gentile high-tech corpseless murders and the human e-torture.

Raptores orbis terrae regimen nostrum diabolus mendax occulto tacito clam milia animarum interfectoribus

Our Government are devilish liars rapers of the land and silent secret murderers of thousands of secretly departed souls

Corporate and political Oligarchs have replaced freedom, democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality with slavery, a voting-dictatorship (choose one, both are ‘our guy’) and thuggery enforcers. Opportunity, rights and ‘equality’ are the sole possessions of the Global elitists.…/missing-persons…/16110709/

Sep 23, 2014 – On average, 90,000 people are missing in the USA at any given time, according to Todd Matthews from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, or NamUs, a national database for missing people.

According to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), 355,243 women were reported missing in 2010 compared to 337,660 men (for a total of 692,903). If you round off 692,903 to 693,000 and multiply by a decade, 6.93 million American men and women go missing every 10 years.

Habeas corpus, show me the corpse.

Think about it. The mafia disappeared Jimmy Hoffa, leaving no visible corpse behind. Can the mafia disappear 6.93 million Americans per decade, with no mass graves being discovered?

Perhaps random serial killers made 6.93 million Americans vanish with no trace? Again, Habeas corpus, show me either a video of these people from CCTV/NSA Facial Recognition Software, or show me their dead corpse…

Could Alzheimer’s coincidentally make 6.93 million Americans dematerialize each decade, with neither any living trace nor any bones, skulls, wallets, purses, etc.?

There is also the small matter that Reuters, AP, CNN, NBC, Fox, et al have not noticed 6.93 million missing persons per decade. Somehow, they “just ignore” 6.93 million persons of “the disappeared”… The same with the FBI, the DoJ, the NSA, Police, Sheriffs, State Police, etc., somehow, they just don’t have any time or energy to notice 6.93 million missing people.

If no one, anywhere on CCTV, cell phone cameras, etc., can see them, they are probably, after all, probably dead. So, who killed them, and where are the corpses?

Where’s the beef? The government should do one of two things:

1) Show me the body of the person, alive or dead. Missing how, as in their bones will soon be found, or as in they were baked to ash in a government (proverbial) oven?
2) The government needs to account for how many corpseless missing persons there are.
[PDF]STS-80 – Johnson Space Center – NASA

Nov 8, 1996 – STS080-S-001 – The STS-80 insignia depicts the space shuttle Columbia and the two research satellites its crew will deploy into the blue field of space. …. of the Shuttle, creating a super vacuum in its wake in which to grow thin film wafers … The Space Experiment Module (SEM) flying on STS-80 is a NASA …

Around 1996 the Government asked NASA if it could use the vacuum of space, brought down here on Earth (like a small “aerosol” device) to turn a human cadaver into de-materialized plant fertilizer in under 3 minutes. NASA responded with STS-80. NASA created a vacuum-de-moleculizer as an anti-personnel device and atomizing portable gravesite rolled into one.

So, from 2008 to 2018, there are essentially seven million missing persons and the FBI remains silent about it? The Department of Homeland Security does not issue a press release about 7 million missing bodies? The NSA engages in Prism psyops while 7 million people the Homeland Security / NSA cannot see or seem to take an interest in? One would think that the Government Accounting Office would notice that 6.93 million Americans are “missing” in the past decade?

The lamestream Jew media is too preoccupied with Rosatom and Russian Collusion to notice 6.93 million Americans cease to exist in a decade (over and above the normal death rate).

There is a why to the story. The U.S. Government has become Satanic, bent solely on evil and death. Why would the government murder 6.93 million of us per decade? Why, for the Satanic Ritual Abuse / Death Cult of it. Just like the Organized Harassment. to “maintain order” in an unjust society.

See Yandex: Gangstalking Organized Harassment Targeted Individuals NSA DHS FBI DoJ COPS Fusion Centers Satan Worship Satanic Abuse Death Cult.

The number of missing/dead in the United States sounds exorbitantly large, 6,930,000. But if you divide the number 6,930,000 by the number of days in a decade, you get 1916.49 disappeared/killed persons per day. There are 3,007 counties in the U.S., dividing the number of missing/killed per day (1916.49) by the number of counties in the U.S. (3,007), you get 0.637. So, less than 1 person per day (average), per the 3,007 U.S. Counties can quickly add up to the U.S. Governments domestic kill list totaling 6,930,000 missing/dead persons per decade. Please note that the missing persons are not a “theory”; they are, in face, truly missing persons and/or truly deceased. Dead and missing American are not “theory”..

Ask your U.S. Representative about the U.S. Government and 6.93 million missing/dead Americans in the last decade: House and Senate: (202) 224-3121. Ask them why they and the news are so silent about gangstalking torture and 6.93 murdered disappeared Americans?

There are dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of Government Officials and NASA employees who mass-murdered. What do you do with mass-murderers, execute them thrice?

There is a reckoning that is of God, not of man. Try to imagine someone who promulgated the execution of millions of Americans with no trials, no juries and no do process… …nothing but summary execution by Corporatist/Government henchmen. Try to picture these people explaining themselves to God Almighty. What could they possibly say?

Nobody has “gotten away with murder”; they culprits will always, always face God’s judgment inevitably. If what they have done, what they are doing is “so righteous”, why is it kept so secret? Even if their husbands and wives live in ignorant conjugal felicity, God knows what you all have done. God knows.

Try to imagine, U.S. Government Political Hacks and their paid Death Squad Stooges, petitioning God for forgiveness for their killing of 7,000,000 unarmed American Civilians in the last decade. You, you in particular, cannot petition the Lord for forgiveness… You may not be able to explain the permanent disappearance of 7 million Americans with no bone pile to us… but you can bet all of that Feinstein wealth that you will have to explain it to God (According to a recent Roll Call survey, Feinstein’s net worth is $45.3 million and husband Blum’s net worth is more at least $1 billion).

To the Political Hacks of the “Intelligence World” (Senator Feinstein), you have American blood on your hands. To the Death Squad Goons who carried (continue to carry) out the will of murderous Senators and Congresspersons: read Ecclesiastes in the Bible. You are nothing but God’s dust and wind and your own vanities. If you want God’s forgiveness, blow the whistle on the NASA/NSA Buckeyball Death Vacuum Shells (each single-use weapon is the size of a ‘Sharpie’ pen, the government assassins can carry many in their pockets or purses). Your days of false “miracles and wonder” and being false prophets are over. The Lord God sees through your thin veneers of “righteousness”.



Hello Eric,

I am writing you from “the road” in Oregon — I have been targeted since 2013.

My story is a unique one from what I’ve been able to glean about targeted individuals over the past month. It took me that long to find that there are others with similar stories to mine!

I’m a 61 year-old woman, an educated person (despite not knowing there were others), a mother, a writer, and a person of faith. I’ve taught at UC Davis and at community colleges. I’ve conducted social research, and I’ve run my own public relations and writing/editing firm. I have an MA in English from Berkeley — and much more education — a perpetual student!

When the stalking began and several aspects of my life suddenly fell apart, I left my home in terrible fear. I stayed with my children and friends but continued to be attacked (mostly DEWs), and spent nine months backpacking through Europe (which did bring relief for the most part, but money ran out and my children worried). Several years later I know more about what’s happening but I am now:

– homeless

– without an income (but eligible for retirement income next summer)

– on the move (which provides intermittent relief)

– struggling in terms of physical strength and health

I am hoping to find a way to help create a positive impact in response to all this. But I can’t do much alone in my current circumstances.

I would like to meet with you in person if you would be willing to spend a little time with me. I would like to learn more about where significant work is being done, who you think is trustworthy (I have the strong sense that there are those among the targeted individuals groups who are there to thwart the efforts of those who are trying to get justice), and what efforts you think are making the greatest impact.

I am sitting at a college library to type this — please respond as soon as you read this — I’m not sure when I’ll get my next chance to do this.

Please also tell me — are you being targeted yourself currently? And if you don’t mind sharing your phone number…

grateful for your work,

– Kathleen

Sept. 10, 2018:

Dr. Eric Karlstrom,

I have been study your paper and program on the youtub. I am a TI as I know it at list since 1989. I now live in Australia.

There is one element of the TI’s torture, which has not been discussed. I would like to contribute my knowledge of it. That is cybernetic companies of gambling TI’s life online. I have been played upon by these criminals, which using the gambling machine based on the cybernetic technology. This aspect of the mind control technology is no one talking about. I am forwarding you my communication with the authority in Australia regarding an incident of fabricated “Toll Notice” for you to understand how it works for the criminal ring to gambling on the TI’s activity.

I am under heavy attack around the clock with V2K. It is difficult for me to speak to any one longer then 5 sentences. But I would like to speak to you on the phone. I would like to know if you received my email and is real you. I had experience in the past my email was responded by a person, which is not intended person.

Look forward to your reply soon

All the best

Binghui Huangfu
Address: 46 Bee Farm Rd, Springwood NSW 2777
Phone: (02) 4751 8245
Email:[email protected]

Sept. 2, 2018:

Dear Dr Karlstrom

My name is Faiez Kirsten. I am a medical doctor based in Cape Town, South Africa and have been targeted since the end of

2016 at least. In episode 4 of Global Gestapo you and Ramola D discussed the setting up of a neuroethics committee. Given my interest in neuroscience and being a targeted individual also I would like to offer my assistance should the committee be formed and assistance be required.

Please let me know. Thanks for your time

All of the best

Dr F Kirsten

Director: Health Wellness Performance Institute
Cell: 0784162673 Fax: 0866052726

April 17, 2018:

Hi Eric,

Sorry to bother you. I;m looking for any information about the NASA TI program and I couldn’t find a search function on your site. If you have something, could you send me a link when you have the time? Many thanks!

JT Sears

August 11, 2018:

dear dr kaelsreom,
i am in southwest colorado area and i would like to share with you the situation i have had here which correlates with your situation in crestone , some possible lawful remedies (i can share the lawful paperwork and some ideas about making trespassing technology more visiable)

i can be reached at my email or by phone (970)340-5502
in freedom;


Aug. 8, 2018:

The basic science within this post is from the work of Bryan Tew who I do not know and who is a former United States department of defence contractor.

Remote Controlled Human Beings are currently being created all over the world by wireless means. These human beings are fully aware that they are slowly and incrementally being turned into bio-robots and they can not do anything to stop the bio-robotization process. They are frightened beyond words. After they become fully bio-robotized they may be used to kill other human beings. Please read here below how this human bio-robotization work is being achieved.

Many human beings throughout most of the world are now wirelessly tied to super-computers via nano technology which has been imbedded inside their brains and bodies, which they have both inhaled and ingested from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. The Remote Neural Monitoring super-computer monitors and manipulates all electrical activity in their brains on a constant basis throughout each day. It uses physical and psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer the sensory and neural pathways of the brain and central nervous system of the victim of gradual bio-robotization in order to then build a cognotive model of that brain.

We all have nano technology inside our bodies and brains which we have inhaled and ingested from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Particulates of this nano technology inside the body of the human being who has been selected for bio-robotization are wirelessly linked by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to a large network of computers combined with a super computer. This process has come to be known as Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation. The nano technology speaks to and decodes the neuro transmitters of the human brain in a process called transcranial brain stimulation enabling the mind of the targeted individual to be read and replied to in real time. A team of data analysts download and catalogue all of the data from the brain and body of the targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring.

Another completely separate team of hidden operatives who are known as gang stalkers do everything in their power to discredit the targeted individual so that the targeted individual will not be believed. They use slander campaigns and false psychiatry to discredit these victims of gradual bio-robotization. In some situations these gang stalkers create a hostile environment everywhere the victim goes in order to isolate the victim so that there is no external interference which might dampen down the desired neuro programming.

A third team of individuals who are in essence neuro operatives are sometimes known as the hive mind team. They can introduce sound, voices, aromas, sensations, images, thoughts, and emotions into the brain of the targeted individual or on some occasions targeted group. The victim becomes a walking digital receiver. The hive mind team attempt to restrict the victim at will using remotely induced trauma and pain. They use bio-communication to project their voices inside the brain of the victim. They eventually are able to manipulate the visual cortex of the victim to introduce images into the victims field of vision. They introduce signals into the audio cortex of the victim to introduce sounds and voices. They manipulate the sensory cortex of the victim to introduce sensations or pain. They manipulate the motor cortex of the victim in order to cause movement to the muscles of the victim anywhere throughout the victims face or body. By modulation of the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream of energy they can target any area of the human anatomy.

Over many years of laborious work, the neuro operatives who work by wireless means and from a remote location connect every sub group of muscles inside the body of the targeted individual who is destined for human bio-robotization from nano particulates which have been inhaled into the subjects body to a network of computers and a super computer. Each of these sub group of muscles is individually linked to the super-computer by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy until the day comes when all of the sub groups of muscles throughout the body of the victim is eventually linked to the super-computer. The super-computer co-ordinates all sub groups of muscles within the body of the victim to work in tandem with each other. The victim can then be wirelessly remote controlled by sadistic criminals to place one of their hands on a hot stove totally against their will or even to kill another human being against their will.

The continuous two way streams of low frequency electromagnetic energy which link the victim to the super-computer is so strong that it can enable the victim to fight off ten strong men if necessary. The victim does not even need to be alive to achieve this. The victims body is totally remote controlled by a neuro operative or neuro operatives who may even be working by wireless means from thousands of miles away. The slow and incremental process of human bio-robotization is being co-ordinated as an act of war against the human race. It is part of an ongoing war of attrition that is being waged against us for dozens of years.

This process of human bio-robotization has already been achieved. I believe the following linked youtube video which is called MADNESS IN THE FAST LANE, SWEDISH SISTERS FULL VERSION is an example of two human beings who have been bio-robotized. There is no other explanation for their extreme strength and unusual capabilities even after one of them was seriously injured by a truck.

When the neuro operatives plan to take over the body of a human being they inform the human being in advance of the take over. When the psychopaths who currently run this planet have some plan for the human race they always inform the human race in advance through predictive programming in movies. Movies have been full of information about this human bio-robotization process for many decades.

Human beings who believe that they are being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized can easily be saved from whole body takeover simply by receiving a strong pulse of magnetic energy to their bodies which will destroy the nano technology inside them and set them free from their fate. However, they need electronically mind controlled government officials such as the police and psychiatrists to believe them, because magnetic pulse technology is beyond the reach of most targeted individuals. Police stations are being located directly under telephone towers in order to facilitate the electronic mind control process. We aught to ban microwave transmitters from all countries throughout the world immediately.

Gretta Fahey

Aug. 3, 2018:

Dearest Dr. Kartstrom,

38 years ago, was the start of a lifetime nightmare. I moved in and married into a family that are direct descendants of one of the most evil men of the “Paperclip” agenda. Our daughter informed me a few days ago the my life will be shortlived. Her mind has been split.

I have lived through numerous attempts on my life, to say the least. Thus, as I see it… couldn’t get any worse whether or not I could find someone that can understand and share my experience with 100%.

I just listened to an interview that you had with The Kev Baker Show. The two of you discussed everything that I have researched. This past year and especially this past month has been THE MOST INFORMATIVE! I recently watched a couple of videos that The Larry Haggman Show publicized about The Super Soldiers. All of this has enlightened myself of so many suspicions that are a reality.

I don’t think anything is going to change soon with this evil agenda of the world. It’s all part of what the prophets spoke of since before the birth of Christ. But I do want to say that I admire your bravery as well as all the others such as ourselves that are coming out and speaking our truths. They tried to break my Soul and have failed miserably.

I would love to meet with you someday, but also understand that it wpuld be a one in a million chance. Please know that I am keeping YOU and all the others that are Christ’s Light Warriors in my prayers.

Wishing You and Yours Love, Light and Blessings!!!

Best Regards,

Alice van der Bruggen
(415) 410 – 1891

Aug. 1, 2018:

I attached a letter mailed to all 100 U.S. Senators today.

I also attached my July 9, 2018 letter to President Trump and a letter mailed to all 100 U.S. Senators on April 2, 2018. Copies of both of these letters were included with the letter mailed today.

The entire U.S. Senate is on legal notice regarding this satellite weapon and the crimes being committed with it. The crimes include mass murder, which can be prosecuted for the rest of their lives.

Mike Patrick
400 N. Park Avenue, Suite 10-B
Breckenridge, CO 80424
5. Affidavit of Standing

[email protected]Letter to President Donald J. Trump dated July 9, 2018

July 31, 2018:

Being Stalked

My wife and I have been stalked intensively since 2011 after we were involved in a lawsuit against a major corporation. I am presently seeking a disability from Social Security because of the Organized Stalking. If you could help with any information or suggestions for support we would appreciate it. Furthermore, we would like you to follow our case. My wife suspects that because our case is drawing attention both locally and with the Feds that someone might take some drastic action to silence us. If you do here of an untimely and suspicious demise please get our story out.

In 2008 I took a position with American Tire Distributors INC.(a company acquired by Pepsico). After working there for a couple of years, I started to notice wages missing from my paycheck. My manager was altering the hours that I worked by editing the time clock program. I notified the US Dept. of Labor and investigation ensued. The company was found guilty of tampering with payroll records and received a violation. However, because of loopholes involving the Motor Carrier Act and the minimum wage law, The company did not have to provide financial restitution to me. I resigned and hired an attorney. The attorney research the case and took it.

Eventually, though she started to behave confusingly and furtively. After refusing to depose any of the defense she withdrew from the case. Since then we have suffered intense organized stalking. The stalking has followed us from state to state and involves neighbors, co-workers, government workers and at times seems like the whole community. All of the tactics that those familiar with organized stalking are familiar with, have been used against us. We have been followed, bighted, experienced street theater and directional conversation, the triggers and break-ins and more. The stalking has been going on intensively for seven years.

Now I am filing for disability because PTSD and acute anxiety brought on by organized stalking. I would appreciate it if everyone who reads this will follow our case and if we suffer an untimely and suspicious demise please make it public.

Jams Tomko

July 30, 2018:

Hi Eric,

Just reading over your transcript of Kay Griggs and she says:

“They’re cloning people. Then, why do you need women?”

When my targeting started in 2012 I was told that the person
talking to me (in V2K) was the then Jesuit General Adolfo Nicolas. A
few years later while at a store shopping a man who looked
EXACTLY like Adolfo Nicolas — except he was about 20 years younger —
walked up to me and starred at me intensely and knowingly. He tried to
get next to me again, after I took off down the isle, but I kept my distance.

I have a TI friend who is related to the Queen. He’s got a lot of
amazing stories. He told me he’d seen clones of his grandmother,
Pope Paul II, and his father, who was French intelligence. He thought
his mother was probably in charge of MI6.

Also, I met TI Tracy Ann and she has an amazing story about being
handled by a CIA handler and also she has been to underground
bases. She talked to me about extensive cloning programs. She might
talk to you or Ramola about all this as she’s friendly with Ramola.
She’s no longer friendly with me because I did not think her accusations
against Robert Duncan were believable (based on a charge that he’d had
“hetrodyning” sex with a friend of Tracy’s and then never called her again.


July 23, 2018:

Dear Eric,

Hope you doing great, I am Mary and I live in Ukraine now where I am from. But all my life I lived and worked in Europe, in Italy and Germany, and Arabic Emirates, and I was running between these places when it all happened not getting a clue, what was going on. Any way I am happy every time I can see your videos, that makes sense to me and helps to understand what is going on and get back to life and have some hope and strength back.

Honestly, I calm down now when I really know what is happening, sometimes even laughing while filming them doing their assignments, but it’s such a pity to lose all my friends and even my relatives, like my brother and his family, who has got involved in all of this.

Now I do not make a step without cameras on my phones being switched on, cause its happening all the time everywhere and even when I am home they sit down closer as possible with mobiles placed next to the ear but not talking like for hours, and this goes continuously probably, I was thinking, they didn’t place a bag so need to listen all the time, and people walk always with cameras on their phones pointed at my windows like nonstop. It’s just a smallest example of million things going on, I can talk for hours.

Sorry for my English, and maybe story like this you have heard like thousand times, but I hope from the bottom of my heart you still talk with people like me and we could speak a bit, I think you can understand that in situations like this even a small talk is helpful. But I will be happy for any kind of reply because I have not talk with no one yet about it, so It would count a lot for me.

You can reply on this e-mail address or we could talk on skype sometimes and I wish I could help other people if I had a chance. But I know how busy you are, so you decide what we can organize.

Thank you so much for everything you are doing.

Best regards


July 20, 2018:

I am sorry Eric, but perhaps you notice that I am asking for exactly the sort of punishments that are prescribed by the US Code? For example treason is punishable by death. It’s not counterproductive. It’s following the law.

If I were afraid of being locked away for advocating the rule of law, I would be a fool.

