America’s Secret Government – Part Three – Random Information

America’s Secret Government – Part Three – Random Information

America’s Secret Government – Part Three – Random Information

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

The secret government has developed a sonic weapon that will fire a beam of ultrasound into the targeted person’s brain while he is sleeping. This type of ultrasound passing through the skull bone and entering the left portion of the brain will cause bad dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations. The bad dreams and nightmare will be about what the targeted person fears the most, his inner demons. The hallucinations will occur when the targeted person awakes from his sleep. The targeted person may see things that are not there, such as deceased relatives, ghosts, demons, or other visions normally associated with the supernatural or paranormal when he first awakes. The hallucinations will typically last for only several minutes after awakening. No physical damage will occur from this technology being used on a targeted person but he will have a circular area of numbness at the left top portion of his head where the ultrasound entered the brain. The numbness sensation will typically last for around an hour. The ultrasound is stimulating the temporal lobe of the human brain and triggering Temporal Lobe Epilepsy which creates hallucinations of paranormal phenomena such as ghost and UFO experiences. The sonic weapon is fired from inside a neighboring house at the targeted person while he sleeps. A through wall targeting scope is used to target the left top portion of the targeted person’s head. A powerful sonic bullet can be fired at the targeted person’s body to jolt him out of his sleep after ultrasound was fired into his brain. The targeted person will be jolted out of his sleep from the jolt to the body and begin to hallucinate, seeing things that are not there due to the effects of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Click here to read Wikipedia definition of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

The Patsy

The secret government uses the patsy technique to commit a crime and have the patsy take the fall for the crime. There are a few types of patsies the secret government will use. The first type is a patsy who has committed no crime but the secret government has created evidence that will tie the patsy to the crime. In order to find the perfect patsy, the secret government agents will move into a house or apartment next to where the potential patsy lives. Complete surveillance will be conducted of the patsy through the walls of his home. Anyone else living in the house will be placed under surveillance. The patsy’s other family members and close friends may also be placed under surveillance. Every detail of the patsy’s life will be studied and analyzed. The patsy will be followed to and from work and an agent may gain employment at the patsy’s workplace to keep surveillance of him. Agents may even move a small business near the patsy’s workplace to conduct surveillance. The surveillance period could last months or even years. The patsy will never know he is under surveillance. The Government Mafia agents may even become friendly with the patsy.

Usually the patsy is involved in some activity that will be viewed as highly suspicious by the American people, such as involvement in anti-American groups. This activity will be taken advantage of by the secret government when the patsy is setup to take the fall for the crime the secret government will actually commit. The secret government wishes to focus the American people’s attention on the patsy’s associations, which will be viewed as highly suspicious.

The crime committed by the secret government can be an assassination of a politician. The politician can be assassinated and evidence left to implicate the patsy. The evidence can be a rifle owned by the patsy with his finger prints on it. After the assassination the public will hear the details of the patsy’s past history and will never doubt that the patsy committed the crime.

Another type of patsy is the type that is tricked into believing that he is experiencing some extraordinary event and because of the event, he now believes he must carry out some type of crime because he was commanded by a higher authority. Government Mafia agents will typically find a person who can be easily manipulated. Agents will move into a house or apartment next to the patsy. The agents will study and analyze the patsy learning every aspect about him. Usually a severely mentally handicapped person is chosen as this type of patsy. The agents will use classified sound projection technology against the patsy to project audible messages at him in his house. Any type of audio can be projected at him, including verbal commands, the voice of God, music …ECT. The agents can also hear the patsy through the walls of his house. Anything spoken by the patsy can be heard by the agents. The surveillance technology is so sensitive it can hear the patsy breathing through the walls of his house. The agents can see detailed images through the walls of the patsy’s house; hear anything spoken in his house; and audible messages can be projected at the patsy in his house. With this technology the patsy can be tricked into believing that he is having a conversation with a higher authority. A patsy who is severely mentally handicapped can be easily tricked into believing that God is speaking to him in his home. Audible messages can be projected at only the patsy so no one else will hear the verbal messages. The patsy can be sitting in his living room and then all of the sudden hears a voice speaking to him but there is no one else in the room. The patsy will become confused and believe that he has been chosen by God and is now being spoken to directly by God. The agents can hear the patsy’s response to audible sounds projected at him and then respond back by projecting the audible responses through the walls of his house. A two way conversation can be developed. Over a period of time the patsy can be completely convinced that God is peaking to him and be tricked into believing that God has given him a mission to carry out. The patsy will be absolutely convinced God wants him to carry out the mission in order to gain access to the kingdom of heaven. The mission will be a holy mission in the mind of the patsy but in reality it is an assassination mission for the secret government.

The secret government will use a patsy to carry out an assassination mission. The patsy will be instructed by verbal commands in his house by the invisible entity on how to obtain a gun or rifle and information on the patsy’s target. The target can be a private, public, or politician. The patsy is basically brainwashed by the audible messages into believing he is a mission from God. After the patsy obtains the firearm, he will be instructed on who the target is and when the assassination should take place. The patsy will be instructed how to conceal the weapon and how to enter the area the assassination will take place. On the day of the assassination, the patsy will proceed to the place chosen by what he believes is God’s chosen area and wait for the moment, as instructed, and then fire. The patsy may be instructed to commit suicide after the assassination. If the patsy is disarmed before he can commit suicide and decides to talk to the police, he will be committed to a mental institution after telling the police that he heard the voice of God tell him to assassinate the politician.

