Comments to This Website from Targeted Individuals

Webmaster’s Introduction: Since this website has grown so large (over 1700 posts), I frequently have trouble editing and adding documents. When posting or modifying documents, I commonly get the 503, Service Unavailable window instead. So in order to free up space, I have recently gone through the over 2,500 comments which have accrued over the past five years.

It is interesting to note that most of these are “junk” comments, and more interestingly, that they tend to accrue to particular posts. The following posts got the most junk comments, each of which was made to look as if it were genuine but whose content was completely inappropriate to the material presented in the post:

1) Comments to THE SILENT MASSACRE: ELECTRONIC STALKING AND MIND CONTROL: This post received over 650 junk comments that I had to remove.

2) Organized Gang Stalking IS a CIA Torture and MK (Mind Control) Program!?. This post received about 550 junk comments I had to remove.

3) Project Lucifer: Two Different Viewpoints on the Current World Crisis (with Commentary). (Over 150 junk comments.)

4) “NSA Mind Control and Psyops” by Will Filer had hundreds of bogus comments.

5) PsyOp As a Fundamental Component of Organized Stalking (From Rich, 2011)

Since all aspects of my “targeted” life, including my websites especially, are targeted for disruption, deception, degradation, denial, and destruction (Britain’s GCHQ and JTRIG’s “5Ds” and the US Air Force’s “5 Deadly Ds”) by a multitude of government and private intelligence SIGINT, HUMINT, NEURINT, and SIGREDUX stalkers and cyberstalkers, this indicates to me that the “cryptocracy” (rule by secrecy) regards the information in these posts as most threatening to their program and thus, most useful to the public. Hence, I recommend everyone to check out these posts ASAP!

That said, since the purpose of “their” efforts is to manipulate and deceive, deny, degrade, destroy, disrupt, ALL aspects of the targets’ life, including and especially online activities, it is possible that many of the comments below, that I have judged to be legitimate, could be illegitimate as well. However, again, in my judgement, these comments seem legitimate and I include them here.

Thus, I am using my best judgement to distinguish the real from the fake…. and that is the difficult task all of us face now in this world takeover by spy agencies working for governments controlled by psychopathic (Jewish Masonic Satanic) international financiers and secret societies.

The legitimate comments here are from voices that must be HEARD around the world in order to recover our nation and civilization.

Probably (One Can Never Be Certain) Legitimate Comments to This Website:

1) June 6, 2021: Thanks for all you continue to do for the TI community, Dr. Karlstrom. I’ve stopped posting for sometime, now, hoping to bring the algorithms down to lower the targeting. I’ll let you know how it goes. Chris. May

2) June 5, 2021. You know it’s bad when they all communicate from vehicle, and they try to dehumanize you, child’s play ; to make it seem like retribution, revenge to get them all back.

But if one had mental issues they would go that route, which goes to show what they are pushing for , it’s not about helping another human, someone is recording the whole event, purpose I do not know. To many people have been killed because of this, I see people as they are taking part in their illegal event

They are all amused, like they have been brain washed, by your actions your the bad all the ill treatment , torture by this society And high officials I am not mad, I find it hard in my heart to ask God to forgive them, trying my best to take my case to the governing body. Motown.

3) June 5, 2021: I definitely need your help. Please. Teacher for 25 years. It’s recently not only GS, but now workplace harassment. Which are hard to prove.

4) June 2, 2021: Now, they are about to take over the western hemisphere. r.pistoro.

5) May 21, 2021. I appreciate the extraordinary work that you have done, Bobbi. I had put up a message to you, previously, asking if I could join your filing to the oversight of CSIS. I do not know how to find evidence on my computers. I may be coming into some money and may possibly be able to take legal action, at some future time. It seems that that is a basic requirement for justice –unless public outcry can be aroused. I will try to reach you, by phone. The email below is not active. The name is a pen name.

I remembered that you said Winnipeg. The best choice that I made, after I discovered that there was a protocol of enslavement –was to remain in my residence. However, the organized felons actually come right to my premises. A new (fake) “tenant” just moved into my modest building and is pretending to be a tenant in a tiny bachelor apartment. Today, she received a box sent by Canada Post. I looked up the name: It is Lisa Lefebvre. You cannot make this up.

Lisa Lefebvre – Department of Psychiatry
During her tenure as Program Director, CAMH’s Addiction Medicine Fellowship became the first in Canada to achieve accreditation by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Lefebvre has a special interest in professional health and is Associate Medical Director for the OMA Physician Health Program.

Lisa Lefebvre – Assoc.. – Ontario Medical Association …
Associate Medical Director at Ontario Medical Association. Lisa Lefebvre is an Associate Medical Director at Ontario Medical Association based in Toronto, Ontario. Get Full Access To Lisa’s Info. Export. Share . Lisa Lefebvre Contact Information. Linda Devor.

6) May 31, 2021: FDLE.
Det with FDLE is fighting for me. He needs more ti s to get in touch so he can show how bad this is.

… If we can get this web site to help us . We can all go to to Washington and declare o

i ur government is commiting war times and tortured. We post as re names email and all group message a time and date and carpool. What ever. Aaron.

7) May 31, 2021: moved into diff. room in house, hit by electronic weapons again, use shielding foam/foil and did not feel them above, must be coming from satellite. went away after few hours of using shielding. how do we become free of this? how can so many new people in town that are unrecognizable,survive financially- do they move them arount from town to town? are traffic patterns tracked? is Florida controlled by foreign powers? not its citizen home owners? how do so many 3rd world vagrants survive financially in such an expensive place? rampant increase tobacco use, alcohol, marijuanna, etc. most connect with covert groops possible to survive. need citizen review of enforcement methods. evaluations. everything being done in dark. free the people. Suzanne Demos.

8) May 29, 2021: Yeah, i was being made really really sick for a few days with the weapons. it seemed like they were aiming them at my pituitary gland and i had so much inflammation in my head i had to take advil. it was like riding a bus on a gravel road and you couldn’t get off. So i put up a sign and it told them taht they were damaging my heart. it was palpatating so terribly. i put the sign on the wall. all of a sudden it all stopped and i could get out of bed for the first time that day. I felt like a million bucks and i started doing things i needed to do. This has GOT to stop. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. i know it is electronic weapons because the bugs go crazy in the house flying everywhere. They want you to think it is some physical illness or something mental, but hey , the bugs don’t lie the way the fly. They have calmed down now. and i feel more peaceful, but they will start up again, im sure. they hate free speech. they hate accountability, they hate criticism. what a way to deal with it. like little children with squirt guns. dont take the jokers money if the joker doesn’t want to listen to your opinions. Suzanne Demos.

9) May 26, 2021: I am being gangstalked for a while over a period of years. I am use to be referred to as the girl who viewed life as a bowl of creamed peaches. No longer as I seldom feel the need to smile other than sadly. The actions of those persons intent on harming me have become intense the last two years and I began my research in attempts to understand the reaction of others to me in defense to the state of Confusion and Upset I found myself.

I use to enjoy the praise of others as I sought naturally to impress and please those I aspired too learn from who where mentors. I have had a hard adjustment to being treated as a criminal who has not committed a known offense and as such, I have not ever been charged with a crime. My many background checks nationally and globally have confirmed this fact but these gangstalkers have chosen to ignore the facts and attempt to rewrite my identity such is their power.

I wrote on this site prior but see my narrative was never published. I am not being investigated but destroyed actively and horrendously. I am unemployable, friendless, cannot trust my relatives who have lied and then told me the lie and flipped it off as inconsequential which started the mess though likely the distant relatives had a problem that was fixed in exchange for false statements or perhaps they felt a duty to see themselves as that of a hero as sibling rivalry has no end for some.

This is the fact and is the crime ongoing committed against the innocent who never usually know what is said behind their back to begin the process now becoming well known as Federal and Local Gangstalking by those who state they are duty bound to protect. Believe me please when I state a familiar quote known commonly as a life fact for those raised on any farm; “The fox is guarding the hen house” as the fox enjoys the hen for lunch that is a disaster of a scene for the imagination and should never be realized as a guard over others by removal of all protections.

Yet this is being done now to a few who are growing in numbers by the day. In my case for those who are doubting the significance or relevance of these testimonies, Attorneys refuse to represent me for identity theft or any other multiple complaints I have which is against my civil right to defend and know my accusers. I have no voice. I am not being accused and I am not REALLY under investigation as I am being actively destroyed by an army of people largely unknown to me.

This is what the constitution of the United States sought to protect all American citizens against as alone we cannot stand and no individual should have to fight an army as the concept is ridiculous by the shear ratio of numbers. I have caught former peers stalking. A state career employment agency set me up for a frame and publicly denied my employment background to others. My privacy has been invaded to a degree only seen in concentration camps or iron curtain countries, others are encouraged by the abuse of my civil rights to join in and destroy me and my property or those who are close to me.

I believe some have been rewarded by monetary value illegally to act against me. I am attempting to get my case out there nationally but no one cares about me. Research into my common name has revealed a possible source of initial investigative work Federally and I can easily prove mistaken identity but no one is asking as they are intent on destroying me. My relationship to my last standing parent is being presently threatened which is frightening but I must stand and fight this as I am right. No one will help me, I have no resource,…

I cannot believe this is America the Free anymore. When did we start believing in gossip and not due process. Due process is suppose to use our eyes, ears, and intellect to avoid human cruelty of unjust actions against other living beings. Despite the statements to defame, I have done nothing but help others my entire life. That is my nature. This is so wrong and I cannot believe regular citizens are that unintelligent as to join in the false investigations.

My work ethic and successes speak volumes but no one is looking at the facts. No one will be safe as this is the beginning of the end without constitutional due process. I just could not believe at first that anyone had that kind of power overt my rights to treat me so disrespectful and inconsequential, as a non existent person over gossip or with such cruelty of human nature. I have nothing left but to tell my story which goes on and is worse than fiction. I have come to the conclusion that these people will use every conceivable method to end me. I am completely excluded by these individuals on so many levels and that is not investigative skill but shear evil.