Furthermore, there are processes that are revealed by systems analysis that don’t just make the death penalty an option but even necessary to stop this. It is for a reason that the death penalty is in the US Code.

Katherine (Dr. Katherine Horton)

June 29, 2018:

Dear Dr Eric Karlstrom. How are you. I am sending you an attachment here, I would like for you to check that out. I was hoping that maybe you could put that little article of mine in the “TI STATEMENT” section of your website. This is if you want to of course. This little article is basically me explaining the kind of sick things these bastards have done to me. I still can’t believe that these people in positions of authority could be so evil. Thank you Dr for your time. You are an inspiration. Bye.

This is the article:

Hello everybody, my name is Nizin Lopez and I am a Cuban-American artist living in Miami/Fla, today I’m here to speak about a secret program of the U.S. government that is designed to destroy the life of those who have been designated as enemies of the state: I’m talking here about Organized-Stalking. Some people know this as Covert harassment or community based mobbing,…it is pretty much a secret illegal long-term unconstitutional surveillance program that causes irreversible psychological damage, a Takedown program. The main power behind the Targeted Individual program is the FBI.

The isolated target is constantly harassed in an organized fashion by civilians that are recruited by Law Enforcement. These guys are enlisted through community groups such as Infragard, Citizen Corps, and Neighborhood Watch. They are perpetrators, domestic terrorists shielded from legal culpability. Most of the folks participating in this vigilante operation are bottom feeders: drug addicts, thugs, ex-convicts, the homeless, people with disabilities, etc. These mindless automatons are known as citizens on patrol or as surveillance role players, they are told that the target is a criminal or a threat to society: a terrorist, a rapist, or a child molester, a wife-beater, a drug dealer, etc. We’re talking here about defamation, character assassination (a false narrative).

The so called authorities (they define themselves as Threat Assessment Team), they want people to hate the isolated target with a passion. The more they despise the target, the more they will mess with him. What we have here is pretty much, the military using the civilian sector as irregular forces.The perpetrators of this hideous crime, the citizens on patrol, they use all kinds of unethical means in order to harass, agitate, intimidate, preoccupy, incite, provoke, and torment the target: We’re talking here about street theater, swarming, space crowding, mimicking, noise campaigns, and entrapment of course. The target is exposed to rude behavior all the time, 24/7, non-stop, everywhere he goes (bullying on steroids). The victim is constantly exposed to negative environmental stimuli and dark neural linguistic programming, he is kept in a state of anxiety and hypervigilance, alert (always guessing what will happen next). This unjust systematic methodical abuse is meant to cause a nervous breakdown.

After years of accumulated stress, the victim ends up in a psychiatric institution, isolated, discredited, demonized, with no support system…labelled as a delusional paranoid schizophrenic (his credibility out of the window). Some targeted individuals commit suicide (something I don’t recommend). So basically, a targeted individual is a person that has been blacklisted from society, every aspect of his life is turned upside down. This is a slow kill program, extra judicial punishment, government retaliation, no touch torture. We’re talking here about a Perfected breakdown tactic on the human will! On one hand, they blast the target’s psyche by harassing the hell out of him everywhere he goes, day after day, week after week, month after month, years after year. Once the target is institutionalized, he is going to be medicated with psychiatric drugs that have serious side effects, such as severe insomnia, erectile dysfunction, and maybe even suicidal thoughts. The so called doctors, the psychiatrits, the psychologists…they are in bed with Law Enforcement, they’re not gonna risk their career for a person that has been labeled as subversive (the doctors are part of the establishment). Keep in mind that a person that has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic cannot acquire a firearm in America, at least legally.

Then as if this is not enough, the government uses classified Mind Control technology in order to modify the target against his will, we’re talking here about secret military weaponry that is based on the bio-frequency of the human test subject: trans-cranial stimulation, synthetic telepathy (remote neural influencing). The target’s DNA molecule operates as an e-mail address so to speak. This enables the handlers to insert thoughts, phrases, words, images, impulses, and dream videos into the target’s psyche. The idea is to make the TI believe that those are his real thoughts, when they are not (total manipulation). All the psychological data of the human test subject is downloaded into a super computer that is able to predict behavior based on past choices (A.I.). What we have here is non consensual/non therapeutic human experimentation, Black magic at the governmental level.

Once a person is placed in the targeted individual program, there is no way out. As an unwilling participant of this program you got 4 choices: Psychiatry, jail, a terminal illness, or suicide (something I don’t recommend). There is no way out. Forget about corporate mainstream media, they will not listen. This is why many targeted individuals end up taking their own lives.

In my personal case, my targeting began on Jan 2011, extra judicial punishment for being politically incorrect and outspoken. To make a long story short, the folks who pulled the strings so that I would be placed in the program are “Rabbi Shmuel Gopin” of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown Fla and, “Sherri Sinkoff”, professor of Miami Dade College” (both Ashkenazi Jews). The devils of Law Enforcement monitored me for a long time, they realized that I am a Law abiding citizen and a pretty decent guy, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me: Nice guy, no criminal record, no drugs, kind, good manners, altruistic, morally upright, talented, anti-dogma, tenacious, free spirit, etc. They did some digging and they realized that I have two traumas that could be exploited to their advantage.

My 1st trauma: Sometime in the mid 90’s a perverted man tried to desecrate me even though he knew that I am a heterosexual man. His foolish attempt failed of course, I neutralized him. I could have beaten the hell out of him but I didn’t want to stain my clean record (plus, I’m not a violent person). The FBI knows about this ugly incident, this was music in their ears: something that could be exploited.

My 2nd trauma: On June 2001 my alcoholic father committed suicide. The FBI knows that this was a big challenge for me, they know this. They figured:

“Well…father figure, progenitor, symbol of manhood, masculinity….”

The FBI figured that this was another vulnerability that could be exploited to their advantage when it comes to their “trauma based mind-control program”.

They came to the following conclusion:

“Well, this guy that we’ve been monitoring for more than a year, yeah he is honorable and smart and all that crap but, he is a traumatized individual, the son of a mentally ill alcoholic man…, this is what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna put this subversive 9-11 truther in the TARGETED INDIVIDUAL program, officially. We’re gonna harass him for years in order to fragment his personality…we’re gonna traumatize the hell out of him causing irreversible psychological damage. Then we, gods of behavioral modification, we’re gonna do everything we can in order to re-program him…our way. Transformational torture!”

We’re gonna follow the following protocol:

1 – Everytime he goes out there trying to get a woman, we will pull the strings and sabotage that effort (my targeting began on Jan 2011). We don’t wanna see him happy, we want him isolated, discredited, as traumatized as possible (in a state of anxiety and hyper vigilance). So, every time he tries to get a girlfriend, a wife, etc, we’re gonna step in ruining his efforts. This is gonna stress the hell out of him for sure.

2- Then we’re also gonna talk to the psychiatrists and to the doctors who are not psychiatrists so that they will give him medications that cause erectyle dysfunction, chemicals that mess with his hormones (such as Risperidal, Seroquel, Simvastatin, etc). If he takes these potent drugs for more than a year, this could affect his testosterone levels (testosterone is a biochemical attribute of those who revolt against the establishment).

3- We’re gonna hire all kinds of perpetrators in order to harass him, many of them will be non-heterosexual males (including males that had undergone sex reassignment surgery). These people will harass him day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. We will create all kinds of unpleasant scenarios forcing target to interact with this particular crowd. We’re talking here about a mind-rape operation.

4- We will hire all kinds of actors and actresses that will refer to the target as “Mrs” instead of “Mr” (verbal breakdown). We will do this to him all the time. Hopefully he will retaliate and we will put him in jail (to make him look violent). The target will also recieve all kinds of unusual letters in his mailbox referring to him as “Mrs” instead of “Mr”. We will irritate the hell out of him.

5- Sensitization! We’re gonna send him all kinds of male perpetrators that will wear pink t-shirts around him (drug addicts, ex-convicts, homeless, etc). These citizens on patrol , when they come into visual contact with the target, they will touch their genitals. We will do this to him all the time, day after day, month after month, year after year. We will traumatize the hell out of him!

6- We will use dark neural linguistic programming, anchoring techniques. When the target goes to the beach for example, we will hire two attractive women that will sit by the sand close to him for like 15 minutes. Then as soon as they get up, two androgynous looking men will sit in the exact same spot engaging in unnatural behavior (NLP, an association technique, Sensitization). We will do this to him all the time no matter where he goes…by the beach, in the train station, in the library, by the bus stop, by the mall, etc. Habituation: repeated exposure to a stimulus. The idea is to use bizarre spectacles in order to traumatize the target as much as possible.

7 – We will break into the target’s apartment and put potent sexual stimulants into his water (liquid viagra type of stuff). We have him under total surveillance, we can see what he is doing inside his flat. As soon as he drinks that water, we will know. Then when we goes out for a walk, we will expose him to epicene looking individuals. They will walk right in front of him wearing either a purple shirt or a pink shirt. Every time the target goes out there trying to get a woman, we will sabotage that effort.

8- Electronic harassment: Every time the target goes on the internet, our guys in fusion centers will use their magical technology in order to make all kinds of salacious un-natural things pop up on his computer screen. Everytime he goes into the internet, we will bombard his psyche with this kind of imagery.

9- We’re gonna use our classified-sophisticated Mind control technology in order to implant perverse imagery into his psyche when he is asleep (in an altered state). We will bombard his psyche with all kinds of sexual debauchery. This secret military technology can also be used to cause insomnia and molestation effects in the genital area. He won’t even be able to sleep!

10- As a last resort when it comes to behavioral modification, we will recruit a beautiful woman that will pretend to like him, she will drug him with an incapacitating agent that will put him in a zombie state. Then our guys will come in and desecrate him, we will video tape the whole thing of course (extreme humiliation). When he wakes up he will not remember anything but he will realize what has taken place. We will crush his core identity, totally (by any means necessary). We’re talking here about rape as a weapon, psychological warfare.

Last but not least, if you end up as a targeted individual, the police will fabricate scenarios that are specifically designed to make the target look like a sex offender. If they know for example that the target enjoys going to the library, they will pull the strings in order to orchestrate things there. If the target is in the library and he needs to use the restroom (they have him under constant surveillance), all of the sudden the man’s restroom will be “out of order”. The librarian will tell the target:

“Yeah its ok, you can go ahead and use the lady’s restroom”.

Keep in mind that this is being video taped. If the target tries to use the printer (in the adult section of the library of course)…one of the friendly librarians will tell him:

“Oh you know, the printer is not working today but, go ahead and give me your library card, I will make a special arrangement so that you can print your stuff in the children’s section.”

Basically the idea is to force the target to go into the children’s dept, this will be documented of course and it will be shown to all kinds of people in order to demonize the hell out of the target. If the target tries to use a computer in the library, all of the sudden the system will be down and the librarian will tell the target that it is ok for him to use a computer in the children’s section. We’re talking here about a group of corrupt people working overtime in order to destroy an innocent man.

The targeted individual program is definitely a character assassination program, the idea is to obliterate every aspect of the target’s life using intrusive and distressing methods. It doesn’t matter how many years it takes, the elite has limitless resources and more than enough personnel. They have plenty of “Perps” available. We’re talking here about years of profound psychological and emotional abuse, years of accumulated stress. Eventually, the target will snap and go insane…this is how the “Shadow Government” destroys the lives of innocent law abiding citizens forcing them to commit suicide.

We’ve been criticizing Hitler for years but it turns out that the pro-Khazar government of the United States is involved in social experiments that are beyond diabolical. We’re talking about a silent holocaust here! The targeted individual program is definitely a threat to human consciousness!

June 29, 2018:

IMO, this is why it is worth dealing with this form of disinformation.

Since the early 1990’s, we have experienced a financial coup d’etat. $50 trillion or more has been shifted out of G-7 government, pension funds and community and family wealth. The leadership of that coup – which has been using digital technologies to centralize control – would now like to finish “piratizing” (privatization at below market prices) the reamaining assets – particularly land and real estate (national parks, etc).

The question is how to handle the general population who is angry about the corruption and the theft. The answer is to weaponize them in support of their next round of stealing. It is quite clever political judo.

The targeted individual phenomenon is both prototyping to help determine the best way to electronically control, manipulate or slow assassinate people. But it also specifically targets people who would be very influential energetically or as quiet opinion leaders and who are difficult to compromise and get to do inhuman things. Very clever if what you want to do is to control the morphogenic field. You are trying to isolate and control or destroy the energetic “queen bees.”

The Q Op is designed to create a constituency for “draining the swamp.” That constituency will then be used to target remaining civil service, judges and experienced politicans who stand in the way of a new, more radical round of financial, legal and regulatory harvesting.

In the meantime, a few puppets will be thrown to be eaten by the lions in the collesium as entertainment and to affirm the credibility of the Op.

While the whole process of watching the general population fall into hope porn traps and be weaponized can indeed be upsetting, there is no point in getting angry at the people who are falling victim – they are frustrated and looking for real solutions. This is an opportunity to provide alternatives.

The question for all of us is how do we help each other figure out the game, then protect ourselves and our allies, then educate a broader part of the population (my target is 5-10%) to turn the tide.

While being a target is a gruesome experience, it gives us the power to see what is really happening and help to turn the tide.

Sending good thoughts from Dublin airport – glad to be in Europe at last!

Catherine Austin Fitts

June 20, 2018:

Hello Dr.Karlstrom,

Sent you a letter last year with my phone number and you tried to contact me but did not return your call because thought I could get through this on my own and it would probably end soon. It has not. In fact it is much worse. This is terrifying. Directed energy weapons, bank account being drained, stonewalled, panic attacks. Along with isolation. All the symptoms of a TI. I desperately need at least some support and any steps in the right direction would help. Hoping to hear from you.

Many thanks,
Linda cseke

June 20, 2018:











PACIFICA CA. 94044 408-502-0369

June 15, 2018:

Dear Mr. Karlstrom,

I hope you are well. My name is Crystal Taylor and I have been following your site (GSMK) for a while.

Thank you for your bravery and persistence in putting this information up. It has helped tremendously.

I am attaching some of my own experience. It is not a complete account as of yet.

A brief background is that I am a young professional who fully realized in October 2017 that I was a part of what is known as gang stalking. Like many, I can trace back different phases of it years back. I have realized that some strange events that persisted throughout my life are all related. Currently, I am living in Charlotte, NC. I am looking for work and I stay throughout the community whether hotels or other areas I can find to sleep. I am not aware of any family or friends that I have that can help.

I also know one of those involved although I do not understand his level of involvement. I have not discussed this much in what I am attaching.

This is my first time sending any communication of any kind. Although, I am sure you are familiar with much of what I have written, I am hoping that it will still provide some details that can be useful.

Also, I apologize if anything seems difficult to read or understand. I have been going through this for a long time and under estimated how difficult it would be to translate into words even though I have kept a journal for much of it within the last year.

I am leaving my contact information here just in case. Please be aware that I have no secure forms of communication. All of my information including this email and phones have been hacked and are monitored. Also I am on Remote Neural Monitoring.

Thank you again.
May God bless,

Crystal Taylor
Phone: 804-625-0385
Email: [email protected]


June 2, 2018:

June 5, 2018:

Thank you Doctor for listening to my interview. The people who put me in this program are Ashkenazi Jews, I know their names. As far as black magic and all that stuff, back in the days when I was young and ignorant I did some foolish things. For example, one night my girlfriend and I had sex on a tomb (early 90’s). Years passed and I felt very guilty, eventually, around 2014, I went to that cemetery, to the particular spot, and I begged for forgiveness. So yes, I have made some mistakes in the past…I was young, rebellious, and I was alone, my father was an alcoholic, a bipolar. Long stories, my life has been rough. But I believe in God now.

I am glad to see that you are now part of TARGETED JUSTICE. Great! Congratulations! I really wish you the best, you are a good man, a noble human being and a Truth-seeker. You got my respect for sure. May God continue to bless you, Amen. And thank you for listening to me, it does make a difference.

If you know anybody that would like to interview me like Ella Free, please let me know. I want to expose these devils of Law Enforcement.

Nizin R. Lopez: (786)-661-0864 or, (786)-762-8968. Thank you again.

I sent a letter to the folks in Coast to Coast AM and to Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, hopefully they will interview me and I will be able to expose these corrupt people in Law Enforcement who are killing me slow motion.

June 2, 2018:

I’ve been a target of this for more than 5 years. The proof is in the mouths of two witnesses. I just gave links to two witnesses, and I am the third one.

Dr Preston James with Veteran’s Today (“VT”), the largest subscription website in the world according to him 2 years ago, has stated VT’s intelligence indicates more than 20 million Americans are being targeted in this program. VT is comprised of former military, primarily Marines, and former military intelligence folks, with a scattering for former US diplomats and foreign intelligence sources.

You aren’t going to escape this. The rollout of the new 5G network is going to put every American at risk. I’ll be happy to explain why to any of you if you’d like to give me a call at 713.530.6800.

The project is run and funded by elements of the Federal gov’t in the DHS, FBI, CIA and other agencies, and by some of the largest corporations in the world, probably including Microsoft and Amazon. Seattle is the testbed for this program. They are targeting Americans nationwide.

I could send you dozens and dozens, no hundreds if not thousands of links about this subject. Let me give you an example of the stories about this I’ve run across.

I like the one by Dr John Hall down in San Antonio because he probably put the most of his own money into counter-surveilling the group that was stalking his former fiance. They now stalk him. He identified the group that was stalking his former fiance and the man that led the group, a retired FBI agent whose son was a major in the military and worked in the Pentagon. Dr Hall is an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management using a person’s own stem cells.

Dr Hall also discovered the goal of the group that stalked his former fiance. It was the serial rape of women. He also learned as part of this program the government uses more than 23,000 satellites dedicated to this project (he has written a book about it). The stories are endless. Again, I’ve been the target of this program for at least 5 years.

There is also overwhelming evidence proving they are putting implants in Americans nationwide, especially during dental and medical procedures.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Not to scare to scare anybody with this, but you have to know.

Very Best Wishes,

Mark A Skipper

May 27, 2018:

Hello Erick,

My name is Robin. I have a first class Honors in Computing from one of the top universities in the country and I am employed as a consultant for one of the largest global IT companies. I am emailing as I have been the target of covert and overt harassment for 24 years and desperately require help.

I have been gang stalked in all my homes by tenants and jobs in to the point where I am unable to consentrate at work and am on sick leave. I was wrongfully diagnosed as schizophrenic and spent a short amount of time on a mental heath ward prior to working as an IT consultant and this has been used against me to discredit anything I say about the abuse I receive on a daily basis. While I was taking my degree I was kept awake with noise devices in my room and I am currently having more regular and aggressive convulsions which is in line with other online reports of electronic harassment. These convulsions started violently on the days I started to work from home and are therefore being used to stop me working or finding new accommodation as my landlord is selling my home.

Example video of convulsions:

I have lost all forms of support from family and all but one friend through prolonged gang stalking through the years and it would appear that I am being deliberately driven to suicid or mental breakdown. I am currently seeing metal heath professionals and I am concerned that I am at the point of being permanently and wrongly committed to a mental institution. I live in Bristol in the U.K. and would appreciate if you could point me to a support group or other contact where I would be able to get some support or speak to people in a similar situation.

Thank you for any help.

Kind regards,


May 27, 2018:

Hi Eric,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Yes I am very aware of what is going on and have been aware of the technological/psychological vulnerability prior to key information reaching the main stream media over the past 7 years. My understanding was not initially gained from literature but from attempting to understand how people were being profiled and coerced into stalking/harassing me and how technology could be used in this process.

With regards to technology, I have not attempted to reach out to anyone before as I am aware of cyber infiltration and disinformation campaigns you mention. I think it could be of great help to the TI community if you offered some basic computer communication and encryption advice on your web sites. This, I hope, will help some of the TI community to communicate. I think communication is especially important when people are suffering in isolation.

PGP encryption of documents/files would be a good place to start.

PGP encryption should be performed using a computer without WiFi or internet connection hardware (where possible), running the tails operating system. An air gap to the internet is essential when encrypting or decrypting sensitive files/documents, as rootkits that give administrative writes will be used to compromise a targets computers, logging all activity and allowing external control/harassment etc.

Once’s encrypted and saved to a usb device (using a computer without external internet/WiFi connection), encrypted files/documents can then be sent by TI’s via a computer connected to the internet. Once received, you can then save the encrypted file/document to usb and decrypted the document on a computer without internet/WiFi connectivity.

Passwords for encryption keys can be generated in keepassX, on the tails operating system, but I would suggest additionally adding your own characters using the onscreen keyboard, to prevent any key logging/operating system hacks.

