COINTELPRO Torture (aka Organized Stalking): Government Infliction Of “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” Without Due Process Of Law (Article)


Note: The following is an article I found online several years ago (I’m writing this in 2019). I’m not sure of the actual identity of, or contact information for, the author, or anything about him, but this article fits squarely with everything I know about the subject matter of this exhibit and this website as a whole. JP

Retired attorney Bob S explains that COINTELPRO is “a continuing, present reality” and that terms such as “gang stalking” or “organized stalking” are deceptive terms and will work against the TI community in obtaining a new congressional investigation.

[name withheld]: I don’t know what proving COINTELPRO will do nor if I got it right what Bob S. is doing, because they already know COINTELPRO is a reality.

Bob S: [name withheld], whom are you referring to as “they”?

The public doesn’t know that COINTELPRO is a continuing, present reality. This is what we need to prove to the public in order to create pressure to produce a new congressional investigation of present government COINTELPRO operations.

If “they” refers to TI’s, most of them have been deceived into believing that they are victims of “organized stalking groups” instead of being COINTELPRO targets. They don’t call their experience “COINTELPRO.” They call it “gang-stalking” or “organized stalking.”

The bad news

Many TI’s, including you, do realize that they are targeted by a federal agency, but they still use “organized stalking group” and “gang-stalking” terminology. This is a fatal mistake that Derrick and Eleanor White have been knowingly and intentionally training TI’s to make for years. They both know that they are defeating TI rights by using the wrong terminology. I have repeatedly explained this to them for years. They can give no justification for continuing to advocate bad legal strategy that necessitates defeat of all TI’s who follow them, but they have both shown their determination to continue to knowingly and intentionally work against TI interests.

Neither Derrick nor Eleanor claims to have any knowledge or understanding of law but they both stubbornly reject, for no apparent reason, the best legal advice that I or any other lawyer can give them. They have proved over and over that they are dedicated to defeating the rights of the TI’s that they pretend to be helping. That is why I call them “Anti-TI Activists.”

“Organized stalking” and “gang stalking” are terms that are misused only within the TI community. These terms are unknown to the outside world, and they are contradictions of established legal terminology outside the TI community.

The legal definition of the crime of “stalking” in every state and federal law is “a series of harassing acts by a single person.” Normal TI experiences do not come within the criminal definitions of “stalking.” TI’s rarely encounter “a series of harassing acts by a single person. TI experience consist instead of separate acts of harassment by many different people. The law does not permit us to combine separate acts of harassment by separate people so as to make them all guilty of the crime of stalking.

There is no such thing as a crime “group stalking.” The law only recognizes the crime of single-person stalking. So if a group of 100 perps each commits a single act of harassment against the same TI, no one has committed a crime. No one is subject to arrest or to prosecution. The TI is not entitled to police investigation.

Arrests cannot be justified and prosecutions cannot succeed for the non-criminal activity mistakenly described as “organized stalking.” Such harassment may meet the definition of torture, but torture is not a crime unless it comes within the definition of an established crime. This form of torture does not meet the definition of “stalking” nor the definition of any other crime.

Police are not supposed to be investigating non-criminal, non-prosecutable activities. It is useless for them to do so since arrests and prosecutions would be contrary to the law and would ultimately fail. Yet this is what TI’s keep uselessly asking police and even the FBI to do.

TI’s may not like the law. They may think that it ought to be changed, but that is the way the law stands. There are good legal and constitutional reasons why the law cannot be changed to what TI’s think it ought to be, but I won’t get into that long explanation.

TI’s can spend years trying vainly to get the law changed to what they think it ought to be, but they need to understand that under existing law, it is utterly useless to ask for investigation and prosecution of “organized stalking” or of “group stalking” or of “gang stalking” since the activities that TI’s describe with these mistake terms do not meet the legal definition of the crime of stalking.

TI’s follow this useless strategy because they have been deceived by Eleanor and Derrick into believing that these non-criminal activities are crimes. It is impossible to achieve success by following a strategy that is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the law.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a remedy that can stop these activities if we correctly describe them as “COINTELPRO operations” instead of mistakenly describing them as “organized stalking.”