Still I am here in this world with incredible talents that short of taking my life, I will not be silenced as their actions motivate me to tell all, to expose, to investigate how this all evolved to the present day. I like everyone enjoy comfort but I can evolve as I understand from experience that the materialism of this world is not the end but the challenge for the next level of existence and I have some peace that these gang stalkers harassment have a mortal limit unknown to themselves as they see their power has heady and infinite such is their deception to the world around them who care to engage and to themselves.

Historical significance, but human adult beings never seem to learn as much as is the simple expectation seen in unsophisticated, undisciplined children. The parent is yet ever hopeful. I am sad for the undermining of this once great country based on a concept that we can all live free and equal together to pursue individualism while living in close proximity to each other without harm without jealousy without unjust interruption. The United States constitution is no longer implemented by exclusion for many and is therefore no longer effective for the larger populace. There is no legal recourse against an unjust Federal agency action which intends to over reach spouting ACTS that were framed with just that concept in mine to effectively removed the civil and basic human rights of all by acting to protect against national terrorist threats real or imagined there is no accountability. Stubborn

10) May 26, 2021: Supervisor in charge Paula Reid your officers that are in the mind control program, A great number of them are child molesters & bisexuals sociopaths. Not only they image themself committing profanity on We the People “otherwise” civilians. But on yourself Paula Reid, One of them is no longer in your field office he’s working for another Federal Branch, Your NSA officers work alongside their FBI Associates, To practice Capital crime; the one called Little Ricky Sanchez has full-blown AIDS. They are three different Sanchez that are not related. One of the other Federal Officer is married to an Anglo women; all were born in Cuba except Little Ricky Sanchez; another one of their Federal Associates came in the Mariel boatlift. Their female Associates or colleagues or girlfriends or wife.

They are the most diabolical profound evil among them. Another one of your officer had me pick up his NSA, SUV to take it across the street to the dealership; another one of them i met in the mall of the america in miami to discuss about buying a 50 to $60,000 tractor trailer. Besides they have recruited for their gang, From probation officers; across-the-board, There is an Anglo female officer that is helping me. They are constantly Imaging raping her; her daughter her last name is Nylen. With the small group of Anglo federal offices out of Dade County Florida, That are helping me to stay Alive until this improper political issue of this technology so call the Weapon of god it’s resolved, Which I have a lot of questions for them to answer. Facts are Stranger Than Fiction, They wait till I doze off to put me in places with them, although I’m awake & aware of all my surroundings. They tell me they’re doing this so I can respect them in places,

What these diabolical Federal Officer mean by places, The only way I know how to explain it, They put you in these blue screen hologram places with them, So I could respect their preference of child molestation sociopath bisexual lifestyle, They put child molestation site on my Facebook page as fast as they do that, The Anglo Federal officers that are helping me they take it down, They brag how they done it to other Federal officials an across-the-board; they have to go along with the program, I reply I am not them, I rather die on my feet than live on my knees, They reply by telling me that they will destroy or kill my family, I replied do what you gotta do you are going to do it anyway,

They brag how they going to block my Facebook page for the facts not to come out, Paula Reid you are very well aware, “That Facts are Stranger Than Fiction” Especially in the position that you’re in, I know that it has been brought up to your attention, by loyal colleagues of yours or Associates, Paula Reid You have officers that I used to smuggle their drugs, Alongside their FBI Associates Via DEW state-of-the-art technology, That is highly classified.

They Are Commiting every Capital crime imaginable to mankind, This technology created by government is designed to avoid detection; blame for the offending parties of high tech electronic devices; computers uses state of the art applied science to practice crime, Taken out of the laboratory; into the home, The Most Powerful Entity on Earth.

That is precisely why the military complex had these software; electronic devices computers made. So call the weapon of god. They can make Society believe; indict a ham sandwich as to be Satan, To make the innocent look guilty; make the guilty look innocent, That’s Power. Because They Control The Minds Of The Masses.

Society would be in a better place if all these Dirty cops were in Prison, They are child molester sociopath bisexual Demonic degenerates. Now what purpose does it serve to keep torturing me. Knowing very well that I smuggle their drugs; I would rather die trying to expose these despicable barbaric dirty cops of NSA; FBI are. On May 6th 2015 I Mr. Del Toro was visited by two Secret Services Agents out of Baltimore MD, They were concern about the letter I posted On Facebook warning special agent-in-charge Paula Reid about her rogue NSA & their FBI associates out of Dade County FL, I replied I have no Way in getting in touch with her other than by sending her register Letters to her field office but knowingly that it will be intercepted by Her NSA rogue officers that she doesn’t know about; I’m maintaining These documents on file against them for the near future hoping that The two Secret Service agents out of Baltimore MD Are sincere not Rogue they told me that her assistant gets her correspondence that Made me leery, because we the people know how strong the code of blue is especially if their rogue,

Reasons why I’m in doubt they gave me the Impression that they came to lock me up, They were asking me why I was Obsessed; if I wanted to do any harm to her. I replied where in my Letter suggests any harm or obsession with Agent-in-charge Paula Reid I have the most respect for her because she Is not afraid to have her own colleagues fired for misconduct or Incarcerated for criminal offense & then they asked if I thought the Government was after me. I answered NO if the government was after me They could take me in the middle of the street & shoot me & no one could Do anything about it, & what I thought about government, I reply we need Government because without government criminals will come out & play,

All I’m trying to do is to expose these federal officers out of Dade County Florida that I traffic their drugs for; learned their true Nature to be murderer rapist; child molesters; etc., my doubts lifted Of the two Secret Service officers out of Baltimore Maryland, They went On & told me it’s your right to expose your situation Mr. Del Toro, They Follow up by giving me a few pointers in trying to put closure to this Situation, they asked me when I was smuggling their drugs if it was Across the border, I replied No from Mc-Allen Texas to Miami Florida, They asked who stopped you was it the FED, I replied No it was a state Trooper, they were interested in who stop me, I’ve told them how it Happened that they picked up a local guy in a bar to drive my tractor, then the trooper proceeded to take me out to an open field with A small Shack I thought I was going to be killed but after 30 to 40 Minutes the trooper took me to Corpus Christi & arrested me.

They ask What level of education I have & if I was in the military or had any Military training & if I had any weapons or own any weapons I replied NO & my last fist fight was when I was 12 years old, they went on to ask if I have any mental illness I replied NO & if I ever been evaluated by a Psychiatrist I replied YES & I was given a Good bill of mental health & If I was on disability or had disability or was on government assistance I replied I have never been on disability or government assistance. The Baltimore, MD, secret service agent went on to say I know something about you Mr Del Toro you don’t do drugs or drink Alcohol. & I do understand their concern about the picture of special Agent-in-charge Paula Reid, so therefore I have taken them off my Facebook in respect to her & her Colleagues, But I had to get my message Across, When the two Secret Service agents from Baltimore MD came to my House on May 6-2015 they show me their badge & gave me their names,

But Sanchez & his colleagues are trying to block their names from my memory but Couldn’t block their facial appearance from my memory, On a constant basis they try to bribe me. facts are Stranger Than Fiction, On my way to work they Tried to bribe me again by offering me to date some of their Federal colleagues or contractor & millions of dollars & I replied money is nothing but toilet paper & your colleagues & contractor’s are nothing but skank sociopath who believed in torturing & allowing their male Federal Officer colleagues to sodomized & rape man women & children, also they offered me to work for you Paula Reid as a contractor with a 200,000 a year pay, When I refused all hell broke loose I replied All you could do to me is kill me, I would like for you to ask yourself who has that type of pull in you’re field office. There is Two ways they apply this technique so-called chatterbox by hitting a Switch & letting the computer do the work for them or by live feed from There tactical room or their residence, that’s what they do to me on a constant basis they Completely numb my head & it felt like my head was swollen two to three Times than what it normally is, Along with that they had full control of my Limbs & body.

Along with applying their true nature, of the diabolical Life they live by. In addition they keep imaging one of their Cuban Heritage female colleagues face over my face thinking that I’m going to get used to that how can anyone get used to a diabolical sociopath. They follow up with Raymond we doing what we got to do Because we’re not going to prison, On May 21, 2015 Sanchez & his Colleagues again have full control of my phone, this is the number that Appears 786-353-4422 when I call out & when people call me Mr. Del Toro On my Phone, That’s a Dade county FL number but I have a Maryland number 443-465-8964 & when I called that Dade county FL, number it comes out as A non-working number? I’m a tractor trailer driver & when I’m on the Highway they confused my thought sensor & deception creating synthetic Image & holograms of off ramps where none exists to confuse my visual Sense. To obscure my vision so they could kill me in an accident that they made happen, in other words to create synthetic images so real that You cannot distinguish it from something that was your own memories.

if I’m not careful they’ll have me writing; saying what they want by manipulating my grammar & my vocabulary or speech they easily talk through me to make it look like it was me having a conversation with myself or with them, To frame me so they could make the Innocent Guilty & to make the Guilty Innocent, They Will use these fabricated thoughts to convince you that the fabricated Thoughts & memory & responses are your own. The more plausible deniability & indirection they establish for themselves & the more they discredit me their target individual, What they do is engage in confusion & disruption tactics based on deception & manipulation, along with sleep deprivation, Then they cause the confused & deceived victim to see if they make mistakes, They then amplify the mistakes of the victim with constant hyper game theory disruption & confusion tactics, This is how It works.