Segregationist Government’s Assassinations

Before the segregationist government fell from power they were involved in assassinations of politicians and civil rights leaders. Beware of assassinations of public and private citizens in which a gun or rifle is left behind at a crime scene to link a patsy to the assassination. The secret government uses the patsy technique to murder its domestic enemies and have a patsy take the fall for the crime. Agents seek out a patsy by placing potential patsies under surveillance looking for the perfect candidate to become a patsy. The secret government agents move into a house or apartment next to the potential patsy and conduct complete surveillance of the patsy learning everything about him. The agents can see and hear through walls of the patsy’s house and the patsy will never know he is under surveillance. The patsy will be studied and analyzed to ensure the perfect patsy is chosen. The patsy’s past history will play an important role in whether a potential patsy is selected. The agents will choose a patsy who has a past history that will immediately draw the typical American citizen to the conclusion that the patsy is guilty of the crime, without any doubt. The potential patsy will typically be followed to work and placed under surveillance there as well. The potential patsy’s family and friends will also be placed under surveillance.

When the patsy is chosen the agents will find a way to link the patsy to the crime. In an assassination of a domestic enemy, the agents will find a way to get the patsy to the location of the assassination. The agents could befriend the patsy and have the patsy meet agents at a motel room. The agents and the patsy could stay in the room for days while the patsy believes he is spending a few days with his buddies, the agents are setting the patsy for the crime. At some point, the agents will send the patsy out to run an errand. While the patsy is out, a professional assassin will assassinate the domestic enemy. The domestic enemy could be assassinated with a rifle fired from a window of the motel room. The domestic enemy could be assassinated while simply standing outside his apartment or motel room located nearby. A professional assassin will execute the domestic enemy and leave the rifle in the motel room. The agents would clean the room and only the patsy’s possessions, the rifle, and spent rifle bullet cartridges will be left. The agents will make it appear that only the patsy rented the motel room and no evidence of anyone else being in the room will be left behind. The agents will exit the room after the assassination. When the police discover the rifle in the motel room and evidence linking the patsy to the crime, the patsy will be arrested, tried, and eventually found guilty.

Months before the assassination, the agents will have the domestic enemy under surveillance. The domestic enemy will never know he is under surveillance. The agents will electronically monitor the domestic enemy through the walls of his house, apartment, or motel room. From the surveillance the agents will have advanced information of where the domestic enemy will be so the assassination plot can be carefully planned with great precision. The agents will develop a way to get the patsy to a motel room near where the domestic enemy will be so the assassination can be carried out and the patsy can be linked to the crime. The agents will rent a second room nearby and have the domestic enemy under surveillance. The assassination will be carried out from another room that the patsy will be linked to. This is the typical assassination technique used by the secret government to murder a domestic enemy and have the patsy take the fall. After the assassination the patsy’s friends (the agents) will disappear leaving the patsy alone to take the fall for the crime. The agents will quickly relocate to another state or even another country. If the patsy starts telling the police about his friends, the police will never be able to locate the people the patsy describe. The police will assume the patsy is lying.

How to create a Medium or Psychic

From the surveillance of communities, Government Mafia agents may come across a community member who is a serial killer. The agents must find a way to disclose the information about the killer to the police so the killer can be caught and removed from society. The agents could provide an anonymous tip to law enforcement but there is a solution that will remove the killer from society and create a hoax involving the creation of a medium or a psychic. The definition of a medium or psychic is a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces. The agents will find a person who can be easily tricked into believing that he is sensing psychic forces but when in fact it’s just sonic harassment technology. The agents will move into a house next to the next potential psychic and place him under surveillance. The agents will project audible sound at the chosen psychic and trick him into believing that he is receiving messages from supernatural forces.

From the surveillance of the serial killer, the agents will know his victims’ names and locations of where the bodies are buried. The agents will use the sound projection technology that can project audible messages at the potential psychic through walls of his house. The name of the victims and location of their bodies can be projected at the psychic in his house. All types of sonic harassment technology can be used against the psychic. Infrasound and ultrasound can be fired into the psychic’s body to convince him that he is sensing supernatural forces. The psychic will truly believe that he is in contact with a supernatural entity.

The psychic would make contact with law enforcement and tell the police who the serial killer is and where his victims are buried. After the police discover the bodies and arrest the serial killer, the psychic will gain notoriety and fame for breaking the case. The agents will continue to feed the psychic information about other killers to further build the psychic’s reputation. This is how the secret government socially engineers American society into believing in the supernatural. Creating mediums and psychics are part of the propaganda the secret government creates to give its domestic enemies something to latch onto to occupy their time and direct their attention onto things that simply don’t exist. The mediums and psychics created by the secret government will gain domestic and national attention, write books, and have TV shows and movies made.

The Exorcist

The movie “The Exorcist” was based on a true event that occurred in 1949 in which a boy was supposedly possessed by a demon. A priest performed an exorcism on the boy to force the demon out of the boy. Sonic weapons were being developed by the Nazis during World War Two. It is possible that the secret American government used research by the Nazis to first develop its own versions of sonic weapons and began testing on innocent American citizens in the late 1940’s. Projecting a beam of sound through walls of a house from inside a neighboring house can be misinterpreted by the person attacked by the weapon. A person’s religion can lead him down the wrong path by assuming that he is being attacked or possessed by a demon.

