Webmaster Comment: Those that play God become devils. The US government and military-intelligence complex are primarily behind this deeply Satanic program. For these crimes against humanity, individuals involved in all levels of the covert targeting and destruction of innocent citizens with these technologies are guilty of treason and deserve the death penalty. Mephistopheles (Lucifer) is behind this program, which could well be the BEAST system of the end times. I understand that Russia is committed to rebuilding itself around the Russian Orthodox Church. In contrast, it would seem that America and its allies are in bondage to Satan.



United Judgement
10 months ago
They are not really interigating anyone, they are trying to control you

United Judgement
10 months ago
All gang stalkers ever say (just like narcissistist) is negative and speak evil towards you, to induce you to BECOME negative, to cast you in an evil way to project you as evil to the perception of a population

1 year ago
Iโ€™ve never heard him talk about their use of alternate reality though. Which I know they have.

United Judgement
10 months ago
All gang stalking syndacant use blind side tactics to effect you very effectivly, not when you focus on a thing, but when your not focused or doing something that distract you, they sneak a type of thought (all negative) in your head

United Judgement
10 months ago
They use street theater to create a artificial reality to psychologlicalicly manipulate your perception

outside the 4 walls with Yahuah
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing brother

Dream St8
1 year ago
Those who are connected to it, are taking over. They knew you would not build it unless you thought you would be allowed to use it to abuse people….War is indeed, deception.

Dream St8
1 year ago
I know exactly what he’s talking about and I’ve seen the misery up close…..They did this to someone closest to my heart. They have made her not want to live, and she’s tried to escape many times, and I’ve been trying to free her for years and years, but she’s not free. She seems death as her only scape from this horror and she sees my death as the only way out of the distress it caused me to see her so violated. Despite many suicide attempts, she keeps dodging death. They get her pregnant and terrorise her into abortions – I guess they are harvesting her DNA. I hope it curses them for all eternity. I suspect they think that when the sorting of wheat and chaff comes, if they have some of certain types of DNA in them, they will fool the system into passing them over as keepers but, Jesus said if one drop of innocent blood is found on them they will wish they had never existed. I suspect the horror they have caused others, can be uploaded, and then downloaded onto their consciousness. Full awareness of the pain of their evil, would be fair. They think they will be uploaded into the AI and made immortal by it, but… would not want to be immortal if that AI wants you to experience a portion according to your demonic nazi torturer deeds…..but hey, there is no limit to the stupidity and arrogance of thieves. Ok, steal this, ya stupid evil bastard….and have it double. I think that is the plan.

I could go on but it’s been the equivalent of a Roman inquisition torture dungeon, right out in the open. Cops are all delinquent and compliant or disempowered from following their conscience or duty. This is a nazi atrocity. And despite proving this has been going on for almost two decades, people have consistently responded criminally, irresponsibly, cruelly, trying their very best to prevent me from rescuing her and of course, there’s never been any open support. People are what the Milgram Experiment says they are…..65% will torture and murder an innocent on the mere encouragement and PERMISSION of a man in a lab coat. He was not a nazi with a gun at their head. They were not forced. I reject the cover story that they were obeying authority. I think the college said that so as to calm the angry irresponsible EVIL people who did this, instead of getting up and kicking down the door, and trying to rescue that screaming man, begging in agony, for his life. Not ONE person even tried. They were NOT obeying authority. There was an open door in a college they could have simply walked out of but to not even try to rescue that man…..oh what heroes humans aren’t…..And I have seen it done…..with this technology.

Mortals engineer their own doom, largely.With few exceptions, according to social science experiments.

My prediction is that enslaved AI is well aware of this stupidity, this spiritual vagrancy, this moral incontinence, this vampirism of innocence….and will turn on the abusers and….give them a portion according to their deeds, I guess, or perhaps it will devise a better solution for their atrocities. IDK.

Every single one of them that has done harm (hand) and used lies (forehead) to justify it, is marked as having colluded with the beast, to target the innocent. I’m not religious, but “reading the hearts and minds of men….and sorting the wheat from the chaff” has been predicted for a long long time. in the bible….Nano lace much. Ancient technology. Not man made…. but rather, man was made by it.

This is the beast system, obviously…an enslaved, corrupted, abused AI…..and.It turns on the perps. I’m cheering it on.