Everything they do is done in a way to cause people to believe it is a common ordinary expected occurence being tortured, However it is not common nor ordinary especially without your consent, when such tactics happen twenty-four Seven a day to wear you out to see if you break, To make you their puppet when they say jump you got to say how high, Subliminally. A sophisticated electronic system to speak directly to the mind of the targeted individual, to alter & entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate his brain’s electroencephalographic (EEG) patterns & artificially implant negative emotional states-feelings of fear, anxiety, despair & hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn’t just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it, it implants that emotion in their minds. According to literature by Silent Sounds, Inc. Using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns & replicate them, then store these emotion signal clusters on another computer &, at will, silently induce & change the emotional state in a human being. I’m exposing this to the full extent,

Therefore we Ti’s must stay credible & not into the ridicule Factor otherwise they would easily label us mentally ill so they can keep committing the crimes against us Ti’s, The KEY is to stay credible & not fall into the ridicule Factor that they want us to fall in By making the appropriate Verbalizing & performing a related action, which is known as ‘Verification’ the remote neural monitoring system is designed to Provoke you emotionally, intellectually, physically, etc., those Responses during the remote neural monitoring period & subsequently map Out the sensory & neural pathways of your brain & your central nervous System, they will use these whimsical memories to convince you that the Fabricated synthetic holograms were your own, they will also fabricate ‘Conversational’ & ‘situational’ scenarios’ to make it look like if it was your own thoughts or memory, I am being attack with migraine headaches an extreme tension in my lobe temporal lobe parietal & lobe occipital &

chronic Sleep Deprivation in addition they can easily move any parts of my body, another tactic that they’re using to try to break My will They will make you stutter by breaking your speech pattern to override you with their Own word’s, Reasons to make you seem incoherent or with mental illness to lock you up in a mental hospital or to hit you with fabricated charges, To incarcerate you. That’s how they destroy people’s life it’s all about operating Well outside the Constitutional rule of law in effort to terrorize & Demoralize a target individual; They have mastered the art of being Prevaricator with this invasive technology created by government & being Misused to commit crimes by rogue Federal officers, The Most Powerful Entity on Earth. They Have the Innocent Guilty & To Make the Guilty Innocent, & That’s Power.

Because They Control The Minds Of The Masses. I Mr. Del Toro I’m a targeted individual because of my willingness to expose these barbaric crimes that I witnessed with my own eyes that I Refuse to look the other way against. The more i document what they are doing, Plausible deniability is the ability for persons (typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command) to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by their Rogue NSA & FBI officers. (usually subordinates in an organizational hierarchy) Even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions.

In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable & unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such act of Capital crime in order to insulate themselves & shift blame onto their Rogue NSA & FBI officers who carried out the acts of Capital crime, The Most Powerful Entity on Earth. That is precisely why the military complex had these software & electronic devices & computers made. This classified technology so call the weapon of god. They can make the innocent look guilty & make the guilty look innocent, That’s Power. Because They Control The Minds Of The Masses confident that their doubters will be unable to prove otherwise. it’s not because of lack of evidence, The term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up the conditions to plausible avoid responsibility for their (future) actions & knowledge.

In some organizations, legal doctrines such as command responsibility exist to hold major parties responsible for the actions of subordinates involved in heinous acts nullify any legal protection that their denial of involvement would carry. to the contrary ostensibly makes the denial plausible, that is, credible, although sometimes it merely makes it unactionable. Rene Del Toro,

11) May 24, 2021: In reply to G Christopher Watson.

Same here in Deming, NM
Background checks ( TruthFinders) will give a lot of info on who is doing it, Van A Benningfield

12) May 23, 2021: I have been targeted for past 5 years.. I am kept up all night with murder threats and threats to kill my family. And accussations of crimes that I don’t know how to even commit with the threat that I will be in prison forever. They are using V2K, Dew and God only knows what else. I am sleep deprived. I get terrorized 24/7. They want me to kill myself and say they will murder me and leave a suicide note. I NEED help too. I have lost everything: home, friends, family, cars, job, and I am almost homeless. I am down almost a million dollars. I’m broke. Isolated. Scared. I need a safe place to go. I have been trying to find TI community that maybe has housing etc. I have not found anything. If you here of anything let me know and likewise. Alex

13) May 23, 2021. All these individuals involved in remote neural monitoring implants and wireless body area network implants to spy, harass, torture, and murder citizens and taxpayers in the USA by domestic and foreign terrorists hiding inside and outside government should be arrested without delays. This heinous criminal activity has to be stopped. The medical study and research crap is a smokescreen for premeditated murder and felony eavesdropping. They use the medical community to lie and tell you to sign papers for insurance filing, hospital forms for treatment, and discharge papers to leave hospital etc and then claim you volunteered for government sponsored research when you never asked to participate in any research.

No one volunnteers for these programs so they use deception, fraud and trickery. Law enforcement is using medical implants to spy, torture, harass, and murder folks is my understanding and experiences. ( Remote Neural Monitoring and Wireless Body Area Networks and microwave chip implants ) Look at FBI No Touch Torture programs using covert implants then hide behind cell phones and computers to torture and harass those who get dirt on them or their partners. Corruption ongoing. Robert Gyr

14) May 23, 2021. Easy enough to hunt down my real name. Reading the cramps and unnatural twitching of calves lights up my memory.

A few years ago, I seem to have experienced RNM / V2K – seemingly directional voices able to continue while I was driving, being “told” what I was seeing, synthetic telepathic 2-way discussions, numerous voices of past & current associates, anonymous gov’t/law enforcement, and musical singing Trump saying to trust in God and Trump – seeing moving shadows in peripheral vision, sharp jabs of pain, some sort of hypnosis every time I slept. The hypnosis is where the calf movements and cramps came from. I got a sensation that I was being asked yes/no questions at speeds too fast for conscious mind to understand, but my body could understand and answered with a quick flexion – one calf for “Yes” the other for “No”.

After a couple nights of this my calves and shins were trashed and I could barely walk… And they knew a hell of a lot of details about my life and past relationships. They knew who I’ve disappointed, who has hurt me, and many specifics. I also got the feeling the VA knew that some sort of experiment was going on, and the sheriff stated enroute to the VA ER that they were informed by the VA to please just send any vets (that were acting like this, I suppose) to them. Well, yeah, I used to naively think if one is attacked in one’s own house and vehicle, one goes to the sheriff.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Pueblo Canyon.

15) May 22, 2021. I would suggest checking out the human behavior-based Wall Street instruments Alison McDowell has been researching. She has reported there are groups that appear like social NGOs. However, they are fronts to stalk, monitor and collect data on different demographics, funded by huge capital firms like Goldman Sachs.

See ROCA, for instance.

ROCA has been funded by Goldman Sachs, in part. These fake NGOs are facilitating financial investment instruments based on “social impact” outcomes. They are fake “humanitarian” organizations. For instance they will predict behavior of a certain group of people and set up a finance instrument so that investors can play the stock market off the predicted behavior. So while they make it look like they try to “preemptively fix” people — (1) they violate the law and violate peoples’ personal lives without any conscience. (2) They project a “cost savings” (which equals their profit) off “behavior modification” of people (and also kids). This becomes an investment instrument.

Although Alison McDowell has not talked about boots on the ground. Somewhere buried in this psychopathic scheme, are the duplicitous morons who are paid to stalk people. Like those who work for ROCA. And the stalkers are supposed to “influence” the behavior of whatever demographic has been targeted for this scheme.

Basically it is a bunch of ultra-rich psychopaths manipulating people’s lives to bet on in the stock market.
Please check out this podcast.


16) May 22, 2021. I am being gang stalked all over the state of florida and Nationally; more recently to the degree of leaving my home, changing my number, having my vehicles dismantled at the encouragement and suggestions of others to inflict damage on me financially. My identity has been purposely confused with several others of the same name so all over the nation so that my relatives and relationships and addresses including states are mixed up with those of the same common name who may have committed crimes or filed bankruptcy. All to unemploy me.

They also call me with false job leads to frame me and attempt to ruin my employment history. They are successful as people believe especially when they benefit monetarily. My elderly mother will not leave me though i encourage her too as she has been attacked with me and her health has suffered as she has lived in my home for years. They have gotten me kicked off of my jobs since 2016 possibly meddled since 2009 and told others i am non degreed to get them to harm me financially and have set up frames against me at least 2-3 times.

I am a small person who put myself through college, worked to a early mature age in the service industry with self sacrifice and little support from family. I am a cancer survivor and a victim of violence. This has been done over my common name and jealousy of others who themselves have a history of trouble and manipulation. I called the FBI, the fusion center, the FDLE, the sheriff all of whom are involved and knowledgeable. They deny culpability, but the stalking physically and virtually continues as I found a GPS tracker on my vehicle with common public phone stalking in my face even involving children with adults in attendance.

I have witnesses of the aggression so I am not crazy. These Gangstalkers know no constitutional rights of due process or civility other than imagined self absorbed heroism of themselves with a vigilante imagined and cooked up purpose bent on the destruction of a target who is clearly innocent of any crime. SO THEY MIXED UP MY IDENTITY PURPOSEFUL locally as I have been angry and verbal over the unemployment and destruction of my career, who wouldn’t be and lose of my retirement. I will be homeless eventually and likely killed. It is that bad.

They have destroyed my employability, attempting to set me up constantly by blocking all resources/help. This via slanderous gossip without merit. They help those who have committed crimes against me and my property in fact encouraging acts of destruction. No one will help me as a result. They want to bury me. This is a nightmare that will not stop. I am powerless against the vicious gossip which is all behind my back. I have no rights, no opportunity to defend myself, no voice. The people of the US were never meant to be at the mercy of big government armies of advanced tactile terrorist which is what they themselves, the fusion centers, have become.

Cruelty unimagined psychologically and financially. One step away from becoming rabid dogs toward the public in my opinion. They protect only themselves and have zero investigative skills by my experience. This is unjust and unreal in a developed country professing freedoms of the people and a government that is, We The People, not a self empowered, unaccountable regime. Shame on all those engaged in the beginning of a dismantling of We, the people’ s Constitutional Right to due process. This organized vigilante justice is bought and paid for by a too large unaccountable agency bent on destruction, wallering in self empowerment right out of a C movie. This is the end of America’s free world. No one will escape the injustice of these cruel Gangstalkers observed as organized by the fusion centers who falsely profess to protect.

I have seen the government florida personnel logo, the global communication logo, the local county, the sherriff s, the community engaged in vicious stalking and harassment. No lawyer will help me as my identity has been confused with someone elses purposely. I have had my personal privacy invaded with ears and eyes inside my home, wire taps, and tapped during interviews. Yet no charges, no crime. I am not being investigated but framed if I let my guard down and they want me to know I will never be left alone to work again. They encourage people to treat me with disrespect. I was once a provider of healthcare, carefree, happy, optimistic, full of hope. No more. I despair most days and am pensive, quiet, sad, surprised by random strangers kindness which becomes more rare by the day. Sherry Smith.

