Hidden Messages in Israeli PM Netayahu’s Propaganda Skit Promoting “Frankenshots” and Green (Dragon/Satanic) Covid Passport and Suppressing/Mocking Dissenters & Researchers (3/19/21)

We are a superior subspecies. We transcend humanity. We are Nature’s Supermen. We deserve the subservience and availability of everyone around us. Luckily, every year 100-million people are born throughout the world. We have 100-million new choices every year.

Sam Vaknin, Jew, EGOMANIA

The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchies and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.

Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, printed by “La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928

Webmaster Introduction: (The following should perhaps be regarded as my best hypothesis. However, his hypothesis is supported by a mountain of evidence AND by Biblical prophecy.)

The key to understanding this post and indeed, the current hostile world communist-fascist-totalitarian takeover, in my opinion, is to understand that:

a) The Bible identifies the Jews are Satan’s children/agents and the “seed of the serpent” (Genesis 3:15, John 8:44, Matthew 12:34, Matthew 23:23-37, and Revelation 2.9 and 3.9). It appears that they had collectively sold their souls prior to Jesus’ ministry and then they crucified the Son of God, committing the crime of deicide (Matthew 27:25). Throughout history they have apparently functioned as a demonically possessed/oppressed and collective “race” guided by “Satan’s hive mind.” As individuals and as a “race,” although there must be exceptions, they tend toward being parasitic, psychopathic pedophiles and criminal con-men. To advance their cultural survival strategy, many are expert chameleons/actors skilled at playing any role required by their Lord, Lucifer, and their hidden power structure (kahal). (This helps explain the statement: “everybody’s pretending” in the Truman Show movie, which is a cleverly disguised portrayal of gangstalking.

Brilliant Canadian TI, Stephen O’Keefe, has documented with his video camera that gangstalking is “a Jewish cultural phenomenon known to all Jews above a certain age…. Jewish stalkers were so intent on always appearing to be a victim in anything I recorded, they gave themselves away as my core predators despite so many government agencies serving as their camouflage.”

Other examples of Jewish chameleon/acting are provided by both actors in Netanyaho’s short propaganda skit featured in this post),

b) On their annual feast day of Purim, Jews celebrate the mass extermination of their enemies, as recorded in the Book of Esther (see below discussion),

c) Jews’ historical and modern enemies include ALL gentiles (non-Jews) and/or all those who refuse to serve them as slaves, and most especially, God, Jesus Christ, the Christian Church, and Christians.

d) All Jews can be tapped to be “Sayanim” (secret agents) and thus become part of the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate (aka The Organization/Brotherhood/Firm/Company), Israeli intelligence (Mossad), Israeli Defense Forces, and/or Satan’s army of gangstalking perpetrators (See Trunews.com program of 3/29/21 entitled “Dual Loyalty Danger: Pollard Says Jews Must Betray USA For Israel and Zionism!” below.*)

Mega-Jew Spy Jonathan Pollard: Jews “will always have dual loyalty” and should consider spying for Israel”


e) Freemasonry is a major gentile front for Judaism and functions as a screen for most other secret societies. Freemasonry, the UN, New Age religions, and numerous other religious cults are based on the Jewish Kaballah (Babylonian Satanic black magic system). The “Synagogue of Satan,” which the Book of Revelation predicts will be the dominant world system in the last days, is comprised of these elements and also includes all governments (arguably all except Iran) and their militaries, intelligence agencies, universities, and medical establishments captured by the “Jew money power”/international bankers/Illuminati/corporatocracy (Revelation 2.9 and 3.9). All of these groups and many others are committed to ushering in the Jewish Universal Empire/Jewish Utopia/antichrist kingdom.

f) Jews’/Illuminati’s primary goals are those of their Lord, Lucifer’s: To corrupt and win souls for Satan, torture and kill gentiles and send them to hell, destroy God’s world and the institutions that make human civilization possible (nations, religions, family, and private property), defeat Jesus Christ, usher in Lucifer’s kingdom on earth in which humans and the natural biosphere are exterminated and replaced by post-human silicon-based transhuman life-forms. They believe this will allow them to attain technological omniscience and immortality (thus fulfilling the promise of Satan to Eve in Genesis 3:4-5). Apparently, they intend to animate their digital robot-clones with the stolen souls of Christians and other humans via CIA Project Soul Catcher: gangstalking/mind control/psychotronics/electronic torture/nonconsensual biomedical experimentation).