If we stop using the false “organized stalking” terminology and correctly describe our experience as the COINTELPRO operations of a federal agency, we will then be talking about government violation of our constitutional rights. COINTELPRO torture is government infliction of “cruel and unusual punishment” without due process of law. This is a clear and unquestionable violation of our constitutional rights even though it does not violate any criminal law.

By thoroughly documenting evidence proving government agency violations of our constitutional rights through COINTELPRO operations, we clearly establish our right to obtain congressional investigation of these violations by a federal agency. By taking this approach, we have no need to prove that the operations violated any criminal law.

One example of COINTELPRO operations that can only be performed by a federal agency is the interception and tampering with mail. An “organized stalking group cannot do this. Only a federal agency can do it. The Church Committee proved that USPS had illegally granted the FBI access to mail in 1940. Since 1940, the FBI has used this illegal access to our mail as a method of COINTELPRO harassment.

Many times over the last 7 years, I have sent to TI’s detailed explanations of how to document COINTELPRO evidence that can achieve this purpose. I will again send a copy of this explanation to anyone who requests it.

If hundreds of TI’s document proof of government responsibility for their COINTELPRO experiences, we will be making a powerful case for our right to congressional investigation of our experiences. However, I don’t expect congress to voluntarily grant us this right. Congress knows about present COINTELPRO and covers it up. The past congressional investigations of COINTELPRO were forced upon congress by public pressure when TI’s took their evidence to the public and created the public pressure which forced congress to undertake the two previous COINTELPRO investigations of 1976-78 and 1989.

We must obtain congressional investigations of current COINTELPRO because this is our only possible means of accessing the classified evidence needed for successful litigation. We are prohibited by law from accessing and litigating government state secrets. Government agency COINTELPRO torture of citizens is TOP SECRET information that we are legally prohibited from reaching. Only congress has the power to access and expose these state secrets.

When these state secrets are exposed by congressional investigation, as they have been twice in the past, the federal COINTELPRO agency can no longer claim the state secret privilege for these operations. Exposed secrets are no longer protected secrets.

We will then have the evidence that we need to obtain legal representation on a contingency basis and to succeed with the litigation. The exposed COINTELPRO truth can be fully litigated using the evidence uncovered by congressional investigation and with the right to use legal discovery procedures to obtain further detailed evidence concerning the exposed secrets. TI’s will be entitled to recover compensation for past harm, and we can seek legislation to provide adequate protection against future harm.

There is no reason why the strategy that worked for TI’s in producing the two past congressional investigations will not work for us now. The only reason that this strategy has not been used in the past 7 years is that Derrick and Eleanor have been blocking a solution to the true COINTELPRO problem by creating the false problem of “organized stalking.”

Great success is possible with effective legal strategy. As recently as 2002, a jury in Oakland awarded to COINTELPRO targets Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney $4.4 million in damages for violations of their constitutional rights. The limited violations found by the jury were very mild compared to the COINTELPRO torture that TI’s suffer for many years.

There will be nothing but continuing failure as long as TI’s continue to follow the lead of Anti-TI Activists like Derrick and Eleanor. These two infiltrators have worked systematically over the years to cover up the COINTELPRO truth with the “gang-stalking” myth. They have trained and conditioned TI’s to defeat themselves and to deny their own constitutional rights by using “organized stalking” mythology to disguise COINTELPRO reality.

TI’s who have fallen for the “gang-stalking” strategy of self-defeat have been denying themselves the only real remedy for their true problem. I have explained this over and over to TI’s, for 7 years, but they still keep following the Anti-TI Activists who lead them to follow strategies of certain failure. As hard as I’ve tried, I have not been able to persuade TI’s to take responsibility for their own lives and for their own future by separating themselves from false and destructive leaders and by following the one and only strategy that can achieve an end to their torture.


The bad news is that the “organized stalking” strategies of Derrick and Eleanor and their supporters will ensure continuing defeat as long as these strategies are followed by TI’s who have been deceived into believing that they are entitled to investigation and prosecution of the non-criminal activity mistakenly described as “organized stalking.”