If you provide your public PGP key on your web site, TI’s will be able to communicate with you with some level of security and each other using the following tutorials.

Tails Intro Courses

Tails download

Intro to PGP encryption

Additional website recommendations:
Minimum encryption key strength of 4096 and a password length of 128 characters plus.

I would also suggest downloading and saving all TI related YouTube/Source videos. Key video’s are being deleted from YouTube and other sites. Having backup copies allows for future distribution.

I hope this information can be used to help the TI community.

Thanks again for your response and all your work gathering authoritative information on the topic.

I wish you a peaceful and happy future.

All the best,


Further information below:

To shorten the initial email I have pasted additional security measures below. When downloading tails TI’s should when possible check that the download copy of the tails operating system is valid. To do this openPGP verification is required (please see below).

May 24, 2018:

Hello Dr,

Thanks for your bravery in talking publicly about gang stalking. I live in the U.K. and have been gang stalked progressively for 25 years. It started with my family and a Evangelical Church, who I have now come to understand, due to the methods and drugs that they use, are directly linked to and utilised by the secret services.

I currently work for one of the top 3 global IT companies as a consultant where I have undergone a Zersetzung campaign. I am emailing to show you a video of me undergoing a directed energy attack after I have just started back at work after time off for stress. It should be noted that this started happening violently when working from home, soon after I started back at work. I would appreciate it if you do not share my name for legal reasons but think this video demonstrates how overpowering these attacks are.

Kind regards

May 23, 2018:

Dr Karlstrom, Jim Eubanks here. I am writing to ask if you know of a certified and qualified business that can come to Bend Or and scan me for implants. I went in for a colonoscopy 10.31.17 and it wasn’t until after quite a few times that perps who work for me and a business neighbor let me know of things I had been thinking or talking in a very low volume to myself. I then used a studfinder and discovered implants on my head, throat(sub-vocal), inside my ears, nose, mouth, eyes(they let me know they read a journal I have been keeping, or, the drop down celing at work have cameras that can zoom in on the computer screen. I have found them in both shoulders, elbows, naval, my bottom, testicles, hands, bottom of feet, and aslo near my heart. The microwave worked on my testicles, sleep (when I did sleep always woke at 4am)my feet and toes, and brain cooking. I finally bought a RF signal finder and found that the implants only work around cell towers. I live 20 miles outside town and they are quiet here but in town they are fired up. They are calling to try to get me back in for another colonoscopy to take these out. They have mapped my brain and perps have dropped hints on certain things. I had it done thru the VA via a private surgery center. I had been scheduled to have it done last March but after checking in to motel night before I had a omen it was a setup and took off. to come back home 180 miles trip. I tried to use navigation device and they hacked in and tried forever to get me to take wrong exits but I caught on and made it back ok. They know I have vowed to never see a doctor again. If i don’t go in again I feel they could arrange to kill me or make it look like suicide. One perp has been my employee for 9 years and the other 2 3 years, they are a team. Beofre that my secretary who I trusted last year exposed herself as a perp. They set me up with a love interest from the net who was with me for 9 years and when she was ready to leave exposed herself as a perp. I am too trusting but no more. I don’t know if they will let this get to you and if you respond I not sure I can trust it’s you as they have used e-mail’s from my former secretary, CPA, and another business associate, I could tell by the language used. But I am taking a chance because I respect you and your work.

I am 70 y/o. I have been covertly in program since about 1973 and even when they were using DEW’s on me I didn’t have a clue, that was 2001. Then the overt GS’ing started. They killed my 13 y/o Pomerainian, sent her into seizures right in front of me. I have supported my sister who is 66 and has lived with me since 2011, she is completely brainwashed against me and has been used many times relaying themes to me. It’s sad. I have zero friends, family all turned on me, business associates are in on harrassment, can’t trust any professionals like lawyers, dentists, dr’s, bookkeepers, auto shop, oil change(beware), it goes on I’m sure you know. I need to have these implants done by a firm that can prove I was non=consensually implanted. I am monitored by all devices, I am trapped. Someone of your status may be able to get thru. Thanks for reading this and pass my story along for other TI’s. My address is 55812 Black Duck Rd Bend Or 97707. Cell 541-419-0454. Giving this out so someone knows about little old me and if I get killed this info can be used to find out what happened. My e-mail is [email protected] and if needed [email protected] .Thanks again.

PS. They are for sure reading my mind.

Jim Eubanks

May 23, 2018:

Please find the time to watch this video. I’ve experienced some of the “symptoms” you’ve mentioned. And this brother made this video just in time without me ever contacting him. The strategies mentioned have helped a lot. Again; Please watch this video.

Thank you and the good Father for the work you’re doing. You’ve helped a lot. Abba bless you bro with peace and strength, Amen.

Jezreel Jarvis

May 23, 2018:

Dear Mr. Karlstrom:

I have noticed that I have been a targeted individual since December 2017. My name is Myrna and I am a graduate from Cal State University, Hayward in the subject’s of Mathematics with a minor in Biology.
I am reaching out to you, because I have read your website and heard you on The Kevin Baker Show. I really think you have a good understanding of what is going on. What is your opinion on the popular belief that it is the electric tower’s transmitting the signal to the TI’S?
Do you know of any materials or techniques to block the electric stream of energy?

Thank you very much,

May 15, 2018:

Dear Dr Karlstrom,

Fairpoint indeed!! (Was that deliberate?). My name is Emily and my Nom de plume is Emily Liberty. I am a long term t.i from Australia and very much at the pointy end of the program having survived four lots of surgery for aggressive cancer. Needless to say I”ve seen it all and my tome is indeed pending lol. I am a Geography major with a Grad dip in Env Sci From Monash University with a bunch of units in women’s studies koorie studies, Bioethics: Ethical issues in patient care (which made it impossible for me to get a job at a hospital -hilariously) development studiesvin both political and geography streams and a semi major in politics. I’ worked at csiro for a 12 mth contract and my life changed irrevocably for the worse. Some 12 mths later. I started a Master’s in communications at RMIT in Melbourne and was offered and commenced a comment position with the csiro union for a part time summer stint. I’ ve had post viral chronic fatigue syndrome for some 22yrs so the targeting could have started much earlier than I Realised. Fast Forward 14yrs of nonstop break ins. Harrassment slander and electronic harassment more recently ie in the past five years that I’m definitely aware of and I am jobless still and now homeless staying at hostels etc.

What a disgrace this evil is. Anyway that’s me in a precis. I would very much like to speak with you in person as my phone is continuously interfered with and I need to know that the person I’m speaking with about these matters is in fact who they claim to be. Terrible isn’t it. I’ve purchased a new phone for this purpose which appears to have the capacity for face to face phone calls? I am a torrid technophobe so very unused to tech per se and only got access to the internet some 3 plus years ago on and off. I racked up 300 hrs of research into my situation whilst recuperating from my neck dissection so I’m ready to rumba….as it were. I thank you for your work and expertise and hope very much to hear from you.

Sincerely Emily Liberty.
Emily Graham

May 11, 2018:

Hi I am being blocked from sending this document by my gmail account to
[email protected] -to the High Commissioner of the United Nations.
I am getting people to send it on my behalf with their email address.

Please can you do it.

Kind Regards

Dr Helen Tsigounis​

May 7, 2018:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom:

I am seeking assistance in advocacy and direction to legal help. I am a T.I. of many years, lost unimaginable revenues from the black bagging, brutal assaults, from implant and home invasions…

Appreciate any help and guidance. Not ready to publicize until I have legal help.

Each time I rebuild after losing EVERYTHING… they start again…

I had thought the police were controlling the crowd, as a one escorted me to safety in California.

Had not idea some participate as well as other federal agencies I had contacted.


Ren (RJ At)

April 9, 2018:

Dear Dr Kalstrom,

I am a long time target, probably part of the MK Ultra programme from the 1960’s. Despite going to the lowest levels of Hell, I am still working as a teacher (as I have done for the past 20 years). I heard your interviews with Richie Allen and thank you for your clarity and academic approach. There are few targets that use an evidential approach and you are definitely one of them…and also one to remain quite cogent and lucid despite horrible experiences. Dr Kathryn Horton is experiencing the same shock as most PhD’s at their NWO treatment. May God help us all.

I as a former scientist and experienced the EH and OSEH as a final year PhD. After graduation, I did 2 postdocs and the second was where my scientific career drew to a halt because of the treatment from other scientists. Nevertheless, I carried on working in low level jobs and then in teaching (Science at secondary school in England).

I wish to remain in communication with you if possible. You are free to check my credentials and credibility as you like/ I include a link to PubMed with some of my few publications.

Please click on my name to link to my other publications

Very best regards

Dr F Qureshi (male, DOB 14/8/62)

The things that will destroy us are politics without principle, pleasure without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without character, business without morality, science without humanity and worship without sacrifice. Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948).

May 4, 2018:

Dear Eric,

Let me recount some other events in the stalking these folks have done to me in the recent past. Again, I live in fairly rural Southeast Texas about 100 miles NNE from Houston.

I’ve lived here for 38 months. I moved here to escape Houston and its traffic. The stalking has been 24/7 most of the time. More recently they have come and gone every couple of days. They are still determined to shoot me with their clacking gun. It has evolved very significantly in 3 years.

Last Spring I bought a 24 X 12′ building to use as an office for an employee who did not work out. I decided to build an earthen barrier around it, and spend the nights in it. The berm is about 5′ tall. In general, the ground slopes away from the building.

They left for a couple of weeks once I got berm completed. Then their surveillance aircraft showed up and within a couple of days the clacking gun was back, and this time it went thru the earthen berm, thru the metal exterior of the building and the cedar wood walls. In fact, as a demonstration they showed me how it could go through the berm and all the way thru my abdomen. There still seem to be ways of defeating it.

I guess I am now a target of their experiment with different technologies.

Late last Fall I was getting shot with the acoustic bullets over the course of a week or two, maybe hundreds of times a night while I was asleep. As an experiment I went to my pickup truck to see if I could get some sleep, using the doors and body of the truck as some protection. (I captured a really good example of the acoustic bullet’s impact. Its the second best I’ve captured.)

I woke up about 5 or 6 in the morning, at dawn. As I straightened up I was hit with an acoustic bullet, on the outer part of my right thigh about midway between the hip bone and my knee. The pain was 8.5 on a scale of 10. Since then, they have been determined to project some type of EMF on the thigh. When they do it creates a numbing and tingling sensation that can persist for upwards of an hour. The emanation always comes from below the building where I sleep. If I sleep on my right side, I can get the emanations and the numbing feeling (I can’t feel the EMF emanations). I just perceive something is causing the numbness.

So, I now sleep on my left side and have never experienced the numbness caused by whatever EMF they are using. Once or twice I rolled over on my right side and experienced the numbness and tingling.

Of interest to me is the conclusion the acoustic bullet went thru the metal of the door of my 2018 Dodge pickup. Combined with the fact that since then I began to experience an oozing sensation near the top and on the front of my thigh, at the same time I feel a little residual tingling in my thigh (always together). I’m relatively convinced the acoustic bullet, that went thru the metal of the door, put something in my thigh under the skin in the muscle.

Again, the reason I write this is to give you an update, since I have not heard of any TIs experiencing what I’ve gone thru in the past 3 years. And aside from you and Dr John Hall I haven’t encountered anybody who has overcome the fear and stated sober-minded about finding out what is going on.

I also think this is part of Agenda 21, 2030, etc. If the goal is 66 million Americans remaining, 6 million in 11 cities, there has to be a way for these folks to get Americans out of the rural areas. I can certainly see how this technology would accomplish it, without any big disruption to society, i.e. riots, violence, martial law, more corporal events.

I still have an audio tape confirming their use of teleportation technology. I’ve talked about this fairly widely on the internet without much interest. Which has surprised me.

You need to help me get this word out ASAP. That’s my feeling about it.

Imagine an adversary using cloaking and teleportation technology. Is there anybody on Earth the adversary could not incapacitate? Nobody is safe if my interpretation is correct, which I am 99% certain it is. The Secret Service needs to know about this technology, or at least evaluate the evidence (audio, combined with my story of the events). Actually, the President should be told about this, if for no other reason than the fact it is being used in the field, domestically in the US against American citizens.

I was listening to one of your interviews the other day, and you mentioned something like “magic dust”.

Last Spring while my former employee was with me one day, we heard an aircraft. Naturally, I went outside immediately. It flew directly over me. It then flew from roughly East to West on the North end of my property. It then flew roughly South to North along the East side of my property, and then it flew roughly in a Southeast to Northwest direction along the Southwest side of my property.

Why is this of interest? The airplane was a crop duster. We use to have a lot of them along the Texas coast when more rice was grown here.

I am using 9 Nest cameras, 7 outdoor and 2 indoor. I can control the path of the airplane they are using for surveillance, which I have do doubt at all has some type of magnetometer or scanning radar equipment, simply by re-positioning the direction of my cameras. And the plane’s equipment can measure and probably determine the type of material of the countermeasures I am using to defeat the clacking gun.

Its happened dozens of times. I use a new countermeasure. The aircraft flies over. A day or two or even a week later, the clacking gun shows up and defeats my new countermeasure.

The clacking gun is now much more refined than 3 years ago. When the gun shoots an acoustic bullet the sound is now adjustable. So, I surmise the power of the bullet is adjustable. Again, they shot one right thru my abdomen in the last 2 months (that went thru quite a bit of dirt and the building before it reached me) and another thru the door of my pickup truck. In three years that never happened. The acoustic bullets were always stopped by my skin and/or muscles.

The clacking gun can be extremely quiet. Previously, the clacking gun emanated a conventional sound, noise, that was what I consider normal. The sound waves emanated in all directions like all other sounds we are familiar with. I would pick up clacking shots in more than one of my cameras, almost every time.

Now, the clacking gun shots are focused in a narrow field, cone or angle, maybe several degrees. The reason I know this is I review my outdoor Nest cameras regularly after loud clacking gun shots; for more than 2 years. Now, what one camera will pick up and record, or that only I hear, none of the other cameras will pick up and record. I’ve even heard loud clacking gun shots not get picked up by any of the cameras.

FYI and food for your thought. The teleportation thing needs to be seriously vetted and the word spread widely, soon.

Hope All Is Well & Best Wishes,

Mark A Skipper

May 3, 2018:

Hi Eric,

I just received your voice mails in a delayed fashion and your phone number did not show up. I could not even tell when you left them for me.

Please keep in mind that all electronic communications are monitored, surveilled, hacked and compromised.

Apparently, it is even more difficult for me to receive calls from Mexico, where many of my perps are from.

I was purchased, kidnapped and trafficked in Guanajuato, Mexico when I was 17 years old (October and November of 1987). Fortunately, I escaped!

The Mexican Army General who purchased me was Francisco ‘Paco’ Hernandez in San Miguel de Allenda, GTO MX.

Paco’s brother was the Chief of Police and he went to prison for 20 years. He mistakenly thought I sent him to prison and he put a hit out on me.

The same cartels are now coming after me and my daughter here in the CA where they seem to have infiltrated law enforcement.

You published my list of cartels who state kidnapped my daughter in 2010 with intent to foster her out for prostitution.

Fortunately, I recovered custody of my daughter within 4 months, but we are still targeted by the US and Mexican governments.

~ Tracy

April 28, 2018:

Szabo Nicolae Alexandru
Romania, Hunedoara County, Petrila City
T.Vladimirescu Street, 38/H App. 87

E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]

Bellow is the only e-mail I sent, almost a year ago, to someone in the ‘T.I community’. I haven’t received a response. Since then I’ve tried seeking help from ‘T’I’ conference calls for months, thru torture aggravated by alcohol and other things, under the same paranoia and despair in which I made the e-mail. This again lead me nowhere, to say the least. Now, back from when I started, I’d attempt at a detailed, proofed testimony sent to whomever, even if it should fall on deaf ears. Before that, if anyone I send this to could contact me, just to see this e-mail received and that they will at least read it, or give me additional addresses I could send it to, or any kind of information or support, I’d appreciate it, despite that I have no hope of this anymore. Thank you.

My name is Szabo Nicolae Alexandru. I am sorry but I’m not an American, but I could find no other places to turn to. I’m from Romania in Europe. I have initially tried to contact some people and organizations that I randomly came across, such as EUCACH, ICAACT, Eric Karlstrom’s website and miss Ella Free. I was afraid of writing anything meaningful to them given my situation so I sent this email a few months ago:

‘Hello. My name is Szabo Alexandru from Petrila, Romania. I have been under satellite psychotronic influence for many years, while a holographic projection of this is being broadcasted somewhere for public view. Do you know someone who could help me find and understand what is being done to me?’

The reason for this was to see if they might recognize my name, address and experience. I have received nothing but generic responses from them, including an invitation from ms Ella to join the podcasts, which I listened to since then. I can’t tell if they honestly did not knew or if I’m being actively denied, as I have most expected and still expect. So now I’m now writing this as I have no other choice in understanding the reality of this and if any support can be given to me.

My nervous system is mostly cut off, I’m under dissolution of memory, completely heterodyned, scrambled with various frequencies and I’m often tortured and entrained, so I will only give a summary of my case.

As I can only guess, I have been implanted with something around 10 years ago, resulted from something too demeaning to say now, in which I was harassed and stalked while I was in a vulnerable, mentally unstable state. Parts of the music industry somehow got involved in this, that developed to a degree that it attracted the CIA/DOD or whoever runs the programs you are familiar with, and it went on a global level. Whatever is implanted in me can control me totally and is projecting myself and everything I do somewhere that can viewed, in what way I do not know. What I do know is that this information is spread among a wide public, so much so that is ubiquitous around the world. Whether it is direct access to some website, closed circuit television or it is a system of trickled down spreading of it I again do not know. Many have used this ever since as a network of malice towards me.

I was isolated before it started, and continued to be so, for many years, locked in my room for most of the time, where I was subjected to MK-ULTRA / MONARCH style torture and conditioning without my knowing, while being dragged to mental institutions and drugged from time to time. My family where involved in this from the start and kept this hidden away from me, and later partook in my torture overtly once I discovered it. When I did found out my mental and general health were already near destroyed, and my nervous system was already supresed from me, but still I have been since manipulated to such a great extent and in so many ways, as to serve the play of those behind of this, that it is hard to grasp.

Alongside the puppeteering of my ‘handlers’ are in tune a large portion of society, that are complicit in this to the most horrendous point. It has reached Nazism mentality and aggressiveness, as for all this time, no one as to be considered of good nature and consciousness did anything to stop this or assist me away from it, which makes them in my perspective from this experience worse than the ones doing this to me, as the saying is proven to be true. Then again, who can be said to be responsible for helping in something like this. It goes without saying that I have been ‘gangstalked’ on every street, institution, shop or corner no matter where I’ve been, in my home country or others, including by psychiatrists when I was sectioned as a cause of this, having noise campaigns by the nursing staff in a hospital where I was to the operated because of a related incident, and on the operating table itself. I had recently trauma campaigns done by the Romanian people, who are all engaged in the possibility of trying to kill me or bring me to suicide, if you can imagine the severity of it. I can do nothing to fight or defend myself from the likes of these people. They are taught and plan for such things thru communication that is somehow centralized. I try to resist the hate instilled in me by them and the massive entrainment that I’m under, but it is futile because it overrides you just like a Manchurian. Nothing I try mentally can deflect anything the ‘handlers’ do to me, no matter how many times I go thru it.

There is no mention of this anywhere, from this I understand there is a general conspiracy to keep it that way, no matter what is being done, and when it’s over to cover it up. For this reason I’m weary of anyone who I might reach out to, but I have to, as I’m being to tortured to death for the entertainment of others.
Of everyone, the ones who experiences similar things to me should be aware of this because of it’s scope, that is why I am asking for your help. I tried to get myself to speak on one of the podcasts, but I couldn’t possibly do it, as I fear from your groups the same thing I fear from the rest, because of the common human nature or whatever you’d like to call it. I do not want to interfere with the T.I movement at all or have it’s official support, nor do I want to drag the propaganda against me to your direction to taint it somehow. I could only use someone to talk to, gain insight on how this is being done to me, and perhaps get some advice on how to move somewhere off the grid with the little money I have, as now I am confined to my room, surrounded by what I’ve told you.
Just a human response.

P.S – I am sorry for the various grammar mistakes and jumble of what I’ve spoken, but it is difficult for me to express in the state I am under.

(2) I apologize that my message might of appeared exaggerated, negative, pitiful and misconstrued in any manner. I do not resent the isolating silence given to me and will try to bear until this program of ultimate torture is brought to an end, if it ever will be.