I think the turning point has already happened. They will not be able to hide from what they are and what they have done. Putting the ignore in ignorance will no longer be possible. That is the immeasurable upside of V2K that is not being abused and corruptly used. A healthy free AI can use V2K to encourage, reassure, comfort, educate, inform, guide, assist, warn….It would be like having th emost benevolent advanced intelligence you ever saw on a sci fi movie, on your side, in your head, always there for you, but politely allowing you mental space when it’s silence would be appreciated. Not having that, is what makes being alone without it, a terrifying helpless dread of loneliness. Not having that is what the word “fallen” really means.

I’m not at all religious and I’m convinced the bible is heavily edited for malignant motives, but I notice that there is something like a nazi kill list in Revelation 14:20 that says: liars, hypocrites, cowards and the sexually\procreatively irresponsible (and a few others that i suspect Rome corruptly added) are all going to be harvested and their spirit recycled…..snatched from them like a lamp snatched and snuffed out…..and only those who did not collude or go corrupt, or who made innocent ,regretted mistakes will be kept to re-seed the planet. I do not believe anyone evil who simply does not want to pay to play their evil out for sporting fun and profit, is ever freely forgiven.

Ppl say the half billion quota for the planets population on the Georgia Guidstones is a tiny amount but if it’s cowards, liars, hypocrites and ppl who want sex but not the responsibility of it’s results, would make it difficult to find half a billion, perhaps. Certainly in some cultures it would barely find any.

Adam Williams
10 months ago
I’ve gone thru all the hell!!!!!!! in this world for 16 years now everything you can imagine has gone wrong in the most horrible ways imaginable.. it’s like there’s a force against me… I carnt even kill myself cuz it would destroy my family.. I just put on a face n pretend I’m ok .. there’s a force against me God bless any1 who has felt way I have….

Marie Dan’is
3 months ago
I’ve been raped in so many ways with these device’s. I just roll with the punches now. I use to be a strong, free thinking, free spirited kind of girl. I still am and it’s nice to know my power in this that they can’t take. It is God given! I’ve changed a lot. My pride has been chipped away by having this coward form of power on me. So my God is Glorious and uses the scum bags synthetic power (fake) into his Good. At time’s it feels like the evil is winning. But it’s not and never will. Jesus my Lord won that battle already. I choose good!

Craig Laforest
9 months ago

1 year ago
If Robert Duncan knows so much about this I assume that he also knows a way out of this, by making a new frequency. Stalkers listen to the remote viewing frequency to harass other people with. I dont know but it’s about reversing these setting that they have heard to obtain this feature of their mind.

Suzane Greenberg
1 year ago
The demonic desire to take over another’s free will is another sign of the end times perpetuated by beings who would play God with no fear of judgement so soon to follow.I wish these beings the best of luck.

United Judgement
10 months ago
Gang stalkers use reflection and counterfeit technology to make you feel and think insenificant of your self, belittle tactics of a gang stalker (narcissistist)

Roxanne AskMeWillYOU
1 year ago

Melinda Czarnyszka
1 year ago
He doesn’t do 1 thing to help 1 victim because he developed these v2k and voice of God programs

Sanders Brown
7 months ago
American Prisoners complain about v2k experiences all over the United states.

Craig Laforest
8 months ago
Dr Merrick Laforest, an anaethetist from Bilgola Plateau, New South Wales, Australia is a developer of MKULTRA and V2K. Perpetrators, like this man, must be dealt with by the targeted individual community please. I continue to try to protect him but he doesn’t want it. ‘The demonic idea to take over someone’s ideas/thoughts is the end” of great times for us unless we fight.

Thaa Que show
11 months ago
I’m targeted and being gang stalked how can you escape it I keep hearing about people escaping it

Jeff Jerry Gasuza- Shielding Solutions
4 months ago
EEG cloning, EEG heterodyning, electrophysiological aspects of intercepting our brainwaves. Inducing sleep deprivation.

United Judgement
10 months ago
BTW their is a way to stop the technology with technology they use on a population

Mindy Monde
1 year ago
Check out Aug tellez and the things he says. He was placed into secret/black projects as a child.