Objects flying off tables or shelves by an invisible force will lead a religious person to believe a demon just knocked the objects to the ground. A sonic bullet or laser passing through the object will apply a force to the object knocking it to the ground. Sonic bullets and lasers can’t be seen or heard so it will appear as though the object was knocked to the ground by an invisible force. In this example a vase or statue can be knocked off a table or shelf with a sonic bullet or sonic laser fired from a neighboring house. Once the boy or priest sees this happen he will believe that a demon is in the house. Bigger objects such as a table can be made to move by passing a very powerful sonic laser through it. The table can be made to slowly slide across a wooden floor or even tip over on a carpeted floor.

A very powerful ultrasonic laser can be fired into the waist area of the boy while he is lying in bed. The force of the ultrasonic beam impacting the waist will push the boy several inches up on his bed. To a priest standing nearby this could appear to be a demon attempting to levitate the child off the bed. This is an ultrasonic shockwave being fired through the house that is a confined beam of ultrasound that is far above the human hearing range. The sonic shockwave cannot be seen. The priest will not feel a thing but the boy will feel a powerful force applied to his waist. The bones in the waist area act as great resistance to an ultrasonic laser. A strong force will be applied to the boy’s waist because of the density of the bone in this area of the body. The ultrasonic shockwave is fired from the neighboring house into the boy’s waist. The weapon will be fired into the boy’s waist from the first floor of the neighboring house at the boy on the second floor of his house. This will create a 45 degree angle that will lift the boy several inches off the bed and push him to the end of his bed. The sonic shockwave will easily pass through both houses but will encounter difficultly passing through the boy’s waist, thereby lifting the boy and pushing him to the end of his bed.

Audible sound can be projected at the boy from a neighboring house. While the boy sleeps audible sound of a person speaking in another language can be projected at the boy for many nights. This could allow the boy to learn simple phrases spoken in another language such as Latin. Only the boy will hear the audible messages. Once the boy repeats the Latin phrases to the priest, the priest will suspect the boy is being possessed by a demon. Speaking another language unfamiliar to a person is one symptom priest use to determine if a person is being possessed.

Powerful infrasonic bullets can be fired through the mattress of the boy’s bed. The boy will not be struck by the bullets but will only feel the violent jolts of his mattress. The boy sleeping will complain that his bed is moving at night keeping him awake. The unexplained bed movements from the powerful infrasonic bullets passing through the bed’s mattress will further convinced the priest that the boy is being possessed.

Sonic projection technology that can fill a room with audible sound can be used to create strange sounds coming from different rooms of the boy’s house. An example would be to fill the attic of the house with strange audible sounds while the priest is in the house. If the priest goes to the attic to investigate he will find nothing. The mother in the movie “The Exorcist” hearing a strange noise coming from the attic of her house is an example of how the trick would work.

Slaps against the skin by an invisible force can be created by firing infrasonic bullets into the body of the boy or priest. The priest or boy would believe that a demon has slapped him across the face if an infrasonic bullet was fired into the side of his face.

Feeling the presence of an invisible entity can be accomplished by firing low level ultrasound at the boy or priest. The boy or priest will believe that the demon is passing through him.

Messages on the surface of the skin can appear by using a fine infrasonic laser to create an impression on the skin similar to pressing a finger against the skin to create a message. On an area of the boy’s stomach, a crude message can be written such as “Help Me”.

All sonic harassment technology would be targeted by using through wall imaging technology. Any part of the boy’s or priest’s body can be targeted through walls with this technology. There is nothing supernatural about this; it’s just high tech trickery with classified technology by the secret United States government.

Paranormal Activity

The movies Paranormal Activity One and Two are perfect examples of how classified sonic harassment technology can be used to trick American citizens into believing that they are experiencing a paranormal event in their home. Eighty percent of the paranormal events depicted in the two movies can actually be created by sonic harassment technology used against a family or person from a neighboring house. The remaining twenty percent is likely fabricated events.

The famous low frequency rumbling noise heard when a supernatural force is present in the house is actually a powerful sound projection device operated from inside a garage of a neighboring house. The sound projection device is rather large and can’t fit through the door of a conventional house so the device will be brought into the garage hidden in the back of a van or SUV. The device uses a lot of power so a power supply is needed that must be charged over a long period of time. This power limitation will only allow the low frequency rumbling projected at the targeted household to be heard for under a minute. The device fires two powerful ultrasonic lasers that combine several feet before the targeted household. After the two powerful ultrasonic lasers combine a very powerful low frequency sound will be created that results in the low frequency rumbling noise heard by the people depicted in the two Paranormal Activity movies.

The woman in the first Paranormal Activity movie that gets out of bed in the middle of the night and stares at the bed aimlessly for a period of time is caused by firing an ultrasonic laser into the left side of the woman’s head. The ultrasound will penetrate the skull bone and enter the brain causing Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. During this condition, the woman may hallucinate and not realize that she is even out of bed. Bad dreams and visions of ghosts, spirits, and dead people can be caused by Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. When in this state the targeted person can experience symptoms associated with schizophrenia.

A person sleeping in bed or on a sofa can be abruptly awoken by firing a powerful ultrasonic bullet into his body. The ultrasonic bullet will cause a violent jolt to the part of the body the ultrasonic bullet passes through. This jolt is equivalent to being violently kicked by another person in the area of the body the bullet passed through. Ultrasonic bullets will easily pass through the flesh of the body but will have extreme difficultly passing through the dense bones in the human body. The bones are actually dragged by the ultrasonic bullet. Because ultrasonic bullets pass easily through flesh of the human body, no physical marks on the body will result from a powerful ultrasonic bullet passing through.