Epigraph Quotes:

1) “Ye (Pharisaic Jews) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

2) “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers (race of serpents), how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: (Matthew 12:33-34)

3) In December 1916, the freemasons began working especially hard in Russia. In January 1917, it was decided that the (revolutionary) events should begin on the Jewish Purim day, the annual celebration of the mass murder of 75,000 Persians, according to the book of Esther in the Old Testament (9:16-26). The first shots were to be fired on the very Purim day- the 23rd of February (8th of March).

Juri Lina, “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” 2002

4) …. Gulf War I ended on the Feast of Purim 1991. Little Jewish children exchanged their gas masks for carnival masks and Purim party costumes (as) Saddam was forced to surrender on the same day that Haman’s forces were decisively defeated. It is deeply significant that President George W. Bush’s public declaration of upcoming war with Iraq (Gulf War II) is being made on the Feast of Purim 2003, 12 years to the day on the Hebrew calendar from when Gulf War I abruptly stopped.

Avner Boskey, Gulf War II and Purim

5) I want to tell you how powerful the Jews are. On Purim of each year, there will be people dead, murdered by the Jews somewhere in this world. On Oct. 16, 1946, at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, 10 top Nazi leaders were sentenced to death and their hanging took place. The hanging was accomplished by Master Sergeant, John C. Woods. He was a Jew. And it just so happened that Oct. 16, 1946… was Purim. And one of these Nazi leaders, as he went to the gallows, was asked if he had anything to say. He said: “Yes, today is my Purim. You will get your Purim tomorrow.”

In other words, the Jews will do to your country what they have done to Germany. This is the hatred of the gentiles by the Jews. The (Jewish) Talmud declares that the gentiles are nothing but cattle and are worthy of death. It says “the best of the gentiles, kill.”

(The Book of Esther is in the Bible because) God wants you to know what the plan of the Jews is for America and the world. What they did to the Persian people in Esther, they are going to do for America and the rest of the gentile world. And only the coming of Jesus Christ will prevent great, great tragedy.


6) “Everybody knows everything you do. Everybody’s Pretending.” The only honest actress in The Truman Show movie

Coded Messages By “Serpent People” to “Serpent People” in Netayahu’s Propaganda Skit/Ad For Taking Covid “Frankenshots” and Green (Dragon/Satanic) Covid Passport (3/19/21)

I. The 1.37 minute Netanyahu propaganda skit is from 22:00 to 23:37 in “Norwegian Doctor: Astra(Zeneca’s Covid Vaccine Triggers Blood Clots” program below (Trunews.com, 3/19/21)


Webmaster Comment: Jewish cultural history probably allows most Jews who watch this short propaganda skit by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu (at 22:00 to 23:37 minutes in above video), to glean meanings hidden from most non-Jews (goyim or gentiles). Although I am not Jewish, I have studied the work of Texe Marrs and others who are very knowledgeable in this area. Here, I endeavor to “translate” the true (secret or occult) meaning of the skit’s dialogue for the benefit of non-Jews. Again, the “key” to the Jewish “insider” understanding of this skit, I suggest, is found in the Old Testament Book of Esther and the associated annual Jewish holiday of Purim mentioned in the skit.

Here, I link to:

I) The skit itself, as featured in today’s Trunews.com program,

II) My transcription of the dialogue of the skit,

III) Relevant insights provided by Trunews.com hosts/investigators,

IV) My (webmaster’s) insights and speculations into the coded messages delivered in the skit, and

V) How Might All This Relate to The Ushering in of the New (Jewish-Satanic) World Order/Antichrist Kingdom?.

If my interpretations are correct, and I believe they are, the implications are enormous: Israel and World Jewry (the “Serpent People”) play THE central role in the world takeover project now unfolding under the auspices of the Covid-19 plandemic/scamdemic and associated response, including genocide and enslavement of possibly billions of non-Jews, through the “frankenshots.” The Jewish terms, “chutzpah” and “Tikkun Olam” (“re-inventing the world”) seem to apply here. The Biblical terms, “mystery of iniquity” and “the great tribulation” may also apply.

II. Script in Street Theater-Skit-Vaccine Advertisement:

Trunews.com Subtitle for skit: Israel PSA Mocks Anyone Who Questions Covid Vaccine

Dialogue of Street Theater Ad-Propaganda For the “Vaccine” Along with Description Of Special Visual Effects:

Netayahu smiling and speaking into a bull horn in what looks like an indoor sports stadium:

“Happy Purim, everyone. (1) Come and get vaccinated. We have Purim treats. (2) First dose, second dose. Roll up your sleeves. Everyone gets vaccinated.”