April 26, 2018:



Thanks for the information and work your doing about this never ending problems that’s been going on since time when mankind began and even long before that. I’ve been a targeted individual since birth, and there’s not one evil trick that they pull that i haven’t already experienced and am fully aware of. Most of anything evil anyone in this program has already experienced I’ve been through for 42 years and it’s getting worse and worse every year that go’s by. For the past 7-8 years now I’ve lost years of sleep being harassed with bed shaking and people reading your mind and all kinds of evil shit.. I’m afraid that you and so many others don’t realize just how evil and SERIOUS all theses problems we have are. Weather u believe it or not God is the Devil….he and his sons which u can read about in your bible in genises and they are in a lot of other places in your bible too. Everything is a complete lie and all thing have to be decoded in order to know the truth about everything. No good God or Gods created this world and i promise there’s not a good one that has power that in control either!..

People need to face the truth that the Devil is the main God that’s everywhere at once and the devils sons are theses advanced angles who are very powerful as well that can teleport just by thinking about. Now theses are the gods i personally hate that actually work with your government and Hollywood to enslave us and manipulate us which is the name of the sick evil game. So to make a long story short… it’s the advanced falling angles and your government and others who work together in secrete that fucks with us and manipulates us. What u and most good people need tp understand is that we are suppose to be the same as the gods but they made sure long long ago that didn’t happen…The only way that we will be able to defeat them and our enemies is to become to your higher God self with the correct knowledge as a God-head and defeat them in war and get rebutions.. So theses evil ancient aliens and the government and others are working together against us and this has always been the case all though the ages and other worlds..

Thank you..

John Turner

April 24, 2018:

I need it to stop, my children and I have suffered unbelievably

​What do you do if you know who is behind the gang stalking? She used to work at Comp USA in Clearwater, Florida sometime between 2001-2004. She got the maintenance man fired at Tarpon Springs Housing Authority from what the manager Mary Jane Johnson said “Sonia caught him on her spy cams sniffing her underwear when she wasn’t home”. Sonia went to jail but for a non related charge. She put spy cams on me in 2000 where she was my next door neighbor in a duplex at 734 A Mango Circle Tarpon Springs, Fl and she lived in 734 B Mango Circle, Tarpon Springs, Fl. I wasn’t home when she put the spy cams on me but a much later when I came home from church I learned that someone was watching me inside my home when they told me what I was eating in an AOL Christian Chatroom on Wednesday night after I got home from church​.

I copied and pasted everything they said and I sent it to AOL TOSS Email or AOL Fraud who told me that I needed to report it to the FBI, who told me that I needed to report it to the Customs Dept. 2 weeks later there was a big child porn ring busted that included three states and four men, one of which was ten min. away from where I lived. He was a school teacher in Dunedun, Fl. The Hacker and Illegal Porn Trafficker who is the head of the gang stalkers is named Sonia or Sonja Kay Johnson around 48 yrs old from Tarpon Springs, Fl but has been in several places.

Kimmy Gerred

April 14, 2018:


My name is Eric Miller.

I am a gang-stalking target.

I live in Huntington Beach California.

I have strong, credible video evidence, as well as testimony from credible individuals to assist me in a civil case.

However, I need an Attorney referral. I have plenty of money to hire an attorney.

Do you know of any Southern California Civil Attorneys who could assist me?

I am college educated. I took some basic law courses.

I know what credible ‘court’ evidence is.

I have some strong, credible evidence, that I believe 12 jurors would agree 100% that I am being stalked and harassed by my neighbors.

And, FYI…I have no criminal or mental health record.

Please let me know if you know of somebody who could assist me.


Thank you,

Eric Miller

April 11, 2018:


Thank you for being a rock in this fight against evil. I wanted to write to you because I have been a TI for upwards of 6 years. I lived in California for four years, had a bad break up with I believe daughter of a Freemason and was arrested for selling marijuana in the same time frame. After that I have had every single thing in the program run on me. Videos like yours though have helped me to shine light to loved ones to see that I am far from crazy.

Most importantly I wanted to write you because I LIVED in Fort Garland…I was only an hour from you , in 2014 and part of 2015. The entire valley it seemed was stalking me and trying to kill me/harass my dogs. Stole a dog. They have access or made military grade invisible cloaks with refracting lenses simulating beads and were torturing us beyond belief. One of the minions kept dropping lines that they were going to kidnap me and take me to the top of Mt. Blanca and tie a rope to one leg and throw me off a cliff into a pile of accelerant soaked leaves! Sickest people I ever could think in my life. All drinking the same bullshit koolaid. Saying I’m a snitch, saying all types of things. I moved back to Philly and they infiltrated/compromised the apartment building s property manager who was shady to begin w and next thing I know the dogs act much different and they are saying things they’d only know if they were inside my home etc.

Outrageous following coordinated in real-time cross country three times intercepting me w fresh state plates each time I crossed. My conclusions from these 6 years is a Freemason/Illuminati run ship with a first tier captains on from defense contractors and federal agencies. Strangest thing is after I was in trouble I California there were no formal charges when before it was four felonies for pot and a gun. Clearly seems this was my sentence. They thought we will show him and at the same time test our software etc on a high functioning brain…I used to give them the finger and laugh so much at them. Now it’s like a chore and almost more draining at times.

I would love to talk to you. You give me so much hope that words can’t express. Please contact me via email or a telephone call.

Thank you again,

You are so amazing.

Lance M. Scanlon


April 10, 2018:

I just rediscovered you. Your name keeps resurfacing in my searches on mind control. My father, mother were some of the earliest TI’s, a breeding pair for MK Ultra, intelligentsia, a gifted scientist and a woman with low self esteem but a very high IQ as well. My siblings and I were all targeted in vitro. They made artificial geniuses who wound up to be a bunch of what they call tossers because we are all so willful. I survived to find out what happened to us. I am researching my own amazing family story. In the last three years I have connected many, many dots. I now have some documentation. I have a very good start for a legal case.

I am looking for some references to start with to get good information so I do not spin my wheels. Things that are a matter of public record. I could spin my wheels and buy and read a whole library of books coming out, or I can be guided to the right books, articles and reference materials that will help me on my quest. When I submit my FOIA requests I need to ask the right questions to save time and do it smartly.

If I told you my story, you could perhaps enlighten me on what you may know too. The story is one you have probably heard or some variation thereof. I conclude that I am what they would term a “tosser”, and for that fact I am grateful, though I have yet to confirm that my horrible physical problems are not caused by stealth technology.

I am looking to save time. You know this is all a giant rabbit hole and I fear going down it without good guidance. The insane psychiatrist whom you may be familiar with is a main character toward the end of this saga. as well as is the head of the OSRD in 1945 when my father was targeted by him, a club of freemason frathats and Paperclip Nazi’s. It is all quite strange.

So, if I was able to tell you my story, you would be able to tell me where to look for more and better information. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Victoria Parks

April 4, 2018:

Hi Eric,

I have become a great supporter of you and your websites over here in Germany.
I am a German TI, probably for longer than I expected myself – ! and I am under 24/7 nonstop brutal radiation via probably sonic weapons, microwave weapons, laser, tesar and maybe also via satellite or/and radar, plus vehicle gangstalking, Stasi Zersetzung etc.

It is so unimaginable, how innocent average citizens, also on German ground!- could be attacked by the US NSA, CIA, FBI and their cointels and or contractors in cowork with German security companies or military or private sects/cults, companies whatsoever.

I have a very interesting story, already had a short skype conversation with Ramlo D, and also with Lucazana I did an interview last year september. My proposal to Ramola has been to do a radio interview or youtube talk or skype talk with any victim, also in Europe , in order to force the importance and spreading of the words worldwide.

Till now, Eric, I do not have a slightest idea, who in my issue could be concerned, but more and more I am learning that – as it looks like – probably really the military MK program is attached, going down the pyramide to the stupid morons of perps and their masonic handlers, who are really passing on the perp jobs, to very dangerous sheemanzee like acting slowkillers.

I had so many important stories to tell, but where could I? German media are not intrested, German TI s often afraid of their own shadows, so I am mostly having contact with TIs worldwide and abroad, among some very faithful true German ones.

What I could find out is that the more I am explaining the torture issue to the public, the more and real dangerously they are attaking me and my little handicapped brother and also my husband, who must be under extreme mk, bc, although being attacked and radiated nearly to death, he is ignoring the DEW weapons etc. Maybe bc he is an astro physicist and also at home in the dark cosmos, in wormholes and things like that, but not in reality. probably, since he used to be a brilliant mind, the German Bundesnachrichtendienst had destroyed his mind and body, (he used to work for the BND abt 25 years ago and pdq found out that it was not his “thing” as the German proverb goes, to spy behind others and more. From that moment on they put him under medical “mental” file, ( an own secret service doctor neurology) tried to attach evil diagnoses on him!, thanks to God he left the fring secret service community and now is working as a brilliant thinker for a worldwide well known IT company at Heidelberg Germany area.

I am sure that he is also under surveillance, though ignoring it. But he loves his company and is a loyal employee. But how he can ignore the injuries they are doing to him via laser or infrasound weapons?

So, I am a former interpereter, mostly forgot my knowledge of languages, but am very very watchful and I am exposing them the perps!, laughing at them, pointing at them, driving them crazy when riding at tempo 240 on the German Autobahn, taking always pictures of them, all nationalities among them, so I would be the better one! hh.

Seriously, if you, Doc,, had any great idea how to protect an shield from the radiation, we German TIs really would appreciate it so much. also we would appreciate if we – here in Europe – could get in contact publically via interviews with the US audience of the TIs. try to avoid the word TI, since we are the ELITE, the smart and real good people on our planet.

you kindly can find me on twitter under hadia5551. Dr. Horton put me under suspect because using the mail 555! it would be a CIA number, what a bs, I told her, that my web provider only could offer me the 555 number, (my year of birth is 55) so I wanted to choose the 55, but they only had the 555 in connection with my email. so that is the real simple reason. but we could learn from that : even TIs sometimes get under extreme scary mind control, i.e. kind of paranoid.

I never would put anyone under suspect only because he could speak little English and using the mail 555. hh

Well, anyway, dear Doc, I am faithfully listening to your videos, i do like your great accent and – as mentioned before – would appreciate if you could do
an interview abt shielding.

If you would like to get into contact with us German TIs, please feel free to contact me. I am in contact with 2 TIs who are also suffering from v2k, I personally am suffering from burnt injuries, inner organs etc. and gangstalking.

please, stay safe.
yours hadia from Germany.

March 31, 2018:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom,

My name is Susan Olsen and am on the email list that includes Ramola D, Chris Burton, Karen Stewart et al. Thank you for your informative response regarding the power brokers truly behind our targeting.

I am/was (until blacklisted and radiated out of my last job) a Registered Nurse and professional singer in the Metro NY area. After an April 2017 conversation with Dr. Ed Spencer and further research, it is evident that we ALL are in the AI/Global Surveillance Grid. However, there are some of us who have become introduced to “Phase 2”.

My hard targeting began in 2015 after filing an EEOC complaint against a NYC dermatologist named Dr. Leonard Bernstein. After hiring 2 big time private investigators (who quickly dropped my case) it has been made known to me that I am a high value Illuminati Target. The attorney that handled my EEOC case had his Wall Street Law firm decimated. All parties involved, with the exception of Dr. Bernstein, had their parents and numerous close friends die from “natural causes” within 20 months after signing that settlement agreement. (The sudden heart attack of my friend, Best selling New York Times author Andrew Barone, is also suspect).

After living an average suburban life on Long Island, never would I have expected to have myself and family subjected to all aspects of organized stalking including fraudulent psychiatric incarceration and the VERY strong possibility of the Satanic programming and trafficking of my husband and 2 daughters. I have obtained evidence of the non consensual implantation of a MBAN and the frequencies connected to the microchips. 2 frequencies that are directed at me are not registered w/ the FCC. This agency refused to investigate and reveal the entity that is experimenting with this satellite weapon.

I hope that we can not just engage in conversation, but also implement a strategy to actively bring this holocaust to the forefront of a mind controlled population…a truly monumental task. Some of my testimony has been recorded on ELLA Free podcast and Techno Crime Fighters #44 with Ramola. I am a founding member of Targeted Justice. Also, thank you for your interview/tribute to Dr. Paul Marko. I pray that his spirit continues to give us strength to expose these crimes against humanity.

Kind Regards,
Susan F. Olsen, RN
#(917) 396-2456
Twitter @Miss Boston TI

March 24, 2018


You do know it’s the group Anonymous that’s stalking us and coordinating this don’t you? There the group that were alluded to in Gang-stalker confessions. Anyway, I’m not sure if your controlled opposition but if your not what I just gave you is true and factual. It’s the missing piece of your puzzle. If you don’t already know this of course. Most are terrified of them, they will not tell you this. I’m dying so I don’t care. Somebody has to speak up.

Thank you for your videos. I’m not sure if your compromised but I’ve learned a lot from you since they came right out and told me I was on “the program. New phoenix program, cointelpro, MKULTRA whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, Thanks truly.

David Jonathan Allan
A.K.A. Jonathan E. Triumphant

P.S. I am a brother in Christ.

Being killed at the moment by round the clock microwave assaults. I’m being human trafficked to The University Of Manitoba to see how effective there weapons are at causing certain kinds of cancers.

God bless.

Aprl 4, 2018:


My name is Eric Miller.

I am a gang-stalking target.

I live in Huntington Beach California.

I have strong, credible video evidence, as well as testimony from credible individuals to assist me in a civil case.

However, I need an Attorney referral. I have plenty of money to hire an attorney.

Do you know of any Southern California Civil Attorneys who could assist me?

I am college educated. I took some basic law courses.

I know what credible ‘court’ evidence is.

I have some strong, credible evidence, that I believe 12 jurors would agree 100% that I am being stalked and harassed by my neighbors.

And, FYI…I have no criminal or mental health record.

Please let me know if you know of somebody who could assist me.


Thank you,

Eric Miller

March 18, 2018:

Hello Eric,

My name is Roberto and I sent you an email about gang stalking a couple of months ago. You had replied to me, but I never read your message. For reasons of being cautious, I’m not able to access that email address.

The gang stalking here in West Sacramento and Sacramento never stopped. Everywhere I go, people seem to already know me. Cashiers, for example, seem to know who I am. It’s a small area where I’m staying at (I’m still homeless living in West Sacramento), so that probably explains some of it.

Anyways, I’m writing to see if you could help me figure out who or what the fuck has been shaking / poking me for about the past year. I made a post about it on Reddit where you can read my situation:

I think I’m being shaken and poked by someone from medical

Overall, I’m trying to figure out how to get the shaking / poking to stop from the internet. The first comment just calls me crazy and paranoid as could be anticipated.

What I didn’t want to say in the post is that right now, I’m confident in saying that it’s an rfid chip that got implanted in my either in some dental work that I got in Chicago, or from a trip to the emergency room that I took in Eureka last year. I could be wrong, but that’s honestly what I think. Whatever the case is, I just want it to stop.

Furthermore, what I also didn’t mention is that I believe that my mind is being read. I say read, but if there is a chip in me, the technology is there to create a database of my thinking patterns which can be read by a computer. Basically, how a crippled person moves a bionic arm with their mind. Or, the security cameras from various places are reading my facial and body patterns and determining what I’m thinking about.

An example of this is that the other day I was thinking that bringing a plant to work would have a positive effect on the place (I work in a dusty, boring warehouse). The next day, one of the workers came in with a plant.

Another thing that I cannot explain without mind reading / sensors is that after I piss, if there’s a drop that gets left in my underwear, I’ll smell baby powder in the warehouse (diapers = baby powders). I could swear that the other workers have some type of sensor on me and know what’s going on (I work at Reliable Parts Inc. in West Sacramento).

I could give other examples, but let’s just say A LOT of weird stuff has happened to me over the past two years and it’s made me not believe in coincidences. Things always seem to happen for a reason…

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I want to say, but I don’t have time. I’m writing to you from the McDonalds across from Raleys in West Sacramento.

Whatever the reason is, or if I’m wrong about the mind reading, I was wondering if you could think of any solution for the shaking. I don’t have the money to go see a doctor and even if I did, some of what I’m saying does sound crazy.

I figured either the internet could help me or you could. If I’m right and it’s someone doing it to me, it just adds to the gang stalking story. In either case, I can’t sleep well anymore because of this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Roberto Peralta

March 14, 2018:

Hello Dr. Karlstrom,

I am a clinical psychologist from Phoenix, AZ. And, I have been a terget of DOJ and law enforcement surveillance and harassment ever since I came to the US in 1986. In Former Yugoslavia my family was also a target of secret police (UDBA) surveillance and harassment since 1945. I am working on a book about it. I read your article and so I just dropped you a line.

Idriz B. Ajeti, PhD
Phoenix, AZ

Feb. 19, 2018:

I have been a targeted individual off and on most of my life. It became really serious after I became a chemtrail researcher and activist back in 1998. I have some info on Morgellons, also. If you are in contact with Bryan Kofron, would you please give him my email addie?

This is my phone number also: 432-294-3821. Thank you for showcasing our issue which is unfortunately becoming a global and human issue. I wrote a few articles that both of you might find interesting: “Spider Silk — Air Force Radar Chaff Farmed from the Milk of Transgenic Goats” published in some magazines “The Air Force Wants Your LOV” — my first muddled attempt to understand what is happening, but has quite a bit truth I think.

I may have a few bits of the puzzle to share with Bryan.

Carolyn Palit

Feb. 8, 2018:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom:

Hope all is well. I went through a very similar experience that most TI’s testify too. I began to notice such “symptoms” when i was in my 3rd year in Law School. I began to get much attention and reaction by what I was posting on Facebook, essentially I was cognitively functioning like a computer to where it led certain individuals asking me if I would like to get involved in certain assignments. I got a hold of certain information regarding DARPA and began to share such info on Facebook, after which the pressure became unbearable and led to some legal issues. I would love to go into more details but I do not wish to do so via email. I feel I may have some information that may help you, although you seem to know almost everything that can possibly be known, nevertheless if you would like to hear my story feel free to call me 401-639-5162.


Lenine Camacho

Feb. 7, 2018:

Dear Dr. Karlstrom, I discovered one of your videos on YouTube. I am a modern cointelpro target and an Mkultra target. My name is Margaret Collins. I live in westchester county, in the town of Thornwood, just above New York City.

I am writing to request you read the 10 or so lines of comment I have posted to the YouTube video entitled “Silent Holocaust” by Builder Rejected under the name ‘jfa jfa’. I am asking you to read this yourself because I (TI’s) find it incredibly hard to say what is happening, because we have been visciously silenced for so long and because no one believes. My family is being destroyed. I am alive here.

Very gratefully yours,

Margaret Collins

Gangstalking And V2K Testimony By Private Security Whistleblower (Bryan Koforon

Comments 360:


Thank you Tina Marie for your post. God Bless you. Thank you Cristiana Traistaru in France and Erin. Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I am Margaret Collins. I live in the town of Thornwood in Mt. Pleasant, Westchester County, New York State. I live just above New York City. What is happening is unspeakable. They have the ability to auto kill any individual with a heart attach. They can plunge the targets’ heart into overdrive with remote electrical stimulation. During the proces, the electricity gives the sensation of weightlessness, floating. They let the target off ….

Jan. 28, 2018:

Dear Dr Karlstrom

I wrote to you some months ago after I saw your video on the Satanic side of gangstalking and Satanic governments.

I am someone who has lived an exemplary life. I was the goody two shoes who stood first at several schools and has lived a celibate life until the age of 46. I live at home with my mother.

Unfortunately for us, my estranged father who was out of my life in December 1981 was occult and unstable and was a danger to my mother and to me.

He and his family who don’t even know us framed us and called us terrorists and his sick and twisted relative who has never met me was apparently claiming to be my brother was sexually slandering me out of jealousy.

This led me to be a target for every low life in the country and I even suspect that people who hated his family also targeted me for being his daughter even though even HE was out of my life in December 1981 and I can prove it.

I have lived an EXEMPLARY life and I have been betrayed.

I need support from people who know what is going on because I have been ROBBED of my life after coming from a SINGLE PARENT HOME and after having lived an EXEMPLARY life.

I am 46 years old and my doctor knows I have lived a celibate life but I was being subjected to FILTH and SLEAZE. I live at home with my mother and I am DEEPLY God fearing and law abiding.

What has been done to me is UNACCEPTABLE.

I was poisoned repeatedly and left to die by Illuminati people who invaded my home on lies ( after my estranged father’s people called us terrorists we were placed under surveillance on LIES). Every time they didn’t like something I said in my own home I would suffer attacks on my health. I could have died. I had to spend £10,000 on staying alive and now have nothing in the bank.

I am attaching proof of my EXEMPLARY record and the terrible injuries I suffered because of REPEATED chemical contamination.

