TI Statement: Alfonso Romero

I sent to you an e-mail … But I never received an anwser:

Please if you receive this letter send me an O’K …

I have been sending this letter to different places … nobody says anything …not even Pastors from Churches … if you want to put this at your website of ‘gang stalking mind control and cults’ … I know my english has problems, well, feel free to fix it —


Dear Pastor …,

This is more than an information, it is a personal testimony that i can give in public if necessary, and of course at the church. I don’t have any idea of what to do with it or where to send this … I have been sending this to some Pastors … it is good for alertness. In my area not even one Pastor (among the more serious) want to say anything about it, they never give an answer to me, they don’t want to talk about it, they are in total fear. They don’t realize that it can happen to anyone, and if peoples are not advised they can become one of the stalkers, thinking probably that they are doing a noble …

What is ‘Gang stalking’?. Whom are those behind this unconstitutional and criminal activity?. Some peoples who know me very well, are perplexed … I have been asked this question: Why this harassment and persecution?. It is difficult to explain to those who do not know very well in what evil world we are living in this times. Why are this criminals behind me and to many others around the country?, because they have been building for years a community and workplace mobbing, a criminal base organization worse than what the Stasis did in Germany and it has been enforced by our government, a concealed organ of repression in this nation, yes, an uncover and systematic activity to repress dissidents, Christians no Zionists, or anyone who oppose their demonic plan of absolute control and domination of this country and the world. They are destroying the American Constitution.
The cunning pretext for convincing and attracting misinformed peoples in their favor is to awaken a false sense of alarm in the mind of these ‘useful idiots’ about a potential danger of terrorism or just by telling them that they are fighting crime, but their views are other very different, to punishment, sowing psychological terror in the mind of dissidents or Christians, or a homeless person, or to anyone they choose considering he is or could be a dangerous person, to them of course. To organize these gangs is more important that the person they decide to put under the line of fire, for now.
We shouldn’t be afraid but to confront and denounce them from now on before they manage to carry out their devilish purpose. Who are they?.

In this link (below) we can see only the basics, the fundamental thing on the subject very badly known as “gang stalking”, group bullying, because it only describes how they operate, the method, but in this analysis or exposition although helpful to know in general the issue nothing is clarified about the profound causes that lead to the creation of such an evil, and who are really the ones behind all this criminal activity that are not others but the followers of the Talmud, Judaism/Zionism, that working together with their militias, the Freemasonry, they have penetrated through centuries all the institutions of our current de-Christianized western civilization. In the USA, from the beginning, Freemasonry was integrated mostly by Christians, because obviously Christian was this American culture since its origin, but today this Freemasonry forgotten by God is a secret Luciferian fraternity.

ORGANIZED GANG STALKING: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWOrganized Gang Stalking, also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking,…

Posted by OSI Organized Stalking Informers on Thursday, January 3, 2013

Now they have created an enormous invisible government, the so-called “deep state”, a parallel universe where this monstrous monstrousness resides, of which the agencies of national security are its repressive arm: FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, they are doing the ‘dirty work’, they are those who are on charge to come up with a devise plan to attack the “objectives”, this is what we are, targets and the method is very well known: THE SLANDER, it can be obtained by means of any unfounded rumor, or simply can be invented but this is what they most need in order to activate later the process of persecution against the victims and the total isolation of the person, facilitating the constant persecution and harassment in order to annihilate the individual psychologically. In the communists countries they used another method: ostracism.

Some mistakenly think now that those whom wish to destroy this country are the communists, the socialists, leftists, etc, no knowing what is behind, but these are only names for an ideology of domination that conceals the truly authors whom deceive and confuse the peoples with this ideas of “social justice”, etc, this is nothing else but uniforms of camouflage to uncover their real intentions to size power, better to call them DEMONCRATICS.
Do not let anyone else cheat … they are the JEWS, an elite of them, a mafia!. Jewish were Karl Marx, Lenin and 80% of the elite of the Bolshevik in Russia, the theoretical movement of the Frankfurt School and the so called cultural marxism, most of them, Jews …
We have now this George Soros, who is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg on the left side, the money pushing force, while the right side has the ultra-Zionist tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who claim to be a Republican … they are always on both wings, but basically they are nothing conservative, all the contrary they despise and hate Christianity. This is history, not a personal opinion, to say that these talmudists/pharisaics are satanists, it is the word of God:


Few are those who realize about this evil because the Jews are very clever in trying to hide for the eyes of the public the real plan of conquest, although sometimes … observe in this very short video (8mts.) the link that follows how a true Christian Pastor criticizes one of them, Ben Shapiro, when he reveal himself as he really is, in an interview; many peoples consider him a great conservative and is applauded by many Christians/Zionists.