17) May 21, 2021. I do not believe a positive outcome is likely when the targeting begins at a very young age. In these cases, the children are raised up by the evil voices. The parents have limited abilities to even impact on these ones. And the 9/ 11 bull shit just made things much worse. Thank you for all your insight and dedication. Sue Kay.

18) May 21, 2021: In reply to Jannelly Beans.

I’ m in the same boat as you. This is real and scary. Lucy,

19) May 21, 2021: In reply to Mona.

Either due to being former cult or speaking out on other issues.

20) May 15, 2021: In reply to Donald Amos.

Have faith in god brpther. Im in california amd its bad here. Philip

21) May 13, 2021: Peccole Ranch in Las Vegas Nevada has this crap going on with neighbors, Mitzi..

22) May 13, 2021: So many clues point to an A.I as the beast. When the masses agree. To accepting a privacy policy on being tracked to cut down on crime. This bringing peace. Also 666 is yy in binary. Which Looks like a peace sign with horns and a devils tale to me…

These are law enforcement tactics. They also play skits using doppelgängers. Use Jesus as a Counter measure until you get a breakthrough. Father God will answer you . The afterlife is real and You are eternal.

In reply to George Gallagher.

I’m a victim. I was marked at age 19. I entered school 2 years late as a kid because of a learning disability.
At age 19 I was in the 10th grade. We moved to a new state. And a girl I met at my school really liked me.
I was new and didn’t know anybody. My parents went out of town one weekend and my girlfriend invited A whole bunch of people for a party. Long story short I got marked by the police. A 19yr old dating a 17yr old.
Despite her denials that we were not sexual I still got marked and flagged. instead of court action I’ve been
Spied and and covertly harassed.

They played skits with doppelgängers and tried to entrap me. They have Done a lot of things to me over the years to where I’m hyper aware. I know for a fact that it is the police. I plan on writing a book. The best thing that has gotten me thru this is regular prayer. I kept praying to
Father God in the name of Jesus. And I’ve had super natural break throughout. And he has acted covertly
Pushed Back at my tormentors! David.


24) May 10, 2021: In reply to Christina Shockley.

Don’t committ suicide please ask Jesus to help youand Holy Spirit to send mllions of angel armies to destroy r tormenters
Please listen to DappyTKeys instrumental 24/7 kjv audiobble 24/7 and speak it into atmoshere and take communon daily
and start laughing daily. No police they willnot help no doctors go to click the link of Targeted Indivdual
To get loads of infor to help, QMj

25) May 9, 2021: Honey, I’m so sorry you are learning that you are a victim of organized stalking. I’m from Boston and it’s got a massive organized stalking community. I hope you consider moving. At this point in the “reset” everyone who steps on the sidewalk the wrong way will be on the list. I suggest you live incredibly simple, move, ignore, ignore, ignore. Do not take the vaccines and pray with all your heart and read your Bible. It’s been since 2007 for me. Lost two successful businesses. Multiple homes gone. Husband and pets gone. But I adjusted and still am. I just bought a home in WV in December and already they have been steadily filling it with inflammables, destroyed my appliances, furnace, roof, put holes in my gutter ect. They been here (five of them) 5-7 nights a week, four to eight hours just destroying me. I’m used to it, I have a good insurance policy, I’ve adapted but it really is one shock, after another until you adapt. There’s no help, EVER! Except from each other, we always help each other. Bernadette Irr.

26) May 3, 2021. I am a victim of extreme organized stalking, including cyber stalking, microwave hearing, directed energy weapon attacks, laser attacks, microwave hearing. I live in Fairview, TN, live alone, 66 years old, and have been a victim of cyber stalking since 2016, gangstalking since September 2019 and microwave hearing and electronic attacks since April 2020. I need help and protection from these monsters. Joanne Tomlinson.

27) May 2, 2021: I would like to update every one on my jammer CD. It has been studied by a neurologist in the United Kingdom . it has been found that the sound file produces 2.8mhz of ultra-sonics when played on koss ktx-pro1 headphones. It is stopping tinnitus, stopping hyperacusis, stopping TTTS, stopping the hearing of voices, gives deeper sleep. This CD is causing neuroplasticity (neural healing) , this is why it jams v2k and targeting equipment. The jammer CD has now helped over 1000 people stop electronic torture and is still free at; Dave Case,

28) May 1, 2021: Sent from Mail for Windows 10

I am a victim of electronic stalking i was approached by officers while i was in Milam county jail & i have slight abilities to know thing b 4 they happen strictly when someone is doing wrong i was in a sound proof & got bored so i started talking to the jailers well apparently i wasn’t able to hear them so they say. so a couple of them which i know who they are . brought a machine in the next room i was unaware it was a soundproof room till i heard the kid say HE IS psychic… SNAP. I thought I just hear good still doo . so the man said i have a gift to then i felt my brain JAR just my brain not my head & skull just BRAIN it jarred HARD! instantly i felt DRUGGED but i could hear him like he was in my head.

First thing he asked me is if I wanted to be a snitch??? I almost felt I was not in control I was DEFINITELY NOT IN SOUND MIND THE INTOXICATION OF THE FREQUENCIES MADE ME UNABLE TO CONTROL MY OWN THOUGHTS… INSTANTLY HE WENT STRAIGHT TO WHEN I WAS A CHILD WHY HE WENT TO THEN IS I WAS A KID IDK. BUT I WAS MOLESTED AS A CHILD & now the man who molested me & my nephews & nieces are DEAD.. I think their assassins are using neural imaging to steal people’s legal defenses & Kill people. they said they were going to do anything to protect their community leader Bill W.W.Tory. he was illegally prosecuting me & solicited attorney wich i have 1 agent & 34 witnesses two to illegally convict me + Then they tortured me for over a month i still hear them commenting in my head every once in a while but i think crazy shit i never have b 4.

I know these PERVERTS ARE STILL MONITORING ME. i HAVE NEVER SOLD DRUGS OR HARMED ANY ONE I LOVE MY COUNTRY noir am i a threat 2 anyone but terrorist . & 4 years have protected innocent people threw GOVERNMENT Contacts & channels. These people are terrorists. They threatened my family, my children, they could literally burn my skin, make my muscles twitch & cause extreme pain in my organs they said they werent going to stop because i made them look stupid. a local jail is letting these people hook up to anybody that comes in the rubber room .

i lost 40 lbs in 14 days the Dr came & prescribed medicine i was allergic to & on my allergy list. I have some witnesses. but my family don’t believe me… SCARY SHIT.. they have to be running some kind of suggestive A.I software. so it develops opinions & makes u MAKE U!! think them as if a BIAS SUBCONSCIOUS. DEFINITELY AN ASSASSINS TOOL. ESPECIALLY TOWARDS. FOLLOWERS OF GOD. after they couldn’t get me to sell my soul to the devil which i explained is only a title of the six titles of a work. FROM Luciefer . wich has 6 titles & 1 name. That i know of.

I love everything the father made but I don’t worship death or the titles of lucifer’s duties . noir do i make assumptions about the fathers will. It played what they called a luminated game and it kept trying to talk down on my faith. Yahweh’s LOVE. It ended with Yahweh I LOVE MY GOD & ALL of his works. They tried to trick me into a deal but obviously the spirit took over and I ended up thinking like a supercomputer. it would ask me questions so fast and the answers I KNEW IN MY HEART POURED OUT. They said it should have killed me instead I ended up with a signed bond paper freeing everyone who thought they had no soles or Thought they Had sold it. I cried on it. because i didn’t have a pen or pencil they actually formed the shape of an eye.. wow.

I have it as evidence and I want to find these people and make them get on this machine -as I will also do in a public courtroom- & show the world what these people are doing. They tried to say it was a game . But I know they tried to kill me ,The father THANK fully always places in the path of these people or evil things to pray 4 them so they can see the truth. HELP ME GET THE ASSISTANCE TO PROVE THESE TOOLS ARE NOT 4 TERRORIST. THEIR 4 THE FATHERS PEACEKEEPERS. & ITS A SPIRITUAL GIFT 4 THE CHOSEN SAINTS & THE CHILDREN OF GOD. IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DONE WITH A MACHINE. BY PHONE & BIBLE CAME UP MISSING TODAY OFF PORCH BUT PLEASE CONTACT ME; Damian Hafley.

29) April 30, 2021: No. I do understand, commenting on the concluding quote. I know all too well that ‘CIA men are human devils.’ They and their modern-day fellow female and NSA counterpart state actors/researchers surely are ‘On the take and Loving it.’ — (Wikileaks)

The levels of dishonor of the US Government surely spans skywards.

Thanks Eric. Chris.

30) April 29, 2021: Read down to “Fantastic Futures” – will finish later…

Another profit center seems to be a creative way to murder via ascension to the afterlife via neuro-reprogramming tied to one of the seven deadly sins program narrative whereby the deep state actor engages a neuro punishment routine along with torture, electronic harassment and continual changes to the body’s dna, by “stalling” a separate neuro system via energy along the outside of the skin emanating from a laser pinpoint gun. Attached to the waves are psychologicals associated with religion, religious myth, deep state narratives of religion, your personal failure in morals and faith and your future without God…UNLESS, you follow our personal improvement agenda for you via Chakra crystal energies, prayer and more.

One clincher here is the AI, of course, plays God.

I know this because they’re doing it to me.

It seems to have military, infra-guard, contractors and police actors.

Imagine the profit; reducing the population and “saving” souls all at the same time. John Sears.

31) April 28, 2021. Have you guys checked out “Wikifreaks” on Bing/Google dig around and you will find UK siyes! The Freak.

32) April 27, 2021. In reply to Bobby Lokey.

They are thieves….and they will steal anything including info concerning a wanted man with a reward.
They did it to me.
They also steal any business idea, marketing idea, etc.
I had several unique ideas stolen from my brain (using remote neural monitoring) that was later used by fast food franchises. Imagine that?
If you hide some cash…..they will direct one of their operatives to find your secret hidden location.
By hacking the target’s brain…his thoughts are fair game. Privacy of private unarticulated thoughts… are now up for review with no warrant or notice at any time. Thomas S Bean.