I have suffered something LIFE-THREATENING and I feel unsafe every day that some low life who has never met me will be bribed to lie about me or that I will be given cancer or poisoned a 6th time.

Dr Karlstrom, no one should have to suffer like this in a country that claims to be civilised and to give people human and civil rights. They are telling lies. I have no human or civil rights. I have been robbed of my life on lies.

I have lived the life of Snow White. I have been celibate my whole life because I live with my mother and I am DEEPLY religious. I have taught at state secondary schools, colleges and universities and I found out that someone was systematically framing a deeply religious woman like me as a sex worker!

I am a traditional religious woman and I wanted to have a family like any normal traditional, religious girl and I couldn’t get married or have kids because of LIES!

These occult people have bribed and incited people to lie and have taken away my human rights! They slandered the innocent religious woman and robbed the ORPHAN. These people are the scum of the earth. The Bible is right. They are an ABOMINATION.

Please could you kindly help or advise? Are there any support groups for people like me as I have gone through this horror all alone.

I would be grateful for your help.

Kind regards


Jan. 21, 2018:

hello eric,

some short commentary. This is completely illegal, unconstitutional, etc., involving the worst people in the entire society, paid for by government. this reflects how far astray everything is, but it’s not new. I notice there is no intent to discuss this problem either, there is no lie, no depravity, nothing that won’t be done. These citizens are not “enemy combatants”, that’s ridiculous, there is no enemy, there is nothing at all. There is nothing different here than the salem witch trials.

today’s comment. the “collateral damage” to everyone that a ti may know, meet, see, employ, etc. is 100x greater than just one person being marginalized. The entire community is poisoned by these activities, and the effects? you think someone is going to share a pumpkin pie recipe? Or anything else? What I find interesting is the type of people that get involved, always the same, town hall, police types, crimewatch types, boyscout leader, same profile as for paedophiles and their ilk. Because such persons don’t exist “out there, somewhere”, those persons are directly involved in the program. Where else could they possibly find work?

thank you


Jan. 19, 2018:

Hi again,

Yes I believe you are right, there is a war against the human race especially with all this trans humanism being forced on us without our consent. We must do all we can to defeat this evil and I believe in the end we will win. God will not allow this to go on forever. Sooner or later it will backfire on them.

I will not report any of this to the authorities, I think you are right about their involvement. This goes right up to the top of their corrupt pyramid. Only as a last resort and plenty of evidence will I go to the police.

I’ve listened to your interviews on both the Kev Baker Show and the Richie Allen Show. You have lots of very good information. Ive also been on your websites and I recommend others to take a look. I’ve been listening to Dr. Hortons interviews and following the technocrimefighters also. We need to do all we can to spread the word and form a mass global network of TI’s and other groups fighting to free the human race from all this evil. They will try to sabotage our communications but all TI’s must keep trying to connect with one another. I try to wake friends and family members up and some do believe me but others find it hard to grasp and think I’m just going through a paranoid phase and say they are worried about me. I do think they use a lot of mind control on our friends and family to isolate us. I definitely feel they are using mind control on me. I’ve had a lot of surgery for chronic compartment syndrome while I was in the army so I suspect I was implanted with microchips. I dread to think what else they have done to me while I was sleeping alone in my quarters. It wouldn’t surprise me if I’m programmed with other personalities.

The tactics that seem to work best are trying to stay sane, healthy, not reacting unless you must in self defence, networking, socialising and keeping in touch with friends and family. I need to try not to put too much pressure on them with this like I do all too often so it doesn’t put a strain on my relationships with them. I need to learn to be more patient with them. I find easing people into it by starting with more basic conspiracies work best. I then over a few weeks start telling them more as it gradually sinks in. I never just say ‘I’m being gangstalked’. Once they are open to the NWO basics and seem to understand I say hey ‘have you heard about that gangstalking thing everyone is talking about, it’s a growing problem you should research it’. I then tell them about the Stasi and their tactics and that western countries are doing it. People’s minds seem to be able to adjust to it when I use this approach.

Recording is wise to do but I find it best to just have a dashcam running and back it up on multiple backups for if I ever need it in the future but until then I forget about it. I drive for a living all across the U.K. so it gets very time consuming sifting through masses of footage everyday. I’ve caught odd things on my smart phone such as honking, flashing and hand signals but they have somehow tampered with footage before through hacking and seem to know when I’m recording and just stop until I stop recording. I also make flyers now and again explaining not just gangstalking but why they would do such a thing so I go into the NWO, 9/11 and so on so it makes more sense to people. I tend to post them when I’m out around the country but never give them directly in case they catch me and use it to say I’m insane. I’ve tried throwing them in the street and gardens from my van and people have picked them up to read but I’ve also spotted perps going round collecting them. I once saw two young guys with hoodies on BMXs gathering them all up. I like to also leave them on shelves in supermarkets and petrol stations. I try to order ink online but it never arrives anymore so I have to buy in person.

I don’t use shielding at the moment because I mostly get gangstalked and I think they try to get inside my head a lot. I have experienced sharp or tingling pains and I’ve had nasty jolts to my heart before. I also sometimes get ringing in my ears, dialing tones inside my head just as I wake up or go to sleep and I often get numbness down the right side of my head and face. Also sudden panic attacks of absolute terror or nervousness for no reason. I’ve also experienced many supernatural things throughout my life. Growing up I was more a believer in the spiritualist view and visited mediums, I’ve even seen entities. Since I began looking more into the bible I now believe they are demons or perhaps it’s always been technology behind it.

I would like to put some information out there about my experiences. I’m not comfortable with putting my face on you tube just yet but I’m happy to talk with people in private and leave some info about me on the site. I have lots to talk about and many questions. I’m very lucky that I still have family and friends, my own house and a job I like but I can see them trying to destroy it all. They have managed to get me to snap a few times and react and as an ex soldier it’s in my instinct to want to fight but I need to grit my teeth, trust in God and take a more sensible approach.

Anyway, sorry for going on so long. It’s good to talk with people who understand.

I hope everything goes well for you in Mexico. I believe we can beat this.

All the best,


Jan. 19, 2018:

Morning Eric,

Here is a link I thought you may find of interest. It basically confirms that the pentagon views and is actively waging war against civilians as the “enemy”.

Also, I wanted to clarify. Our entire infrastructure is a weapon. All of it linked together as an integral multi-use weapon platform. Basically one big Wi-Fi. And yes, the ” chem-trail” issue is also integral as above link exposes. Also remember the NASA document describing the weaponized and multifunction chem- trail particulate uses and applications. Most of the issues tie in together and are integral whether people understand and accept it or not. Biometric identification is obtained through the ingestion of chem- trail particulates which are then activated with high levels of ionized radiation delivered and maintained by the national Wi-Fi infrastructure. This dust is integrated into our tissue from immersion. It is a vast topic. Think of this. Up until a few years ago it was possible to use a pencil erasure end of the pencil to type on touch screens. Notice now that is not possible? Only physical touch which is biometric access is possible. This is the surveillance and monitoring as well as targeting for undesirables. The water, is also integrated into the electric, gas, fiber optic, and all wireless. My point is this. We must all keep seeking more knowledge and understanding. Learn from each other and tie seemingly unrelated issues together. Because they are all connected.

The propaganda and mis-information is a strategy to make us divided. It is working and why Military Psychological Operations are always involved whether people know it or not. So my point is this, all of this is connected and integral and a part of a now up and running multi-use, multipurpose weapon. It can, is, and will be used for many applications. Remember always this critical fact. It is a WEAPON.

Weapon designed for, by and being operated by those with lethal intent and purposes. All of this technology is integrated and can and is being used for many purposes. Surveillance, manipulation, oppression, murder, etc. And yes, the brown-shirts, masons, every level of government and judiciary(including education a medical, etc.) as well as religion/churches/occult groups are under the control and direction of those who built this. This began on 9/11 followed by the unpatriotic act which open the door for the flood of the takeover. It is done. Complete and on-line now. I am not saying people must despair in hopelessness at all. Simply see the truth. Seek it and understand it. It is all around us. Denial or avoidance will not change it. If we know it, face it head on and attempt to identify the dangers and evolving technologies/integrations we may be able to survive it. This means avoidance. Remember this. In the military it is taught that if in an impossible situation one cannot confront or defend against and survive, it is necessary to employ the strategy of “escape and evasion”. Time is what you need. In this case, probably this age of existence as we know it is at an end. Whether by intent or idiocy. It doese not mean we are at an end.

Study history. The Mayans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Ancient India, etc. The various societies, civilizations and regimes (and in some cases entire ” ages” ended and are no more). But…. Some survived. We can learn from them. This ship may be going down, but we do not have to go down with it or those who are sinking it. Just a little philosophical persepective to contemplate. Maybe it is “bass-ackwards” – or maybe there are a few words that make sense and can help. Either way. We can, have, and likely will again live without technology, electricity, (un)civilization, and so called progress which is just a nice way of saying misery/slavery and mindless destruction of everything/everyone/including ourselves in the perpetual pursuit of happiness/freedom and fulfillment that is only an illusion offered as a mirage on the horizon at the far end of the cotton field. But it is always at a distance. And there is always another row of cotton to pick in pursuit of the mythical dream. We are perhaps now more free than we have ever been. Evicted somehow, whether unwillingly or not, from the illusion. And now we find ourselves naked and alone in a wilderness of inescapable reality.

So… We cannot go back. We must go forward. It has been done before and can be done again. Let me know how you are doing, Eric.

Thanks again for what you are doing. I admire and respect your humanity, and all of those who stand up and try to help the world for the simple sake of helping.

Best regards,
Ed Certalic

P.S. Forgive the typos.It happens sometimes all by itself. Type cat, and later look back proof reading and the word is magically changed to balloon. Hmmmm. I suppose that will help make some people appear illiterate ignoramuses and dismissed by any potential readers. Imagine that? Ha,ha.

Jan. 16, 2018:

Hi there Dr Karlstrom,

I’ve listened to your latest show with Andy. Great exposition you make.

Your take on satan’s army is spot on, i had already thought about it, Already had realized it. It’s what we’re putting up with.

I think they are really taking orders from the wicked one, no matter how
far fetched this may sound.

This is a war between God and satan, light and darkness, politics are just
a cover.

Right now the satanists are trying to become the God they will never be by means of high technology. But they will fail. There is no technology that can usurp the power of the Most High, for He is the utmost master of all science Himself, and no one else!

I also don’t like the expression “targeted individual”, it sounds like you are victimizing or belittling yourself or something. I could describe myself as a freedom fighter, or as a thought-criminal, or a heretic of this age, but then, how many TIs are being targeted and used as lab rats out of no other reason than being “targetable”? or being at the wrong place at wrong time? one word too much in the presence of some rabid liberal maybe? or someone simply didn’t like the way they walk! we are dealing with capricious assholes, doing the whims of their father.

God bless and keep up the good work!

Jack Portugge

Jan. 1, 2018:

Dear Eric,

I am a lifelong target since childhood and am also a lifelong musician for more than 55 years. I’ve been paying my bills working as a music therapist for more than twenty years. I believe that generations of my family have been targeted by our government. I also believe that many people have died because of their association to me, which has contributed to keeping me isolated and discredited so that what I am experiencing won’t get exposed as believable to the general public. I had a brother who was in the Air Force for six years and was stationed at Fort Meade, MD, headquarters of the NSA. After he got out, his life went downhill. He couldn’t hold a job for more than 20 years, had a heart attack at age 43 and then died of a heart attack at age 49, a month after I carried a “Ban Mind Control” sign at the 2004 Republican National Convention protest in New York City. My 2003 and 2004 protest photos appeared on many TI websites for more than a decade. In 2011 I testified along with about fifty other TI’s at President Obama’s Bioethics Commission about my targeting. More recently, I participated in Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe’s Global TI Survey which I have much hope for and I hope that the TI community as a whole will strongly support.

I own a vintage 1950 Martin D28 guitar. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play it since 2006, because it became contaminated by an exotic neurotoxic substance. I’ve had many other valuable musical instruments and equipment that became unusable after they had become contaminated with this substance. I just try not to travel anywhere with my guitars anymore, which include a Gibson J-100 and a Brazilian rosewood jumbo 12-string from Carlo Greco. Carlo made guitars for John Denver and even the Grateful Dead and designed the same guitar for Guild that he made for me. I have to protect the guitars that I make a living with at a nursing home, of which have been difficult to safeguard. My possessions continue to be covertly contaminated, usually when I am outside or at a store making purchases. There are many places within a few blocks of where I live where I have been targeted. Almost on a weekly basis I have to discard contaminated clothing because it effects me in my home and at work, causing cognitive impairment and extreme fatigue.

Just this Tuesday I was also assaulted again by microwaves which also causes impairment of my cognitive functions, extreme fatigue and irritability. Sometimes I’m assaulted with microwaves on regular basis, two or three times a week. I can remember in first grade while learning to read about Dick and Jane and feeling drugged and feeling fatigued. Fortunately for me then, I had a grandfather who taught me how to read the comics when I was four so I already knew what was being read. I can also remember taking an SAT test in high school for college and feeling drugged while taking the test.

What I’m hoping for is to find a toxicologist that I can trust who is experienced with exotic toxins to test some of my personal possessions to find out what the toxins are. I know that the Sidney Gottlieb tested many exotic toxins for the CIA MKULTRA behavior modification program. I suspect one of the toxins that he researched is what I am being targeted with. I think that the substance is an invisible dust covertly related to voodoo, black magic or another type of sorcery, such as if it gets on your “shoes”, it can ruin your life. I had contaminated personal belongings tested at a lab for about $400 back in the early 1990’s. I was then told it would cost $10,000 to get a gas chromatography test done to properly identify the toxin. I couldn’t afford that. In 1999, I met a detective from the Cold Cases Squad in NYC who attempted to get forensic testing done on some of my contaminated items. Unfortunately, in a three week period, the Boston detective I met at a Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Conference who hooked me up with the New York detective was in an accident and died and the New York detective’s only son was killed in an automobile accident. So the New York detective told me his boss told him that he could no longer work on my case.

Sorry to labor you with such a long story, but I would appreciate it if you can lead me to someone who might know about exotic toxins, toxins used in voodoo, sorcery or black magic. If you can or know how I can get my contaminated items safely tested, I will be forever grateful and hopefully it will be helpful to other TI’s as proof of my targeting, although I’ve never met or heard of another TI who has been targeted in a similar way to the way I have. Right now we don’t have proof of our targeting. We only have stories that no one seems to believe. That I pray will one day change if it’s possible for truth to prevail in modern day society and within our multi-facited government intertwined with good and evil.

Thank you,

Tom McClelland

Dec. 16, 2017:

I’m not sure why I’m targeted but I have been now for 8months and its controlling my life I never had resources to investigate exactly what was happening to me I was wondering if you new how to find out who and why this is happening at first just my truck radio the any radio local radio stations every TV and TV station I can’t get away from it I can double objects with my eyes and move them almost 90 deg apart I can’t keep my thoughts to myself the radio plays back what I’m thinking its so crazy I’m a smart man and have tested the waters I went from regina SK to Calgary ab then to Vancouver BC and back to Regina and it followed my everywhere its causing me not to be able to get a job which I need I went threw some family issues last year and can’t even get back on track to get visitation rights to my kids this stuff is really messing me up at first I thought it was some kinda joke or game on the radio that the community was doing to me or revenge from an ex girlfriend or from the guy that my ex cheated on me with I’m begging you if you have time if we can chat email or phone please thank you for your time

Steven Yawney

Nov. 30, 2017:

Dear Mr. Eric Karlstrom,

Hello, I hope you are doing well. My name is Lindsay H. Baldwin. I am a 42 year old female who has been a targeted individual for most of my life. (suspected it started with my mysterious fake birth certificate and that I am late discover adoptee). In 2004, I got affiliated (on accident) with FFCHS (freedom from covert harassment and surveillance). I found this organization after conducting an internet search, typing in keywords such as harassment and work place discrimination. Since then, (after speaking with Derick Robinson) and getting involved with that organization),

I have been NON STOP researching and fighting for my so called civil liberties so as to get these people to leave me alone and to stop encroaching upon my liberties and right to privacy and happiness, creativity, ect. I am a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution and an tired of being exploited, bullied, and having my life ruined by these law enforcement and military who are constantly provoking me and harassing me, and illegally spying on me.

I am in need of relocation and assistance, and have been consistently harassed, mobbed, stalked, exploited, and tortured in the cities of Austin, Tx., Houston, Tx. (my native hometown), and now in San Antonio, Tx.

I am wondering if possibly I can get help or where I can go? I have literally exhausted all of my finances and efforts in trying to seek legit assistance. I am also a victim of identity theft and am a survivor of MK ultra programming and suffer severe stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression as a result of these abuses perpetrated against me. I am quite sure of the people who are doing this to me, and in my case, it is mostly so called “family” as well as others involved in private security, ect.

I need financial and legal help and to relocate from Texas for my sanity, health, and well being. I am in need of/searching for an advocate or sponsor who understands the complexities and realities in regards to the psychological, emotional, health, financial and other damages that this does to a person, I have no longer been able to find or maintain employment, and at this time am living off credit and am afraid for my safety and life, My desires are to permanently relocate away from the U.S. and live as an ex patriot in a country such as Bolivia or Mexico, or some other latin american country.

I have been searching endlessly for answers as to who I really am and who my biological parents/family is, only to be punished, harassed, stalked, poisoned, gang stalked, set up, trapped, exploited, and abused mentally as well as mobbed and bullied in public as well as at certain places I have gone to on a regular basis in the city of San Antonio, Tx.

I ask that you please believe me and please help me get the credibility I need to get these perpetrators to admit to their illegal crimes against me.

Thank you.
Lindsay Hill Baldwin

Nov. 19, 2017:

Dr Karlstrom, why isn’t anyone talking about the bottom line of this ongoing phenomena of Targeted Individuals. I keep coming back to the one thing everyone keeps stepping over. It isn’t coincidental that these criminals with a lot of authority all over the world are getting away with torturing thousands all at one time from every walk of life. Yea many say it is happening mainly to people who are whistle blowers and so on but this is a false flag. These people are just more fuel for this demented thing. Saying they were picked for no touch torture because they were whistle blowers is a distraction from the main intention of these evil people.

This Evil Cabal is using this current event to catalog and speculate what it will take to finally move in place their real agenda. Picking people all over the world to torture at one time is to get the Global view of the next attack. Why aren’t you publishing this information to warn people. I am not accusing you of anything but you seem to have the best insight I found so far on what this is. We who are now under attack are just the first for whatever reason to give this evil organization a battle plan for all of mankind. Why isn’t anyone talking about this much more important issue. It’s as if the world at large is being lulled into only focusing on how unbelievable this current situation is. Many TI’s have been so vocal people aren’t asking the obvious questions. Why torture here and there? It’s already been proven if these people want to hurt anyone they could just do it. They are collecting data on what it would take to Globally subjugate the world. Maybe this should be the focus of your next radio interview. I only want to help all of us.

Perry Jones.

Nov. 17, 2017:

Mr. Karlstrom, I have been searching everywhere for mention of chemical attacks that targeted individuals like me are subjected to. I get sprayed many times when I am in public places. Once one of my stalkers got me right in the face while I was one person away from getting my food rug up by the cashier at the Wholefoods store on Roosevelt avenue here in Seattle WA. I don’t feel the chemical they spray me with at the time I am being sprayed. There is a minute or so of a delay before I feel I have been sprayed again in public because my face or sprayed body part begins to burn, but it’s too late for me to confront the person who did it they are gone by the time I realize they got me again. I was seeing blue for a while after I was sprayed at Wholefood. Have you come across any information about the chemicals used to attack us?

Then there is the chemical they spray on my food it feels like I am breathing in an acid mist when I am close enough to the food they polluted. Have you any idea what I keep getting exposed too? Sometimes they put a white power like stuff in my bedding and it also feels like acid burning my skin.

I have only been in my recent apartment for a little less than two months. On my third night here my stalkers rigged a small explosion to happen just after I feel asleep. I woke up to a loud pop. I didn’t find out until two days later that the explosion came from the drain in the kitchen sink. The sink was covered in a white power. I don’t turned the water on in the kitchen sink. I don’t know what residual chemicals may be in the drain.

I get that these criminals for hire could use just about anything and make it go bag to scare me but that is not what’s happening.

The chemicals they use are the same. They have even been able to sprinkle my face with the stuff while I am in the company of another person. It often happens when I try to tell the other person some of the things about my life as a targeted person. But there have been other times where I am just sitting still long enough to get sprayed with this chemical that burns my face and no one else is around.

I have noticed one response I have to one of the chemicals they have been using on me, it messes with my short term memory. Another commonality with these attacks is they are always aiming for my face and spine and my nose. When they target my nose they want me to inhale these chemicals. I would appreciate any help with knowing what this stuff is.