Almost nothing already escapes from the Jewish control in our time, the world banking, the big corporations and media, universities, everything is in their hands, it has been a carefully crafted plan coming from the bottom of the secret societies and the synagogue of Satan in its covert war against Christianity, because this is the real subject: a war against Christianity.
The Talmud, from here are coming these Pharisaic, Zionist and world domination principles they sustain, and above all, his hatred of Christ and the Christians. Hypocrites, liars, slanderers and murderers like his father the devil.
This is what they don’t want you know about the Talmud:


Read too, ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, although it probably does not have any historical value, it does have in content and value, it is a great draft plan of how to conquest the world, this ‘how’ is brilliantly exposed in this document, we can see nowadays as it has been fulfilled till now and how it gives them results … so far.

In order to understand both, the motives of this new form of persecution, and to be able to identify his intriguing founders more thoroughly and reach the very roots of the matter, we must to learn much more … read much more, and IT MOST BE DONE VERY SERIOUSLY BECAUSE IN THIS MACABRE DEMONIAC PLAN PRACTICALLY ANYONE CAN BE INVOLVED, YOU CAN BECOME A VICTIM OR A VICTIMIZER:

Organized Gang Stalking (GISTAPWO – 666), Mind Control, and Cults

You should know that this activity is directed by the power of an invisible government, it comes from the shadows of the secret societies, freemasonry and Judaism, they control the American establishment, and is applied astutely through the visible power of our constitutional institutions of national security, in a covered form, it is done for these Intelligence Agencies in a way that is not easily seen or noticed. This is totally ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL and therefore out of the law, yes, it is a secret CRIMINAL activity elaborately SUBTLE, there are no visible traces in its sinister activities to compromise them, it is basically a deep psychological attack to emotionally destabilize the individual until it is brought to the depression and suicide.

Above all the above we must to know first the holy scriptures. The mystery of iniquity is what governs this curse today, in other words, ultimately this is nothing but the work of Satan. These things are in the Bible, the Holy Scriptures speaks of the great persecution of the last times, well, the structure of such persecution has been already created …
The “world government” has been conceived by THE JUDAIC ZIONIST DOCTRINE for his master Satan and they have to do this by CONSPIRING from the shadows … deceiving, confusing everything and gradually puts upside down the moral and religious values of the society until bringing it to the state of current generalized disbelief, corruption, and chaos. And if there is one who realize what is behind scene, who discovers and denounces them, to these untouchables, the ‘sacred cows’ of America, ah!, that person is definitely a lunatic, at best, or he can be accused of “anti-Semitic”, and hateful racist … or simply they will include him in this list of organized harassment, “gang stalking”, to crack or break the person mentally.
Devil, from the Latin ‘diabolo’, false accuser, slanderer, this is his essence and therefore his attack system is based on slanders and lies. His attack weapon is born of his own essence, infamy. Thus, they try to neutralize the ‘target’, their enemies, with any slander, which is a paralyzing psychological element, this is their fundamental weapon. Their favorite dish is to label their opponents as potential terrorists and/or pedophiles, and they know that the ignorant majority of peoples will follows them in this debauchery hateful without questioning, out of fear, or pleasure and vainglory but also, and above all, because they are already POSSESSED BY EVIL, they only listen to their Father Satan.