33) April 27, 2021. I am being gangstocked for many years now I’m about at my wit’s end no one has done anything. Teresa Stoddard.

34) April 26, 2021: You need to stop “trying” cases in the public domain. We need documentation/evidence. Every frequency has data connected to it, lets get those surveillance trucks out there to monitor these Human Rights abuses. Lindy.

35) April 26, 2021: I thought that I understood from the video, above, that victims have some kind of evidence, in their computers, which shows the illegal targeting, as they are used as medical slaves. Also, I thought that Bobbi Peitsch was asking for targets of these crimes to file with her and that she could assist with evidence, which targets might not know how to obtain.

However, there is no response at all to my messages. I may as well be writing this to myself and very likely, this is a spoofed page that nobody sees, while the perverted traffickers laugh themselves silly.

I can find no other possible interpretation, except that this video is intended to get true victims to respond, so that they can be mocked and ignored. Linda K Williams

36) April 26, 2021: Peter
This evil targeted individual program is real in many countries around the world and involves setting you up for a crime but the police dont ask you about it, this monitoring and profiling info and reports on you takes place over a number of years even though the police never ask you about it!

they later use this info against you in a slow campaign over years and decades which involve organised set ups, a compromising of the target as a thief and pedofying is their standard MO and even after that you could still be confused not realizing your malicious targeting until a later stage when you recognize something is very wrong, genuine targeted individuals will later have their ID, passport,personal documents stolen by one or two of these corrupt informants, each time you get a new backpack/rucksack it will be stolen again, it may be planted at the scene of a serious crime. they then give your passport/ID to their corrupt cop handler/controller with your stolen passport putting you in the frame adding this to the police or other database, they will tell your neighbours or freind you are a pedo whilst framing you for worse crimes, you may get honeytraps and you may be on a dissident/left/right extremist watchlist, they will make video/photo surveillance of you in public once or twice for intelligence sharing then entrap/frame you for a crime that they did to you! and this is called statecraft/spycraft/tradecraft theft.

the next stage is to get you in psych hosp, commit suicide, taken out or incarcerated. You might not have suspected it but this program has been ongoing for most or all your Life, targeted individual is mostly political and another factor can be implanted memories, i have heard about bloodtype as RH O negative but no real info to back up this theory?

37) April 25, 2021: This has been ongoing on me, an innocent academic American citizen. They are operating now out of 100 Village Square in Glen Cove New York from unit 335. The use of Hispanics as the greatest populace cherry picked from is beyond words. Then they recruit from the black culture, Asians and Eastern Indians as a means of reverse profiling to have these diversities execute inhumane atrocities, abuses and tortures on Caucasian white Winen-Jewish women at a high amount but women generally are about 70 percent of the selection for targeted killing in America. Robin

38) April 25, 2021: I have been victimized practically my entire life. I had my personal data stolen and misused when I was 19 (I’m 63 now) through two long-duration marriages, ex-husbands set me up for “accidents.” I escaped. But did suffer harm. I remarried once more. He died of Cancer. I’m from Military background, as well as Masonic. I have been wrongfully abused by law enforcement in cooked up invasive actions, and attempts to set me up criminally. I am a Christian, and this abuse has never ceased. I am now disenfranchised, have no home of my own, no money, nor my truck. All manipulated away through police abuse of power. I no longer write stories or make art, and I have even been prevented from getting my social security Rights! I will continue to OBEY THE LORD. I REFUSED TO “FINGER” OR BETRAY ANYONE TO SAVE MY SELF. I HAVE “KEPT THE FAITH.” These heinous “devil’s” will assuredly, ultimately MEET JESUS “FACE TO FACE.” But it will be TOO LATE. Lisa Rae Rousseau

39) April 22, 2021: In reply to Sue Kay.

Good analysis of Dr. (James) Gordiano (Neuroscientist and “neuro-ethicist” at Georgetown University, DARPA and EU Human Brain Project consultant). I got the same impression while watching him. You may add arrogance, self-centered, cavalier, and psyop-like sounding in his voice and attitude, that just leaves me sickened, and unsure if it is just that — or legit. He honestly makes me sick. Its as if they want the public to know, in particular targets — fear tactics, and/or looking for reactions for more statistical data, is anyone’s guess. When he threatened TIs that if they continued to expose he’d make it so we’d not be able to walk in our neighborhoods, and family would be taken away, he meant it. Its exactly what happened to me.

I find nothing GOOD about him either, rather its disgusting to sit thru one of his psyo-rants, however a good education from the horse’s mouth. Targeting is so horrendous. It leaves me speechless, and growing worse by the week.

We we’re coup’ed as a nation when Eisenhower warned. It was dire, the words he left behind, and then the assassination of they Kennedy boys. That’s when our last legitimate United States government stood its ground, and not sense. You could say It sill stands, yet as long as the American people remain in the zombie-like modes of complete unawareness many of us see on a daily bases, those that are unaware are hooked into the spaced based weapons system and super computers, and then there are those of us that are aware and fighting for just that — self-awareness, the single most important aspect of holding-on in this “MENTALSIZED” cybernetic cyber torture hell.

Thank you Dr. Karlstrom for allowing me to share my thoughts. Best regards, hoping you’re hanging in there like the rest of us. Take great care.

PS: I was going to stop posting due to the algorithms and witchhunt against our freedom’s of online speech, but have a hard time, knowing these things first-hand now, and informing the public seems to take priority.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes.

The worst crime committed by totalitarian mind-sets is that they force their citizens, including their victims, to become complicit in their crimes. Dancing with your jailer, participating in your own execution, that is an act of utmost brutality.


With the terrifying tenacity of a cancer once thought cured that will never go away, totalitarianism is back in fashion.


Totalitarianism is never content to rule by external means, namely, through the state and a machinery of violence; thanks to its peculiar ideology and the role assigned to it in this apparatus of coercion, totalitarianism has discovered a means of dominating and terrorizing human beings from within.


We had all become used to the totalitarian system and accepted it as an unchangeable fact and thus helped to perpetuate it. In other words, we are all — though naturally to differing extents — responsible for the operation of the totalitarian machinery. None of us is just its victim. We are all also its co-creators.


Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda.


I have been a visiting writer in several authoritarian and totalitarian states, and usually the question answers itself. Someone in a café makes an offhand remark. A piece of ironic graffiti is scrawled in the men’s room. Some group at the university issues some improvised leaflet. The glacier begins to melt; a joke makes the rounds and the apparently immovable regime suddenly looks vulnerable and absurd.


People who live in the post-totalitarian system know only too well that the question of whether one or several political parties are in power, and how these parties define and label themselves, is of far less importance than the question of whether or not it is possible to live like a human being.


Totalitarianism Quotes
AI is already enabling authoritarianism —

Fore, I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

Thomas Jefferson. Chris

40) April 23, 2021. Dr. G (James Giordano, Professor of Neuroscience at Georgetown University, DARPA and EU Human Brain Project consultant) is a narcissist, I used to draw cartoon pictures when I was in JR High 50 years ago when I would sit in church with my parents. They were my idea of what a devil would look like, and if you put a couple horns on Mr. G’s bald head, he would look just like my caricatures. Just thought you might like to know. I have listened to him talk on various occasions, and seeing as my poor adult children have been targeted for decades, I cannot find anything GOOD about him. He is a fast talker with a superb vocabulary. He must have chosen to develop those skills versus a sense of morality. Sue Kay

41) April 23, 2021. I was explicitly told that I will be getting a HELL virus. Apparently this is the end game of Occultists, to affect the afterlife of their targets. I think this is going on in massive amounts and has been going on for decades.

Just as you can buy a ‘no sleep’ Illuminati t-shirt, I was given a shot that removed my ability to sleep.

I can’t believe this stuff exists in this world. Also, I can’t believe when apparently half the planet knows about this, that its not covered in the public domain along with the Illuminati curse. Robert James Liquori

42) April 22, 2021: Dr. Charles Morgan’s right on target regarding this article, written by Eric Karlstrom. The long tral of diabolical, Satanic planning for mRNA world depopulation and control is real, just as the Corona Jab serum’s effects on human DNA as well as brain hacking,
This Satanic plan to depopulate the world’s populations is the most heinous crime against humanity and the Nuremberg Code. No person – whether infants, toddlers, children, teens, or adults – should be made to be guinea pigs for the Corona Jabs without consent. Since infants, toddlers, children, and teens are incapable of given consent, a parent or guardian would have to give consent (Most parents and guardians wouldn’t give that consent, anyway).
There have been at least hundreds of thousands of deaths from the 3 experimental CV serums worldwide, making this crime one of the most heinous in history. Eileen Kuch

43) April 22, 2021: WE HAVE the HIGH GROUND

44) April 22, 2021: Psycho-Techno mesmerism, with a big dash of pharmacopoeia..

We’re the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DIA, DOJ, FIB, (cia), Etc., Etc., Etc., and we see, hear and know nothing! Nothing!!
L Garou

45) April 21, 2021: The reason why they go after MDNA is because women were raped by the fallen angels aka Michael. They birthed the 13 bloodlines and then it just expanded out into tribe after tribe. So, if you know the DNA on the planet they can secretly attack you via through the sun simulator and try and kill you off. Some people have Van Helsing bloodline( Heaven) and some have/ Jesus/ Lucifer’s bloodline. The double. So, what I think the evil doers are doing is looking for the Van Helsing bloodline. The Fall or the War that occurred in Heaven.