Netayahu turns right to address a man dressed as a clown who toots his clown horn:

“How about you Chen? Getting vaccinated?”

Chen: “Happy Purim, Bibi.” (3) But I’m scared. What’s in those vaccines?”

Netanyahu smiling condescendingly: “Chen, don’t be a clown. These vaccines was approved by the world’s leading experts, the American FDA. Millions have already been vaccinated. And now they are safe.”

Chen, suddenly in a lion’s suit: “I’ve heard it changes your DNA. I might grow a tail.”

Netanyahu smiling: “Chen, cut the wagging. The vaccine’s purpose is to attack the virus just like any other vaccine that extended our life expectancy.”

Chen, now dressed as a Professor or scientist in white lab coat: “Yes, but after my extensive research on TikTok, I have more questions than answers and I’m going to post about it.”

Chen now changes costume and flies into the room wearing a keyboard and extending a straight right arm in a Nazi “Heil, Hitler” salute (4):

Netayahu to keyboard hero: “Here’s another keyboard hero. Seriously? What’s your interest here.”

Chen As Keyboard hero typing on his keyboard: “What’s your interest? Why vaccinate everyone? What’s your interest here? You want to implant a microchip? You want to follow me Bibi? What’s your interest?”

Netayahu lecturing sternly: “Stop the fake news. We want the infection to drop so we can return to normal life.”

Chen, now dressed up in a baby suit: “But I’m young. Coronavirus isn’t dangerous for me.”

Netayahu: “Sadly, Coronavirus affects everyone, but the vaccine is the way to protect yourself, your parents, grandma and grandpa.” (5)

Smiling now: “Plus, you’ll get a Green Passport (word sounds like: “dragon”) (6)

Chen, now dressed in a soldier’s uniform with long white hair and standing next to a large Green Dragon with glowing green eyes: “This Green Dragon sounds good to me.

Netanyahu smiling: “Chen, you’re on fire!” (7)

Green Dragon (Satan) turns to Chen and roars. Chen turns to large Green Dragon: “Oh my god. Yossi, stop messing around.” (8)

Netayahu, turns to speak to the camera, still smiling: “Israel will be the first country to get out of the Corona crisis thanks to the millions of vaccines that we brought. Thanks to you, the citizens of Israel. Thanks to our health care workers. Because of those who didn’t vaccinate but will now, soon we’ll return to the life we knew and loved. (9)

So I wish you happy Purim. (1) The last Purim with Corona.” (10)

Green Dragon breathes fire and Chen puts up one index finger to the Green Dragon and says: “Don’t you dare.” (11)

III. Relevant Observations From Trunews.com

1) The Covid Vaccine is the “Trump Vaccine” because he pushed it so hard as well as the military rollout of the vaccine, called “Operation Warp Speed.” His medical chief advisor was Dr. Anthony Fauci.

2) Trump is best friends with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

The video advertisement indicates:

3) They are definitely pushing the vaccine agenda in Israel and making fun of people who question that agenda.

4) The Orthodox Jewish community in Israel is calling the “Green Passports” the “Green Dragon.” Indeed, in modern Hebrew, the words for “Green Passport” and “Green Dragon” sound alike. So the Jewish culture equates the Green Passport with Satan. (And the Bible equates the dragon with Satan.)

5. In the skit, Mr. Netanyahu, as authority figure, hits everybody; he made you a clown if you question the vaccine, or you are an idiot if you do any kind of online research, of if you question it at all there must be something wrong with you.

6. Netanyahu has had at least 3 names, including Benjamin Natai.

7. Many years ago, Netanyahu was the Israeli government’s propaganda chief. This is his specialty.

8. Netanyahu’s wife is his personal handler and actually runs Israel per previous revelations on a recent trunews.com program. See: “Mind Control Marriage: Sarah Netanyahu’s Strange Manipulation of Bibi” (Trunews.com, 3/11/21)


9. In Israel, they are now issuing electronic bracelets (“Freedom Bracelets”?) that will surveille and track you if you have left the country. This will monitor and track people to make sure they comply with Covid requirements. Those who do not agree to wear tracking bracelets will be put in quarantine by the military.

10. Israel is leading the world in terms of the vaccine response. Dr. Fauci said the whole world should do what Israel is doing.

11. The “vaccine” is an essential part of the Great Reset rollout of the new Fourth Industrial Revolution, a carefully planned, orchestrated and choreographed operation to change the world.