Pass this information to others, spread it on the internet if you want (with my name included below), i’m not afraid of those criminals they can’t kill my soul, i do not get tired of doing this, not only to alert those who may fall under the Satanic machinery of this subtle mental harassment and become their victims, if they are Christians their salvation from now on until the glorification is assured, but if they are without faith, this form of attack will probably break them …
For a Christian it is different, even if he suffers, deep in his soul there is always a great joy and an indescribable courage to face evil with good spirit and sometimes even with a smile, this is a teaching for him that will discipline his soul and a cross that he will carry with a joy that is given by the Holy Spirit of God.
I’m doing this above all to inform Christians and to announce the perpetrators — and those also embarrass me, the ‘useful fools’, those who add themselves up and lend themselves to being used as persecutors — that for them, to those asked for “cooperation with the authority”, they will surely be hell their eternal home if they do not retire in time and repent, for that reason, more than for any other reason, it is necessary to alert everyone of this situation, they need to become aware of what kind of demoniac plan are been involving their souls, to who they are really serving, and the horrific consequences that their actions will have, to avoid such an evil of infinite anguish, to the naive, to those who fall into the trap of the evil one. No, i’m not a dreamer but a Christian.
And to the others, those who are already strongly linked and therefore consciously related to the Devil in this his work, who know very well they are cooperating with SATAN that they are on time, they can be separated from evil with the help of God, we hopefully believe their souls will be amazed at the truth, enlightened and filled with the spirit of repentance. God is always merciful NOW, but by then … there will be no more opportunity, they will be in front of a relentless Judge and He will be terrible in the condemnation and punishment of their Souls. No, i’m not a dreamer but a Christian. May God let them listen in time.

“Cursed is anyone who kills their neighbor secretly…” -Deuteronomy 27:24

Attention, Christianity is under a deep and an uncovered form of attack in the USA, don’t be deceived. I have used above the expression Christian/Zionist, i think that this is the fundamental reason why in my particular case the persecution is becoming more acute now after nine years of bulling, harassment, death threats … I am no longer a Catholic, it was untenable, the evil was beyond the Vatican 2 … Reformers were right, John Calvin was right, but this is another matter.
I can’t pretend to be an authentic Christian and to accept Zionism with its Satanic plan of global domination. The Holy Spirit has led me here today, to a more narrow gate: to be a Christian/anti-Zionist and that all the hosts of hell come … they has made of me now a homeless person … but in God i take refuge and from Him be the glory.

The peace of Christ.

Alfonso Romero.
P.O.Box 141394
Coral Gables Fla,

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  1. to dr. kalstrom, If we know that our modes of communication are being intercepted and blocked and that the only people that know about this crime is a small percentage and a smaller percentage of these are going to be activist, then the question becomes how can we strategize to bring this crime to the general public, then organize a campaign to force the government to conduct an investigation. millions of people are being tortured and if we cant stop this with a website, an email , or a flyer. what this means is that the criminals are very powerful and very organize. We have forgotten our power, and must remember, and we need to organize so that we stop this by 20/20. Im being tortured 24/7 and im willing to do whatever it takes to stop this. at the moment Im passing out flyers all over los angeles, ca, but if my modes of communication are being blocked then this strategy might take longer to take effect. The same applies to you , you can speak to people all over the world but if you don’t find a local legitimate TIs then you will not succeed no matter how intelligent you or I might be. work #323-260-4106 East los angeles doctor’s hospital

  2. I just want to add this commentary at my post: i want to say that only 10 days after the publication of my letter in this web site i was hit by a car while walking on the street, obviously it wasn’t an accident. I saw the car stopped at the other side of the street, just waiting for me … then, i crossed the street … then the driver moved his car really fast … when the car hit my body from my legs my head was against the car … Now i have a problem in my cervical spine, I’m recovering but with a permanent condition …

    And this is not all, they are still trying to hit me again with cars… If something happen to me again there is not doubt in my mind that, THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS, be aware and ALERT about this strange combination: neighborhood citizen “for criminal surveillance”, masonry, FBI and the local police. This is the Gang.

    I’m not homeless any more, ‘they’ gave me an apartment/studio it is a plan for seniors, a building … they are cooking something or simply they realized that i was not going to be mentally cracked and that i was a trouble for them while in the street, or maybe both things … the stalking still going on but …

    To all of you under persecution:

    “Trust in the Lord.” — Prov. 3:5-6

    As i said in my post THEY ARE CRIMINALS.

    Peace of Christ,

    Alfonso Romero.

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