Objects are knocked off hooks or off tables by an invisible force. Passing a powerful ultrasonic bullet through a pan in the kitchen hanging by a hook on the ceiling can cause a force strong enough to knock the pan off its hook and allow the pan to fall to the ground. A person in the kitchen will suddenly see the pan jolt in one direction and then fall to the ground. Ultrasonic bullets can’t be seen or heard by the person standing in the kitchen. The ultrasonic bullet will be fired from a neighboring house and pass through the walls of both houses. When the ultrasonic bullet passes through the pan it will create a force on the pan that will knock it off the hook and then to the ground. Statues can be knocked off a table in the same manner. An ultrasonic bullet passing through a statue will create a force strong enough to knock the statue to the ground. It will appear to a person standing nearby that a supernatural force knocked the statue off the table. Pans on a hook in the kitchen simply being made to move back and forth and statues jerking forward on their own can be accomplished with less powerful ultrasonic bullets.

A powerful ultrasonic laser can be fired into an open door in a house to actually make the door slowly move in the direction the ultrasonic laser is traveling. An open door slowly moving by itself can be caused by an ultrasonic laser passing through the door and is not the result of a supernatural forced acting on the door.

The Entity

In the movie “The Entity” a woman is tormented by an invisible entity in her home. The woman claims that a supernatural force is touching her on her body. Infrasonic lasers being fired from a neighboring house and impacting on the body will cause the sensation of being touched by a person who is not there. Infrasonic lasers will not pass easily through the flesh of the human body. When an infrasonic laser is fired at the human body the flesh will act to repel it causing the sensation of being touched.

When a person in a home claims to be attacked by electric charges, this is not a supernatural entity but the secret government’s electrical directed energy weapons. A person can be targeted through the walls of his home and shocked in any part of his body by this technology. Strong electrical shocks can be delivered to the hands and feet of the targeted person. The targeted person can also be made to tumble down a flight of stairs by shocking him in one of his legs as he is walking down the stairs. Falling down the stairs can result in injury or death. No physical marks or evidence of being shocked will result.

The Amityville Horror Story

The Amityville Horror Story is the most famous haunted house story known in America. The saga consists of the DeFeo family murders and then the later haunting of the Lutz family. The Lutz family purchased the former DeFeo house and moved in after the murders. This is an incredible mystery that occurred in 1974/1975 and continues to this day to mystify many people who look into the details of the murders and haunting. This mystery can be solved if one simply looks into the secret government covert war against organized crime and covert social engineering of the American people. Below is a link to the Amityville Horror Story that discusses the involvement of the Government Mafia in murdering the DeFeo family and then using classified sonic harassment technology to trick the Lutz family into believing they were living in a haunted house. Click here to read “Amityville Horror: Conspiracy on Ocean Avenue.

The Fourth Kind

This movie is Hollywood’s attempt to convince the American people that UFOs exist and aliens from another planet are conducting experiments on people and abducting them. This film is based on a true story and as usual exaggerates what actually occurred. What the people depicted in this movie have actually experienced resulted from the secret government’s use of classified directed energy weapons against them. They are targeted through the walls of their homes from neighboring houses with a through-wall targeting scope and then attacked with a directed energy weapon. Bad dreams, nightmares and hallucinations experienced by the targeted people are a result of the directed energy weapon that fires a beam of ultrasound into the left portion of the human brain causing Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. A targeted person’s vision going completely white is a directed energy weapon that fires a beam of electromagnetic energy into the eyes causing the vision to go completely white for a short period of time. A person incapacitated is the result of another type of electromagnetic weapon that will temporarily disable a person and not allow him to stand. The room may appear to be spinning and he will not be able to fixate on any object. A person rendered unconscious for a short period of time is the result of another electromagnetic weapon. A person experiencing levitation off a bed is the result of a powerful ultrasonic laser fired into the waist area of the targeted person. One second the targeted person is resting comfortably in bed and then the next second a powerful force is applied to his waist area that will seem like a force causing him to levitate off the bed. The targeted person’s waist will be lifted up to several inches off the bed. This is not levitation because most of the body remains on the bed but to the targeted person and any witnesses, it will be a dramatic experience that will be misinterpreted as a supernatural phenomenon.

The mother depicted in the movie who witnessed an alien abduction of her daughter in her home was targeted by the Government Mafia. The mother was attacked by directed energy weapons from a neighboring house. The mother was temporarily disabled with a directed energy weapon designed to incapacitate her and caused her to collapse to the floor. The mother still conscious is unable to fixate on any object in the room but hears her daughter scream but is unable to help her. The mother is then attacked with a directed energy weapon to make her vision go completely white so she can’t see anything. Agents then enter the house and kidnap the daughter. The daughter was also attacked with directed energy weapons that ultimately rendered her unconscious allowing the removal of her from the house without incident. The mother still conscious but blinded is then rendered unconscious by another electromagnetic weapon used against her.

The mother awakes after about 30 minutes to find her daughter missing. The mother calls the police and a search of the house and immediate neighborhood is conducted. The child is never found and the mother is convinced that her daughter was abducted by aliens from another planet. The mother’s daughter is never found and the story of the mother’s experience is turned into a book and then the movie “The Fourth Kind”. To ensure the daughter is never found, agents of the Government Mafia murder the girl and cremate the body. The mother continues to promote her story of her daughter’s abduction by aliens and unknowingly becomes a propaganda tool of the secret government for convincing the American people that aliens from another world are visiting Earth and abducting people and experimenting on them.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a story of three student filmmakers who disappeared in 1994 while hiking in the Black Hill located near Burkittsville in Maryland. The students were filming a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch. The three students were never seen or heard from again. The students’ video and sound equipment along with most of the footage they shot was discovered a year later.