The good news is that if TI’s will stop following enemies disguised as friends and stop using the wrong terms and the wrong explanation for their COINTELPRO experiences, they can document evidence that will establish their right to congressional investigation of their true problem, and they can obtain the evidence needed for successful litigation to compensate them for past harm and to stop future harm.

The bad news is that after 7 years of repeating this explanation to TI’s who don’t listen, it has been impossible for me to make them understand the fatal, fundamental mistake in legal strategy that the Anti-TI Activist leaders keep persuading them to make.

The good news is that TI”s have the freedom to stop making this fatal, fundamental mistake at any time and to start working toward an achievable solution. The choice has always been theirs. A solution has always been possible. And it still is.

Bob S

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  1. I do not know how I would go about attempting to obtain restitution. I am being Cointelpro style targeted and controlled, in Toronto.

    My younger brother obtained a degree in an elite engineering program at the University of Toronto, called “Engineering Science.” His option was aerospace engineering. After this, he moved to Santa Barbara, California. It is possible that my siblings and I were trafficked for medical research from birth. My brother, Robert, had major surgery, at birth and suffered from multiple allergies, for which he was treated. No other person in our large family had such allergies. He was treated by our family doctor, Dr. Sand. I found out, much later, that we have relatives named “Sandler.” I looked up Sandler and found an allergy research hospital.

    My brother was drugged and hunted down and murdered, in 1996. At the time, I did not realize how suspicious his death was. Only after my older brother had a sudden, highly suspicious death, one week after my father had a suspicious death, in 2001 and then, only after I became aware that I was being openly targeted in a Cointelpro type of program–did I begin to understand.

    When I was two years old, my mother took me to a hospital, where a medical staff made cuts into my upper left arm. When I was just about to turn five years of age, I pulled the skin of my arm toward me, on morning and took a good look at the scar. I realized that it was in the shape of a perfectly formed swastika. I was terrified. I knew that it was the Nazi symbol and that the Nazis had carried out gruesome terminal experiments on their victims. I immediately thought of a suicide plan that I could use to protect myself from torture. I could go to a major street, wait for a box truck and run in front of it. I had a very strong will to live and did not carry out this plan. Instead, I forced myself to forget about the scar and pretend that I could accomplish something great in life.

    I think that I was trafficked into the MKULTRA program. However, I believe that it actually saved my life and gave me opportunities. Circumstantial evidence suggests that my extended “family” had planned to utilize my siblings and me, then murder us for life insurance.

    When I was turning five years of age, my mother held what she pretended was a birthday party for me. However, I think that it was an “insurable interest” gathering. Likely, the visitors, some fifteen couples, had taken out life insurance on me. I had never met any of these people or their children before this “party” and I never saw any of them, afterward. My father had somehow been tricked into not attending and taking my brothers somewhere.

    No other birthday party was ever given for me or for my siblings. We were raised in near total isolation and kept away from our huge extended family. The circumstances of my upbringing are complicated, but it is metaphorically accurate for me to say that I was raised gagged and blindfolded in a closet, to age 12.

    I do not know whether there is any way for me to seek out restitution. All of my communications are blocked:
    telephone, internet –altered so that I can no longer do searches and cannot use email. My mail is RAW –no marks showing normal processing. My computers have been crashed repeatedly and my television service has been shut down. I always pay my bills reliably.

    I have no way of knowing what persons I could trust and hire to put together a law suit. I would likely have great difficulty even reaching any reputable authorities, since I am stalked by hundreds to thousands of pers, everywhere I go, at all times.

    My extended family are the Devor family, the Winemaker family –Mark Winemaker–my first cousin–is a Toronto film producer. Dr. Ellen Warner (family name changed from Winemaker) is my first cousin –an oncologist at Sunnybrook hospital, in Toronto. Her husband is Jeff Lipton, also an oncologist.

    Possibly, if asked, my relatives would make every effort to convince others that my dead siblings were delusional and that my close family members simply dropped dead of no cause.

    However, I believe that a forensic investigation could possibly reveal that the deaths of my brothers and father were very profitable for family members.

  2. I have started the process of stopping the word gang-stalking, we use cointelpro now. I was studying the subject and found your information.

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