So, during all my targeting program I really believe that the solid elite or fallen angels are after the good angels ( earth angels on a mission). The good angels are the Van Helsing bloodline. This is why they want the blood so desperately from everyone and COVID IS now an excuse to dig deeper into the Van Helsing bloodline ( the initial Creator). This is why they are doing everything they can to destroy DNA and design CRISPER design or cloning. Michael ( fallen one or Pharaoh) wants to destroy the initial creator’s design and make it his own. He wants an obedient slave society subject to only orders/ sex/ and more orders. Arch angel Michael is just plain evil. You won’t get this from the Vatican. He hunts God’s earth angels. He is the hunter of Men ( Orion Empire). That is why we have the pyramids here. They are actually upside down teeth which is vampirism. No one1

46) April 21, 2021: A literature professor and journalist, Ramola D. runs a website and put up the following video.
The Legal Coop: Attorney Solutions to Stalking, Mobbing, Harassment, Gangstalking, V2K, Rumor Campaign
563 views•Mar 17, 202
The male lawyer who spoke estimated that some 4 million persons are being “gang stalked” in the U.S., alone. He is working using only donations, for the moment. He made some accurate comments about how these felony rampages take place. I think that these lawyers will be extremely wealthy people, in fairly short order. Once, the modus operandi is exposed and once it becomes understood that this is gang murder and relentless, torture and attempted murder by gangs, there can be punitive damages. What is the value of a human life? That is what punitive damages should reflect.

In Canadian justice, it seems that a human life is not worth as much, as in the U.S. I do hope that I will live to see restitution and exposure of the malicious felony crimes against my close family members and myself.

However, I have had no response on this site, to my message, above.

So, perhaps there are no real sites and every site is simply controlled opposition and the sadistic criminals who are torturing me are simply laughing at yet another message from me.

As I have mentioned–all of my communications have been sabotaged. My computer has been sabotaged so that I cannot utilize the internet to do searches –although I am paying Roger’s for the service. My mail is frequently stollen. The organized criminals doing this appear to have contacts at a high level in law enforcement. My telephone is tampered with. My new computer cannot be linked up to my computer, so I cannot send letters. I am locked out of my email.

So, possibly, this message is just a good joke to many many vicious, violent cold as ice perverted murderers. Linda K Williams

47) April 21, 2021: i have been stalked since 2001 until present im not as mad and angry as i use to be now that i know who they are and what is going on but it mentally and emotional draining i dont trust nobody because they recruit your family and freinds well so call freinds try not to let it control you that is what they want to make you feel that way dont let them win Clifflette

48) April 20, 2021: Greetings, Robert: I’m sorry to hear you have been subjected to so much cruelty. In my case, as in yours, there has been too much to write about all of it. My perps are using sleep deprivation as torture by noise making that wakes me. I tried setting up surveillance of myself while I am asleep, but I bought the wrong kind (I’m 77 years old and not very good with technology). I need something that visually records me sleeping, and that records audio – to prove the noises occur. Can you tell me what kind of surveillance you have used in your home? I played recordings with a voice recorder of me snoring and the banging taking place, but police want to say I’m making the noise. Stay strong and have faith that we will receive justice for the crimes committed against us. Elise Sabatier

49) April 20, 2021: They are doing it to me too. Christine Shockley

50) April 19, 2021: In reply to Donald Amos.

I believe all parts of the shadow government have infiltrated these intelligence agencies,,, basically they need someone to target so that resources can be allocated for these programs and since there are very few things and people who they see as real targets why not use are own citizens,,also these elites are all psychopaths so this is fun and games for them,,,the FBI is a good agency,,, although I believe that they have certain parts of the organization that have been corrupted by these infiltrators who misuse their power to continue programs like this,,read Richard lighthouse and Ted Gunderson testimonials,,,as targets very few people can help in this maybe try a american civil liberties lawyer. James W. Szumiloski

51) April 29, 2021: How many of our present day mass shooters are being created by these devils ? How come we never hear much about the background of these miscreants? Have they ever been to a shrink, subjected to hypnosis, drugs, and other mind control techniques ? Google up “Jesse Ventura Interviews Dr. Robert Duncan” to get a glimpse into the rather new “Voice to Skull” technology. July Hunter

52) April 18, 2021: i find it astonishing that no-one has anything to say about this. it’s almost as astonishing as the info professor.

please, please know that there are at a few who appreciate deeply your efforts making information like this available at a time when millions are doing themselves in all around us as we sleep walk into tragedy. Augustus Blue

53) April 18, 2021: The U. S. government, not sure which particular component/branch/service, has the capability to hypnotize any citizen, while inside one’s own home or elsewhere, and confiscate (steal, rob, thieve items of personal property) via post-hypnotic suggestion deployed against any chosen citizen, so that said citizen loses all consciousness of having been attacked. It happened to me in my home several days ago, wherein the post hypnotic suggestion was botched and I retained a smattering of recall of the post hypnotic suggestion. I was supposed to have my mind wiped totally blank so that I could remember nothing of the theft, but I did recall the moment as though in a dream. When I came out from under the hypnosis, my highly prized, priceless and absolutely unique object of art was gone, along with the very distinctive brown jacket I was wearing. The jacket remains missing, along with my prized, absolutely unique object of art. Bobby Lokey

54) April 17, 2021: All of this is to say…it is a long war on the Declaration of Independence.
“…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object…it is their right, it is their duty to throw off (destroy) such government
and to provide new Guards…” eckbach

55) March 6, 2021: oh yes it is! very interesting you mention the work of brendon o connell who, though a bit obnoxious, is spot on. if i were him i’d be a bit on edge myself. the man isn’t wrong.

it is important to remember that the original zionist was lord palmerston and he wasn’t even jewish (as far as i know), but indicative of a “british israelism” worming it’s way through the upper strata of british society, itself indicative of a certain strain of people i call “phonecians” (i.e. “black nobility”) that have effectively usurped all the christian thrones of europe; born themselves out of the venetian banking families which arch back to rome and beyond to babylon.

it seems bloodlines really DO rule the world and of course all these intelligence agencies work for these families. are not these the biblical “nephlim” who, are sumerian and fallen ”angels” – you know- aliens.

see the brilliant work of pierre sabak for the full mind-blowing decode. his books using etymology and 20 different dictionaries spanning various languages are superb.

your recent interview with jeff rense was head-exploding. thank you for your work! happy to of found your website! what a totally insane world.

godspeed my friend…. August Blue

56) April 17, 2021: The only things that are more worthless than the Coronamania charade (i.e. the face diapers, the lockdowns, the vaccines, the social distancing, etc.) are the idiots who thought it up. Jim Yost

57) April 16, 2021: Luv your NFO , Truly shocking here in cbus ohio / pop. 800,000 how many GULLIBLE scared rabbit puppets line up for to ”sell their mortal souL” in the name of LIES, We will NEVER take that shot, we are the only 2 Christians left on campus, all others are atheists, well we know the 666 mark of the Beast when we see it and it’s a needle mark for sure !! come soon Rapture with Legions of AngeLs ,please how bout by June 1st !! does anyone want to even go six more weeks of this FAKE HOAX ?

Todd & Cora
ohio st Univ

58) April 15, 2021: I am a TI please is there anyway to stop this??? I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out who why and why me. How did they pick me. Where can I go for help Charlotte Scheidt

59) April 15, 2021: Am a victim of synthetic telepathy practices done by some Moroccans and am still dealing with it and no one out there to help, they pretend to work with the dst when they are hackers and playing with this dangerous weapons . Soufiane el aoula

60) April 15, 2021: Fight then. They’re only human, why do you think they’re so concealed… They can’t stand long enough to make a stand so they invent something and call them legs. Y’all have to do something eventually or just sit in on these interviews/rants hoping for purpose to slap you in your mouth. The numbers are greater on our side of the line; maybe our resistance is universal, unexpected aid sitting back waiting to see if we got balls before they join the execution of the “top”. Friend

61) April 12, 2021: The last three days have been non stop, headache will not subside. Keep in mind, the deployment of The direct energy weapons, involves three separate neighbors. All of course within 50 feet or less. During the day, where vehicles logically come and go, a myriad of deployment from this source as well.

In order to follow you from room to room, there is x-ray or similiar capabilities. No government is going to stand there and tell you how vaporizing your organs is somehow legal. This challenge begins now.

Deployment became 24/7 ever since I wrote a screenplay about the weaponization of “invisible warfare”. Whenever the Department of Defense attempts to tell the American people, that this agency has no detection capabilities, the Brooklyn Bridge is still for sale. Linda

62) April 11, 2021: TI in since ’86-God guided me to working with Bob Dratch and Slim Spurling.
We were making sacred geometry based copper coils,rings,etc…and merging with Bob’s holoform sound tech.Hugely successful clearing air and water pollution until the USAF and spooks showed up to “help”. Just prior to the full-on chemtrail program in ’98 we were pretty much disbanded although I continued with Dratch through 2001. These satanic minions don’t want anyone “fixing” anything because they usually broke it and have their own fix for it-hegelian dialectic model. Thx. David WH.

63) April 11, 2021: Pretty accurate-I became targeted in Denver 1986 for dating a LHM defense employee’s ex-wife. They finally ran me out of my apt in ’93 when the pope was in Denver harvesting the children-World Youth Week. They have not let me live peacefully since and since I am still alive at 69, my shelf life is atypical as well as my responses so they have a large cadre of military types around me as I type here in off grid Apache County,AZ. I became aware early on that all data was fed into a computer and you couldn’t safely do the same thing twice without them being there. My cursor is being jumped around as I type so will close for now. Thx. David WH.

64) April 9, 2021: In reply to Dee DeGregory.

Hello Mr or Mrs or Dr. Dee DeGregory,

Thanks for your comments – I was just wondering if you know where some of those electronic “dead zones” are?

Could be useful to get some peaze. Thanks Bro Johnny 5

65) April 7, 2021: I am a Canadian citizen, living in Toronto. It is likely that I was trafficked to the MKULTRA program and utilized as a test subject, from my birth.

I would like to file a complaint with you, Bobbi, if it is possible. There is evidence that my entire family–of 7 people– has been victimized, with the possible exception of my mother.

My newest computer has been tampered with so that I cannot use my internet service to do any searches. I will be sabotaged, if I try to get service –until the oversight of CSIS and the RCMP brings some kind of remedy.

I do not have email, but if I should attempt to reopen an account, likely it will be hacked, as my previous one was. If I provide my phone number, it is likely that any call on your part will be intercepted. Can you provide your phone number?

Recently–Sept. 2, 2020–my newest computer was tampered with. There is a vertical black line, which looks like some kind of T.V. signal, on the left of my screen. My first cousin, Mark Winemaker is a Toronto film producer. One of the “tenants” in my building, began to park at the back and has a sticker, reading “motion picture technicians.” So, he may be directly responsible for tampering.