The Government Mafia creates hoaxes and tragedy to distract and divert the public’s attention away from social issues. It was well known on campus that the students’ were planning to film a documentary of the Blair Witch legend in the Black Hill woods area. Agents of the Government Mafia learned about the students’ project and placed them under surveillance. The agents wanted to give the students a very special surprise. The secret government has access to classified sound projection technology that can project audible sound hundreds of feet away at a single person or multiple people. The agents were waiting in the woods for the students to arrive. The agents terrorized the students by projecting all types of crazy audible sounds at them. Sounds of screams and other scary sounds were projected at them to drive them out of their minds. The students filmed their strange experience but were totally unaware that technology was being used against them.

After terrorizing the students for a period of time, the agents use lethal directed energy weapons to fire a beam of electricity into each of the students’ chest areas killing each one by one. The agents then move in and removed the students’ bodies and transported them to a secret location far away and then had the bodies cremated. The students’ hiking equipment and tents were left in place in the woods but the students’ video equipment and footage were taken.

Once the students were reported missing by their parents, search teams began a thorough search of the woods but only discovered the students’ abandoned car and hiking equipment and tents. The students were never found. The legend of the Blair Witch is used by many people to explain the disappearance of the students. The agents after reviewing the video footage decided to place the footage back in an area near where the students disappeared. The footage is found a year after the students disappear further fueling the legend of the Blair Witch. Books are written and movies are made and the public becomes captivated by the Blair Witch. Another successful government hoax is created.

Shake ‘N Bake Community

Powerful, prominent, and influential people in states across America use Census data to determine the racial makeup of communities in their state. Lower middle class white communities are targeted for desegregation. To accommodate the growing minority population and remedy past discrimination against minorities, the secret government equips agents with classified surveillance technology that can electronically see and hear through walls of houses and buildings. The surveillance technology is operated from inside a house and can electronically see and hear through the walls of the neighboring houses. This is the same technology used against foreign adversaries outside the United States. Agents will infiltrate targeted white communities to begin the desegregation process. Agents of the same race as the community will purchase houses in the community and covertly move classified surveillance technology into the houses to place community members under surveillance. At a later time, the secret government will move minority agents into houses in the community to forcibly desegregate the community. The agents will secretly monitor the response of the community and seek out anyone who attempts to interfere with the desegregation process. The agents will have advanced information about any plot or conspiracy to somehow intimidate minority members in the community. The agents will attempt to expose any activities that discriminate against minority community members by attempting to capture the event on a conventional video recording device. Any hate crime captured on video recordings will be made public to put further pressure on the community. After the white community members’ hold on the community is broken, more minority families will be moved into the community who are not involved with the secret government. Federal housing programs are used to assist in the relocation of minorities into affordable housing in the community.

After the community is desegregated, agents will conduct covert surveillance of the community to insure crime rates don’t rise. The secret government’s agenda is to use classified surveillance technology to desegregate the community and then have agents police the community to prevent the community from falling into disarray from crime or racial tensions. The agents act as racial firemen to put out the flames of racial unrest and tensions. The secret government feels that because of past discrimination against minorities, social engineering is needed to guide and shape the minority population into society. The secret government will create public campaigns that inform the public of how integrated communities can work while never revealing that classified surveillance technology was used to assist in the creation of the communities and later policing.

The Monolith

In the science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, a black monolith was placed on Earth by an extraterrestrial species to guide and shape humanity. The secret government’s social engineering program of the last several decades can be thought of similarly. The secret government is equipping groups across America with classified surveillance technology to guide and shape American society. If a person in a town looks out his window on a clear day, he might see a black rectangular shaped black object in the distance. A closer inspection of this black rectangular object will reveal the words “Secret American Government” written on the surface. I’m just kidding about the monolith.


The liberal extremists have been working very hard to get back at white Christians. The use of sonic harassment technology to trick people/families across America into believing that they are experiencing extraordinary religious events because they feel or hear unexplainable event(s) in their homes is a massive conspiracy to smear Christianity. The hoaxes are so embedded in American society that it would be nearly impossible to convince people of religious beliefs that the haunted house and possession stories of the last several decades are not the result of religious events but rather classified technology being used against targeted people of religious beliefs. Movies like “The Amityville Horror”, “The Poltergeist”, “The Entity”, “Paranormal Activity”, and “The Exorcist” based on true stories were created by using classified sonic harassment technology against innocent American citizens. The truth is that these events were created to smear Christianity and distract the attention of the American people away from social issues.


The secret United States government has created many UFO hoaxes over the last several decades to distract and capture the attention of people the government would rather have chasing after things that don’t exist rather than things that do. Agents of the secret government will conduct surveillance of people who can be easily convinced into believing that they are experiencing an extraordinary event when in fact it’s just a hoax. A loner living in an isolated area may be targeted to be abducted by so called aliens from another world. The secret government has non-lethal weapons that can disable people through walls of a house. A person’s vision can be made to go completely white by firing one version of these weapons into his eyes. The blindness is only temporary. Another version of this non-lethal weapon can temporarily incapacitate a person through a wall. A person attacked with this weapon will fall to the ground and be unable to return to his feet for at least fifteen minutes. The room will be spinning around and he will be unable to fixate on any object.

