Case Studies Of Targeted Individuals And Their Families: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on A.C.H. Show (11/7/2019)

Case Studies of Targeted Individuals And Their Families: Dr. Eric Karlstrom on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show, November 7, 2019


In today’s show originally broadcast on November 7 2019, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Case Studies Of Targeted Individuals And Their Families.”

We discussed: We discussed: how the CIA has always been a willing tool of the “High Cabal” (according to Col. L. Fletcher Prouty’s book “The Secret Team;” the CIA and Its Allies In Control of the United States and the World,” 1973) and thus, has never served the American people; We heard Eric’s “Testimony Of Stephen O’Keefe” narration with original music instrumental; the Julian Assange case; Illuminati and CIA-military-government satanic abuse/trauma-based mind control of children; how some experts believe the UFO phenomenon is a cover story for mind control and that the “aliens” may in fact be devils, both human and otherwise; we listened to Eric’s “TI Tom Dooley” song, which explains much about the global gangstalking-electronic torture program, including how and why innocent civilians are targeted; people in the Alternative Media who, due to fear, refuse to talk about The Synagogue Of Satan, even though they know all about them and the power that they wield; the deliberate dumbing down of the educational system; we heard and discussed Eric’s “Letter From Andrew’s Father” musical-narration; how many TIs are targeted because they are regarded as potential threats to the coming One World Government of the New World Order; and many other topics.

The musical-narration: Letter From Andrew’s Father

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