Canadian TI”s Computer Investigations Show (Some) TI’s Are MKULTRA Victims and Biomedical Slaves; (Israeli) Black Cube/Mossad Are Primary Perpetrators

Important Email Message to Professor Eric Karlstrom from Canadian TI, Bobbi Peitsch (February 28, 2021)

Hi Eric,

I have not spoken with you in a long time.
I have dug out enough people, countries and proved many things.
We would ask you to sit on the European Coalition of Cyber Torture.
I put your name forward, and it was agreed after the coalition found Black Cube/Mossad was involved.

Below are my findings that I believe may be of interest to you, yes it is clear we are MkUltra victims.

We have xrays and MRIS of mother sister and I.

This is how it works for all targeted individuals in Canada:

We are all routed to asn577 (AS Number)
The owners of ASN577 that engage in this program with two network engineers that manipulate and use BGJ hijacked networks are:

Dhanji, Shaffiq
and Peter Wong
AS577 Bell Canada –
Bell Canada AS577 and Related Computer Networks

All targeted individuals in Canada are then routed to AS74

AS74 Shared Services Canada –

Hurricane Electric Shared Services

Technically, they are not telling lies about us, we are not prostitutes, but they have labelled us prostitutes because they sell us all over the world to whoever is conducting research, so we are whores of the federal government of Canada.

Transactions are then related to Churchill Medical Center in Manitoba (yes the Arctic). From there the transmissions go all over the world.

First responders participate in this and transactions are made in blockchain. I have proven all of this factually in the (Computer) Networks. I have images, dates times, etc.

If someone took this forward it would win, (in court) because the ISP and the hackers would have to provide their records, and metadata is forever.

All targeted individuals in Canada are Routed to the Behavioural Health Foundation in Winnipeg. It has been in operation since 1967, it is actually the CIA. I did a 5-hour investigation on the site with my team. One night we watched their transactions and they deal in block chain, gift cards. Hacking tools, many things.

The CIA and McGill University and others were guilty of the MkUltra project, and what I believe we have is evidence that it never ended. we (Targeted Individuals) are all MkUltra Projects.

They have video surveillance inside of our home, my spouse sees all of this stuff. I have been drugged and raped, I hardly leave the house now I am terrified they will break in again as there is weapons and a camera system in here. My sister, mother, and I all connected to multiple banks, brokers and insurance companies. None of us have enough money to hire someone to see the accounts that have been fraudulently taken out on us.

Transactions occur every night in blockchain on our networks.

What is an IP Camera? How does IP Surveillance Camera Work? [Complete Guide] (

What is an IP Camera? How Does IP Surveillance Camera Work (Complete Guide)

They use a surveillance fencing system with Digi and Pegatron systems controlled by IMSI catchers that operate with Apple Airplay. They use this system to assault with Radio Frequencies on a fenced system that they load because we are in cancer research projects. I live in a town of 1000 souls with 300 homes, today I have over 1000 networks in my home and 2000 wifi, I have none that live behind me or on one side of me.

A surveillance Mesh technique is used, wrapping around a victim’s home and inside of their home. This is the person who lives next door, look at the frequency.

This is the product that they use:

Datasheet_X20.pdf (

X20 Dual 5GHz MeshRangerSmart Virtual Fiber

The control appears to be from next door:

They collect the impacts of the biomedical data through Porthru the far right column is in MHz, these levels inside of a home are illegal, it is radiation. The -5180 is elf waves which are the most dangerous. My perpetraitors on Rossburn can be traced.

I have traced my mother’s inside of her route, they hacked directly into it, their name is Paradoski who work with cancer research. It is all organized crime because there are no checks and balances on Research Grants.

They have unlimited access globally once they have a biomedical slave. Victims are a hidden economy for money laundering and organized crime at the highest levels of our society.

It is all filtered through BC University (University of British Columbia?) which are financial money washers by the looks of it.

Canada Post (mail service) hacks me out, around the clock as well as a real estate development company (dozens hack). I believe because my mother who is a widow, as a decent property and they have been creating land developments around her house. (It’s) just easier to kill a family, I guess, and take the property than pay for it.

The financial/medical system & Canada Foreign trade department hack & experiment torture and relay medical information internationally with a well-known military contractor who deals in data (Linode):

Medical records and Health Sciences center hacking into my private home network:

GTIS is Government of Canada Forgein Trade department:

They restrict our searches by inserting code through the browser, that code (one of them) is a font called woff, woff2.

They restrict our search results from locating a Xerox lobbyist who came to Canada from the UK. In 1998, he approached the ON Leg; I don’t know what he discussed. He is an RFID expert who works with the military, police, medical, IBM, and others.

I have evidence of multiple military contractors in my network; those are fingerprints and the contractors are from all over the world. They have taken multiple patents out based upon torture, I have proof of one. We have RFID placed into our bodies, I have the mac addresses and they relay straight back to the Health Sciences Center and St Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg.

After a victim sees a doctor, the clinic heads to their network and relays the data back to the hospitals that are participating in this crime. All victims are in an ARPA/DARPA project on ASN112.

Kim, I ask you to share this, I have so much more data it is unreal. But the hospitals want to call you crazy, (but) you’re not crazy with readings like this. Finger prints are proof of network hacking with the system I have created.

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  1. Canadians, everyone, should sign

    Targeted Individuals Demand Formal ODNI Probe Into Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism


    Petition ‘Snapshot’: Tell Director of National Intelligence Avril Danica Haines she must not omit ‘Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism’ from the “comprehensive threat assessment” of Domestic Violent Extremism the White House appointed her—we learn Jan. 22 from Psaki—to oversee (and tell SHSA you need a PIN).

    1. Hi Veronique,

      I can tell you we approached Michelle Rempel Garner, M.P., Calgary – Nose (MP- Member of Parliament) to support a neural rights bill in Canada. She agreed. Once we accomplished the required signatures, she punted the petition!

  2. P.S. The box was sent to Lisa Lefebvre from Winnipeg. She came to my building with an identical twin. She drives a small car with a Quebec licence and the front licence missing.

  3. The first message I sent, before the P.S. message, seems to not have reached this site, so I will try to send it again.

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