How does the government trick a person into believing he has been abducted by aliens from another planet? Agents attack a person through the walls of his house with directed energy weapons. The person will be blinded and his vision made to turn all white by firing an electromagnetic weapon into his eyes through the walls of his house and then a directed weapon is used to temporarily incapacitate the person. The person’s vision will go completely white and he will fall to the ground unable to return to his feet. Agents will enter the person’s house and drug the person. The person is then transported by vehicle to a stage resembling the inside a UFO and then partially revived. The abducted person’s vision will be blurry and he will be falling in and out of consciousness. Actors in costumes resembling aliens from another planet will create the illusion that experiments are being performed on the abducted person.

The abducted person will be rendered unconscious again and then transported by vehicle to an isolated area of farmland and left there. When the abducted person regains consciousness, he will be dazed and confused. He will not understand what has just happened to him. He will tell his family and friends that he feels that he has been abducted by aliens from another planet. A hypnotist will help the abducted person into recounting his experience. Another UFO abduction story is then born.

Authoritarian Government

The United States is a democracy but the secret government uses propaganda tactics similar to authoritarian governments. The secret government of the United States creates hoaxes and tragedy across America in order to control and socially engineer American society. The hoaxes include haunted house stories and UFOs. The tragedy includes direct involvement or indirect involvement in the murder of innocent American citizens. The secret government eliminates its domestic enemies by means of methods that can’t be proven or shown on TV. The secret government creates tragedy in order to get laws enacted that will adversely affect its domestic enemies. The secret government domestic enemies can be covertly placed under surveillance and they can be attacked, tortured, and even murdered through the walls of their homes. This is how the secret American government flexes its military might domestically. No bullets, bombs, tanks, or war planes are needed, just classified technology.

Static charge can be used to target a person through a wall

Body heat is the primary method the secret government’s through wall imaging technology uses to target a person through a wall. The secret government also has through wall imaging technology that can use the static charge on the human body to target a person through a wall. The static charge is the electrical charge built up on the human body from simply walking across a carpet. This static charge can be discharged with a simple static wrist strap. This static wrist strap is worn by people who handle sensitive electronic components that can be damaged or destroyed by the static charge that is built up on the human body. Static wrist straps or wrist ground straps are sold at electronic stores. The wrist straps are worn around the wrist and ground the human body to earth ground through a one Meg-Ohm resistor.

Air flow distorts body heat used to target a person through a wall

Air flow distorts the body heat used by through wall imaging technology to target a person through a wall. Fans can be used to help prevent the body heat from being used to target a person through walls. The best type of fan to use is a tower fan that blows air horizontally.

The secret to defeating through wall imaging technology that is using body heat to target people through walls is to create a metal duct and pass air through it. The air flow in the duct will interfere with the through wall imaging technology that is using the body heat to target a person through a wall. The metal of the duct will help defeat the technology also but the airflow will allow a thin metal to be used. The combination of the metal and air flow should defeat the technology. Use only metal in the duct. Fans will have to be setup to force air through the ducts. Ducts of 4 feet high by 6 inches wide would be optimal. The duct would have to circle the targeted person’s bed and a powerful fan would be needed for force air through the duct system. The duct around the targeted person’s bed would only protect him while in bed.

The best solution to defeat through wall imaging while a person sleeps

Defeat the heat signature of the body by building metal air ducts that surround the bed on all sides and force air through the ducts with a fan. Also, ground the metal frame of the bed to Earth ground to discharge or wear a wrist ground strap to discharge the static charge on the body that can be used to target a person through a wall.

Thin metals that move could block through wall imaging technology

The through wall imaging technology can see through thin metals like sheet metal but if the metal is moving slightly then this could block it. A piece of galvanized sheet metal sold at any home improvement store placed on a wall so it is stationary (no movement) will not block the through wall imaging technology but suspending the metal by wires or chains so the metal is free to move a an inch when airflow from a fan is pointed at it could block the technology. The small amount of movement of the metal from air flow might completely block the classified technology.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show is a movie that chronicles the life of a man, Truman, who is initially unaware that he is living in a constructed reality television show. Hidden cameras are placed in Truman’s home and workplace to follow him in his everyday activities and broadcast it 24-hours-a-day to millions of people across the globe. Truman’s hometown is a complete set built under a giant dome and populated by the show’s actors and crew. Every aspect of Truman’s life is controlled and he is completely unaware he is being manipulated until one day he escapes and discovers the truth. Are the American people living a life similar to Truman’s, where the government creates tragedy and hoaxes designed to socially engineer American society? What out for falling spotlights!

The H-Files

An interesting TV show would be called “The H-Files” or “The Hoax-Files”. The show would revolve around two agents of the secret United States government who oversee the targeting of innocent American citizens in order to trick them into believing that they are experiencing extraordinary events, when in fact it’s just hoaxes created by the secret government for the purpose of socially engineering the American people. The show would follow the two agents as they drive to the location of each covert domestic operation discussing what the objectives of the operation are and then participating in the hoax or tragedy themselves.

Episode One:

It is a sunny afternoon as agents Andy and Agnes drive to a nearby home where a covert operation is occurring. They discuss the covert ongoing operation to trick a white Christian mother into believing God is speaking to her. Agents have secretly setup in a neighboring house to the targeted mother. Agnes reviewing the information on a secure laptop computer as Andy drives the car. Agnes informs Andy that after several weeks of convincing the mother that God is speaking to her, it is time to trick the mother into killing her children. Surveillance technology that can see and hear the mother through the walls of her home and the sound projection technology allows the agents to have a two way conversation with the mother. Agnes explains that the information listed here states that the mother is totally convinced that she is speaking to God and the agents are ready to trick the mother into killing her children.