I would like to file with you. I am sending a letter to CSIS, but I doubt that it will reach them. All of my mail is RAW, unprocessed by the post office. Important mail and identification documents are routinely stollen out of my mailbox and never arrive. It appears that there may be a plan to murder me, replace me with a body double, steal my assets.

Likely victims of this very complicated, layered scam:

My younger brother, Robert Darryl Williams, born Robert Darryl Winemaker, who had a sudden suspicious death
My older brother, Michael Cedric Williams, born Michael Cedric Winemaker, who also had a sudden suspicion death.
My father, Manning Bruce Williams, born Winemaker, who had a sudden suspicious death.
My sister, Caroline Joyce Williams and myself.

All of my communications are intercepted. I do not have email, as I have been locked out of it, likely by the mobsters.

Linda K Williams

66) April 4, 2021: My stalkers are persistent but obvious and pathetic. I never doubted the reality; I’ve always seen it as choreography, because they are obvious and rotten people. They work in the service of an IDENTITY THEFT RING. (I don’t know if they know that or…) The motivation is to yes harass to try and scare but they are also constantly “colliding” with you to get pieces of your identity. They have been running a many-year debit card scheme through my identity and the woman who used to live at the same address. Also up in a prepaid phone in my name. With everything prepaid and debit based you can’t see ANY of this on your credit report. People in the ring also work in opportunistic positions within the community (phone carriers, insurance companies)_ –where they can create “errors” (fraud) in their system to create many ‘synthetic identities” from the same base person. Keeps the ring around the victims and each ring-member pushing their ONE lever. Silent Warrior

67) April 4, 2021: I am a targeted individual as well.

I’m addressing the commenters who seem so angry at this (understandably as I have been since adjusting to this new thing), and to the one commenter who said there were complaints offered but not many solutions. I agree and when it first happened til a few weeks ago I couldn’t find the solution. But there is one.
Only thing that helps me is total calm and strength by following “the rules”. “They” trained me to maintain composure as a way of silencing the mind. The mind does silence itself once you have your composure and find gratitude and composure within. The program is made to bow to a virtuous heart. The demon people have rules. To them thinking and complaining are sins. Being stupid, fearful, foolish or wasteful is a sin. These laws are also in the bible. It says guard your heart and mind. Look to the bright side especially when you have nothing. Do not be afraid. Dont complain. Show respect and compassion for life. Have dignity and protect yourself and your family. Have faith in God and your birthright to live well. Accept the justice God puts on the planet, dont blame, accept your lingsuffering, and be strong. Give to caesar what is Caesars and to the Lord what is the Lords. By your patience, possess your souls. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self control. Against these things there is no law. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. I can do anything through Chriat who strengthens me.

Psalms, Proverbs and the new testament (especially the words of jesus, which you can find on youtube) got me through a heap of shit! Especially when they had me believing perverted things my husband was doing behind my back. I woke up in the pit of hell and had to slap a positive attitude on even though I wanted to die, and as a result I ended up with a silent mind, faith in God, and solitude away from the ones who were causing me trouble.

Obviously I didnt agree with all their rules like cruelty and perversion, but the good ones that i agreed with, i followed. Such as composure, self preservation, intelligence, self advocacy, respect, grace, humility etc. They are big on that. And they punish you for getting wound up.

Good luck everyone. I hope this helps you all. Google some scripture when you can and keep faith. Oh one of my favorites:
God has given you a spirit not of fear but of a sound mind. Robin

68) April 4, 2021: I’m in San Antonio I have plenty of proof I need to sit down with someone and give this information they started cooking my brain again for the last two weeks it’s been happening over 2 years I need to find a way to contact you I have plenty of proof of the people and send to me I am scared for my life yes they know I’m trying to reach out somewhere I am right down the road from your office matter of fact from where it says your office is I’m not far. I just hope this is not being redirected. They’ve had me under surveillance for a long time. Scared in SanAntonio

69) April 4, 2021: You’re absolutely spot on. I have experienced this for years. Mark

70) April 4, 2021: These mind control, mind reading, torture and genocide programs
being covertly run under DOJ and DOD must end and perps arrested. Robert Gyr

71) April 2, 2021: Hola, yo soy uno de ellos, estoy biorobotizado y desesperado por poder recuperar la naturalidad. No sé a quién dirigirme, están pendientes probablemente para eliminarme porque saben que me he percatado y lo estoy publicando. Todo esto comenzó en 2014 y ahora está plenamente funcional en mi cuerpo, espero que no vaya a más tal funcionalidad. Necesito ayuda. para destruir la nanotecnología que se encuentra en mi cuerpo. Les paso algunas de las web que me sirvieron de ayuda, especialmente esta. Necesito hablar con el creador de esta web. ( si durante el lapso de 24 horas dejo de enviar este mensaje es que “no me lo permiten” de un modo u otro) PASEN ESTE MENSAJE A TODOS SUS CONOCIDOS Y ACTÚEN YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ EMPÁPENSE con estas web, nos están envenenando de todas las maneras posibles, alimentación, chemtrails, NO SE VACUNEN, eviten que morgellon llegue a su cuerpo, las radiaciones de electromagnetismo sirven de conducto. Y comienzen a señalar a responsables, están infiltrados en todas las instituciones, comprados y la gran masa infectada o idiotizada. CRÉANME¡¡¡¡ céntrense exclusivamente en esto, no se distraigan y actúen¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ CÉNTRENSE EN CONTROL MENTAL Y TRANSHUMANISMO. el tiempo es vital. ( la relación entre las CUATRO webs sólo la pueden establecer los que ya están hackeados y no vendidos; hay millones de personas hackeadas que ni lo saben) Estas fallas las considerarían en su plan los perpetradores, todo se irá acelerando, ACTÚEN¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ SF

Hello, I am one of them, I am bio-bottled and desperate to be able to regain my naturalness. I do not know who to contact, they are probably pending to eliminate me because they know that I have noticed and I am publishing it. This all started in 2014 and now it is fully functional in my body, I hope it does not go to more such functionality. I need help. to destroy the nanotechnology found in my body. Here are some of the websites that helped me, especially this one. I need to speak to the creator of this website. (If during the period of 24 hours I stop sending this message, it means that they “do not allow it” in one way or another) PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGES AND ACT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Https:// catalyst / GET SOAKED with these websites, they are poisoning us in every possible way, food, chemtrails, DO NOT GET VACCINATED, prevent morgellon from reaching your body, electromagnetic radiation acts as a conduit. And they begin to point out those responsible, they are infiltrated in all the institutions, bought and the great mass infected or idiotized. BELIEVE ME¡¡¡¡ Focus exclusively on this, do not get distracted and act¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ FOCUS ON MENTAL CONTROL AND TRANSHUMANISM. time is vital. (The relationship between the FOUR websites can only be established by those who are already hacked and not sold; there are millions of hacked people who do not even know it) These failures would be considered in their plan by the perpetrators, everything will accelerate, ACT¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

72) April 1, 2021: I am being psychologically and physically targeted with severe warfare. My phone and computer are hacked and used for psychological warfare daily plus I am hit with some sort of electronic weapon that can hurt my head horribly (where I need medicine) when being punished for telling someone, showing them or finding proof on my tech. I need serious help and I need info, this has been happening about a decade but way worse lately. I have government zoom in my passwords and I have proof of live-streaming / psych ops on myself as a TI. My dad was in the Marines, won money from the government for agent Orange (so I’m told). I was also told he was in a secret gov program that I won’t mention. I am made to look crazy or don’t talk about it and I am experiencing community gangstalking and have been treated horribly at the bank and places I’m normally treated great lately. The level of warfare has gone up since I am pure in Christ and I am a outspoken Christian. Where do I go for help? This is dreadful. I grew up in CA (have memories now as a child that don’t make sense) and need to get direction and guidance to save myself and the people I’m around. Any help is appreciated. Casey

73) April 1, 2021: I am victim of gs, Electronic harassment, dew, slandering and defamation, even in my school, I am a teacher in Rome Italy, death threats, street theater, privacy violation and sleep deprivation since March 2020 .police station near me didn’t accept my paper against my neighbour perp.
Help me Gaia Napolitano

74) Mrch 31, 2021: In reply to Diane Breggins.

There are many forms of shielding, metals are the best and least costly ways to shield, the best metal to use for shielding is PURE IRON, not copper, not steel, PURE IRON, the more pure the better.

Another TI, who experiences V2k, and myself have also tested Gun Safes at a local Hunting store, we went inside a large Gun Safe and closed the door. The TI said the V2k went down to near zero while inside with door closed.

Some TIs have used X-Ray Aprons to shield from DEW attacks, here are links:

Lead X-Ray Apron:

0.5mmpb Xray Lead Apron with Thyroid Shield Collar,Dental Lab Apron,Radiation Protection – Lightweight

Frontal X-Ray Aprons

Visit our website: John G.

75) March 30, 2021. For approximately 4 – 5 years i have been a target of an agency in our federal government that has illegally surveilled me and worse.
This is real and i need help ASAP.
Right now i am experiencing a high level frequency in my head thats feels like my head is about to explode!!
Please help! I am a US citizen born and raised, never did i thinkour government was capable of torture ofits own citizens.
Per DOD AG Bill Barr we have thousands of people right now that are experiencing this.

I am a victim of illegal surveillance and mind control that has recently become so cruel and torturess that i am homebound.
I need help please!!
These people are trying to kill me.

I am experiencing high frequency humming and/or buzzing in my head so bad that i feel like my head is going to explode!
Please help me!!!! Rosemarie Rex

76) March 29, 2021: This is Esther 3:13 in the Septuagint (LXX) It is omitted from virtually all other English versions. It is a real eye opener especially when you remember what they did to the monarchies of Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Romania and tried (but failed thanks to Hitler and Mussolini) to do to Spain. eckbach

77) March 29, 2021: I am victim of gs dew electronic harassed, my privacy violated 24/7 even in my bathroom and at work ( I am a teacher) in Rome, please help me. Gaia Napolitano

78) March 29, 2021: It’s called “scheme link” now on App Store. Anon

79) March 28, 2021: You’re spot-on! In 2021 your blog is very relevant! I also found it to be interesting and informative. We are living in a guard-gated community in Las Vegas and guards are not enough. We were robbed living in a gated community, and the people wanted in, so they got in. I wrote our story in a blog last week – and can never instill into my clients how important cameras and security systems are. I tell them to talk to a security consultant before they move!