I read through the information you have posted but couldn’t find anything related to these specific attacks I am repeatedly subjected to.

I once found a video of a TI who mention powder briefly but they went on a rant about other things and didn’t mention powder again.

Mr. Karlstrom, I have even experienced time travel of a sorts. I know this sounds weird, but imagine being the one to tell someone they may have experienced time travel.

My Stalkers just follow me around sometimes most of the time you know when they aren’t spraying me. Today I was at good will and my stalker practically met at the front door of the store. He paused and gave me the direct look and then tracked me as I moved around the store. I did notice a little chemical burning when he was near. I have got to find out what this chemical stuff is about. I get the feeling the Perps are unconcerned about the fact that every time they spray me they themselves are also sprayed with the same stuff but they don’t care. I could be wrong about this next information because I am usually panicky when they show up and only notice the immediate effects of the chemicals (burning) but now that I am writing to you about this I think my chip in my head starts humming when I get sprayed. But I am not sure. The humming from the chip gets really loud when I am near some types of florescent lights. My life is just too ridiculous. I wouldn’t believe the stuff happening to me if someone else told me about it. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Perry Jones

Nov. 16, 2017:

To whom it may concern:

I am a self-identified targeted individual. I am in a unique position to discuss these matters because I have a supportive immediate family.. My younger brother is also being targeted.

I have a master’s degree in counseling and have worked as a psychiatric nurse. My experiences began after a “fallout” with a couple who lived two doors down from me. They wrote me three nasty letters in which they threatened me with their family ties to local law enforcement and demanded money from me which I refused to pay them. It involved a “business deal” that went south. I have not yet experienced microwave harassment. However, the gangstalking has been prevalent. i also have absolute proof that I have been defamed. I caught a cousin in a conversation (audiotaped) in which she portrays me as a very dangerous person. She refused to disclose her sources.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Deborah Sturm

Nov. 6, 2017:

have been labeled an enemy of the state by the DHS CIA and Israel dual citizens who I believe are mossad agents. Here is why I have a child with CIA finders program sex slave. She informed me her father Roy Hixon molested her throughout her childhood sold her into human trafficking organization. I believe she was part of the Epstein island sex island that was wired for the Mossad. One of her handlers is David De Rothschild 38 years old out of Los Angeles. I believed that she was a swimsuit model who had won Hawaiin tropicana winner multiple years. In reality she is known Atlanta VIP prostitute.

Here is where it gets interesting they have bought every neighbor brand new vehicles, new roofs, trips to Switzerland, gift cards, and cash. The infraguard, citizens corp with Lockheed Martin handling these perps. My child is being raised by the same organization who murdered Jon Benet Ramsey from Marrietta Georgia. Lockheed Martin has become the largest defense contractor by using children to entrap politicans.

I have documented the burn markings all over my body for the last couple years. I have documented the neighbors using brighting campaigns. Here i another thing i have documented these drones flying above my home which is small town 2 hours south of Chicago where State Farm was approved by the Federal government to fly drones above our town which is there home offices..

Please contact me 312 545 1496

hank Metzger

Nov. 6, 2017:

Dr. Karlstrom,

My name is Jeff Weiss I’m from New York and now live in Denver… The harassment (gang stalking) psyops etc began for me in early 2011, or at least that when I became aware of it. As we both know, one is initiated into this program long before, even years before one puts the pieces together…

I’m reaching out to you for a few reasons; firstly because you’re the first person to comment on gang stalking who’s made the same broader connections that I have. A quick example of that is the fact that you mentioned several books and organizations that several years ago I felt and knew were keenly involved with and players in the construction and execution of the program of GS. Here’s a partial list of those books and organizations:

Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock

Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon : Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil by Gerard Colby and Charlott Dennett

The Tavistock Institute

Since last January there’s been a kind of reprieve for me, however, it seems as if it may be beginning again… I’ve put more than those few dots together sir and as things seem to be starting again in earnest and before they get out of hand or before something especially debilitating happens to me, I think you would, as well as many other targets, benefit from what I’d like to share with you.

As I said, I now live in Denver and have been working with the homeless community here for the last several months… Why I’ve been “allowed” to work there and have the success I have is beyond me… I initially thought that for some reason and perhaps via certain people I’ve met since being here, that I was taken off the list… It seems I may have been wrong… However, I think I’ve put those pieces together as well..

Dr. Karlstrom, I don’t know if you ever make it to Denver, but if you do, I’d love to meet with you. I’m having to work 6 days a week now as we’re understaffed and that I need the money to move (again) into a new place Dec 1st… Even though I have a car now, its essentially just a point A to B car that I’m afraid would not make the long trip to you…

I know its remarkably hard to know who to trust and who not to trust. I learned that the very hard way.

Please consider meeting with me at a place of your choosing…

Here’s my phone number 720-319-9231 and you have my email

My hours at work are generally about 1 pm to 11pm but that does often vary, especially because of our being understaffed…

Yours sincerely,
Jeff Weiss

Oct. 31, 2017:

Hi there,

My name is Alex Nguyen, I’m 30 years old, I live in Irvine California. I’m currently a TI for 12 months and I’m experiencing non stop 24/7 headaches etc from electronic Weapons harassment.

October 26th 2016 I was tortured by the FBI in an allegedly no touch psychological interrogation of what I know as a whistleblower. They’ve used a mixed of death threats, electronic weapons, and a death cult of literally demons. I was under demon possession and both my hands at one point were curl up as dozens of provoked demons possessed my body while I was going into a cardiac arrest. It was extremely painful.

During the tortures I was forced against my will to throw away thousands of dollars of my personal possession in the trash. My mind was morally and spiritually weaken to the point I was so scare of everything.

I had been lured into a dozen entrapments, forced to be hurt or killed in a staged car accident several times.

Been heavily slandered by literally everybody I know and nobody wants to talk to me anymore.

I have been set up to become homeless. Literally been evicted from my home, loss half of my house furnitures, lose so much money.

I don’t know where to seek help. Seems like nobody is willing to help TI’s and other TI’s do not want to talk to other TI’s out of fear.

I’m still being slowly tortured 24/7 by electronic weapons and gang stalked. My ears are ringing every second of my life and severe headaches that medication cannot cure except I put on a steel M1 helmet.

But I’ll look total weird walking around in public with an Vietnam War M1 helmet.

I just wish it would stopped because my life is so miserable. I’ve seen your videos and read pages of StopGangStalking but it’s the pains from the electronic weapons that’s causing myself to suffer daily.

Alex Nguyen

Oct. 24, 2017:

I am hoping to not be so isolated.
I need assistance. I am a woman alone. I am a psychotherapist who blew the whistle on New York State Corruption, and was put on a stalking program.
I am currently in Las Vegas…which is concerning, since one of the people I was “friends” with online, was a DOD agent, with a web site “All Women Are Beautiful…David Wadley, and he also worked in the past for MGM!
Please, if you can guide me to someone to talk to here…I am also thinking of moving to Colorado. My son took a job there.
I really need help!

Laurie Lundquist

Oct. 13, 2017:

Thank you for the information I very appreciate it.

I’m TI 25 years and more and I want the world to see my evidence.
only then they can understand the horrible things is waiting for them.

everyday they torture me and they Masada killed my father and my sister and more things I want to say., because my brother tomato murder that are getting my family 50 years since we moved to Israel. this is country Nazi.

The Mossad is experimenting in all my family since we moved to Israel I want to talk about that.

I have horrible evidence and I want the world to see it

thank you very much and God bless you.

Rezina Negev

Oct. 10, 2017:

Dear Dr Karlstorm,

I wanted to contact you to inform you that I am a gang stalking targeted individial.

I have alot of information regarding gang stalking. I set an automated email with proofs and the organisation itself. The email will automatically sent all over the world after a certain period of time unless I stop it.

This automated email is kind of a security and, therefore I can not give details for a certain of time.

I live in Berlin right now. I would like to know if you know other TI’s in Berlin or in Germany.

This issue is sensitive so in my opinion just sharing experiences will not bring alot couse they are taylored individually. Therefore I am not able to talk about unique expreinces in the first place. Because there is a risk that they can be somehow used against TI’s to discredit them.

In my opinion first step is to be able to organise and support each other so the TI’s have other TI’s and so on to trust and support each other in any way.

I would be happy if you response my mail, so I am sure you get it. And please note my contact details just incase.

Özgür Yanardag
Perleberger Str. Nr.: 13 Post code 10559 Berlin
Tel: 0049 163 331 4790


Oct. 4, 2017:

found your web site last night ….HALLAAALLLUYAH!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU. I really , really want to talk to you . ive been studing them and experiencing there pyco/spiritual attacks for many many years. I know how they operate and there tactics. they always attack on jew holidays and new and full moons. kabbalah! sorcery withcraft combined with stress attacks and gang stalking . total ostrazation of victim and make you out to be a devil! here in n. Idaho they have anti- racist/ feminists gangs, the local gods and goddesses, jews etc. thru the HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER.

talked to people that have lived here for 30-40 years and this has been going on for along
time also much much witch craft covens in area that are involved. ive talked to 21 pastors about these issues!!! PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME. id like to tell you how they operate and there tactics. again I have a huge amount of experience with these devils and would love to expose as much as possible as they have DEVESTADED MY LIFE. in seattle they had taken total control of my life and had played me like a puppet for many years….

joseph 208-981-1870 ps cell num sure is monitered if you want to talk I can find a home phone and call you. GOD BLESS J

Sept. 28, 2017:

Hi my name is Ms. Price let me make you aware of what’s going on my mind body is going thru a trauma. This started out 7 yrs ago i started hearing real people in my mind. I never heard any voices in my mind a day in my life. They tried to say it was schizophrenia so i went to NIH in Maryland they said it was not schizophrenia i seen a team of 28 doctors while i was there they don’t know what my diagnoses.

The voices i hear say that they can attack me and its true let me explain. They can attack my nervous system and my motor skills they can induce sleep they can make me have force speech and change the way i feel. They can attack my mind im losing my short term memory. They try to stop me from doing my task and making me loss direction. My body parts are moving by themselves that’s some form of control of my brain. The voices say they are going to make me loss my mind. They cause me to have pain everyday in any part of my body. The voices are trying to break me down mentally and physically i have lost so much weight i have been hospitalized over 25 times and my body is going thru a trauma.

I been to every hospital here in Cincinnati and none of them have been able to help me and im suffering. I was told to speak with you by this memory doctor that i spoke with on the phone. I almost bleed to death i was bleeding from my stomach i felt something kicking me in the stomach. I never heard voices or experience this situation until i was 38 yrs old and i lived on this street called Simpson. Please tell me where to go to treat my condition. Please call me at (513) 290-7450 what im dealing with can incapacitate and destroy me psychology and physiologically

Dianeen Price

Sept. 27, 2017:

You sound extremely intelligent to me. I believe , no, I know I am one of “testies.” I am trying my best to stay sane through all of this and maintain the health I have left. I can feel my body needing to breath and relax, but as you know this is not “allowed.”

I am working as a fitness instructor in the am. There were days I felt like I had to crawl there, days I had to visit the ER and days I felt like I was going to collapse. My question is…do you keep going even when your body is screaming to stop, move away and relax? I’m trying but every time I feel like I’m beating this thing something else comes up right before I have a chance. Stress, who knows what could occur in 5 years without taking care of your body now. I have gray matter from an Mri of the brain and a hue around my left iris. My red blood cells are wider than they should be. All of this I was actually told by physicians in the last 2 years.

I know your not a counselor and cannot reply to everyone, but thanks for your emails and your comments. I’m alittle worried about getting on the CCs with all the hoopla.

AF (Angela Farrell)

Sept. 25, 2017:


I am at a loss of what to do. Start at the local level or go to the federal level? I filed a FOIA with all of the alphabet agencies in 2014. It took the NSA 11 months to get back to me. I appealed their “state secrets” response with EO 13526, Section 1.7 and, of course, it did no good. They took another year to get to my appeal. I went through Muckrock, however, they did not respond to my appeal through Muckrock because it is un-Constitutional.

On May 11, 2017, they advised of my right, pursuant to 5 USC 552 (a)(4)(B) to seek judicial review of their determination in the U.S. District Court of my state (Wisconsin), or in which the NSA’s records are situation (U.S. District Court of Maryland) or in the District of Columbia. Or I could contact the Offict of Government Information Serivces (OGIS) at the National Archives and Records Administration to inquire about their FOIA mediation services they offer.

The person who wrote this is:

David J. Sherman
Chief, Strategy, Plans, and Policy
Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Appeal Authority
Case: 75823/Appeal: 4070

All because they feel if they state I am under SIGINT or HUMINT, it will affect National Security – so they will not tell me, even if I am under surveillance or not. So illegal.

I would like to pursue this further. I would like to push the envelope because we should have the right to find if we are on a watch list or not. Of course you know that all of this is illegal. No laws can be made and carried out that go against the Constitution. This is illegal. Period.

But I don’t have a way to do this. Do you have any suggestions? Even back in 2014 I was advising people to write FOIA requests to federal agencies. The responses I received: They’ll just tell you it’s a “state secret”. Sure, but it’s a process. If we all did it, we would all be at this point. We could all then push this envelop together.

I then took the local level stance. I certainly did not mean to offend you. I am simply out here alone, getting my ideas turned away time after time.

Sent By Debra Poulsen
All Rights Reserved.

Aug. 28, 2017:

Dr. Karlstom we are exmormons now born again Christians and believe we have been targeted for over 25 years. I believe the L.D.S. SECURITY fat with former F.B.I. and C.I.A. agents is a major suspect in our dilemma. Have you done any papers or speaking on L.D..S involvement in gang stalking. If you want to talk, call us at home Eric and Kelly Adams, 530 877 7293 or send Email of course. We have heard many of your talks on Kev Baker great stuff, thank you.

Eric Adams

Aug. 28, 2017:

My name is Kristen Fristoe, for the past 8 months could longer and i just happened to realize it one day… I am fully 1000% being gang stalked and i have tried moving towns, jobs and fuck i cant even keep a job because im so in fear for my life. The man i fell in love with turned out was part of this all i cant sleep hardly eat im so scared they even have my children my own children in on it and when i confront my oldest he tells me he cant tell me and cries. I need help i hate feeling like im crazy and o promise im not i have pictures videos voice recordings i have people watvhing me 24/7 they want me to kill myself i cant keep up with the panic attacks im so alone please help me 541-636-6979

Aug. 24, 2017:


My name is Kelly Petersen. Six years ago I was stalked by a gang of people of what appeared upon further inspection to be a small cult with a base of 6 people and a larger resource of about 50 people. I did see government garb, but just on one person that I wasn’t supposed to see.

This group moved into a house right off my work route right above my favorite bike shop in Madison, WI. One pretended to date me. Then they drugged me for about a week. I had an out of body experience that convinced me to stay after the drugs wore off.

They told me that they were aliens and that I was the key to saving the planet. They told me to pray, so I started praying. I prayed for 76hrs straight. All hunger and thirst left me (I refused to ask them for food or water.) I finally saw a Pentacostal dove while I was reading a Sumerian text that I’d found in the house. They gave me access to their library. Then I was released. They held me for a total of 21 days. Which is the exact amount of time that it takes to reinforce a behaviour.

They instilled different fear triggers. Such as the color blue (like the color of this send button), airplanes, bars of soap. They told me they were my friends over and over. I think the point was to make me completely non-functional in society. I have a 120 page document about what I remember. The police won’t accept my statement. The detective put on my case won’t return my calls. I’ve only contacted her a handful of times when I have new info. She stopped responding to me four years ago.

In the time since my detainment I’ve been relentlessly working on getting rid of my laundry list of triggers, with much success. It basically became me new life purpose. I travelled out west visiting friends and telling them in person about what happened to me. I moved to New York City (where I made a very nice life for myself in a new environment) to hide in a sea of people (but it proved too stimulating).

I’m now with extended family and trying to find a way to nail these motherfuckers. I know they’re doing this to other people. My main theory is that I’m a high vibrational being and they were trying to disable me. I’d been meditating for two hours a day for two years just previous to my kidnapping and had just come back from a goodwill trip to Nicaragua to visit a community of women and try and help them figure out how to feed themselves through the winter.

I’d love to send you my document or talk to anyone that would be interested. I’m at a new location that is desolate and I’ve started seeing UFO’s every night. I thought they were drones at first, but they fly so smoothly together. They call me out of my apartment every night and I wait a few minutes and they all fly over me. It’s quite beautiful, but they never contact me.

Please help me.
Kelly Petersen.

Hey Eric,

Yes, I am Christian. At the time of my kidnapping I was agnostic, but after I saw a cross in the sky, went to heaven when (I think they might have OD’ed me), saw the dove made out of flames, and a crucifix came alive off the wall, I’m now, well, something that encompasses that. I definitely believe. I went to a parochial school and my grandfather had taken me to many religious sights when I was a teen including Fatima and Lourdes. The second time I was in Rome the pope came out to his bedroom window at the vatican, where a weird tour guide pulled me and my grandfather aside so we could see him for a minute. It was on the first floor to the right. He was writing something down, and then waved a hand at us and left. I know this is not normal.
I feel like this is war, and I feel like I’m winning. I’m pretty sure they can’t kill me, or they would have. I’ve told my story to strategically placed people for my safety including a professor at Columbia University, many people in the medical field, cosmology radar analysts. Basically anyone who I think can help me, and a smattering of friends that I trust. If anything were to happen to me there’s at least a dozen people that would disclose my document immediately and they’re all over the country.

Yes, please post my statement. I’m in the middle of writing a book about my travels across American in search of a new place to call home and all the racism, classism, and sexism that I witnessed before returning to the midwest to care for my grandparents.

Since my near death experience I’ve developed some gifts. My eyesight improved to 20/20 when my whole family requires glasses. I can see more colors on the spectrum, I can hear bats, and other song birds singing out of normal auditory frequencies. I’ve been pulled to safety three times when I was in harms way. I feel protected.

Feel free to copy and paste both of these statements. I’m comfortable disclosing my truth.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it.

If anyone would like to talk to me more my phone number is 608-445-1287.

Kelly Petersen

Reading your statements is making me feel a lot better. It’s as if they tried to tie a psychological stone to my legs, dumped me in the ocean, and all that happened is that I became a stronger swimmer. If the government was testing anything on me, which I think they were, it DID NOT work how they wanted it to. Since then I’ve done many things that a lot of people would say would have been impossible for me to do previously. It actually helped me navigate society better even if I had to painfully hack my own brain and reprogram myself. I didn’t tell them a single detail about myself. I never cracked. All of them look like they aged five years while I was there. Now I’m right where I want to be. I’m actually guarding a library of controversial books for my grandfather and living on a few acres on the river. It could have been worse 😉

Thank you for your hard work! I believe we can overcome!

Kelly Petersen

Aug. 24, 2017:

Dear Dr. Eric Karlstrom,

I am a 41 years old Italian man who is living in The Netherlands. I am a T.I. and victim of covert electronic harassment.

I would like to send a letter to inform the U.S. Congress and/or the U.S. President that I am a victim of attacks perpetrated through the use of electronic weapon for electronic warfare and asking to have the program ceased.

Can you please provide me with a letter template I can use? Can you please give me the address (physical address and/or email) where I can address my message?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours Truly,

Alberto Abaterusso

Aug. 23, 2017:

Hello. I’ll keep this short because whenever I have sought help, I don’t get any. So I won’t waste my time with all the details of my daily torture because you probably can’t or won’t help, if this even reaches the intended recipient. My emails get blocked or diverted as well as some texts. You know the game. I am a HIGHLY TORTURED INDIVIDUAL in Vermont. Moved here 9 moths ago from Pennsylvania and all the same shit happens here. I expected this though.

Is there anything you can do to help me? I do almost all of the passive techniques that you mention on the Kev Baker Show but was wondering if there was anything else.

Some things worth mentioning is that I was drugged, poisoned and raped for many many years and the worst incident was on July 28, 2017. It was on this occasion that I was implanted beyond belief. Before this incident p, my old dentist kindly implanted devices in my fillings. Because, why not? The mans gotta eat.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. But of course there’s the gangstalking by lowlife mind controlled entities who need their gift cards, cars, condos, trips, teeth fixed, boob jobs and you know, doing gods work as they’re told.

If you can offer anything, even just advice, I’d be more than grateful.

Thank you for your time.

Bethayn Balch

Aug. 13, 2017:

Dear Professor Karlstrom,

Thank you for having done an excellent interview and for posting the interview on youtube. It was very informative, very well done.