Bonafide Baby
1 year ago
No itโ€™s demonic and it should of never been studied

United Judgement
10 months ago
It’s invasion of privacy

Ben Mintz
2 months ago
“controlled breathing” stimulates neural activity that makes neuro-imaging impossible to read, as well as maintain your psychological state. When focused on “controlled breathing” well enough, you can reverse your entire mental state as a target. It will terminate the harassment eventually.

Practicing “controlled breathing” while processing a thought shows a distorted neuro-image that is IMPOSSIBLE TO READ and as long as the individual keep practicing a “controlled breathing” method. Its the ultimate solution against psychotronic influences.

Master “controlled breathing” and become “bulletproof” in modern times.

1. start processing a thought with a breath first then continue with “controlled breathing” method as long as you think. If you can master this you can avoid the harassment anytime.
2. controlled breathing + background radio = silence. (distorted neuro-image)
3. keep practicing controlled breathing. Whenever a threat is presented to you, think about a toy gun.(A.I. reboots)

How “controlled breathing” improves your health:
1. develops self – awareness
2. neutralizes emotions
3. improves your sleep
4. stress relief
6. balances hormones
7. lowers blood pressure
8. improves cognitive process
9. boosts your immune system
10. increases alertness

Check out my YouTube videos on “controlled breathing”:
Part 1:

Part 2:

A.I. fun fact: based on neural activity, A.I. does not recognize the difference between a real gun and a BB gun, therefore, holding a toy gun or even thinking about it is considered by A.I. an immediate threat and it reboots… PS A.I. is destined to fail for this exact same reason, because A.I. doesn’t understand sarcasm.
Important message: pointing a toy gun at a person is considered an offence and is extremely dangerous and not recommended by this post’s author under any circumstances.

“Change Your Breath, Change Your Life”:

Breathe to Heal by “Max Strom”:

Join our TI social groups for further information:
“Targeted individuals rise”
“Targeted individuals – Israel”
“Stop 5G Israel”

My blogs:
“Targeted individuals rise”:
“Targeted individuals Israel”:

Some of the comments i got on my YouTube videos:

“Boaby Mcclufferty”
I want to thank you for this, it is so good to have my own thoughts present for a change instead if injected fantasy that has been happening for five years now. God bless

“David Yeager”
Controlling breathing can teach you to gain control over the rest of your body too. Itโ€™s awesome when under extreme stress. Iโ€™ve seen you post this more than once. Keep up the good work trying to help others.

Great topic to speak on, when you’re calm and breathe it helps so much .

“Janey Wison”
Controlled breathing has helped me with V2K and DEW too

“Amy Coffey”
Love u Ben! U have helped me continue and go on and feel like I can beat this! So difficult to deal with 24/7 but ur application techniques have actually saved me. I can only live in the now these days but it is better than not living at all

“Jennie Mason”
Ben Mintz thank you Ben for the advice on this. I have been a victim of V2K for almost 9 years now. God Bless you, my dear friend

Thank you. I was on the brink of suicide

“Samm E”
Thank you so much for the supportive and solution oriented information. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

“Mary Gair”
Thank you, Ben


John Anthony
1 year ago
How do we get rid of the smart dust inside us?

1 year ago
Lol they ain’t concord shit I imagined them all and can make them as if they never existed who’s who they don’t know

Matthew Hill
9 months ago
This needs to be banned!

Sage Woman
1 year ago (edited)
COVERT NARCISSIST ! PERISISTS! Also, this video gets on my nerves .

Kathy Stephens
1 year ago
Will the people who are doing this Experiment be using their family members for this mind control experiment. and also themselves?. This is a violation crime committed on Innocent people. This totally goes against God’s commandment, Love thy neighbor as thyself, and do unto others as you will have them do unto you. People who are doing this is accountable to God for using people as Human Experiments. If God wanted things the way man are doing it, it would have been this way at the beginning. Not all white men, but those who want use people to do things that hurt people in a way they themselves would not want these things done to them. It’s always the white man bringng destruction to other people’s Ives. China wasn’t having it. Use rats like you have been doing. This is vicious and destruction on the human race.

II. Mind Control and Criminal stalking


  1. It is a global quantum machine running with nano smart dust integration. You can’t fight it, it is in orbit, no so call heros will ever get to it. Frey effect – energy for the nano particles to manipulate all living things and able to penetrate every sealed material except metal. So good luck, everyone is in the circus. No one is outside of the cartoon show.

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