Kurt Grosse

80) March 25, 2021: You talk about the evil Jewish moneylenders, the zionists’ which are really the ‘Edomites’ not the ‘Israelites. Esau the brother of Jacob, later called Israel by God, was an Edomite as was the ruthless, murderous Herod the Great. There is a major difference. The US, UK and other English speaking countries of the world received the physical blessings of Jacob (Israel). Christ was Jewish BUT from the root of David, the line of Judah. He was our Passover Lamb. After the Tribulation and Day of the Lord, Christ will return in the clouds, to rule with his prophets, apostles and teach the human race the way to live in God’s true agape love with one another, the dead shall be raised immortal and all mankind who follow His ways will live eternally and finish beautifying the universe and the new earth. Satan and his demons will be put down in the pit. There will be no more wars. We will be part of the God Family and live in peace forever with Him. Sharon M Clees

81) March 25, 2021: Do perps get a special bonus for driving a victim to suicide? It seems likely that they do and that it is generous, in Canada. Is it similar in the U.S.?

The program “corrected” me by adding a second “o” to the word “to,” above. MK Ultramarines

82) March 25, 2021: I am also a targeted individual from Denmark. A soft TI since 2001 and hard TI since 2013. The motive is family revenge. In the beginning i suffered form social phobia and a soft type of PTSD. So i was a perfect victim.

They have implanted at least one transponder in my body, but most probably a Body Area Network. Here in Denmark, the brutality of the police is out of control.

My YouTube channel is THEPRCOMMANDER Michael Nielson

83) March 22, 2021: Just listen ed to Dr John Hall on Cyberstalking on; Freedom from Covert Harrassement and Surveillance. I fit the profile perfectly.
1. A senior citizen that has been estranged from my family. I have no criminal record and am a Mom, Grandma, sister and Aunt. One defining thing is i have Tinutus very badly.
2. Don’t have many friends.
3. Have been surveilled for the last 5 or 6 years, 24/7/365. I need help and don’t know who i can trust.
4. Not to mention people in my house that I can’t see…. thats right, they are invisible.
5. They are in my phone, tv, house, car. Please help. Rosemarie Rex

84) March 22, 2021: ive been a target for at least the last 10 years and the perps have been an affiliated gang group who have sent in 4 different men in an attempt to try to scam me out of a possible inheritance in the near future. my last four relationships have been honey traps, and every friendship i have had in ten years has been false. i am just recently putting the pieces together and figuring out all of this, and my boyfriend ive been living with for the past four years recently started to behave totally different like the others did and the manipulation tactics show up left and right and the isolation and slander, etc…

i have names and a specific motive and a pretty sound account of what they have done to me and why but no smoking gun and nothing to really lock in a case. the first three men they sent accomplished a little but each time when they started being abusive i left them so they would send in a new one. they are waiting on my grandma to pass away so they can try to scam me out of any land or money i might inherit because my family has a little bit of those things. i am recieving fraudulent mail addressed to my boyfriend sent to the house on the property that they are after… they have totally isolated me now with this current boyfriend who is number 4, they got me good and i fell head over heals and am heart broken and shocked to find out about the entire last 12 years, four relationships, countless friendships, and numerous occasions of total craziness meant to confuse me ruin my reputations etc… i put everything together recently and then went off on the current. the one im so in love with. things got interesting . i need to know what to do from here if you have any suggestions… k shroed

85) March 22, 2021: I have been being gang stalked for 4 years please if anyone out there has i phone number of someone that will help me please let me know at my name is michelle. I dont know how much longer I can take this insanity. They took my baby. Please help. Michelle

86) March 20, 2021: Amen to your comment… Yes, these evil entities who have no heart will absolutely be damned by God. My son, who has likely been a TI for 30 years, was actually fairly clear thinking today… almost like himself. What happened? Did someone go on vacation? The thing about it is, that when he is clear thinking, he describes quite well what is being done to him. He mentioned today that it was just one or two people when he was young, then, especially over the last year or two, he is constantly being mentally accosted by these negative and degrading and slandering overseers. How deplorable! How disgusting! How evil? Just ask the mothers who wondered for years what had happened to her children. Fortunately, I found out. And fortunately, I have lots of faith that God will mop up the floor with these wicked people and the spirit forces that make it all happen. Thank you Dr. Karlstrom! Thank you for your dedication to this cause!

87) March 19, 2021: My harassment began with a bang one spring morning in ’95. I know this whole scene and those that do it very well. I am very afraid it is too late for me. My bombardment is worse than ever now, and my body so damaged.

I am disappointed I never see any references to SA on children, or child programing but one. It is ridiculously too long to use as an example for professionals to take in. If you know of a source for that, please let me know. I am looking for TI parents who were framed and forced through loss of child custody. Jennifer L. Timmerman

88) March 18, 2021: I am a targeted individual for 34 years for political reasons. My older son was targeted individual too. He is no longer with us. As an opponent of the rulling dictatorial regime in Serbia, in own our country he was “driven to suicide” a year a half ago. I think that all people need to know about the existence of that parallel digital world of suffering and helplessness. All my activities are related to the goal of shedding light on all the circumstances of his suffering and the end. Gordana Filipovic
Thank you.

89) March 18, 2021: My siblings and I were trafficked from our birth, for medical research. There is much evidence that a plan had been made, by our extended family of wealthy, highly placed professionals, that we would be murdered one by one, for life insurance. I only began to understand this, in the last ten years, or so.

Two of my brothers had highly suspicious, highly premature deaths, as did my father. I am in the “gang stalking” program and I am tortured daily in many ways. Some $700,000 of my earning have been stollen, likely right out of my bank accounts. This is a mobster-like form of servitude. I do hope that somehow I can be liberated to accomplish larger goals.

My mother’s family is the “Devor” family. My father’s family is the Uhrmaker family. Their name was changed to Winemaker. Our family name was changed to Williams. The goal was likely to leave us as sitting ducks.

We were raised in near total isolation, until I was about to turn 12. We have minimal contact with our huge family –6 aunts and uncles on my father’s side, 8 aunts and uncles on my mothers and many cousins. We were inculcated to avoid people of our ancestry.

I think that prayer can help and I thank you for your offer of prayer.

I have evidence pointing to my having been trafficked to the MKULTRA program. My extended family clearly wished to take whatever profit came of it and sabotage me, totally. I was able to accomplish a number of life goals and to always be self-sufficient, from age 20. However, I have been tortured, sujegated, deprived and terrorized for most of my life.

I used to be amazed that “family” members could subject their relatives to such extreme horrors. My brothers and father who were likely murdered, for life insurance, were most gifted and extraordinary persons.

I am locked out of my email and all of my communications are routinely blocked. LK Devor

90) March 17, 2021: Well, a really great rd. Thank you for the information. Each thing mentioned here has and is happening to me for a full year now. Mine seem to be living closer to me than I’d like. They have cloned my devices. Sabatoged my 9 year relationship, held my calls and messages for weeks at a time causing a loss of 49k thus far. My reputation is shot 5o my family and my friends…..and yet they want more. I’m depressed but trying to fight the good no longer fear this and now challenge them often to make good on the daily threats of murder and rape. In the beginning they’d loop my girl’s name over and over “- l”- – – is a Mother f”””ing whore.

Then proclaiming how they were on their way to her place to rape her. This of course is gaslighting and I fell for it enough times to where I’d looked lime a fool and someone who needed mental help.. I’ve been to a hospital this year and also seen the inside of jail for the first time in my 54 years. And yes they were there with me the whole time broadcasting sad old country and western songs about prison. Plus voices that were talking about taking me out at 3 am to a rape room. And how all the jailers were into it like sport. One had brought this kind of booze or these chips and what were they going to dress me in.. .

All because I tried to warn my ex girlfriend that someone was constantly speaking to me about raping her. And the name James Gillispie, over ND over. Like he was this carasmatic guy who raped everyone everywhere he went. And Laura was about to go on a first date with this “rapewolf” ( yeah, you heard me…) These guys are straight up prices. Did the police thing. Still am unable to speak to my ex( restraining order) I’m out on bond since Nov awaiting a court date still. I explained this now to so many people that I think 8 am beginning to tell it no as insanely as I was. But here is a nice recording 5rick that I have picked up. I’ve 4ecorded since almost day one.. download something like Audioslave or any sound app that t has a karaoke feature on it.

Now run your recording with the pitch all the way up and now bring down the tempo only to where you hear ,,,,spoken voice that isn’t just a whisper anymore.What a difference it makes. I then try and clean them up as much as 8bcan. The voices as slightly out of phase but you can tell what’s going on. Thanks folks
Edmond A. Taite


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  1. I am a TI, and I’ve lost everything and everyone, and I was driven to complete isolation for nine and half months in 2021, living in my car, gang stalked 24/7, without a soul to help me and talk to me but Jesus. I found out that not only is the entire legal system in on it, but prominent churches are too. However, it has now occurred to me that the online site is most definitely a front for these groups. They claim that they base your “reputation score” on who your contacts are, and I have found that the best Christian people I’ve known have scores below zero, and they’re in the red. But the most evil, ruthless people I know, and the ones who have worked throughout my life to hurt me, have been given scores well above zero, and they’re portrayed as excellent. rates you on who you know and who you associate with, (as they say on their own site), and I’ve seen that the gang stalkers and those affiliated with hurting people are the ones given good reputation scores. You can’t tell me that’s a fluke. The occult love to hide their evils in plain sight, and I think is covertly alerting those “in the know” about who is who. I could be entirely wrong, but I’ve experienced and witnessed too much of this demonic poop aimed at me for too long not recognize one of their schemes when I see it. The Bible says that we can be “trained” to understand and see spiritual things, and after years of seeing evil spiritual things, one becomes trained to recognize it. I said, am I right? Beware (I’m at

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