I have been a TI for decades. I’ve started to write more (for example, United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals, which was published in 2016) and have become more of an activist, for human rights, for our constitutional rights and more generally to bring about change for the better (for example, I was a third party candidate for US Congress in 2014).

I have been teaching ESL and have encountered ongoing issues with perp students and perp co-workers. Is there any advice you can offer me, please, on how best to cope with – or cure – such issues?

Thank you in advance for your consideration to my email.

Kind regards,

William Curtis Edstrom
[email protected] (alumni email)

Aug. 7, 2017:

Hi Dr. Karlstrom. The first email I sent you was returned deliverable. I am going to try again. This is a follow up of the mail I sent you sometime in May regarding a letter I was addressing to CCSF. I believe this will be a catalyst case for all TI’s as it is addressed to a Government body that will hopefully initiate an investigation of my claims. I am going to address it to Dennis Herrera, the City Attorney for City and County of San Francisco.

I know it will be read, but nevertheless might not be stopped. I would appreciate you adding what I have missed and take out what you feel, as a reader, is unnecessary. English is my second language and the some elements might seem redundant. ‘The recent development, after the election of Trump, which denied the City federal funding unless they scratch off their sanctuary city status has brought about some distancing from the Joint FBI Terrorism Task force as well as the city reconsidering their involvement with Fusion Center.

I believe it was ….who said “if you cannot explain it simply, you probably do not understand it at all!”” OGS is like a rabbit hole that requires detailed explanation which at times makes the reader lose interest. I want this letter to grab its readers so they will read it to the end….I need your help to make it so!!

Thank you

Targeted Individual

July 31, 2017:


My name is João (John) and I’m from Portugal.

The first time I’ve about gang stalking was in the youtube video in The Kev Baker Show.
GOG’S NEW GESTAPO – The Global Gang Stalkers REVEALED! w/Dr Eric Karlstrom

I become very disturbed by what I’ve heard because I have a friend that in the last 6 years complains about voices in her head, people that can see what she see’s.
The last years she’s lost a lot of weight and has marks in the body.
It can be directed energy weapons.

I’ve neven taken her serious because it was almost unbelievable.

And later I saw another video of you in the youtube Channel pineconeutopia.

Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking – with Dr Eric Karlstrom on WorldBeyondBelief

And in this video you refer that this spy networks integrated with the police have been used in Portugal (12m10s).
And you refer Portugal (13m08s) again refering that if you go somewhere else the protocol follows you.

Is gangstalking so widespread in Portugal?
I feel really bad because of never believed in my friend.

Is there anything that can be done?

Thank you.

Best regards. Joao Marques

July 29, 2017:

My name is Audra, I’m targeted 10 years or more. I don’t like this TI label, that’s not who we are. I’m Infinite loving Soul-True Human being, just landed in wrong place in online dating. I met some men & I’m old enough to see them intentions so wasn’t impressed with them creepy games, so why soulless so called men united & were so exited to find sincerely naïve victim to satisfy them sick creepy desire to torture & kill innocent women & appears even get paid, how creepier can be???!!! My big mistake was that I went to 4 dates with a cop & didn’t want to go to 5th & after this was hard not to notice increased attention of police wherever I go, all kind street theaters, nothing harassing, at first somehow creepy-funny, later started all kind of civilians theaters & gang stalking. Birds theaters, I was enjoying. All kind unusual things was happening to me, I was thinking they want to be mentalists & I’m object of training for them, I was thinking they doing some black magic or what, only last year understood where they put me in.

Very early, still being on dating site, I understood that my computer was hacked, they killed my computer & I get free used comp from perp-handler, at the time I didn’t know who he really is, I was grateful & thinking how nice & with this “gift” they sure showed me very clear that can do whatever they want w my comp.

Suddenly started all kind health problems: severe lower back pain, heart problems, asthma attacks, stroke symptoms, sudden vision disappear, fainted 2times, 1st time falling down break my hand, my thyroid suddenly lost lots of weight, my eye-lashes & eye-brow fell out, was loosing hair, severe pain chest & lower stomach, was trying to induce depression & suicide, all kind of bruises over nights, 1time rapped remotely & sexual stimulations day & night. Honey traps, perhaps was trying to make me sexofender, surveyed all over, completely isolated, everybody around & far away became perps. It’s really sad & sickening to see how people so fast, like over night, loosing souls, hearts & becoming brainless zombies some of fear & some really enjoying torturing innocent people.

I grow up in society w different priorities & values & 1st couple years in US California, even before this creepiest experience of all my life times, was questing: WHY humankind so scrod up?? & I was thinking nothing can surprise me anymore, so how wrong I was & got my answer in this sick way, thank you so much.

Broke ins in my home & car, tires was slashed, phone hacked, lots of perps calls 1 w death threat, online credit card robed. Last year when I understood that my mind is read, they nicely let me know about TIs & since 11-16-16 started electronic harassments 24/7. mostly attacking my brains, eyes & everything down from lower back hips, legs& feet. Sometimes really severe, 2 mornings get up w swollen head looking good w no wrinkles & 1 time in the middle of day was cocking me some 1h no cover helped my face was yellow-grey & was looking like 100y or more so life is full of joy & surprises.

Some good happened in all this. I got my speed-up spiritual education, I got out of victimhood, I’m getting to know who I really am, I find all kind of ways to protect & heal myself. I think that our power & way to survive is Unconditional Love, Knowledge & Unity, coz we are LOVE so why those stinkers of the Universe killing Love from 1st steps they put on our beautiful planet & we nicely allowing & helping them to do this & now we have results.

I love you all, Peace, Love & Bliss.

I hope you will get my message, I never know where my emails going & who is answering me.

Thank you so much. Love Audra

July 29, 2017:

Thank you, Eric. This is very helpful.

Yes, it is the biggest crime against humanity that we have faced so far. It gets better: In my understanding, that AI brain mapping is also interfaced with high-precision DEW delivery to undertake the “neurological mutilation” that Jose Delgado was advocating for people who do not fall in line.

If we don’t shut it down fast, we are all done for.

Dr. Katherine Horton

July 26, 2017:

Dear Eric,

I am a bonafide victim/target of RNM and have been for years. I believe I know who brought this upon me and your web page sounds too good to be true because I have never, ever doubted myself. I wish I could talk to other victims.

How can we expose this to force the perpetrators to permanently cease and desist?? What do the devices look like so I know what to look for?? Can you help me expose this heinous attack before I am destroyed by it, please?

Cathy (Diane Wellington)

June 23, 2017:

Hello. My name is Szabo Alexandru from Petrila, Romania. I have been under satellite psychotronic influence for many years, while a holographic projection of this is being broadcasted somewhere for public view. Do you know someone who could help me find and understand what is being done to me?

Thank you.

Alex Szabo

May 30, 2017:

I’m being gang stalked in southern Utah, St. George – since 2012/13 ? Mostly stalked by organized neighborhood watch, emergency responders, I’m thinking CERT, community emergency response teams, retail security, private security and law enforcement – looks like a military element also. It started with a dispute at Walmart pharmacy. I was working as a pharmacy technician, was getting major workplace mobbing, sexual harassment, some really and rude stuff.

Since then I’ve learned the DHS trains CERTeams, they then go back to communities, become block captains with little to no accountabilty. The LDS church, I’m not a member, is also a factor.

I’ve researched 9/11, read protocols of Zion, looked into false flag operations and studied sedevacante catholicism, 501C3 churches. I agree with you about the military/civilian secret army operation. I am a military veteran, have a Bachelor’s degree out of San Diego State, no wonder I’ve been targeted. This is a total suspension of the US constitutuion. I believe this country has been taken over by the so-called deep state but people are not aware of it.


May 20, 2017:

My name is Mathieu Herve Pierre Barnabe DIRAISON, and I have a 6 years old son. I live in Cambodia for more than 7 years and I am victim of a Gang Stalking using psychotronic weapon.

The entire expats from sihanoukville town where I live took me as a target because I refuse to use social media networks particularly Facebook ; it s against my philosophy; my way of thoughts.

I tried to escape them with my son. We went to the capital Phnom Pehn, but they were still after us. Then I decided to flee to Bangkok, but they were still after us.

I suppose that it may be the french authorities that covered the manipulation. Without any credit card I had to go back where everything started: Sihanoukville. I am still targeted by those gang stalkers. I will be soon out of ressources, because I spent too much money trying to escape them while I was in Thailand.

I feel like an animal in a cage.

Please help me. I need a lawyer

I want to testify I got no proof but I think I may remember important information about their equipment.
My phone; +855(0)889242334

May 12, 2017:

Currently being assaulted electronically while at work and under surveillance illegally, Organized stalking by my neighbor and others that reside on my block where i live. I believe i have been implanted with an RFID chip of some sort that allows these perpertrators to eavesdropping on me and family members in my household. I have been conspired against and exposed to (DEW) Direct Energy Weapons, Gangstalking and seeking legal aid. I need an attorney that can assist or referral to an attorney Civil rights or Human rights.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Leacroft Witter I have been Exposed and a victim of organized secret society gangstalking, Electromagnetic Assaults, Electronic Harassment, Internet hacking of my

cell phone and home electronics, Eavesdropping tactics etc for 3 yrs. The Harassment is very real and is being carried out every day by these perpertators for reasons of hate,

jealousy, revenge, and insecurities.I was conspired against because of a relationship i left with a girlfriend and her daughter which, lasted 6 yrs. I became classified as a

Targeted Individual immediately right after, which is a person being targeted by a group of individuals in society known as Perpertators or “Perps”. The Known perps that I am

certain of is my next door neighbor and his neighbors and others that live along the same block of the neighborhood.i know that i am being plotted and conspired against. Some

of these houses look abandoned and I am positively? sure about their werabouts. I have been watching these Perps for 3 plus yrs, which is the length of time this assault began

now and i know there routines, and I have names and

addresses of some of the perpetrators also. I can give descriptions and you could almost tell The way the houses are setup on the block including my home that they are staged

to Harassing, stalking, as well as eavesdropping on people with hidden cameras and sound devices in the homes. I am a us citizen and I have come to understand through research

that I have been covertly been bugged with a chip inside my body, a Bio chip of some sort and RFID implanted where I can hear these predators voices and they can hear and see

my every move. I am constantly being harassed 24/7 everyday with intimidation tactics voice to skull wanting me to moving away from this area where these perps live carrying

out these acts on citizens violating civil and human rights. I believe that this area was being used for years covertly even before me and family members moved here by these

perps to carrying out the Harassing of citizens in the neighborhood that they don’t want living there. They are constantly Harassing me with microwave magnetic tracking

devices and much more technology.This all began 3yrs ago after leaving a 6 yrs relationship I had with my Ex girlfriend and her daughter which I feel has something to do with

my harassing, because immediately after i separated from my Ex i was attacked by these perps in attempt to make me move away from my Mothers house where the Baby father and his relatives also reside. I have come to understanding that I am being Conspired against by my Ex girlfriends Baby father and his relatives that are employed with Homeland security involvement and other secret agency covertly with the stalking, internet hacking of my personal electronics and info , electronic Harassment

which deals with Electromagnetic, physcotronic radiation from Satellites and powerlines set up on these houses and government Satellites towers with by my Ex girlfriends baby father and his

relative also other associates that could be ex military, police, and government involvement of some sort. These perps are always watching me and listening and Harassing me

electronically with radiation because of the magnetic chip tracker inside of my body. I want to take legal action by issuing a lawsuit and would like to know how to begin the

process. One of the Perps which is my next door neighbor which identity is a Neal Manning he is the relative of the baby father of my Ex girlfriend address 1011 East 223rd St in the Bronx, NY 10466, also 1009, 1005, 1007, I am positively

sure that he and others at these addresses are some of the main suspects in my harassing and there neighbors along the whole block of East 223rd street, Bronx, Newyork 10466

area, between Paulding and Laconia. I have been subjected to (OSEH)- Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment, which are methods used by Perps in targeting a specific person

for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death (DEW)- Direct Energy Weapon such as microwave pulp frequencies etc, (V2K)-Voice to skull device which is a weapon use for

transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. I would like to report this urgent matter to the appropriate? authorities and agencies to get feedback on how proceed legally

thanks. Also still ongoing currently being exposed and harrassed while working occupation fulltime Residential maintenance porter a citizen electronically, mind hacking, able to

reading my thoughts as i think of anything, they are controlling metabolic activities in my body, uses of energy weapons, Satellite and Microwave devices giving off magnetic flux force beams to my fore head, frying brain cells and controlling my bathroom usage as well as physcology

tactics to intimidate my overall well-being, indeed a violation in many ways of my amendment rights, civil liberties, human rights etc.

Best regards,

Leacroft Witter
1013 East 223rd sreet
Bronx, NY 10466

May 6, 2017:

Dr. Erick, my name is Senaite Shifferaw. My targeting began in 2008. I was an employee of the City and County of San Francisco, Port at the time. I was struck by a car, on the job, and was on workerscomp. when all of a sudden my reality began to change….slowly but surely and within two weeks I could not even recognize myself. I had come to the verge of taking myself out. It was not an option as I had a 8 year old son. I had to live for him. I live each breath taking day and night of my life with this program. I was forced to settle my case for pennies to the dollar, I was mobbed and pushed out of my job as I tried to return to work. I now want to write a Petition of Grievance, addressed to the Port Commission.

I have followed your interviews and appreciate all the information and research you had done to enable us understand the program to some extent. Can I send you a copy of the letter so you can look at it and give me your views? In following many of TI’s postings or You tube videos the detail people narrate makes the viewer lose interest. I know the program is detailed….involving every second of ones existence….yet the core of the program should be addressed.

I am planning to send my letter not only to the Port Commission, but to City Supervisors, Civil Service Commission, Commissioners City wide as well as the City Attorney’s Office who handled my WC case on behalf of the City. By the way I live in Berkeley, had a house at the time I could not believe how so many agencies could decide to attack me for Berkeley Police and the Berkeley School District were part of this orchestrated program.

It is massive….but at least I am not afraid any more….thanks to people like you who did the leg work to enable us understand the program. I had to do my share, as a human being to expose this program. Fear had left me paralyzed up to now…I am ready to act and am not afraid even if they take me out!!

Thank you for reading me and hope you will be willing to read my letter for its final delivery.

Senaite Shifferaw

April 17, 2017:

Goodmorning.Residing in GREECE and I want to inform you that I receive
more than 300 times attacked by electromagnetic weapon and have
reported to the courts of my town.what can I do to prove to the
complaint more .I known their instigators who holds.

Teo Boltsis

April 14, 2017:


I am a victim of gang stalking, mine is largely satanic in nature. I have been phone tapped, something is in my home, and my car is somehow being tracked 24/7. On a trip I took 3 years ago, I was indirectly told 2 colors were going to be used on me. They also emotionally abuse me with a couple different numbers. My harassment has been going on in the satanic realm that I know of for over 15 years, and they let me know 3 years ago I was a targeted individual.

I was also told indirectly that devil worshippers were moving into my neighborhood, and over a period of 10 years they did. Because of this we moved into the country, and I was warned before moving that I was in trouble, only to find out I moved right next door to a couple who are heavily involved in my harassment. There have been many examples of this happening, and I recently found out I am a mind control victim, and a victim of ritual abuse. My husband also let me know recently of his involvement in my gang stalking. He has also been using gaslighting on me for at least 12 years.

Two weeks ago, I was electronically tortured. A couple of days later I heard a high pitch noise which penetrated my brain, and found out it was coming from our landline phone. I ripped it out of the wall and it stopped. Do you know where and how that noise on the phone happened, and if there is any way of protecting myself from such harassment.

I am aware of many individuals names involved in my harassment. From street people, to doctors.


Feb. 9, 2017:

Dear Dr Karlstrom,

Just a note to let you know that your videos are very much appreciated!

As a TI, I have been actively promoting them and the great letter to Mr Trump that you just posted which I just shared with Alfred Webre which he was happy to receive. He said he’d send it to Leuren Moret, another great spirit! I’ve also shared it with Amnesty International, with the following comments : “Citizens are being tortured and NOT A WORD FROM YOU???! ( makes me think of your comment “I hear all gangstalkers are brown nosers, is that true!??”) also sent it to

In re to this military organized gang stalking, I spoke with a police officer here and he told me that they were getting a lot of complaints in connection with this and to go talk to city council, that the mayor was getting a lot of complaints but still not a word about this from the mayor in the papers or on TV.. And the email I got back from the mayor in re. to this was to contact the police dept. (the run around..)

Anyway, I’m praying that Mr Trump will be able to look into this,and address and shame these people, CIA, military publicly on CNN, twitter and other media. We really need a publicity campaign in re . to this, to educate as many people so they don’t get sucked in to this gang stalking as a way to earn a pay cheque, I come across hundreds every day.. And I get women that come up to me pointing me in the chest “My son died in Iraq!!” and like that man from Portugal, some of them actually think that they have something to teach me!! Just unbelievable…

All I did was share a video of a speech by Martin Sheen that the US military/CIA didn’t like and asked me to remove it because i was getting close to a million views, its the one he gave at WEDAY in Vancouver in 2010, its still there with about 3500 views, along with an idea for frozen food mailboxes in supermarkets, where people could drop off their leftovers to share with the poor, (to be scanned for contaminants
then flash frozen in individual containers and shipped off to children in need around the world..) most already accept cans but some people just didnt like me promoting this..

I had sent the idea out to a number of US charity organizations, Red cross, World vision, Bill Gates who all seem very controlled by US military.. I found out that they did not like me sharing this idea., (yup.. found out not everyones interested in helping the hungry..)

And found out through all of this by connecting dots of past unfortunate experiences that I’ve had in my life that I had in fact been targeted, been watched and experimented on for many, many years and THAT has been very hard for me to swallow! because I like so many of us, have always treasured my privacy… And I still have a hard time wrapping
my head around the fact that I was under observation this whole TIME!????????! it floors me. just floors me.. kills a part of me. i’m a tough guy but still…….my parents who are elderly don’t know anything about this and neither does my younger brother who would surely
have a ‘major’ fit and heart attack if he found out. just unbelievable.

This is in addition to intellectual properties that they stole from me (similar to Charlie Seven’s story. In PART II -SEVENGATE > 38 min. mark to 50 minutes, she outlines this whole racqueteering business involving NSA/ CIA.. freaking nightmare. The gang stalking only got worse when I did not want to delete the video from youtube, but it actually started back in the mid nineties when I was developing my properties.

Looking back and connecting the dots now.. just unbelievable. Discovering the amount of Government corruption in connection with this.. just makes me… want to move to some remote island in the south atlantic..

And you know, being beamed at every opportunity.. i had to move out of my place. still beamed.. low cost hotels, wherever I go. but I keep track of other guests and try document as much as I can.. The holy spirit counteracts some of the microwaves and drinking lost of water everyday helps but still..

Anyway, I would love to see life sentences given out to those responsible for coordinating all the stalking and a worldwide ban on these mind control weapons. We really need an international treaty on this and class action lawsuit, Alfred wrote a great legislation proposal and’I’m hoping it will be put into use.. I’m hoping Mr Trump will take the lead and act on what is outlined in that letter, once he discovers how bad things really are.

We tend to follow everything US does you know? Media here is totally controlled by US military, majority of commercials, all in bed with the military, used to get their messages out.. and french Quebequers easily manipulated unfortunately.

I’m just at the beginning of this video here, (and taking a break rushing off this note to you) heartbreaking.

Thanks again,

God bless,

John ORourke
Targeted in Montreal, PQ

Jan. 26, 2017:

Hello Mr. Karlstrom:

I was listening to you, on YouTube, with Paul Marco’s organization, “The World Beyond Belief”, talking about gangstalking. I am a targeted individual and victim of gangstalking/organized stalking (whatever terminology is being used). The intense form of the stalking began around August/September 2008 when I was living in New York City.

In retrospect, I now understand that I have been victimized by gangstalking for many years prior to 2008 through “workplace mobbing” and other things that have taken place in my past, but was unaware that this type of program existed. In other words, I was rather clueless and ignorant to what was really going on. In the first 3 1/2 years of the intense stalking, from 2008, I was in a complete daze and thought I was the only person going through this because I could not have imagined that this existed.

I first started noticing various types of planes continuously flying over my head and those planes made sure that they were loud when they were directly over me and many of these planes were low flying. I also started noticing extreme noise campaigns from the neighbors above me stomping on the floors to the next door neighbor continuously slamming his doors. I would also notice these electronic pulses going through my body although I did not know what it was and sound assaults. I didn’t know anything about these weapons, but at times they had the ability to put me to sleep and other times they would prevent me from sleeping. I have also had countless of computers sabotaged.