III. Webmaster Observations and Additional Information/Speculations on the Coded Messages Within the Street Theater Skit. Insights Keyed to Numbers Inserted In Skit Dialogue (1-11):

First and foremost, although the skit is clever and pitched to the level of a child, as can be expected, Netanyahu’s assertions are lies, and the entire skit is designed to ridicule those who question the vaccine and coerce obedience to government authorities who mandate the frankenshots. My comments regarding the numbers (1-11) inserted next to specific statements in the dialogue are as follows:

(1) The holy Festival of Purim is an annual Jewish holiday which Jews commemorate and celebrate the slaughter of Haman and over 75,000 of their gentile enemies in ancient Persia. This story is recounted in the Book of Esther.

Esther was a crypto (secret) Jew secretly married to her cousin, Morecai, also Jewish, a minister in Persian King Ahzsuerus’ Royal Court. Esther married the King at Mordecai’s suggestion to obtain political advantage for Mordecai and the Jews. Mordecai refused to defer to the authority of Haman, the Grand Visier (highest official) in the King’s court, because he was an Amalekite. Haman, in turn, devised a planned to retaliate by killing all the Jews in the kingdom.

Initially, the King planned to back Haman’s plan and murder all the Jews in the kingdom. However, King decided to grant the beautiful Esther any favor she wished. Her wish was that the King hang Haman on the gallows and allow the Jews to kill anyone they wanted and confiscate their property. The ensuing genocide included the slaughter of over 75,000 men, women and children.

To this day, Jews annually celebrate this historical mass slaughter/genocide of their enemies by getting drunk in their synagogues. And Jewish children celebrate by eating cookies made of a mixture of blood and dough which represent Haman’s head. During this two day festival, all Jews look forward to exterminating and confiscating the property of all those who refuse to serve them when they become sole rulers and owners of the entire world.

Every year, the chief Rabbis choose the “Haman of the Year.” This person is slated for death. Saddam Hussein was twice chosen the “Haman of the Year” by the Rabbis and was brutally murdered by American military forces. On Purim, October, 16, 1946, the top Nazi leaders were executed at the Nuremberg trials in post-World War II Germany. The executioner was a Jewish soldier.


(2) During the Purim Festival holiday, Jewish children are given small, triangle-shaped cookies, and are told the cookies represent the head of their enemy, Haman. The cookies are called “Hamentashen”- or “the flesh of Haman.” Thus, Jewish children are annually taught to be cannibals. The cookies are made with dough and blood, thus helping to program young Jews to hate, kill, and symbolically eat their enemies.

(3) It seems all Jews know all about Purim and it is a day of great celebration to Jews, as they collectively anticipate the death and destruction of all their enemies, which comprise all non-Jews.

(4) The “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute by one character in the skit is actually quite appropriate because the world is now lead by “Zionazis” such as Netanyahu.

(5) Here, Netanyahu is conning the young person into taking the shot by insinuating that he/she must do so to protect their loved ones. This is fear-based coercion.

(6) The god of the Jews is Satan. See: TEXE MARRS – Holy Serpent of the Jews – JUNE 25, 2016 and/or read the book by the same name: The Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbis’ Secret Plan For Satan To Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion (2016)

(7) “On fire” probably refers to their tacit understanding that they are indeed Satan’s people, the serpent seed.

(8) “Yossi, stop messing around” could be an insider’s reference to the fact that Satan’s kids (the Jews) often play the role of Satan in real life.

(9) Again, here Netanyahu used de facto threats and coercion to get people to take the shot. He is basically putting a gun to people’s heads and saying if you want to continue your lives as before, obey me now.

All this is quite reminiscent of the “Milgram Obedience to Authority Experiments” of the 1960’s conducted by Jewish Yale psychologist, Stanely Milgram. These experiments proved that nearly everyone can be tricked and coerced by authority figures to do things they would not ordinarily do, including torture others to death.

(10) Again, as Satan’s kids under Satan’s rule, Jews seem to be connected to Satan and each other through Satan’s hive mind. They certainly have their cultural “inside” jokes and messages. Here, I believe the message is that 2021 will be the year that they successfully wipe out a very large percentage of their non-Jewish enemies and steal their property. Hence, the Covid ruse will not be needed by this time next year. Or he could simply be lying (standard operating procedure). It’s hard for this “gentile”/”goy”/”beast”/”insect” to know for sure.

(11) Satan is a spirit and can do nothing without his human agents, who tend to be the humans who pray to him and summon his powers to help advance their own agendas. Again, we can speculate that, historically speaking, Jews commonly “role play” the role of Satan in innumerable contexts. (Including, by the way, in the creation of Illuminati trauma-based, mind control-DID (dissociative identity disorder) programmed slaves. During these kinds of operations, in playing the “role” of Satan, we may speculate that satanically-energized Jews sometimes inflict enormous pain, damage, and evil on others and themselves.