Agents Andy and Agnes arrive at the surveillance house. Andy and Agnes get out of their car. They are dressed casually as to not draw any attention. The car is an ordinary car with nothing that will distinguish it as being involved with the government. Agents in the house walk out and greet their guests loudly welcoming by saying “Hello cousin” to Andy. After Andy and Agnes enter the house and close the door the agents begin to brief them on the operation. The agents inform Andy and Agnes that they are ready to trick the mother into killing her children. Andy and Agnes walk into the dining room and see all the classified surveillance equipment set up on the table. A video display on the table shows a detailed image of the mother in her home directly next door. Agents are standing around the display monitor and one states that it’s time. The mother is sitting in a chair in her living room inside her house. An agent points the classified sound projection device at the mother using a through wall targeting scope to target the mother’s head. The agent turns on the device and another agent picks up the microphone. The surveillance device can see a detailed image of the mother and the device is so sensitive it can hear the mother breathing through the walls of her home.

The agent speaks into the microphone: “This is God”. The mother hears the voice and she gets out of her chair and falls to the ground on her knees and begins to pray. The agent tells the mother that God has a mission for you to save your children’s souls. The agent then tells the mother that her children are evil and in order to save her children’s souls she must kill them. The agent then tells the mother that “God commands you to kill your children”. The mother gets onto her feet and walks up to her children’s bedroom where they are sleeping….Two hours later the mother’s husband arrives home after work and discovers the carnage…

As Andy and Agnes prepare to exit the house, one agent states “Another white Christian bites the dust”, and another states “It’s payback”. Agents Andy and Agnes exit the house and look over to see all the police cars outside the house next door. Crowds gather outside and word spreads that the mother just killed her children. The mother is brought out of her house in handcuffs. As the mother is put into the back of the police car, she starts screaming “God told me to do it”. Andy and Agnes standing next to their car make a comment to a bystander watching the crime scene: “If they only had laws to protect society from people like this”. Andy and Agnes get in their car and drive away, passing the husband sitting on the curb crying in the fetal position loudly asking “Why?, Why?, Why?…”. Andy turns on the radio and discover a breaking news report about a mother who just killed her children because God to her to do it. Agnes states mission accomplished. Andy asks “What’s the next H-File”.

Episode Two: Coming Soon! Sneak Attack

Could foreign powers be controlling the secret government of the United States? Foreign powers wishing to transform the United States into a third world country may be using the secret government to carry out its agenda. Foreign powers flooding American markets with cheap foreign built products, lending American government trillions of dollars that it can never repay, buying mortgage backed securities, and buying up American technology and moving it overseas are some examples of foreign powers gaining more and more control of America. China is a country that produces cheap goods for the United States today, twenty years from now the United States may be a country where Americans work in sweatshops producing cheap goods for China. The tables will eventually turn as the typical workday for the average American citizen may be riding to work on a bicycle to and from a low paying job at a local sweatshop producing products for the average Chinese citizen to consume. The many cheap products Americans enjoy today will be financially unobtainable to most Americans in the near future as they struggle to make money for basic survival.

Trojan Horse

As Americans enjoy a standard of living that is being artificially created for them, foreign powers are slowly removing America’s manufacturing, industrial, and technological infrastructure. The United States runs huge trade deficits each year along with running a yearly deficit of near 500 billion dollars. The national debt is currently over 20 trillion dollars (year 2016) and growing by over a trillion dollars each year. At some point in the near future, the foreign entities funding America’s out of control spending will cease to fund the United States and will pull their investments from America and collapse the economy. As the American dollar becomes worthless and American citizens lose their life savings, chaos will result. As America becomes fractured and begins to break apart, foreign powers could invade the United States to conquer it. Foreign powers may in the future control segments of America. This tactic is a Trojan Horse strategy: Americans are showered with gifts and a standard of living they are not entitled to. Foreign enemies suddenly launch a sneak attack from out of nowhere and destroy American society…

Torture Chambers

In foreign countries with a secret police force operating, a person might expect to find rooms where secret police take enemies of the state for questioning. These rooms are known as torture chambers where enemies of the state are tortured to extract information from them. In America the secret police operates a little differently. America’s secret police don’t have torture chambers and you won’t find drills stained with blood, electrical shock devices, and the other grisly devices found in foreign countries’ torture chambers. America’s secret police do things a little differently; they use torture devices that can’t be proven to exist. These devices are sonic harassment technology and other directed energy weapon that are used to attack, torture, or murder enemies of state through walls. Enemies of the state in America are not tortured in ways that can be shown on TV but are tortured in ways in which no physical evidence is created. And in the eyes of the law, if you can’t prove the torture is occurring then it’s not occurring. America’s secret police are free to target and torture their domestic enemies completely without risk of discovery.

