Case Studies Of Targeted Individuals And Their Families: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on A.C.H. Show (11/7/2019)

Case Studies of Targeted Individuals And Their Families: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show, November 7, 2019


In today’s show originally broadcast on November 7 2019, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Case Studies Of Targeted Individuals And Their Families.”

We discussed: We discussed: how the CIA has always been a willing tool of the “High Cabal” (according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty’s book “The Secret Team;” the CIA and Its Allies In Control of the United States and the World,” 1973) and thus, has never served the American people; We heard Eric’s “Testimony Of Stephen O’Keefe” narration with original music instrumental; the Julian Assange case; Illuminati and CIA-military-government satanic abuse/trauma-based mind control of children; how some experts believe the UFO phenomenon is a cover story for mind control and that the “aliens” may in fact be devils, both human and otherwise; we listened to Eric’s “TI Tom Dooley” song, which explains much about the global gangstalking-electronic torture program, including how and why innocent civilians are targeted; people in the Alternative Media who, due to fear, refuse to talk about The Synagogue Of Satan, even though they know all about them and the power that they wield; the deliberate dumbing down of the educational system; we heard and discussed Eric’s “Letter From Andrew’s Father” musical-narration; how many TIs are targeted because they are regarded as potential threats to the coming One World Government of the New World Order; and many other topics.

The musical-narration: Letter From Andrew’s Father

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  1. Great interview, especially love your song “TI Tom Dooley”, cute V2K overdub there! I’m convinced all the so called alien abductions have been MilAbs all along as a coverup and a psyop to condition the public to multiple programs and warrant their black funding. The fallen one using Tavistock to direct Esalen, DoD, CIA, NSA and private contractors to do his bidding.

  2. Well done, once again Dr. Karlstrom. Like you, I’m spending my days surviving while gangstalked as a targeted civilian TC.

    I found another site pertaining to this global depopulation that your readers might find of interest, and may God bless, and keep up the great work on your sites and interviews exposing this horrendous takedown of humanity:

    Truth11 Films | Wireless Genocide | Microwave Radiation | Part of the Depopulation Agenda |

  3. I’ve been targeted by gang stalkers for years. I had no police record, not even a traffic ticket. I had a comfortable life, a good (a bit rocky now and then) marriage, and was quite focused on my career hopes and dreams. I’m even ran a segment of the Clinton Gore ’96 Campaign (unofficial, on behalf of the Democratic Party and local candidates) and was quite appreciated and lauded by the party for my contributions. I loved it and had great faith in our country feeling lucky and quite privileged to be an American. Now I don’t even vote and consider the U.S. a sick, perverse nation. I think my being targeted was the result of my political activism and especially my protesting against the invasion of Iraq.

    I knew nothing of gang stalking for years already having been a TI. It ruined my career, marriage and social life. I worried sick, and I do mean sick, for loved ones hoping they were safe from also being targeted by these legalized, deadly criminals. Friends and relations thought I had lost my mind and wanted nothing to do with me; which was for the better actually.

    They used the local mafia, initially, to menace me and I thought that the mob was trying to forcibly recruit me. These criminals were involved in prostitution and pornography. And, get this, they managed 1,600 university housing properties in the town where I lived! I did everything in my power to provide information to the the police and FBI about this wanting so very much to protect those college kids. For, how could I turn my back on them no matter what the cost to me? Consider that they had full access to the living quarters of 3,000 to 5,000 thousand kids! Of course, all my efforts were mostly in vain. I’ve been told that I should just consider myself lucky to be alive. F%*$ the good ole USA!

    I recently met a man (a rodent is more like it) who knew quite a bit about me and added that I was targeted as a recruit for covert operations – gang stalking most likely. Now there’s a career to be proud of. I would have rather been a prostitute. At least a prostitute probably contributes a bit of good every once in while. There’s more, much more, but you get the idea.

    At its worst twice I’ve purchased a gun with the intention of shooting myself. The stalking had gotten to the point where I was convinced they would kill me, and who knows how horribly. I’ve never owned, or even shot a gun before – a peacenik through and through basically. The second time I had discovered that my will was removed from my home, therefore the government would have ceased all my assets. Maybe that’s how they fund these sick prolonged and involved tactics endeavoring to destroy their fellow human beings.

    My life is not horrible, by the way. From my home I still engage in activism activities (informing about the perils associated with 5G). I have no friends nor family and no man in my life. But it’s still very much a meaningful life. I think my resisting being converted by these thugs is quite meaningful in itself.

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