IV. Webmaster Speculations and Questions:

On the Alex Jones Show, we are repeatedly shown video clips of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, faking the taking of the Covid-19 injection. A remaining fundamental question is this: Are most of the world’s Jews “in on it” too? Will they be administered real versions of the shots or fake versions? I imagine that lists are already drawn up that identify those who are to receive the deadlier versions of the shots and those who are to be spared. Most Jews will be spared and will not take the same “frankenshots” as are administered to everyone else, I believe.

My speculations/questions include:

1) It is obvious that the man who plays the role of Chen is an actor who also plays numerous other roles. He is an excellent chameleon.

2) What may not be obvious to most is that Netanyahu himself is also playing a role; the role of the kind but authoritarian leader of Israel. He has played numerous other roles in his life, including Israeli Minister of Propaganda. Indeed, evidence suggests this man may be a mind-controlled puppet (MKULTRA Manchurian Candidate) whose primary handler is his wife! (See Trunews.com program above).

3) There has been an explosive and exponential increase in of the use of “crisis actors,” “surveillance role players,” staged false-flag terror events, fake news, etc. in all aspects of our lives. (TIs are especially beset by paid actors, surveillance role players, and citizen spies whom we normally refer to as “perps” or perpetrators.) How many of these crisis actors are also mind controlled to perform the duties they perform?

4) Recall in the movie, “The Truman Show,” that Truman was ALWAYS surrounded by actors. Everyone in the film was playing a scripted role. Enormous amounts of money were being spent and made in this faked and controlled-reality operation, just as in modern gangstalking operations. By surrounding Truman (and all “TIs”) with actors and actresses, his/their reality was deliberately altered to “artificial reality.” He was genuine but his environment was totally controlled by others. Under these circumstances, how long can Truman or anyone retain their “genuineness?” Wouldn’t they be forced to become fake as well? There are hints of this in the movie.

About mid-movie, the young lady that actually loves Truman confides to him: “Everyone’s pretending.” Thereafter, his efforts were dedicated to escaping his artificial, open-air prison. This is the plight of TIs.

In this same manner, the “Hollywoodization” of modern life, at least in America and other “developed” nations, seems to coincide with our increasingly staged and artificial reality….. The goal, apparently, is to make it impossible for “TIs” and most others now (“targeted audiences”) to distinguish reality from artificial or controlled reality…. To force them into a completely artificial world – a world that can be completely controlled externally.

5) One can now ask the questions: Are the Jews/Serpent People the master minds of this tactic? Do they plan and carry out these AR operations to ensnare, dominate, and ultimately eradicate their enemies, that is, everyone else? Or are they themselves already completely ensnared in an artificial reality and their mission, then, is extend this AR to everyone else?

6) If we take the Biblical proposition and indeed innumerable of their own statements that Jews are in bondage to Satan, then this scenario becomes more plausible.

7) Further, what if there is indeed an invisible war on earth between two species that appear similar but are fundamentally different? What if one of these species, or subspecies, has learned to compensate for its numerical disadvantages by imitating, fooling, and conning the majority group? Again, using Biblical terms and concepts, we might refer to the two different subspecies as “tares” and “wheat.” The “tares”/”The Serpent People” then, prosper by outwitting, defrauding and parasitically profiting off the products of “the wheat.”

Indeed, this continual, partly concealed competition between the “seed of the serpent” and “the seed of the woman” may be a fundamental driver of human history. But what if this is a “zero sum game” that must result in the annihilation of one or the other of the two subspecies? And what if annihilation of homo sapiens (the “wheat”) is now immanent with the genetic modifications associated with the Covid mRNA “frankenshots”?

V. How Might All This Relate to The Ushering in of the New (Jewish) World Order/Antichrist Kingdom?

I think the answer to that question is now quite obvious.

Satan is a spirit and can do nothing without his human agents. Among his main human agents are Jews, Masons, as well as New Agers, atheists, and multitudes of paid “useful idiots,” etc. Satan’s minions are already ensared in Satan’s collective “hive mind” because they have sold their souls to him. So their goal is that of their Lord and master’s: To capture your soul, torture and kill you, and send you to hell. And then confiscate your property, nations, etc. Care to wake up, defend yourselves, and fight back now gentiles?

* Dual Loyalty Danger: Pollard Says Jews Must Betray USA For Israel and Zionism

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