They obviously know how to pierce through firewalls and any other computer protection. In the winter time, they would somehow bang on my pipes continuously at all hours of the day and night. There were also water leaks coming from my bathroom and bedroom ceilings. I used to temp a lot and found that I could no longer get temp jobs and basically black listed. It even spread to my friends and family who began staying away from me. I even distanced by the church that I was attending.

I began noticing that when I went to church that the ushers would sit me away from others and I would get evil looks and stares. I was completely isolated, scared and felt completely alone. Outside of a few lame attempts to see what was going on, I really did not make any major complaints for fear that no one would believe me and that something would happen and I did not have any support from anyone.

I decided to Google what I was experiencing and the 2 results I saw was targeted individuals and gangstalking. I was surprised to learn that this had a name and I found a few websites of organizations that help victims. I began to do some research and reached out to a few organizations and people that I could find. I became suspicious and discouraged because much of the information I received on many of the organizations indicated that they were nothing more than government fronts and/or run by government shills. I proceeded cautiously and decided to reach out anyway because I had nothing and no one else. To make a long story short, I have gotten seriously “burned” over the years and pulled back from many of the groups and people out of deep suspicion.

I have moved many times and I am now in Dallas, Texas. In retrospect, I don’t know if this was the best move I made, but I had the get out of New York and could no longer afford living there. I am currently in a state where I am extremely isolated, extremely alone and the targeting/gangstalking has increased to the point where I feel I am about to “let go”. I currently have no fellowship and no one wants to be around me. I am living in an apartment complex where everyone is complicit and involved in my gangstalking and if I say or do anything then the volunteer police bureau is at my door with some form of threat.

They know that I am alone and are doing just about anything they want. The noise campaigns are still very intense with a group of thugs (in the apartment underneath me) banging and somehow they are able to vibrate their ceiling and my floor making me very dizzy and angry. I get the directed energy weapons coming into my body at all angles as well as sound assaults in my ears 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their is car noise outside of my door constantly and people who knock on my door and then go away (all kinds of mind games). They even seem to have the coordination of the noise running of my toilet and the noise from my refrigerator. By the way, those helicopters are always ready for me when I leave out the door and follow me wherever I go and will get followed around the store from time to time. Also, since I work from home on my computer, they have also sabotaged my computers and have made it difficult for me to keep my work from home jobs by locking me out of systems. The good thing is that I have programs that have kept tabs on my computer and might have evidence regarding the sabotaging of my systems.

In any case, I am desperate need for fellowship of people fighting the good fight for justice. I know that I need to leave out of here, and have a little money, but would like some direction on where to go. I know that I always need to be careful due to infiltrators, but I cannot stay alone like this because I won’t last besides I really don’t want to be alone. I would like to have the opportunity to speak with you, time permitting. I see that you are busy, but when time permits please contact me at 917-562-3144 or [email protected]. I am sending this message to you via your 911nwo contact form as well as your email address at [email protected]. I find that sometimes emails get blocked and if you don’t get the email then you will get this via the contact form.

Thank you for all that you do.


Jan. 19, 2017:

Hi Erick, I have been a victim of gangstalking for two years. I have a blog and Facebook page that are primarily for evidence in case more things happen to Family, Juvenile Court, and CPS Accountability/. I have been followed, harassed, and my children have been harassed as well. I just want it to stop. Would you happen to have any tips on how to get off the list?

-Lori Weatherford

Jan. 23, 2017:

Greetings Dr. Karlstrom,

My name is Ben Blevins and I’m a targeted individual much like yourself. I have been a TI since March 2014 and I’d like to share details on my experience which was similar to what you described in an interview with Andrew Carrington (complete exhaustion in particular, which was the worst part).

It took me a few months to recover and adapt to the changes of sleep deprivation, projected voices (my own and others), and of course tinnitus. Learning to live with this is scary in and of itself, as someone is using this as input to a computer algorithm and improving upon it for the next individual. I believe the best way to get through this is to share our stores with other people and TIs in particular. I’ve found some solace in knowing I’m not alone with this problem. I’d like it stopped for everyone at once, so perhaps if we all piece together details of this satanic program we could dismantle it from within?

I believe the reason they targeted me is somewhat unique. In 2012 I worked for Intel in California (a.k.a. silicon valley, microwave valley, or what I now say: “satanic valley”) on a project for Stephen Hawking. I designed machine vision systems to acquire and process video and this particular project was to recognize Hawking’s face and allow him to interact with his computer via facial movements. This was a rush project and within a couple months I was able to get a functioning system. It allowed him to twitch his eyebrows and cheeks to operate his linguistic software. It was needed quickly because Hawking could no longer use his fingers for a button and this is the only other way he could input to his computer.

This isn’t a significant accomplishment and probably not a reason for anyone to become a TI, but when Hawking was visiting us and testing the system there was a camera crew there filing his documentary. I didn’t want to be filmed and went to the next room, but there was a problem with the software and I had to come back to fix it. They filmed me in that brief encounter then put me in the movie. I became a TI shortly after the DVD was released, so this is undoubtedly the reason. It must be that anyone involved with “mind reading”, even if it’s a trivial camera and software application, must be systematically limited via established mind control systems.

I’m at time 19:53 on YouTube (black shirt a focusing the camera):

I’ve been researching this since… and in retrospect a video camera and software is stone age technology compared to synthetic telepathy. So I still don’t know why someone like you or I could be “threat” worth attacking. We’re ants and they are bullies with magnifying glasses. My theory is they are the “losing side” and attacking us is being done by software in a sort of last stand. Maybe this system is older than we think and we’re very far from the actual conflict? Perhaps it’s from WW2 as the RADAR hearing effect was known by solders back then?

Also I was gangstalked in California and decided it was best to move back to Oklahoma to be with my family in relative peace. For whatever reason gandstalkers are not allowed here, but the microwave system is still being used. I also flew to London to see if anything would be different, but the tinnitus and zapping actually got stronger as if the system were more established there. It’s probably safe to assume this is globalized.

A couple details you might find interesting:

Firstly my gangstalkers seemed to come in two distinct groups. One would be violent looking gang members (Hispanic primarily) in groups of 3+ arriving in separate vehicles at the grocery store or wherever I was at. The other would be single individuals but clearly office workers with much better social appearances. It might have been that the first group were mind control slaves and the other counter-intelligence people… maybe not sent to intentionally stalk me, but observe those that did? This is only my opinion though, as they’re probably all part the same organization participating in the same gaslighting algorithms.

The second and more interesting thing is that my cell phone and internet were manipulated. I could see inserted text and images on almost every website I visited. They were changing headlines and bodies of text with what I could only assume were intended for the people doing remote viewing on me. The images would include things like “classified” or “noforn” at the top similar to what Snowden released. There were photos of people I didn’t recognize. The text that was sometimes Russian. After the first few days this stopped, but it might show that there is an internal struggle in the controllers of these systems and using me as a conduit. It also shows a relationship with the Crimean invasion as it happened at the same time and some images were of camouflaged solders holding AK-47s.

I can go into more detail if you like. It would take hundreds of pages of text to describe what happened over the first month alone. I’m sure 99% of it is useless due to the computerized nature of this “Zersetzung” technique, so please feel free to contact me if you have questions that might be relevant.

Keep up the good work and doing interviews. You have a great way of explaining this and that is the most important thing we TIs need, especially for technically-minded people like myself. Thank you!

Ben Blevins
[email protected]

P.S. I like to strictly separate facts from theories, but one theory I have is that 9/11 was orchestrated remotely via mind control and that everyone involved (hijacker to government) didn’t realize they were being zapped by a clever algorithm that guiding them to this objective. My basis of this theory is that I was enrolled at the same school and the same time where two hijackers were said to have trained (University of Oklahoma). I even worked in a computer lab and had meetings in the Airman building as an undergraduate researcher at that time. There’s simply no way those individuals learned to fly jet aircraft from skills attained there, which was beginner level with single engine propellers. This had to be a cover story or a warning to the university president David Boren. Or maybe other people in Oklahoma with regard to the 1995 OKC attack. I don’t think we’ll ever know the reason, as hiding the truth and “investigating the investigators” was probably the purpose of the attack.

Jan. 22, 2017:

Dear Dr Karlstrom.

I have been targeted for 3 years. I believe mine has been quite an extreme targeting. I made the following documentary MAX DOES WESTMINSTER exposing financial crime and was targeted after. I am also a committed Christian who knows, ultimately who and what is at the center of the spider’s web.

Here is my video journal when I attempted to force the police in London who were airstalking me to disclose what they were doing. Warn people not to apply online to join MI5 or any intelligence agency. I believe there is a correlation between people who taken the online tests to join an intelligence agency and getting gangstalked..
Here is my appeal to the police in the UK.


Jeff Godwin
I am in contact with Katherine Horton

Jan. 21, 2017:


Saw/heard your interview with Dr. Paul Marko. I am glad to see that you are taking on gangstalking head on and getting the message out there. I am a TI since 2002, and have been gangstalked ever since, plus a whole lot more. If interested you can check me out on

I have some quibbles about the reasons for gangstalking, that might differ from yours, but nothing significant. I sense part of is about bio-field interactions, and having their chosen shills’ (stalkers) bio-energetic fields interact with mine and the energetics of the location, materials, walking surface, colors etc. I think that the “done something offensive” (to the perps, Thems, whatever one calls them all) is often a ruse to begin long planned overt operations on the victim. Not that I fit in that category, as the genesis of my overt harassment was relatively benign compared to many, but I just want to offer my thoughts on there being a bigger dimension to all of it. And too, they like to “herd” me with gangstalkers and force me to take a particular path or store checkout, so it is very invasive. There are many reasons for gangstalking, from the program level (as to why they are doing it), down to the tactical level of forcing the victim to stay indoors (like you mentioned in the interview).

Anyhow, just thought I would drop you a note, and if there is anything you want to communicate about, just let me know. I haven’t read much of your material yet, having only discovered it today, but if i develop some more perspectives, I may send another email if OK with you.

John Hughes

Jan. 20, 2017:

I’m a targeted individual and would like to connect. my website is I get targted with v2k, microwave weapons and in-person staking. here’s my story…
The main thing they like to do is tortue me physically (lots of pain in the back of head and front neck around the thyroid) and use v2k. For a while, I had v2k 247 for weeks and literally didn’t sleep for 3weeks because of the nonstop v2k and microwave torture. there was so much repetition… its all about repetition… nonstop…

at first they said they were cia and told me to do certain things… then they started interrogating me (accusing me of being a pedophile, a russian spy, a terrorist, etc nonstop interrogating me)… then being perverted and sexually harassing… all while using some microwave technology to torture me and cause different emotions and pain. and they create keywords/triggers based off of stuff that cause certain emotions/reactions… whoever is behind this program are crazy psychological geniuses… i mean incredibly intelligent in psychology…

my mom passed when i was 22yrs old… about 2yrs before she died, she started saying that she thought she was being brainwashed and i didnt think anything of it, then that year she was diagnosed with brain cancer and died within a year. my mom used to love the company pepsi and had pepsi artifacts and memorabilia and stuff and one of the keywords “they” use is pepsi, theyll start talking in v2k then say pepsi.. and have gang stalkers in public say that keyword all the time. and they’d create a bunch of keywords/triggers.

and they play to my emotions… sometimes its a female over the v2k and she’ll say “awww” like in a caring kind of way, then fuck with me, like theyll give me a migraine and be like aww you want us to stop, we’ll stop and itll stop then another voice will go “psyops!” and the migraine comes back. ive learned to not have any emotional response to it so they torture me more physically with migraines.

i think ive been groomed for some mkultra type shit… they also tried brainwashing me to become transgender, they kept being perverted and doing twisted stuff and theyd have people in public use the keyword “sweetheart” all the time in conversations and treat me like a female (im male) over v2k.. really perverted stuff.

my dad worked for a company called CIBA growing for 20+yrs and their logo was a monarch butterfly… he dated someone with the last name greenbaum for 6yrs and she lived with us (greenbaum is also the last name of some famous mkultra doctor) and she abused me every day for yrs and tortured me, abuse me sexually, wouldnt let me eat, tried to make me get into school politics and stuff, tried getting my dad to get into politics, would lie about me and fuck with my dad a lot too and was basically a psycho. finally one time on vacation to disney world she was being a psycho as usual and me and my dad went off on our own way and i broke down crying because she used to threaten me not to tell him anything and that was like the first time that i was alone with him without her being there and he said he was going to break up with her soon and he did that year.

i have a distant cousin who lives in long island and is an attorney and used to work for northrop grumman, i reached out to him a while ago and explained it and he said its called “psyops” and that its “nasty stuff”. i met with him once (he knows a lot about psychology and hypnosis) he told me to look straight at a pencil he held in front of me and then he said people under mind control often have a lazy eye. i didnt have it at the time, but at one point during some of my targeting i did have a lazy eye and my dad used to have it as well at certain times. also the person my dad dated used to have me play somewhere over the rainbow on the piano a lot, which is supposedly somehow linked to mkultra programming and other weird stuff.

the person who my dad used to date owns an insurance company and id often have perps, over v2k or sometimes in public, say theres a life insurance policy out on me and that theyve been offered incentives by her. that could just be a psyop to make me think its her behind it (she could be a part of it)

i lost my job at the end of 2014 and became homeless for a couple of months. i don’t have any family left, so they see me as an easy target to carry out their sick fantasies.

ive almost been beaten several times for no reason. on 2 seperate occasions in brooklyn i was on the subway and a guy ran on and pointed at me and said “this kid was talking shit about me” i said “no i wasnt i dont even know you” and he pointed his fingers in the shape of a gun at me and said im gonna kill you and i was just sitting there and he started fake punching me getting within an inch of my face and then ran off at the next stop. a few weeks later i was in starbucks and this guy sat down near me. after a few minutes he got up and said “why have you been talking shit about me” and i was like “uh i wasnt” and he kept trying to start a fight. that happened a 3rd time. each time the person claimed that i was “talking shit” about them, basically so that people nearby assume that we know each other or something.

another brief story… my background is web development, ive done that my whole life since i was 15. i got a job at an online brokerage firm called speedtrader/suretrader owned by someone named guy gentile. he is best friends with the sheriff of that town, don smith (of putnam county ny). i worked on the sheriffs re-election campaign and became close friends with him, he had a personal office next door to mine in the same building. we used to talk politics and he would always talk about how the DA (now former DA of putnam county), adam levy (who is judge judy’s son), was corrupt and likes to mess with people. the sheriff apparently exposed some investigation where adam levy’s “live in trainer” raped a 13yo and tried to cover it up. the sheriff said that the DA was into weird shit and whatnot. they actually had dual $5-million lawsuits against each other. just google don smith adam levy lawsuit. adam levy called him delusional and mentally unstable and all this other stuff. not long after is when the physical stalking started, the energy weapons

One time I came home and my phone was out sitting on my bed instead of in my drawer, where I’d keep it. I turned it on and the camera app was open with the camera facing the other direction so I was looking at myself and it had this weird border/theme, a magical type theme with stars, a top hat and wand. I’m not sure if that theme was downloaded or default, or what, but someone had entered my apartment and opened the camera app and turned it to the front facing camera and put a weird border on the camera app

my grandfather was a freemason and my grandmother used to collect owl trinkets. my other grandfather was in the army, my grandmother worked for sperry gyro company and said she was involved in some gov defense contract type stuff for them. my grandfather was in the army. my dad was a chemist then a high level executive for CIBA (bought by novartis) but he disowned me in high school.

One night some kid was standing outside of my apartment window yelling ‘faggot’ and telling me to come outside. I heard someone else outside call the police on him. I got scared and decided to go to a hotel that night. At the hotel, someone booked a room next door to me and would started interrogating me through the wall and knock on my door saying “yoo hoo!”. I was freaked out and scared and finally I heard the hotel manager/worker talking to him outside telling him to leave. I walked outside right after that and saw the guy in his car getting ready to leave. As he was leaving, he stopped in front of me and yelled “this kid is smoking pot in his hotel room!”. I didn’t say anything, I just stood there and he peeled out in front of me. That night, at 3:33am, I got a phone call in the room and when I picked up, it was a recording saying “this is the Wilton fire marshal, David Kohn…” and I quickly hung up. David Kohn is a Freemason who I met at a freemason barbecue that I attended in 2012 when I was considering joining. A few days prior, he had sent me a friend request on linkedin randomly, but I had declined it.

I one time had my face/nose, brain and head zapped so hard and for so long that my nose started bleeding and i could see and feel my hair falling out at a faster rate. during that phase, they kept saying “timmy him” and that they wanted to turn me into timmy from south park (the person in a wheelchair). really sick and demented stuff…


Oct. 25, 2017:

Hello Sir,

I am a retired journalist living in the small town of Roseburg, Ore. I moved here seven years ago to retire and spend out my days enjoying myself. This has not happened. I have been living like a wild animal trying to stay out of the gun sights of these predators. GPS devices have been put on my car so they know where I am at all times. I have no place to hid. Out in public I have been seriously attacked by these people. I have been set up by these people. They have bought houses on my street. They are everywhere and it is for the purpose to destroy me. It has gotten so bad that I can’t sleep in my house at nights because of EMP’s or sub sonic pulse invasion.

I have been hit by various EMP radiation for the last seven years. Some will make my bed vibrate, others will cause extreme diarrhea. I have so much information for you if you would want to listen. I would like to meet with you for a talk. I know you would find the time worth while. Is that possible? I have a strong engineering background in the aerospace industry in Southern California. I was a supervisor in charge of the astro-physic building & I have worked as a research engineer supported by grants from our government mainly in electro-optics. I am hard to fool from a technical standpoint. I wrote an email to the State Health Department about this. A police officer knocked on my door saying I was down town ranting and raving wild thing to people.

He later brought over a mental health officer to evaluate me. The stories I have to tell are endless. If you want to really know what this is all about please contact me. I am certain this email will be intercepted, read and evaluated but I am willing to take that chance.


Leonard Plumlee

August 16, 2016:

Dear Eric,

I cannot thank you enough for your response. I have emailed countless organizations and individuals within the past several months concerning gang-stalking and you are the very first person to respond. It’s nice to see that there are still a few of us in this world that have compassion for others. Even though, as you stated in your email, you are unable to offer much help, it’s comforting to reach someone else that is experiencing the pain and harassment that my husband and I are undergoing. I wouldn’t wish this kind of torture and harassment upon anyone! Never. Ever. Period!

I am so disappointed in the country that we live in today. I cannot believe or begin to comprehend how our own government can allow this kind of torture. It’s appalling. I just wish that I knew how to minimize the pain being inflicted on my husband. It is truly agonizing for me to sit back and watch without knowing how to help. Unfortunately, this has been happening to us since December 2015, however, the electronic harassment didn’t begin until April.

Troy (my husband) would like to bring as much attention to the issue as possible. He has asked that I assist in setting up a website and hand out information regarding gang-stalking and electronic harassment. We would also like to get some car decals printed.

It’s so frustrating because people (especially our parents) think that we’re crazy. Fortunately, I have always been a very open-minded person. I have conducted my own research and am smart enough to know that these brownnosers cannot penetrate me and wreck my marriage. I will stick by my husband no matter what. As a matter of fact, in the beginning, he thought that I was ‘part of it’. That in itself was completely devastating for us. These sick demons want nothing more than to alienate innocent individuals from their friends and family. We feel like we are starring in a Hollywood thriller each day. Just last night at 3:45 am, we caught two older men (aka demons) on our home surveillance system attempting to break into Troy’s truck. Thank goodness we have surveillance so that we can at least see what’s happening around us. Unfortunately, we can’t take it to the police as they have ceased responding to our calls. Even if someone were dying, I highly doubt that they would respond.

Based upon the events around the world in recent months, I certainly wouldn’t doubt that we are in the “end times”. I truly do not see and cannot imagine how it could get any worse. I suppose it could always be worse. That is exactly what I have been telling my husband; don’t give up and keep praying. Trust in God. I have advised him to continue practicing the Law of Attraction. I can understand, however, how that would be very difficult when you’re being harassed, followed and tortured day and night.

It’s comforting to me to listen to YouTube videos from “Truthers” regarding Martial Law, Organized Stalking Programs, Chemtrails, 9-11, MK Ultra Program, etc. However, I must say that I am very disappointed in Alex Jones so easily dismissing gang-stalking as people with schizophrenia and delusional disorder. Personally, I feel that if he could jump on the band-wagon, it may open many, many eyes.

I am so incredibly sorry for the pain that you have had to endure. If there was a way that I could take this program away from every victim, then I would in a heart-beat. Again, I cannot thank you enough…Just for your response and information.

Take care of yourself. God bless!

Courtney and Troy West

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  1. Thanks for all you continue to do for the TI community, Dr. Karlstrom. I’ve stopped posting for sometime, now, hoping to bring the algorithms down to lower the targeting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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