Diversion Tactic

The Government Mafia agents use diversion tactics when they attack a targeted person. One example is when the mobile unit is used to attack the targeted person while he is driving his car. After the attack stage begins and the targeted person is attacked in his home, the agents will attack the targeted person while he is driving his car. The mobile unit is parked in a parking lot and a diversion vehicle such as a SUV or small truck is used. At a street intersection where the targeted person drives through regularly, the agents will park the mobile unit in a parking lot out of sight near the intersection. The diversion vehicle will be parked in plain sight at the intersection. As the targeted person approaches the intersection in his car, the mobile unit will fire a powerful sonic bullet into the targeted person’s chest. The sonic bullet will pass through the windshield of the targeted person’s car and strike him in his chest. Since the sonic bullet can’t be seen, it will be nearly impossible for the targeted person to determine where the sonic bullet came from. After the bullet strikes the targeted person in his car, the decoy vehicle will suddenly and quickly pull out in front of the targeted person and quickly drive away. It will appear to the targeted person that the decoy vehicle has fired the weapon at the targeted person but in fact it has not. The targeted person may begin a high speed pursuit of the decoy vehicle. The decoy vehicle will continue to evade the targeted person for miles if necessary until the police are called to stop the chase. After the police ask the targeted person why he is chasing the vehicle, the targeted person will tell the police that he began the chase after an invisible bullet was fired at him from that vehicle. The driver of the decoy vehicle will show the inside of his vehicle to police and nothing out of the ordinary will be evident. The police will arrest the targeted person and hold him for a psychological examination. The targeted person will be sent to a mental institution and held indefinitely until he is no longer considered a threat to society.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream

The secret government of the United States is committed to fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a society where all races live together. In order to fulfill this dream, the secret government must eradicate resistance from the white population. Distracting the white population by creating hoaxes such as haunted houses and UFOs, and creating tragedy, such as mothers killing their children because God told them to do it, has been a powerful tool used against the white population .The secret government defining the mentally ill in the minds of the American people by artificially creating these hoaxes and tragic events to socially engineer American society. Once the stronger laws against the mentally ill are enacted, people who oppose an integrated society can be attacked with sonic weapons and forced into the mental health system. Classified technology can also be used to bring down people who are in conflict with the secret government’s agenda. Politicians who oppose integration can be placed under covert surveillance and in time brought down. White communities can be forcibly desegregated by covert surveillance operations and social engineering. The secret government is committed to fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and continuing the covert domestic operations in American to ensure the dream is realized.

Who Killed Princess Diana?

There have been many conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana in Alma Tunnel in central Paris. The official account of the accident is that the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pillar. Nobody has considered that a directed energy weapon fired from a vehicle driving hundreds of feet ahead of the princess’s vehicle could have fired a beam of energy into the chest of the driver causing the driver to lose control and crash.

Directed energy weapons can be used to blind, incapacitate, or kill a person from hundreds of feet away and leave no evidence of the attack. It would simply appear as the driver lost control.

Princess Diana was pregnant carrying the child of Al Fayed, a Muslim and the son of an Egyptian billionaire. Diana and Fayed were to be married. The royal family and the British intelligence service wouldn’t allow the marriage and possibility of a Muslim ascending to the throne, so a conspiracy to murder the princess with classified technology was developed. The use of this technology could never be proven.

The classified directed energy weapon is placed in the back of a van. The van maneuvers in front of the princess’s vehicle before entering the tunnel. The cameras in the tunnel are disabled so no photographic evidence of the van will result. With the van hundreds of feet ahead of the princess’s vehicle, an agent targets the princess’s driver and fires the weapon. The princess’s driver immediately loses control and crashes into a pillar. The van simply continues to drive away. No visual evidence of the weapon hidden inside of the van is possible from outside the van. The beam of energy is completely invisible to the human eye and silent.

The princess survived the accident but later died in a hospital after going into cardiac arrest. In order to finish the Princes off, a directed energy weapon was used to fire a beam of energy into the Princess’s chest while she was in the hospital. A van in the parking lot targeted the princess’s chest and fired the beam of energy at the princess putting her into cardiac arrest. Nobody else in the hospital felt, heard, or saw anything out of the ordinary.

This may sound farfetched but this is how governments with access to this classified technology operate. These types of conspiracies are carefully planned. The possibility that the princess would survive the accident was considered and a contingency plan to murder the princess in the hospital was used to finish her off.

Princess Diana was paranoid that the Royal family would eventually kill her. The princes would have been under surveillance by thru- wall imaging technology and the agents may have been playing with her by creating situations for her to become paranoid after noticing she is being followed or harassed. These harassment techniques are used but the targeted person is usually never aware that they are under complete surveillance with technology that can see and hear thru walls. There are all types of conventional harassment techniques that would make the princess feel paranoid without revealing the existence of the classified technology.

The Elimination of Social Deviants

Directed energy weapons have existed since the late 1940’s. Famous people who the secret government considers social deviants can be secretly murdered. A beam of sound can be fired into the stomach area of a famous person while he is passed out on drugs or alcohol causing the person to vomit in his sleep and drown in his own vomit. Another method to murder a famous deviant is firing a beam of energy into his chest to put him into cardiac arrest and instantly murder him. The public would never suspect the government would use such technology against the public. The social deviant can be targeted thru walls at home, apartment, or hotel.

Famous people the secret government would rather see dead to protect society can be covertly murdered. Famous people who have damaging information about powerful people in government could find themselves placed under covert surveillance and then their murder carried out. Celebrities involved in intimate relationships with powerful people in government can be secretly murdered to prevent the relationship from becoming public knowledge.

Celebrities who threaten to expose such relationships can be placed under covert surveillance and then incapacitated thru the walls of their home and murdered. The celebrities can be murdered by injecting them with drugs to make it appear they overdosed or mixed prescription drugs that resulted in death. The secret government carefully plans these celebrity assassinations so the public will never know the truth.

Who would ever believe the government has a secret hit squad that uses classified technology that can see and hear thru walls to place domestic enemies under covert surveillance and weapons that can harass, incapacitate, or murder a person thru walls. It’s all science fiction, isn’t it? As the secret government transitioned from segregationist to desegregationist, its definition of deviant has changed.